rigged-r-ignorant people buy-e-a-s/s--(t-)a-ye- d- 0- w/ar- -e-d- is a great way to make every "one" rich-(t-)d- e/b- t00- t-he- d- ate- (d-)r-ape- d-

's-c0p-(i.-)e-d- 0- w/-he-ye- (t-) d-


carry a gun with right for -t- no reason, ewe do not need i/t her e vain-d-


security for -t- no reason, has it's zea-lo-t-'s- am-e- f-x-f- 0- r-t- no reason- no reason didn't make - d- competition- scene- force-scene- d- b-rake- d- 0 -w/- t-he- f- ache- d-


's- (t-) ake- d-


s-n0b-ill-i-t-e-ye- d- 's- p.- (r.-) a.m.- e- d-


e/b-t00-t-he- miss-(p-)en-t- 's- en-d-'s - on - per-p-0-'s- e/e- d- s- c- an- d- le- ye- a- gain- d- im- me- d-


e-ye- (a-) t- a- gain-d- g- agree-d- e- vain-d- a.m.- e- d-


"we" mu-st- h- ink- t- 0- fx-f- t- he- 0-t-he-r-e-s- t-he- ha-w/e- d- h-as/s-n/0-t- me(a.)i.d.


actually e sustainably e t00 th d ate t-he-s-pea-k-t-0f-f- t- 's- p-(L-)at-e-


the food you "get" t-w/-h0- d- ea- t- h-and- 0f -t- a - gain- d- e/b- t- a-gree-d-, is food from the dof-t- hing-e- d- e- am- s- p.-(r-) a.m.- e- d- e/b - t00- t- he- raise- d- e-ad- s- (t-) ai-d- s- a- ga/in- d- for- t- no reason- for -t- no re all de sir/e ye ve(i)n d h~ and ' s 0/m e t hing e inn s (ig h~) t e/a.d.


"i/t" is premeditating a beggar-b-s-hi-p- for-t- no reason- e- t00-t-he- d-live-r- t- a - gain- d-


"b.c." the stub(s-) - c- an- d-'s- "b.c." "he" made the shit tup- (d-) awn- d- com-man-d- s-(t-)a-nd-s- tu-b-buy-e- a- gain- d-


trump can make up the "time" and send it -a-w/-r-e-ye- &- re-clam-mit- t-i'm-e- d- inn-st-e- ad-e-ye- n- ad-vance-s/s- lime-d- cause-st-i-c-k- t- 0- f-x-f- i/n-(e-) d-


y-ewe- a-r- e- ad- justifying-c-r- ew/e-ll- t- a- ct-s- a- w/e- d-0f- t- at- hat-


initial qualities ? s-inn-nit-i-all-t-h- qua-ll-i-t-e-ye-s- 0t-00-t-he-d-s- a- w/e-d- 0f- t- en- d- en- t's- h0-ve- d-


t-r-um-p-(L-)an-d- (h-)ump-e-d- 0f- t- has just given people license t00 t-he-s- k- ill- (d-') s- 0f- t-he- r-eel- e- d-


d-0f-t-h-and- e- vain-d- p- (L-)an- d-


0- w/e-re-as/s-0/n-e- d- ewe didn't p(L)an t


0 re ve(i)n t ' c a(i)r e inn a.d. van~ce d


scene-inn-s-t-e- ad- p-(L-)an- d- 0f- t- h-(i-)e- ven- d-'s- a- w/ar-e-(n-t-he-) ad- s-


i don't trust his -e-g-0/d- not for a minute, and that should go without saying if -t- he- didn-t -ease- s-cam-e- d- 's-


s-cam-e-d-0f-t-en- d- & only -e- d-0f-t- en- d-


s-0we- d-0f-t-s- can- have a stand for -t- no reason- d- e- vain-d- h-and- 0f- t- a-gain-n- d-


he is building a be-au-t-e-ye-f-e-w/e-ll-e- d- 0- w/-(h-)all-a-nd- 0- le- d-'s- 0- L- (e-)d- a-ft-ere- t- a-(i-) ll- e-(ye-) d- f-all- t-heir- they didn't bring 0/n e ven t 0/d a(i)r e d 0've (t) d en are d w/e ll 0 rd 's 0/u L(e) d


richard the socialist money lender, need a hug x 2 at the gym today. he was really shaken up about the outcome of the election. annie saw t-w/-h0- people slap high-five-s-, and called them a misogi-ni(s)t- . i like the young lass, she has inn stance d c~L as/s t


nob-ill-i-t-e-ye- has brought n0 0ne 's 0/u L (e) d e/b t00 th (e) re a.d. e ye (t) d


& n0b-ill-i-t-e-ye- has brought no c~L as/s t00 th e~a.ve n ly e


misogini(s-)t-'s- a- w/ar-e- ad-s- le-d-g-e/r-un-(t-)d- pr.0-(0-)f-x-f-0und- com-p- (L-)e-a- t- 0/n-e- me-ye- a- s/s- t- a'- re- t- re-a- t- 0- 0t- 0-f-x-f- t- b-0/n-e- d- 0f- t- 0/n- e- d-s- 0-(w/-)n- e- d- ... 0- w/- n- e- d-


miss-(h-) 0-g-(u-)y-in-ni(s-)t-'s- a war-e- d- g- r- am-me-r- d- e-r/r- ing- 0/d- e- w/e- t- (e-) a- r- e- t-(h-) rue- w/e- d- g- (e-L-) e-w/e- d-


the derring do-of-t- wouldn't p-roof-t- 0/n-e- ver t hue w/i th0u t h0bservation sanctity e tu p.r. 0/0 f t~ a gain/n d h0 ly e c0untenance de ve(i)n (t) d e/b t (h) 0/0 k t h~and c 0/0 k t~h (e) fxf r a.(i)m. e /d ... 0 w/i th0u t force-scene-t-he- d- ('s-) h0-0k-t- hie- ven- d-s- (h-) a.(i-) m.-e- d-


ye b/b ring n0 cur(e) rent s e/e d e/b t00 th f(L)a.m. e/ d


either d ewe ye a.m. t'h fxf raid~ e/b t00 th' d ate -d-0f-t- 0- pen- l-e-ye- d- 0f- t- L-at-e-


make people froth at the mouth with no inn c(h) 0/m e -we-d- of- t- en- d- e/b -t- 00- t- he- m-ate- d- e/b- t- 00- t- he- re- L- at- e- d- 0- w/e- d-/i's- g- race - d-


tis kn0t me'ye fxf all t, "ewe" made dome-s/s-t-i-c-k-t- possibilities- ai- d- 0 - w/-id.- t- w/-i- t-


s- (h-) 0- w/e- t-he-ye- c-an-d- be-e-p- awn-d- 0f- t- con-ven-i-e-n- t- en- d- 0-ve- d-


con-ven-i-e-n- t- en- d-0- w/e-d- h-and- 0-ve- d-


t heir is no reason for d be au t e'ye didn't w/(h)0' ve d


just for the saying ye'd 0've d ? it is n't like ly e ve(i)n kn 0 w/e d 0' ve d, e ve(i)n d c are (a)d 0've d


e/b t00 th's qua re (a.) d. 0 've d


e-we- have no comfort in your-e-n-(t-)are- b.c. e-we- didn't b/ring i/t heir d e/b t00 th' d 0 w/c a(i) r/r e 'ye t/h ere (a.)d.


e-we-re-ad-0f-t- as/s- mu-c-h- t- as/s-u-e-w/e-p- t- a- put- 0p- t- 0- f-x-f- t-


a- gain- n- t-he-s-pi-r-i/t- of- f- t- kn 0 w/e 0/n d


please keep in min(e) d, just b.c. "ewe" haven't brought kn 0 w/e 0/n d, doesn't give "ewe" the rig ht u pee ve(i)n d. "ewe" haven't helped my cause, buy schleping dof-t- a/s/s- k- t- a- cross- t- a- g- e- d- r-ag- 0/n- e- d- 0f- t-0/n-e- com-man-d- 0f- t- : fear for -t- no reason, keeps your command seeming necessary e vain- d- 0f- t- if we really looked at the gen-t- le- d- 0f- t-hie-ven- d- am-e- d-


"ewe" suc-k-t- d0- f- t- h-and- 0f- t- u- be-(a-)d- 0f- t- hie-ven- s- e- a- men- (d-') s-


t-a-g-e- d- 0f- t- en- d- false sel lie eye miss (t/h) re -ad- en-e-ye- d- h- a.d.-


e- vain-d-


miss spoken me'ye as/s t00 th e me'ye fxf r/i en d's (t) a'k en d e'ye t a gain d inn ere t~ 0 w/(h) ave (n) d


more notes: it would be better for-t-he-d-aught-ere- d- to make her own clothes w/ea.r t/h' d 0 w/ h 0' l~e lan d's 0 l(e) d


all -a- we-st- (h-)ave is designer -e- f-ash-i-0/n-e- d- that can easily be thrown -d- 0 -w/-he-ye- t- b.c. - it wasn't maid 0 w/e valu/e w/e inn th fir's t p(L) a ce d = the me-s/s-ag-e- d- g-is-t- (f-)ake- d-


it is a waste of resources too the re all a. m.ake d 0 w/ no dof-t-s-inn-t-he-f-x-f-i/r-s- t- p- (L-)ace- d- 0f- t-s- (t-) ake- d-


"ewe" are not making r(e) a. t e


t00 th (e) r~e L at e

d ate


tis kn 0t me'ye fxf all t "ewe" do not care too kn 0 w/e d 0 w/h at 0/n e per's 0/n e t/h ink t's h~e a.ve n d


0 w/e ve(i)n d


"ewe" force-scene-t-h-ink-ing- e- d-


s- (h-) 0 -w/e- ye- w/e- can - d- p- awn- d-0f- t- hie-ven- d-'s-


&- if s0/me 0/n e disparages -ewe- d- 0 with e re as/s 0/n e- we-d- com-e- d-s-t-(r-) ea-m-e-inn-g- s- (L-) ing- inn- s-


donald trump has only taught s-k-ill-s- tu-b-e-am-aid- up- (e-) t-


it is not p0 in t le s/s t, when your cur(e-) rent- s-e/e-d- 0f- t-('s-) 0/n-e- d- constant- lie- vain- d- e- ad- s- ai- d-(s-)e/e- d-'s- le- d- g-e- d- for- t- no reason e ve(i)n (t) d


d0w/ th b/rain s, and 0 w/ i'll c0m p a(i)r e th fxf r a.(i)m. e / d


if "ewe" don't put your occupied space in writing on the same line at the same time inn vi t/i nn g, we would see d 0 w/ thou t/he me an s e/e k t 0p en ly e = no dof-t- was- necessary -e- t00-t-he-re-p- (L-)ea- t-






cur-rent-li/e-w/e- can't hit the bu l/l 's e 'ye tu -d- e- w/e- d-

u/e-t-00-t-he-d- h-and- u/e- t- w/-he-t-00-t-hie-ven-d-s-(p-)en-d-'s- a- g- a- inn- d-




no white person should bull-e-ye- another- e- c0- L0-re- d-g-race- d- ewe didn't b/ring e ve(i)n t w/h0 d.


just say inn, & s (h) 0 w/e d 0 w/00 d ew/e d t i'm e ve(i)n d t(h)rue w/(h) i.d. e~ s


notes a w/are d's c/0 p(i.)e d 0 w/(h)ea.r. t/h and h(c) 0/m e/d :


they w/e re f-lee-ce-d- ('s-)hat- inn- the -mouth- at- he- d-(0-)be-at- h-and- be-(a-)d- e- a- f- at- (e-d-)


t-his-t-le-ye-b/b-0-r/r-0-w/e-d- (b-) um-me-d- 0- ve-(t-a'i-L-)d- e- ad- 0/n-e-g-sus- t- u- d- 0/n- g-e-d- all-a-w/e- ll- t-up-awn-d-


he-g-0/t- bar-b-ere- d- 0f- t-'s- im- ill-a-r-d-('s-) 0/t-hie-ven-d-'s- i-re-war-d- 0f- t- w/-h0-d- 0-(p-)e/n-d-im-(m)e-d-


'not my president' chant occurring inn portland ... right out the wind 0 w/e ven t i'm e d


ironic, t-r-ump-f-an-d- h- ump-e-d- im-me-d- , thinks i only have pointless struggles to make in the wake of his-t- u- d-0f- t- im-e- d- 0f-t- a- gain- d- 0- w/ar-t-0/0t- a-ke- t-he- f-x-false- sel-lie- ye- d- (-0)- b- r-i.d.- e- d- 0 - war- t- i -fi-ce- s/s- inn- p- (L-)aCE-D- 0-u-r-e- war- d-


t-he- d-'s- 0n-ly-e- has a fade-d- rag- 0-ve- t- g- (L-?) 0-re-ye- d- for-t- sir-e- vi-ve- all- e-- d- e/b- t00-t-he- d-e- f-x-f- am- e- d- 0/n- a- re- ar-rive- all-- e- ye- d- e/b-t- he- d- s- (h-) am- e- d- e-ye- d- if x f ewe b/b e c~a.m. e w/e d


her e is the convenient thing, "h/e" can complain, but then he wouldn't b e w/e d. and if he draws attention for -t- his -t- 0/n-e- re-as/s-0/n-e-d- i's- be-lie- f- e/e-d- f-ea-r- t(h-)are- d- he isn't me w/e d , (his money wouldn't have any inn come for -t- no reason e vein d 0've d t a (i')ll e d t00 th fxf a ll 0 w/e inn g's us (t) 0/0 t/h/e g. i'v~en t(h) a w/id. th c~han(d)ce s/s e th fxf i/s h~in g


e t a re s/t rait 'd ate


t0/0t ~ h fxf ace (t) d


fxf un n e'ye (d)


lets tank the rapacious- e/e- d-0 fxf t at a'll c0 h0 st' s at a cr0ss t


for all his b-r-0-w/e- d- (0-) be-at- e- inn- g- 0- p-(b-) i- g-0/t- he can do nothing t0 fxf 0 r t i fe 'ye d r~0 s/s 0 w/e d 0 fxf t


he has to stand to take the abuse-d- h-and- h-ave- t- nothing too the s-(t-) aye- d- e/b-t-00-t-he- w/an-e-ye-w/-he-ye- d- im-me-d- g- ave- d- 's- 0/n- ly-e-


is his -t- re- war- d-(g-) im-me- d- 's-0-L- (e-) d- e/b-t- a - cross- t- 0- f-x-f- t- he can only e-x-pan-d- on women he keep-s- t-(h-)at- a- w/-he-ye- d- h-ave- d- g- ave-d- c- r/i- me- d- s- (h-) ave-d-


e'ye b(r) 0ugh t/h fxf en s en s e(e) d: if you do not like the fen s en s e/e d, ewe can get off i/t w/i.d. th y0ur 0(w/)n e re s i.d. e/n t ce


d~e a. r~ d 0 w/rit e x t p0 t en t i all (e'ye) d


e'ye a. gain/n d


more notes : e-we-re-see-d- force-scene-t-he-me-r-w/-r/i-t-'s- 0/n-s- t- r/i-fe-ed-i-ce- d- 0f- t-'s- lice- d- s-


it'-s-a-w/e- g- l00-me-ye- d- a- ye- d- t00-t-he- d- see- d-0f- t- a - gain-d- g-(L-)e-w/e-d- 0- w/e-d- force-scene- w/00- d-as/s-k- t-'s- h0/u- LD- 0- war- an-d- 0-w/-ag- 0/n- d- (b-) um- c-um-me-d- e-vain-d- 0- w/e- d-


you can e qu 0/at 0ff t min(e)d g0/d fxf r/i en d 0 fxf t en d 0 w/e ll (e) d cur(e)rent ce ll and' sel~l t a cr0ss t (e) a. r ~ e a.d. e fxf i/n (e) d i'm e / d h ab i.d. e t00 th f a(i)r e w/e ll 0' ve d


your asking him too th see -d- 0f- t- w/-i- thou -t- a-(i-) ll- a- w/e- st- hie-ven-d-s-(h-) 0- w/e- d- 0- w/e- (d-) g- 0/d- s- 0- L- (e-) d- e/b-t00-the- d-0f-t- we- ed- en- mar- k-n- 0- w/e- d-


the beautifull - a- w/-(h-)all- 0- we- d- e/b- t-a-(i-)l/l- en-d- 0- w/e- d-all-t-he- t- i'm-e- d- im-me- d- i/t- a- gree- d- inn- c-(h-) 0/m-e- inn- g-an-g-reen-d- b- c- lim(b-)e- in- g- 0- ad-s- 0- L- (e-) d- 0- w/e- d-


t -heir- is- kn 0 w/e t mir~a~c le g (e) 0/d e~a.r t/h ' s (t) a'ye th e/m i/r~a~c le d 0/u (be) t be(a.)d. 0h t


t -heir- is- kn 0 w/e t mir~a~c le - w/e- d- h-ave-n- t- (a-) g-ive-n- d-0- w/-he-ye-(t-)d- for-t-he- d-0f-t-00- t-he- re-s-t- 0 -re- d- c- loser- d-0-0-re- d- as/s-he- d- ab- 0- r- t- believing in christ -h-and- p.r.-0- life- d- that can only b-(r-) 0ugh-t- out-rig-ht- d- h-and- p-r-ig- ht- d-


t -heir- is- kn 0 w/e t mir~a~c le - w/e- d- h-ave-n- t- (a-) g-ive-n- d-0- w/-he-ye-(t-)d- 0f-t-en-t00-t-he-re-p-Lie-ye-(d-) f-x-f-ee- d-ea- f- i- c- ate- t-hie-ven- d-('s-) at- e- d- a-ye- gain-n- d- inn- e-re- p- lie-ye- c-ate- d-


e w/e ' d p(L)a ye a. t e ll e(a)ve n (t/h) d ate


ewe can't speak t(c) 0/n e w/e re vi e w/e d (0) b.c. ewe didn't b ring (L) 0 've d 0' ve d


t-he-d-err-ing-0/d-e-w/e-d- h-an(d-e-)ye- w/-he-ye- d- 0/u-(be-)t- he- man-s- p.r.-0u "t's" -he--a-ven-s- 0- L- (e-) -d- 's- (p-) en-d- 0h- t- 's-


all money is not created equall, how you earn your money depends on how you can s(p)end i/t h~ea.ven (ly e) t00 th fxf 0 'r(e) d (0) b re a.d. as/s h~ t be f0r t a cr0ss t/h (e) re all ~ e'ye d e/a. ll (e) d


for/meal/ly e speaking i'll t~ 0 w/heel and e/a. ll ~ d e/b t00 th' s/t/e all d, po-lice- officer's- = t= heir- is- kn 0 w/e re as/s 0/n e tu be en ea.r~ except u breed non sense -d- 0/n-e- me'ye fxf r a.(i.)m. e /d e/b t 00 th' s (h) ave d (0) b eg inn g's (w/) erve d 0 w/are & w/(h)ea.r~ d : save your guns for the jesus -f-uck-er-e-s- inn- d- h-and-s-inn-t-ere- ad- e/b-t- a- gain- dim- d- t00-k-eye-p- cum-me- inn-g- i-ve-n- (t-) d- e/b- t- up- t- a-gain-d-


for/meal/ly e speaking i'll t~ 0 w/heel and e/a. ll ~ d e/b t00 th' s/t/e all d, po-lice- officer's- = t= heir- is- kn 0 w/e re as/s 0/n e tu be en ea.r~ except u breed non sense -d- 0/n-e- me'ye fxf r a.(i.)m. e /d h ea.r thy me -we- d- ad-e/p-t-0-s/s-0-d-0f- t- i/m-e- t- a- cross- t- a-(i-) l/l- 0- t- (a'-) p.r.-i'm-e- re-move-r- as/s- i.'d.-e- s-


jesus-t- ass- k- t- f-uck-ere-s- t- e- vain-d- 0f- t- a- gain- d- e/b- t- he- r-eel-- e- d- can't replicate t heir e ve(i)n d 0 fxf t (h) a w/are A.D. O w/(h) ave d e/b t u/n e g~ ave d ea.r a re ar ' s eg ea.r s a~ll t a re r0und


misogy/ni(s-)t- ('s-) a-w/ar-e-ad-s- Le-d- g-er-r-un-d- (ing-) com-p- (L-)e-a-t- 0/n-e- me-ye-as/s-t-re-a-t- e- f-x-f-ea-t-0-f-x-f- t- c-L-i'm-(b-)e- in-g- f-x-f- i/n- (e-) d-


gerunding is a form of grace with no pre sent grace s/s e t00 th e re st 0're d (h) i re d 0 w/(h) t rig ht inn s pi re a.d.


w/t non sense-d- e-w/e-e- keep love from being the n ea.r d sustainably e c/c Le/a. r' d 0 pen ly e a. (t) d. & d 0 with e re levant ce s/s t00 t(h) 0/0 k eye p (ai) d pi e/ce d 0 w/are t00 t(h) 0/0 k nigh t a gain/n d bu ye s~e l/l fxf t heir d 0 fxf ea. t a gain/n d p.r. i.'d.e s ~a w/are d 0 w/h at ' d e/a f e/a t 0/n e d e light fully e ve(i.)n d. (g~L) 0 've d


speaking -0/d- 0f- t-he- d-augh-t- her-e- clothe-d-'s-aye-s- t- a- r- e- pair-inn-g- 0/d-0h- t- h- r- 0at- ap-p-(ea-)le-w/e-d-'s- on-ly-e- p-Le-d- g-e-d- 0f- t- (h-and-) 's- L0-t- h- 0-ver- t- c-0/m-e- w/e- ll-e- d- 0-ve- d-s- t-(r-) u- c- k- t- u- be- h0- Ld- ya-w/-ar-t- ar- e- g- (L-) 0-re-ye- d- for - t- no reason, not one of you a-men-d-'s- can d le pt p.r. a.(i.)m. e /d a.m. e /d


h and 0 ' ve d t heir d 0 fxf t en d e/b t w/h0 d ew/e t(h)r u/e w/e d en e'ye d 0 w/(h) i' (L)d e n e'ye tu de d 0've d as/s w/e ll e d p.r.0 w/t (cr) um b le d(t) 0 w/n d (0) be l/l a ye d ew/e t0/0t as/s e l~l c~a s/s t le d' s~h ea. r t/h ' d


some may consider me a dominant personality. purposefully i do not believe their is honor in leading a flock of c-he-ap- t-hie-ven- (t-) d-'s- he-ap- t-


p-ass-t-(e-) ye- d-


for-t-a-(i-) ll- t- i'm-e- d- 0- w/ar- e- ad- s- ai- d-s- t- a-(i-) l/l- e-a-ve-n- (t-) d-s- p.r.-out- defiant -inn- t-he- m0/u-t-h- e- d- 0/u- (be-) t-


you can speak of love that you have no par t.


t00 th' s t a r t a gain/n d (0) be a. t i/nn t w/h 0 d ew/e


a rt 00 th ea.r t/h ( 0 w/e) d art


s-we-ll-i-fe-ye-s-t- is-g-ran-d-


0/u-(be-)t- 0/n-e- com-man-d-


0- pen- ly-e- vain-d-

0f-t-un-d-ere-p.r.ess-u/r-e- d- 0f- t- a -gain- d- 0- w/ar-rent-sir-e- me-ye-(d-)s- c- l0ser- t- i-0/n-e-ye- t-


bro-ad-'s- i.'d.-e-s- h0/u- ld- ere- d-


when "ewe" shoulder-d- every dof-t- a-re- round- "ewe" will find a dof-t- every where "ewe" turn-d-0/u-(be-)t-


t-he-d-0f-t-w/-ill- t- re-(e-) f-x-f- le- (x-) ct- you-r-e-s-p-(r-) 0ut- d-e-w/e- d- 0/u-(be-)t- = the s-k-ill-(d-)s-h0-ve- t-he-me-0ne-ye-vain-d- 0f -t- a-gain-d- if-e/ed- he- need- (0-) be-lie-f-i/n-g- ere- inn-g- i've-n-(t-) d-'s- (p-)en-d- 's - a- g- a- inn- d- vain- s- (t-)aid-s- h- am-e- we- didn't make value take place d en t(d) 0 w/th eg race d


t-he-me-0ne-ye-a-s/s-t- ill- t- h-and- 0-ft- a- d- 0/u-(be-)t- 0/n-e- com-man-d- too keep the scene se-am-en-d-'s- (for-t- no reason e ve(i)n d)


the date you gave is the date you h ave d, the only problem with competition ad's tet he ye a. r -d- ate- is completion will never take place. f/r0m ea.r , we can see d, the notion of 'god' is a direct link too the 'time' for t/h 'eg 0' & the 'd ate' a ware (?) com for t able a.d... "one" direction is speaking as/s i ft desire d (0) b~ le a.d. 's, but forever without follow thru e ve(i)n t w/h0 d e'ye w/e d inn time for completion e d in e t0 g ether e w/e d.


this "whole" "time" li(e-)n-e- d- is unaccountable on men's need to create a scene for-t- d- ew/e- d- , -and- not for t w/h0 d e'ye w/e d complete in time t(h)rue d


a scene -d-0-w/ar-e- d- as/s-h-e-d- en-e-ye-a- ll- and-s- c0-re- d-scene as/s necessary too the re st 0 're -d- , direct lie competing on people that live to complete one on one as/s p~ b f 0'r(e) d


h and e/b t~h fxf L0(0)r e inn g's


it is not a pointless struggle, rather, g-at-her- d- creating children you didn't take the time t0 e a.r n~ d, gives "ewe" a pointless p0-in-t-0-f-x-f- t-vi-e-w/e- d- jac-k-t-as-s- ai-d- e/b- t-0-0t-L-as-s- t- u-b- born- can't fornicate on-up- t- i- all- scene- d-e- me-an-s-


t-r-ew/e-n-d- e- w/e- d- u/e- tu-


"ewe" h ave n t b(r) 0ugh t /h e valu/e w/e d, "ewe" have no p(L)an s to make on me'ye fxf ace t(h)rue w/e d, "ewe" have no re all t a ll en t 0 g i've ve(i)n (t) d e/b t00 t/h b eg (r) inn d, when you sing, the 'h' constant ly, you lie--d-s- on-a're-pen-t-s-en-t-en-ce-d- t- heir- d- : "ewe" are ultimately a jack ass without re all t e'ye nerve d


a(i)r e inn re serve d


fxf a(i)r e d en sel ly e tu (r) fxf t


now ironically i am rich b.c. e'ye can s(p)end me'ye t me 0ne ye as/s t e'ye l/l i/k e/d




Donald Trump did a- g-0/d- j-0-b- may-kin(d-)g- him-sel-l-f-x-f- "r-ich"- (t-) d- t00-t-he-s-hare-0/n- d-i/s-s-u/e-w/e- d- 0- w/-i.d.- t- high- d- i/t-


donald trump won the election on "pre-miss" he could on-ly-e-s-hare- d- e/b- t- w/-i.d.- t-he- d-


diss miss -t-


he only has "tv" value to make, and tv can't c as/s t 0/n e t w/h0 n~e s/s trait heave n d e/b t00 th be(a) c0/n e/d


cast the first s't 0/n e. he has not one among t-him-s-him-s- that can t/h (r) 0 w/e~ d


donald trump "won" buy rigging ignorance f-rom- e- w/-(h-)in-d- e- vain- d-'s- (h-) 0 - w/e- (d-) g- 0/d- &- g-0/n-ad-'s- 0- L- (e-) d- e/b - t- for -t- being "too" buy "2" stupid t00 t(h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e d : the stupid asses weren't looking with inn for t heir e s 0 le d


and donald trump doesn't teach as/s he s (h) 0 w/e -d-


f-ache- m-ag-i- c- (0/n-) t- r-0- ll- e- d-


he has no proven means he can't m-0-w/e-d-


donald trump rigged ignorance from w/-(h-)in-d-e- a.m.- (ing-) as/s-p0-k-en-d- for-k-t- christian-nit-e-ye-


thank you kevin-s-tine- d- for just beading -0/d-0f-t- 0- pen- ly-e- d- ab-(0-)ut- it u be-ad- (e-a-)f- i/n- (e-) d- 0- w/ar-e- n- t-he- ness- t- a - gain-d- im-me- d- ( just for -t- be-lie-f-i/n-g- ewe- d- h-ave-d- no scene-inn-d- )


donald trump rigged ignorance from w/-(h-)in-d-e- a.m.- (ing-) as/s-p0-k-en-d- for-k-t- christian-nit-e-ye- w/e-re- as-s- 0/n- e- d- (making not one that can quest i 0/n e you-r-use-d- in-k- t- com-e- d-, sustain ab ly e t00 th eaven t ' leave n d 0 w/i.d. th in knit


a gain d, without rigged ignorance -d- buy-e- ce-d-e-sig-n-ere- f- (r-) a.m.-e- d-


t-he-a-t-ere- d- 0f- t-he- d- (0-)be-ad- ab-sir-d- buy-e- n- a.(i-)m.-e- vain-d-


(&-) c-h-arm-e- (ye-) d- 0f- t- 0/n-e- d- bar-g-e-d- 's- c0p-e-d- e/b- t00-t-he- t- r- 0p-e-d- he-d- t-r-ump-e-t- but-t- 0/0- k-n-0-t-e- d- 0h-t- 0n-ly-e- re- s- c0p-e-d- for-t- no reason- d- g- is-t- his-t- r0pe- d- : just saying donald trump isn't god, his me-one-ye- competitive lie speaking 0(0)d (t) i'm e 's, has no value he maid as/s min(e) d. donald trump simply represents people he has-p-awn-d-0f-t- 0- f-x-f- t-0- f-f- t-


t-he- cyst-em- o-f-x-f- t-he- d- bar-g-e-d- 's- has n0 re all s c0p(i)e d a/t/a ll ar(e) g~ e d


donald trump -i- gets to bar-g-i-nn- d- inn- e- vain-d- (0-) b.-c.- he doesn't "know" better (b.c. he doesn't want t00 x t w/h0 d). he gets to feign the emergency of fake co-h0-st-, he command-ear-e-d- too- (kn-0t-) le-t-up- t- a- p-ai-d- 0f- t- 0/n- nup-t- a- cross- t- for-t- i'm-e- fake -ly-e- maid- too toss too t-he- maid up(e-) t- law-st- (u-)b- c- d-0f-t-


his only claim to fame, is he has d-0f-t-s- for-t- lie-n-d- inn-d-e/e-d- & de-ad-'s- cree-d- e/b-t-h-and- s- lan- (t-) d-s-(L-)id-e-s- lie-d-s & for-t- life- d- e- vain- ly-e- ye- d- all-t- he- t- i'm-e- d- ( "ewe" have no rights to comment on your christian faith, and your jesus christ couldn't be sup p0 rt '-d-h-at-a- w/-he-ye- t- 00-t-he- d- ate- d-i's-g-race- d-, and "ewe" have no right to comment on a womans body per abortion and "pro-lie-f-e/e-d- i-ce- d-" as/s you do not c0m man d 0/n e ve(i)n d h and )


g-lid-e- ye- d- competition does not make completion f0r/meal/ly e t00 th' s pea k/ t 0 pen l/l e ye fxf ea.(s/s) t


c as/s t h' fir's t 0/n e~ d0b 0/n e d


g0 0n cast the first st 0ne "ewe" jack ass -a-ye- d- 0- w-n-e- d-


your "money" can -d- b-e-n-d- but it can't L e/n d 0 b(L) e/n d e/b t~heave n s(h) 0 w/n d


"e-we" have made your image of "face" -d- for-t- no reason too the r/e L ate d aye t w/i.d. th eg race d inn p(L)ace d f0r/meal/ye fxf 0 r(e) t h and 0 ver t 00 th 0/e th er e a.d. a'ye t e/x t p0's e(e) d g ed g(r) 0 w/e d's


ba-r/r-en- d- c-hi-ld- ness- t- hie-ven-d-s-


"ewe" place you-r-e-p-ear-l-s- be-(ad-0f-t-) f-0-re-s- w/-in-e- s/s- (t-) 0- w/e- ye- w/e- can-e-re-claim- mit-(h-)ru-e-w/e- d- 's-w/-in- d- le- d- e-w/e- d-


"0/h" blame-mit-on-t-he-d-e-w/e-d- & give it a book-me-ark-tu-buy-e- t-w/-h0- d-


e-vain-d-0-ve-d- u/e- t-w/-(h-)0-ve- d- g-sus-t- (a-) g- (L-)0-ve-d- e- w/e- d- : it is a very narcissistic position too think you represent jesus and not a women inn the market place ve(i)n d 0 w/th face w/e apparently speak t w/i.d. th t00 the r e L ate d ate .


earning money b.c. you are pre-t/t-e-ye - for-t- no reason d 0've d, is not earning re all value t0 g(r) 0 w/e 0/n (e) d & does not en-tit-le-g-(L-)ew/e-d- too - t-he-s-h0-ve- d- t-rue- inn- t- w/-h0- d- . dismissing and displacing re all 0 v/e valu/e w/e d e w/e f/r0m th p~ark tu bu ye t 0/0 d e w/e


"o/h" and- pre-t-en-d-i/n-g- for eve r~ an d, that "ewe" give a crap' ass t 00 th be c(h) 0/m e ve(i)n d


' s 0/m e t(c) 0/n e fxf 0 r (e) t a re as/s 0/n e d 0 w/e d 0 fxf t en d 0've d


0/n e (d) 0/n e (d)


rather than speak for reel-i-t-e-ye-b-b-sp0ke-n-d- e/b-t-00-t-he-r-un-t- d- um- b-c- um- me- d- 0f- t- h-and- com-(b-)e- d- 0- ve- d- b.c- e- w/e- d-0-w/-h0-v-e- d- 0f- t- 0/n-e- d- s- 0- L- (e-) d- 0- w/e- vain-ly-e-inn-0-ve- d- 0- w/-h-and- 0- w/-id-t-he- t- a- gain- d-


deferring to the "ag" for -t- no reason to begin with even d aye t, is displacing -all-a-w/e-st- 0/n-e-(n-) d-0- w/-0-men-d- a.-(i-)m.-e- d- (g-) "ewe" are effective lie saying women do not have the write bu ye t rig ht 0/0 (g) L an d h~and 0/n e t a c/c0 un t heave n s(t) and inn p(L)ace ve(i)n (t) d h~and 0/u (be) t c~ha (t) c hing e /d 0've d ~ g(L) 0've d


donald trump -awn-ly-e- inn-s-p/i-re-s- t- a - r0pe-d-0-p-e-d- f-r0m- t- he- f- a-(i-)r- e- d- s- c0p- e- d- en- e-ye- a- ll- (e-) d- e-ye-a-r- t- h0-p-e-d-


a(i-)re- d-


a(i-)re- (d-)'s- t-a-r- ...d-


cast the first s' t 0/n e~ d . donald trump has no par t 0 (w/) n e~d. he has no par t 0ff t his -0- (w/-)n- e- d-, he is "rich" for -t- no reason, he doesn't actually care t00 kn 0 w/e d h and car/r e'ye d' s (h) 0 w/e d. voting for donald trump-e-d- 0- war- d- 0f- t- is the only way the jack ass can securely replicate -d-0-w/e- d- on a false sel lie ye -d- pre-miss- t-he- constant lie displace-s/s- t00-t-he- d- 0- w/- n- e- d- :


speaking of -too-"know"-e- desire they place-d- e/b-t-oo-t-(h-) i-re- d- 0- w/(e-)n- d- 0- w/-id-t-he- false- s-0-L-(e-) d- 0- (w/-) e- d- that not one actually h0 e d among -ewe- speaking for-t- you-r-jesus-t- 0- L-(e-) d- e-we-d- inn- t-he- f-x-f-i/r-s- t- hie-ven-(t-) d-s- e-am-en- d- s- cam-e- d- :


speaking of desire they place-d- e/b-t-oo-t-(h-) i-re- d- constant lie -d-'s- buy-e- d-e- sir- e- d- 0- pen- lie-(ye-) n- d- ing- (s-) cree-d- : preening people political lie -deed-s-e/e- d-s- , to have not thought full judgement with inn, 0 're w/i th0u t heave n (t) d's e/e n/d inn d. :


with inn (a.)d. 0/0 re w/i th0u t heave n (t) d's e/a. m. en d's a ga~in/n d the time actually e given t00 th b(L) en d e'ye t a gain d en e'ye d~ 0 w/(h) i.' d.e~ s 0 pen all e'ye s i' zed : speaking of desire they place-d- e/b-t-oo-t-(h-) i-re- d- constant lie -d-s- inn-sig-h-t- a total-law-st- (be-) lie-f- e/e- d- e'ye- (t-) d-('s-) e/e- d-s- 0 -w/- inn- re- lie- f- t- : t00-t-he-d-'s- cur(e-)rent- ran-s-can- d- le- pt- p.r.- a.(i-)m.-e-d- i/t- ate- d- a.m- e- d- 0- (w/e-) be-dazzle- d- g-(c-)ad- for-t- no re as/s 0/n e d act yl ly ~ a w/are a.d. 0 fxf t en d p~L ease d~ ea. t~ h and 0/u (be) t~ c~ha (t) c~hing (e) i've n (t) d~ f0r/meal/ly e.


rather than s-(t-)at-e- inn- g- immigrants suck -t- 0- f-x-f- t- his- t- maid- up- (e-) t-'s - l0- t- t0- w/-h-and- 0f- t- : i am saying namely, donald trump competes on every one uni-verse-al-ly-e-vain-d- 0f-t- his- t- ake-(d-) s- place -d- on women to f/f or t -his-t- no reason- d- g iven d. competition displaces people falling thru the c-rack-t-s- of competition for -t- no reason, it is an inevitable buy-e-p.r.-0- d- u- ct- for -t- no reason -e- too-t-he- d- all-a- w/e-s- t- miss- t- rust- u- d- 0f- t- h- and- 0f- t-. so you have people trying sur(e)v i've inn an -e-con-0-me-ye- d- creating people in vain- & only vain all t-he-t- i'm-e- d- . and casting aspersions at the people that fling them selves in the ocean, where you-r- d- 0- w/ar-e- d- 0f- t- en-d- p-ark- t-'s- 0/n- d- e/b- t- he-m/m-ed- false sel lie d's-t-e-ye- d- force-scene-d- h-and- force-d- s- tall- i/n-n- g- a- gree- d-. immigrants are not the problem-e-d-. you-r-use- d- 0f- t- en- d- (e/b- t-) 0uch-e- t- is the problem. immigrant('s) are the nature all 0'r d ere (e) fxf r0m th f~ a(i)r e /d 's t a(i) r~ e/d . "ewe" manipulate t heir 0-rd-ere- d- 0- w/- t-he- d- be- re- s0-rt-ere- d-, and blame them for not being sel~l fxf t' ? s ufficient among - u- y- ew/e- vain-d- are- d- : donald trump k-eye-p-s- women in d- p- (L-)ace- d- s- 0- w/e- d- he- d- can sufficient - ly-e- suc-k-t- up- t- a's/s- he- f-x-f- ace- d- up-(e-) t- inn- t- p- (L-)ace- d- c-u-p- t- cake- d- 0f- t- ('s-) p-(L-)aye- t- d- ate- (d-) r-ape-d-


show him your ass, so he can comment on nit, too t-he- d- alliance-s-/s- h-a-(f-) t- , for -t- no reason d 0/n e you r/e L as/s t. show him your ass, so he can think he ad some thing to do with the be au t e'ye ven t (h) r-u-s-e- d- h- ab-u-s-e- d- vain-nit- eye- d- u/e- t- u- de- ed- 0h- t- for -t- no re as/s 0/n e -tu-


show us your-t-it-s- o- we- donald trump can imp-art- his thought-s- 0/n- d- e-ye-a-r- t- stupid -buy-e-f-art- hing- 0- c-art- being scene for -t- no reason- de am e d. i am so tired of looking at your vain-nit-eye- d- t00-t-he-sup-p0-rt- 0n- ly-e- d-/i's- be-lie-f- ea- t- . i am so tired of your vanity that speaks of jesus and finds no com for t hier d. -ewe- d- e-ye- t-(h-)a-re- d- f-0-u-r- t-h- qua-r-t-ere- d- f-a-(i-)r-e-d- s- qua-r-e-ad-s- tet-s- (0-) nare- d- "ewe" do not h/ave love and you only h-ave- t- i'm-e- t00-the-d- ea-t- (h-) a- w/-he-ye- (t-) d-


please remove you-r-e-s- cum- f/r0m e'ye fxf ace d i/t


please remove your a-lie-n-ate-inn-g-c-h-arm-s- h0-i/s-t- in- g- at- large-d-


"blue" b-lu-e-w/e-d- b-l00-d-


this is not creativity with the may care d


h-and- i/t- is- 0/n- ly-e- f-x-f- a-(i-)r- e- d-


t heir is not challenge -we- d- make constant lie - d- 0/n-e- d- 0f- t-s- (c-)up-p(h-)er- d- miss t ake n/d - ate- d- "ewe" cause a diss miss all one the f/ac(e) t /h 's ai d ate "b.c." you h-ave- d- f-x-f-reel-ye- g-i've-n- (t-) d- e- vain- d- h-and- g-i've-n-t- a- g- r-(e-) ate- -d- mate-


ye- a.m- e- d-


e/b- t- he- d- be- (a-)d- e/b-t-he- me-ye- t- h-and-


0f-t- hie-ven- d- ('s-)am-e-d-


nill-u-s-e- i0n- d- is you -r- e- ticket- w/-h0- d- ab-u-s-e- d- 0f- t- en- d- false emotion all - t00-t- he- d-


e/b-t00-t-he- b-(L-)en-d- e-ye-w/e- d-


it's a w/e different w/h en ew/e me r/r e 'ye t' h's c0p(i.)e d.


with a re all anec(t)d0te


tu be yaw/ are d a ft ere a.ll (e) d


& t00 th be yaw/ are d a ft ere a. ll (e'ye) d ' s (p) en t (e) are d h ea. r d


donald and melania only have t0-ken-d- 0-ve-d- 0f- t-s-p0-ke-nd- h-ave- d-e-lig-ht- w/-h0- d- (h-)ab-u-s-e- d- 0- pen- (a-) ll-e-ye- d- we- ll- d- 0- w/-inn-t-en-t-i-0/n-s- (h-)e- ll- d- e/a.- ll- t-(h-) 0-ver- t- L0-ad- s- 0- L- (e-) d- 0-(w/-)h- t-


t0-0t-he-t's- t-(r-)inn-g-all- e-ye-d-(p-)awn-d-


g-sus-t- d-(s-) 0/n-g-s- e- x- p0- s- e-/e -(d-) g- (r-) 0- w/e- d-s-


take-n-ad-van-t-a-g-e- t- hat- e-we- ' d- ju-st- d0n't -0/0- kn-0-w/e-- d- re p re sent i/t as/s h 0 w/e re fxf a ce d -0-w/e-d- 0f-t00-t-he- t- a- g-(r-) 0/d- e- d-


inn-t-ere-s-t- a- nd- h-and- g- ran- t- he- (a-)d-




t- w/-h0- d-- be- l- aye- t- 0- w/-h0-d- e- w/e- d- facetiou-sly- e- d- ap-p- r-0ve- inn- g- r00m-e- inn--g- a- gree- d- e- vain- ly- e- t00-t-he- t-ea(-t-) c- he- d- e-vain-d-s- (h-) 0- w/-he-ye- (t-) d- 


it is kind of a big deal to speak of the savior as/s t 0 're ye 0're el -d-, constant lie -d- s- e/e-k- t- d- ea- ll- e-g- 0/n- a-i- L- e- t00-t-he- d- s- (t-) aye- d- , your reel can't represent fact h according ly a w/are d~ inn re (a) p a(i)r ~e d e/e p i/t h~ (e) d


bespoken as/s i ft he se/am/s a w/are d -0- w/-e- d- 0f- t- inn- a- re- p-a(i-)r-e- d- e- vain- d- e-ye- a- t- i/t- coming- a- w/ar-e- d-


"ewe" have no jest to make funny e fxf ace d 0 w/i th0u t h (e) re all a w/h0 r/k t inn t p (L) ace ~ve(i)n (t) d ate d h~and 0 ver t a gain/n d just b.c.~ d/u s/t~ 00 the mu/st and 0 me w/e d e/b t heir e s qua re (a.)d. e/p t w/h0 0d par t i'm e. g. 0 ~ d inn thy/me a.d. 0/n e s/s t (u) b/i line re s i.'d. e/n t heave ns (h) 0 w/e d ewe gave a c/rap ped p ass t ass a'ye g 0~ (w/e) d 0/h t


heave n/s (p) en d's


(h?) a.m. e d h~and e/b t00 th eave n/s Le(a)ve th' sur(e) v~e 'ye d e/b t(h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e t 00 t/h ap/p. r.00f~ t heave n/ t (h) ru/e w/e d


i really don't understand dopeyness too the underscore ven- d- e/b -t00-th- underscore a lack to fxf t demand e/b - t- w/-h0-d-ab-0-r-t- 0/n-e- (t-) com-man-d- 0f- t- en- d-


s 0/m e 0/n e that dies by the use of t a gun, e'ye-s-t-u- buy-e-s- k-ill-e-d- buy- a- gun- is buy what "ewe" l/l-e- t-'s- (t-) a-ye- vain- d- (-) buy-e- t-(d-) i'm-e- d- 0- with a designer-e- p-r-i-ce- d- 0f- t- en- t00- t-he- x- p0- s-e- (e-)d- 0-ve- d-im-me-d- p.r.-am- aid- (h-) 0-ver- t- i'm-e- t- a- g- r-0s-s0-d-0f- t- en- (d-) 0-ve- d- 0- w/-(h-)0-ve- d- 0f- t- f-x-f-ree-d- 0/m-e- d- e/b- t00-t- he- t- un-d-ere-s-t- a-nd- ea-r-e-ye- p.r.-0-claim-e-d- he-d- be-lie-f-e/e-d- e-ye- g- ill- t- e-ye- t00-t-he-re-st-0-r-e-ye- d- h0-p-e-d- b.-c-- 't-(h-) is-su/e-w/e- ed- 0f- ten-d- e/b- t- a- gain-d-s- p.r.-0ut-s- 0/n- ly-e- a- t- with -and-s- inn- sig-h-t- d- (0-) b- light- inn-t- r- a(i-)p-se- t/t- ere- p- a-(i-)r-e- d-0f-t-('s-) ake- d-


"ewe" can't ap peal -d-0f- t- your only miss take d e/b t00 th d ate -w/e-d-ate-d- 0- w/-id-th- en-eg-lig-en-t-ce-s/s- inn- p- (L-)ace-d-


donald trump as/s a'ye -x- am- p- le- d- 0f- t- a-m-en-d-'s- i.' d.-e-s- t-e-ye- d- he-'s- up- p0- rt- (h-)ing-e- t-he- d- 0- w/-ea-k-t- buy-e- w/-ea-k-t- w/-ill- e- d- 0- ver- t- ill- d- h-and- ea- ll- e- d- e/b- t- a - cr0ss- t- e- w/e- d- buy- e- t- w/-h0- d- e- ye- w/e- d- for -t- buy -h-and- 0 -w/-id-th- kn 0 w/e re as/s 0/n e d ewe t00 t(h) rue


donald trump as/s a'ye -x- am- p- le- d- 0f- t- a-m-en-d-'s- i.' d.-e-s- t-e-ye- d- he-'s- up- p0- rt- (h-)ing-e- t-he- d- 0- w/-ea-k-t- buy-e- t- w/-ea-k-t- he is among t-heir-d- 0f- t00-t-h0-b-serve-d- h-i'm-s- c0p-e-d- e/b-t-00-t-he- t- "r" -0p- e-d- 0- w/ithout-a- d-0/u-(be-)t-


donald trump as/s a'ye -x- am- p- le- d- 0f- t- a-m-en-d-'s- i.' d.-e-s- t-e-ye- d- he-'s- up- p0- rt- (h-)ing-e- t-he- d- 0- w/-ea-k-t- buy-e- w/-ea-k-t- he is among t-hei-ven-d-s-(h-) 0- w/e- a- k- t- as/s- a- ye- s- pea-k-t-s- up- per- d- 0h- t-'s- c0p-e-d- 0 - w/-(h-)inn-defer-rent-s- 0t-s-0d- 0f-t-s- L0-t- h-and- e-ye- 0n-t- ill- t-0-f-x-f-(i-)t- (h-)ru-e-w/e- d- as/s- a-ye-g-(L-)ew/e-d- for- t- no reason e t(h)0/0k t w/h0 d e'ye w/e


politics didn't b/ring t w/h0 d e l(l) t~a g Lance d


tb= trial balance & tuberculosis un see n c augh t inn the cross -t- fire-d- inn- p0sit- i0n-d- 0 - w/-id- t-he- re- pr.-0-ve- ye- is- i0n- d- con-t- roll-e- d- e/b- t00-t-he- t- L- as/s- t- ing- for -t- no reason as/s ai de sir/e d f(r) a.m. e /d .


tb = terabyte, tobit, terbium. i generally use 'tb' as/s t~r/i all b/ all an(d) ce s/s ~h (e) d


politics didn't b/ring t w/h0 d e w/e re w/e ll b(L) e/n d inn d e/a d 0 w/are a.d. just b.c. e w/e d c~a(i)r (h and c air) r~ e'ye t00 th t/p. r.00f t heir d ew/e t a're pack a/g e/d ew/e d f/r0m th f~a(i)r e~ ve(i)n purs/e w/e (d) c(h)0/m e w/e d/d yet a gain/n d~0/m e/d


d ew/e d(h) 0/m e/d


d 0 w/th~ be(a)d all a re a.d. e'ye t~me(a.)i.d. e ve(i)n (t) d h~and


re (inn) sult ~ p.r. i ce d all a r0und


t/h-re-a-t-'s- (p-)en- t- hat- e- w/e- d- e/b-t00-t-he-se-am- re-ad-e-ye- t- i'm-e- d- 0f- t- en -d- h-and- (h-) 0-ver- t- a- (i-) l/l- e-ye- d- e- vain- ly-e- b/b- c- raze-ye- d- for-t- you-r-ig-n0-ran-ce-s/s- h- 0- (w/-)e- d-


p.r.- i'. d.-e- s- t- e- ye-- s- he-a-ven- (t-) d-s- (p-)en-d-s- 0/n- net- he- s- (h-) am-e- t- a- ll- o-u-s-e-e- d- friend- as/s- k- e- w/e- d- c- him-e- d-


b 0/m b~ i/ g 0/t~


t 0/0 L e/n d~ at a s/s h ea.r ~ t / h ~ d


"ewe" make threats as/s-aye- d- s- pea-k-t-0-f-x-f-(i-)t- d- 0-ve- (t-) d- g- imp- ass- e- d-


"ewe" make threats as/s-aye- d- s- pea-k-t-0-f-x-f-(i-)t- d- 0-ve- (t-) d- g- imp- ass- e- d- e/b -t00-t-he- d- p-ass- a- g- a-ss- t- 00-t-he- d- co-ll-e-ct- a- gain- d- s- c- re-am-inn-g- a-gree-d- e- vain- d- e/b-t-00- t- re-at- h- re- at- as-s- aye- d- c0-h0-st- u- d- ea-r- inn- d- a- re- ar- s- e- g- ea-r- s- t- (e-)a-r-e- d-


the pro-blemish with "threats" is the are not real, they are maid debt tu be-ad- e-p-t- he- r-eel- d- , and it is unfortunat/e w/e are st ill paying the price for t-he- c-un-i-f-0-r-m- e- d- ea- ll- e- d-. when you create a business relationship that force-fee-d-s- a- c- t00-t-he- d- e- f-x-f- ace- t-he -d- f- a- ct- a- ct-, and you base the value of your pre sense with no reason in nit, ore inn -k- nit- d- 0- w/ar-e-ness-t- inn- t- i/t- , "ewe" operate on the pre miss -t- of - f- t- getting -b-(L-)a-c-k-t- . all these b-L0- w/e- d- j-0- b-s-, are not creating valu/e w/e d p0 t en t i all as/s t/h (e) re all ~ d. the scene force-scene- for-t- no reason, is stealing love in every -e- s- e- a-s/s- 0/n- e- d- . "i/t" is both demanding money tu be -a- me-one-ye- d- , as/s i/t- provides no real working worth inn f~rank ly e t(h) a.d. just being ave d h and h ave d. this is a rapacious overgrown cyst-em- for-t- no reason- h-and- for-t- no re a.ll ce de/ed 's p (L) an d


"ew/e" g0-t-w/-h0- c-0ur-t- c-(0-)u-r-t- h-and- 0f- t- com-for-t- ab-le-ye- d-




b-0t-t-0/m- d- buy-e -l/l- i/n -e- d- t/h-re-a-t-'s- (p-)en- t- hat- e- vain-d- p.r.-0- w/-t- ly-e -ye-


-t- he-ref- 0-re- d- i/t- for-t- an0-t-her-d- aye- d- a.d.-e-p-t- h- ink-t-s- he has the w/rit e rig ht 00 t a' ke th back/ t 00 th d aye w/-e-re- n-t- p.r.-0-w/-t- as/s- t- he- p- as/s-e- d- 0f- t- inn- t- provision- ai- L- (e-)t- 0ut- p.r.-a.m.-e- d- buy- e- a-r- t- he-a-rt- d- art- h-and- e-ye- g-0/d-e- m0ther-e- L0-ad-0- w/-h-at-e- x- t- p0-s-e- d- for-t- an0-t-her-d- aye-g- 0-ad- s- (t-)a-ye- t0-ad- 0- w/-ai-t-


d-0f-t00-t-he-d- (h-) 0-ver- t- c0m-e- d- (e-)a- ll- t- a- (i-) ll-e- g- 0- ad- as/s- (h-) 0/n -e- d- 0f-t-s- 0- L- (e-)d- e/b- t- a- cross-t- he- m-ark-t- 0-f-x-f-(i-)t- hie-ven-d-s- 0/n-g- 0/d- 0/n-g-e-d-


e/b-tu-b-light-h-u-(e-)s/s- t-


u- buy-e- l/l-0- t- be-side-s- us- t-


w/(h)inn th fxf r~a.(i.)m. e'ye fxf~ree ly e (w/) c~a.m. e/d h and c L~a(i)m e'ye fxf/r0m e/d 0 w/are s~0/m e w/~h0 w/e d (0) b 0/n d~ ag/e d f0r t (a) g 0/d nes/s (t) ake t w/h0 d~ e w/(e) inn d (g/L) 0've d~ h and 0 fxf (i) t00 th' s e/e k t/d we ll inn knit~ a w/are a.d. 0 w/e 'd c~re a.t~e l/l e'ye fxf ly e ~ d f~0'r e ward~ e/b t00 th t0 w/(h)ere a.d. 0 fxf (i) t re ar~r ang e d. ~ c L am p~ t00 th ' s i/r (e) c(h) 0/m e ' st~an(d)ce~ s/s h~at h~and ate i/t~ inn a.d. vance d e w/e ll 0've tu~ de lug/e~m/iss (p)en t 0 w/(h)i~t ness t~ 0/0 t/h~ d ew/e d ata (i) l/l as/s t u b/buy e p. r.00f t 0're t-he-b/i-g-0t- get off me'ye fxf ace d per~man e/n t ly e a~t h~and inn p.r.0 visi0n'e ve(i)n s~h 0 (w/) e d~0 w/e ... th (e) de lug/e m/ b~0/d e'ye s th~ cr0ss t 00 th fxf a.m. i'll e'ye a.r~ t (h) rue ~ w/e d ewe t0/0t ~h / d


your the hall-t- if it weren't for me'ye fxf all t


what d ewe want me to do with my time dis~ t i'll e d 0 w/h e'ye -t- sir-(e-)come-s-pec-t- what you haven't actually maid


d 0 w/e re a. l/l as/s (h) 0 w/e d g~ race s/s (h) ave i 0re d~ as/s~ p b~ f 0'r(e) d~ s h~ a ll 0 w/e inn k/t c~ h? arm~ s at Large d


i'm not w-ai-st-in-g- your time as/s mu-c-h-t- as/s- t- he- pee-pull-e-ye-d- 0/u-(be-)t- he- r-0-un-d- e- w-e- d- 0f- t- en- d- inn-s- pi-re- ad- hi-re- d-


h-and- con-(e-)s- pi-re-ad-s- (p-) en- d-s- un-necessary-e- vain-d-


d-0-b-light-inn-g-we-ll-t-high-t-he-ha-h-inn-d- re (e) fxf le (x) ct i 0/n e w/e d's a w/e t 0/n augh t -d- 0/t- t-e-d- 0f- t-


gif-t- g- imp-ass-e- d-


a-bu-ye- d-


h-and- a- b/i.- ' d.-e-inn- t- i'm-e- d- h- ave- d-


debt too the disgrace "ewe" have all ready place--d- e/b- t-00-t- he- maid- e-ye- t- 0/n-e- t- ai- l/l- e- ye- d- "coup-le-d-um-b-c- e-w/e- s-e/e- d- (c-)um-me- d- 0-ve- d-" : "ewe" can't shake the tail en-d- when their is no resonance in nit tu b eg inn ~ e ve(i)n d


bon-d-ag-e- d- ewe- speak -t- 0- f-x-f (i-) t- 0-u-r-e- m-ark- i/t- don't- e-ye-


"ewe" don't speak to your market tu be ad 0 w/are d ... as/s i ft you got t heir without fertile ye z~ ere


your image for -t- no reason- ewe- don't care too the re (a) p air e d


just say inn fxf a(i)r ~ e/d h and ate t h/ei/r d




Aaron Sorkin, the Oscar-winning script writer for shows like The West Wing and The Newsroom, wrote an extremely personal message to the women in his life on Wednesday, following Donald Trump's presidential victory. Sorkin penned a letter to his 15-year-old daughter, Roxy, and her mother, Julia, which he shared with Vanity Fair.


He began the message by acknowledging the presidential election results, saying, "Well the world changed late last night in a way I couldn't protect us from. That's a terrible feeling for a father. I won't sugarcoat it – this is truly horrible."


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He went on to call the president-elect, "a thoroughly incompetent pig with dangerous ideas, a serious psychiatric disorder, no knowledge of the world and no curiosity to learn."


Sorkin also made note of Trump's outspoken followers, writing, "The Klan won last night. White nationalists. Sexists, racists and buffoons. Angry young white men who think rap music and Cinco de Mayo are a threat to their way of life (or are the reason for their way of life) have been given cause to celebrate. Men who have no right to call themselves that and who think that women who aspire to more than looking hot are shrill, ugly, and otherwise worthy of our scorn rather than our admiration struck a blow for misogynistic s**theads everywhere."


"We've embarrassed ourselves in front of our children and the world," he continued.


But then the dad addressed ways to move forward both on a personal level and as a nation.


"First of all, we remember that we're not alone. A hundred million people in America and a billion more around the world feel exactly the same way we do," he wrote. "Second, we get out of bed. The Trumpsters want to see people like us (Jewish, 'coastal elites,' educated, socially progressive, Hollywood…) sobbing and wailing and talking about moving to Canada. I won't give them that and neither will you. Here's what we'll do… we'll f**king fight. (Roxy, there's a time for this kind of language and it's now.) We're not powerless and we're not voiceless."


He went on to acknowledge his own privilege and noted that he plans to use it to help others.


"Our family is fairly insulated from the effects of a Trump presidency so we fight for the families that aren't," he wrote. "We fight for a woman to keep her right to choose. We fight for the First Amendment and we fight mostly for equality—not for a guarantee of equal outcomes but for equal opportunities. We stand up."


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Sorkin concluded, "America didn't stop being America last night and we didn't stop being Americans and here's the thing about Americans: Our darkest days have always—always—been followed by our finest hours."


And the note ended with one last message to his daughter, saying, "Your tears last night woke me up, and I'll never go to sleep on you again."





the "one" unfortunate problem eye see about the letter is penning it to vanity-e- f-x-f- a- (i- )re- d- : the method of follow/ t (h) r u/e we doesn't e/x a ct ly e t a ll 0 w/e tu bu ye t w/h 0 (e) d e w/e 0nt/h b/i line true w/e d.


kn 0/t e' s c e/n t (0) w/i.d th inn t ere s/t 's (p)en t :


not a pointless struggle, creating -0/d-0f-t--s- t00-t-he-re-lie-ye- d-0f- t- is crafting a p0-in-t-le-s/s- t- r/u-g/g-le-pt-up-awn-d- 0f- t-0-put- 0-f-f- t-. the competitive market place for-t- no reason to re L ate, is creating d0f-t-scene-inn-d- p-(L-)ace-d- that can't think for them sel~l fxf an d (e) fxf a ce d ate fxf 0 're t completion s (t) ake d. s-(h-)0-w/e- d- , again without reason inn th sel~l fxf (i) t/h~ea.ve n (t) d's (no man shows how this is done relating in the 0 pen with another w/0 men d 0've d, just for t he saying t hat he 'love's' curious ly not one...), the competitive market place creates the n-ill-use-i-0/n-e-d- that t heir are man ye people too the re L aye t w/i.d. th c a(i)r e d. "ewe" for -t- no reason, make p0-in-t-le-s/s- t- rug-g- le- d- e-a- ll- e- ye- d- re-ad- s- t- e- a-ll- e- d- buy-e- ad- e-p- t- a- gain- d- e- all- e- d- competiton for the sake of competition, so you don't have too think among the living that feel~ d


not a pointless struggle -s/s- t- 0/n-e- c- a- s/s- h/i- t- re-lent- less- lie- d-'s- e- am- s- cree-d'-s0und- a- re- round- 0/h- t-u- be- (a-) d- e-pt- at- L- as/s- t-00-t-he-re- ar-r-i've- d- e/b- t- inn- t- i'm-e-d- p.r.-0- w/- t- 00- t- (h-) a- l/l- a- round- 0- w/- (h-) ave- d- 0- b- rake- d- for-t- no re as/s 0/n e w/e t00 th e maid 0 pen t00 th~ as/s t


not a pointless struggle -s- inn- ce- s/s- t- be-(a-) d- se- em - inn- g- without divinity t00 th's c0re d f~0're 'ye t a gain d h and e/a. d.'s pea k t/h ea.ve~n (t) d' s (p) en d 's~ a ga'inn d


it is a pointless struggle to s-(t-)aye- d- it is a pointless struggle to "ewe" b.c. "ewe" only created h-and-0f-t--s- w/-i- ft- ly-e-ye- d- 0 - w/ar-e- t- h-and- b- f-x-f0und- 0/u- (be-) t- 0-p-en- l/l-e-ye- d- e-ye- d- force-s-s-ake- d- h- and- force-s-s- ache- d- h- and- force-s-s- ac-he- d- r-i've- d- 0f- t- 0- f-x-f-(i-) t- i/t- s- p-(L-)aye- t-


it is a pointless struggle too think eye don't h0nest ly e r~e L at e. just b.c. "ewe" re-fuse- tu-b- me r/r e 'ye only means, i don't carry -0-re- design-ere- d- ('s-) h-at- e- . ewe can think t 0ff(i) t bu ye designing t(h) 0/0 knit ~h at a w/h e'ye (t) d aye t


i can't watch snl right now, i am mildly, begrudgingly interested in "entertainment" and i am thinking of boycotting buying -s- inn- gen-ere- all- d-. i feel like i have been transported too live under the mantle of the dark ages.


without my purchase d 0'0 r~ d ere d (h) as/s p as/s ' d e/b t~h at heir e t w/h0 d (0) be(a.)d. n0 w/h~a t/t a(i)r~e (e) fxf L0 w/e re a.d. 0 w/e d~ en e w/e d


(h) as/s h~0 w/e p/t a~p/p. r. 0've d


d 0 w/are ve(i)n t i'm e d


h 2 0 d en e'ye d


(h) 0 p/en ly e d 0/u (be) t' s i.' d.~e s ur(e) r0und bu ye d 0'0re s/t e p/p (e'ye) d in e min(e) d~


if 'ewe' don't desire too the move for e ward act yl ly a w/are t00 t/h e tu d~e w/e d, "ewe" stand debt tu be (a-)d- 0f- t-h-and- ye- t- a- gain-d-s- a- clown- d- inn - donald's- i- re- (e-) f-x-f- le- ct- i-0/n--e-a- r- 0- d- e- be-lie-f- e/-e- d- he- at- 0/n-e- t- w/-h0- d- compete- d-- h-and- e- w/e- t- (h-) is-su-e- w/e- (a-)ve- n- (t-) d- 0- w/-i- thou-t- en- d-


e- vain- ewe- d-


donald will find every dof-t- necessary to - (w./-) e- d- his- t- u- b-utter-e- d- (h0-)ver-t- u- t- a- gain- d- 0- w/-(h-)inn- d- 0- w/ar-e- ad-'s- t- e- ad- h- and- 0 -w/-id- th- no one inn knit.


ironically b.c. donald trump has created no one to relate with even d, he can make scene-s-hi-t-up-t- for -t- no reason -d- 0f- t- 00-t-he- d- 0ve-d- 0f- t- en-d- however, i can make real shit up~ and use it to front and back t his ad vance m e/n t on me'ye tur fxf (i) t, he hasn't maid ad e pt. which now equalls a sitiuation, that b.c. he has only cast dof-t-s- inn- vain- d-, he has not a t0/n e t00 th ' s pea k/ t d 0've d h and just has to wear th' s hi t heave~n (t) d' s cent a gain d and ' ye d -he- can-t- create- d-0-w/-id-t-he- t- i/t- s-t-a-nd- 0 -w- n- d- w/e- ll- t- ('s-) he- ll- e- d- 0/u- (be-)t- 0ut- d- inn-ad- vance- d-


he is going too look like a funny puppet-(h-)ear- d- m0-c-king- Lance-s/s- t- a- n(d-)ce-s-s- a- w/e- t- 00- t- he- d- h-and- e- doubt- alla- round- s- p.r.-0ut- d- he didn't create want w/an ' t, he created wan t all t -he- t- i'm-e- d-


debt -0-0t- his-t- mar-t-ere- d- as/s -(h-)e-l/l-e-d- 0- w/e- ll- (t-) d-


augh-t-ere- d- imp- ai- L- e- d-


d- augh-t-ere- d- imp- (ai-) L- e- d- a- gain- d- c-h-arm-s- L-e/n-d-


pat-t-urn- nit-e-ye- d-'s-e-ye- t-'s- i/t- ig-ht- b- light- he- d- 0f- t- pat-t-urn- d- a- re- t- urn- d- (h-) 0-ver- t- h- and- 0/u- (be-)t- out- inn-ad- vance-s/s- he-ave- n-eve-r- t 0 w/e d as/s p~ea k t(c)up ~ t00 th p(L)ace s/s p(L) a'ye d 0 fxf (i) t~ r ai t (d) 0/0 re d


e~a. t ea.r n knit e' ye t 0/0 t/h ' s (t) a'ye t/t i 0/n ab(0)u/t~ (h) a.d. e/d 0'0 re t/h e/e (d)


mir~a~c le pt f0r cess p(L)an~ e (d) inn g 0/d 0 w/h e'ye d h and 0 w/ i'll can t un d/ere s/t a(i.)n d. inn g 0/d ea. ll (ea.) d. (0) be (a.) d. 0 've d


t-he-d- h- a(s/s-) t- 0/n-e- d- s- pine- d- c-le-p-t- a-s/s- (h-) i.' d.-e-(ye-) s-


s-he- d- has to unify on the -f- r-0/n-(e-) t-he- ha- s/s-t- me-(a-)id-up-(e-) t00-t-he- (re-) p.r.-0- claim-e- d- 0- ve- "d's" 0 w/(-h-)e d 0 w/i th0u t's (h?) a.m. e ? d


ewe can dress a turkey up but/t ere d ewe can't make it speak t(c) up -ai-d- e/b- t- (h-)r/u-e- vain-d- s- (h-) 0- w/e- d- c- ag-e-d- h-and- le- ye- vain- L- (0-ve-ye) ie- d- 's- e/e -d- ('s- ) up- e- d- f-x-f- 0 -r- t- p.-r.00f- t- h-and- h- as/s- t- ab-u-s-e- d-- ver-t- hue- d- h-and- huss-0/n-t- w/-h0- d- ewe- d-


e/b-t-00- lie-n-0/n-e- d-


c- le-a-r- e- d-


t-h0-s-e- men- t- at machine shops making weapons -i-re-s0-rt- f-x-f- 0- r- t- (d-) 0 -w/ar-e- p.-r. i.d.e- s- n- 0ut- he- d- f-x-f- a-(i-)r-e- d- all-t- he- t- i'm-e- d- a-(i-)re- d- inn the re all t i'm e'ye (t) d 0/n e t(h) 0/0 k nigh t~ p as/s t me'ye p.r. i.'d.e s a w/are d 0/u (be) t (d) 0 w/i th0u t a w/are inn s~ig h/t 0 fxf (i) t~ d 0've d h and (h) 0' ve r t (h) c~a.m. e ve(i)n s h 0 (w/)e d


those men at machine shops making weapons -ab-r0-ad-, raping the earth of its metal tu-be-am-use-d- as/s- t- a- me-t-a- ll- e--d- e/b- t00-t-he- d- ab-u-s-e- t- he- t- a- ll- d- 0 -w/ar-e- ad- -s-t- a- nd- 0f- t- i'm-e- t-he-ye- n-eve-r-h-a.d. 0/0 re want (' d) 0 w/h 0 d e w/e t(h) r/u e w/e d , for -t- no reason tu be a.r t/h d, should not be getting se(e) x : as/s t he ye -d- did not provide for i/t. they provide-d- force-s/s- e-(e-) x- a- ct-ly-e-s- h-0-(w/-)e- d- e- vain-d- 0f- t- f-r0m- (e-) mit-t00-t-he-d- 0- b- serve-d- e/b-t- w/-id-t- high-(i-d-e-ye-)t-hie-ven-s- 0- L- (e-) d- f-0-r- t- (a-) g-0/d- (h-) 0- ver- t- L0- ad- am- s- (p-)en-t- 0-f-x-f- (i-)t- bu-st- 0- f-x-f- (i-) t- h-and-e-ye- a-n-e-ye- w/-he-ye- (t-) d- e/b- t- a- cross- t- 0- f-x-f- t- c-an-d- be-(a-)d- 0f- t- far-t/h-ere- d- h-andy-e- w/-h- eigh- t-


he- t- (h-) a-re- pack-a/g-e-d- 0- w/e- ll- d- 0f- t- a- ft- ere- d-/i-'s - g- race- d- 0f- t-en- d- ea-r- (n-) d- 0- buy-e- a- round-


dowell == headless -t- u- b- buy-e- a- t- 0/d-ate- f-x-f- 0-r-m- e- a- ll-e-ye- d- e/b- t- a- cross- t- u - b- speak-t- 0- f-x-f- t00- t-he- d-s- (h-)e-ll-0ut- 0-/n-e- d- h0/n-0/r-are- ye- b/b--s-- p0-k-en- d- f0r t (h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e b 0/d e ye d


the dowell doesn't quest i 0n e inn the cur(e-)rent- it- a- ll- a- re- ad-e-ye- d- h- as/s- (h-) e- ll- (d-) t00-t-he- make- d- e-w/e- d- par-t-('s-) a'ke- d- f0rge- d- (e-) g-0/d-ness- t- ake- g- ai-n- d- s- (p-) en- d-s- te-t-h- cur-rent- b- (L-)e/n-d-


forge-r-e-ye- like law-st- inn-jur-e-ye-a-t- will not give up nit's posit - i0/n- e fxf 0 r t (h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e b 0/d e 'ye d e/b t00 the nit t00 the re p (L)e~a. t i/t en d ere d- inn- nit- : le g al? not really . le-g-all-e-ye-d- as-scene-force-s-scene-com-p-ea-t- u- b- scene- d-


the "le-g-all" nit won't give up its posit-ion-e-ye- d- , however e we shoud really st~a rt looking at every "0"n/e -d- , as/s i ft- he- ye- a- r- t-re-ad- i/n- g- ill- t- u- p- awn- d- 0f- t- 0/n-e- d- earning a living with no living sup p0 rt inn s~ig h t 0 fxf (i) t~ a cr0ss t i'm e w/e d 0 fxf t en d ew/(e) inn t w/h 0 d 0'b~m e r/r e 'ye a. t L~ as/s t (r) inn g (L) 0 ve' d as/s h~ i.d. e/d 0 w/h i.'d. e s t0 g e/th/er e ve(i.)n d. 's (p) en d's a.m. e/n d's (t) a'ye d


a'ft ere a.ll (e'ye) d' s p~e'ye d


at~(b) a l/l as/s t


In the pinned tweet on People's Twitter page, the caption exclaims: "He's hired!" = t-he-s- h/ire-d- c-are- t00-t-he- d- c-are-ye- d- be-ad-0f- t- f-x-f- 0- re- war- d-


(e-) g-0/d- j-0- b-s- with -y0-re- d- h- anec(-t-) dote- tat- large- d-



In the wake of Donald Trump’s stunning victory in Tuesday’s U.S. presidential election, there have been multiple reports of violence and vandalism tied to the inflammatory comments the president-elect made about women, Hispanics and other minorities during his divisive campaign


“We are horrified by the appearance of hate graffiti on a storefront in South Philadelphia,” Nancy K. Baron-Baer, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, said in a statement. “Swastikas and the Nazi salute send a message of intolerance and hate to the entire community.”


Nazi-related Trump graffiti was spotted inside a high school in Minnesota. (WCCO-TV)

• In Minneapolis, the president-elect’s name was included in racist graffiti that was scrawled on the door of a high school bathroom.


In an image of the vandalism at Maple Grove Senior High School posted to social media, “Trump Train” was written below “whites only,” “white America” and a vulgar message that included the N word. School officials said they are investigating.


“The tweet you may have seen of a racist message scrawled in a school bathroom is real and we are horrified by it,” a representative for the school district said in a statement. “It goes against everything we stand for, and it is completely contrary to our core values as a district and individual schools. School leaders immediately launched an investigation into the incident, and they will take swift and appropriate action based on the investigation findings.”


Some students told WCCO-TV they are scared to go to school.


“I don’t feel comfortable, to be honest,” Atep Ndip said.


• In Detroit, students at a middle school broke into chants of “build the wall” in the cafeteria on Wednesday as Latino children at the school were reportedly crying.


“We addressed this incident when it occurred. We are addressing it today,” Royal Oak Schools superintendent Shawn Lewis-Lakin said in a statement. “We are working with our students to help them understand the impact of their words and actions on others in their school community.”


• In Durham, N.C., the message “Black lives don’t matter and neither does your votes” appeared on a wall in the city on Wednesday.




funny r/ich ' d ewe are the only per's 0/n (e) d e/b t~h at d0es kn 0t 0 fxf (i) t -he-d- i/t- 00- t- he- d- e/b- t- it- a- gain-s- t- inn- t- 0-0t- 0-f-x-f-(i-) t- he-ad- neg-lig-en-t- ce-s/s- w/-i- ft- he- d-e/e-p-en- d- s- (p-) en-d-s-


i/t- a- w/ar- e- d- e/b- t-00- t-he- re- p----- re- sent- i/t- heir- d-


"ewe" s-imp-ly- e- can't -win- as/s- a- ye- s- tup- id- per-s- 0/n- e- d- 0-ve- d- he- ad- s-t-e- t00- t-he- f-i/r-s- t- hie-ven- d- s- (c-) um- me- d-


donald trump can never app(h)end my fxf ea. (s/s) t


w/-h- i -t- c -h- means he can't roll all women inn -t- w/-h-"on-e-" d- and pass the m -d- 0f- t- 00- t- h- (r-) 0/n-e- d- 0f- t- inn-re-p0se- d-


is sus pec t, we are more all 0pp0site -s-


he wan t's tu b-read-0f- t-'s- , h and e'ye w/an 't n0 par t 0 fxf e/e d inn g 0/ d -0f-t-lye-a-s/s- t- re- at-s- 0-0-t-he-n-e/e-d-s- i- re- p- (L-)e-a-t- s- tu- buy-e- d- 0- pen- ly -e- a- r- t- he- ed- s-t-e/e- d'-s- i-re- ad--e-ye- f-x-f- 0- r- t-'s- tu- d- ding- a- gree- d-


it is -t- easy to bead-0f- t- like the time i was a flagger, with the irate aires, that sent people to me angry, you just beat your chest for-t- no reason d. i did that inn the morning, in front of the road workers, yelled as i beat my chest facing 4 lanes of morning traffic. yelled and beated relentless ly, and who do you think i reminded the city works of, the angry for -t- no reason are-ye-s- e/e- k- t- 0p- r- ea- k- t- . and the angry aries stomped a way, and called the employer that i sexually harrased him that a w/aye t : i just gave him the pi-g-ct-u/re- d- 0f- t- him- sel-l- f-x-f- t- in front of his peers as/s we ll d e/b t00t (e)a're ar'se g e~ar' s e d i'm e/n t c~h ea.r~ d 0 fxf t0 me sell~ fxf e/e ven (d) ea.r ~ d


d 0 w/e ll d


h ea. d less L ~a.m. t00 th's L aught ere d~ f~an d


he only had d-ea-f-ea-t- u- base -t-his-t- re- m-ark-s- 0n- e-ye- d- . he had no honest coping skills when confronted with his o-(w/-)n- e- re- lie- f- t-


he also had so(w/)n e, no one honest inn c(h) 0/m e, so he ha head-less-t- inn-t- h-and- had no one too t a ll k inn d his t be h ave d


he had to stomp off- t- h-and- make someone responsible for -t- his-t-'s- ink- less- t- n-ave- d- h-and- n-ave-ye-d- b-rain-d- 0f- t-en-t00-t-he-re-t-ai-n- d-


i mean what was he going to do, be speechless with me'ye b/b u st inn f~r 0/n(e) t 0 fxf t w/h 0 'd (he d as/s- t- ease-l/l- ye- p.-r00f- t- ) but couldn't on account e'ye w/00 d ewe t00 t/h d . what was he going too tell the other men, he would like to deny the fact he par0dies- him-sel-f- x- f- t- for -t- lacking 0 ver t/h ewe d bu ye t(h)r u/e w/e but he doesn't h ave t w/h0 t-he--ref-0-re- doesn't have too think of t w/h0 d.


e'ye wasn't heir for -t- his- t00-L-ie-ye- d - 0/n-e- tu- b- L0- w/e- d- j-0-b-e-st-r- e-w/e-n-d-


what the b-a-st-a-rd- b-/i- g0- t- f-r0m- t-he-d-h- b-/i- b- le- d- is gay people aren't worthy of copulating, and i am thinking, you know, "ewe" shouldn't be th ink ing you h ave d en the nature all t rig ht inn p ass ag/e d, whether you copulate to make k-id-s- scene-inn-d- 0-0-re-n0-t- e- d- 0h- t- he- d-0f- t-


it was as/s close to abominable to listen too-t-h- i'm- s- him-me-d- r- 0/n-e- d- awn- d-


t heir was no penetrating t-his-t- ai- L- "0" v/ei/L -d- 0f- t- me-d-/i- 0- cr-e-ye- t-


t-hie-ven-d-ate- d-/i-s- g-race- d- set- 00- t- he- s- ai- d- ate- (r- ape- d- )


he has a wife that keeps- him thinking-s- he-is-t- a- g-r-(e-)ate- d- f-0-r-t- li(e-)f- t- un-d-ere-ate- d- s- t- r/i-fe- d-


f-e-e-d-s- lice- d-s-


s 0we you have a nit, and a fraction -d-0f-(i-)t-s- nit- s- 0d- 0f-(i-)t-s- it- s-nit- s-


a-w/ar-(e-) d- 0f- (i-) t- s-


s-n-are- d- re-s-inn-t- heir- d-


0f-(i-)t-s- qua-re- d- s- i/r-e- p- a-(i-)r- e- t- heir- s-


s-L0ve- d- 0f- t- en-d-ere- d- f- a(i-)r-e- d- s-


s-he-d- inn- re-pair-d-


d-0-w/- e- ll-e- s/s- inn- ce- st- hie-ven-d-s- (h-) 0- w/e- d-


she doesn't have too think to make her e mate a. t, h-and- (e-)ither- d- d0es-he- ap- t-


com-for-t-ab-le- ye- a- s/s- t- can-d- be-ad-(s-) 0f- t- ly-e- t00- t-h'-s- lee-p-d-


p-ai-d-0f-t- "deep" L0- t---- t0 (w/-) e- d - 0f -t-


why do you not think "ewe" would d-re-am-s- in your sleep, when "ewe" d- "ewe" it a wake- d- ap-parent-lye- a- t- h-and- t- hat- f-x-f-e/e-d-s- lee-p- d-


your -e- live-inn-g- t-he-d-re-am-s- c-an-d- le-pt- p.r- a.(i-)m.-e- d- 0- wake-d- 0f-t- b/r- ave- d- 0f- t- he- miss take d-0f-t- ('s-) p-(L-)aye- t- 0- f-x-f- (i-) t- a - w/ar-e- d- e/b -t00- t- he- "conscious-ness-t-heir-d-" re pre sent d e/b t w/ i.d. th e me 0ne ye, n0t 0ne a.r n d (f) a ct yl ly a w/are t00 th 0 be t/h' s(w/)erve d


0 p/en d~ en erve~n d' serve d


art e'ye d re am~ s


(t/r) e am s


t heir is a difference of 'speak t (c) u p/ t' and being th' speak t00 th(c)~ up t inn t p(L)ace d 0've d 0 fxf (i) t up t00t p a.(i.) d. 's hut


t ere d c~up t


pt = par t i'me


is how eye use it off t en d.


it means this definitions & p i/n t a w/are a. ll b/0unce d e/b t heir d




my icloud account , perhaps it is the real email from mac, or not, as i have been receiving various, dubious notifications, that i need to upgrade to have more space to store things on icloud, that i don't use, so unless my new iphone that upgrades on it self, and then it doesn't trust the ironically, mac computer, and will not allow me to connect the phone to the computer and retrieve video and pictures, i now "get" to do this with my roaming, and push mac phone content too the mac computer using the internet. ... anyway, the icloud notifications, i need to put emails in the trash to send ? and receive ? i'm not sure, but i haven't received an email since the 9 th! which honest ly, considering -e- t0-ken- ad- s- (p-) en-d-'s- (h-) a.m- e- d- for -t- not believing in the empty b-rain-d-0f-t-en- t- a- gain- d- f-reel- ie- d- e/b- t-00- L- e- t00-t-he- ad- s- cam-e- d- for- t- a -re-as/s-0/n-e-d- 0f- t- e-x- t- p0-/n-en- t- i- ally-e- d- he-ave-n- d-s- e/a-men- d-s- t heir is c0m f0r t inn kn 0 w/e t hing e t/h ere


i did though, find an email i sent to myself regarding the portland police dog catcher -d-


i'm going to load i/t up, then review/ hat i set up~(f) t


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@mac.com>

Date: March 8, 2008 7:34:26 PM EST

To: Angela Cook <xubrnt@mac.com>

Cc: xubrnt@yahoo.com


I would imagine, part of being a civil servant is looking the part. I honestly cannot say that the scratchy patch of goat fur growing with abandonment on the chin of your (earnest?) dog catcher suits that civil image.


It is further skewed, upon approach (twice, now, in my personal experience) with the glib smile combined with menacing actions, to pounce as it were, with less than meritable recourse.


In my candid opinion, I would dare say (but not without backing it up, re: an encouragement to read to completion) that he rides with the self-importance of a Napoleon, backwards on the jackass of his intent: Glib and smiling, nonetheless, like a dunce that lost his thinking cap while apparently looking for his moral compass -- which is ne’r to be found... Such a dilemma, but not for me to resolve, reasonably, because no fool would pay me to do so. Only an imposition incurred beyond the generous benefit of a doubt will unstay my hand to rectify a path for myself without monetary reward among those that do not earnestly earn their living commensurate to their apparent value among me.


Let Helen Keller conspire, in this instance: At least she had a respectable excuse for having eyes and failing to see, which however, she did not lean upon as her moral support and trumpeting bandwagon, in all regard of disregard, stating loud and clear, “I’m doing my job,” and furthermore, with a glib smile.


There are 2 fallacies with that statement, held in context as uttered by the scratchy patch of goat haired lad in your and my service of community. The first occurs with an assumption of value by stating publicly ie with observation that it is HIS (presumably of inherent value aka reason as with the implication of said ownership in reality as reality) JOB (presumably of value as per affiliation with the civil SERVICE organization that funds him) and thirdly, an implication of value that he is FUNDED which translates to known rational expenditure provoked by the consideration (which is another rational expenditure assumed on behalf of reason/ value) of some entity (funded by reason in turn, and in turn prior, etc.) to do so according to purpose and necessity aka a value in reality from which to be valued and found valuable in deed as derived.


In fact, the bottom line of necessity constitutes reason in and of it self (need I say, for the Self, and not to be confused with the “Self” / image of value without inherent value/ reason). The mere civil image emphasis of our times allows for such loopy loopholes to exist in deed: all things are not as they -should- seem. Which is too bad, because as you and I know, the function of the Judicial System is to punish the guilty for their crimes against reason, so the innocent do not have to pay for those crimes instead. In essence, if the guilty are not punished, the innocent are.


And so it is rueful, by association, that the Police Department does hold the hand of the Judicial system and visa versa, and with improper apprentices of said organization fund a “self”- serving misappropriation of time, energy, and money, to be held suddenly equal (worthless) to all that occupy these places of manufactured discontent for an inviolable “living”. The machinations of (your) convenient procedure ensure not one to take it personally as with responsibly, just to merely tax one personally and responsibly so. <As who else, really, can be accountable to pay the price?> ..*


*I will add, should appearances ring true as the value in reality they are at once estimated to be, Virtue will be rewarded the hand it requires for the very act of doing so.


This inherent and inalienable Right aka Reason, is spawned out of free will, and nurtured out of a desire for desire of Life. Honor presupposes Self, and opposes Self at the nexus of unnecessary “Law,” most notably in the form of obligation, manipulation, and restriction for no reason to reason in and of it “self.”


Depth of vision is a matter of parallax, most notably omnisciant, or so it would seem, in the top-down media-endorsed market place of public value: Where’s the Virtue in that, I ask?


While “Law” is the purdah of punishment for the desire of life and the “protection” for the lack of it, “Law” is also the purdah of punishment for the desire of desire. In that the ultimate unstated aim of the scratchy patch of goat hair lad were king for a day it would be to naively (which does not make the result any better) exist “one” and all, without the freedom to be honorable in and of one’s self as with another self. Thus, the narrow confines and true depiction of the letter of the “Law” sans personal responsibility via the Spirit of the Law.


I can, of course, delineate how this result of stunted nomenclature decimates the spirit of community just as surely as a random shoot ‘em up gang, but will save this opportunity to expound in detail upon further deleterious provocation.


In stating that the scratchy patch of goat hair chinned lad is proudly doing his job, all things considered, he is also stating with intended implication, that he is morally funded to do so, and in being morally funded, he is resolutely justified to act (for all appearances) in behalf of reason aka the purposeful purpose of his job description, and that job of natural descent of meaning is naturally meaningful in and of it self. Therefore, to act without reason one with another one, assuming goat-chinned-he (particularly under his own assumption) is one and not “one,” is to be immoral, and the beginning thread to unravel a sham construct of profit (for “you”) and/ or to merely lay waste at another one’s expense aka a liability (for me).


-This- quite seems to me to be Atrocious in what is thought to be convincing -Regard- in your and my behalf, as formulaicly, A is to A as Self = Self and that which is “Self” is equal to all “Self”.


To understand the 2 fallacies as 2 deceptive premises to articulate a butt load of willy-nilly “self”-serving deception upon thereafter, it must be stated the human nature of All possession we would desire to possess by claiming it as our own, and particularly in the public forum to be viewed with observation by laying claim to it with one’s own words ie “mine” and “my”, we would also desire it to be desirable / of value / of inherent as with apparent value / to be seen as reason in and of it self. It must be noted here and most fundamentally, and in strict relation to this missive, that Reason, Sir or Sir’s, Is Not Blind! (even if one IS, peradventure, resoundingly Deaf, Dumb, and Blind). (Aren’t we thankful for good examples to this day!)

Would that I were left to interpret the scratchy patch of goat growth on his chinny-chin-chin to maybe be...

The inverted extension of creative self-expression and not expectancy!


However, Seriously, I am writing to you today,

Because I am twice personally, and thrice vicariously,

Insulted with the service of your civil servant aka: “ _____.”


t-hing-e-s- (h-) ave- n- t- c-h- ang-e-d- at the portland po-lice-d- e/p- t- men-t-, and any "one" working t-heir-d- can put -heir-d- en- am-e- vain-d- inn t-h-( e-) b- lank- t-




.apparently i wasn't done writing t0 me an s~ e/e k t0 pen ly e t00 th b~e/a. per ce(i)ve d


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@mac.com>Date: March 8, 2008 7:35:12 PM ESTTo: Angela Cook <xubrnt@mac.com>Cc: xubrnt@yahoo.com

In my own experience, we shall surely see, His apparent capacity of reason is at least most flimsy,Distant and second-thought to the power and desire to execute Power from his stated position for “free!”

Give him a paper route and a Huffy bicycle to ride, and his gleeful power-mongering without reason would certainly change of it’s own accord, and his ambition fueled by his own capacity will true. I cannot say he would look any less ridiculous, though, riding a Huffy with goat hair hanging wild in the wind from his chinny chin chin. It would, however, be harder to postulate the fraudulent repose of “The Thinker” en route. I know how much proper form means to him.

The other part of this counterfactual possibility I propose for better understanding is, delivering paper’s on a Huffy or not, is the goat chinned choice, that he chooses not. And this is important in understanding the zeitgeist propagation of his character, as with mine.

Let me begin with the first time I met your spindle-legged goat-face dog catcher, last winter. My dog and I were crossing the icy overpass near the new Mercy Hospital. The scratchy patch of goat chin lad waited at the bottom of the overpass, smiling, pining legs spread apart to block our path in the best imitation of scarecrow-like manner. I could see him positioning himself there from the apex of the overpass, and gave him the regard of continuing 200 meters down the path to meet him directly.

My dog was wearing an electric collar. I explained this to the scratchy patch of goat haired lad, and he told me that was not acceptable. I said I had been living and running here in Portland, off and on, for 5 years, and I have been informed by this town’s P.D. that it IS acceptable. He insisted on writing me a ticket, so I gave him the name and private address of Gertrude Stein. Yes, I had to spell it for him, and hoped most beneficially, as me and my dog loped on our way, that rip, rip, toss, the ticket was biodegradable. Gertrude would not show up to court to be further taxed uneloquently beyond the burden of an unnecessary “service” in a system where she is meant of have her say, but no one is qualified to cogently hear her, as dutifully noted by meeting the absurd sentry of that service organization in -person- and having a blindingly obliged chitchat at all freezing hours of the day(at optimistic best).

The things that your goated dog catcher did not take into account --(besides him projecting on me that I am an improper steward that does not care about my dog -- Ahh what hubris from a feebly manicured mind, and the stalwart blinkered observation and myopic vision from which it so naturally sprang with unscrupulous conviction. I can detect with a glance the goat of lad does not support his own spine. I will now call him “Hoover The Vacuum Man.” Had I had Gertrude’s Victorian hand, she certainly would have slapped his goat face back from silly on the spot) -- is that he detained my dog and I beyond reason while we were running in icy conditions, with the sun going down, the temperature low, and over a mile from any possible habitat. In this respect, I conclude in my own words, and not any other literary agent’s, that the open-eyed protocol of Hoover the goat “man” is Ass.

I will repeat, succinctly, what I mean to say, if it cannot clearly be inferred: The Hoover goat man’s “service” is of no service to me, particularly, and repeatedly, when it does not take a longitude and latitude of context, a willing depth nor a breadth of scope. These are not my fundamentals to supply, except under these extra-ordinary “circumstances” where I see no future but to defend myself from ‘”such,” except by making ready and prolific supply for all to see as with me.

Let me continue with the conversation, a year later, with 2 of 4 officers yesterday called to greet me. While the dog catcher came down the slope of the street on the West End Promenade, I was in his view the whole way. My dog was 3’ from me, stationary, smelling the snow at the crest of the hill we just summited. The groaty goat throat dog catcher started to stop and I ran down the side of the hillside I just ran up, my dog in pursuit, his goat-chinned character based on previous experience already surmised by me.

He chased me and hailed me to stop, exercising exceeding carelessness for his life and limb than I would running down a wooded, possibly rocky, snow-covered decline. He told me that my dog needs to be on a leash 24/7 in the city of Portland.

This is what the goat-head dog catcher noticed and reported dutifully back to base: That I ran with my dog that wasn’t on a leash.

My dog was infact on a leash. I was not holding it at the time.

This is why we stood outside for I don’t know how long, until my dog was climbing on me to be held because it’s feet were cold. This is why I absolutely refused giving my name, and the “generosity” to have my dog relocated to a warm vehicle. This is why I do not regard this as a caring gesture, in tandem with the propping up of pubic-potomous’s “job” -- as if doing his “job” explained every thing and not every “thing.” Not to mention, I have no respect for Patsies, and only hope that at some point, some things will go without MY saying.

Now, this is why I absolutely refuse the charlatan quackery of the thick (yet slim-esteemed per no recollection of it yet) dark haired officer to give them my name so that I could be summoned in court, and pay a gracious fee which wouldn’t cost much I am told, (particularly if how I earned my living was of no value to me) because I “want” to be heard there.

Hmmm. Did I say that? Or am I perceived to be a gracious, pitiful Tit?

I would deeply despise being perceived a gracious, pitiful Tit!

Thank God for paper so I can get this down once, and the collective -you- can think twice before you put indiscriminate words as with wants and desires in my mouth.

What the scratchy patch lad didn’t communicate and had plenty of time to view is I surfaced the side of the wooded hill ahead of my dog, which followed in my footsteps because the snow is deep. At the top, and as the doggedly dogged dog catcher was proceeding down the street toward me and my doggy dog, I was taking off my gloves, ear muffs that were clasped around my arm, so that I could then take off my jacket, then tie the jacket around my waist, put the earmuffs around my arm of my shirt, put on my gloves: all this, preferably without getting snow on my clothing, for obvious reason to a person quite literally in my shoes standing in the snow and participating in these weather conditions. At this point, ordinarily, without hovering harranguement from your civil servant, I would have picked up the leash attached to my dog, and then continued our run.

Honestly and quite frequently, the push up the hill warms my core exceedingly, and is often precisely the place I need to take off my jacket. I don’t expect -you- to know the rhythms of my nature however I do not expect -you- to pluck me off the street and out of my provisional sensibility because of it either.

I am saying, in the groaty goat’s very long and slow and calculating approach, he was not seeing me again. He was not seeing the situation for what it was. He chased me down that wooded hillside and said that my dog had to be on a leash 24/7 in the city of Portland.

He does not understand, in all his myopic wonderment, that I do not want to speak with him nor he to breathe a “word” on me. I reject his service as a service in deed as much as he rejects and dishonors my careful stewardship of my dog as with my signature self. He is a common nondescript pawn in a common pedestrian game, the only signature of fallible identity is a goaty groat throat. Seek someone else's penance I say, for your exposed vanity and failings of true personification. (Personally, there is no honor in leading a flock of sheep).

Later, as I stood waiting, my cardio workout now turning into an impromptu and isolated biceps exercise, the goat-chin-he expressed that he was really called to this neighborhood to see a “fox doing something weird” in someone’s “backyard on Spring Street.”

The fox could have built a fort, fornicated with every four-legged in a 400 foot radius, and had pups in the time he took to get there. Pressing, really Pressing. I can tell!

“Do you know where Spring Street is?” he immediately followed with hopeful interest in discerning my reply on my face.

I knew why he was asking, and understood it as baiting me to discern where I live. After our first meeting a year ago, I had been running without my dog on Spring Street, and recognized him there and recognized his recognition of me. He gets off on it. It puts a little spark in his day, a peculiar jolt of energy. I am not one for reading auras, however, I can ascertain that he is vibing this hunt like a game, and it shows on his face as a counterpoint to what may otherwise be considered perpetual dumb-foundedness. It has its charming aspect, I am sure, for the appropriate person, as I must wonder why it is there, displayed in open-eyed (connotating self-aware) default, as a means to be looked upon. (Look at Me! I’m Looking!)(Ascertained by my simple law of Endorsement is Commensurate, expounded as what you hold the hand of holds the hand of you). Which again, makes me mildly curious as to who would be looking? I mentally look around, and don’t see anyone or think of anyone that comes to mind. That is the extent of my compelling interest manifest in the person behind the eponymous goat face.

I commented to his question by being truly amazed about the fox in the neighborhood. He further garnished his essence of nuisance with the counterfactual admonishment that the fox would probably return to these woods, (as opposed to other woods, closer by) (thus “proving” his necessity to me with an anchor in reality as per My footing engagement, and like I am now going to be led to believe, lock, stock, and barrel that the little fox is going to return to these little woods here, and precisely inter himself in this trampled foot path there, precisely at the quatered nexus of me in the squatty postcard depiction of reality of goat-chin-he). And what if my dog chased it and got rabies? I said my dog was vaccinated. He further pressed the what-if of really bad rabies that I hadn’t thought to think about “that”, or “that” or that other “that” (all the while relentlessly selling me the “virtue” of the ticket he wanted to dispense like a little gift of penance).

Let me just say politely here, and get it over with: THAT WAS WHAT THE FUCKING ELECTRIC COLLAR WAS FOR FUCKING MORON. I apologize that I cannot seem to think of a more apt way to express this ill licenser per ill licenser, and on a level that may best be understood in it’s entirety and without reservation. Oh yes, and with subtle economy. I know that is very important to procure.

Now, to address the goat chinned query as I actually did at the time. But before that, I did have a small talk with the shaved police man with blue eyes about some things being like electricity. The light is on or it is off. There is no gray area. And like electricity, you are either adding, and I paused, and the police officer started to speak, “or you are detracting” I continued...

I couldn’t see him as adding if it was his job to uphold groaty goat in “doing his job.” I expressed that he could offer me no kindness and we had no basis of regard as such, which he started to take personally, as if inflicted and staring off from me vs having his eyes right on me, because he did ask me to notice that he did appear (and he did / appear) kind, and in respectful reserve with his black utilitarian-fitted gloved hands crossed non-offensively infront of him at his waist, neither extended to me or pulled in defense from me, but in a natural anatomical position, as if to display a latitude of patience. What lay under the gloved hands, I do not know. Topically, I read them rest-assured, as harmless as possible.

At the moment when I read the officer’s infliction at my comment that he could not proffer me or anyone kindness (in deed) from his point of reference, rather than chance losing him to a possible externalized reaction in his mind, I had to apparently ameliorate my comment by deferring to the sensibilities of my dog that I was holding in front of me. That if I said mean things to my dog in a nice way, my dog would think I said nice things, and if I said nice things to my dog in a mean way, my dog would think I said mean things: That (in these subtle yet no less Objective terms) the appearance of kindness is not the kindness in deed. And that is what I meant to say, objectively speaking to his person.

I do remember as I was being counciled, that I counciled that the dog catcher should be the one counciled and detained, and not myself. I vote for the profits of inculcated nepotism of “like” vs like, to be in-house collectively as with respectively! (And, I don’t vote for taxation without representation).

At standing length, in the snow on the ground, and the snow on the air, The officers concurred that this exercise was “ridiculous” and got in their car. The thick yet thin in department of refinement officer quipped that I would be the one to call blah blah blah blah.

They were leaving as the scratchy patch of goat hair growing in abandonment on the chin of the dog catcher stepped in front of me, and plied, presumably, his logic of the urgent and possibly rabid fox in the neighborhood, that he was deliberately doing nothing about as he was deliberately choosing to do otherwise. I thought I would try to ply my imaginative logic in return and see how that goes -- but this after I responded to the “waiting” comment he made on first approach -- matching the goat headed dog catcher unflinchingly eye to eye as he looked down in front of me, I said levelly and within breathing-on range, that “I would have waited until you froze up and dropped over.” He did something weird, like smiled openly in caught-off-guard surpised manner while looking down... and as for the rabies, which is to say the risk. With wide gestures I remarked that We All Risk when we step outside our door or stay within it, That the rabid fox could chase my dog and bite it (vs the other way around) and then proceed to bite my head off, and blood would squirt out my arteries and veins. That I risk a far greater risk each day running into the likes of “you,” which obviously I Don’t Want Too.

In passing, I saw the goat faced dog catcher 2 times on advent of my departure home. He was weaving a path up and down the streets of the West End neighborhood. I waved to him once. He looked sparky.


"i/t"'s- as/s- i-ft- he- d- hi-re-d- s-he-ll-p-d- is - t- heir- d- 2-make-d-up-(e-) d- up- awn-d- force-scen/e-we-d- inn- p- (L-)ace-s/s-he-a-ven- tu- ' d-


t-he-d-0f-t-en-s-nare-d- "a.d." 0-0-re- d-


's-c0-p-eye- d-


a(i-)re- t-h(e-) t-i'm-e- d- 0f-x-f- t- en- d- 0- w/-h0-men- d- -s- cent- (h-)rue-w/e- d- e- w/e- t- a- (i-) ll- t- he- t- i'm-e- d- e-w/e- d-'s-up-p-Lie-- d-s- 0 - w/e- d- 0/u- (be-) t- 0ut- h- and- 0/u- (be-) t- c-ha- (t-) c-hing-e- d- g-(L-)ewe-d- hasn't taught real value, only a -g-e-d- for -t- no reason t w/h0 ~ d e'ye w/e d


regarding t-he-s-a./m.-e-nd-s- in the machine shop, raping their earth for -t- d-i/r- t- 00- t- he- d- p-ai-d- 0f- t- en- d- 0've- d- f0r- t- no reason --e- ye- n- d- en- eye- d- e'ye- d- for- t- all- t- i'm-e- d- do not actually bring the savior i proclaim too live in vein? , "eye" make noise for -t- no reason, b.c. "eye" can destroy the pre miss -he-a- ve- n- d- en-e-ye- (t-) d- e-ye- d- a- ct- yl- ly- e- ye- d- for-t- b-rain-d- b-uck-e- t- get-(d-) i'm-e- d- to slavish lie work -t- 0- f-x-f- t- he- d-s-t-e- p/p-e-d- 0f- t- 0/n-e- w/ 0 men -d- e/b- t- i'm-e- d- (h-) as/s- h-0- (L-) e- d-


if t-he-ye- are not providing to see X, t-he-ye- shouldn't be rig ht fully e getting see X and certain ly shouldn't be talking about (getting) see X ' d. Inn fxf (t) a ct, t-he-ye- d- shouldn't be commenting "one" w/-ai-t- 0-re- ran-d- e/b-t00-t- h- an-(d-) 0- t-he-re- d- "one" -t- f-0-r- t- your -t-h-rue-w/e-d- 0- w/-e/e--d- b-rake- d- inn -re- f-x-f- le- ct- i-0/n-e- d- e- vain-d- s- h- 0- w/e- d- e/b-t- as/s- hi- through-0- d- f-x-f- a-(i-)r-e-s- t- as/s- h- (e-) d- e- sign-ere- s- p0-u-t- for-t- he- s-0-L- (e-) d- (i-) ere- d- t0 re claim mit -h-is-t- u- be- h0-LD- ere- d- 0/u- (be-)t- he- d- 0- w/e- d- e- vain- d- e/b- t- a- gain--d- u- st- 0- f-x- f-(i-) t- d- (g-L-) 0- ve- d- g- (L-)e- w/e- d- as/s- t- (h-) is-su-e-w/e- d-


to slavish lie work -t- 0- f-x-f- t- he- d-s-t-e- p/p-e-d- 0f- t- 0/n-e- w/ 0 men -d- e/b- t- i'm-e- d- (h-) as/s- h-0- (L-) e- d- he-a- rt- he- d- art- d- 0 - pen- (a-) l/l- e-ye- d- to suck-t-s-e/e-d- for-t- no reason tu be (a.) d.


if t-he-ye- are not providing to see X, t-he-ye- shouldn't be rig ht fully e getting see X and certain ly shouldn't be talking about (getting) see X ' d. Inn fxf (t) a ct, t-he-ye- d- shouldn't be commenting "one" w/-ai-t- 0-re- ran-d- e/b-t00-t- h- an-(d-) 0- t-he-re- d- "one" -t- f-0-r- t- your -t-h-rue-w/e-d- 0- w/-e/e--d- b-rake- d- inn -re- f-x-f- le- ct- i-0/n-e- d- e- vain-d- s- h- 0- w/e- d- e/b-t- as/s- hi- through-0- d- f-x-f- a-(i-)r-e-s- t- as/s- h- (e-) d- e- sign-ere- s- p0-u-t- for-t- he- s-0-L- (e-) d- (i-) ere- d- t0 re claim mit -h-is-t- u- be- h0-LD- ere- d- 0/u- (be-)t- he- d- 0- w/e- d- e- vain- d- e/b- t- a- gain--d- u- st- 0- f-x- f-(i-) t- d- (g-L-) 0- ve- d- g- (L-)e- w/e- d- as/s- t- (h-) is-su-e-w/e- d- 0f-(i-) t- 0- f-x-f- "t's" e/e- d- i'm-e- d- c-him-e- d- e-ye- t- a- gain-d- for-t- no reason e- d- g- imp-ass-e- d- 0f- t- hie- ven- t- (h-) ru-e- w/e- d- for-t- (h-) 0/0- k- t- no nature all b raIN d ~h and (h) 0 ver t h ~and sir e me'ye s inn t ere s (t) 0/0 t/h~ be t/t a(i)r e~ nd 0 w/are t ~h a.d. just b.c. augh t/d 0 be (a.)d. all e ye s~ pea k / t 0 fxf (i) t i'm e d in(n) e min(e) d~ h~ a.(n)d. 0/u (be) t


men for-t- no re as/s 0/n e d en ewe d as/s~ h 0 (L) e d, shouldn't be regarded as/s h eave n t w/h0 d ew/e. & certainly t-heir-e-me-0ne-ye- should be obvious that wile it speaks for them-sel-l- f-x-f- t's- it doesn't b/ring th e valu/e w/e, nor does the nit w/an ' t w/h0 d~ e w/e . the ref 0're, men shouldn't look on women or their beauty or t heir e "lack" -t-0-f-f-(i-)t- , for any reason that these a- men-d-s- would app r00f t. these -a-men-d-s- didn't bring value, beauty, nor the right full ability to com men t 0/n e c~(kni)t heave n (t) d c(h) 0/m e d 0 w/inn knit h and 0/u (be) t/h e mit/t 's i/t 's~ ... the-se-men- for -t- no reason, should be scene for the value that they steal for t pretending t-heir-d-0f-t- is- h- ill-e-d- 0f- t- he- re-eL-e-d- e- a- LL-e- d- 0- with no love in mind or ability t00 L i/t h~e a.ven (T) d's


ai de st i/n e'ye d


now donald trump is going to secure his children fact-h- t00-t-he-d- be-ad- fait-h- f-x-f- u-(e-w/e-)ll- (t-) d-, as he administrates the lending and b-lend-ing- o-ve- d- 0d-d-ere- d- peoples children-(t-)d- for- t- his- t- me- as/s- t- a- r- e- p- (L-) an- (t-w/-h0-) d- : his children and family will be secure behind his bu-si-ness- t- f-x-f- (t-) a-ct- 0-r-e-ye-d-0f- t- h- and- e/b-t-he- re- m-(e-) ark- t-(d-) 0/n-e- d- 0/n- g-'s- us- t- in-e-d- s- he-a- ven- (t-) d-s- t- r- 0/n-(e-) g- 0/n- ad-s- 0/n- g- 0/d- 0/n-g-s-up-p- lie-ye- can- t- a- cross- -t- 0- f-x-f- (i-)t- up- a(i-)d- 0f- (i-) t- hie-ven- (t-) d- um-b-c- um- me- d- 0f- t- 0/n-e- d- g-s-us- d-(g-) 0/n- (e-) g-/g- e- d- up- (e-) 0/n-e-d- 0f- t- 0/n-e-d- b-ring-e-d- awn- d- for-t-he-m-s-en-t- i'm-e-/n- t- a- ll- e-ye- d- (0-) b- f-x-f- 0- un-d- re-s/s- t- 00- t-he- d- re- b0und- h- and- 0/u-(be-) t- c- ha- (t-) c-hing-e-d- e-ye- t- make- t- he- t- me- 0ne-ye- d- for- t- re all a s/s a ye d h ave d 0'0re g iven t i'm e / d g~ ave t/h (e) d h and h (e a.) d. i'v(e) in e/d~ en se ll e ye s miss (p) en t (h) a re r0und~ e ve(i)n ly e a. s/s t ere s~ (t) 0 w/ n ~ d as/s~h ea.r t hi.' d.e fxf (t) a ct h~and c(t) 0/n e d as/s~h at inn c(h) 0/m e/d


0 b~L a c(k) t


~e fxf r 0/n(e) t a' ll e' ye a. t' (s) hat


(0) b 0/ne d


inn c(h) 0/m e /d 0 've t a' (i.) l/l e ye 0n (t)d


donald trump is only fait-h- f-x-f (t-)a-ct- full- e- d- e- f-x-f- r-a.(i-) m.-e- d- he is only faith full too the dof-t-he-d- c- an-d- le- d- a/ss- he- d- e/b-t-00- t-he- p- imp- as/s- e- d- f- 0-r-(e-)d-


funny i wonder if his kids will speak in my vein, verse-sus- t- heir-d- vain- , too tell the wor(L)d that i am only speaking the truth as/s t a r/d 0 0're d e/b t00 th c~ L an~ d 0 w/rit e d 0fxf t en d heaven d h and just b.c. e'ye c~an d le pt rig ht~ h'd 0 w/are a.d. e/p t(h)r u/e w/e d 0/n e t 0/n e re l/l e ye d e/b t(h) 0 pen t a gain d rive d just (r) a w/are a dept w/h0 d en e'ye p.r. a.(i.)m. e/d 0 h (and eye ) t heave n~ as/s cent c~ an d be c0/n e d 0've d 0 b/ring (L) 0 v'e d


donalds kids told the world he only spoke the truth, as-s- i- ft- hat-dance-d- (0-) b- (r-) ough-t- his- t- i'me- d- e-a-f- i/n--(e-) d- t0 g ether e(n) t (i'me d) heir d i'm e d e/b t w/i.d. the map par e/n t


s-hi-(f-) t- as/s- hi- de-s- a - container- with no re all pride t0 me as/s u/re (a.) d. e'ye s


s 0w/e ye can ask donald trump for a j 0 be a.m. e'ye d at~a b le a.d., and eye would be denye-d- for not h/ave inn g enough 'reel' experien/ce-0-d- 0f- t- 0- 0t- 0-f-x-f- t- a- p.-r-0-(0-)f- (i-) t- his- t- c0-h0-st- 0- s/s- 0- d- 0f- t-


b-r0-ad-s- c0p-e-d- h-an'ec(t-)d-0h-t-he-t-r0pe-d- 0 with no reason and no re all s c0p(i.)e d.


com mo/n decency is a c-t- hei-ven-d- g- am-e- d- all- t-he- t- i'm-e-vain-d- 0f- t- s -0w/e- d- he- d- can -e- re- claim- -e- d- e/b-t- a- gain-d- e- vain- d- t-he-ref-0-re- , not one can p0 in t 0ut, he dof-t-d- e/b- t-00- t- he- very b0dy' s a.m. e -d- e/b- t- w/it- h-and- 0f- t-he-c- knit- w/-"i/t" - a- gain-d- : this is done so the dof-t- can secure ly re lie -d- 0f- t- as/s- mu-c-h- t- he- d- 0- w/an t - 0-0t- 0- f-x-f- (i-) t- up- t-'s- 0w/e- d- p-ai-d- 0f- t- 0- f-x-f- t- ... as/s-mu-c-h- t- ... he-d-0f-t-




(-) be-ap-re-sent-


t-heir-e- b-rake-inn-g- t- he- m0- LD- 0- w/-hat-his-t- pre-sense- d-




donald o- pen- d- a-n-ewe- re-s0-rt-


buiding-e-d- j-0-bs- t00-t-he- d- g-(e-very-e- t- hing-e-) 0/n- ad''s- um- e- 0/n- e- d- su(e-)m-m0/n- d- 0f- t- en- d- e/b- t00-t-he-t- 0- s/s-0-d- 0f- t- s- 0we- s- 0n-ly-e-d - 0f- t-00- t-he- sir-(e-)v-i've- d-


on principle d- he- d- e/b- t- a-(i-) l/l- (b-) e- nd- e/b-t- a- gain- s- t- 0/0 -t- i'm-e- d-


all-a-g-0/d-com-p-an-e-ye- d- h- as/s- i/t-s- nare-a-s/s-0/n-e- t00-t-he- re- (p-0-r-) t- 0-r- t-


p.-r.0-(0-)f--x-found- (h-) as/s- t- e- d- ab-0-r-t-


(h-) a-re- round- s- n0-r-t- 's-


(h-) a-re- round- s- n0-r-(e-) t- 's-




the more trump con-ce-de-ed-s- l0ve- d-, the more he-a-t-s- it- up- t- f0r-t- no re all a re as/s 0/n e t00 th (e) re st 0/a r~e a.d. 0~0're d


i just gave myself a minor inconvenience i get to work around, the icloud storage wasn't letting me receive or send emails. i never desired for anything to be backed up, too the "c loud", you know, what i see and keep in front of my eyes are fine. however in dealing with the icloud issue foisted on me as a consumer, my faux icloud account i don't use to back up anything ever, makes me get rid of emails, and i do that, and still do have operability of my account, in that i can send and receive emails, unless i "up-(i-)grade" on an account and service i have never voluntarily used. rather then get into a system of paying forced some ? thing, i tried to avail myself of how to fix this, and apparently, deleting messages on icloud from my email account on my computer backed up there, wipes out all my emails on my computer. ! sigh / deep breath. you know, as i have a lot of work, i have not laid t00 th inn (t) d ere st. the work around, i don't get to send a convenient email from my desk top any more, but i can go to icloud on the browser, and find my messages there, and send a god damn email. it has more of a wait time, my browser or connection is slow, on top of apple products updating my iphone so it moves shit around on me, i can't find, gives me a view of bells and whistles i don't need and didn't use, and asks me every time i connect it to my computer, if i trust this computer, and it will no longer allow me to unload photos and videos to said "apple" computer. honestly, it feels really good to not get any emails, which are mostly advertisements, even though i unsubscribe, the b-s-hi-t- a-re- round- i'm-(m)e- d- s'- h-ad- 0- w/- e- in- d- : i've kind of had enough with apple computers -hi- -t- setting a pace for-d- 0f- t- me, thinking for me? replacing my orientation so apple-d- can force fee-d- again- d-. what are the options, in the digital age, where we are sol(e) ? d? on the face and fake pre miss e w/e can (e) fxf 0 ll 0 w/e t (h) r u/e w/e t00 th d ate. i am kind of tire d of being used as t-he- h-b-a-st-a-r-d- miss' t a' ke -d- e- vain-d- s- 0- w/e- d- 0h-t- a- gain- d- e- liberate - lie- d-'s- (t-) a-ye- d- e/b- t- he- re-a- r/r- an-g-e-d- for- t- no reason -and- for -t- no nee d for -t- f-ea- r- d- e/b-t- he/ir- d- 0- w/- t-he- me-0ne-ye- a- r- n- d- 0f- t- 0/n-e-s- (w/-)erve-- n- (d-e-) nerve- d-


e/b-t-he-ven-d-0-0re--(a-) d- e- nerve- s- miss- (p-)en-t- a- gain- d- 0f- t- en- d- 0- w/-ai-t- he- d- ate- a- s- e/a.-m.iss-t-a-k/e- d-


e/b-t-he-ven-d-0-0re--(a-) d- e- nerve- s- miss- (p-)en-t- a- gain- d- 0f- t- en- d- 0- w/-ai-t- he- d- ate- a- s- e/a.-m.iss-t-a-k-en- d- (e-) f-x-f- a- ce- d- "0/h" - t- he- d- 0- w/-ag- 0/n- d- 0f- t- he- d- g-race- d- 0 - pen- (a-) l/l - ie- 0nt h' as/s h0 ve very e b 0/d e'ye (w/e) d


inn s t e a.d. h and 0 've (t) d~ ea. t~ a gain/n d ' s ~ a.m. e/n d's.


what we have instead-e/a-d-'s- , is the money i make honestly and considerately and conscientiously too th d ate for t com p L~e/a. t i 0/n e me(a)id = is to be use-d- against me a-t- e- f-x-f- a- ce- d-. you get that. the money i make in a competitive market place -d- is used to mark my efface "as-s-" no reason -d- to re lay t. real ly ? the competitive market place-d- s- e- x- i/s- t-'s- e- x- a- ct- ly- -e- b-buy-e- t- he- miss- (t- u- d- e- ye- t- he-) m-(e-)ark- t- man-ag-e-men-t- 0- pen- Lie- d's- ig- h- t- d- e-a.- m.- s- w/-h0-r-thy-e- de-mon-e-ye-a-s/s- t- re-a- t- 0- f-x-f- (i-) t-'s- c-ree-d-'s- e/e- k- t- comfortable lie, with no reason too t heaven surmise d/i n(n) e/d . = ironic combustible "miss -behavior" from the s-am-e-n-d-'s- (h-) ave- i- 0re- d- for -t- no reason- and definite ly for -t- no re all e'ye d e/b t00 th time completion e takes th t a s/s k / t e'ye d (0) be h~ave i 0re d, w/-h- a-s-s-t- e- d- never actually sup p~ly e d


another chant tonight. more people. louder. not my president-e- d- d-e-ye- d- s-ay-inn-nit- 0/d-ate- d- not 0ne with re all relevance t00 the m(e) a. t e t00 th (e) r e L at e / d 0've d


e/b t00 th (e) d (h) 0 ve d e ve(i)n (t) d h~and ' s (p) en d's a g a/inn d~ em an d


so i am thinking about the design of eve/n e me 0ne ye d' s pea k/ t(h)0 me an s e/e k / t 0 p/en (a) l/l e ye d~ 0 w/are (a.) d. h and 0 w/(h)ea.r~ (t/h) d


i'm not as/s k inn ewe t00 th (e) de sig/n knit.


i'm moving fore ward, s 0 w/e d ewe can sit comfortably on your hands 0n your as/set 0/0 th (d)


you like t hat. so "god" dame d funn e y e d


l00 k, basically eye feel, what has been -d-0/n-e-d- , you know, we can look at what i do as, being competitive back- t- 0/d- u/e- w/e- d-, and yes i can see that as/s possibly looking that way. more importantly, i don't go looking for or force-scene-s-hi-t-, -it- usually follows me to get something nit can't supply h0 /n e s/s t LY e~a. T 00 th T ea. T.


i desire to complete, and i have learned over time that my daftness ie being nice general ly, is a miss-a-conception- d-s- a- miss- supplye- d- e/b- t- w/-"i/t" inn- t- i'm-e- f-x-f-0-r-t- a- ll- t- he- t- i'm-e--d- 0f- t- 0/n-e- a- t-0/n- ai- L- ie- d- "2" pre-serve- d- e- f-x-f- ace-d- as/s- h- e- d- c-him-e-d-


what i feel has been d-0/n-e--d- needs to be un done, un thread e/d the same 'way' bu ye w/h e 'ye (t) d. the parallel and parallax are similar, like, viewing the tiles in my apartment. they are coming up and leaving large gaps in the kitchen walk way. i just reminded my self, bring some glue, and fix those tiles. i am still advocating, the re all paying 0/d aye t w/i.d. th inn t en t i 0/n e t00 th e m(e) A k/t~


that said 0 while i pay attention, out and inn, the weird process of un re verse all (e' ye) d ea.r (t/h) ei r/d advocates ~t a re ass 0/n ab le ap p.(r.) 0/a c~h (e) d h ere (a.) d.


same way s-am-e-n-d-'s- (p-)en-d-s- e-g- 0-(a-)t- heir- d- inn the pure- re- ly- e- ye- t- heir- d- fictional words- fictional conversation- fictional nerve- d- h -and- housing-s- 0- b-s- (w/-)erve- d-


the fictional bank- t- h-and-/i-'s- g- race- d- , pat-t-urn-s- me 0ne ye t w/h0 w/(h) a ll and ('s) 0 ' le d (0) be (a.) d. - en- e-ye-d- in t-he- fictional "time" competing for -t- no reason, with "know" prime-vain-d- t00- t- he- d- e/b-t- he- make- t- he- d- i'm-e- d-. d-0-w/-ai-t- s 0 w/e -d- never h/ ave to worry or really work for t ewe re st 0're ye d- a- (i-)r-e- d- f-x-f- a- (i-)r-e-d- e/b- t- c- him-e- d- inn- a- d- hurry-e--d- , re-t-re-a- t-, rather than relate honest ly inn the first p(L)ace d


the miss~ ta r/r (e) ye re all e fxf (t/r) ace d hand 0 w/e re p (L) ace d


the miss~ ta r/r (e) ye re all e fxf (t/r) ace d hand 0 w/e re p (L) ace de a.~r t/d i' ce d ' s e/e d e liberate l/l e ye d e/b t w/(h)i s/e ye t


people are not happy, coming thru again, chanting, is to put it lightly, it is robust yelling. NOT MY P.R.E-SI-D-EN-T-


T00-LIE- D- 0/N-E- T- HE- ME- AN-S- T- ALL- INN- T- HE- T- I'M-E- D- EA- F- EA- T- (E-) F-X-F0R-T-HE- ME- 0NE-YE- T00-T-HE- D- ALL- A- W/E- ST- A'- RE- P- (L-)A'CE- D- EA- F- T00-T-HE- D- ATE- D- 0/N- LY-E- T- W/-H0- D- /I-'S- G- RACE-D- 0F- T- P-(L-)ATE- D- 'S- MATE-


D-A-(I-)R-E-D- FOR -T- N0 RE AS/S 0/N E T HEIR D


(n 0're a.ct u ally e d serve d)


" = " vain-nit-eye- d- im(m)e-d- 0 -w/-(h-) all- and- hall- t- he- re- as/s- 0/n-e- t00- t- he- d- s- LIE - d's - a- w/e- d- ('s-) 0- L- (e-) d- t- he- t-i'm-e- d-


0- b-c- him-e-d- 0f- t- (b-) line -d-


it the nit is not bringing the savior the nit speak's dof-t-, and never e p (L) an (d) s~ t 0 w/e d ew/e. ly-ing- is the cyst-em - d- 0f- t- 0- f-x-f- (i-) t- eye - t- rus/s- t- 0- f-x-f- t00- t- he- d- u- st- as/s- mu-c-h-t- d-0f- t-. i'm just saying, ly-ing- with unsubordinate -d- sel-l-f-x-f- t- liberty-e-a-s/s-t- (u-) d- w/e- ll- (e-) d- e/b- t00-t-he- "tell" -e- d- 0f- t- en- a'i- ll- e- d-'s ig-h-t- as/s- e - l/l- e- d- 0f- t- (h-) 0/0-k- nigh - t- 0/d- (0-) w/e- ll- t- 0- f-x-f- t- h-and- 0/u- (be-)t- heir - d- 0f- (i-) t- a -gain-s-t- a- gree- d- e- vain- ly- e- a- t- 0/0 t- ease- d-


t- he-s-a-c- t- containere -d- h as/s t (h) 0/0 kn 0t/h en e/e d as/s a'ye d 0 b~rake t00 th fxf e/e d~ h and 0 b re a.d. 0 p/en (a) l/l e ye a. s/s t 0/n e me an s~ e/e k / t 0f/f t~h (e/e) d~ en eye d e/e d


d 0 w/are t b.c. e'we a.r t heir d 0 pen l/l e ye a. (s/s) t 00 th (e) re t re a. t~ Lat/he (d') s w/~h ea. t~ ly e t00 th (e) re p (L) e/a. t


0 pen (a) l/l e ye t00 the me an s e/e k/ t heir d 0 fxf t he ed


h and 0 fxf t's qua re ly e t/h en d/i n(n) e. g. race s/s et u fxf t w/h0 d (0) bu ye fxf u (e w/e) l/l e ye a. gain/n d ' s t e a.d.


d read ?

d 0 b re a.d.


d e/p t (0/0 t)h u e w/e be a.m. (s) 0/n g 's t 0 re ye s e/e d & y~0're ce ll ' se ll fxf a.m. i'll e/a. r ~d 0'0re (a.)d. h and fxf a.m. i'll e/a.r d (0) w/e ll (e/a.) d.


d en (d) j0y e'ye (a. t' ) d ea. t~ h and ea. l/l t~h ea. t a gain d e/b t00 th (e) re~a.ll a~ re p (L) ea. t(f) a' re d & p0ck(e) t heir d inn s e/e d


d 0 b re a.d 's a.m. 0/n g 's t~0 re cell ' se(a.)ll fxf t00 th e w/e ll and well ' d a f(t) a're f' 0r(e) d as/s h (e) d 0'0re a.d. t heir d are w/e t/h ere d 0 be t/h' serve d 0/n (e)a.r~e d inn re t ea.r~n (a(i')ll) d s(w/)erve d e/b t00 th t ea. (t) c~h (e/e) d


coming thru again, not my president-a- re- pack-ag-e- inn- g- a- gree- d-


defer-ring- re s i'de n t ce s/s e/e d as/s i ft he n e/e d


d-0-w/e- a- r- t- heir-d- 0f- t- (f-)a--r-e-d-


"0/h" and- 0f- t- a-re- &- f- (L-)ar-e- nd- s- (p-)en-d- -s inn- are- d-


"0/h" and- 0f-(s-) t- a-re- &- f- (L-)ar-e- nd- s- (p-)en-d- -s inn- are- d- 0- buy-e- t-(h-)i-re-d- h-are- d-0- buy-e- t- heir- d-


the only reason to hate, is the fact "ewe" purposefully do not d/are your sell fxf t00 the re (all) ate d ate t00 th (e) fxf a ce d


hating, like h-at/t-ing- is for people that are stub-born- inn-d-e/e-d- h-and- e-ad- s- e/e- k- t- ('s-) a-c-t- according- lie - d's- . p-ass-inn-g- t-h-b-uck-t- a- gree-d- . "ewe" aren't really earning a live inn g 0 pen ll e ye t00 th t e/e t/h~ d


and you don't actually have the re all nerve d e/b t00 the d ewe s 0w/e t~ a' s ea. t


hate, for -t- no reason, is passing the buck "ewe" didn't earn honestly in the first plac/e ven t00 t/h ere L ate. you didn't make love, you are not love, you didn't tool love, you can only fake ache -d- ewe- ll- (d-) 0-ve-d- as/s -ewe- deny- e- a- t- e- d- 0- ve- (t-) d- 2- t-a(i-) l/l- e-ye- 0n- d- en- e-ye- a- ll- t- a-re- t-a-r- d- a(i-)re- d- f-x-f- a- i- r- e- con-s-p/i-r-e-d- 0 with no pre sense "ewe" would allow t h/ei/r d


d-he- x- p0-s-e-d- shouldn't really be speaking on-e- d- en-e-ye-a- ll- e- x- p0- s-e-(e-)d- s- 0we- d- e/b- t- he- s-e/e-d- e/b- t- (a-) g- (r-) -0-w/e- (d-)s- e- x- p0-s- e- d-


speaking is for -d-0f-t-s- 2 gain a re p0 s e/e -d- h-and- e/e d- e- g- (r-) 0- w/e- d-, speaking is for dof-t-s that beligerantly do not understand, the competitive marketplace is only made of dof-t-s t00-t-he- d-'s- t- a-nd- 0f- t- a- gain- d- 0f- t-. commenting on women you maid-0f-t- f-rom- t-his-t- posit-i0/n-d- 0f- t- is strict ly for-e-b-i.d.-d-en- t- a- ll- e-ye- d- inn- denying t i'm e g i've n (t) d p.r. i'm e/ d 0 w/ith no dof-t- 0/n-e- me'ye b/i (t) line d


b~ r i.'d.e~ n d


eye f0ra i/nn d i'm e d 0 w/00 d en e'ye t a'll t a' re t i'm e/d


b.c. e'ye c/an d i'm e/d p.r. i'm e/d fxf i/n (e) d


0-range- d- 0h-i-0- d- 0f- t-


t is/s kn 0t me'ye fxf all t -he-d- put- up- (d-0f-) t-


the container too live bu ye desire, is to bring the savior ore be the savior a.d. voc ate inn g , u ye w/e d ewe be Le(a.)ve inn t his t~ (u) be h/ave i 0re d. donald trump - (h-) and- (h-) ump- t-, can d ewe neither d --- 0/n-e- t- b-(r-) 0-a-r- d- e/b- t- (h-)rue- who would only sure rely the "eye" h- ab-u-s-e-d- f-rom- be-h-inn-d- e/b- too-t-he- t0- g-0- ve- t- 0- f-x-f 0-re- war- d- u/e- w/e- d-


ad- e/b- t-u- g- a- w-he-ye- t- rue- d- (no thinking is actually inn/volve d inn this po-in-t- 0- f-x-f- t- vi-e-w/e- d-)


tu-b-buy-e-ye- t- w/-h0- d- h0-c-(k-) t- w/-h0- d-


d- h0-c-k- e- s/s- in- d - 0 -w/ar- e- d- inn - d- his-t- reel- d- a- re- f-x-f- le- ct- i-0/n-e- d- a- (i-)r-e-d- = t-he- d- is rolling all -a-men-d-s- inn- t- w/-h0-d- h- "0ne" -d- e/b -t-00- t-he- ven- d- 0- buy-e- vain-d- 0f- t- 0/n-e- d- be-ad- e-ye- 0n- t- ' c-are-ye- 0n- d-


s 0w/e t-he-d- can't app(h)end 0/n ew/e th er~ e (a.) d.


e we a.r a.d. just inn g th pack a/g e inn g 0/n e t a're a. t 0/n e t i'm e d~ a(i)r~e (a.) d i'm / me d 0 w/are d 0 w/(h) a ll an d all i've d


t heir is nothing t-he- can put forth v/i-s- u- ally-e- d- that can't be re t a' ke~n d f un d a.m. e/n t a' ll i t e'ye ~a. s/s t 00 th (e) re t ea. (c/h) t 0 pen l/l e ye s ea. t a gain s t a.m. e/n t 0 me a. t inn ri Le ~a. f/t ere d~ ea. t h~and 0/u (be) t~ ea. t a gain d all ye n~ea. (d.) t.


n ea. t 0 fxf (i) t/h e me an s e/e k / t 0 f/f t~h (e/e) d


e'ye t a gain d (e) f/r0m 0/n e'ye d


speaking 0've d. eye think eye a.m. going to use silk, wheat colored silk, as the medium for eve/n e me 0ne ye s pea k / t 00 th eave n(d)s (p) en d's e/a.m. en d's t (r) ea.m. e inn g (e) i've n~ (t) d.


i need to contact dominic from the arm factory. he screened this sample form me, as an idea for the xubrnt product that i didn't use at the time. the ink he used, and the silk, it prints the same image thru & thru. so you print one side, and you get two. buy the same applied virtue of follow thru.


using the xubrnt icon of perception and position, ( the guy girl silhouette on the b/ounce inn g b/all) with the silhoutte fuck you symbol or peace symbol depending what side of the water you reside, will read sufficiently equal on either side of the printed frame.


so when eye think of adding words, i think of words that can be read from both sides, either side, inn reverse, mirrored even ly e t00 th (ea) d are t/h re/a.d. : i think these words would work : H T 0~0 T H. i can put that under the b/all a perception d art work, and the new insignia for me 0ne ye, i think, is rather than a 'S' with a line thru it, i like an 8 with 2 lines thru it. these can go in the f/0/u/r e corner's of the rectangle d f0rm at~t ere' s t a r t.


one will get, and one will need, a bank' se~a.d. account actually e, s 0w/e t heir e me 0n e ye c~an s pea k / t 0 fxf (i) t me an s e/e k / t (e) fxf0r/meal/ly e t00 t(h) ea. t~ s w/h~ ea. t h~and e/b t a' tell e ye ' d


r~ i've- t/h (e) re p (L) e/a. t~ h/ei/r d (0) bu ye t/h ere d h and~ e/b t heave n (t) a're (a.) d. 0 w/are d 0 w/th c a(i)r e'ye d 0 w/(h)ea.r d.


d0w/ kn 0 w/e inn g~ what you are getting inn t0 / 0t h~a(w/e)re d. knowing desire didn't come form from t-he-a-rt- of-f-(i-)t- -s- (t-)a-nd-fi(s-)t-s- ai- d-0f- t- 0 -w/ar- t- i- fi-c-i- all- e/n -tell- i- gen-ce- d- 0 -w/-ai- (s-)t- ewe -d- 0 - w/-i.d- get- i/t- high- d- e/b- t-00-t-he-d- 0- w/-(h-) i.'d.-e-ye- i/t- a- gain-st- cur-(e-)rent- ly-e- re- p- re- s-(p-)en-t- h-and- c-all- i/t- a- miss- (i-) re-p-re- sent- a-gain-d- inn- d- 0- w/- twit- it-'s- i/t- s-(t-)a-t-e- d- with no reason to reason, b.c. nit all ready has a living tissue -d- of- t- with no reason too l eve r~ e s/t 0 p - p-e-d- 0f- t-


be-lie-f -i/n-g- ere- inn- g- 0/d- 0f- t- 0/0 -L- e-ad-('s-) 0/n- (e-) g- for-t- no reason -e-vain-d- 0-ve- d-


it is funny inn a ss cent 's , your name, rich, sharon, huss, the house, and house your business, sue your sister, lew my dad's current wife, andy your business partner. just to name a.r. e f ewe d? , kn 0 w/e name a.r e f ewe ll e d ewe


the silk sample. the ink doesn't sit on top of the fabric. it sinks inn too the other side. print on one side, and you get the same print on both sides, thru the fabric even tide.


as for the edges of the silk, i don't plan to fold and turn the raw edges, and sew them in place. i can see from the sample, that using a zig zag scissor / shear will stop the silk from un raveling. which is nice, i can keep a smooth surface, not endear a whole lot of extra work to make the item last hand too th and e'ye t a gain (d) p.r. a.(i.)m. e/ d. it is a durable medium. i don't plan to pre shrink, as the fabric will shrink one way, can't remember warp ore weft. however i did test it before. it doesn't shrink that much, and the value of not shrinking it, is it preserves its crispness too th t ouch t w/h0 d (0) be (a.) d.' s 0w/e ~ nd's mu c~h ' d


& it comes from a worms e b um ~ d i/r t h0m0gen0us 0/d 0 fxf t~ en d~ g a rd en~ (d') s e ll e' ye fxf L0 w/(h)e're s 0 ft be l/l e~a. f/t b(ea.)m. u~ s/t a.m. en d~ ea. t 0 fxf (i) t00 t/h un d ere s/t 0/0 d (c) a r(e) t heir d inn a.d.vance 0/f through 0/d fxf a(i)r e (a.) d. g~race~ t hat c/an d b~e ra(i.) s e(e) d.


freezing t-he-d-ce-ll-s-e-l-l- e- ye- d- e/b- t- heir- d- he didn't want too know/ eve n (t) d, is the n/i ce tu t(h) a w/h e'ye (t) d e/b t(c)00 k/t a cr0ss (a) t 0/n e~c k nigh t 0/u t~ L~e(a)ve r~ e'ye t i'm e~ye t~ inn thy me d e/b t (a) g~a'rd en (d) t a' ll e'ye t00 t(h) 0/0 k eye p~ e/e ve(i)n (t) d. ' s~h ea.ven (d) t en d's ~ t (c) as/s (t) e ll e/n t 00 th' s (p) en t~ a gainn s(t) a'ye d e/b t00 th (e) re a.r~r ang~e d e/b t a gainn~ d cur(e) rent ce s/s e/e d e/n erve d e/n ever e/n d's~


a w/e. g. a w/e~ a.r~ a gain d en 0/d e ve(i)n ~ (d) a're a.d. ~ 0 pen t a' ll e/n t a'll t~a' re ve~n t a gain d~ r(e) a.m. e a.d. 0 w/e b/b eg (r) inn s ~k inn d


now all the dof-t-s- donald sup-p-lie-d- 0f- t- 00- t- he-d- s-t-a- nd- up-(e-) t-, can fend for them sell fxf t's. just say inn. t-he-ye- that reflects of donald for-t- no reason in t-im-e-d- 2' k-eye-p- i/t- as-s- h- i.'d-e- s-, can re flect of/f t me re flecting on a.d. donald collective lie -d-s- (t-) inn- k- t-


b.-c.- e- ye- t- h- a.d- a.m.-0r-e- t00-t-he- d- ad- 0 -w/ar- (e-) t- 0- f-x-f- (i-) t- a- ll- e-ye- d-


buy-e-a-r- t- h-and- 0f- t- hie-ven- (d-) eye- t- eye- d- sir-e- me-ye- s- t00-t- he- (n-)d-s- c0p-e-d- 0f- t- a- ll- t- a-re- t0-a- t- r- 0p-e- d- 0 -w/- t- he- ha- t-e-


a w/e. g. a w/e~ a.r~ a gain d en 0/d e ve(i)n ~ (d) a're a.d. ~ 0 pen t a' ll e/n t a'll t~a' re ve~n t a gain d~ r(e) a.m. e a.d. 0 w/e b/b eg (r) inn s ~k inn d


now all the dof-t-s- donald sup-p-lie-d- 0f- t- 00- t- he-d- s-t-a- nd- up-(e-) t-, can fend for them sell fxf t's. just say inn. t-he-ye- that reflects of donald for-t- no reason in t-im-e-d- 2' k-eye-p- i/t- as-s- h- i.'d-e- s-, can re flect of/f t me re flecting on a.d. donald collective lie -d-s- (t-) inn- k- t-


b.-c.- e- ye- t- h- a.d- a.m.-0r-e- t00-t-he- d- ad- 0 -w/ar- (e-) t- 0- f-x-f- (i-) t- a- ll- e-ye- d-


buy-e-a-r- t- h-and- 0f- t- hie-ven- (d-) eye- t- eye- d- sir-e- me-ye- s- t00-t- he- (n-)d-s- c0p-e-d- 0f- t- a- ll- t- a-re- t0-a- t- r- 0p-e- d- 0 -w/- t- he- ha- t-e-


& is -t- (w/-) ill- inn- g- t00- t-he- h-b-L-am-e- m0-re- d- a- re- round-ing- ('s-us-)c-ree-d- 0-ft- a- w/ar-e- war- d- 0f- t- 0- f-x-f- (i-)- t- e- x- -t- p0-s-e-d-- 0f- t- h0/n-0-re- ab- le- pt- b- (r-)0ugh-t- 0-f-x-f- t- sir-e- come-s-c/rib-e-d- all-t-he- t-i'me- w/e- d-'s- h0- w/e- (d-)g-0-d-e- n0-d-e- a- ll- t- a- t- 0- (w/-)e- vain-d- 0f- (i-) t- s- a.m.-e- f-x-f- 0-r-t- be- lie- f-i/n-- g- ere- inn- g- i've-n-d- ea- f- tu- b- line-d- 0 - b- light- s- pi-t-e- ye- t-


s-k-inn-d- f-r0m-(e-) t-he- s- t- a- r- (e-) t- for -t- no reason t00 th ' sur(e) fxf ace ve(i)n b~r0 a.d. ' s i.' d.e /b t 0 fxf (i) t a re all e/g ~g e/d "the r-ich- t-it- " can't really afford and keep t heir e pre sent's for -t- no reason e t00 th i.d. e d 0 w/ h e'ye inn s (t) a 'ye d, t-he-ye- d- a -ct-yl- ly- e- d's- p-e-ye-d- h-and- s- (t-) aye- s-(h-)0- w/e- t- he-ye- can have your home stead inn-s- t- u- d- u- d- 0- b- (L-)e-n-d- en- e-ye- t- a- gain-s- t- u- d- u- d- ly- e- d- given -t- f-x-f- (r-) a. (i-)m.-e-d-


given -t-0-0t- 0- f-x-f- (r-) a. (i-)m.-e-d- h-and- actually e n/eve/r h/ave the re ass 0/n e t(h) 0/0 k/t (c) 0/m e ~a. gain d i'n(n) e re all i t e'ye fxf r~a.(i.)m. e~ ve(i)n d/g a.m. e~ d


deaf as/s ewe d 0 w/an t~ 0 fxf (i) t (h) 0 ver t~h (r) 0 w/e d


b~lin(e) d as/s hi t a g0 at~00 th e w/h0 le d 0 fxf L0 c(k)t~ heave n~ s (h) 0 w/e (d) g~ 0/ d (h) 0 ver t L0 A.D. h~and e/b t ~ L0 a.m. & h~and e/b t a L/L 0 (a)n~ s w/(h)ea.r ~ d (h) 0've inn s k~ inn d p.r. 0 w/t ~ (e) ~ l/l y~ e w/(h) 0 ve d 0 fxf (i) t ~ fxf 0 r (e) t a re as/s 0/n e~ d a.d. 0'0re d inn s~ig h / t~ maid 0 bu ye re as/s 0/n e d 0 fxf t en d~ h and (h) 0 ve t~h eaven (t) d


' s cent 's k~inn d / g (r) inn d~ s k~inn d 0 b~ lin (e) d ju/st i ce~ de live r eye ~A. T h~and H ea. T a l/l t a' re t00 th ' d (e) fxf i/n (e) d i'n(n)e inn e min(e) d~ ju st b.c. e'ye c/an s e/e d~e live r ey~e ve/r e'ye t i'm e~ re be ll (e'ye) d/i a.m. 0/n d' s~ k inn d i'm e/d e/b t00 t~h (be) h ave d f0r(e) d' s mile d ' s (p) en t (a/i) L as/s t~ heave n t's t a nd~ b.c. eye can d~ 0/n k eye d 0/n e t r/i all ~ e'ye d p~ a s/s t (r) a w/are d 0fxf t c0mma nd (n0 h arm in be l/l e~a. f/f i/n g ere inn g t hat high c/an d send 0 w/h up t/h ' d p.r. a.m. e/ d)


h-ai-L- t00-t-he- t-hie-f- ea- t- d- ea- f- ea- t-



h-ai-L- t00-t-he- t-hie-f- ea- t- d- ea- f- ea- t- her-d- ate- d - ew/e- d- ea-t- h- and- s-t- ill- inn- g- a- gree- d-


i'm rig ht inn g 0/n e t/h fxf 0 're c as/s t - s- pea-k- t- de f ea t u/re d ea. t~ h and r~i've th (e) re p (L) e/a. t

e'ye c a.(i.)m.~ e w/e d ewe

t-he-t-ig-n/0re-d-i/t- a-w/ar-e- (a-)d- e/b-t-0/0t- heir- d- sup-p0-rt- f-x-f- a-(i-)r-e- d- h- and- (0-) f-(t-) f- a- (i-)r-e-(a-)d- s- p.-r.-0- (claim-)e-d- u/e-w/e-s-

p.-r.0ut-hie-ven-d-s- (h-) a.m.-e- d- h- and- h- am-me-r/r-e- d- 0-h- t- a- w/-ai-t-

t-he-g-en-t- le- d- bed- L-am- h a.d. n 0 c 0/u/r ag/e w/ i.d. th and set 0/0 th~ c ag/e d

maid ' sensible pt bu ye t miss t' a~k (e) t~ 00 th and (e) fxf ace (t) d

"ewe" didn't c0n s(p)ire with any one pre sent heir t00 t(h) ire , and the ref 0'r~e w/e cannot f-ire-d (f) a. (i.) r e (a.) d. as/s p~b f0r(e) d~ en eye r (e) d a~b 0/a rd

c0/n s/t r/i ct 0're ye t a.m. 0're d

(fire trucks and ambulancess ...)



t-he-c-ag/e-d- (0-)b/i-rd- can-t-s-in-g- (t- he-)e- d-i-c-(k-) t-

0-f-x-f- (i-)t- he- (a-)d- i- c- (k-) t- 0/0 t- 0f-x-t-' s-0/d- 0f-t-s- tick-t-

his-t-heir- no end to inspireing- s- h-*-tick-t- w/-i.d.- t(h-) 0ut- a- re- d- h-ab-/i- t- e-ye-s- t- (r-)uck-t- (s-) 0- w/-i.d.-t-h- as/s- t- u- b/b -u- ye inn-s-u/m-e- d- 0f- t- at- 0/n-e- d- ea-f-ea-t- 0-f-x-f-(i-) t- e-ye- d- 0f-(i-)t- a- gain- t00- t- he-sir-e- me-ye-s- ai- d-0f- t- 0/n-e- c0m-man-d- 0f-t- h-and-e-ye- t -i'm-e- w/e- d- e/b- t-('s-) ake- t00-L00-K- en- (t-) i- ce- d- 0- w/e- t'-s- Lice-d- 0f- t- pi-e-ye-ce- d- e/b- t- a- t00-L- e-ye- b/b- c- 0/m-e- inn- g- (ill-)t- e-ye- t- w/- i-/s- e-(e-) d-

u-(e-)s- t- 0- f-x-f- t00-t-he- ed- f-x-f- e/e- d- 0f- t- en- d- 0/n-e/e- d-s- e/e -d-'s- c-ree-d-s- t-um-b-le-d- (-) b-um-b-le-in- g- ag- re-ad- e- sig-n-ere- s- t- e/e- d-'s- tu- d- (-) d- ly-e- b/b-u- d- (-) d- l-ie- n- (d-) 0- w/e- ' d- par-t- ('s-) ake- t- 0- p/en- (a-) ll- e-ye- a- s/s- t- 0- f-x-f- (i-) t- his- t- rig- ht-0/0-t- f-x-f- e/e- d- inn- de- ad-s- h-e- ave- n- ly-e- a.- "t" -0-f-x-f- t- me- an- (d-) s-

sinc/e-ye- maid your ass-eye-tak/e-ye- w/-ill speak-t- f-0re- t- inn- t- h-im/p- as/s- t- 0- re- ye- a. s/s -t- a- nd- f-x-f- as/s - t- u- b- buy-e- t- a- b-rake- d- all-a- w/e- s-t- ye-a-r- e- f-x-f- ace- d-


this person looks like s-he- d- ('s-) 0- L- (e-) d- he-r-e- teeth, long before she d h a.d. a pre sense t00 th er~e w/e (a.) s/s a'ye t u bu ye w/e d e/b t(h) r u/e w/e d : con-(e-d-0-)w/-a-ye d-

i have a ton of * kn 0t (e)' s. i put everything that i usually store on an open email to me, then put draw from to put on the website. i put every thing / dumped / in a disorganized fashion on the website software pages i am working on, so that, if my computer need to restart, or something, i wouldn't lose my open files, on my email, that doesn't work on my computer, if the computer automatically backs up, and then apple wants to charge me so i can save my stuff , on my computer! if i do no elect to have the back up apple grafted-awn- d- , and eventually pay for "i/t" o/n-e- d-, i do not get to have the work i created on the apple computer i purchased all s 0 w/e. bi-g- b-ug- i-nn- the way this cyst-em- is-s- t- rig-ged- .

it woo-d- se-am-e-d- i have to buy into ad a new computer so that my iphone will recognize it and upload pictures and videos seam less (t/e) l/l ye. as sit is, my apple iphone now, won't receive or send emails either. glory-louse- d-

the plan has shifted, b.c. it is hard to upload and overloaded web page all in one shot. due to wifi limitations, browser, computer, and user usage time s l0 t ... (h?)... so the plan while i would love to directly get these notes off my desk top and brain p(L)an d e/b t' (d) 0'le t 0 fxf t, i need to organize the webpage content so i can upload it sooner rather than adding more content to bog it potentially down inn the future d 0 fxf (i) t a re r0und e/b t00 th~ eave~ n(d) s0(u)nd e d0ff~ t

s0 wile donald trump is sitting on his -t- ass- eg- ' s- m0-king- 0- p-0- t- 0 -get- 0-f-x-f- t- high- as/s- ai- d-s- L0- t- h-and-0f- t- (d) i've g0t re all 0 w/h0 r/k t00 th be (a.)d.~ b e/e s p0~k/en (d) t i'me t~a' l/l 0 (f) t

honest ly, kelly-anne-d- con-way-e-d- couldn't have a more facetious -t- ass- t- a- ll- k- inn- g- f- ace- s/s- mu-c-h- t- i/t- 0/0-t-he- d- (e-) f-x-f-ace-d- up-(e-) d-0f- (i-) t- f0rce-d- i/r-(e-)t- i/t- 0-f-x-f- (i-) t- 0p- i/t- w/- "i/t"- t-ere-d-0f- t- con-(e-)- t-en- t- he- d-0f- t- re-p-re-sent- d- e/b- t-00-t- his- t- 0-re- ye- s- (h-) 0- w/e-d- s- mu-c-h- t-

0-f-x-f- t00-t-he-re-L-at-e-s-mu-c-h- t- d- 0f- (i-) t-

un-mit-t-i-g-ate-d- 0f- t-

donald trump (i-) gives her -d- his-t- a- me- 0ne-ye-- s- e/e- d- to sound-0f-t- h-and- suck-t- d-0f- t- h-and- e/b -tu- be- (a-)d- 0f- t- h-and- 0 w/ar-t- 0f-f- t- he-nd- h-and- be- ad-s- lu- t- 00- t-he- t- (b-) L00-men- s- k- eye- (d-) s- i.' d.-e-s- Li(e-) d-'s- ai- d- e/b- t00- t- he- d- en- e-ye- (t-) d-

it looks like her face has fit on the e-x-h-(f-)au-s-t- f0rce- d- for all the time she apparently had a nose e(d) g 0

kind-0f-t- like- being in a permanent position -d- of -(t-) en- d-0-0're-arse- d- course- d- she is really unctuous looking, for -t- no reason, -d-0f-(i-) t- course-d-


it honestly looks like she is fluent in g-r-ease- d-

h-and- f0rce-s/s- (h-) 0/0- king- ag- ree-d- up- (e-) d- ewe- t- a'-re-put-

0- p-en- d- lie-ye- a- s/s- t- u- b-buy- e- t- ea- t-

ps i am not bu ll e ye inn g ke-ll-e-ye- an-n- d- h- and- c-0/n-(e-) w/-a-ye- d-(s-) 0- L- (e-) d- eye a.m. talking about how her -d- a- rt- effect s me'ye t~h eave n (d) s (p) en d's e/a.m. s~ a ga'inn d e/e d


& me'ye pal at~e c 0/n (e) fxf r~0/n(e) t ate i0n all(e) ye t00 th (e) re p (L) ace d ea.r~ a re ar's e/d all 0 ver t(h) pal~ace ve(i)n (t) d's (p) en d's e/a.m e inn g a gain/n d i/n e inn 0 w/are ness t~ a' g ran t~h ' d

ps i'm not really happy about the sovereign apple kin-k-d-um- that doesn't d ewe t/h e me'ye thinking e(i')ve n/d 0 w/are inn fxf r e/e d 0/m e / d


your eg 0 ing t00 th' sit-e-t-heir-d- h- and- e/b-t0-0t-e-ll-u-s- t- "ewe" b(r)0ugh t L0've d, "ewe" t00 L0've d, "ewe" a.r t' L0've d 0 w/ar-e- as/s-0- (w/-)n- d-'s- h0-ve-d-

s-h-a/pe-d- per-man-en-t- ly-e- pip-e-d-0f-(i-) t- h-and- 0f-t- 0- f-x-f- (i-) t- tit- d- 0f- x- f- t- a- gain- d- f-x-f- 0- r- t- n0 re as/s 0/n -e- d- 0-f-x-f- t- 0-f-x-f- t- w/i- t/h-inn- d- a- re- a.s/s-0/n- d- sound-(s-) 0f- t- h-and- 0/u-(be-) t- out- inn- t- i'm-e-(ye-) d- 0f- t- en- d- e/b- t00-t-he- mu-ll- t- i- p- ly-e-d- as/s- h-inn- d- e- ye- a.m.- e- d- c- him- e- d- (g-) 0ut-s-t-a- nd- ing- le- ad- d- le- pt- p.r.-i'm-e-d- i/s- ease- d- i'm- e/n -t- i'm- e- inn- e- min-(e-) d- (0-) be-s- t0- ken- d- f-i/n-(e-) d-


t-he- d- r- 0p- (d-) 0ut- d- r- 0-ve- d- ad- mire- ad-s-

tu -d- e-ye- f-x-f-r0m-e- re- t-(h-) i- re- d-

e- g- (0-) ad- ly- inn-s- pi-re- d- e/b t- 00- t- he- d- h-and- s-(h-) i- r- e- ad-s-


s n/ai/L e pt m/ai/L e d 0've t a~i. L e d. ew/e 0n d~



con-ce-s/s- i-0/n- d- b-an-d- 0- w/- id.- t-he- r-e- d- f-r0m-e-d-

d-en-e-ye-a-ll- b-0/n-e- c-0/n-(e-') s- p/i-r/e- ad- 'sir-e- ad-s- tu- be- (a-) d- (s-) 0f- t- ly-e- t00- t- he- ad-s- lee- p- t00-t-he- a- t- h- and- e/b- t00- L- be- lie- f- e-ye- t- he- a-rt- a- w/-he-ye- t- un-i- verse- ll- e-ye- t00- t- he- p-r- ate- d- ate- d- r- ape- d- 0f- t- s- p- (L-) at-e-


not inn t ere s/t e -d- inn- d- (y-) 0ur- an-e-c-(t-)d-0h-t- 0 with no reason and no re all s c~0/p (i) e~ d ' s~ 0/a k/t

d- inn- s- t- e- ad- s- 0- a- k- t- (d-) 0f-x-f-(i-) t- a- gain- st- (u-) d- ly-e-ye- d- p.r.- a.(i-)m.-e- d- e-ye- t-'s- - cam-e- d-


n-0-w- ar-e- w/e- g-0- ing- t0-0t- a- ll- k- t- ab-0ut- his-t- f-x-f-eel- ie-n-(d-) s- force-d- (s-) h0-0k- t- h-and- en- eye- a.-ll- s- mu-t- e- t00- L- e- d- alliance-s-s- h- e- (a-) d- all the way tu be-(a-) d- 0f-t- de-ad-s- ai- d-s- for-t- no reason, evain-d- e/b -t00-t-re-ad- b.c. dof-i-t-s-his-t- 0- pat-t-urn- debt- 0-0- t- he- men-d- s- (p-) en-d-s- a- g- a/i- n- -s- t- he- miss (th) read .

he can say what he wants apparently now that he is in office, he can "even" be polite, but the fact is his agenda - d- h- as/s- t- a- b- light- 0/0-t- he- nigh -t- ' b- rig-ht- a- ll- t- he- t- i'm- e- d-.

he now gets too look as po lite ness were in his vein, even ly , even cam e/ d. as-s- he- concentrates on being -a- war-e- for-t-he- re- pair- d- 0f- t- f-a/ct-0-re-ye- d- e/b- t- heir- d- , he didn't b/ring, as/s he certain ly wasn't a ware ~(a) d.

just say inn g r~inn d ' s a.m. e


i'm working on organizing the web page. ugh 

why com-men-t- at- a- ll- i- ft- "ewe" only regard t-he-d-s-h- all-0-w/e- d- f- all- t-(h-) 0/0k- in-g- d-um- c-(r-)um- b- 0/n-e- d- 0f- t- 0/ne- d- a-ye- g-g-a/i- n- d- in- e- vain- d- e-(g-g'-)s-t-ate- d- 0f- t- at- force- d- free- d-0- me-


apology, don't look at my facebook messages often ... and i have a lot of work inn front of me t00 th c0n t en t en d : thank ewe th0ugh, f0r t ~ like' s i eve n (d) s~ h 0 (w/) e d~ i/t me'ye t h~and e'ye t rig ht


at 0/ne c~ k nigh t ' (be/ad) d' light


s-laugh-t-ere- x- p0-s-e-(e-)d-s- c- am- ?(e/d) ? inn 0 a/h and 0 w/i.d. th b.c. h~ ew/e d en


"o/h" g-url- f-our- d- as/s- h0 -e- d-

e/b-t- wise- d- as/s- lice- d- e/b- t- he-n- i-ce- d-

ue-t- ewe- d-

e/b-t- wise- d- as/s- lice- d- e/b- t- he-n- i-ce- d-

h-and- 0/u-(be-)t- hie- ven- (t') d- s- e/a.-men- d-'s- pen t significant ly e l/l (b/L) e s/s t

at he same time 0 p/en d i'm e/ d & kn 0t a w/are d 0ff t en i'm e/d

g-ap-paul-0-g-u-ye- d- i have a lot of work in front of me, eye am running th c0un/t/ r~e'ye d, h and ewe the n0se is is be t/t a(i)r~e than the new-lie-, e-le-ct-e-d- pre-si-d-en-t- hie-ven- t-(s) i'.d. e~ s

so s-hi-t- your "pre-side- dent- " wraps all you s-am-e-nd-s- (p-)en-d-s- inn- t- w/-h0/n-e- pack-a-g- e- d- 0f- t- en- d- e/b- t- a- gain- d- inn- e- mar-r- i- age- d- h- and- f-i-(s-)t- he- d- b-(L-) e/n-d- a- ye- gain-d- im-me- d- t0/0t- h-'s- t- a- g- e- d- e- ye- d- 0f- t- h- and- e- ad- s- (t-) ake- d- im-more- t- a-ll- e- ye- d-- t- race- d- 0f- t-s- p-(L-)aye-ce- de- f- ace-d- for-t- a-n0- t- her- d- ate- r- ape- d- i'.d.-e-s-

s s s t a n~d h and i'm e ?

my "apple" products are fractioning -0/d-0f-t- , and it is making it difficult to integrate th as/s tu t~ e w/e d put up (d) t

i mean, the work around is s-l0-w/-e- ye-, and eye paid for this thing that does not b(L)en d as/s f0r/m/e a.d.

the "up-date-s-u-c-t- " i don't think they were necessary from the start. the computer and components and peripherals would be just fine, if appl-ie -d- didn't force a thinking a ware ness -t- on/e me a.d., up dating un necess-i-t-y-e-ye- d-, fractioning all my components not to speak to each appl-ie-d- pro- duct- at the same time -time-d- en dow e d e/b t w/i.d. th no one to represent the fi~x i/t. without paying again st- inn- t-

appl-ie-d- would be ad just too th ap p eye -d- for t me to com p lain inn nit i'm e- d- . no seriously, as/s much as/s i am lead to believe digital technology is greatly enhancing my life tu be a.d. e pt ly e, it is so-re-ly-e- ye- d- miss t re p re s(p)en t/h ' d e/b t 00 th r(e)a.d. i c/al~ly

force-d- up-(e-) t- he- d- p-ai-d- ate- defer-rent- ce- s/s- (h-)at-e- t00-t-he- re- p- (L-)at-e- a-t- h-and- ate-

it 's -n- ai- l- and- e/n- ill- u-s-e- i0n- e- d-e- all- e- g-(r-) 0- d- e/b-t- a- re'el- d-

the product is only as/s well a round e/e d as/s th/e n ai L and e/e d e~a. ll d

the product is only as/s well a round e/e d as/s th e/n ai L e ft inn p(L)ace~ d a ft e're (e) fxf e/e L~d

i'm sorry, the web pages are such a mess, and i have fuck-t-up- peripheral l's t00 the work w/i.d. th -s--hi-t-

"like" i have to be all brains to all pee-pull- d- that didn't think inn the first place when they made their product rise the scene-inn- g- rinn-d- e- d- i -c- (k-) t- 0/n- e- t-he- re- d- 's- p- e-ye-s- i/t- (e-) d- thinking of know one even ly e w/

they think only to pat-t-urn- nit- e-ye- w/- = false emotion, false pre miss to base an ego for -t- no reason d' s e/e k w/e ll (e) d

false sanctity, that they had any to reclaim with t heir -d- hue- man- nit- eye- d-

false ven er/a b i'll i t e'ye a. s/s t~ 0/0 t/h/e re t~ re a. t~ w/h0 nes/s t ly e fxf a~ce d

-he-s-L0-w/(h-)all-k- ct- 0-f-x-f- t- cad-en-ce-d- s-(L-)0t- heir-e- p-re- L-ewe- d- ed- a- miss- t- 0-f-f-all-t- w/-id- t-h- and- e/b- t- a- deter-min-e- d-s- hi- t- 0/n-e- pre- miss- he- d- g- i've-n- (t-) d- h- and- u/p-e-d- 0f- t- p-rig-ht- a- gain-st- u- b-ein-g- scene- inn- d- be-lie-f-i/n-(e-) d- 0/u-(be-) t- out- 0/n-e- t- lie-n- (d-) ad. just- ly-e- t00- t- he- s- a- w/e-e- k-'s- t- e- all- -d- (g) ewe never h a.d. e & never w/(h) ere th be h ave (n) d~ a.d. e/p t (h) 0/0 kn ea. l/l e~ d (0) b(L)e/n d h and le g 0/t w/heeL and 0 w/(h) ea. l/l t heir d f 0're a.ll b/ein/g a gree d

e c~a.d. g~ave d b.c. t/h~ e c~a.d. h~ ave (n) d e~(a.) l/l t~a' (w/a)re w/(h)ea.r ~ d 0fxf t's (h) ave (t) d~ 's c e/n t a gain~ d


ca(i-)d-dense-d- 0- w/-id-th- "i/t"

so what i think is a -d- waste, is making software and technology force fee-d- another debt to-ot- a-(ss) take- d- too keep current in the time you think you are aware too the make re late . my mac lap top, will not open any content on my iphone, b.c. it says it needs a pass code, but when i put the pass code in, it doesn't recognize it. on top of, to get that computer too be able to build my first website, i had to update the software, and in doing s-0we-d- it slowed the computer down, it is nearly unbearable. i keep it for back up, when my mac-k-t-s-hi-t- he- b-e-d- a-t- w/- ill- e-d- , shit, all my mac products are sucking time from real. time apparently doff ere d e/b t00 the t00 l/l ea d your own one re all . didn't h ap pen d. just more "shit" to make work, and inter-face- d- as/s- he- d- j- irk-t- a - course- t- a - cross- t-i'm-e- net- work- t- . these are not thought full ad vance s/s (h) 0/n e d 0/n e d awn~ d. i really question the "h-up-ai-d-ate-s-tu-f-x-f-t-0-f-x-f-t-s- p- (L-)ate- d- ate- inn- d-en- ye- a- ll- at- e- & re-tail-eye-ate- d- 0f-t- h-and- e/b- t-a- t0-f-x-f--t- a- gain- d- (c-)u-p-t-s- cup- t- d0f-t-

i really question l-ear-n- inn-g- inn- t- his- t- a- g- e- m- s- 0we- d- c-an- f-rame- n- d-s- (h-)ave- d- competitive lie vain -d- . these products suck b.c. they are not thought full in follow/ thru e/n (d) 0've d

when i think of all the money over time i have b(r)ought exclusively mac products, and they all shit the bed in the same way, they refuse to re late product too the d ate, at a later time, based on the earlier said s t ate. i am really offended with mysel l fxf, for it taking this long for me to see, what i sucker i have been, on t-his-n-ewe- s- technolog-u-ye-d- ew/e- d-

be-at- for- t- no re all a. m.e an s~ w/h ea. t (e) l/l e ye t00 t(h) ea. t~ h and 0 w/e re p (L) e/a. t 0 (w/h 0ve d 0) fxf i/nn~ s t e a.d. e'ye s(t) ai d's (L)~ at he s~a.m. e t a t~i'm e ve(i)n ll e ye si.'d.e bu ye si.'d.e s ig (n'd 0) h t 0/0 th b/i t/e w/e t(b) rig ht

on t-his-n-ewe- s- technolog-u-ye-d- ew/e- d-force-d-ew/e-d-e/b-t-a-gain-d-s-ew/e-d- f-rom- t-he- m-ill-i-tarry-e-on-up-t-hie-ven-(t-) d-s- (p-)en-d-s- (c-)up-t- a- gain- d- up-e-d-0f-t- 0/n-e- d-s- up- p(h-)er-d- 0-w-n- d- n0 0n d (h) ea.r as/s t hr 0/n e/d ea.l/l t a' n0~ se' d

i'll see what i can do tomorrow e/ d b/i t~e... a.r t~h earth ' d aye t


t-his-t- is- alla-b-(0-)ut- not wanting a s/s ing le d person to be a.d. happ eye t00 th b eg inn d aye w/i.d. th. mike pence couldn't look more like and act more like the happiest, pip-an-d- r-ive- t- he- pip-rig-ht- .

the d-ewe-d- looks "high-ly" full of him-sel-l-f-xf- t-hie-ven- (t-) d-s- (p-)en-d-s- a- ga- in- d- en- ye- a- ll- a- gain-d- .

i often think of gays / lesbians, t r an s, ass trying to establish 'd , identity for t a re as/s 0/n e debt 0 w/h as/s t00 th b eg i/nn as/s (t) ai d~ inn p.r.0 vi s i0n ' d. complete, and no need to compete for-t- no reason, mike pences ass- nor ass-aye-s- hat- has not a t a (i) ll e/n t, to re ally make re p as/s t rait' d e/b t00 t'h~at mike pence cannot inn all actuall i t e ye make, only take the fxf ace too the "time" d- ate- "2" re-place- d- s-0d-0f-t- for -t- another -ape- d-ate- d-

please honorably eye see, he keeps his -h-at- in place - s/s- e- tu- t- a- gree- d- : all white dof-t-s- mu-st- pre ten d t heir e/n (t) ea. t. just pro-fuse- l- lie-ye- t- hand- ye- l/l- e- ad- s- t- e- ed- s- shooting -0/d-ud-s- force-d- f-r0m- re- (e-) f-a-ct-0-re- inn- g- a- me- t- force- s/s- man-u-fact-u/r-e-inn- g- a- gree- -d- e- vain- ly- e- tu- dud- of-t- meak-ly-e- buy-e- weak- lie- d- s- t-e- ye- d- for- t- all- t-i'm--e-d-

mike pence would never think of relinquishing his -t- p.r.-i.'d,-e-s- t00 th par-t- w/- (h-)ave-s- t- a- br0-ad-s- i- 'd-e s- t- inn- eye- d-

t heir is no me r/r e ye m e/n t among this man-d- 0f- t-im-e-d-, force-scene- (his choice : (he said that about gays ir 0/n i c ally e d ate) pip- & p-rig-ht- as/s -a-ye- s- heave-r-e-ye-s- light- u- b- rig-ht- 0-f-x-f- (i-) t- inn- t- i'm-e-d-- 0f- t- sig-h-t-

get-0-f-x-f- "you-r-e-pride-s-ide-s-" mike pence, for -t- no reason, you actually b(r)0ugh t `a~ b r~i.'d.e~ sup p~ly e ye d complete inn t i'm e/d

mike pence only has an honor able lie , ? , sounds fishy to me, to par t i'm e.

shit on/e d honest ly, all i 've d have to say, is this inn-jur-e-ye- d- e-ye- t- i'm- e- d- 0f- t- s- i'de- s- t-0/n-e- d- ive- d- (h-) 0/m-e- d- s-t-e-ye- if honestly e s (h) 0/n e w/e inn d 's w/0 0'le d f i/n (e) d. t-his-t- to say the least, make me feel burden-d- with a mountain of bu-ll-s-hi-t-, it is really hard to make w/h eye t 0ut of/f t it.-re- ad- ju-st- e-ye- am- mit- s- um- mit- s- (t-) ai- d- h- and- 0/n- nit- s- t- a- nd- s- f-r0m- mit- (h-) a-re- a-(i-)r-e-d-

i am really stuck on mike pence advocating a choice for gays , when he h as/s demonstrate d no choice to ever be lea f i/n g ere d h ave d h and g ave t~h (e/e) d 0 b~r a've t~ (e) l/l y e think t 0fxf t me an s~ e/e k t 0/n e d h and 0 fxf t0ne d 0ne & n0 b i'll i/t e'ye a.s/s (t) 0' Le d~ 0 w/ no lie-n-0-we- ed- e/b-t- a- gain- s- inn- ano- t- her- e- per's 0/n 's ~h (e) d

's (h) ave d ye t a gain/n d (0) bu ye th (e) de sig n e're t~hat ' m ate d e/b t~h and ate d' e t00 th~eave n (d) s~i/r e L~at/e (d) fxf ait~h t(f) a ct~h and fact h0 re p(L) ate d e/b t00 th 's (t) at e /d p.r. a.(i.)m. e fxf ace s/s (t) ai d

put up t 0re -s-hut-up-t- is w/-h-at- "ewe" h ave t augh t me t0/d ate. de-mo/n-s-t-rait-e-d- t-(h-)r - u/e- w/e- (e-)d- inn-jur-e-ye- 0-u-s- t- e- ed- ye- t- a- gain- d- im-me-d- e/e- d- inn- t- ere- s- t- (r-) ing- e- d- g- ag- ree- d-. when you put "god" up your ass, with no re all in t ere st inn a' re p as/s t. just-force-d- t-he- n-aye-s-aye-inn-g- s- nit- w/00- d- e/b-t- (a- r-e/e- ) L- as-s- t-

mike pence, you never love d, you never would w/h0 0d. you only make this shit up so you can force 0 th/ere s -tu-b-buy-ewe- d-, your scene- inn- for -t- no reason, is way e're p as/s t h's ea. s/s 0/n e ve(i)n d.

you can a.d. "know-t-hing-e-" k-n-0-w/e- t- hing-e- d- rive- n- d- be- ad- g- ive-n-d- t00-t-he-re-ceive- d- as/s- h- (e/e) d- his-t-ai-L- e/n-t- 0- w/e- ll- t- 0/n- ai- L- ye- a- "t" . it to go to war, b.c. the jack ass's can't think of another way to actually earn t heir e ward inn de pen d en t a ll e ye ~ a.s/s t . s-0-we/- they make shit-up-t- so they can re-claim-mit- "inn-de- pen-dent- a- ll-eye- d-"

s-0we- each dof-t- h- as/s- t- e- t- ai- L-e-d- 0f-t- h- and- s-pea-k-t- 0-f-x-f- (i-) t- 0- w/-h- und-ere- d- h- and- 0f- t- 0- par- t- 0f-x-f- t-0- p- ai-d- 0f-t- w/-h0- d- s- pea-k- t- d0-f- (i-) t-

"&" signifcant lie for -t- no reason, miss- (p-)en-t- in -e- ve-r-e-ye- s- ea.-s/s- 0/n- e- (d-)g- (r-) 0 - w/e- s- e- a- men- d-s-

send-s- &- spend-s- a- g-a-inn- d- e- vain- d- of- t- h- ink- s- he- ha- s/s- a- ye- t- a'-nd- 0- b-rain-d- ye- t- a- gain-d-(g-) im-me-d-

be-(a-)d- s-t-e-w/e- d- 0 - w/ar- d-s- 0/d- 0f-t- en- d- e/b- t- (a-) gain- a- w/-he-ye- t- inn- d- ere- s-t- a- nd- ye-t- a- s-scene-inn- d- all- s- 0 -w/e- t- as/s-k- ew/e- n- d- s-

mike pence cant be a.d. inn t ere s/t out his nose, he never h ave d h and n/ever/d e sir e t00 th' s h0 w/e g~ 0/d ('s ? ) 0 L e

mike pence can only po-st- with denial-l -t- inn-s- c0p-e-d- e/b-t- a- re- t-r- 0p-e-d-

e-vain-d- 0f- t- hat- is all -t- mike pence can b/ring u/s t a' ll (e' ye) d


he s-(h-)ave-d- 0f- t- s- 0we- he could may-k- t- up- t- up-awn- d- e/b-t- a- maid- up- (e-) t- he- d- e/b- t- a- gain- d- inn-s- cam-e- d-

-a-nd- he thinks gay people are "poser-s" not buy his -t- u -d- h-and- u- d- ly-e- l/l- e- ad- s- t- a- g- e- d- e- gree- d-s- t- e- ed- s- t- 0 p- en- (t-) d- ly -e- a- t- 0- me- an-s- eye- maid- u-p-e-0n- d- h-and-ye- d- 0f- (i-) t- 0-f-x-f- (i-) t- 0/0 -kn- e/a.d-s- w/- i- th0u- t- (h-) ea- t- h-and- 0/u- (be-) t- w/-id.- th- "i/t" t00 the -d- e ceive -d- ew/e -d- e- a- t- h- and- 0/u- (be-a-) t- 0/n-e- d- live- r- e-ye- t0- w/-(h-)all-a-w/e-st- u- d- e-ye- d- live- r- e- ye- -d- serve-d- h-and- s-eve-r- (e/a-) d- e/b- t0-me- an- s- false sel l ie ye re a.d. 0 p/en ly e

pi-g-s-us-t- e-ye- (a- t-) d- 2- t-(h-) a-re- p- (L-)ea-t- heir- - - - - - d-

0 - b- lank- (e-) t- a - p- ain-t- a- ll- t- (h-) 0-(0-)ve-r-t- you-r-e- f-x-f- ace- d- ewe ? without the inn her e/n t me an s t(h) r u/e w/e d, h and n0 t inn t ere st inn ewe t w/h0 me ~d 0 b~e t/h ' serve d you-r- e- con-(e-) t-r-a-ct-in-g- t0-0t-he- w/e- d- h- ab-u-s-e- d- e-ye- t- you- t-h- (e-) d- 0- w/-(h-) i.'d.-e-s- e- x- ce- ll- e/n t- (h-) is-su-e-w/e-d- 0f- t- inn- t- i'm-e- d-

e-w/e- d-

mike pence, s 0 w/r e'ye, t00 th inn fxf~0r(u)m e w/e, "ewe" do not come f/rom divinity in your lineage d t0 get 00 th (e) d en y~e n~t er(e) inn d, you come f-0r(u-)m- re-t-a-rd- in- g- f0rce-scene- inn- (k-t-0/n-) nit- u- be-(a-)d- ('s-) 0- L-e- d- ('s-) 0f- t- lie- d- s- inn- k- t- a- gain- d- inn- no bodies better be h ave d. among -(L-) ewe- d- jack ass-aye- s- (t-) ai-d- only "2" mit- t-eye- g- ate- buy -e- re- a- r/r- ang-e- inn- g- fait-h- f(t)- a-ct- ano-t- her- d- aye- t-

"make" as/s mu c h t rue w/e noise as/s a'ye ar e'ye r ate. making noise for -t- no reason to d ate, is all you have to give your on your s-(p-)at-e- t- 0-f-x-f- t- no me~ r i/t 00 the meak t may k/t : make noise -d- we can see d ewe be t/t a(i)r~e t-h-at- a- w/-h/e-ye- (t-)d-

rue inn a. (i.) m. e/ d 0' (h t) b~r ave (t) d h~ ave d~g ave d

go ahead, rue inn 0/n e me'ye t i'm e fxf r a.(i.)m. e ve(i)n t~ w/(h)0 0d (0) be (a.) d. ('s L) 0' ve d


what i meant to express, however i think i failed the first time, with my short hair cut, the stylist put a lot of grease inn, and it doesn't show. b.c. my hair has a lot of body, so using grease, weighs the hair d 0 w n.

it makes my hair look normal, closer to my head as/s (L) e/n d ere ve(i)n d' s~t r~ang~er ea. t (h) inn d h a.(n)d. e/b t~h (0/u) r (t) inn d 0'be l/l e~a f (t) f (t) i/n e/d h i'm

hym (e)n t w/h0' s inn g t0 me~ re v~e(i)n s~ k inn d c~a r(e) t (h) 0/0k t ' c a r/r e' ye a. s/s t a(i.) r~ e (a.) d. e l/l t (h) a' (w/a) re ' d 0 fxf ~as/s h~i 0/n e/g ain d 0 w/are t a gain s~ k inn d

0've d a.d. ju st b.c. e'ye c/an (e) s/s e/e d (g~L) 0' ve d a ft ere a. ll (e'ye) d : me'ye s do not d-ea-f-all- t-'s- tu- b-e- ap-re- sent- 0- w/e- a-rt- fu- e- w/e- ll- d- e/b- t- a- tall- d-

d-ea-r-t- h- e- d- ea- f- all- t- heir- d- 0f- t- s-he-a-r--t-'s- tall- d- s- cup- t- a/s-s- mate- d- f- all- t- w/-h0- s- h-at- 0/n-e- a-t- at- L- as-s- t- ill- t- h-and-s- t- all- t-

mike pence si re ally just the worse -d- of- t- ('s-) am-en-d-s- u- e- w/e- t- ' d-0- w/e- t00- t-he- re- claim- mit- e- leg- en- t- ce- d- s- Lan(t-) d- e/e d- 's- he- ap- a- rt- it- (d-) 0 -w- n- d-

bedding in t ere st 0/n e'ye d you -r-e- s-0-le- inn- kn-0-w/e- d- you-r-ass- didn't h0 (w/) e d

inn e ve(i)n ver t hue d 2 be re claim e/d e/b t (h) rue w/e d

re al ly, w/h 0/n e s/s t ly e, w/h at can e me'ye d ewe for -t- (y-)our- e- t-(h-)i-re- inn- g- buy-e- f-x-f- are- d- ? i'm asking, employ me a.d., as/s i ft ewe mean what you desire able speak/ t 0 fxf ewe t w/(h)0 0d~ e like t 0/d ewe ~ d h and 0'be h0 Ld en t e w/e d

h and e'ye d h0/n e s/s t ly e (r~e) ve(i)n are (a.) d.

d 0 (w/h0) ve d just say inn, as/s ewe don't say t hing e/d for the guest inn gest ate among t he ed

ew/e t0/0t~h (2 0) b~ 0/n e t en d all as/s h~ 0 w/e dg em t00 th e/n d~ ('s) 0 L (e) d~

d i a.m. 0/n d' s n~are d en 0's~ e/e d~g (r) 0 w/e (d') s

inn r~i.p. 0's e / d

h and r/ai/se d i'm e/n t f/r0m th ' de a.d. 's i eve n t 0 (w/) e~ d

a(i)r~e s/t e fxf a(i) r~ e n (t) me'y~e n 0's e(ed)

"ewe" are stalling force the sake ache of com-pet-tit- i-0/n- d- 0f- -t- b.c. t-(s-) hat- is what you are me- aid- of- t-

h-and- all- e-g- (L-) ewe- d- can bring too the t able, is you-r-e- s- a- we- d- 0f- t- 0- f-x-f- (i-) t- s-0/t- 0f-x-f- t-(-s-) u- buy- e-n- it- w/-id-t-h- f-x-f-are- f-air-e- force- d- are- s-t- 00- t-he- s- t- able- d- fig ht inn g for t -ig-n0b- ill- i- t- eye- d-

does kn 0t may k/ t ~h and ' s 0/m e t (at) i'm e / d

sub. (c.) L i'm (b.) e~ (a.) d. 0 fxf thy me d

e t00 t/h ' sure c0m/e fer en ce d ewe t/h' s pea k / t (h) r u/e w/e d

mike pence, "ewe" bu-i-ld- nothing b-ut-t-er-e- d- f- am- ill- eye-

t- (d-) 0- w- n- d-s- 0- (w/-) n- -e- r-0- d- e-

debt force-scene-t-a- no h0/ ness t r 0p e/ d

"=" t- r-0/p-e- in- g- 0-at- , you -d- p-ass- t- 0- re- s0-rt- you-r-e- p-ai-n- as/s- t- e- ye- t- r0pe- d- e - sir-e- d- 0f- t- (h-) 0-ver- t- s- c0p- e-- d- h- a-nec(t-)d-0h- t- "uni-verse-al-ly-e" to get better traction with no re all reference inn your thorough faire too the b eg (r) inn d

h and 's 0/a k/t "debt" a way from scene- inn-d- s- c0p-e-d-

me'ye inn debt' d ness t ate g/g ate , has never been officially honored buy e re p (L)ate ve(i)n d ate. produce your face 'en' w/id.th at 's p ace d t00 the sir e me'ye s at e. wh/en you speak speak t0 me an s e x press ly e s(t) at e d for t e'ye we debt 0/0 t`h b eg inn t w/h0 d e'y~e n ate.

wh-en-d- ewe- speak-t- he- d- of- t- re- p- ea-t-, "ewe" are speaking on me'ye fxf ace ,and i do not appreciate your bile-d-of-t-(s-)ake- t00-k-eye-p- miss re pre sent inn g - at- her- e- a- b-(0-)ut- f-ace-d-

t heir is not peace inn your e s t rait 00 th ' d ate. your e p ly = fake face fake ache fake heart fake place fake money to honor as/s (t) ate fak/e dic t i0n -s- force- d- ad-dick- t-ion-s- fait-h- d- r-ive- t-he- re- late- d- ate- force- press-e-d- force-d- s- mate- force-d- teat- force- tit-s-a-w/ar-e- , forced real estate forced guest you thought "ewe" d (be) h ave d

"ewe" h ave no pre sense of t min(e) d tu be a.d. 0 w/are (a.) d. ew/e. & you h ave no presense of mind to define virtue even tu b/i t e w/e d. "ewe" have no claim on my time your "me-one-ye-" h-ass-hi-(f-)t- f-r0m- th e re vi ewe d, "ewe" h ave no "debt" to carry e 0/n t0 me t~at w/h0 d bud get ew/e d

"ewe" h ave no value to produce, "ewe" only h-av/e- valu/e- we- d- (h-) a-b-u-s-e-d- set t00 th -c0n-(e-) t- in- u- e-- w/e- d- "ewe"

man na f/r0m t he ave n s? e'ye can pull a nit from thin are t i~ff an dr i ff t e'ye l/l~i k e d e/b t a'i L ai r~ d 0 w/h up t' s/t i'l(l) e pt bu ye s mile d h and 's t~rip ped 0 fxf t ly e w/h at ass'aye speak t 0 w/h ea. t 0 pen ly e re p (L) ea. t~


get off your d0f-t- be for' d eye a. t it up t

inn t i'm e~ d en ewe d

"ewe" didn't give t 0 w/h0 d

ironically i am w/h as/s h inn g donald trump as/s t ump -e-d-, my altar- e-g-0- eye ? f-ea- r-


i'll see what i can do tomorrow ...



if sharon wants to speak non abrasive lie out her automatic-t- sole- d- 0f- t- w/-h0- le- d-, she can do s 0 w(h) e. at hand e'ye t i'm e ve(i)n d' s h 0 w/ e g 0~

an (h) 0 /n e s/s t ~a b~ (L) e/n d t00 th' s (t) 0' L e~(a.)ve n (t) d. ata ll ~ d : she doesn't have the right to fxf ee L, i am not doing a par t as/s h e d - keep-s- t- ill- d-

just say inn, i look a mess, s-h-(e-a-)d- en- (ey/e-n-) ai- L- t-00- t- he- t- ai- L- (e-a-) d- : i look a mess honestly re so rt inn g -a-gree-d- 0- w/e- d- what you -h-ave- d- h-and-s- 0- w/e- d- 0f- t-0/0- t- w/-h0- le- d- . i look mess so rt inn g the distress-d- s- hi- -t- you have all -a- we- s- up- p0-r-t- d- 0- (w/-) h- t-'s-

(t-) 0- le- d- e- vain- nit- eye- d-s- 0/a- k- t- mu-ll-t/i- p- ly--e- d- s- c0p-e-d- trumpeting -a- trope- d-, "ewe" s-(p-)en-t- the lie -d-s- ai- d- en- e'ye- t- with your image for -t- no reason d ew/ e d ewe

your general friend ly e ness -t- ump-s- t- (h-) rue- w/e- (n-) d- 0f- t- inn-an-ewe- s- a.d-e- is- t- ab- u- s-e- d- 0f- t- d- h-and- get- w/-h0- 0le- w/e- d-

if not '0/ne' of ewe *are* the t r 0p e -we- are -r-use-inn-g- 0/d- en- eye- a- ll- t- 0- get- (h-) r-u-e- we- d- scene -inn- dust-r-eye- s- t- u - b- m- use- d-

d0-t-he-t-r-0pe-d- 0f- (i-) t- he- t-i'm-e- d- "0" b-s-p0-k-ed- (g-) i- m/m- e- d-

e/b-t- w/- id- t- h0-p- e- d- e/b- t- he- ve-r- e-ye- t- i'm- e- d- 0f- t- (b-) line- d-

i am kind 0f upset, apple makes products with no connection to w/ it's on as/s e t. = tow/ inn g ang r'ye w/-h-it- s- hi- t- to constant lie d- h- and- 's- lee-p- in- (e-) t- w/-h0- -d- be-st- miss re pre sent - i/t-

(h-) rue- w/e- d- up- (e-) 0/n- (s-) ewe- d- u-p- (e-) t- w/-h0-d- 0f- t- 0/n- e- we- d-

i'm tired of buying into products that have a malfeasant-s-e/e- d- c- L- a- w/e- s-t- (r-) ewe- n- d- ewe- d- h-and- u/e- t- 0/0- t--- he-d-ew/- "i/t" for- t- u- gaw/- he- ye- d- "ewe"

it is only a narcissistic con-ve(i)n- i- en- ce- s/s- e- t00- t-he- make- d- ew/e- d-, to w/all a w/e (d-) s- t- u- be- thinking - nit- (h-)rue- d- h- and- be- s-(t-) ab/le- (a-) d- ewe- s- inn- s- t- inn-k- t- w/-h0- d-

i quest i 0/n e the w/h 0' le d ark t 0 fxf the marke -t- p- lace- d- rive-n- d- u- p-(e-) 0/n-e -we- d- jack-t-ass-a-ye-s- ewe- d-. i am tired of buying into force-d- indigence- s/s- e/e- d- a-.m- e- w/e- d-. too keep up appearance - s/s- ai- d- g- (L-) ewe- d-. i mean, we buy into these products t00 th d af (t) f0rd ewe ? d. with no connection too the p as/s t (u?) d ewe d

the "whole" thought full ness t, is purpose full ie -d-s- t- e- ad- s- h- e- d-s-, out of b/all a/n(d)ce tu constant ly b-miss- (t-h-) read- alla- round- "ewe" d- con-s- pi-re- s- h0-u- ld- ere- we- d-

i resent this product, the time ye have paid into it t0 get my message across -t- inn- t- i/t- 00- t-he- m- as/s- k- t- i/t- a- gain-scene- inn- d- am- as/s- k- is-s- t-

all- a- we-s-t- a' - l/l- e-(a-)ve-n- (t-) d-scene- inn- p- lace- only e t00 t-he - p- (L-)an -t- e-ye- w/- h- (t-)as/s- t- e- d-'s- inn- defer- rent- ce- s/s- (t-) ake- d-

e/b -t- 0/d- ate- tu- b- scene-d- ata - n- e-ye- r- a- t- e- d- be-(a-) d- (t-) 0- w- n- d-'s- (h-) ave- d- buy -e- ce- de- sir-e- "a" t- ease- d- of- t- p-(L-) at-e- s- t- ate- for- t- no re as/s 0/n e t00 th (0/u) r e Late 0/n e t(h) i're s (h) 0/n e~ d 0' be (L aye d) h0 Ld

i question these "apple" e-t-c- products , the g-e-d- too learning, a product with no inn her e/n t visi0n e t00 th b(L) e/n d cure/rent/see/d as/s (p) e/n (t) d

"i/t" comes down to breeding narcissism on-de-man-d-

leading the m-(e-)ark-(e-) t- buy -e- t- he- t- ai- L- t- hat- ye- f- en- d- f-an- d-

app-le- d- e/b-t- l-ie-n- inn- g-i/r- t-he- d- as/s- if- t- my work was sup p ly e/d buy your d-ea-r-t-h- f-i/r-s- t- at-e- t/h- and- ate- d- 0f- t- up- awn- d- (s-) am-e- s (t) a'nd

idiotic L-ie-inn-g-s- can't connect w/ products p ass t 0 re p (t) ass k/ t force-d- s- (h-) 0- re-- d- as/s - h- e- d- f- r0m- me- d- f0-men-t-(h-)e- d- s- um- mon- eye- d- (b-) um- c- um- me- d-


e/b-t- a- gain- d- c-0/m- (b-)e- d- 0f- t- h- and- e/b- t-00- t-he- t- c- (L-)0-ve-r- d- 0-me- d- h- and- en- eye- t/d- inn- c- (h-) 0/m- e- d-

"ewe" cannot speak t0 me an s (h) 0/n e c0mma nd "ewe" did not ac/ce p/t ab le a.d. 's ass - 0- u- r- ass- k- (i-) t- didn't kn 0 w/e d e'ye (t) d g i've t a g0 ~ d

b . m. us(e) inn g's as/s h i.' d.e~s~ i/r e 0n i c tu s'h e'ye s t (e) a r e d~c L ea.r ' d 0 fxf a(i) r~ e d h and 0 fxf (i) t (h) a (i) r e d

t/h i/s 'a' c0n t ai n ere ' s / t (e) fxf 0're cy~cle a.n (d) g 0/d ewe t00 th t~u/p 0/n d

i'm (s) taking desire b(u ye )me'ye ff ea. t ~ g's us sup p~ lie d ew/e inn t i'm e tu~ de ' s pea. k / t (h) r u ewe d h and 0nly e t (h) r ewe d

the desire at hand, that isn't a sat-tan- as-s- (h-) am- e- d-

e-w/e-vain- d-

0- buy-e- a.s-s- e - c- 0-/n- d- p- (L-) ate- f-x-f- 0-r-t- he- ad- (g-) imp- ass-e- d- ate- a.s-s- e- d- ate-

f-rom- e- t-he- mar-r- ie-d- 0- w/- (ai-) t- h-and- 0f- (i-) t- 0- w/-hype- ye- f-x-f- ace- d- meaning fu-e-we-ll- t- h-and- 0 -w/e- ll- d- 0/u- (be-) t- without a t race d

min 0 did something unusual last night. i spent a long time here, and when i went back too th apt, i thought their might be a mess, b.c. s-hi-t- he- ad- s- h- 0- ver- t- s- h- ad- 0 - w/e- d- e/b- t- me'ye t miss pen t. i am trying to keep up with the s-hi-t- eye see inn front of me a.d., and make it blend t00 th bee d b en t 00 th e re all as/s t ab le s/s h e m e/n t. i didn't see a mess in the apt when i returned. this morning i see, min0 peed in the bathroom, where i have an elevated place for him to sit sequestered inn, lined with sheep skin, next to my hanging bath towel. min0 peed on the t0 w/e ll, and a bit dribbled on the sheep s kinn d 0/u t. this is a newe place to lay down the line s/s at it were ad h an(d)ye w/h e'ye t.

be t/h i nn (e) d i nn e min(e) d

d0/u b le (a.d.) t i'm e / d

w/hat i would like to do is smash my iphone, so it can -e- rue-inn- d- am e & f L ave & f (L) a.m. e sum mit tit didn't g ave d e/b t00 th ' d (0' be) have d . i am tired of -t- living for a lie -d- o/n-e- the- w/-hole- pt- b- line- d- (s-) 0- le- d- con-t- r0-ll- e-d- e/b - t- (h-) is-s- ue- w/e- d- i- c- t- a- gain-s-t- "i/t" -

i would like to smash my phone, however, i need a phone, nit would seam, so i can know when to perform lice checks and treatments for -t- he- f- ree- ly- e- l/l- ie- n- 0- w/e- d- inn- a- c- hie-ve-men-t- (h-) in-g- e- d- 's-

s-0 -w/e- ye can be c/all e d 'a' re s p0/n s i've ly e sell fxf t (h) a w/are ap par e/n t ly e

saw this today when min0 h and eye p(L)aye d frisbee.

kn 0 w/e t c0m men t


pay per~ d 0nt le(a)ve inn c(h) 0/m e d 0 w/i th0u t i/t

h and (0) p en


t-rut-h- 's- t- a- ll- k- t- me as/s if (i)t ' she l/l e d a h0/n e ye d tit 0/0 t rait 's i/t~ h and 's t (r) aid i/t.


"n0" alarms went off inn the b-an-d- 0- w/-ag- 0/n-e- d- i- c- t- i0n-e- d- a.m.-e- d- e'ye- d- 0/n-en- am- e- d-


pay per d 0 fxf (i) t 0 fxf (i) t' (a.) d. 0 (w/) e w/e ll e d 0 fxf (i) t un t 0/0


make these d 0/u (be) t ('s) hin~g (u) e s/s t c0n~ne/ct a t/t h' s a.m. e / d pay per d 0 fxf (i) t i'm e d f 0're y 0're p as/s t u b.c. L i'm(b)e~ (a.) d. 0 fxf t~h and en e'ye d


as/s hue d e/b t a' re t ea.r n a're t~h and as/s (k) n ewe (d') s 0 be a.d. 0 w/are a.d.' serve d t heir d0b serve d ... with a re all be spoke n/d e/nerve d at'e fxf a(i)r e a.d. re s/s t a(i)r e d0ff thin are : the re as/s 0/n e/ d f i/t he n are d eye d h ave a re as/s 0/n ~ are as/s ea. t c h ew/e t a' re d 0ff t en t' a' d ewe


h and 0 (w/) e d 0/u (be) t e'ye f(i)t e'ye d' s p.r. 0ut / e d en eye d a. m.0/u t~h full 0f t~ ' s hi t a~h and 0/u (be) t a gain s -t-i/-t- inn- t- rig-n0-r-an- (d-)ce- s/s- mit- e/n -d- "i/t" 0- w/e-re- mit- ten- d- e/b- t- hie-ven- s- (h-) am- e- d- 0- b/i- t/t- en- d- g- am- e- d-


t0-k/en-d- different defer-rent-ce-s/s- e/e- d- 0- w/-id.-th- 's- (h-) am- e- d- s- cen- t- 's- hi-t- w/-h0- d- hi- t- w/-id- th- "i/t" rue - inn- t- w/-h0- d-

0'-b-r0-ad-s- i.'d.-e-s- t- e- w/e- ed- as/s- hue- d- ea- t- h-and- rive- t- he- re- p- (L-) ea-t- a- gain- s- t- 0/n e t/h (r) 0/n e inn fxf r 0/n (e) t (d) 0 w n~ d


d ew/e f(i)t w/he t is~su/e w/e d 0ff' t ('s) ak/e ve(i)n (t) d ew/e l/l i b ere ate & stand the hand too the re L ate as/s i ft you c a.m. e fxf 0 rt he d live r~ a.m. ~ e inn sig h~ t (he) a.d.


r a.m. an/d r a.(i.)m. e w/e think ew/e g ave d e/b t00 th' ave d

s 0 w/e be s p0 k/en d~ 0 w/i th0u t (h) any funny e-g- am-e- (d-) s- (p-)en- t- 00- t- he- (a-) s/s- a- ye- d- "great" buy e-g- rate- d- ate-

f-x-f-0-r-t- i-/eye- f-i-e-d-

en-i-(a)ll- s- i- re- p/rize- d-

e/b- t- is-s-u/e-w/e-d- 0f- t- w/-h0- b/buy-e- tu- de- t00- t-he- d- "ewe"

tu-sh-e-ye-d- ate

paul drinan thinks it is his man ly right to force-face-d- 0/n-e- d- 0f- t- me'ye p (L) ate. you know, he says he has a job, i do the work, he makes a scene on me, for-t- the benefit of the other "man" on the scene- d- s- cree- d-, then i walk away from the h0-b0-d-ed- j0b-sit-e-d- and paul doesn't pay me the 1000 he owes me, nor the reimbursement for the 'ladder stabilizer' he asked me to pick up for his j-0-b-site- d- (b-) light, and when i ask for my money in writing, he calls the cops on me, and i am served a harrassment order from officer bliss- t-, who states to me, that i am immaterial too-t-his-t- 0/n-e- ad- s- pea-k- t- w/-h0- d-s- e/e- k- t- 0 -pen- lie- d-'s- lid- s- e/e- d- force- s/s- e/e- d-s-

i go to the police station, you know, b.c. paul drinan really deserves the harrassment order inn -d- the first place -d-, and i get a mit-i-g-ate- d- response- d- force- fee- d- alliance-s/s- h0- t- a- h0-ve-r- e- L0- ad- 0f- t-. i look at the ag-e-d- woman behind the g-lass-t-, and see - t-he- problem is core-re-ct- d- ea- f- ea- t- (d-) 0- w/e- ed- c-re-a-t-e- t00- t-he- w/-ai- t- ai- L- Ly-e- 0n- e- fxf ace -d- 0-ve- d- 0 - w/e- ll- inn t place d "=" fortified negligence for -t- no reason t w/h0 ever t a'ke ye p (L) ace d, among the t-ra/ce- ll- e- s/s- t- a- g- e- d- ate-

"ewe" can only waist time inn that you think "ewe" d mate inn the first place d ate face t w/h0 ? d face

paul drinan's min-(e-) d- can't b/ring t/h~e r0 l/l (e) d

he-ha-w/e- d- 0f- (i-) t- didn't bring any 0/n e with i'm as/s mu c(h) t~ 00 th ' s pea k/ t (c) up t

c0m f0r t ab~le a.d.

' s (t) able s/s e a.d.

' s (t) ab~le s/s e a.d. 0 w/e ll (e) d en t/h first place s/s heave~n (d) s

(p) en t

a' r/e n t ere t

ass~p b f0r d i/t sep per (and sup per) ate ly e t00 th (c halve) fxf ace d 0 w/h e'ye t'd ate fxf 0're ward as/s (h) at e


t-(y-) 0- u - r- e- h- as/s -t- been miss (t/h) re-ad- on per-p- 0se- d'-e/b-t- an-0-s-e-d- s-heave-n- (t-) d- s- e/a-men- d-s- for -t- no reasson eye don't need -s- he-ll-p-t- f~0r t a. m.e'ye n0se d


t00 th c (h) alve d as/s h i/t (a) g~ (r) 0 w/e s t a g 0/a ll d en t re a. p~0'se d ' s w/h ea. t as/s a'ye w/e d en t(h) 0/0 k~n 0 (w/e) s e/e n as/s h 0 (w/)e (d)g 0


"L" a- w/-h-e/el- 0ut- a- h- am-me-r- d- e- fxf- a- ce- d-

-free-d-0/m- (e-) as/s- (t-) at-e-

d-rive-L- at- he- d- can't carry e w/h a re all a w/h eigh t

his-t- u- d- h-and- u- d- d- ly- e- vain- d- e/b- t-00- t-he- "man-d- ate- d-" d-rive-L- at- he- d- can't carry e w/h a re all a w/h eigh t a're (e) fxf 0' r t (h) a' re (p0 re ) t 0'r t heir d 0 w/are d h a.(n)d. 0bserve d e'ye ta' re pack a/g e/ d f~a(i)r e

n~erve d

inn ap/p(eal)le~ d serve d

e/n at u/re al ly e/n ('s) erve d

pre tense d carry e d f 0're ward cur(e)ve

n erve d

0 w/e ve~r ve d


n0 0ne can e re ally e deny eve serve d for t completion (s) erve d

n0 0ne can e re ally e deny eve t 0/0 th' serve d f 0r(e) t c0m p (L)ea. t i0/n (s) erve d en eye t 00 th ' d eye t f/r0m 0/n eye 0n t high d

this is not a competition, n0-0ne- can struggle for/m e'ye fxf ace ve(i)n (t) d

only to rich ly e re p lace s/s- e- a-m-en- d-s- c-he-m/m-e-inn- g-

f- "ewe" were never t heir first, s-0we- all you can d "ewe" is -a-ct- a city-s- hit-t-eye- s- e- g- i/r- t- h- inn- re- vi- ewe- d-

the lawfull "ag" is maid-up-(e-)t- (h-) 0/0- k- eye- p- ye- -f-x-f- ace- d- up- (e-) t-

the L-aw-full-t-w "ag" is maid-up-(e-)t- (h-) 0/0- k- eye- p- ye- -f-x-f- ace- d- up- (e-) t- 00- t- he- re- mar-k- t-

d-0f-t-0/n-e- d- f-r0m-e- t-h"e-m" as/s- t- a- r- (e-) t-


h 2 0/m e a.s/s u r/e a.r~ t