I sent pictures, although I am not sure if you got them because my sent email shows "missing plug ins"





Hi Angela,


I got 3 pictures of you in the coat? This should be plenty to work with, thank you. We close shortly, so I’ll send you a reply in the morning with my thoughts.





the p.r.0~c e s/s = lots of(f') s~a.m.~p le' s(s)


p.s.  for tomorrow


I found my original purchase order, it is upholstry leather from the leather hide store.  it is 593 brown, however, they do not sell this anymore.


I do have a small swatch, and would be happy to put this in the mail for your review. 


Also, I have several industrial sewing machines, and was planning on using the partial walking foot straight stitch, with the heavy duty needle, as the machine is rigged for heavy duty work & therefore the needle range is limited, with 30 to 70 bonded nylon thread.






the cuff on the reversible coat is mink on both sides. i like the accent, however it is worn and will not allow me to resew it into the refurbished coat. i have been contemplating rabbit fur trim, and studying the peta side of fur, and the eat meat / wear leather / fur & waste nothing side of consumption, along with faux fur is not actually an ecological act in follow t(h)ru~e... the background of this coat is, a ceo's wife that i was doing work for, wore it for 3 years, and asked me if i wanted it as she was getting a new one. i have never been asked this question: do i want a fur coat? nor thought about it, but i felt on the spur of the moment, the correct answer is yes... i have worn the coat for 7 to 8 years, resewing the zipper and misc mending until it was tatters and shreds... In process of owning this coat, i got rid of my faux fur, which i still miss on occasion as it was a finely crafted coat. mink honestly feels luxurious naked! and is quite comforting with the sturdy (fox trim) hood... today i spoke with a representative of glacier wear sales, from montana and now maine, and learned that the leather of mink is more durable than rabbit, & it i chose rabbit, rex would be preferable for durability. ultimately i chose a male pelt of mahogany mink, top garment quality and not craft quality, adding $126 too th' approximately $200 spent on the leather previously. My decision made on the premiss, i don't want to remake this coat, and have to reconstruct it again, due to durability issues.


From: TLC160 Boston <>

Subject: RE: Product Availability/Merchandise Question

Date: July 15, 2016 9:54:51 AM EDT

To: 'Angela Cook' <>




How thick would you say the upholstery leather you purchased is, in mm or ounces? It looks like the purse is somewhere between 2.4-3.2 mm or 6-8 oz from my end, which is probably why it was burnished.


It’s much easier to burnish a thick leather than it is a thin one, although if you wanted to avoid the excess bulk of the seam and still have that nifty burnishing effect, I do have a suggestion. What could work is if you made an interlining with a sturdy material, and cut the leather to the exact size of the pattern piece, without seam allowance. Then you could put a leather edge paint around the border of each pattern piece, use a double sided tape to securely attach the leather to the interlining in the appropriate places, and stitch to the interlining as you see done on your handbag- about ¼” from the burnished “seam”. That way you’ve got a sturdy inner layer to attach to new leather to without risking it peeling off over time as the old leather decays.


My only other suggestion is if you can get a machine needed specific to sewing leather, that would give you a better end result, as a heavy duty needle would tear holes in the leather rather than cutting them as the leather needles are intended to.


I hope this helps!




From: Angela Cook <>

Subject: Re: Product Availability/Merchandise Question

Date: July 15, 2016 10:14:37 AM EDT

To: TLC160 Boston <>




I purchased several samples before making my choice. All were 'upholstery leather' however the one I chose seemed the thinnest of them all, and quite pliable. Still it is not as thin as the original leather in the jacket.


Without knowing the exact mm or oz, I think now looking at it, it may be too thin to burnish. I don't mind the nifty raw edge of leather showing in the seams, however, if it looks 'finished.'


Do you sell an interlining? Is the tape durable & flexible? How does the leather paint hold up to moisture, and oil / conditioners over time?


I will look into the needle options I can use with my machine.




From: TLC160 Boston <>

Subject: RE: Product Availability/Merchandise Question

Date: July 15, 2016 10:23:12 AM EDT

To: 'Angela Cook' <>




An interlining is just an interior lining- it can be made from any type of fabric, but usually what it is depends on the garment. Threads has a pretty good article explaining it. The tape is durable and flexible- it’s most often used to hold/press down the seam allowances on leather garments. The leather edge paint holds up very well- it is the same type used by Prada and Gucci on their handbags.






younow #leather


hmmm, i was checking to see how the younow #leather broadcasted from the salon today, as i started deconstructing the jacket, to know how to construct it better, and i have no replays. in a "typical" frustrated fas-h-ion- there is no one to 'contact' ... ie you have to search for the 'contact', and what you will most assuredly get is a "contact"... yahoo / email, is the same way : good luck finding the "contact" and don't put g 0/d e m(e)0ne ye on the 'contact' as~s/t a/te d e w/i.d.~th e/m ate d.


younow with much searching, is no longer providing 'replays' which means anything i have visually stored or referred the reader thru namely, is not longer available.


which is t00 th~ (e)a. s/s aye, s-p-a-ce- g-i've-n-(t-)d's- is all-s-0-w/-e- t-a-k-e/n-t- 





posted on house Facebook:


you-r-e-f-eel-i/n-g-s-- are di's-h0ne-st-


"a"path-ye- and-e-ye-




you make me-one-ye- b.c.- you do not actually h/ave l0ve.


just thought i would let you know as you sit there "all" pr-i'm-an-d-p.r.-0-per-t-hr-0-w/-e-


a-sel-l-0-w/-e- d-


s(h)ave your money s(h)owe you can follow me as if t you g ave h' fxfuck too th you/r e me 0n~e ye ta t up


(sharon can only provide her me/one/ye to weak ends-up-, for-g/e-n-ot-giving-u-ye-w/h up)


i make the time, for you to mime you have h-ad-e-


sit with t-h-at-, wile you t-h-ink you are leading the w/h e'ye t


your "money" is just appearances to society that you have consolidated your "a" debt -re-ad- g-i've-n-s-0/m-e- without h~0/n e st ly i/n c~0/m e


inn mer i/t




posted on xubrnt Facebook:


t(h/c) 0/m e w/are (A.)D. 0 b0und

b0und 0/u (be) t~h' s0und

d ew/(e) inn d 0've t(d)g~(L) 0've d

a ct yl ly a w/are inn e c(h) 0/m e d

d 0 fxf(i) t~ a ct l e(ye) a.d. 0 p/en (a) l/l (e)ye inn 0've d f~a ll t~h eave n/s en d's t a'g e d f/r0m th fxf a(i)r e (A.)D.

's 0'Le

D i~ fxf e 'ye d~h a.d. e b~rain 'd e/b t00 th b eg inn/t a gain d~h'and (0) be(a.)d. ('s) a.m. e ve(i)n s~(h) 0 w/e g(r)ain d e/e p i/t~h ' d e w/e t 0/0 t/h r~0 a/t en (d) 0've d' si/g/n eRe s 0'Le' s/s (t a l/l) e/n t inn t i'm e t a cr0ss (t) ake d 0 (w/) e' ye tu g~a w/h e'ye d(g) e w/e d 0 fxf (i) t re Lu~c(k)t a'n(d) t ly e/n d i'm~e/d 0fxf a/t her~e ve(i)n t w/h0 d ew/e d c(L)0've r~t 0/0 t (h) 0'ver


I'm currently up date inn g~(th) i/s t w/0 d (0) be the w/e b e/e sig~h t un t 0/0 d e w/e : I am not sure where to start. I will be accessing my drafts, emails sent and received, twitter, facebook etc. I had a running discourse saved for me to up lo a.d., however I lost parts in the computer move. the computer move inn too the art room = better lighting to do this work any time of day, h0 w/ ever it would seem more opportunities for -d-i-loo-t-'d-i's-tra/ct-i-0n-e-d-0f-(i-)t-

Apology if i re p ea. t me'ye sel~l fxf t 0/n e the w/h e'ye t0 getting cur(e)rent as/s if t ('s)~h a~t 0 p/en ly e t00 th(e) re t a' k(e) t

g 0/d e m0rning

the libra in me wants to create a fantastic canopy and yes i have been sequestering a view to look at silks toile linen and studying fabric / shadow folds. it is quite a tangent to get lost in/n. however, i think the bare necessity in reality is the w/ r~'a' pt u /re g(u)a~rd en i/n g's e.g.(r)0 w/e ave n' se(e) p ar(e) a.t 00 th b e/e' s(t) 0 w/e d 0 w/e n(d) fxf~a ct a ct 00 th fxf 0(L)d~d e're s 0'le 


in s h0 rt,


th e' r~e t~ea.r n~ 'a'


rn = registered nurse

rna = messenger carrying instructions from dna


i believe th e' r~e t~ea.r n~ 'a' ~ll = the 0/n e w/(h)aye speaking 0/f the wet nurse see k i/n g~


the wet nurse is speaking with 0/n e 'h', t 00 & w/('h')in d~inn sit u a/t/e. the wet nurse is speaking for completion e fxf 0'rt h/ea/d ate fxf i/g u~r~e l 'a'te t00 th b(eg)i/n e dire/ct/i0/n ally e(g.=u/e)st ate.


when 'we' think of 'christ' in the des(s)ert, t he meta p/h 0're i c/all(e)ye maid his 0wn w/ay e t w/ai/t w/h~e ye t 00 th d ate = his 0w/n p(L)ate 0/n e me/r i/t 00 the m(e)'A'k~e. g. r~e 'a.'t~(e) in (e) p~(L)a~ce ll e pt p~alate & paL~a/c~e c(h)0/m e r~r e'ye fxf a~ce


reguarding the 'th' , 'th'e 'w/e' act as/s i ft 'th' is all re a.d. e ye w/e = t/h ere & t h(ei)r


this is not s0w/e in the competitive marketplace, as/s k~n 0 w/e


"we" a-r-th-e-war-e- f-a(i-)r-e-g-0-d-s-h-0-(w/-)e-n-d 0 es kn0t (h) 0'0 kn~0w/e


by the way, i have been streaming notes, and off course, i am getting more piles, to attend too, as sit w/(h) e're.


one of the thoughts preceding these this morning were my teacher mark hinde at the machining class (which ironically, him and sam hill, and every one in this 'business' for 30/40/ plus years, can't resource or has even heard of the alloyed metal i am seeking to machine my own inkless pen. this of course is down tiere-d- to be less essential to me make cup, but the re verse is a/ct u ally more relevant too the true t00 th~e (ye) a.rt~(h) r/u~e d


ironically the machining industry would be g-am-miss- without war, and machinist can go anywhere in the world supposed-ly-e-, miss under e st-0-0d-bu-y/e-ye-d-


all the ammenities the/se-a-m-en- are a te/stamen/t 00 l-i/e-ye-


as/s long as the cur(e)rent' s trait cannot be stipulated too th' d ate, these same a-m-en-d's- can comfortably work their job with no recourse to every see th-e-ye- w/e-re- wrong-all-a-tounge-


i am saying, i have worked for myself and others, and have never had a job where i accumulate paid time off. if i do not work (usually less than my worth, particularly doing 'one up' prototypes) i don't get paid. if i do not produce i do not get paid. thinking about production is not the same as production inn vein. thinking "c-on-e-" about production en-d-les-sly-e- is not the same as production e ve inn d. ' seen as TH e/e necessity e T 00 the r~e L ate ta ct u ally e b/b e/e ' s(t) ate


i got off track. the thought referencing something mark hinde said, that women need to be 'placed' per the machine industry and perhaps in general. my thought reflection on that is that their is n0 place = n0 0ne f0r me'ye ' s trait.. ex (t) ce p(t) h ea. r


"we" a-r-th-e-war-e- f-a(i-)r-e-g-0-d-s-h-0-(w/-)e-n-d 0 es kn0t (h) 0'0 kn~0w/e w/e b~r/0 a.d.'s i.' d.e~(s) t re a. p 0's e. g.(r)0 ' s ~e/a.m. as/s h 0 (w/) e d



i got off track. the thought referencing something mark hinde said, that women need to be 'placed' per the machine industry and perhaps in general. my thought reflection on that is that their is n0 place = n0 0ne f0r me'ye A' s trai/t.. ex (t) ce p(t) h ea. r t~h r 0/n e d


"we" a-r-th-e-war-e- f-a(i-)r-e-g-0-d-s-h-0-(w/-)e-n-d 0 es kn0t (h) 0'0 kn~0w/e w/e b~r/0 a.d.'s i.' d.e~(s) t re a. p 0's e. (g.r)0 ' s ~e/a.m. as/s h 0 (w/) e d fxf 0' L(e)dg~e th~r 0 at~ L 0've n/k/n 0 'a't b e/e s p0 k~e


no reply from maine human rights commission or the maine department of labor equal opportunity coordinator. i did get a call in after the tour of being marketed up e one. all my efforts to read the writing as my right w/here w/(t)hin d, have merited me no response.


at this juncture, d ew/e w/an 't 00 th ea.r~


o're d ew/e prefer i keep carrying 0/n e t ea.r~n 'a' ll 0/r d


i have plenty of notes i can keep dilating ...

work this evening


it is funny, i d~ew/e me'ye best work in my s lee p


an(e)ye t i'm e w/e d~e w/e t(h)rue d/call f'0ra. d. ate t 00 t'h


(you are resting your "con-e-" on w/h at you haven't actually re ce i've d)








= "a" steady -f-xf-as -h- ion- a-gree-d-


my alloyed metal inkless pen, is scene a "2nd" tier of art fu-ll- necessity le-pt-bu-ll-e-ye-a.-r- d- ea-r-


eve-n-ea-r- (d-)




i just want to point out, if i were not listening to your pointless struggles in the "beginning" you would not be "thinking" now that you are apparently content, that i am "about" rehearsing pointless struggles.


just saying, your content i 0/n , is founded on my labor intensive work, that goes without merit in "the person" -s-" that wear i/ t.


is it "time" for another par-t--e-ye- in your f-x-f-ree-d0-me-f-0r-a-n0-see-m-r-ea-son- d-


"&" share-re-on/e-- "h" el pe- d- h- i'm- feel better inn my season?


how about you consider doing something that is not a com-mo/n- mistake that you re-rake- on to your -e- p-(L-)ate- too -th- super-fi-c-i-all- ye-t-0- 0d-ate-


i get rich, sharon has your toes & to w/e's in her milk, which means she got you -h-ear- in scope & ironic "spoke"


let me rephrase this so t/h/at you understand.


you were miser-able- with her miser-rabble-too-t-he-w/-h0/n-e-ye-d-ue-t-w/-h0-g-a-v-e-ye-d-


you would "be" in the same "h" "el" she made for you, competing on you for you competing on her, in a competitive marketplace she can't seem to F I G from her own RE-F-X-F-A-CE- t00 the "make"


you were not happy, you played me to call, and then not answer the phone, i became aware of your purpose, but did not formeally be spoke. you "2" have apparent 'timing' in your favor, you wanted me to represent another timing in sync and out of her reach to do you a f x f (L) ave i 0're


just s0 you know, i followed thru on my s 0'le d 0 w/e d' sh0(w/)e


so let's knot forget where the genesis f-x-f-rom-e- y-e-w/e-re- misery-e- s le pt


so let's knot forget where the gen-e-sis- f-x-f-rom-e- y-e-w/e-re- misery-e- s le pt


gen-e-sis- just like your -in-k- t00-t-h(e-)d- ate- w/-h-e-ye-t-


just like your "inc" bu-si-n-e-s/s-t-ate-


shares with n0 0ne actual ly e t00 th d ate you preten/d e/b t00 th y'0r~e l at e (0n my e ff ace)


you -r- eros - h- 0- (w/-)e- d- d-ye-w/-e-


your eros showed you a vi ew/e of the world and you both set out to do, however you couldn't get on the same page at the same time directionally speaking 0/n (a.) d. i'm e


i would appreciate, for my obvious working sum e, that you do not ever disrespect my efforts thinking i am acting like a "2" sa/ct-ether-e-ad-"i"-vine-"d"-


i am tired of your reel slack of (e/e) de v0te i 0/n e ye


i would appreciate, for my obvious working sum e, that you do not ever disrespect my efforts thinking i am acting like a "2" sac/t-ether-e-ad-"i"-vine-"d"-


i am tired of your reel slack of (e/e) de v0te i 0/n e ye


"0" ver re rig ht i/n g s 0/m e 0/n e


without me you have sharon 's rabble-t-00-t-he-s-h-0-(w/-e)e- nd- &- w/-h-ag-0/n-e-d-


why are you not calling someone prime d


does your eros st ill trick you that you have a nave in t/h-in-e-d-


ultimately it would appear you are just a free lo-ad-e're-in a-re-ar-s-e-


the only reason sharon apparently cares is because it is an opportunity to compete in the free lo-ad-e're-in a-re-ar-s-e-g-ea-r-s-


t "h" at is 0 p/en t 0 w/~ an ('t) n e'ye re vi e w/e


her tooth has knot know & has knot capitu~l ate d 0 w/e d


for-t-h-'s-imp-u-ll- s- aye-i/n-g-'s-us-h-0-(w/-)e-d-0h-t-


she hasn't gotten you anywhere ex -ce-pt-ar/t-i-f-x-fi-c-i-all-s-c0p-e-too-t-he-t-carry-e-ar-t-i-f-x-fi-c-i-all-an(d-)e-ct-d-0-(a-)t-


and, you use her too-t-he- convenient-ly-e-s-him-s-ue-w/e-in-c-


how does your sister sue feel about your t-ain-t-d-r-one-t-r-0p-e-d-0-ft-s-c0p-e-d-0-a/t-


she's not - ex (t-) a-ct-l-ye- marrie-d- is - s/he


at least she doesn't have to star e the criminal in the f-x-f-ace- s-0-(w/-)n- a t-he- w/-ai-st-e- & no re p ai r t00 th d ate = e fxf a ce


you have not made love , you and sharon, t0 0d ate


across your e p(L)ate & your me/r i/t is inn f/a/ct on me 'ye. (g.u/e)st ate


"&" g-all your fawning f-unctions- are a-sim-pull-d- re-du-ct-i/on-e- t 0 w/~ "no-on-e-"


th/e value you have earned with your -e-me-one-ye-


is a re-t-urn-too-t-he-sum-mon-k-nigh-


all an "x" s-c-ape- in-g-u-ye-




w/ 'h' at would you do with your stagnant -ea-r-s-


w/h en, you are ready for your eros tu b~ something a more than scene c-r-e-w/e-ll-d-


what do you p/re p0se


are you planning on doing the talking, or am i , while you malinger with sharo-n- buy your -e-side- b-t-a-t-in-e-t-i'm-e-


are you planning on doing the talking, or am i , while you malinger with sharo-n- buy your -e-side- b-t-a-t-in-e-t-i'm-e-w/-ill-d/i-vine-d-


your p/leasure time is bespoke on none one d i'm e, & you fanci-fi-e-ye- your self that you have made the measure sublime d.


your patting your se ll f-x-f-


your patting your se ll f-x-f- i/n-e-


sharon has no "apparent" win-d- if someone isn't speaking so she can argue w/-i-th-em-


do you want too tall k, or is that k-no-t- approve-d- buy -s haron-s-tall-k-


e t~a ll k a s/s t e ye inn t en d i.'d. e/b t00 th 0 w/(h)a ll k


e t~a ll k a s/s t e ye inn t en d i.'d. e/b t00 t(h) 0 w/(h)a ll k i/n g's w/ee p f0r/meal/ye 'A' s/s t r~e 'a' t~e/d e w/e re p(L)e~a. t e/d~


since you are pitting me against "a" conflict -0-f-x-f- interest you also t00-the-sub-mit-w/-i.d-th-


would it help your ass inn(th)ine situation if i took all my work down, from the viewing we ll


so sharon can con-ce-(i-)ve- s--he-ha-s -t- 0 - r-/r- e -ye -t-00-t-he-t-e-ll- d-we-ll-


should i call monday at work


now rather


honestly, i am tired of fretting your ears for a -i- living.


k- ea-r-n-(s-)d- e/b-t-rig-ht-a-re-am-e-ye-


i do not see a way forward so lets pre t/en/d this didn't hap pen, with sharon e ve(i)n


i see sharon sees e x a/ct l e ye w/hat i me an s~


that she is in-c-om-p-ea-t-


huss- in-c-om-p-(L-)ea-t- radically e t00 th's pea.K


i do not see a way forward so lets pre t/en/d this didn't hap pen, with sharon e ve(i)n th eros an e'y~e w/e d e/b t'hu(e)ss (t)0 w/e d~g 0/d e w/c~ai r~e i/nn~st ea. d.~ e ye / i fxf ' s/h/e d ai re s pea k f a(i)r e a.s 0/n e'ye t'h ei r~


0/n e w/(h)0 u/ Ld b e/e t~h' e t(r)ue d~e serve d~u/e t m~e w/e d


if this didn't hap pen and sharon is eve(i)n, would you choose eros or love as the matter in d is/sue t is/sue ta k(e) is/sue


sharon only has a rig-ht to your h-ea-d-


& w/ ill remain -misread- 0/n e me'ye b/be d


ass long ass you c -a(i)re- r - e'ye t-00-d-ai-re-p-ai-re-ad-


s -h- are-


sharon thinks this is pointless struggles, however i see no arc for her too th' de par t, in re all i t e'ye sh-(e-)d-a-rt- romantically, without the means actually inn re pair i/n g's


& re pair i/n g~0 p en l e ye A s(t) 00 t(h) 0'0 k eye p/h 0/n e st l e ye t00 th ('s)trait


if this never hap pan e/d for sharon e ve(i)n


would you choose eros for no reason "too"


t'h en st 0p act ing 0- all- d- lie -k- cue- w/e-d-ue -t-


why do you think i am "in-c-om-p-(l-)ete-" on your rendere-d- 00-k-nose-g-(r-)0-w/e-s- (t-) 0 w/e- s-


if this never hap pen d, for sharon e ve(i)n


c h0(0)se


se ll 0've


sel-f-ree-p0-s-e-(g-(r-))0-ss- & c-ross-ee-k-n0b-e-t-00-t-he-t-0-f-xf- -e-e-d- 0-h-t-


s-(t-)0-w/e-(s-)t- 00-t-he-m0-t-t-0-e-d-


(scene) "inn" s-i-l-en-t-re-a-p-0's-e-(g-)r0s-s-


ce-ne-d-0-t-(h-) 0-0- k-n0-t-e-in-p-(L-)a-ce- de- s- ai-d- g-"r"0-at-


making every dictionary "spea-k" vain-all-ye-


e vain per -t- your -e-f-x-f- 0 -0t- (h-) 0-0- k- n0-t-e-


there is no "house" to speak of your character ye "th" r-0-(w/-h)at- 0-at-


& t heir is e/e k n0 t'huss 0 p en l e (ye) a.d.


t h at can gr0w/ i th0u t's e/e d


as/say'e~(d')s e/e k


w/i t'h'~e me an s


ta nd i/n g's~


should i call andy monday to discuss the means


how about b loo


i like speaking with b l00 as/s long as he is(n)t sheisting your f-ee-b-le-t-00-t-he- t0 me an s e/e k up0n the visi0n you put in front of every 0/n e qua ll t 00 th


e'ye fxf 0'ra re vi e w/e d~e w/e ,


with 0-re- without "ew/e"


which is the exact ex(t)c'h'ang'e ye t w/h ave t b ein g i've n t 0/0d ewe


f 0're bu ye w/i.d. th e me an s(t) 00 t/h/e ye t'b~i/t e tit


0'0 ' sup p~l (e)ye in sit u


tut as/s aye w/an t "oo" t, and reveal your -e-miss-po-ken-a-ve-rt-u-


tut as/s aye w/an t "oo" t, and reveal your -e-miss-po-ken-a-(d)ve-rt-u-st-eel-


tut as/s aye w/an t "oo" t, and reveal your -e-miss-po-ken-a-(d)ve-r(t)-u-st-eel-d- k-eye-p-t-(h-) -0-0-k-eel-d-


for no reason e-x-ce-pt-u-be-re-el-d-


the only son-g- sharon has too the sing yup-pawn- is your girth for no reason -d-


s 0 w/e dont treat her creativity e A s/s t 0/n e ve(i)n d/i vi s i0/n d


she can only pretend she is th~e w/i fe


in vain


fei = protect / germany

fein = finely / germany


in vain -d- con-cur-(e-)rent- she rents as/s e.g. i've-t-b-rake- g-


ei= egg / germany

ein= one / germany


lets pretend this never happened with sharon e ve(i)n ,


who do you choose too the f all 0 w/e t(h)rue d


it is my concern that sharon only values you so you can wear the "miss-take" in you = r=an-(d-)e-w/e-d-


that -a-w/-h-e-ye- Le-x- get's t-he-tit-re-p0-'s-e-g-(r-)0-ss-


and e/b -t-he-r0-s-e-


unqualifie/d as/s ay e n-0-at-


you h-ave- a h0-u-s-e- t-h-a-nd-e/b-t-a-w/-h0-me-ye-d- e/b-t-a-t00-t-he-mar-rie-d- s-t-(r-)e-am-in-d-un-d-e're-c-ai-r-r-e-ye-w/e-d-


"we'd" g-all- ac-co-rd-i/n-g-le-ad-


"a" uni-t- 00-t-he-di's-p-l-ease-d-


lets pretend this didn't hap pen 0 with sharon e ve(i)n


wh0 d0 e w/e ch0(0)se t00 th us/s e very e t(h)ing e in sit u


who do you chose th -r-use- d-


you -r-usin-g- if ewe do not set issue t00 the me an s e x a/ct l e ye s e/e n


f 0're a.d. ju st b ein g's e/e k i/n (d) 0 pen l e ye r'e 'a' l/l e~a. f


it is my concern sharon is keeping your posterior in her re-t-urn-d- so she can be scene among her "friends" for not giving you a w/-h-e-ye- w/ the me an s en d's // she can't replicate with-er-o-ne- me-an-s- i-eve-n-(t-)d-s-


that is why i think th/e value of her friendship is based on an articulate-d- e-vi-ate-t-00-th-a-vain-nit-e-ye-t-a-me-A-ke-g-re-at-e-ye- d-ate-


she has made you the "woman" in the relationship and wears the pant 0-fx-f- a-t-her-e- woo-d-




she is dofting malice on my p(L)ate t-00-t-h-a-c-r0ss-t- u-bu-ye-ll-0-t-


you have no 'll' to circumscribe the p/aye 0 ft


& that includes too th "l-aw-st-" ye-gi've-t-he-m0-t-




r-ich u(e-)s-s-


are not a re all man too the n/ave ye ma.(i.)d.e t00 th' d ate


as-s-u-c-h- you have never given value and you only stand in "character" t00-t-he-ta-ke-w/-h-e-ye-


"he" hasn't earned among any b 0/d e ye


i b/ring this sup as you de-lie-be-r-ate- on me'ye t rue st. 00 t(h) 0'0 kn0t -g-u-st-




has only pen-d-ewe- scene-inn-




has only pen-d-ewe- scene-inn-ave-


motion without progress will sink your -ad-set-he-scope-


so just keep that in mind per your business d(h) 0 p~e


why do you t"h"ink i am the fxf ai l ure too th stand fxf 0 're my belief's . you are the f-ai-lure-in-g-scene-d-s-c-h-em-e-d-


k-n0-t- 0/n e hap pi t(h) b/ran/c~h ave ye w/ the me an s inn du st r e'ye 0/u/s/ l e ye t00 th fxf e/e d


your means have no countenance and ye-t- e-ye- s-h-ave- the me an s un bespoken -d- e-ye-a- t-


to give gifts of x f' s l0ve un marrie-d-


e/b-t-he-miss-ta-ke-ye-par-r-e-ye-d- e'ye no reason t00 the s p e'ye d


desire ab le ye


your eros is an attack on the fxf (r~0/ne)t 00 th a.d. van ce s/s (e) ll e ft


why do you look d-own on me-as-s-i-ft- you ever had the means too the carry e t(h)rue d ai're s t issue d






you do not "trust" me "b.c." you can't ho-ld- me stationary to you-r-e-t-he-me-an-s- (e/e-k-)


"at" "least" sharon h0-ld-s- ue- at an -ad-van-ce-men-t- of -t-her-e-n-ee-d's-


when is the last time you made love fxf 0 r /meal/ ly e t00 t/he a.t


then put away your a-r-ear-se- to /n e me'ye. it is you that has no practicall e/n t oo th understanding of reality in t(h) issue i/n g's~ ee k the me an s pea k


c0/n e'ye t(h) 0'0 k~nigh (t)


w/ e desire in th(e) be ll e ye A s/s t r~e 'a' t a s/s t e ye d e/b t(h) a w/(h)e're p (L)e~a. t ~


e t0 fxf the me an s~


(t) 0 p/en l e (ye) a.d.


eros has no-se-ce-pt-oo-t-he-pre-t-en-d- g-r-0-we-s-




0-c-k- & - com-p-ea-t- f-r0m-e-r0s-e-

th-is-t-ye-t-me-ad- i've-t-p-lent-e-ye-t00-t-he-me-an-s-


hock-a-s-inn- = "a" le-g- t00-t-he-b-(eg)i/n-e-d-inn-d-


ho-ck-a-s-inn- = "a" le-g- t00-t-he-b-(eg)i/n-e-d-inn-d-e/b-t-00-t-he-t-re-t-ea-r-n-i/n-g-a-g-ai-n-n-d-


ho-ck-a-s-inn- = "a" le-g- g-t00-t-he-b-(eg)i/n-e-d-inn-d-e/b-t-00-t-he-t-re-t-ea-r-n-i/n-g-a-g-ai-n-n-d- e-vain-d-


your -h-umili-t-e-ye- is a.-d.-r-a-we- (d- e-lt-a-we-too-t-he-maw-e-


d-r-a-w/-h-up-awn-s-inn-d- ire-re-ct-i/on-e-f-x-f-0-re- no-re-as-son-g-i-nn-d-


how d a(i)re you think i am cleaving to people with suspicsions i-g-n-ave- ye-d- h-ave- ye- t- w-h-e- ye- t- "a" t0/n-e-m-e-ye- 0- ft- l-at-e-


t-his- your "fraime" t-his- your -e- "people" t00-t-he-d-ate-


you are not of noble character and you certainly are not o fxf noble birth


fxf un less you w/an 't 0 fxf 0/0 t your 0(w/)ne re verse g ea.r s e th fxf i/r 's t~


why does sharon think i advance without consideration of (her "other's" ) as s i ft she w/e 're ve(i)n d ' s a.m. e




hey just so we "too" can be on the same page vein thrue


rich thinks sharon is delusionall, and sharon thinks rich is short sight(ed)all


the strength sharon has as your wife, is to be unaccountable -g- on -e- you-r-e- "f(r-)am-e-" given-d- brain-d-


she has risen as-s-t-all-as-s-ay-e-c-ai-n-d-


you don't actually carry your own sugar can e w/(h)eigh t 0 fxf ' serve you/r e p (L)ate inn any matter 0 ft fact t00/th d ate t inn t m(e) a. t~e d' s trait d


and you do not L ave i 0're f x f (L)ave i 0 're t00 the me 'A' ke, no matter what s-h-ape- your let-t-ai-re-s-t-a-ke- g-re-at-e-


your re all lack of belief causes a mit-eye-g-ate- &- you get monetarily compensate-d- f-x-f-0-re- no reason among -u-y/e-st-ate- d-


this is how you p(l)aye sharon-d-


perhap s he only has revenge too the purs(u-)e- name-among-u-ye-w/e-d-


you t-en-d- too-t-he-think you lack of progress is my permanent- rout- however in-d-inn-sit-u-p.r.-0-w/-t-


ke-pt-with-a-m0-t-in your m0-(u)t-(h-) 0/u-s- ee-d-0h-t-


sharon, you only have an ill-use-i/on-e- too the re-s-e-(a-)ll-st-r/i-fe-e-d-e-w/-i-fe-e-d-


if you are love s~l0ve t/h um b


we are b(L)ack to you rich, cleaving to earthly power and people for no reason e t00-t-he-


go f-x-f- 0-re-war-d- then with no re all 0 vi e w/e

n/et - oo-t-he-ye-h0-re- uni-verse-d-

you are babe-l-ie-n-g-


inn your de fen ce , i expect nothing a more from you than s-he-r-0d-s-


s/s-e-t-cap-i-ta-ll-e-pt-tit-pit-tan(d-)ce- ye-in-t-e're-st-

am-en-t- a capital- d- 0f-t-f-x-f-en-ce-


you can -e- re-ad- t-he-re-vi-e-w/e-s- 0/n- you-r-e- "f-(r-)aim-e-"t-00-t-he- d-ea-f-am-e-we-d- == the same in "too" d-



f-x-f-0r-ce-ss-h0-(e-)d-0-w/e-g-0/d-s-(t-)0- w/e-d-

d0 t(h) 0 0 kn0t actually e n kn 0 w/e in t(h) 0/0 w/h0 u ld('s) 0 w/e~e k w/e ll 0 an d



i don't think it is f a(i)re to use me to cause your wife to grow bu ye s/ai/d side


-&- as -s-he-g-(r-)0-s- he-makes a -d- ju-st-me/n-t- from meye nare to- her thr -0- b-e- f-ai-re- d- en-ai-re-s-


i don't think if it is fair you are proud of her growth, that did not stem min(e) d ate t with th t i'm e t00 th define d.


i think you are a lie. and i think you are willing to lie in a relationship to pretend you have th in d


sharon is selfish b.c. she honestly has no merit at stake


inn your e-late- however, she wants too the pretend too th-d-ate- d0-f-her-e-p-(L-)ate-


you use false devotion as a s-n-are- too-t-he-


& you are not real in silent virtue



to go forward with rich? sharon? stop ? go/n me'ye own. i am struggling with perhaps not enough information or too much. i am not happy with the yield of the stituation. i don't know if i need to see it differently and or see it for what it is .


the world

the most auspicious card, powerful, you have been building your self up for a change working hard struggling striving doing your best conquering adversity while taking advantage of opportunity haven't been easy but getting to point where rewards are going to come inn, maybe not so sure about the rewards maybe not as big as hope they would be, news is bigger, youve won, change you have been looking for is on the horizion and destined to come to you & something new in your life has to happen for the same reason sometimes when win at game … actually a feeling of loss, sense of having to be kind that having played the game and not as well as you have, but having to look at a fresh horizon something different to go after and conquer, very exciting time for you even if don' view it in that light, tells us that something has picked you out for success.


4 of cups

invited to a stiff social function, make polite conversation all night long, be lucky to get one joke, meet someone else terribly stiff with you, dismissing each other, meet again & relaxed and were looking at each other as a stiff person, never found out how much fun you could have together. you and a certain other person are in a stiff situation, not easy to get along with each other, and it doesn't seem like much future in relationship or scenario and you are right within the current limits of the situation, there is a real limit to what can be acheved and what can be gained, it is possible that under different circumstances amazing things can happen but first there has to be a change a moving a way, and a little part of you doesn't want to look a way to the future, and part of you sad something that might have had potential hasn't come to fruition, however once you change you can be potentially delighted from


8 of cups

how much you yearn for a change, a need to get a way do something different, break out of boundaries, rules restrictions making you feel fed up & hemmed in, discover how much more is in this world, river's mountains, anything, do something different . on threshold of making departure, got to move on~~~ message of card, as you do move on so will there be a real sense of fulfillment excitemnt and satisfaction.



not satisfied in situation youve got. you've won, and now longer taking part, you are distanced , divorced from it, you can't really play the game, challenge or sense of excitment required, need to strive for something different, feel like you shouldn't, may cause upset or be tension or may lose something if you do. long and short of it, you have too. and as you do you will find others come with opportunities open up, and anything say goodby to will do 1 of 2 things, and will drop away so it becomes very clear you do not need anymore and do not need to regret its passing, or disguise itself, and come with you and remerge re appear in your life, that factor, person, don't be afraid to lose, you are in a winning situation & you will win as long as you do not doubt your own need to grow and to change and to experience more in life that is what you are all about that is what has to happen it is right and it will bring you the right result.



please stop listening to me so you can re-p-ai-r- on my thrue 0 fxf ai r e


sharon is "both" making money off of your e-f-x-frame- & using me to see k dishonest ly e = in fact your need for objectivity x honesty


you as a "we" have not given love actually. you have to-ye-d-


"&" you p-(L-)ay lou and every b-od-e-ye-t-oo-t-he- your e-f-x-f-ee-b-le-t-00-t-, you-r- im-ag/e- & product is vain nit eye's miss-use-t-issue-d-








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please understand, with your z-ero-s-in-h-a-nd- you can only offer pity too t-he ave n -d- g-ran-d-s-t-a-nd-


and i didn't make this decision for you




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snap shot: sharon sits on her d-u-f-x-f- & thinks rich is fi/t. rich thinks i am seduced buy the material world (you le-ft-me-in-n-it-)







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h0 w/




do you want to design the banksead label


would it help if i 'fall in love'

and con-tribute -too-t-h(e-)cur-rent-


z-ero-s-0-(w/-)n- e- f-x-f0rm-i.d.-able- "a.d."


do you want t~0/d e sig/n e th' b~an k's e/a. d. e/b t00 t(h) L~a(y)be L


for the launch of the website ... pr~0 d(e) d/u ct


0/0 ~t/h ea. ven (t) d's (t) 00 t/h/e


why is andy taking a cause-stick posit-ion-


you are a design company, do you want to design?


'work is not going w/e ? ll


e tu


g/u st b.~(e) c. (au/se~a. t i'll(e)d )


f~0're a.ll



so work is not going w/e ll, and you w/an t 00 t h(e) continue-w/e-







i kind-0-f-x-f- think, your position of 'see' se ll i/n g (L) 0ve, is positioned in apparent contrast too the w/ar-e-.


not making a speak spec of difference honestly in the pro came & proclaiming's


"ju-st-" a premeditated scene for no reason too t he bu yup t-i'm-e- d- - - - p.r.-0-w/-t-




on-ly- dishonest-ly-e-


why is it such a concern to you to not be "seen" seeking to give friendship for material advantage. you are in business.




re de em your interest in/n actuall e/n t00 the me an s


i understand you "love" your tranquil luxury, you haven't earned actually. your eros is a bu-st-



sharon feels her 'friends' have undignified behavior.


this witholding for no reason, isn't about me



s 0 w/e you a friend of sharon bu-st-



do you want to design the banksead label and product


r~e (a.)d.e em your interest in/n actuall e/n t00 the me an s 0 p/en l(e) ye & 0 p/en l~e(ye) a.d.


e/p t/h an d e/b t00 th' s k(e)ye b/b e fxf 0'r~e ye




younow # banksy


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"o/h" give it a "book-m(e-)ark"


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share-r-one- , you've h-one-ly- produced master-b-ai-t-i/on-e-

i am referring to you, seeing your "reflection" in my p/age. the back story of this post is i got a new phone, and i am testing the app to upload from the phone. i didn't post the post for you.


 kevin as a christian man, is competing on me "too" for-g-(e-)0d-


he is committed to making tools for war as/s-a-w/ar-e-, for-t-he-me-one-ye- f-x-f-0-rt-he.-g-0-d- (it is-he-(i)s-t- "law" where there isn't act u ally e L~0 ve d


he is committed to making tools for war as/s-a-w/ar-e-, for-t-he-me-one-ye- f-x-f-0-rt-he.-g-0-d- (it is-h(e)is-t- "law" where there isn't act u ally e L~0 ve d: the his-t- & th-s-he-is-t- /// too th & soo th t-(h-)c-om-p-an-e-ye-w/-(h-)0ve-t-a-miss-ta-k-e-g-(r-)e-w/e-on-e-make-due-t-s-ate-


"kevin" can only make h-as-t-e-ye-t-(h-)rue- d-


"kevin" can only make h-as-t-e-ye-t-(h-)rue- d- i'm-e-very-e-t-(h-)ing-e-


"kevin" can only speak words he doesn't mean, and "me-an-s-" re-p.r.-e-sent-ate-i-on-e-a-l/l-ye-too-t-he-per-ce-(i-')v-e-ye-


younow # upssucks




younow travel#

younow travel tails#






u-g-ly-e-s-mu-t-b-r/0-ad-c-a/s-t-e-re-s-(t-)oo-t-h-e- g-0-re-(d-)s/t-0-re-d-






s hare on e/e d's t00 the g iv'e th 0/n ly e b/b e.g. 0 t/t en s 0/n t00 th e.g. 0/d (give your son instead of your huss-b-an-d- too th ap pease g 0/d i ff e w/e t~h ave 0/n e)


s h/are on e/e d's t00 t(h) e.g. i've th 0/n ly e b/b e. g.0 t/t en s 0/n e t0 g 0/d e 


t/h r ave d & L ave d 0 w/(t)h re s i.'d. e/n t ce s/s (h) ave (d) ye~ x h~ale a.t~e ye 0/n e ve(i)n s~


past i/c~h (e)


past i/c~h (e) t00 t~h at






From: angela cook [

Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2016 5:07 PM

To: TLC160 Boston <>

Subject: Product Availability/Merchandise Question


Name: angela cook 
Phone: 2073185241 
Zip: 04101 
Subject: Product Availability/Merchandise Question 
Other Subject: 
Order Number(s): 
Message: I am refurbishing a leather and mink jacket given to me. I have worn out the exterior leather. I have purchased a new leather hide, although it is heavier than the original leather. I was thinking I might glue the grain to the flesh at the seams and then topstitch, so that i do not have to sew 2 layers together, and topstitch that bulk, that will only multiply where topstitched seams meet topstitched seams. While I have sewn much of my life, I have little experience with leather. I have studied online, and this is what I have derived that I need to complete the project, or at least consider, which I wanted to run by you, the people with experience: 1. I do not know if I need a beveler & edge slicker for the exposed side of the leather, I am anticipating glue grain to flesh. Is the medium weight of my leather something that can be burnished? 2. I am wondering what type of glue you would recommend, that is flexible, and in a quantity enough for a top of the thigh (w/ hood) leather coat. 3. Do you recommend a leather conditioner or oil for the longevity of the coat. 4. Any other tips or recommendations... Thanks, Angela Cook


From: TLC160 Boston <>

Subject: RE: Product Availability/Merchandise Question

Date: July 14, 2016 5:25:54 PM EDT

To: "''" <>




If the current exterior leather is deteriorating, it would be ill-advised to glue another leather on top of it- As the old leather will crumble beneath the new, the glue will lose its bond with the old leather and the new leather will peel off where the old leather has flaked. The best course of action in this situation would be to make a pattern of the leather pieces you need to replace, including seam allowance, and carefully remove them so as not to tear the mink pieces. Then you would be able to replace them with the new pieces, either hand or machine stitched.


You should not need a beveller or an edge slicker, as both of these items are intended to be used with vegetable tanned leather projects, and are unnecessary for garments. I cannot say for certain without seeing the leather that you’re using, however if it is intended for garments or upholstery, burnishing should not be needed.


I would not recommend using glue with this project. We’d be more than happy to give you further assistance; if you can include pictures of both the coat and the new leather in your reply it will help us narrow down the best way to go about this better.






From: Angela Cook <>

Subject: Re: Product Availability/Merchandise Question

Date: July 14, 2016 5:30:26 PM EDT

To: TLC160 Boston <>




I'll assemble pictures, for the dialogue. The coat is reversible, however I always wore the leather on the outside, and was planning to take the leather pieces apart, and cut and sew a new pattern to replicate, however, the leather I purchased is heavier than the original. 


I will send a pic with the seam lines, that are decorative and part of the style / fit, and I thought it may be better to (glue &) layer at the seams, and topstitch, vs sew with right sides together, & sew to lay flat: I thought this might produce too much bulk.


I could get different leather, although, the price was right, and I liked that this is pliable enough, and doesn't mar or scratch.


pics to come.




(e-)d-e-ye-w/-e-'d- t-a-t-00-t-he-


b-ring-t-r-e/n-d-s-(t-)00-t-h- (f-x-f-) e-ll-e.g.-an(d-)ce-s/s-en-d's-u/e-w/e-ll-a-gain-