and e* r~ace cens0~r eve n a.m. 0re

b(u)ye l~le a.d. e si`re X p0's~e(e)d 0/0r~e in re p0's e.g.t 0r~e

the s/ave in g's et/h and 2 n eve r end & b end & me~n d's~(h)ave in g's~u~s/t a i/n/n ing t~(a)g~0

*ps i did kn0t mean "and-e" or "and-ye" b(u)ye the w/(h)aye w/hey~e p.r.0 t~ein e t00 the re lay T D~ate @ f/ace t00 the f/ace ve(i)n 0dd i l~at e the "crux" / c-ruse- has yet to re st 0r e in t0 w/00d ew/ 0nt me as u r(e)a.d. e's cent p~le a/s u/re (e) fe(e)d be t~a(i)re


ironically i kept the photolettering insignia as s0/wn

people can follow the b0ne (now re-noun-as-t-ye-b-own- re-sound-lie-d-ark-up-awn- e-too-t-he-f-all-o-d-e-s-cent-s-hall-0-w-e-h0-me-

go to "photo-lettering" for-a-sh-0t-in-th-d-ark-miss-sel-l-et-0-u-r-ing-e-t-w/-h-ell-t-0n-the-m-arc- universally-re-p-l-ace-able-as-e-p-ark-2-d-r-ape-n-0-ugh-t-lar-k-


2 d0 w/hu(e)mani ty e ve/n


the re all i t~ye. g.i~s/t m(e)ye pers0n al~l i t~ye w/eave & w/(h)eave n/t/d's~w/hi ft l~l ye


ps i don't "need" e/b tw/h-0- rent a tit with no re all e st ate in (k)ni/t



i am so embarrased you s-pen-d (and sus-pen-d-) all day to-ole- l-ear-n- the in's and outs of bein-g-'scene for no re as on act u ally e "with 0ut a d0ubt"


embarrassment of r-ich-e-s-

ironically "house-industries" has an "app" for/t-h-at-e- ie "house" has an "app" where by you can comfor-t-abl-ye in your own "home" or any "w/here" you p-l-ease, use their f-ont-s -2- make-be-li/e-ve- ie you can put the "house" f-onts over l-aid- on your pic-t-u/res-end-ing-

interesting "intersection"-ing- if t you ask me without a-skewing- with -actions- as your "words" mus- ta-ke- l-eave-scene- be t-ro-t-h-ing-e-

embarrassment of r-ich-e-s-up-p-lie-d- e-vain-un-scen/e-ye- t-eye-t-


differ-rent l~an g/u/age s/t ate t0 me a.d.


home "mall"-0ne-

the "furniture" you rest your as/s on has ten0n's p-aid by di-me-0n's-

the joints you have no right x write to F~Le X

you me-ar-e-ly-e- have vain interest -2- too-th-app-lie

your lack of sel~l fxf virtue is evident

you have re-lied on an archaic language misapplied-all-the-t-i-m-e-

it is why you can't figure your way out of the conundrum your "need" -2- compete has te l-l-aid-e-

competition c-ain-t- go back and s/ave the "day"-e- by a/no-t-her- d-aye-


if the only "choice" i get is to look at this -e-g-0/n-a.d.-'s-en-d-'s-, I am going to w/(h)ear it e X(cep)t i 0n all ye As (i/f)T be 2 be's p0 ken t/0 me a.d. just b.(h)c. us/s e/a. t-h(r)-ea-d- d0f i/n e my~e (h)d~e/b t~h and~ 0nt (&) 0ut~i'll eye w/(h)ere s~p./r.~0ut e/n'~ser(e)a.n~di.p.ties~p(L)en d0(0)r e 2 w/(h)ea.r 0ut e the re si`de~all the ta t i'm e in/n


fi x this ore is all goes down at noon today, with "you" and the rope-d-ope-b-(p)-rig-ht- a-way-t-

(-h-)e- (-h-)as 0f-vice- re-quest-e-d- le-gal-l-ye-t-h0-u-s-e/e-d-wel-l-


d-ear-e-a.d-um-f-uck- your emotions are a service to no one, t-heir a serv(-e)vice-


fix it admirably or for eve r t a ware your st-a-i-n-ea.-r-e-"x"p0-s-e-d f/a(i)re you have taken -2- fort-e- your n-are- s- nares-


should i just make the decision for you, and take the sight down now? d-um-b-f-uck-t-w/-add-le-t-all-k-


there is a re-as-on-e- there isn't a king bee, and soon to bee, less(0n) bee' scene.


you have untill n0~0ne to make this right //


i can allready see (t)he your destination.


s(end')s(end')s(end')s(end')s~0 pen ly e~s w/i~ft (a) g~0


p.s. if any 0/n~e would like to f0re me all y e A st/e all, images, words, context etc on my behalf as t~w/h0(0)le t0~0le, it is fine by me.

i know the source is see/n, the orgin ate t0r e

for e which i se/a.m. t00 the sPeak

free as you w/e'l~like

wear it eye t e ve(i)n t i'm e

you can even market your self in my image if you please. ie the marketing material (being ugly stupid and weak) i don't care if you co/pi in your name face image ac cord i/n g~ly e

send with whit and with any e w/(h)0~rd you like X p0's~e(e) d e/b t~g/r~ace ful~ly e n/k~n0w/e

(m-r-oat- on-l-ye- has negligence t0-0-le-g-it-)g-r-0at- a penny for-got-ten foot no-t-e-n-t-wit-h-c-andy-e-z-it-it-it-it-it-it-it-p0-0p-ed-i'm-----

"circumferentially" e s"P"ea"K"ing"

w/"it" 0/n-eve-r-end-s-lee-ping-r-at e-ye-f0-r-m-all-ye-s-ne-e-king-

i/f(t) any 0ne would like to offer their hand written image in re p(L)ace of the "house" with a "ho"-e-,

feel freely e too the X p0 se, your hand written note, your image on my a/nec/dote re all f/0 r~t f/reel ye w/ha(l)le as eve r ye t i'm~age t i'm e in~s c~0p~e t(h)e l~l 0! de~n t00 the sirmise be a.s p/0 k en the truth never b/rained on -is-ead- ("h"is"h"ead) t0 m(e) a t0ken

in d0w/~ing's~0we & hinges seen you keep the r(e)ings 0f t-he r-0d-e-r-0p-e-d-0p-e-in-re-l~e a. f reely e.g. i've n a.(i)m. e

the "em-per-0/r-e" has no clothe s~he ave n (t)d's~0w/(h)e ave n

r-ich-g0ld- is not the sa.m.e as t/0 r/ich a g0 all e

"rich" think my s/t~0r~e ye line takes forever, however, it is h-is-nit-0-g-ether-e-

thanks for bein g (the) imp/ped/dim/men/t/ of "choice" t0 day T

"you" hol-d- me responsible to put your in-f-laws- to-be-d-res-s-t-e-as-e-b-line-d-the-d-ay-e-w/-inter-rest-e-

0h~and i sh0uld P~"L"ease edit mysel~l fxf ? 0re your re-spite-


this is w/hat-e- d-i-n-n looks like, on my p(L)ate 2 p.r.e ten d e/b t0 d0 s0/me thing w/(h)it~

"house" me-ar-e-ly-e doesn't approve of my pre ten d i/n g 2 x t0/0 & t0w/ (h)ave in vi ew/e t0/0 b/u/y e w/h'0~le


s "h"e hasn't ma.d.e b/ t~l 0ve 2 d/ate t/he(a.)d. 0 pen ly e in st/e a.d.~e ft 0ve r d a ft(a)g A i/n/n

daft became deft in the be speak i/n g~'s e/e k well and well 0p~e/n ly e w/hale te~ll e.g. a.m. be~in/g~t (h)r u e st e w/e

quite possibly "r/ich" is saying thru h-actions worth re-st-ate-in-g- he has nothing 2 do b(u)ye dune 0n-lie-2- san(d')s p(r)00f -e-t-e-in-g-


suzy "favor" i am not in contempt for the less fo~r tu ne ate, i am in contempt of the "more" fo-r-t-u`-ne-at-e- scene-inn-s-p.-.r.-out-e- like your sensational "bo-ok" just sayin, aint worth re p(L)ay in~g --0/n-e-the-s-a(i)m-e-m-one-ye-l-end-&-b-end- n eve r t 0/m e you ("h")us-sy-s-tem-p-t-0n-kemp-t-p-(-L-)aye-in-g-0-
"p.r.i'm"(e)0 pen l-ie- all the t i'm e : "it's complicated" hasn't be.g. un tw/h0 ta/ke the shap~e ye a.m s(h)ave in g~ et u` g a w/(h)ay at your s-p0-0f-e-d's-p0-t-lig-ht-re-ad-e-

your de-s-cent - was probably earned on your husbands re-vision- e -tu-b-urn-ice-

good job you "2" taking up "room" all over the p-lace- set-too-the-

why? "2" x -2- x t0/0 s-ave- you & s"h"ave me t (h) r u e -d- ay-e.-g.-a-i/n-n-s-

"satisfaction" n eve r e lay T e~d (e/b t)en d~ e/b t~h and a.m.e w/(h)it may/ke in g~ r~e at/e l~l ye w/0~rt~h e may/k i/n~ 0 pen ly e re lay T i/n~n/~n/~e w/(h)i/t e 0n e b/L~a.c. k ba.c.k 2 ba.c.k & f/0~rt h f/r0m t/hat w/h~0'le pt pre sense 2 0/d ~d/ate fxf~act w/h~ea.t i/n e h~and


it's min 0 t i'm e~ we. g.0/n e w/h 0ur e fr(ee)is(rise)be~e in g t~0 w/e

free is rise be/e ye but/t an action t0 e

w/here you st/and e/b t(h) n's~0we


this is my photo taken on my computer, the same "pic" "house" is le-g-al-ly-e- using to h-ave t-heir "it" removed, on account they can't count to/o 2.


when it is removed by a 3rd party intervention, i will post this- i/n-it's place

mine my view, my camera, my room, with a vi ewe s-tup-i.d.-s-0we-p-t-p-r00f-

it is knot my f/all t you -ave pay-per-v-i-ew/e-d-i's-g-race- tu`-



w/hat-e-d0-ye-X-pec-t- p-aid less

as it is t-heir-e-c0n-t-r/i-v-e-

grace & gravityy is debt t0/0 x 2 g0/d~ e 0's and g0 all e pt 2 be/e's P0 ke~(e)n k~n0w/e


"cuneiform" w/-(h-)edge- inscribe' (set/he)- s e/e-b-us- t-e- in-si-(h)d-e-


f/r0m s e/e b~u/s t e in st/e a.(h)d. i/n t0 w/rite a Miss R(e)a.d.

the ge0metry fig/u/re is 2 circles of visi0n 0 ver e lapping w/ the fi's~h b~l~ad/der e ve/(i)n 0/n e t au t i'm e



the only e way to touch my win/g's~&~hinge's e a.m. e with desire act u ally e A/s~t e a way e wit~h e my T

the f/act is A Case c-ain-t- be built a-gain-st- (m~i/t)

which says a lot about competitions -0-long- lot- spinning- 0-l-f- an-d-g-0ve- "&" a-men's p/ar-t- is just placing a p-art- for-i'm-en-0-ugh-t-2-be-calm-an-d-be-c0n-e-w/-t-(h)-re-e-vain-ly-e-

you can't build a case against it, and that is what is funny about my rake with intention, as it shows who went without t/hen of in/n ven t~i 0n e -2-be-scene-in/n-for no re as on e

n0w/e let us see you win d0w on your 0ne p0etic n0t-i-0n-e-& be s0/wn e t0 me per(i)0d i c all ye t00 the~n d0w e d e/b t re a.d. in g

i am upset about fall-s-ell-cen-t-s0re-in-g- b.c. i know the cost of what has never be/en w/ bein g i've n (t)d's~en d/b re a.d. t~h


s~p/an~s c/an~s w/(h)ea.r ing w/(((h)))ere in g be/e's p0~k/e~ s/ave L0~ve in ly e t au(gh)t f/0re. g.i've in g's~

caution: this does not work with a r-0p-e-d-0p-e-

*op to me = photo opportunity misused = photo op-poor-tune-ye-t-ye-

po= purchase order, frequent ly e



"#3" = fi-g- miss-sel-l-e.g. un-s aren't creative energy be/e s P0 k/en


and c0/m(e) mean t~ar/ry e

is kn0w l0nger a "miss-tarry" f0r -u-e- s-c-i-fi- f-ad-ven-t-u-re-s-

i h/ave ma.d.e this s0w/e t a w/hat eye k~n0w/e

censorship fore no re as on e, is the blatant first step too the owner ship for no re as on e

if "you" are going to give me an example for no reason, i will make use of it, sight on site & situ b/rig/ht 0/ne nigh t, my j0~b under my fe at e & fig/ht~

censorship fore no re as on e, is "saying" i don't have an inherent right x write to see "it" with my T~(0)D~ate t00 the re lay T~ f0r/m/e a.d.e & me a.d. 0 w/t~p.r.0 vi s/i` 0n e

"and"-i/t- is equally putting the fi-x- for no re as on e, on e very e b 0/d~ye w/ea.r e lay T~i 0n'~s0/n & s0/m e wit h 0/n~e

ps i am not the "one" sitting on my as-set-s-i-lent-ly-e- proclaiming "i lent tit" w/ no reason to all sowe re pre sent i/t : the gig for being silent for no re as an -e- is~UP . "men" have been able to withdraw into apparent(lie) nothing, and still exist on mer-w/-rit per the "law" for no reason to L0ve in/0f & "men's" reflection in the m-ail e pt m-ale "g0d" and the "g0d's" s0/n's "s0/n"'s- as e X i/s T an(d)ce sent from ab0ve is now without perception e w/(h)0n~e, which is to say the em-per-0-r- has no clothes interi0r~e~ly~e t00 the s0w/e s0/wn & that is why "men" can't think to re s0lve t~heir e future. p.r.0 l~l 0g 0 i/n~g f0r e ward capable a.d.e~ t-hey-e- are k-n0-t- pre sent en/0ugh act u all ye (not one of t-hem is t-heir g0/d besp0ken 0ne 0n/e)a.~c. r~0's(s)e~a.w/e ' d0f/fe = weed the dof, from the doff by re pre sent i/n~g 0 all e/n ten 0/n e 0/n~e t/wh~0 le pt be c0/m~e 0n f'0(le)cus and 0/ve L0 cus~t 0/m e r's 0 ft w/(h)0/r~t/h pursuing 0 ft

c0-pi-rig-ht- cur-rent-l-ye- lending- f-action-e- without re pre sent at(e) i 0n e -&- b-illing- you- f-o/re-seeing-it- 2

min(e)d you t heir is kn0w place t0(0) put 2 & 2 t0(0) & t0 e t~w/(h)0/r~k i/t (h) r u e = f-0x's-h-u-re-sh-irk-

t-hey-e- can re-pre-sent-the-mourn-full-me-di-a- be-cause-t-hey-e-n-able-i/t- 2- ger-m-any-e-tu`-g-a-way-t-(h)-r-u-e- in paris-t-ew/e-


it is the censorship posing as necessity t/h-at-e- is a waste of my time con-st-an(d)t-l-ye- 2 t/rack with in/n p~L~a.c.~e ven l ye b(u)y e~vening the re v~i/s~i 0/n e in g

t/here is kn0w/e r0se with~0/u/t an au t(h)0r n

t/here is kn0w/e r0se w/ an au t(h)0r n

the author e put t heir bed t00 the re/s~t 0'0le pt p~lent ye re f0r/m & re f/r0m (t)int e re~st e a.dilly e dye d 0ff i/n e w/e av(i)e


i have work today ... plus 2, & i w/0nt be ~here~ unless something-un-necessary- comes int0 vi~ew/e



t/here is kn0w/e r0se w/i.(d.)th 0/u/t an au th0r n~0w/e a.r 0/d e in p~L~a.c.~e s~0/re

politics speak 2 you apparently* e t w/h~en you apply it 2 "i/t" displace-s-ue-you-2-

apparent~ly with virtue in h~and b(u)ye ve/r~t (h)u` e

c0-pi-lo-t-pr-0-tec-h-t-i-0n-e- is "saying" competition is rig-ht-in-pr-0-v-e-// v-i-s-i-0n-e- s p0 k~en as saw/ ft act m0/0n e g~ran~(d)t 00 the f~all0w/ e. g. 0 al~l e ft act en 0/n e c0mpetit0n e didn't f0r/m/e f/r0m c0m(v)p (L) eat i 0n e t0/d~ate & c-ain-t- s~c/up (L) at~e as e-em-a.d.-e-vain-e- facade b/ t face s~awe d 0/f/f ace 0/d en & g 0~ve i/n~s um e 0n e

au t(h)0r n e.g. i'v(i)e w/ 2 (d) 0 b~h~0rn e t i/n (e) p.r.0 vi/s~i 0n e t00 t~(h)ea.r e s/t~0 re t f/r0m~e all eye s a.m.e ve(i)n b/rig~ht 0/ne ye t~ea.r~n a.( (c~) l~as pi re all e. g. 0 all e pt u` be'ease s~p0/k~e in eve r e last(r)ing'~s (e/e) c(h)0 p~e d~r0ne a.l~l i'v(i)e per e par a.d. i/c/e~g. a.m.b le in up. r.ig ht 0/n e t(h)e l~l i? ne~ l~l i 0n e tu` (h)r u e ~ paradise bespoken even eye w/0rt~h and be le~a. fi/n p/ark an/d ark' s~c re am. i/n g lee d's~en d's~c/an~s~pa(i)n i/s 'h' and 2 t 0ss0 re a. r0und c0/m (V) p~L~eat e n~eat e fxf i/g u/r~e la/t/era~lly e s0/me~t hing e t0/m~e a.d. e/b t h~and'~s0/m e w/h~ea.t e 2 d/ate t' p0'st e~w/(h)e n 0nt 0/0 the mis~s ta/ke n(i~gh) t fi/g ht (h) r~u i/n/n p.~r.0v(e) is i0n e~cessary e

au t(h)0r n e.g. i'v(i)e w/ 2 b re a.d. th de lig ht 0/ne un's p0 k/en a(t)c(h)~r~0ss 0/n e hem i a~h atch ub ub ub r~e a.t/h (i) re t i/r ea.d. e lig ht e'ye t~0/d (e)a.te f/r0m t h0/u s~t0r (e)ye 0n i.g.~h and's~en d's aid~act yl ly e.g. i'ven (t)d's~t/e all (e)ye t w/(h)~ink le ye s/ave t~(h) e fxf (r)a(i)m~e in seek well and sera.~m. serial~l k i'll er e a.d. e/b t(h)re~e d's~ e l~l e/a. f i/n g ere g ear (h)ear e & w/(h)ere all th(e) t i'm e 0n e m(e)ye d~i' me al~l's~0w/e l~l and 0~ve tu`de


d 0nt b-l-am-e- mit 0n t 0/m e night ie


all the letters hear are mine bespoken prime, and i can slice them as i like, and sow can you if you l'earn them prime in ste ad e b/t (h)r u e & r~u le pt per si` eve i/n g~t w/h0 g(e)t vi ew/e a.r e st ew/e. g. 0ve t (h) r u e. g. A i/n/n s~ave i/n g's~us ten (st)an(d)ce 0/n e 0/n e p ~statistic' syn/the f(L)ave 0/u/r e all i t~ye th0/u se/e d's 0/dd's av(i)e 0/u/r/e


i t augh t my sel l fxf 2 b re a.d. 0/n e t i/n te re st A b l(e) a.d.e b/ t 0/m e a.d. 's a.(i)m. e w/e f(t) 0re. g.i've i/n g's~ave t h~and e lxl at~e/r (e)a. l~l ye p.r.0 c a.m.e LxL0 t a.m. e f(r)a.m. e & raiment e'ye a. m.e. g.av(i)e w/hat i t~have n's~aid ew/e. g. 0/d ' s~hat i/n e my (h)ea.d en e'ye n 2 the n'th pre serve (t)d

pre serve (t)d's

t is my sh(r)ed~g0 i/n g l0/n~g t a c r~0ss0 ft all0w e b/f0und a re r0und t a.d. e l(l) ta(i)re (e)fxf a(i)re

i am the sh(r)ed & e ve/n ke(y)ep er e(a.)ve's ea.c~h' (i) sh0uld e're c/ar~e t/here und e're st~0/0 d e/b t0/n~igh t all' ~ s0~w/e (g)c a.m.e ac~h/ave t/ h/all and 0 all aught ere be l~l c~a.m.e n~ea.r~e ven st.r~0/n g w/(h)eigh t fi/g~b re at h~ere 's p/r/0ut~e pre t~t ye a.r~t e a.m.ea.n i/n g* (full) t~hing e m~ea.r~e & mear~th and e mirth eave(n)s e/a s 0/n'~s e/e a.r~e b~ea.rt~h ea.rt h e/r e v e n(t)d's~aid aye.g. A i/n/n~s t e a.d. e X t~inc t~i 0n e un b/0 und 0/ne (s)t0w/n~d~ec(h)0 r/ate~d i/n ' syn/t(h)e t i'm e f/r0m~ A b~0ve (t)d~0ve (t) s/y/s~tem t~p t'im~e

w/f~l0 w/(h)ere~s c~rap an/d c~r/a ft~0 w(h)er~e (a.)p0 w/(h) rhyme dna ke(y)ep er t 0/n eye t/d rive~r t e 2 at 0/ne be.g.i've n(t)d's t0g et/h/er e


d~r/ag 0/n e c~r/ap an/d c~rAft 0/n e t00 the bea.c0n e

d~r/ag 0/n e c~r/ap an/d c~rAft 0/n e t00 the bea.c0n e a.r~e a.r~e t00 th~eave's~0/n an/d's~0 w/(h)0n~e ve r ye b/b 0/d~y~e ve/n 0~/d ding 0

the P0e m would have be~t t~a(i)re with re as 0/n e tu`be c0/m~ave n f~ash i 0n e b~r i.d.~ge my T


the P0e m would have be~t t~a(i)re with re as 0/n e tu`be c0/m~ave n f~ash i 0n e b~r i.d.~ge my T ea.m. e tu` p(L)ay e (l~l) 0/n~g/r~a.c.e 0 ful~l ye 0/d~e (a.)l (l)t a t 0e

be f/0re h~and


t~ fe/e l i/n g~a.m. 0re m~0rt w/hat~a/s t e ye t f/0re


d~r/ag 0/n e c~r/ap an/d c~rAft 0/n e t00 the bea.c0n e a.r~e a.r~e t00 th~eave's~0/n an/d's~0 w/(h)0n~e ve r ye b/b 0/d~y~e ve/n 0~/d ding 0/d~e all ready e with f/0ur le.g.'s~t able. g. 0

nature is innocence in reflection, and we de serve to give it at ten ti 0n e w/ full in ten ti 0n e w/00 d e/b t~h~ast l~aid e.g.0 all e t0/n(e) k~n0w/e


f/r0m e n0w/e 0n 'ugly-l-aid-e-' ugly e re p A.(i)D. e in s~p~a.(i)

so far, all we have is ugly to give on a competitive time f(-r-)am-e

but that is not h0w you in/ga me m~aid your name, nor i, nor nor k i/t~ty e, nor mary merry l0~c/k~e, we did e/b t 2 be~st/e l~l ept pre sent l ye at e

the "x" has been in question, i am a representive of x, of the xx chromosome that makes a woman, dna to rna ~as pi re all, the 'y' is now per pet u ally e in quest i 0n e f0r/m e a.d.e~ mea.d. 0w/~e ave & d0w/(h)eave n~0w/e

niceness, you can't give it if you can't b re a.d. i/t w/(h)en eve r en d i/n(e.)g. e X a.m.p~le. g.a.m.~b le in g~av(i)e w/e in~(c)k


the nature all k i'll e're cell (h)ast 0/n (e) kn0t abbreviated he(')ll ye w/ "a" high-way-e-2-tree-p0s-e/a-way-t-0n-fi-re-&-hi-re-lay-t-2 d/ate x t'day t 0/n e me (w/h)a st (d)we~l~l i/n ~g f/at~e pi.d. p(L)ate


niceness, you can't give it if you can't b re a.d. i/t w/(h)en eve r en d i/n(e.)g. e X a.m.p~le. g.a.m.~b le in g~av(i)e w/e in~(c)k c~her~c h~and's~te a.p/p le. g. a.m. e w/ell 0 ver (t)d~0 w/it 2

the "x" as it l-ay-e- in a competitive t-i'm-e- frequen-t-c-ye- has been in per-pet-u-al-l- quest-i-on-e- & all ways will be w/-h-en-it-i/s-0/n- f/0/r/t he saying' "sum-e-" -&- be-on-e- without further 2 do (apparent l y e) t (h)r u e

the see/n vs scene-i-n-n for no re as 0/n e, is the bearer of re all value , the scene is ho-g-g-in-g-t-vi-ew/e-(and will never arrive at a question 2 (fi/n~d) x t0/0 the y~0/u) x (eye/0/u)

it is hard to den eye w/hen you sea. t i'm e m(e)ay/ke i/n g 0/n t m 0nt high

t-earn sis t-ear~n

as i fig, women get to crucify me ore w/h0re me 0n e t/hat is too the say, woman get to make or b ? rake the d aye. g. g~ ave 0/n e

well see, have to think on this some more, as no man has of yet s~h0 w/n ~e 2 ab(h)0rt e

well see, have to think on this some more, as no man has of yet s~h0 w/n ~e 2 ab(h)0rt e a./c.~ h 0/m e al(l) 0ne s/h/all 0 w/(h)e t au t 0/n e

she uploaded p~lea.s/u/re ~in ga in/n st~0ne


up (a/i) d (0ff) at e L/L (h)e'ye (a) t