10/ 23/ 16

got a new computer monitor and moved it to the art room, and i have lost all the saved message, i thought i saved, communicating per house. since the black and white compassion photo on my face book stream. you can rebuild it 0/d ate i fxf ewe p/t p l ease …


rr.is (t) 0 p/en (t) d, e'ye w/ i'll and w/h i' ll be working on up date inn g i/s t 00 th~e m/e r/r (e 'ye) = i/t


i don't know why i feel compelled, or felt compelled, to move my computer to the art room. feeling this out. can't use my old mac mini b.c. i can't update passed safari 10.5.8, and the computer will not allow me to access any music on itunes, or my mobile me web based emails, and the email that comes with the system will not work. so after spending hours to get it on line with my other monitor, for basic use, music and email in the apartment, i am throwing it away, after i put the nasty pics in the trash, virtual trash that is. going to see how i like a basically digital free apartment, no email, i can get that on my phone, hooked up my older g4, and it plays music, opens my itunes, it does not have wifi capability and i am not paying for it. i do like listening to my old tunes, and have the opportunity to reload the music i took off and burned to discs, so that my adobe software wouldn't bottom out with memory use. i am not sure that i like this LG monitor, it is ultra hd 4k, super sharp detail, the stand bounces when i type on the sturdy table. it more than bugs me. it is a constant reminder the design has cut corners, to appease visually but not enduring ly.


i'm looking for something to help its lame ass design out. balance something on both sides of the screen so it doesn't bob, ore i can feel this out and return it within 15 days. it is a bigger screen 27" . my mac led screen, 19" is sturdy, built to last, does not bounce. "significantly" "lighter" is just getting mo-re-o-re-less-t- inn flate inn g the pre sense sent, with the desire tu b more refined with, but it is just fo-am-inn-g-at-he-m/0-u/t-h-. i mean, there are things i could do, build a wooden base. but to do it aesthetically right (the second time) it becomes a whole other project to make visually right with inherent stability that really as a product should be the products birth x be(a)rth right. this is made to stare at on the store shelf. not made to work we/ll d


speaking of things to stare at, when i went to best buy 3 times today (once to buy the screen, once to bring my computer and wires and have them connect it or i would return it, once to get another key board) there was a female dressed in a nude dress and boots posing next to the stairs of the city / state building, and some one was taking her picture. by the way she was posing, something you would see in a static layout, made me guffaw to myself, she was leaning into the metal handrail at such an angle / pitch, i mean really, who does that in reality except people posing for m0-d-e-l-(l-)e-s/s-t- pi-ct-u/re-s- t-


note for my table, to flip down when i am working here …




the irony, i am propping up the computer monitor with an apple iphone box and a fewe sticky notes


it still jiggles back and forth, like a jack ass=t= - - -


jack ass-t- richard-m-c-gil-var-e-ye- just came into the art room. i have asked him not to speak to me several times, then he moves my shelving unit and yanks my computer out of the wall, then he tells me i am ugly and "we" are going to get "ewe" moved out of -t-h-ere-. he just came in, asked me if that was my paint over on the other table near the door you can see in the cam. that is my paint. it was. it is not my table, and someone has 'relocated' my paint for their e purposes. ironic yes, i saw it, and w/h at e've r. so richard speaks on me again, tells me to do something with that paint, which is no longer mine, and tells me it is in "every" "one's" "way" and that i should do something with it. i don't say anything. i have repeatedly asked him not to speak to me. moving my belongings, should go the/ref/ore out saying.


i might market my apartment building. jack ass can't hear me when i speak. and sees my stuff as his-t-00-t-he-'s-a-we-st-


including - 0/d- me


i mean, nit is not out rig ht (0) 0k t~h en' d. "he" speaks to artificially inseminate me with his pen-i/s-t- as-s-hi'm-s-


at his po-in-t- he is the embodiemen-t- of-x-f- u-g-g- ly-e- ye- lie-d-'scene-d-


live s/t i'll 's f/r0m th c~a.m. e t00 th e me'ye t~(h) a~n d


e'ye t(h) a.~m. use inn e w/e 's~ t(h)is~su/e w/e d


t-he-t- (c-)a'n -0-/n- ly-e-see-t-he-w/e-d- ie-t-w/-h0-d- per'-s-ever-e- f-x-f-0-r-t- no reason t(h) 0/0 k t heir d -h-and-e-ye-vain-sig-h- t- he did not b/ring 0/d e lig ht


the other person in the video on saturday was richard also that lives on the other side of me. so i have richard-m-c-gill-var-e-y-e- on one side of my apt, and richard "la de da h" on the other, and both park on either side of me in the covered parking area. richard-het-c-, when richard-m-c- added on a lie to why he touched my belongs, (it was for-t- he other -e-g- u-e-ye- d-, and richard-m-c- said i was ugly and left, richard-het-c- was in the foyer and richard-m-c- asked him to use the fob key to gain entrance into the art room, and then he boisterously e-t-he-t-a-x- i/s-0-l(e-)d- , saying to any one in ear shot, that it was "nice" when pee-pull-e-g-0-t-a-ll-0-(w/-)n-e-g- i-ve-n- (t-)d-s- h- 0- (w/-)e- d-. i explained on the cam, don't know if i turn down the volume here, if you can hear it on your end. i turn it down b.c. of the reverb seems kind of weird, but any way, i was speaking with richard-het-c- that he is being used to shim t-he-ed-. pointing t 0ut h and th' back t's t0 re'ye. honestly he is a bit of a babbler, so convinced of his (t-)and- e/b-t-00-t-he-t-sel-l-s-t0-g-e-th-er-e-t-rue-inn- what a -s- s-(h-)am-e-w/e-d- e/b -t- w/-h0- d- e-ye-a-gain-d-0f-t- (i don't need pity tu be(a.)d. i'v(e)in e t00 t(h) a~gain d 0'le pt c0m p Lain kn 0 w/e d' s~i' L e/n t 0/0 d


richard-het-c- was being c? 0? ye, that he can presume nice ness with his pre sense he d af t 0 fxf 0'rd h i'm t-hei-ven-s-h0-w/e- d-. that was what i was energetically trying to inform, m-c- is using you, as-s-he- doesn't stand on his t 0/n e d, yet among other -t-hing-e-s-t- 0-f-x-f-t-b-serve-d-, he presents a brav(e)a.d.0 w/ he doesn't not sell, only false re ly th eye t00 the me-as-s-u-re-d- well-d-


he serve-d- t-i'm-e- for-t-(h-) 0/0 k t 0/n e b 0/d e'ye ve(i)n s ~t i'll e/g 0/n e~ d all e/as/e (t)h 0/d a'ye w/h e'ye (t) d t00th d 0/n e. g. (L) 0've r~t a g~Lan/ce de fxf e~a. T


a wood project got rid of the "metal" looking plastic, using clamps, for now, may glue later, unembellished b.c. the bones are ad just ~h fi/n(e) d


i can't believe how much more honest inn deliver e'ye, me'ye computer now feels and functions according ly e t0 me an s e/e k/t


0 p/en (a) l/l (e) ye


t(h) a' cr0s~s t (e) fxf a.m. i'll (e) ye A.(s/s) t a'nd e/b tu be(a.)d.


have a wee appt




f/r0m th' c~a.m. -richard-act'-as-s-m-ass-t-a-(i)r-e-d-


the w/-0-r-LD- will go on without his --t- face-t-hie-ven-d- 0-ve-d-


i'm not enjoying getting back into the website, where i left off. it seams it is about june 6 th. fuck t me. i have to go back and find s hi t u be a. p.r.~e sen t a'ble~a. t


(h) a'nd ' s (h) 0 w/e b e.g. i'nn d


lemon cayenne, inhaling it makes me cough. that strong even in liquid.


e'ye don't need pity tu be h0 LD


you can rest on the evidence ye l/l e ft ~he w/a g0/n (e) d 0/m e inn re p (L) ea. t i'nn g (L) 0've d e w/h ea. t a l/l e ye 0/n (e) d 0 fxf(i) t i/nn t eRe s(t) 0 fxf(i) t a.d. just b.c.~ d.


g' sus t(h) i's/s me'ye d('s) 0'Le d ew/e ye inn t ere st 0ut 's t r~ang eRe t(h) r u/e w/e d


no irony today, i didn't know what to do with my hair. weather changes it, length is in between some thing that e w/e d only lend a mistake too th t ether 0/n e -d-g-utter-(e-a-)d- 0f-(i-)t-i'm-e-ye-s-i/g-ht-0-get-her-d-


f 0'r(e) d (0) b e c(h) 0/m e inn g


be a.m. e'ye g(u)es(s)t 00 th ea.ven t u/r fxf (ea.) t w/i.d. th' d


' s~h a l/l 0 w/e inn t eRe s~t




for e reference, re-f-le-ct-i-0/n-s-h-are-0/n-e-d-




performance art post cards got delivered to my apartment building today. i found some in the recycle / garbage bin. no worries, i can reclaim c 0/m b i/n (e) d ~h and 0 fxf i/n(e) d a'ye~a. gain d


i sent them too th a/pt b.c. rich-a-rd- wouldn't leave me all 0/n e. this way, i don't involve the p.d. to speak for me, nor avesta. richard can just (u-)b- a hi jac-k-t-ass-0-(w/-)n-d-his-t-0/n-e-d- : if an-ney-e- wants to be a jack-t-ass-0/n-d- let h e/m -me-d- : i walk on my own w/(h)a t/t a(i)re d ew/k n0 t e'ye d


a bit of an attitude for the money ewe didn't make too the s(p)en d


any place you would like to be seen as/s t e'ye d 0 (w/) e ve(i)n (t) d virtuall destinati0/n e inn differ en ce s/s (h) 0/n e t~L e/dg/e d as/s h0(w/)e L0 p~e d e w/k~ (t 0)n~e s/s 0' L(e) d


mirr0r th' s ea.






e ve(i)n t w/h0 d e'ye w/(h)0 re t(h) r u/e w/e d


not knowing what you d-ewe- doesn't make it rig ht bu ye w/rit e t w/h0 d e(n)ye a.r t (h)


ru/e w/e d





it seemed appropriate, buying t i'm e inn nyc, too (t/h') s ea. t/h br0ad e w/h e'ye s(h) 0 w/ing


i fig, i am paying for t00 th inn knit~(0) p/ai/L e pt m/ai/L 0/0 k e pt: i should afford myself the pleasure d 0 w/(h) en t


i'd invite you along, but it seems like all you want is too t/h ang 0/n(e-)d-


i was looking at cost opportunity. i could mail the post cards to ny, or deliver them myself (i assumed for less cost) and see a broad way play. as s/it were, my car rode admirably amongst the pot holes and disheveled-we-ll-d-, but still, i am not so sure, i gained the value i was seeking with pleasure at the end. what i did get, is a better understanding of what to expect in -those- circumstances. ultimately i am fine with that. just keep heading 0/n (e/d). maybe in the future, maybe not. : i was impatient at the post office. it didn't start out that way. it is just systematized lethargy is e-g- ap-paul-inn-g- f0r-t-s- t-un-t-'d- pleasures-c-all-d-ing-


competition for-t- no reason, makes every -e-t0-k/en-d-0-w/-(h-)-0-rd- break -t- f-x-f-as/s-t-a'-k-e-d- a- ye- s- : the city is dirty to get into, dirty grimy unappealing, yet 'you' can 'buy' a level of protection to separate your self with a little 'inn-come', just for the saying ' sum-e-0/n-e-d-


that said, the indifference can be t? read with in ?n dul~l gen ' t ce s/s L as/s (h) 0 w/e ? d


maybe i have a fictional and nostalgic memory of wanting to be mesmerized bu/y e t/h ea. t eRe a. t/h t i'm e.


e(ye have n0 0/n e t 0/0 th b~L a.m. e 0/n e t/h (i g/h) Line ve(i)n s~h 0 (w/) e/g 0/d' s t 0 (w/)e a.d. just b.c.~ d


d~ e'ye d 0 (w/) e


rich- you make this scene -as/s-h0-(w/-)e-d-, without me a.ll a~s/s (h) 0 ' d


this room is cold... i love my rubber tree plant. i had a picture of it in mind, the pink and green, aka ruby, versus the burgundy. was in the area, studley's in rochester, best plant place ever, and they had one pink and green rubber tree plant. min(e) d. i selected a pot there, payed full price (you know, that is not my usual 'm.0.', however i wanted this good to go. bought a matching ceramic saucer versus a plastic, and the owner instructed me he is watering it down, and then not to water it for a while, so that the plant would seek to find roots. that potting info was worth the full price of the pot. i have sinced looked at other pots in passing, wondering if i would like a different color or set up, and i really like the desert appeal.


it's perfect for t'h ti'me 'ye t(m) a'ke t/h's me a.ll d


in e're f le x i0/n e ve(i)n d 0've d e'ye d~h and ('s) 0'L~e d


as/s (a'y)e ye get rid ofxf t m.0.re p0 st c/a rd's, the rubber e tree plant be c(h) 0/m e m.0. re vi's (t) ab~le ve(i)n s (h) 0 w/e d/g(~e) r~ 0 (w/e) ' s~(h) 0/n e p.~r.00f t (h) a w/h e'ye inn t i'm e~d/d (e) ye t


d ew/(e) inn t ere st a' ll a re a.d. e'ye s me t as/s p~b f 0'r(e) d 's h a~l/l 0 w/e s~c rib e (a.)d. 0


g/g 0/d g~ave d h~ ave d 0 w/rit e t00 th e w/h e'ye (t) d e/b t00 t(h) rig ht w/h0 d e'ye ve(i)n ~n d



please und ere st a'nd ~t reader e'ye (l/l) a.m. b rake inn g t-he "law" bu ye discussing this case. g. a w/h e'ye t. the "law" can (e) re claim i t/t when it speak(s) up t0 me'ye fxf ace t' d 0 w/i.d. th i/t. (a) g~race d


t-(h-)...is-he-pre-t/t-e-ye-nough-t- le-t-me-see- d- e-ye- w/e-'-d-


de-sig-n-ere-t-heir-d/g- ag-ree-d- a(i-)re- dress-t-e-ad-('s-) he-ad-scene-d-




t-heir- is- kn-0-we- f-x-f-ai-lure- ye- a(s/s-)men-d-'s-can-t- re-(a-)p-ai-r- for-t- no reason, didn't s(p)end i'nn th r0ugh 0/d fxf a(i)r e b/b 0/n e c-king-dum-cum-e-d-


t-(h-) ag -is-t- 's -L0-t- h- f-x-f-u-l/l-e-t00-t-he-t-re-t-ea.-r-n- d- ar-(e-)t- w/-h0-d- e-ye- t- w/-h0-d- ewe -d-he-a-rt- h- s- 0-Le-pt-mar-t-0-ill-s-0-ill-e-g- 0- c-ar(e-)t- = "just" L-am-e-inn-defer- rent-ce- s/s- (t-) 0/0-t-h-e-nd- (kn0w/ inn t en t i 0/n e w/(h) as/s h e(a.)ve r~e. g. i've n (t) d


d 0 w/rit e~ g 0 / d' s~ p0 k en (t 00 th') d e/b t rig ht b~(ea.)m. e'ye t


(h) 0/m e~ d


E ven s (h) 0/n e ~d i'm e~ d


i want to send out an apology to the woman worker with the lavendar e nails at the manhattan post office in harlem, and the woman standing in line inn front of me. i was getting upset b.c. traditionally i lack sup p0 rt, and if i speak my desire, like, can you hurry up your ass t, i would be further inflicted for buy -h-and with my pre sent ce s/s scene-d- e-vain-ly-e-




p as/s t~h e m/e 0/n e 'ye t00 th fxf as/s t L as/s t 0 fxf (i) t~h (ea.) d i/a g~r a.m. 


E~ve(i)n~ n~g (e) t (h) b~e(a.)d. 's Lee p/t~ u p/ai/d e/e p i/t~h un d eRe st 0/0 d~ 's u/r(e) fxf ace t00 the l/l e s/s 0/n ~ne/t c0m p (L)ea. t~ e/a. t 0 pen (a) l/l e ye A.s/s t~ 0 me an s e/e k ~t b/all~an(d)ce s/s (h)0/n e inn sig/h t rue st 0 fxf tu fxf t a' l(l)e g(r ) 0 w/e 0/n ste 0/n e s/s a~ c rum/b e(a.)d. 0/n e t ai L e 0/n t


0~g 0 a. l/l (e) d e/b t00 t(h) a cr0ss t i'm e t00 t(h) a~ b i.'d. e 'ye inn s w/(h)ea. t eRe se~a.m. s e'ye t


sac r/um/b 0(w/)n~e d e/b t0 g e/th/er e ve(i)n s~h 0 (w/) e (d)g(e) 0 t00 th fxf at her~(e) d augh~t eRe (a.)d. e'ye (t) d i'm e~ d (0) b 0/n e (d) 0/m e (d 0) w/h e'ye (t) d e/b t00 th e(a.)ve~ n' (a n0 ' s e) e c0/n d c(h) 0/m e inn g's h0 (w/) e d~ c L~ea.r e ly e 0/n t 0/0 th ' se l/l fxf~ e/a. t ' d w/e ll (e) d


it would seam to me, the miss (th) read has-s-t-all-a-we-s-(t-)a'ke-scene-tu-b-p-ass-t-d-0f-t-w/-h0-d-e-ye-w/e- for buy -h- and w/-id-th - no reason e tu & no reason e t00 t~h. "ewe" are not speaking too th b e/e n ea.r~ t/h ~ c h ea. r~ t (h) r u/e w/e d c0m p(L)ea. t inn t~a'n d~em et u' d~e w/e 


m-r- messerschimdt- on-ly-e- t-h-as/s-t-e-t00-k-t-c-r/ewe-ll-(e-)d- use-sir-per-prize-s-aye-s-t- p-ass-t-


"other" "wise" his-t- m-(e-)ark-(e-)t- can-t- L- as/s -t-




Kevin St-in-e-very-e-t-hing-e-d- h-ea-d- f-x-f-i/r-'s-t-00-t-he-re-p- (L-)e/a-t-0/n-e-me-an-s-e/e-k-t- 0 pen li(e) ye d's- the direction the care taker' s -t- ake-r-an-d-f-ac(h)re-s-t-0-f-x-f-(i-)t-b-(r-)ough-t-inn-sig-n-if-i-can-t-0-s/s-0-d- 0f- t- i'm-e-l/l-0-t-s-a-w/e- d- 0-(w/-)h-t- h-and-h-ea-d-0f-(i-)t-


a-gain-d-/g-(r-) 0- w/e--ve-n- (t-) d- s-t- ill- and- ste- all- e-(a-)ve- th'- sir-ve-ye-inn- t- a-ct- for -t- no reason, for -t- no pre miss w/h0 r~th (e) re p ea. t inn g~ Lan(d)ce de a.f t


basic lie, kevin stine, fortifier of the s-(h-)ave-i-0re-inn-de-pen-d-en-t-a'll-e-ye- a-s/s-t- for t no reason per's 0/n (e' ye) a. ll ye, feeds the direct sham hand of the "ag" e tu b-ring- sir-e-me-ye-s- he-i/s-t- b-light- d- alliance-s/s- t- r-i've- d- : competing on women for -t- your no reason, will not bring your 'savior' eve n (t) d


"ewe" h-ave- t- a- w/-h-ale- story without d ewe t ai L and e/b t 0/u n/g u/e w/e s(t) c 0/p i/e d (g/L) 0' ve d


who is the c-h-arming seducer with no work ethic -t- 0/0 -k-n-0-w/e-d- be-d-0f-t-


0/n-e-maid-inn-(e-) p.-r- 0-vision-s-(h-)e -ll (e-) d- e/a- ll- t- s- L0-t- h- f-x-f-r0m-e-nd-s- L0-t-h-ave-ye-d-


h-eave-n-t-w/-h0-d-e-w/e- f- (0-r-)t- no reason d e/b t00 th b(L)e/n d be au t e'ye s p e'ye s


machining -0- par-t-s- me'ye as/s t 0/n (e)a.r~e'ye buy -e-t-he-a-rt- (ease)'s- w/-id-t-h/i-t-


me as/s u/re men-t-s- as/s- mu-c-h-('s-)t-a-k/e- d-i's-g-race-d- 0f-t-0/n-e-d-0-w/e- t-








t heir is no argument t hat e w/e d haven't string e d e/b t a ll 0/n g' sac re a.d. 0/n e ve(i)n (t) d




re de/em~e/d ~ g i'v e/n d


m(e) as/s t a'r e p(L)an~ d f/r0m t' h's t a'(i)r (e) t


(a) g 0 inn g' s/h ea. r t/h


competition has no re verse all, it can buy ea. r t


very tired today. i had a few appointments, and i am so good at head checks, (baby lice, smaller than the egg, i spotted on the care takers) i had double the treatments.


min0 held his pee, and I held my position stacking appointments, without eating until nearly dinner time.


speaking of th f ea (s) t, people will need to p(L)aye with eave~n (t) d e(e) m(e) 0/n e 'ye. i think it is fitting if the house designs it, and the bank's~ea.d. accounts for t it.


money in the competitive me-ark-e-t- p- (L-)ace-s-s-(h-)ave-d-e-f-x-f-ace- d- 0- w/ar-t-in-t-p-(L-)ace-0-d-0f-t-p-(L-)ate-d- a- miss-t-a'ke- d-: the competitive market place force-scene-s-ue-w/e- to pre ten d, with no intention e ve(i)n (t) d. i am simply suggesting an0 there way of pretending r~a ce s/s (h) ave i'nn g


as-s-it-his-t- w/-r-i/t-e- n-0-w/e- , i can work my ass of, and have my value replace-d- buy the ass-(h-)0-le-d- , bottom line, i never receive my value given inn the time i have maid representationally prime for completion on the line. so, "me-one-ye-" is a con-e- g-am-e- : people can vote with their me 0ne ye, with a visible bank's~ea.d. account: they can now be see n for t~h 's t a' nd i'nn g f0r t' s 0/m e t hing e~ d


as/s the house, your print the money, the bank's~ea.d. distributes i/t 00 t(h) ea. t


donald trump eliciting a conversation for maine that he is going to make jobs buy building up the navy to ho-st- guns on the 0-s-h-un-d-, is deliberate lie competing on women and animals for -t- no reason e ve(i)n (t) d


the "make america great-a-gain-d- for-t- no reason... " is fi-ct-i-0/n- d- : it was fiction for-t- no reason then it is fiction for -t- no reason now, the only difference is, e'ye c/an s e/e t-he-t- (L-)0ut- : i've grown from daft to deft living in lice with fiction-ai-l-e-pt- pre sense -d- : america was never great, inn g r~e a. t . what seemed great about it was the shims didn't know be t/t a(i)r e ve(i)n (t) d 0 w/ith f0ll0w/ t(h)r u/e w/e d. war-e- is-sue-d-e/b-t- d- h- a-b/u/s-e- d- on going for t (h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e ve rt (h) u~e w/e


d ew/e


"creating" j-0-b-s- for -t- war-e-, is creating d-0f-(i-)t-0/0-t-he-d-h-a-bu-s-e- d- going for-e-war-d- 0uch-e- t-


the dof-t-'s necessity isn't defined by 0're buy thinking t(h)r u/e w/e


the dof-t-s- necessity is defined by h-and - buy (purpose- sell- lie- eye- d-) not having t w/h0 d e w/e d


inn nit's-0(w/-)n-e- t-i'm-e- d-


the narcissism is scene -inn- p-(L-)ace-d-, "man" gets to pre ten d he is t he g. race d e/b t00 t he m(e) A. k/e g re a. t : the fact is not a-men-d-'s- has an efface t he ye can re lay t w/i.d. th. and ass-u-c-h-t- is-a-me/n-ace- d- fictional ass/s the whale of the story with no dewe t00 th e t a'i L and g~ L 0're ye d = a-men-d's- keep woman around to fiction-ally-e-s-hi-t-0/n-e-t-he-m-s-a-w/e-ve-d-0-ve-d-


t heir is honestly no romance to speak t 0 fxf (ea.) t d 0've d


rich people are for force-scene-s-s-hi-t- 0/n-e-me-ye-d-0-w/-t-w/-i/t-


rich people make d-0f-t-scene-inn-t-heir-e-p-ass-ag-e-d- 0f-(i-)t- with negligence-s-scene- without the ability to reason or think among the me an s taken for-t- g-ran-t-' d- , ego-sup-p-lie-d-e-ye-d- s-up-p-(L-)an-t-'d- i'm-e-d- jac-k-t-as-s-t- g-i've-n-t- i'm-e- d-


jac-k-t-as-s-t- a- g-(e-)i've-n-t- i'm-e- d- b-(r-)ough-t-he-g-/g- f-x-f- i/n-(e-) d-


men "c-he-a-t-" b.c.- t-he-ye-c-an- eat fiction as/s t he ye com-man-d-


not seeing theirself as fiction, "b.c." t-he-ye- ho-ld- 0- w/-0-men-d- inn place- s/s-he-ave-n- d-


if you can constantly make shit-up-t- & paid-0f-(i-)t- , you can apparently control l your t ru(e) st : but to me an s e/e k / t, t-his-t-is-t-all-t-maid-('s-)up-(e-)t-


&- i/t- w/-ill- never c-ease- d- , and knows no actually boundaries in competitions -e/e-k-t- w/-h0- d- ('s-) pre-e- ten -d- i/n-g-c-reed-


this gives men the ability to abuse women without thinking if they find a woman going against the co/re-r/an- d- . and the civil g(u-)est-u/r-e- of speaking words of vert hue, and with holding th/e value & means of me one ye at com-man-d-


( y ewe have n0 re as/s 0/n e w/e can make inn y 0're r0(w/)n e t i'm e tu~ de. you sing, you can't p. r.00f t w/i.d. th fxf a.m. i'll e 'ye t w/h0 d 's (h) 0/n e s/s t ly e t 0/0 ~ t/h ' d


singing is -t- a- g-all-i/n-g- t-(h-)is-su/e-w/e- d-


as/s if t, false selling the guy e'ye, let's f-x-f-ill- t-0-w/-ere- song- un- h- arm-0/n-e-ye-z-e-d-


if ewe are sitting inn your home, content as/s a'ye t h~ ave d 0 w/e d. ewe haven't maid your e sell fxf t~ c lea.r e ly e as/s (t) 0 w/e d. your sitting pre t/t ye on the false measure you can re f le ct 0/n e d as/s i ft ewe d en mar kn 0 w/e d. you st ill haven't maid bu ye ma.d.e value (a.) g 0




trying something new this morning : coffee. albeit pumpkin spice with whip cream... but still coffee.


i have some thoughts last night: trump is-s- t- urn-inn-g- t- lu-'s- t- inn- t00-t-ru(e-)st- : rust & trust for-t- no reason = bu-st-


one of the x citing things ab(0)ut moving my computer too the open art space with a cam, is the opportunity to share the space s/s a w/are a.s/s i ft (d) e w/e t(h) 0/0 k~t c a(i)r e t(h)r u/e w/e d


more thoughts about the building up the n-av/e-ye-s-u(m-)e- d- : p-ar(e-)k-ing-un-s- 0/n-e-w/-(h-) a- t/t- a- (i-)r-e-vain-d- 0f-t- : do you get t-he-b-r-ave-d- as/s- hi- t- up- t- i/t- is b.c. -a.-m.en-d-s- keeps women-ad-ea-r-s-e-g-ea-r-t-his-t- : a-men-d-'s aren't technic al ly e walking on water, and do not have the fact h, o're the fait h t w/h0 d e w/h al(l)e t a'i ' l/l and 0 fxf (i) t 00 th t 0 s/s (0 w/) i/t~ . just say inn. men for all t heir fathom less (-t- di's-g-race-d-) do not have the b/all s to walk on water as/s t he m(e) a. T ~e D aTe T00 th (e) R~e L aT~ e. "ewe" simp-ly- make scene shit -up-t- as/s-if-t- ye carried th e'ye a~r t he m(e) A~k /e ~g. re a.T~ e. none of t-his-t- has f0r/meal/ly e t a' k~en (t/d) p (L) ace inn the m(e) ark (e) t p~ (L) ace. "=" don't get t00 L 0've ~d f~0r (t) a re as/s 0/n (e) a. re a.d. (g/L) 0' ve d~ 0'0re d


a~T e re L e'ye a.b ly e t00 th' d a'ye t


"love" is nob-scene-d-c-ap-i/t-a'-ll- d-


for-t-h0se-, t- h-at- can -d- af-x-f0r-d- s- h- a- ll-0 -w/e- (e-)d- e/b- t-a'-k/e- d- ab-0/a-rd- = speak for no reason inn follow thru ewe, con-s-t-a-n(d-) t- w/-h0- d- e- liberate- l-ie-ye- l/l- i/s-t-en- t- w/-h0- (d-)e- ye- a.s/s-t- de-a- ll- t- (h-) ru-e-we- t-he-miss-take- on per-p-0's-e-(e-)d- ewe- for -t- no reason "2", now take this too th "ban-k-" t- w/-h0- d- alliance-s-s- (h-)ave-d- ewe- = "count" & coun-t-r-e-ye-t00-t-he- d-


t heir is not a nob in politics that is making grace inn t heir e t (w/) a~k/e d 0 fxf (i) t~ ('s) a' k/e d


no one in politics is shedding' s kin d e/b t00 th (e) r~ 0 L(L) e d 0 w/h e'ye (t) d~


politics is not giving roles with honor inn 0're a.t 's (t) a'ke~ d


n 0're = n (0 w/e) re & n 0 w/(h) eRe, can t-he-ye- . that is why t he t a ll k/ t iss u-e-w/e- d- bu-ll-s-hi-t- (t heir is no t w/h0 /n e pre miss t)


"we" can see and say melania earned her own money, inn deed, she didn't, b.c. she "ea-r-n-d- her -t- me-0ne-ye- on the -x- a- ct- pre-miss-t- r-ump- and- ump- t- maid- fee-s-(t-)able- t00-t-he-t-(a-)g-ave-d-


trump basic lie, gives debt too-t-he- re- claim- e- d- his-t- miss-t-a'ke- d-


a w/0 m en, will always be a mistake on the pre miss- t- he- t- a'ke- d-'s-


d- ('s-) 0- w/-he-ye- t-


re pen t an(d) ce s/s (h?) ake, is but an0 t her d-a'ye-t- : repentance is a fiction-ai-l- process too t-he-re-leg-at-e-


d-ea-r-(e-a-)d- ate-


women are viewed as a mistake for -t- men for-t- no reason, to-re-make- d-


that is the only way "men" get a continuity inn-nit-w/-h0-d- not be required too th i/n k i/t (h) r u/e w/e


it is the only reason "men" get stability -e- t-0/0-d-e-w/e- . buy keeping women subject too-t-he-i/r- e/n- t- p.-r.00f-t- (a-ll-a-we-s-(t-)a'ye-s-t-0-(0-)p-ewe- d-sue-t-a'-ll-0-w/e- d- u/e -tu-g- a- w/-he-ye-t-(h-)rue-inn- t- w/-h0 d- compete on pre miss "ewe" don't give an honest shit ~ t w/h0 d complete on pre miss t~h at h~a'ye n~e/e d le t w/h0 ye d en ewe d


money in the competitive market place "speak's" for -t- it-sel-l- f-x-f- t-. t heir is no transaction of l0ve in follow thru e ve(i)n (t) d 0've d. h (ea) d fxfir's t 0 fxf~ (d) t: th cur-rent- preoccupation with w/-(h-)ea-l-t-h- d-, is with no love in store as/s e(a.) l~l t/h fxf (L)ave 0're (a.)d. 0'0re d


trump is surfeiting an-ill-u/s-i-0/n-e- too t- he- t- be-h0-LD- e/b t00 th in king, (he has not limit too the mistakes -he- can-force-s/s- 0-L-(e-)d-


having money in the competitive market place doesn't e X (t) a' ct ly e speak t00 the ver t hu(e) s/s (h) 0/n e d


me 0/ne ye s p~ea. k / t 's (a'i.) d. fxf0r i/t ' sel~l fxf (d) t a's/s w/e ll (e) d.


in the competitive market place, you are all ready pre-ten-d-i/n-g- & pre-t-en-d-ere-s-us-co-re-d-a-ye- a.-s/s- t- (u-)b.e-(a-)d-0f-t-ly-e-, & t"h" at is all you can d-ewe- pre sent "LY" = lie, lie the eye t-h-un-t-0-(w/-)e-vain-d-0f-(i-)t-heave-n-(d'-)s- en-d-s-e/e-men- d-s- am-e-d-sea-s/s-0/n-e-d-


ew/e-d-g-am-e- d-


the competitive market place has a "house" for -t- no reason, and for -t- no re all in t~en t i 0/n e t00 th(e) re (a.) p a(i)r~ e ... a.d. dress t a(i)r ~e d : t-his-t- pre-s-um-p-t-i-0/n-e- is driving t-he's- tee- d-0 -w/ithout actually e relating- 0/d- 0- w/ithout thinking e/i've n (d') s at e inn g~ a/gree d f0r/t/h/e m(e)a. T e inn g's


men get to stare at beauty they did not make actually, & pre-serve-(d-)g-0/d-s-pea-k-t-he-me-an-s- e/e k t 0 fxf t(h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e b/b 0/d e ye : women strive for designer fashion, so they can be scene -d-0f-(i-)t-he-me/n- t-he-ye-s-e/e-k-t- 0- p.-r.eak-t-


lie in present ce ss t00 th ab i.'d.e a.d. -0-w/-i.d.-t- in-nit-h-a.d.(e-) h-ea-d-ad-


i' l/l 0' ve t~h/at your e problem in r~e l ate d ness is eve~r ye (t/h) 0/n~e s/s t w/(i.d.)t~ h


i think this is a good construct for/t/h/e me 0/n e'ye w/i.d. th i/t : the silhouette is male and female and the piece of peace, 0're fuck (t) ew/e depends on your e posit i0n inn g t00 th per's u/e w/e d u/e t w/h0 d~ e'ye w/e t00~t/h inn re vi ew/e d. that and the fact bank'se~a.d. is from the u.k. where that peace sign, means something else depending on the silhouette you interpret it from mit~t inn re ce pt i 0/n e d 0/m e inn t eRe v~e/n t i 0/n e ve(i)n (t) d


e'ye think this is good fortifying (0) de sig/n for t h' s t~at(e) d inn t en t i0/n e p.r. i'm e /d i'm e/d


that & the uni verse a.ll c~ qu~a. ll i/t e'ye ~a.s/s t 0 me an s e/e k / t 0 p/en (a) l/l e ye ~a. t~ 00 th ' date ~a. t 00 the me an s e/e n~ 0 w/e ' d


that a w/h e'ye d 0/0 re me 0/ne ye s~c an s pea. k t (e) fxf 0~r t i/t ' s~e l/l fxf t~ heave n (t) s


design with intent for t h's pi r/i t 00 th fxf a s/s t ' s (h) ave t h~e/n erve d a'ye inn her i/t a'n(d) ce d~e'ye w/h e'(ye) d


writ-e- now- you as a-me-n-d-'s- have no virt u all a~re pre sent a t i've d 0 w/are t


h~eave n (t) d('s) 0 w/(t) a g 0/n (e) d b(L)e/n d ('s t) a(i)r e tu~ de ... w/e


just say inn, nit is -t- easy t00-t-he-t-sin-g-all-0-(w/e-)n-d- inert potential, designed to stay inert -a-ct-u-all-ye- w/-he-ye- d-


en-mar-k-eye-p-i/t-he-'s-ca.m.-e-d-0f-t- ir-e-levant-ce-s/s- (h-)ave-d- a- ll-a- w/e-st- a-b- ("0")u-t-




0-me-d/i-cry-t- pay me-m0-u-t-h- t00-t-he-t-out-


m-ad-e-me-ad-s-p.r.-0-w/-t- w/- it- f-eel-inn-g-'s-us-t-en-(d-)ance-s/s- h0-ve-d-0-ve-d-0ur-e-d-0/u-(be-)t- cha- c-hing-e-d- 0f-t-ewe- d-im-me-d-


innocent ce, can be toss0d-0f-t- b.c. it e'ye w/h a(s/s) t 0/n e ve r b(r) 0ugh t 0/d aye t 0 fxf t ~h and 0 fxf (i) t~ p.0 t en t i all e t's (p) en t


~t 00 th ' sir~e me'ye s


th' r ag ' s (t) 0/0 t/h (e) r/ich 's inn r/i. d.~e' ye a.s/s (t) a'ye


r ag ' s (t) 0/0 t/h (e) r/ich as/s a'ye a.r t h' s(h?) a.m. e t~hing e(i')ve~n ly e


t/h a.b. i.'d.e inn t(h)in e~r a i's e/e d f 0'r t i'm e d 0/u(be) t inn thy/m...e ~n d(0)b~r0/a.d.'s i.'d. e




e/p t00 th t~em p le ye~a. r / n ~ d 0 (w/) e t 0 (w/) e~ d


what is it that you want for -t-(h-)0/0-k-n/0-t- he-ad-en-mar-k-n0-c-k-t-0-f-x-f- t-00-t-he-ad- f-x-f-e-e-d- 0f-t-


per-p-e-t-u-all- d- a-ft-ere-g-l0-w/e-d- 0- weed- 0f-t-he-n-e/x-t-




t-it-w/-id-t-h-in-nit-oo-t- L-0/u-t-hie-ven-s-(h-) 0- Le- d- ont- (h-) 0/0- k-n-0-w/e- d- force-s/s-h0-w/e- d- no grace, no god, no love, no desire too the know we'd wed bu ye de sir/e ve(i)n s (t) 0 w/e


we-d- e/b-t-urn-a-d-ea-f-ea-r- d- inn-t-w/-h0-d- e-ye- false sell lie tu t00 th -- d-


en-ad-ea-r-d- just for-t- h-ab-u-s-e-d- : trump can't redact, re verse d 0 w/i th0u t' h0-p-e-d- awn- up- t-a- d-0f- (i-) t- 0ut- a-gain-s-p.r.-0ut-h-e/a-d- 0 w/ k n0 w/e re all n~erv~e ve(i)n (t) d~ just for t/h ' s aye inn g 0/n e th~ en d/g i've inn d~


a~T e ve(i)n


ly e b/b e(a.)d. h ~ ea. d.


i/n e inn t i'm e~ d


y-0-re- only as wrong -as-s-s- u/e- d- 0- wan t -hie-ven-d-s- t-(h)e- vain-d- pre-t-en-d-ere- d- he-a-r-t- ? quest-i-0/n-0-pen-a-ll-i-t-e-ye- t00-t-he-d-ewe- inn- a-ct- a- cross- t-


maybe it is best to think of what banksy would do, as/s apparently fictional person, i can reflect on him what eve r e'ye w/an ' t~ u b~ f0r/m/e a.d. 0 pen ly e t00 th s~ i' r~e prize s~ h0/r~ n a re t ea.r~n a ll e g(r) 0 w/e (d) 0/n e.g.~ g ave t'h eave~n (t) d's e~a.m. inn g' sus t (r) e~a.m. inn g (L) 0' ve d 0've d


0 / me ve(i)n ~ d


banksy has yet to re v~ea. l/l his t e fxf ace t00 th e m(e) A k/e re t a cr0ss t~ i'm e t(h) c0m p ass e.g. 0/ d's~ inn k/ t


lh = le ft h~and, lut/ein/i zing h0/r m0/n e (ye)


s can e ca.m. e fxf/r0m ' d


gel louse ye ? y ewe r inn (d) vi t e/d e tu b/i t e w/e d 0'ver t


t-he-w/(h-)as-/s-h0-t- 00-t-he- par-d-0f-t-


h-and- le- x- cue- s/s- e-(e-) d-


regarding t-he-g-ill- d- : t-he-t- 0n-ly- e- h-as-s- t- ill- and- en- ill- u/s-i-0/n-e- t00-c-are-ye-t- f0r-t-he-t- f- ill- d-


t-he-t- be- am- t-h-im-p- 0- ve-r-is-h-(e-)d- if he didn't appear as/s i ft 00 th ye i LD : t-he-t- (h-) 0/0 -kn-ea-d-s- t- ill- d-


t-he-t- (h-) as/s - tu- b- scene- d- 0-0re- t- he-t- (h-) as/s - t- (h-) 0/0 -k-n-0-w/e- d-'s- k- ill- s- t00- t-he- d- 0ver-t- c-0/m-e-a- ll- (e-) d-


k-n-0-w/e- d-'s- k- ill- s- t00- t-he- d- 0-ver-t- c-0/m-e-a- ll- (e-) d- e-a- ll-(e-) d-


t-he-t- has to have indiscretion-are-ye- inn-sol-e/n-t-ce-s/s- he- i- ld- e/b -t00-t-he- ad- pre-serve-t-h'- d-ea. l-l-


you made the s-w/-ill- d- 0 - wile- , why are you complaining for th' time too t ea.r/n knit a' round?


inn s/t~y le a.s/s~t i'll b ein g L/i t/t ere s mile s


a w/are d en eye a. l~l




ave-d- 0/n-ai-ly-e-t-b-/r- ave- d- 0- w/-he-ye- t-


a-men-d-s- as-s-a-ye- are not speaking too teach as/s -t-00-t-he-d-s-t-e-all- d-


th' doc(k)t cue m e/n t for-t-he-reel- e- d-


r-eel- e - t00-t-he- d- f-x-f-eel- e-d-



are you just sitting on your asses and p-rate-inn-g-


g-u-ye- d-


"e-w/e-t-w/-h0- n/e--ve-r- had the fact t00 the x p0's e(ed) g (r) 0 w/e, not buy eros e-w/e-t-w/-h0- (w/e-) d-


your mess "ewe" have some one else p(L)aye fxf 0 r t f0ur no re lay t 00 th d aye t "e w/e" miss-ap-p-lied- 0/u-(be-)t-


"t" -'s- (t-)at-e-


i don't need your -e- pity- on comma-nd-


d-e/b-t00-t-he-'sup-p-ly-e- h-ave- d-


false sell lie eye miss-(t-)l-e-ad- e-vain-d-'s- (h-) 0- w/e-a-r-t- h-ea-r- d-


& the designer-s-h-(e-)d-


"victorious" for -t- no reason too t(h) actually e a.m. en d's t e w/e b/i t e w/e d


i can't help you with your doubts you won't put out. you are only a "we" inn the comfort of eros for-t- no reason, and for -t- no love d e w/e ft w/(h)0' ve d


"e-we" honestly have no pers0n all h i/s t 0 r/r e ye t00 th te ll (e) d w/e ll (e) d


d 0 w/h e'ye d


b(L)ack/t w/h0 d (0) b(L)ack / t00 th e sp (e) ye d


d0w/h i/t e d 0 with n0 t(h) is/s u/e w/e s t a(i)r (e) t a re r0und (0) b e/e n (e)a.r~e'ye d' s~ea.t to put your head dove inn t0 w/h0 d


h0 e m~e'ye d ea. r/r 0 w/e d


h~and f~an' d b(L)ack / t




it was kind of/f like crossing time and place, the woman looked like she was straight off the patagonia mountain side, and older than me. how much i don't know, but a little of that 'wizened' living in the sunshine and elements s/k inn d.


d e/b t00 th fxf a~ce d e'ye t


my head is itching. i may need to run a lice comb th(f)ru i/t


the funny thing with lice. no matter where you think it is harvesting a nation on your head, when you apply heat, all active lice head for the crown.


i have resorting to do on the - - - - - - ha ha ha page, + : however i am getting a bead on where i left off (t)


min0 ate my cream cheese and peppadew dip, and half of a multigrain roll i didn't finish. it was in my zippered back pack. he unzipped it while i was at the other store. so now, i get to keep watch on him so he doesn't drop a runny anchor on the floor.






(w/) h0/n e s/s t ly e t~h'at is -t-(a/i-)L-am-e- d-


ewe haven't shaken the hand of innocence until ewe have me(a.)i.d. i/t


w/h at up


i can't figure where to start the next page 2 segue as/s t00 th c 0nt, 0're a.d. just be inn f(L)a.m.e ~ t 0're 'ye


i've got a picture of jeff boudreau, and i can make him w/-h-ere- t-his-t- piss-e-ye- p-m(e-) s/s- he-a-ven-s-h0- w/e- d-


the p0 in t = t-he- is allowing kevin to step on me, affording a p-awn-d-0f-t-0/n-e-i/n-g- . ironically, kevin said when i went to him about joel toking on a lathe, that he needs p. r.00f t, then kevin interviews several people, he does not put in the scope of his "ag's" michael messerschmidt's re -p- ly-e- to maine human rights. kevin had proof of my roof, for which he proclaimed, he need "proof", then supports will miles to enable joel hysler to occupy time and space on the lathe toke-d-, -and- sup-p-ly-e-s- his-t- ag- e-d- the "facts" that i demanded of him to fire them. i never said this. he put false words into my mouth and into pay-per-ver-t-a-b-(0-)u-t-. he made no mention of jeff's testimony to him in the report to maine human rights. he also sought no diplomatic ground with a drug test. kevin took me'y/e valu/e w/e, inn the time i b(r)ough t i/t p.r. i'm e/d i'm e/d , and he carrie-d-it-a-w/-he-ye- d-. if i put a picture of jeff boudreau, it is like this, he can proclaim his proof of roof on me'ye t i'm e tu~ de w/e ven (t) d~ 0 without-his-t-00-t-he- d-


s-(t-)a'ye- d-


this is plain and simple about safe t e'ye, and not ly-in-g- as-s- t- y-0/u-r-e- J-0-B/u-ye- ... every "one" of those men are supporting kevin to maintain a proper image, without the me an s e/e k t act u al~ly e inn re L ea. fxf t


these men c-ove-r-t-up- "b.c." t-he-ye- a-r- t- jac-k-t-as-s-t-u-p-i.d.- as/s- u- c- h- t- & make me wear the man-t-le- of stupidity as my fodder- too-t-he-d0dder-e- d- 0f- t-


speaking t(h) 0/0 kn0w/e 0/n e t/h ea.ven t(h)r u/e w/e d. just say inn, i b(r)0ugh t/h t i'm e, -&- t-he-ye- a- ll- 0 -w/e-ye- i/t- in-d-e-re- lie-f- t-


t-'s- (t-) a-ye- d-0f-t-0/n-e-vain-d-ate-


e-vain-ly-e- t- he- n-ai-L- (e-) d- e-ye- d-


make t(h) 0/0 k eg r(e) a.t ~ e t0 me'ye a.s/s ? t-he-ye- t- c-0ve-r-t-it-up-t- s 0 "w/e" don't have too th actually think about such thing 's 0 p/en "ly" e : for me the problem is t-(h-) "ag" -e- d-. men don't want a hag, so they prefer t-he-t-ag-e-d-. uni-for(u)m-ly-e- t- miss- t- p-(L-)ace-in-g- 0/d- (0-) buy-e- t-


h-and-0f-t-a-gain-(s-t-a- n') d-


heaven forbid f ea. r~e s~ink t your uni-verse-all-e-pt- pre miss (i) eve n (t) d


e tu t00 th c 0/m e a. gain d e ve(i)n (t) d


the "ag" isn't as/s (p)h i~re d (0) bu ye d/e sir e/d


t-his-t- doesn't stop kevin stine f-rom-e- suffering the me-d-(i-)um-e-d- e-vain- d- 0- le- g- all- a- w/-(h-)an-d- : i am saying "it" doesn't stop "him" surfeiting a sup-p-lie-ye- d- he- d- g- i've- (in)n- d-


"he" can only re-p-(L-)ea-t- f-rom-e-t-he-d-0f-t-a-t-0-(w/-)n-e-d-


jac-k-t-as-s- and- inn-suffer-able- d- imp-as's-a'ye-s- t- b-0/n-e-d-


"he" can only re-p-(L-)ea-t- f-rom-e-t-he-d-0f-t-a-t-0-(w/-)n-e-d-h-(e-)a.d.- e- ver-t-i-c-all-(e-)d- (0-) b.-c.- t-he d-g-(e-) i've-n- t-(h-) 0/0 - kn-0t-00-t-he- d- en- mar- kn-0-w/e- d- 0/n e 0/n e p.r. A.M. th (e) r~ a.(i.)m. e~ d ~en t a'll (e) ye (t/h') s (h) a.m. e as/s "u" -s- e-(e-) d- ew/e- d- u/e- t- a-gain- d- h- and-


0f-t-e-w/e-buy-e-t-he-w/e- d-


'sum-mer-e-p-(L-)ea-t-h-i/n-(e-) d-


have you thought ab(0)ut design e're Ve(i)n e me 0/n e ye


do you want me to do it


it is kind a funny that you as a man are put in the decorative function of t h/a.d. e ~n a.d. e/b t00 t/h e p.r. 0 c~L a.(i.)m. e /d e/b t00 th e/a. ven t (d) h~ en


ewe can a.d. as/s h~u/e d~ 0 fxf t 'h~and p~ L ease t/h' s (h) 0 w/e (d) g 0/b rig ht 00 th e m. 0/u t~ h and 0/u (be) t cha s/s i/s t00 th fxf r a.(i.)m. e /d ~ (e) fxf 0'r(e)t a's/s p i/r ea. ll be L a'ye (t) d ate


ewe can a.d. as/s (h)~u/e d~ 0 fxf t 'h~and p~ L ease t/h' s (h) 0 w/e (d) g 0 t00 t'h and' s(t) a'ye sur(e) p.r. i/s e' s~e t'h 's t~ea. d. f0r/meal/ly e


the me 0ne ye, has too th ap/p en (t) d (0) b.c. it is mirroring the pre tense, dire ct i 0/n e~a. l/l (e) ye a.r~ t(h) a w/are t (h) r u/e w/e d : money pre sum e 's too the speak t (e) fxf 0'r t (h) e w/e d. but in re all i t e'ye , "it" doesn't h~ ap/p en d ag~e a.r~ (t/h) d e/b t w/h0 d


that is b.c. "it" is mirroring a pretense too t he n eve r e g(r) e t- 00-t-he- d- ew/e- t- w/-h0 -d- 's-(t-)at-e- s-inn-c-h-arm-t0-g-e/th/er-e- t- rue-inn- debt- w/-h0-d- ewe- ---- st-u-d- h-and-u-d- ly -e- a-round- e- vain- ly- e-


a-round-a- bout- it- 00-t-he- d- hand- 0/u-(be-)t- c-ha-c-hing-e-d- g-(u-)e-ye- vain- d- im-p- le- d- e-ye-d-


d- e-ye- t- a-gain- d-


with no one re p re sent ate i 0/n a(i') l/l (e) d ea. r~ th (e) c(h) 0' s/t 00 th ' d ate -d- just- force-saying-'sus-s-u-c-h-t-


0-f-x-f- t- 00-t-he-re-com-pen-se-e-d- in-n- t- ere- s/t- (r-)ing- 0/d- h- ave -d- s-am-e- dud-s- inn- am-e- d- 0f-t- 0- f-x-f- t-


en-d-e-lay-e-ye- d- ate- d- 0 - w/-id-t-his-(h-) am-e- d-


e/b -t00-t-he- d- f-x-f- reel- ye- g- ave- d- h- ave- d- 0 - pen- ly- e- t00-t-he- re- l-ate- : the fiction of the po-lice- to write on me, as/s i ft, they thought w/h0 d/i ce~ is simply a contentment in competition for-t- no reason, with out boundaries e - vain -d- 0f-t-


ewe -get-00-t-h(e-) be- h- ave- d- e/b- t- heir- e- ad- 0- w/-(h-) 0-rd-


e- f-x-f- 0-r-t- he-m-s- pea-k-in-g- 0/n-e- d- 0/n-e-d- awn- d- up-e- 0/n-d- 0f-t- en- d- e/b-t00-t-h(e-) t-0-f-x-f- t- (h-) a- w/-he-ye- (t-) d- e/b-t00-t-h(e-) be-lie-f- e/a- (s-)t-


inn-t-his-t- (h-) 0/0 -k- in-g- (d-) um- s-(h-) 0/0-k- t-


john gaudet, you are not fruit too the mother ewe d 0 w/00 -d- ab-u-s-e- d-




0- pen-le- (ye-) ad- e/p-t00-t-he- nob- 0/d-e-ye- a-s/s- t- re- a- t- (w/-h-) 0- me-an-s- e/e- k - t- w/-h0- d- in-re -lie -f- t-


your pleasure matches your -e- f- ea- (s-)t- a- (i-)r- (e-) t- inn- p.r.-0-visi0/n-e- d- im-


e- d-0f-t-


for -e- me-one-ye- t-hat- is- t- a- (i-) l/l- e/n t-00-t-he-ye- l/l- ie- d- s-


your "money" hasn't given t i'm e ve(i)n s h 0 (w/) e d (0) be (a.) d. e/p t~h ea.ven (t) d' s c e/n t


a g 0/d ' sir/e (a.) d. 0 fxf t w/h 0 (d) e w/e p/t 00 th p.r.0 claim e ve(i)n ly e


put 0 fxf t


0/n e me'ye l/l ~0 t


's L0 t~ a w/are a.d. 0 fxf t h~and 0 fxf t a gain d' s (t) a'n d


i'm not going t00 th 0 LD your -h-and- e/b-t00-t-he-miss-us-a-ga-in- d-




the only thing that keeps "ewe" from arguing for -t- no reason, is me an s i eve n (t) d


"e w/e" can go b-(L-)ack-t-0-u-r-e-p- (L-)an- (d-) t-


"i/t'-u- s- (h-) e- w/e- d- e/b- t-(h-)rue-inn- "L-a-w/e-s-" -t- e-w/e- d-


c-h- ang-e- d- a- b- (0-)u-t- i/t- re-ad- a- b-(0-)u/t- his- t- 's- u-re-me-ye-s-i'ze-d- (e-) f-x-f- 0- r- t- (h-) e- w/e- d- r-0-w/-(e-)n- d- e/b- t00-t-he- t/h- un-d-ere-t-a'ke-re-d- 0f- t-


a-gain-s-t-(r-)e-w/e- n- d- e/b- t- rue- inn- t- w/-h0- d- e-ye- w/e- d-


c h0 i/ce isn't the matter in competitive cur-(e-)rent-see-d-ea-r- d-


i got my hair cut today. krissey at 0ll0. she did a superb job. i expressed what i wanted with the type of hair i had, she asked questions for feed back t0 g0 for e ward. i like my hair off my shoulders, before i return to the tired old pony tail or braids, i thought i would try shaping this a t h is t able. i looked at art on the walls. and it reminded me of all the art product i got rid of. and the funny (not so funny e t00 th be' s w/h0 0'le d i'm e'ye d) thing now that i do not have product i have ideas. i see ideas of things i could make. it is funny (not) now that i don't have the product to stare at representing possibility i more actively imagine making things, rather than the inert product serving as/s e t/h p. r.0/d u ct i 0/n e. i think you have that same limitation in?n your relationship with sharon.


now that i don't have the product to stare at representing possibility i more actively imagine making things, rather than the inert product serving as/s e t/h p. r.0/d u ct i 0/n e inn her e/n t ly e. the product in a competitive market place is a/n-ill-u-s-e-ye-0/n-e- d-


inert- h- e-w/e- d- i-stance- d- buy-e-in-g- t- i'm-e- t00 -t- a- ll - t- he- me-m0-r-e-ye- b/b- (L-) e/n- d- 0f-t- en- d-0/n-e-g- g- i've-n- d- f-x-f- r/i-e/n-d-scene- inn- s-


"e-w/e" don't actually have a reason to go beyond "i/t" pa(i-)r-e-d- up- (e-) t-


giving up 20,000 $ and probably more, of th' s/t art product, while 'tu/ff/t' to replace, it was acquire-d- e'ye- inn- t- i'm-e- a-ll- i've- d-. and in trust, i give it up, for the prospect of building it rig ht a gain, if that is what i want f0r/m/e ye


i chose too keep me'ye t i'm e consolidate d p.r. i'm e d


eros gives you a w/-00-d-e-ye- f-x-f-0r-t- (h-) 0/0 - k-n- 0- w/e- re- as/s 0/n e~ d well (e) d' s 0'L(e) d 0 w/(h)inn d e w/(e) inn as/s e l/l c(L)0' ve~ r (t) d


buy-e-proxi-mate-i-0/n-e- you don't (0/0) know/ e your e sel~l fxf t hat a w/h e'ye (t) d


ewe can e g(r) 0 w/e t~h 0/n e s/s t ly e p.r.0(0) f 0/u n/d inn t i'm e'ye d


& so can shar0n e t c, but not with each other at the s-am-e-t-i'm-e-ye- d-


i didn't make you w/-ea-k- t- 00-t-he- d-'s- (t-) a'ye -d- be-a-m- e- A- k-t-


"7" "day's" t- is- kn-0t- such an imp ass, when you f-x-f-as-h-i0n-e-t-hat-a-w/-he-ye- d- "ewe" can have "s-even" and "all" if you p-(L-)aye-t-hat- ('s-) a'ke- d-


if you don't have an illusion of product, you will stop being & buy inn g "t-w/-h0-" d-im-p0-st-e-re-g-ave- d- (0-) be-h-ave-d- g- r00m-e-d- 0f-t-0-f-x-f- t- up- ai-d-0f-t- con-com-mit-an(d-)ce- s/s- (h-)ave-d-'s-h00k-in- d- be-half-x-f-e-t-e-w/e-d- f0r-t- no reason eve r e h a.d. e.


th e/0 L0 g~(e) ye d 0've d : th ' d0 ct r/in~ e very e t hing e t p.r. a.(i.)m. e d. e/b t~ h/at h' b 0/d e'ye & b~ L00 d 0 fxf t c hr i/s t a'r~e a. c~h t'a' pre sent in/n b/0 t/h th' b re a.d. & the w/in~ e ve~r ye t hing e l/l 's e s'~h (e) d all a r0und e/u c~h are i/s t h~ea.ve/n ly e s(p)en t 00 th (b/L) e/n d ' se~a. m. e inn


the consecrated el em en t's , esp (i) th~ b re a.d. (0) b rush t00 th pre sen t ly e ve/n t ' s e l/l ave t00 th t ai L (e) d ew/e & d 0 w/hale. (a.) g. gain d


s/a~ce/r the purpose full act b/rain/d f/r0m th' de sir/e ye c~a.(i.)m. e/d


what is n ewe ? i bought bulk supplements, tried tribulus terrestris from bulksupplements. com. i hope it is as pure as the say, all the supplements i got. i now have a 'stack' in the morning. antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, vita min c, collagen, taking the fish oil, i forgot about, again. thankfully, the bottle is almost gone, then i can start whittling on the msm powder (nasty) like the tribulus (nasty) and make some of these containers go away with the t 0at


i bought a pair of hardy winter boots which I anticipate I will need, by keen, on sale from rei garage. i chose keen b.c. e'ye n kn0w they fit, enough for the toe spacers in the toe box. i had a pair of aquatalia moto boots before i got 2 bunions, and they are big enough, they just aren't as comfortable as the keen, and comfort reigns at this point. the happiness of being on my feet. and not having too think about "one" uncomfortable "ste-p" after -ano-t-her-d- being liberated from t-he-f-as-h-i0n- d-


alliance s/s 0(u)n d~ e'ye re mit/t a'l~l e'ye 0/n t b/i rd inn c~ag/e d ea.r ~ e (e) fxf ly e t00 t/h ea.ve~n l/l (e) ye inn t i'm e t~a g~ ave d a'ye d (e) fxf a~ce t00 th fxf a~ce (g) 0/d~e w/e ll (e) d en e'ye~a. l/l e~a.ve n d 0've d


w/h at is n ewe s ? 0/u n/d i/n (e) g 0'in g f~0're ward (h)ea.r ~ d e'ye t ? w/(h) inn s~e l/l fxf (e l/l ) t a w/are (a.)d ~ h ap/p e'ye re (p 0'r) t 0'r t~h at 0/0 th e re m/ai/n e tu b/i t e w/e d ewe p/t a' re p. r.~0 (0) fxf 0/u n/d


(d) e/b t00 th t a'i l/l (e) d


i'nn 0've d/g (L) 0've d


(d') s c~e/n t' s h~ a l/l 0 w/e ' s a(ye) i' l/l ~ e t00 th be Le~a f i/t a gain~ d


do you like my new hair cut?


what i wanted to say about it without you pre-med-i/t-ate-i/n-g-ave-d-0-le-g-all-e-(ye-)d-'s-(h-)ave-d- , it looks flatter, due too the process of blow drying and flat ironing AND putting on grease. As I told Krissey, my hair doesn't show grease. so there is actually quite a bit, probably more than 'normal' too keep it looking in place s/s have d' st y le y(e) a w/are inn t en t i0/n a(i') l/l e(d)g e/d


d ewe h~ave a p0 in t 0 get a cr0ss t


i'm e a. l/l 0~ t/t 0~(w/)e~e k en d's


s~e a.m. e inn g 's~us/s ai. d. ewe d ca.m. e~ d a'ye b/b re a.d. 0 (b)p~en d e'ye d


I am planning to buy fabric to make min0 a denim c0 at with hearts and dots inn b l00 d e/b t~h and e w/hit e/d & a feather e printed t0p (f0r/m/e) t00 th b Lend A. M.is's (t) a'ke d c0m f0r t a'b le A.D. e'ye t/h be l/l (e) ye A.s/s (t) a'ye d' s w/h ea. t


i saw the fabric yesterday, and thought about it last night, that min0 would look cute in a pert denim jacket, navy and white, bow tie d


com p 0 s(t) ab le d0 t's and hear t' s a'ye l/l 0 ft d~0 fxf t


un fxf 0r/t u ne ~a. t (e) l/l ye i get t00 the m(e) a. k/e w/e t/h r/ich t00 th per ce(i)ve t('s) a w/are ve(i)n (t) d


you haven t given t a' t i'nn time a'ce ye t00 th ea.r th ere (a.)d.


i can't help you with your abuse of t-rust- inn- t- up- t- it is all you have to par-t- w/-id-t/h-i/t-0-f-x-f- t- d- 0ve- d-up-(e-) t- 0/n-e- d-en-eye-a-ll-0-(a-)n-e- d-


when you desire it will be on your own volition not on your man-i-cure-d-i-vision-e- t00-t-he-n0un-d- 0-w/e-d-


un t i' l/l e th en ewe can a.d. just pre t en d as/s pi re a.ll (e) d/g (r) 0 w/e d


pre-tense-(e-)d-0f-t- be-lie-f-i/n-g-ere-in-g- t-rust-00-t-he-d-ab-u-s-e- d- 0f-ten-d- ere- in-g- (L-) 0ve-d- inn-s-pi-t-e-ye- vain- d- 0f-t-he-w/ar-e-t-w/-h0-d- (0-) b-/r-ave- tu- de- n-eye-a-ll-c-ape-( t-) able- "a.d." -0- w/ar-e-ye- t00-t-he-re-ce-(i-)ve- t- as-s- l0/n-g- as/s- e-ye- c0n-e- d-0/n-e-d- b-c-um-e-d- um-- be-(a-)d- as/s- t- be- f-x-f- 0-r(e-) d- sieze-d-s-cam-e-d- ar(e-)t- a-re- round- e-vain- d-s- cam-e- d- : verse sus t' Le. g. a l~ 0/n g~ c a.m. e~ re c0 rd c~a.m. e/ d 0 fxf t en d~ 0 w/are ve(i)n (t) d 0've d h ea d fir's t heave~n d... 0 w/ag 0/n e c~ kn 0 w/e d


r/ich r/0at is a w/are a.t L~ as/s t



i have lack of frankness in matters of the he a rt?


g0 a head pat h fxf i/n (e) d ere s/t e/a. d.


ap-p-(L-)ease- be-(a-)d- 0- w/-are- d-0f-t- you are w/-ai-t-i/n-g- 0/n-e-d-e-ye- 0-re- t -i'm-e-a-s/s- i-ft- b- f-0-r-(e-)d- as-s-u-c-(h-)t-


g-ewe- have not L eve r ewe can 0 per ate t00 t/h d






mu-st- u- d- 0- w/e- d- h0/n-e-s/s-t- (L-e-)ye


must "we" -d- honest ly


must "we" ll-e-ad- honest- lie- d-scene- d- 0- pen- l/l-e-ye-a. - t- ea- t- m-ill-k- t-0- pen- L- i- e-ye- a-s/s- t- re-a- "t" 0- me-an-s- e/e- k- t-h-(e-) c-(i-)t-(e-)y- e- p.-r.eak- t-



I'M tired - of -t- ewe- s-taking- all- t- d-aye- to show vain-nit-eye- a- n- ewe- d- curve- d- as/s i ft ewe care d f 0're ward~ even t/h p. r.00f t 0 w/e re ward u/s t


can your retire your "ass" p-h0-t0-(w/-)e- s- t-0- r-e- ye- "a." m.-0-re- d- 0-0- re- d-


we get the pi-ct-u/re- a- t-00-t-he- d- ab-0-r-(e-) t- (h-) r- u- e-w/e- d- s-cent- s- n- ewe- s- ai -d- hand- ab-u-s-e- d-




walking pi-e-ce-0/f-t's-hi-t- d-i/p-(s-) f-x-f-r0m-t-he-s-(h-)am-e- d- p- (L)an-d- 0- w/-id-t/h-"i/t"- a-gain-d-'s- w/-i- ft- he- h0-/n- ly e has ignorance to par-t- wit-h- a-ct-u- all- ie- d-'s-(t-)a't-e-


walking piece of shit, forcing shit with a gun, on the people that do not compete for -t- no reason -d-




ewe didn't provide spiritual l i/t e'ye too the re p (L)e/a. t h~eave n d ewe


"ewe" have only provided for a jack ass too the be/en ea.r~ d e'ye w/e d


0 fxf t~(h) as/s t (u) b.~ fxf 0'r (e) d


, and a fxf 0' r(e) d as/s t re a.d.


i fxf ewe t w/an ' t w/h0 d e/b t a gain d


h and le x p0's e(e) d 0 (w/)h t


h~eaven k~n 0 (w/)e s


(t) e X (t) p0's ai. d.


(e) g (r) 0 w/e s/t r~ e w/e n~d inn t i'm e/d


's un s hin(e) d ew/e


min 0 denim c~0/a t, with hearts and dots and fleece s/s 0 ft


it's cute and dapper, the wrap serves more than "looks" w/i th0u t(h / f) a ct. i wanted something to be wind resistant and all i had comfortably on hand was a sleeve from the previous leather c0/at e'ye a.m. st i'll w0rking 0/n e a.t L at e. so the inner layer is thin leather. it will block the wind, without building too much bulk, then their is the fleece to hold the body heat, and denim, b.c. my dog is d 0 (w/) n e t 0 (w/) n e ve(i)n (d) 0' ve d


i had extra fleece, and it is really good quality, and I have the idea to make him a form fitting hat, even housing his t ear' e(s) inn t hat


i can envision knit, and eye can envision how eye can make it. now providing time to f/f i d/d le w/(h) e'ye t


min 0 seems thank full in~ t pre/p f 0're w/inn t ere (w/e) g~0 (d/e)


f 0'r(e)t his t ~ c L0 t/h ~s


he can't get comfortable unless he is warm enough


a nice c 0/a t (h) 0/0 k eye p's w/arm t(h) 0 w/(h) eve r/h e.g.(de) 0's i eve n/s h 0 w/e d


re a. ll 0' ve valu/e w/e d (0) wasn't made in "s-even-d-aye-s-" ju-st-u-b-lig-ht-




what have you done today h e/r 0 (d/e)


eye g0 t 0ut 0/n e t~L i'm b, and you pride your self in doing nothing i've n ~(t) d


the bottom line, sharon will give you too th fxf ree d 0/m e, ore she will be scene as/s -k-eye-ping- the relevance from dating 0 peri 0d. it will be the same out come, within as/s without, your jesus didn't have men too keep his sel~l t/h fxf 0 're w/e ll (e) d. sharon's only claim to fxf (L) a.m.e & f ra.(i)m.e would be that she brought you this far 0 pen ly e t00 th (ea.) tee t/h~ d


her ego & accumen get to continue to show people h0w t00 th (e') d ew/e t(h)rue


when someone else is dating her e 'man' d e/b t w/h0 d~ p.r. a.m. e/d


this is not different, than 'jesus' time's. you can't continue as a fiction-all- t- w/-h0- -d- en- e'ye- n- ai- l- e- t-u- de-


if your jesus was real, that is why he was-s-can-'d- le- ye- f-x-f-r-eel-ye-s- ca.m.-e- d-


your jesus was false sell lie eye can(n)e-d-, so that "2" of "ewe" could carry on pretending t-w/-h0-d-e-ye-w/e-d-, the only problem is "ewe" constant lie steal from the time pre sent d 0 w/i.d. th i/t (h) a w/are ve(i)n (t) d. so thinking about what you "would" "d-ewe", has no relevance too the person your constant lie force-s/s-h00k-t- w/-h0-d-en-e-ye-t-(h-)rue- d- (&-) g- (L-) ewe-- d-


sitting on your ass, with no real asset, is stealing time to provide, L-ie-ye- me- d- 0 - w/-0re-th-ye- inn- e- min-(e-) d-


basic lie, couples that are not taking things force-g-ran-t-d- are passing the g-rass-0/n-d-ed- awn- : n0 0ne has t ea.r n' d 0 w/(h)inn a re as/s 0/n e~ d


to cross t i'm e, ewe will need to cross 0/n e a.t a t i'm e / d 0 fxf the w/h at~ c/h e w/e' d 0've d


couples basic lie are r-use-s-ing- each other as/s a fe /e t00 th f-x-f-r-0/n-(e-) t- : t heir is no virtue in y-0-re- comming/le-in- & t heir is kn 0 w/e l/l 0 've d


& t heir certainly isn't any government (h) 0/0 k t~ (a) g (L) 0've d


t heir isn't really any choice except to compete for-t- no reason, and be am-use-d- for-t- no reason -e- vain-d- 0f-t- in a competitive marketplace that doesn't d0w with g/race as/s i/t speak' s (c) up t (d-)


the competitive market place "just" competes on those that do not want to compete, looking like ewe have free will and a reasone d choice inn the matter of your e being... given -t- d-, which is to say, your -e- "go-d" hasn't given any 0 /n e ve(i)n d 0' ve d, other wise 'ewe' would all a re ad e'ye n k/n 0 w/e (a.)ve d (h) 0/n e d


& i get 'misrepresented" for a.d. just being (L) 0've D ate t able a.d. & ab ly e t00 the re ce(i)ve t h/ei/r e c a(i)r ~r e'ye d 0've d


i think the party and cyst-st-em- of t-L-a-men-t-, his-t- uni-verse-all-c-0ver-t-up- too-t-he-d-en-e-ye-a-ll- (e-ye-) d-. you as a man for -t- no reason stand in place for women to be bu-st-e-d- for your reel lack of follow thru as/s a'ye w/e d' s pea k/ t w/h0 d e w/e. t heir is no convo going on e th ere d e w/e ve (i)n t (h) rue d 0 w/a g~race s/s -t- is-su-e-w/e-d- : if you do not like the small position you are in, you may want to think about ad just ly e x p(L)an d/i' nn g


i've n (t) d a'ye a. gain d


or is it that you "honest-ly" thought you gave value in reflection, with no conversation e ve(i)n d 0/u (be) t~ cha c~ hing e m.0./u n/t


basic lie, as a man, your redundant psychology of narcissism suffers no boarders -(h-) 0-re- boundaires-he-a-ven- d-s-


pull the eye for -t- no reason e vain -d- e/b-t00-t-he- d- g- i've- n- d- a-ye-a-gain-d- inn- d-s- imp- le-ye- d-


i have another internet photo of j-L0-w/e-d-0-w/e-d- showing her ass again. the internal dialog went on for ours, it is probably a good thing i walked away from the computer and didn't put all of this down. for as tall en t ' d as/s h e ap parent ly e d/i 's -, why does a picture of her ass have to accompany every e t hing e vain ly e re pre sent -d- 0 - w/ the -n- ill-u-s-e- i0/n- d- given-d- f-x-f-r-eel-ye- t00-t-he-per-ce-(i-)ve- d- e- a.m.-e- d- : put a co-pi-p-rig-ht- on seeing her ass given d freely too the imp ass -d- a/s-s-a'ye- d- : i get nothing from seeing her ass all -t- h- 0-ver-t- he- p- (L-)ace-d- & i wish she would stop make inn g a. m.e s/s 0/n e me'ye perceived p(L)ate, she has only taught disgrace, so that i could be pur-(e-)vi-e-w/e-d- Lame, on my own accounting (not 0/n e has she ma.d.e t00 th' d ate inn ere wake) : honest ly, it is like she can't have a comment on the internet or promote her singing product without a picture of her ass from different t-ang-le-s-at-L-as/s- t-


pull-e-ye- re-el-and-bu-ll-e-ye- d-


fora narcissistic-k-t-d-i-c-(k-)t- f-eel- d- e- a- ll- e-(ye-) d-


d- u-all-e-ye- d-


t-he-n- d- 0f-t- course- t-he-i/r- is eg-ap-paul- that comments on women shapes of their asses, as/s i ft he were really saying s 0/m e thing t00 th' s 0/m e t(c) 0/n e. just say inn. paul drinan using his "eye-s-" has no relevance ever in the making /e/ d (0) be (a.) d. 0 (w/)n e / d


he has only given free rely eye, s-(h-) 0 - w/-he- d- (h-) 0-/n- e- d-


d-0f-t-(h-) 0/n-e-d- is-his-t- free-d0-me-vain-d- : he is simply rising too the top of being scene-d- for -t- no reason - 0- w/e- 0n-eve-r-e-ye-b/b-0/d-e-ye- a- s/s- t- re-a- t- d- free lie -d's- e/e - k- t- 0 - pen- ly-e- a- t- f-r0m-e-an-s- 0- (w/-)n- ly- e-


i appreciate you being a zer0, inn the sense, my prime num b ere couldn't b(e) re a.d. 0/n knit' s 0(w/)n e ve(i)n s (h) 0 w/e d. pee-pull- d- 0- w/-t-heir-e-pull-e-ye- d- 0- w/e- d- would think i am making shit tup inn a imaginary sense, at best. kn 0 w/e ye g/get 0/0 Le a.d. e/b t/h em t0/u/r e p/en t


h~and c re a.t e i0/n e s/s t is/s t be t/t a(i)r e than bu-s/i-ness-t- le- t- : business is not currently making th c0 g0 c ar(e) t (a) g/race s/s h/e ft' s le pt le pt inn p(L)ace 0/m e r/r i/t ' s (p) en t a gain d g (L) 0've d 0 w/(h)inn a re as/s 0/n e w/(h)0/n e d~0 've d


contrary to your popular belief, that you are making a virtue of business (buy being scene-d-), the only way i see you to make business a value too th d aye t, is bu ye t making (L) 0've on the pre miss u/e w/e d ate. i am saying to get your business as a value across t i'm e, you get to collaborate, inn thy/me. bu ye de sir e 0nt line d. otherwise don't p(L)aye t at a' ll (e) d


then we would see your zer0 is not knowledgable enough to fxf 0 r (e) d me'ye fxf all (t) d 0/n e


d0/n a (i') ll (e) d.


otherwise don't p(L)aye t at a' ll (e'ye) d f all 0 w/e t a'll e ye d 0'(L)e :


basical ly ew/e be h/ave the m as/s t ere 0f th (e) r 0'L(L)e' t 00 t(h) be (a.)d. 0 w/are (a.)d. 0 w/(h)inn d~i/g knit e'y(e) a. w/are d e'ye t/h ere t h/ei/r d c~a(i)r~e d


& carre'ye d c 0nt (0/0 th e) r~ 0 l(l) e~ d


witholding me'y/e valu/e w/e f/r0m t(h) b ein g t w/h0 d (0) b/i t e w/e = a false prosperity in the may-king- e- vaind- s- (h-) 0- w/e- d-


eros didn't make me grow & owe me'ye n (kn) 0 (w/e) s~ e (e) d 0 (w/) e' s~ (t) 0 w/e ' s


"ewe" simp ly want an explanation "ewe" can -s-take-d- 0- w/-he-ye- (t-) d-


e'ye c a.m. e th is a w/h e'ye ve/r e st e p/p the w/(h) eigh t


e'ye c~a.m. e w/hi t/h 'd/e s/i~r e inn e min(e)d g~i've n(t) d


e'ye c~a.m. e w/hi t/h 'd/e s/i~r e inn e min(e)d g~i've ve(i)n d &~


as/s i/t w/(h)er~e ye made your e p (L)ate


you think you have value among you t-w/-h0- d- , ewe do not have value unless ewe d ewe


0/n e qua ll t w/h0 d ew/e


ve(i)n (t) d's e/a.m. e inn (g/0) d


d (0 w/) h~0 've d 0've d




i went to bed early, woke up early, checked the news on my phone, was a bit sir-e-prize-d-.


either -e- t- w/-he-ye- d- i don't think it matters t00 th' s(t) a'ye d 0-w/-h0-w/-inn-s-ca.(i-)m.-e- d-


i would have felt better about a women, nature ally, however she on the competitive -t- p-(L-)aye-inn-g- f-x-f-i/e-ld- ... i am just saying t-heir-d- 0- w/00-d- be-(a-)d- a- l/l-0- t- of-f- tee-t'h- e- ad- pull-e-ye-inn-g-


the po-in-t- (h-)is- t- , not mu c/h ('s) 0 w/ h0/u ld (0) b a c/c 0/m p L/i s/h (e) d


i don't believe in t-r-ump- an-d- his-(t-) 0/n-e- me-0ne-ye- d- e-ye- a.s/s-(t-)0/0-t-h-e- r- a- i's- e- (e-) d- em- i's-e- d- for -t- no reason t0 w/h a ct u ally e be(a.) d. a' l/l i've d


his rhetoric for making america g-re-a-t-a-gain-d-0f-t-en-d-up-(e-)t-0/n-e-d-s-um-m0/n-e-ye-d-ink- t-(c-) 0/m-e-d- : "i/t" stirs t-he -r-ig-no-ran-t- for-t- no reason - e- vain-d- . build a "w/-(h-)all-" and- 0- w/ar-e-d- a-ft-ere-a- ll- e-(ye-) d- = - the house for -t- no reason is -he-i/s-t- maw/-e- d- : "h/e" speaks for muppets after -eel-, and he has his hand up melania - s-set- w/-ill- e- d- e--ye- t- again- d- e- vain-d- 's-t-eeL-e- d- : build -0- w/(h-)all-and- build no presense after t-he-re-el- d-0f-t- , build we-a-p-awn-s- for -t- 0- w/ar-t- , for-e-w/e- can afford our shirk and jerk king-dum- if e-w/e- make ewe a-b- 0-re- t- at- a' ll- c0-h0-st- ... 0- f-x-f- t-


en- ill-u-s-e- i0n- d-0f-(i-)t- 0-f-x-f- t-


m-(e-)a.-ll- t-r-ump-and-ump- is doing is putting -t- 0-f-x-f- t- en-d-0f-(i-)t- 00-t-he- d- sir-e- come-fer-en-ce- d- 0f-t- . his "money" does not represent any 0/n e d


he did not b/ring th t i'm e. he has no sel~l fxf t p.r. 0 v/i s/ i 0/n e d i'm e/d. his money has no inherent accountability, he only cares to part w/-id-th- t00-the- d- human- nit- e-ye- d-


it is be-ll-i/g-er-en-t- h- and- e/b- t00-t-he- t-eas(e-)ye- to speak-t- d-0f-t- en- d- 0- w/ar-e- t-en-d-en- (e'ye?) sieze-s- t- heir- d- e/b - t00-t-he- d-0-w/ar-e- ad- e/b-t- a- gain- d- inn-s-t-e- ad- e-vain-d- 0f-t- 00-t-he-vain-d- a.m.-e- d- 0f- t- en- d- a-ye- a- gain- d-


so the whole time t-r-ump- is speaking of a rig-ged- system, he provide-d- i/t- h-and-0f-t-h-and- he is rigging the ignorant to believe in his-he-i-st-ere-(t-) me-0ne-ye- f-x-f- 0- r- t- (h-) 0/0 k n 0 w/e re as/s 0/n e d e/b t00 th force-d-(0-w/-)h0-0k- t- : he gets away with his -hi-t- b.c.- money apparently speaks for the man (d-), yet he can't yield th f ate d p.r. a.m.

it is kn 0t with inn d h i'm e ve(i)n d


"he" can only deny as a means too th i/s currency-s-e/e-d- as/s-k- ne-ad- e/b-t-00-t-he- a- rise- d-


he shouldn't be speaking if t he want d e/b t00 th be(a.)d. a re s p0/n s i/b le a.d.


just saying, he speaks for -d-0f-t-('s-) 0- pen- ly-e- ye- d- 0f-t-


he has put a "men" -d- in front of his-t- (c-) a-rt- a- gain- d- , and can on-ly- back-t-0-f-x-f- an-d- back-t-up-t-he-p-ai-d-0f-t- 00- t-he- par-t-(h-) 0/0- k- t- 0- f-x-f- t-


i/t would be a. m.0're inn t ere s/t i'nn g if t~he d (0) b (r) 0ugh t his 0/n e c~a r(e) t a ct u all ye. but he can't do 0're d 0 w/t hat inn-pre-sent-c0m-p-an-e-ye- d- e/b- t- his-t-'s- ig-n0-ran-ce-s/s- (h-)at- e- d- f-x-f- a- c(e-)t- d- ap-t-


ly e r ate -d- on pre miss -he-d- miss on premiss -a-g-a-inn- d- 0- pen-l/l-e-ye- a- t- 0- f-x-f- t-he-me-an-s- e/e- k- t- from nobody, but -t-- f-x-f-r0m-t-he-n0b-0/d-eye-vain-d-um-b-e-d- can make "noise" as-s-i-ft- he-ye- d- come- (d- 0f- t- )


all trump is doing is pre-serve-inn-g- t-he-t-rig-ht- 00-t-he- make- noise- d- 0f- t-en- d- 0/n- ai- L- eg- 0/d-'s- t- 0- r-e-ye- d-


i don't think it is a fair practice to rig the ignorant, and telling the ignorant the "system" is "rigged" that you cast you-r-('s-)hat- inn- t00-t-he- d- (0-) b-eg-inn- d- .


i don't think it is a fair practice to rig the ignorant, and string them up buy t-heir-e-(e-) f-x-f-ea-r-s-e-g-ea-r-s-he-a-r-t-, that you will protect them buy the fears you inn-s-t-e-all-e-(ye-)d-




0- without (h) a re t be ~a. t 's 0/u n/d


s-(h-)0-w/e- you can bring your war, b~ut/t ere you can't bring love b.c. it isn't 0 f/f ew/e ve(i)n d 0've d


his rhetoric for -t- no reason, = he is s-imp-ly- a. m.0re- on- nic- t- le-ad-ere- d-


d-0f-t-he-d-0-ve-d- (0- b-ill-e-ye- d- bu-s-h- e- d- he- x- p0-s-e- (e-)d- g- (r-) 0- w/e- s- d-)


s-(h-)0-w/e- d- (0-) b-ar-r-0/n-(e-)d- believes in his parents, but what he doesn't understand is that t-he-ye-s-cam-e-d- 0f-t-0- f-x-f- t-he-d- bu-ll-e-ye-d- competition for -t- no reason for-t- no act u all be Le/a. f t ere a. ll t-he-ye- couldn't- h-and- 0- w/oudn't- b- ring- e- d-


i get how it looks convincing, you are here, and your parents apparently copulated to w/ have d ew/e d. but they didn't really care too th f all 0 w/e t(h)r u/e w/e inn re verse set h and c0unt ere p.r. 0/0 f~t h/ei/r is e t(h)is/s u/e w/e d


"man's" "god" teach's "ewe" not to question inn follow/-t-rue- inn-t-w/-h0-d-e-ye-we-d-


g00d-j-0-b-e-ad-0f-t-, t heir isn't a re all d j~0/b e a.t a m0/n g ewe d


constant lie displacing t i'm e f-x-f-0-r-t- e-w/e- d- e/b-t00-t-he-d-get- a- better-e- g-rip-ped- 0/n-t- w/-h0-d- e-ye-w/e-d-


t-r-ump-an-d-ump-t-'s- t-w/-h0-e-d- 0f- t-i'm-e-s- l0-t-h-and-0f-t- a-gain-d- 0f-t- = L-(0've)i-ar-e-(a-)d- (0f-t-) 0- w/ar-e-. trump whips ignorant people into a frenzy believing they can have the dream he maid in t-his-t-0-r-e-ye-d-f-x-f-a-(i-)r-e- d- .


when you bring guns you do not bring love, you shield from being 0/d 0've d a ct yl ly even d en mar k/n 0 w/e d 0've (t) d. your concerns to protect for-t- no reason, "ewe" haven't cared to bring even t w/h0 d complete d contract u ally e tu de /b t 00 t ca(i)r/r e'ye 0n t(h) r u/e w/e d = n0 re all pr0 visi0n ewe d & t-heir-e-f-0-re- d- e- w/e- a-s/s-k-ewe-d- : war is the perfect container for ignorance to f-x-f0-s-t-a-(i-)r-e- a- m-0-re- d-


&- f-x-f-eel- d- en- mar-k-n-0-w/e- t- re-m0rse- d-(-) b.-c.- e-w/e- d- are- (e-) f-x-f-0-re- b/b- i.' d.-e/n-t- course-d-


r-ignorant pee-pull- d- need a leader for -t- no re-as/s-0/n-e-d- e- vain-d- speaking- 0/d- 0f- t- gives the ignorant a semblance of intelligence, that they didn't earn 0're ye a.r. n/d 0've d


it gives them an ego for -t- no reason, to make decisive decisions on those that do not compete for-t-he- see-k- t- d- w/e- ll- e- d-


0-w/e- d-


forced misery doesn't need company as/s much as/s it needs compliance-d- for-t- no reason -d- inn- re- p0-s-e-(e-d-)g- (r-) 0 - w/e- s-


you are not a zer0 innocence inn reflection if you are being use-d- e/b-t-u-be-(a-)d- 0f-t- en- d- 0/n-e-a-r- t- h-and- 0f-t-a-gain-d- inn-. you are not a zer0 if you are seen for force-scene-inn-d- e/b-t00-t-he-y-0-re- me-0ne-ye- a- gain- d-im- e- d-


it would be like giving me'y/e valu/e w/e, for -e- sin -d-. "ewe" haven't maid value ve(i)n d e/b t00 th e/g ave d 0 w/h e'ye (t) d


"ewe" have only brought d-0f-t-s- to feed-0f-t- 0 f/f t me a. l/l 0 t


b.-c.- "ewe" re-p-re-sent-heir-eel- d- 0f- t- h-and-s- l0- t- (h-) 0 pen end ed -0-ft-


"ewe" have no reality to purs/e we d 0/n e t(h)0/m e t w/h0 d : melania -nd- 0/n-a-ld-


s-0we- you can th-ink- ewe- ar-e- all- i- t- e-ye- t- (h-)ru/e-we- d- but you haven't ever t created 0 w/(h)ave th/e valu/e w/e d, speak-t-d-0f-t-e-w/e-d-


h-and- in-re-l-ate-i/n-g- t- rue- inn- d- 0f-t-en-d-u/e- d- speak-t-d-0f-t-e-(w/e-)nd- 0- w/ar-e- some more- t- heir- d-, so you can appear as/s i ft your value were s0 L i.d. as/s mu te d


t-r-ump-an-d-ump-t- (h-) i-re- s- people that w/-ill- ie- d'-s- t0- w/e- d- f-0-re-war-d- 0/n-e-t-0/p-e-d- 0f-t- f-ea-r- t- he- d- en- ye-a-r- t00-t-he-d-'s- p-eye- (d-)s- e/e- k- t- 0- pen- ly- e- as/s- t- re-a- t- 0/n-e- me-'s- e/e- k- t- a- w/ar-e- t- un-e-cess-a-ye-ar- (e-) ly- e- ye- d- h- (ea-) d- bu-ll-e-ye- presence "people" want some "one" to re pre sent t heir conviction-ill-s- w/i-ft-he-d-inn-t-ere-s-(t-) a'ke- inn- defer-en-ce-s/s-(L-)ave- d- h-and- 0/u-(be-)t- f-0-r-t- an0-t-her-d- a-ye- (t-)d-


e/b-t-0-f-x-f- t-he- t's- cam-e- d-- e-vain- d- 0f- t- h-and- 0f- t-h-(i-)e-ven-d-s-(h-)am- e- d- for-t- not be-lie-f-in-g- ere- inn-g- am-e- d-


t-he-g-am-e-d- 0f- (i-)t- a- gain- d- e- vain-d- h-and- 0/u-(be-)t-he-s-(h-)am-e-d- g- a.-(i-)m.-e-d- : it would appear you only need to be a dof-t- of-f- t- en- ough- t-, to secure inn come for -t- no reason -e- too-t-he- f- ea-r- d- 0f- t- heir- d-


t-r-ump-an-d-ump- buy-e- t-(h-)i-re-war-d- 0f-t- h-and- g-i/f-t- a- "l/l" 0 -t-


i don't think it is a fair practice to rig the ignorant, and string them up buy t-heir-e-(e-) f-x-f-ea-r-s-e-g-ea-r-s-he-a-r-t-, that you will protect them buy the fears you inn-s-t-e-all-e-(ye-)d- buy-e-a-r-t- h-and-0f-t-'s- mar- t-


force-s/s-w/-h-at- e-w/e-d-'s- (L-)ave-d- e- w/e- d-


r-ignorance, only has proof t, if it convinces/s -ewe- of its- n-ewe-s- t- meaning t w/h 0 d e'ye w/e d : but ignorance has no p roof t 0/n e nit's -t00-t-he- d- ew/e-d-0f-t- ad- ju-st-(u-)b.-c.- e- w/e- d- ?


a nit can't follow/ t (h)r u/e w/e d 0/n e nit's-0-(w/-)n- e- d- p.-r.00f-t-


a nit didn't care too the give inn th first p(L)a ce t/h ere & r and a ft ere d c~a(i)r e'ye d f a(i)r e d


e'y 0/u th' d




e-tu-b-e-(a-)d- e- w/e- d-


"ewe" can't silence the fact "ewe" didn't earn your value tu b/i t e w/e d


-e-ye-vain-d-0-ve-d-0-ft- a- gain- d- 0-ve- d-


0f-t-0-p-ai-d-0f-t-en-d-0/n-e-x-u/s-t- ex-t- p0-s-e-(e-)d- e-g- (r-) 0 - w/e- d- s-


t-r-ump- ai-d- s- (t-)a-nd- e/b-t-00-t-he- n-augh-t- 00-t-he- d-s-t-a-nd- : he has no real c L0 t/hing e that he can comma nd, t-hat-he- b-(r-)ough-t- 0/n-e- com-man-d-


p.r.-a.(i--)m.-e- d-


a.m.-e- d-


inn-s-0-le-n-t-ce-s/s-h-(e-)d-'s- inn- d- h-and- 0f-t- a-gain-d- a.m.-e- d-


e/b-t-0-f-x-f- 0-r-t-he- me-ye- c0m-man-d-


donald only feels god if you give him money for-t- no reason -d- e-vain-d- 0f-t- he- d-s- pea-k-t- up- t- as/s- h- e- d- 0f- t- 0-f-xf- t-


murder-e-buy- e-mer-de-s-cent-s-hi-t-


e-vain-d-0f-t-inn-0-cen-t-s- hat- cant see d the difference s/s w/ i.d. th~ d


melania is an artful deception in her vain, in the sense, donald creates a market place em-pi-re-d- she would have no apparent value to reasonable self sustain, if she weren't pre-t/t-e-ye-vain-d- 0f-t-a-gain-d-


her -e-(e-)f- ea-r- , is made to be worn as/s -t-e-ye- work-t- h- ea-r- d-


donalds "responsible" leader-s-hi-p-t- only has a f-x-f-am-ill-e-ye-p-(L-)an- d- 0- w/ar-t- at- com-man- d- 0- w/-t-he-me-0ne-ye- s- cam-e- d-


b-u- ll-e-ye- a- ven- (t-) d-


s-(p-)en-d-s- h0-u-s-e- d-'s- c-re-a.m.-e-n-d-'s- e-am-en- d-'s- e- t- a-gain- d-


0f-t-en- d- : donald trump wouldn't have money to s-par-e- d- 0f- t- if he did real work in the first place t heir d


t heir is not h0/n 0're inn leading a f-x-f- l0-c-k- t- 0- f-x-f- t-'s- c-he-ap-t- maid -e/b-t-00-t-he-d-(0-)be-(a-)d- e/p- t-he- t-(h-)r-0ugh-e-d- f-x-f- a-(i-)r- e- t- rue- w/e- d- : he is leading a flock of cheap sheep he made debt to/ot his -t- ab-u-s-e- d- as /s necessary e t- w/-h0-d-en-e-ye- d- (t-)ouch-e- d-


basically i was surprised this morning at the news, and then i wasn't and then i simply realized, i have more work too th f i/r e(a.) d.


i'm taking a break e'ye h/ave d 0 w/(h)a ll a re a.d. e 'ye g. i've n d as/s eg a (inn 0) ve d


the only thing donald trump is doing is making people feel swaddled in wh0 0le, for -t- no reason, for -t- no re all e valu/e w/e d. he is the-ref-0-re- stealing the show, force-scene-t-he- d- 0-w/-h0- d-, and creating a(i-)n - imp-ass-t-e- g- 0- d- s- 0- l-(e-) d-


this impacts stupid people to re-d-a-ct-('s-) 0/n- e- d- 0- le- d- h-and- g- 0-ad- s- = more scene-inn-d- force-scene-d-s- 0- l-(e-)d- 0f- t-en- d- f-x-f- 0- l-(e-) d- s-


t-0-L-(e-)d- s-


stupid people honest ly aka lie, have no reason where with 0 w/ear t~h all t00 th ' s (h) 0 w/e d 0(u) b ~ t


00 th fxf as/s t ere fxf a ll (e'ye ) d 0'l e d


stupid people rigged in reflection for-t- no reason, don't have too think about the pre miss t he ye did not b/ring e(i)' ven (t) d


t heir is no where for donald trump to move 0/n d, he has maid-up-(e-)t-0-f-x-f- e/e- d- 0f- t- 0/n- e- d-'s- p- awn- d-


g-0-(0-)d- j- 0- b- e- (a-)d- 0f- t-


i have a lot of notes i want to get off my p(L)ate, for the current see d ate, per the website inn your e/n a.m. e/ d. the value of doing this is i get to unclutter my living space. i have piles of notes, etc, maine human rights, good will, unemployment, fact finding in-t-ere-vi-e-w/e-s-u-s-e-d- . stupid managerial st-u-(r-)ff- t-, not one provides a re all d j 0 b' d. & i get to do the little dance force-d-s- (t-) ake- d- 0f-t- sir-e-cum-s-t-a-n'ce-d- e- fen-s-e-(e-) d-


('s-)at-e- t-(h-)an- d-


never relegate d p.r. a.(i.)m. e/ d.


e ve(i)n s h 0 (w/) e ~ re all 0 w/h0 r/k t (h)~ as/s a'ye d~h0 e / d


verse-sus- t- a- gree-d- e- vain- d- 0f- t- a- gain- d- 0f- t- f-x-f- (r-) a.m-e- d- 0f- t- a- gain- d-


g-s-us- (t-) 0 - w/an t - me- tu-be- (a-)d-s -0- L-(e-) d- , for -t- no reason, "eye" don't want too k/n 0 w/e d


eye have an over a bun dance of ar-t-i-fi-ce- d- 0f- t- donald t- r- ump-an-d- ump- d-(t-) 0- f-x-f- t- a- w/ar- e- d- f-r0m-e- d- (0-) b-c- um-e- d- um- be- d- lam-e-d- 0/n-e- d- mike-s-pen-ce- de- fen- d- of-t- sir-e- com-pen-se-s- e/e- d- inn- defer- e/n - t- ce- s/s- e- x- pen-s-e- d-


0f-t- , only a dof-t- "ewe" maid-u-p-(e-) t- can - d- p-(L-)aye-d- 0f- t-


t is k/n 0 t me'ye fxf all t inn t' Life e/d 0 fxf t b.c. L i'm(b) e / d


t-heir- are no dof-t-'s- on me'ye t i'm e v(e)in e d


w/h en maid 0 w/are would speak t0 fxf i/n (e) -d-


donald trump makes d0f-t-'s- to f-f-eed-0f-t- s- force-s/s-(t-)ake-d- 0f-t-s- (t-) and- 0f-t-s- inn- d-e/b-t-his-t- f-ache-d- 0f- t-


en-d- b.-c.- his me-one-ye- isn't re all y e w/(h)0 r/th at mu c/h d


inn re p0's e d his innocence hasn't b(r)0ugh t his ai d en mar k/n 0' s e / d


really, no n ewe s t 0/d aye, just c-loud-ere- noise-d- inn- t-h- (e-) f- r-aye- d- e/b -t- made possible buy-e-n0b-0/d-e-ye- (d) a. T e


me-al-lan-d-i/a- d- is not'h que en be (a.)d. 0 fxf t' h' sir/e m e'ye (d)s


the leg-ged- 0f- t- en- d- ere-inn- g-u-ye- d-


e/b-t-00-t-le-g- e-w/e- d- 0f- t- 0- pen- l- e-ye- d-'s- in-k- t- a- gree-d-


all "ewe" have really is mis-s-u-s-e- d- 0f- t- ab-u-s-e-d- you-t-h- d-, and if your children are not showing the crisis "ewe" have provision-d- , it is because your money for -t- no reason, set-h-em- a- p/ar-t- hie-ven- (t-) d-s-


it would be more honorable if your daughter made her own clothing to w/ea.r , rather than have people work for her -e- vision-d- inn- 0 - w/-i- thou- t- re- (a-) pair-e- d-


0f-t-'s- 0- L- (e-) d- 0f- t-'s- c0-r-e-d- 0f-t-'s- t-0- L-(L-) e- d- 0- le- d-


there is nothing melania can d0 -ft- h-and- 0- w/e- d- (e-) valu-e- w/e- d-


('s-h-) 0- ve- t- a- g- (L-)- 0- ve- d-. did i mention, nits eggs are g-loss-e-ye- d- , glossy, you know, as/s i ft t heir accumen t (a) gave d 0 w/e ve(i)n d h~ ave d


h and 0 w/e d / g e d (0) be t/h' s p/0 k/en d


it would be more honorable if your daughter made her own clothing to w/ea.r , rather than have people work for her -e- vision-d- inn- 0 - w/-i- thou- t- re- (a-) pair-e- d- 0f-t-'s- c0p-e-d- s-t-up-i.d-s-t-a-r-e-t- up- t- w/-h0 -d- r-0/0- L- (eg-) ew/e- d- h-and-'sufficient-Ly-e-g-L-ewe- d- e/b-t- r- 0p-e-d- scene- necessary - as-s-0-a-k-t- d-


0-war- d- b.'s - c.ause-d- 0- w/ee-d- c- a-(i-)r- e- d- he-i-r- d-


com-f0r-t- able- ed- : if we go to war, donald is not sending his children for -t- his- t- re- war- d- . he is sending -u- ye- a-r-t- 0- u- r- -s-


so that you kids can die honorable lie -d's- 0/n-e-s/s- t- 0/n-e- t-he- d- en- e-ye- d-


your as-s-tup-id- kids will have an honor-ab-le-g-rave- d- given -t- i'm-e- d- inn- p- ass-in-g- t-he- d- c- r-i'm-e- d-


"raise the de-ad-s" i - re- raise-d- e/b-t- i'm-e- d- g-i've-n- (t-) d-


t-he-d-augh-t-ere- d- 0- w/-ill- com-f0r-t- e- w/e-- d- e- vain- d-


she wasn't sel~l fxf t augh t inn sel~l fxf t p.r.0 vi~s i 0/n e d


she was t-augh-t- images- can- b-(r-)0ugh-t-


for-t- no reason -e- d- and -e-ye- f-x-f- 0-r-t- (h-) 0/0-k- n0w/-e- re- as/s-0/n-d- 0f- t-


(h-)i-re- d-0f-(i-)t- 0- f-x-f- t-


d-) 0uch-e-t-'s- us- e- d-


side note, received a reply from the ny bunion doctor, and they want a copy of my x ray, b.c. they are concerned that my bunions are so big / exaggerated, and quite honestly, so am i, given the time frame, since september eye d e/b t be tw/0 time d. they want an x ray to determine whether to do a weight bearing or non weight bearing surgery. for me, i am looking into new techniques, cost, recovery time, and general possibilities.


b(L)ac(k)t 00 th p/ag~e d -'s-u-c-(k-)t- hat- 0-f-x-f- t- :


t -r- ump- and- (h-) ump-t-


w/-id-t-he-re-levant-ce-s/s- (t-)am-e/n-d-s- mu- ('s-)t- bu-st- ('s-) 0-f-x-f- t-


heir-d- a-(i-)re- d-


& -r-an-d-'s- i-re- d- f-x-f- a- (i-)r-e- d-


let the-r-i/g-n0-r-an-t- buy-0-re- clothing- f-0-r-t- no - re- as/s- 0/n-e/d- & let them b-(e-a.-)m.-ar-k-t- ab-ly-a-war- d-'scene- for-scene- d- ca(i-)r-e-d- with kn 0 w/e d cur(e) rent ce de a.d. e/b t00 th are.


let the-r-i/g-n0-r-an-t- buy-0-re- clothing- f-0-r-t- no - re- as/s- 0/n-e/d- & let them b-(e-a.-)m.-ar-k-t- ab-ly-a-war- d-'scene- for-scene- t-i'm-e-d- in- t- w/-h0-d-/i-'s- (i-)r-e- (a-) pair-e- vain-d- i/m-e-d- e/b-tu-be-(a-)d- 0- w/ar-t- it- re- ad- e/b-t-a-gain-n- d-0f-t- i'm-e-d- h-and- 's- (t-) a-nd-s- c-an-d-le-ye- inn- r-ig-no-r-an-ce- s/s- a- g- a- inn- d-


let the pup-pet- m(e-)as-s-t-ere- d- h- ave t-he- r(e-) inn- d- 0f-terro(i-)r- e- d- 0f- t-'s-0t-'s- c-ar-e-d- 0f-t-'s- nare- s- ai - d- 0 -w/-inn- &- L-an-d- 0- w/-t-he- n- e-w/e- d- (0-) b-ran-d- s-(t-)a-nd-screen-d- 0f- t-en- d- ere- (p-at-) t- urn- d- e- vain- d- &-


p.r.- a. (i-)m.- a.-d- a.m.- e- d-


"they" don't have to face their anger, if they c-as-s- t- 0- f-x-f- 0-r- t- e- w/e- d- e/b- t00- t/h- f- an- d- 0f- t- en- d- a.m-e- d-


0f-t-en-d- a-ye- t- a- gain-- d- e- ad- s- (t-) a-nd-s-


t-heir-e- s-pea-king- f-0-r-t-he- d-e-ad- t-he-ye- can't re verse d


inn t i'm e t00 L e/a. r ~n d


(e/a.) fxfir's t (b) u / d~d ly ew/e th i/r' s~ t 0're g~ave d


h T 0 / 0 T (h) 0/m e