re t ea.r n d(h) 0/m e/n (erve) d

this page, is my process of thought, originally for february 10th 2017 patreon launch. in the process, i have decided to have the launch date be April 15th, a non partisan and bi partisan birth date of my dog min 0~ min n~0w/e (d) b0th work s e/e qua l/l ye a.s/s we ll d: his birthday is on tax day e the w/h e'ye d ate debt 00 the t a(i') l/l ' debt a l/l e ft race s/s e t00 th en(c) am e l/l d

i have left the original notes per the feb 10th, and now will start shaping the April 15th intention beyond t hat inn ven t i 0/n e

april 15 t(h) a x i.(s)d. aye d(h) 0've n d 0 w/e ve in (k)n 0 w/e ll (h) 0've d~h inn g e/d b 0/u n/d aries t 0 (0) L e (a) d (s) 0' L (e) d. (h) 0'ver t (L) 0 AD

feb 10th

t h' d e' y~e g/g et (a') bu ye ~ (t/h) d (h) all i've d

a monthly earning per 1500 allows me to get bu(0)y e w/th e w0rk t (c) 0/n e teaching, marketing, maintaining, cultivating, gardening, weeding, gaming, working on enhancing the p (L) at e f/f 0'r(a.)m. e/n t00 th eg (u) e s/s t a t e~ d ate d e/b t(h) a' nd 0/u(be) t a gain (d) s (t) a' nd 0 (w/)e s t(h) a g(r)0~ a.t 0 w/i th0u t a.'m. at a~(h) d0~0're ve(i)n a.m. e~ a.d

h~and 0/u(be) t appreciate d e/b t00 t h~at hue d (en e m(e)a.r) k t(h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e~a.p p~ar(e/n)t a' g 0~a.l/l (e'ye ) a.nd 0 (w/) e/n (d) sue w/e d~ (h) e'ye d. e/b t00 t~h ea.r t/h d' s cent' s (h) 0 w/e re a.d. e/b t(h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e l/l e'ye p(d) 's lee p/i~t/h u e/a.t (u) be(a.)d. 0 p~en l/l e' ye r(e) a. d. 0/h t inn g (L) a.d. e~ ve(i)n a~ l/l a'ye d e/b t00 th f e(e) l/l t rig ht w/h 0 d ew/e




e'ye w/00 d p.r. 0/d (e)u ce E~ve/n' d bu y~evening fi' l(l)~e/n em e'ye s h0(w/)e t/h ~an at 0m i c~all ye d c 0'r(e)r~e c/t d(ea.)f i/n e/i t i~0n' s (t) 0/0 t/h/e miss (p)en t a g~i've t a g/0~ inn g r~an d

Eve/n 's alphabet, & definitions, on a handy postcard. sent to each subscriber, with (y)0ur DOB = date of b ea.r t/h d 0 COD = c0 l/l e(x) ct 0/n e t/h' d e l/l i've~r e'ye~a.r t/h e/e d. h~and f e/e d(h) inn g e t(h) a' n (0) directi0/n e~a. t a l/l e'ye d e/b tu be(a.)d. 0(h) b re a.d. (h)e a.d. h ave n a.m. e~

t(h)rue t00 th t('s) e l/l e'ye~a. t 0/n e inn t(h) 0/n e s/s t/h d f~a l/l 0 w/e t(h)rue v~e(i)n t (h/d) 0 w/e ll b(L) e/n d e/b t(h)u~e' s/s (t) a' i.d. 0 fxf t (h) e/n d

your DOB = COD = collect on delivery = you now have a choice in follow thru, the competitive marketplace does not afford you / to stand for completion t w/h0 d bu ye t w/h0 d be (t/h~e) a.d. ew/e the me an s e/e k / t a t0/n e c(h) 0m p (L)e~a. t

(h) en d 0 w/e t 00 t(h) a g(i)0/d e' ye t a gain d heave~n d e/b t00 th p.r.0 claim mit ta're c~an t a're a.d. h~air e

ven (e) can sen s e th(c) r 0(w/)n e inn knit~ a' c~ a' s/s t(h) 0/n e t00 th e m(e) g~0 All (e'ye)a. nd g0/Ld en t(h) a ft ere a. ll t(h) a're s/t (e) a.ll d~ e/b t(h) a re t 00 th time ye g0/t(h) a' ll d 0 fxf t/h c~r aw/ e ll d e/b t00 t (h/d) 0 w/e ll 0 ft

the competitive market place "stands" for dof-t-'s- to stay d0f-t- perpetually - d- h- and- sac-re-ad- e-w/e- t- w/-h0- d- see-k- t00-t-he- ad- s- c- r- ewe- d- e/b- t-hie-fen-d-s- per-man-en-t-a-ll-e-ye-a- s/s- (t-) a-ye- be- he- ad-sir-e- in- p(l-)ace- d- be-(a-)d- 0f- t- ly-e-a-ll-0-ver-t-he- p-(L-)ace- d-

your DOB = COD = your choice t 0 pen l/l e'ye t00 th b(r)e a.d. 0 w/are a.d. e/b t00 th ave n d's peak t i/t h~e're (a.) d. h a.d. e ve(i)n e c~a(i)r e~a.d. e/b t00 th e c(h) 0/m p (L)e~a. t (e) i/t ~ inn a s/s cent ' sense d(p.r.) i'm e/n (t/h) d e/b t(h) in(e) d g (e) i'v~e/n (t) a i'm e~ t a w/ea.r~ t/h b. c.~a.m. e~ l/l e(a.)ve~ n (s) a.m. e~

the numbering on the post card goes like this: 0/0 = goes to the House + d ate Eve/n = 1/0 + d ate next, as an ex am p le d ate = 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 5/0 h and s 0/n e/d 0've d : the commemorative postcard is numbered

(inn the order you sign on board here as/s h 0 (w/) e t(h) i s/s u e w/e d b 0'L(e)d)

bu ye desired e/b t a make you apparent 0/0 th d(h)0've d : first come first serve d 0'le th ere 0/n e s0'Le d h and e/b t00 th first 0/n e ven 0m~ b e're a.d. (h) 0've d 0 b : your name, your date t/h e're (a.) t hat yew/e b/i te w/e a.p/p(ea.)le~g i/t i'm (e)a.t ly e t00 th be(a.)d. i/t~ tu be a.m.~m i/t ta re vi ewe d e/b t(h) u e s/s 'd i/t u~'s

h inn d e/b t h~and 0 (w/)0'r (e/a) d ere desire d bu ye r(e) inn d(h) 0've t a g(L) 0've d 0 w/are a.d.

= if you are here, i have taken, well, great effort too th as/s u/me inn a re p0'se ven (d) f a(i)r e~/n d 0 w/(h) inn d 0 w/e.

i am saying, buy way of sug/g (u) e s/s t (r) inn g, the competitive marketplace for-t- no reason too th actually e re~a. l/l ate, "thrives" on the false, sel-l- ie- eye- con-0-me-ye- d- 0f- t- being- vainly dof-t- a-ll- t- he- t-i'm-e- d-. what this means for your birth order-d- is you get to get naile-d- buy- e/n- ill-u-s- i-0n- e-nd- .

i am suggesting, debt a n0 w/e, you have a choice to be a ware before you get int 0 w/(e) i/t. you are not being falsely miss-con-ceive-d- buy-e- market-place- that does not care if you breath d(h) 0've d h inn d fal/l0 w/e t(h)rue ven (t) d ew/e. & "traditional-ly" will not support 0/n e 0/n e~ .

your money & time effort & standing for completion is turned to competition once it hits the ban-k-t-s-, to make a scene-d-0f-t- hat- a- d-0-w/ar- t- is - a- contain-ere- considered -necessary- d-e/b- t- without -en- d- goes seaming ly un quest i 0/n e d.

this "miss-placed- gap-ap-opportunity" "creates" narcissism-an-d- provides me f0r 0/n e , no h0nest protection even t/h and -e/b- t-hie-f-en-d-0f-t- 0/n-e-c0m-man-d- e-vain- d- c-um- be-d-

your DOB = your 0rder of being a patronage t00 t(h) i.'d e t (h/d) i'm e a.d. 0 w/e t00 th d i'v(e)in e/e d l/l e'ye t(h) in/n (e) d (0) b (e/e) m i/n (e) d h inn g e inn g ag (r) e a.d. 0 w/are t00 th c~a(i)r e'ye t/h ere (a.)d. f a(i)r e~ l/l ye (a.)d.

so the goal is at 3000, produce the handy anatomical language of eve/n & s(p)end i/t 00 t(h) all patr0/n s hea.r (t/h) d (h) e'ye t00 th b e/e h ave (n) d i/t~t0 w/e~a.r t/h e're~ a.r(e) t (h) a l/l (e) a.s/s h 0 (w/) e ~a.d. s trait a' n~a r/r 0 w/e t00 the m(e)A.k/e g~r(e)a.t~e t00 th d at(e) in/n e p(L)ace a.d. face d h ea.r t/h d f/r0m th 's t a (i) r (e) t ~a' re





re t ea.r n a l/l ye w/e b an (d) ew/e s ag en c(e)ye~a. t. w/h0 d b/i t/e w/e ve(i)n ly eg/g e tu

the idea is to have a internet ~s n ew/e l/l 00000000 's e t(h) a g e/n c(e)ye~

t00 th s lee pi/t(h) 0/0 kn e~a. d.

the news agency is a call t00 th inn t en t i 0/n d. articles, items, advertisements per you patronage here, personal ads, business, art.

I will be wearing a new hat, and providing for the platform, the umbrella, the circumstance, to move th s hi t a re (g) r0und at (h)at.

the idea is to enlarge the scope & the see n s c0re & a c/c 0 rd. it is a stepping stone, in this sense, the k~n ewe s can be viewed, tagged, bought into, moved around the internet, provide links, etc.

i would all so like to use the content and postings inside of patron, to fu e w/e ll at the , during this hope full transiti0/n e t00 the me r/r e'ye (d) w/e ll ~ b/0unce t00 th' sel~l fxf t(s) augh t as/s well~ d

i think of the 's newe ll ooo s e' agency as an extend i.d. marketing opportunity. it is an opportunity for you and other t00 th s ea.t a' b~(e) l/l e'ye a. g(r) e a.d. 0 w/h0~ d ew/e t(h)rue d

April 15 th

e~g0 all (e'ye) d (s) 0'L (e) d

e l/l t a t(h) 0 (w/) e

(a.d. 's) bee's e c (h) 0/n (e) d g 0/0 d a(i)r e/e f 0r(a.)m. th e fxf r0m t/h ea.ven (d) s um e 0/n e~ye (d) s~ea. t e'ye (d) b~u/m~me d 0ff t f r0m th f~r 0/n (e) t

1500 i get  a' buy appreciative all th time




3000 eve/n sell fxf definition post card, sent to all patron subscribers, honoring your # of sending your money to represent your sell fxf t(s) augh t/h ere t heir d 0 w/are ve(i)n (t) a 're a.d. c are d h and c aire ye w/e ll d ewe s/t a (i)r e a.d. 


the postcard comes with your DOB, you decide for yourself to honor your follow thru inn knowing t w/h0 d ew/e t00 th d 0 w/e t(h) i s/s u e w/e due t w/h0~.


# 0/0 goes too t hou's e/g ea.r th d 0/u (be) t c ha (L) fxf r0m the m0/u(n)t~h d f0(u)nt 


#1/0 goes to me sell f e ve(i)n d s~ p.r. 0ut~h and 0/u (be) t


next =  # 2/0 h and s 0/n e~yew/(e) inn the order you sign up t w/h0 d~ be a.m. e 0/n e 'ye re pre sent (h) inn g e/d just (a') b~e/i n~g (u) e s/s t p0's e/ a.d. ag e t~ 00 th b miss (p ) en t





5000 design and hat a s~newe~ll~0000~s ag en c(e) ye~a. t (h) at.

a new website, for the patron users, create the news, stories, ads, personals, business, art, = a great re ad. c/alling L inn t en t i 0/n e ve(i)n d (h) 0/m e a.d.


get (a) great sleep, make the me 0/n e'y(e) inn your e s lee pi/th d s~ea. t a' b ly e d c0m p (L)ea. t i'm (e)a. t~ e ve r e'ye t (h) inn g e (t) inn s pi re a.d. n (d) s~ea.m en d's (p ) en d (h) ea. d. e/b t a gain d (p.r.) i'm e/n d


e/b t00 t(h) a' s/s p(L)aye t00 th' s (t) a'ye d h ave (n) a.m. e(a.)i.d. just h's a.m. e~a. s/s u're (a.) s/s a' ye ~a. t ~ e


t e/e h e/e c~am e 

l/l ' s w/h ea.t  00 t'hea.ven 0 maid

(h) i'v(e)in e/e d le ye t(h) in (e) d

e/b t00 th' s (t) a' ye p.r. i'm e/n d i'm e~(a.)d.

h~a v0 i.d. a b/b le t00 th b. min(e) d

(h)all t (h) inn (e) d


e/b t00 th em u l/l t i p ly e w/00 d ew/(e) inn d

e/b t 00 t 0're claim me w/e d c~a.m. e ve(i)n d

e/b t a 're s/t 0/a r ' d~ s ea.m e/n d

s (h) a.m. e/vein (d) a.m. e~a.d. 0~0're (a.)d.


let's celebrate T 0 w/(h)ea.r~ (d) s

i would like to

1. design & manufacture commemorative s i' l/l k t 0/n e me (0/n e')ye. using the xubrnt problem solving logos ie the duality and perception vs point of reference (xubrnt) icon, designed by myself all ready e too the re s (h) e ' ll ft a w/are inn ce ll t

2. manufacture items using the xubrnt 'x0' ribbon with reuse and recycle marks. such as a handy bag, & or e c0 in (d) per se a.d. heaven d e/b t a m(e)a.k e get/h a. d./i s p(L)a'ye d 0ff t(y) 0ur e s(h) e ll fxf t~heaven d (h) e'ye t a gain d.

3. make available to you, to use the ribbon and icon patches to make your own things too n t w/h0~ d(h) e'ye (t/h) d e/b tu~s/h and i/t~t0 0t h/d e/b t a thank t(y)0/u/r t w/h0 g/g 0 inn g 0 p(L)ace s/s (h) u e w/e ~n d 0 w/00 d s~ea. t (h)u ~(e) s/s t e a.d. e/b tu~ (r) fxf 0 're w/are a.d. a.m. e w/e t a.m. (e)u/s t00 th d(e) u/s t 0ff t~h ave~n d e/b t a' b(e) l/l ye~(s) u/s t (c) a'i n~a/b le (a.)d. i/t hat h and i/ t~(h)rue ~w/e l/l and e/bt 0/0 kn 0 w/e ll an d en ew/e d as/s (h) e l/l t e're vi ewe d

f(H) 0ur e t00 th (e) re s/t 0're a.d. 0~0're (a.)d.

i would like to make this items for me, with the sustainability inn p(a)l a ce inn g~r a ce a.d. face t00 the m(e) re a.t~ e'ye

would like to, well, see what i can do to make these items and get them to you with out an extra cost to your patronage, being additional in charging you too look th ere in name d ewe.

i am saying, i would like to make things, items, the could be received in value, and therefore appreciated, and not tack on an extra cost, of all the things i am offering, "in-order-to-get-off-t-" . on top of what i all ready e g 0/t

~a l/l 0/t

essentially e t/h sys t em, i s/s b(r)0ugh t.

making 0 pr0ducts to replace my e d hinge s, we ll d 0 w/00 d a me a.n d all 0/t. 00 the m(e)ark e t 00 th e re t a'i l/l d 0ff(i)t 0ff t

when the time comes, i would like to make things and items for you to reflect (h) 0/n e s/s t (h/d) 0ff t inn your own d s cent s L0 t~ t0 0 t/h and 0ff t 00 th eg/get 0ff t 0 p en l/l e ye a.s/s t a g(r) 0 w/e d e/b t00 t(h) c~h ea.r 0/d(h)e a.d. 0ff (i) t 0ff t00 t(h) inn t ere s(t) augh t (u) b (r) 0ugh t a' m.0're a.ll 0/t



1,000,000 $

0/n e M i' l/l i 0/n e t00 t(h) a g (r) 0 w/e th f~L0 w/(h) ere s c a (s/s) t/t 0/n e M i' l/l i 0/n e ve(i)n d(h) 0'm e a.d. 0 w/e t00 th (c) r 0/n e w/c r 0 w/ n d. g 0~(a.) l/l d (h) 0' ver t L0 A.D. H~ea.(d)ven (t/h) d se t'h u(e) s/s t 0/n e/e d le'ye g 0

lambe = sing, alleve, = raise, light, font fount mount mouth, geed, sb, debride, task, chit

imbue = moisten, ent, moi, tach, ven vena tang hang ewer

g is t c re a. t (h) inn g e 0/c a' rt (h) en d 0 w/e i/t a gain d as/s kn 0 w/e (d)g 0



i h~ang ed my head


i.'d. h~ang ed my head (h) inn s t e a.d. (h) e'ye d


e'ye f0r a(i)n ye~i h~ang e d (0) me'ye d head heaven t i'm e~a.d. (h) e'ye d


e'ye f0r a(i)n ye~t(h)~ang e d 0 me'ye d head h a.(n)d. e'ye (t/h) d 


en a.m. e/n (d) f~r a.(i.)m. e d i(c ) t00 th en av~e' ye d. 


e~b (r ) i.'d.(h)e~ a.d.a'ye t/h d s cent 's a.m. e ve(i)n d


0/u (be) t00 t(h) en d 0 w/e (a.)d. 0 w/c a(i)r e'ye~a.r' s e t/h e're a.d. 


si' l/l e/n t 

inn as/s c e/n t


a's/s k~t ~ i/t ~c/h i/t w/h0 (d) c a.m. ~e ( l/l ) d i/c (k) t00 th be(a.)d.  (f) L~a.m. (e i'm) bu e w/e d 


(s) h~ave n (d) a.m. e (w/e) d


s t e a.d. e/b t00 t~h (y) 0ur e sel~l fxf t(y) 0ur e~a. l/l e(a)ve n t h (0 u/r~e a.) d.


e/b t00 th ' s (h) 0/n e s/s  (T) u fxf (t/h) er(e) inn (d)g~ a g( r) e~a.d.


0 w/a're p0 ' s i/t (heir) inn d(h) e/e d 


(ea.) f x f 0' r (t) a' b~ le a.d. f(ea.)t a' s/s k t0 w/h er(e) inn k~ne~a.d. 0 (w/)h t a' b~(le a.d. 0) me a.d. ~ 0 w/h 0/n e 'ye n~ d0w/ t(h) as/s kne~e d i/t ~t00 th be l/l e(ye)a. f~ t (h) inn (t) her~e/n t ly eg i've n~ 0m 0/i s/t en~ d 0/h (t) bu ye~x t en s i~0/n e miss (ta' t/h) re a.d. 


she~ave d e/b t00 th (e) c(h) 0m p (L)e~a. t inn (d) 0 p~en (a) l/l (t) e'ye t00 th be~a. t00 th be(a.)d. f0r(a.) m.ea.l ly e~ a. d. 0 w/are t00 th be t/h e're a.d.


//// this is a silent option to take p~ar(e) t inn your 0(w/)n e t inn (e) ye a.r~ t 0 w/e t00 th bee s(t) 0 w/e a.d. ag i/0~ d e l/l ta h0~ n e s/s t a(i)r (e) t


///// you get inn side r~ d e/b t a re a.r t 0 w/th patre 0/n ' s t (h)at i'm e t a' par~t hear t / h d (h) a 're~a.r t


//// read, post, consume, continue, be ap (t) ar(e) t 



2$ en t (r ) a'n c~e tu p ea.r e ly e~a. g ate set hue d


this is the same value as the 1$ en t r~e'ye w/ t h0u' s inn g' s ag (r ) e a.d. : House Industries gets a tip t 0ff t (h)at inn t en t i 0/n ally e~a. t hat a' b~ c


this e X t (r ) a. d. 0 l/l a' re g 0 e 0 e 0 e s~ direct ly e t00 th ye t h0u's~ e a.d. 0/u (be) t en t r~an ce a.d. s p.r. 0 w/e t~(a') c(h) at ch inn g e t(h) inn (e) d a.m. 0/u(n) t/h d e/b t00 th f0(u)nt n (a) l/l e' ye 


a.d. e/p t(h)u e w/e (re) a~p/p ai r~ e/n t ly e~ a. T 0 pen l/l e'ye t00 th b(L)e~a. t ex t~r a. d. 0~0'r(e) d i'nn(e) a're ly e ve(i)n (d) bu ye t(h)r e/e fxf r~ a.(i.)m. e inn g ag (r )e a.d. e/b tu be (a.)d. h~inn g~e/e d


e/b t u (r ) fxf ea.(s/s)t ea.c~h (i) t a're (a.) p (L)e~a. t e'ye~a.r~ 0 pen l/l e'ye d(p.r.) i'm e/n d i fxf ew/e s~ be l/l e(ye) a. f~ t/h d ew/e the me an s e t/h ewe t00 th s pea.k t a' re (a.) p a(i)r (e) inn g (r ) inn d (e) u/s t r~i a l/l e'ye d~



r~e a.ll e tu