h(2) 0/m e w/are (a.)d.

h (2) 0/m e w/are (a./u) d./i b~le a.(d.)ve~n t 0/0 th c(h) 0/m e

inn f 0're s i.'d.en t ce s/s a w/are t'~s h0 w/(h)ere

d i'nn ere t i'm e/e k i'nn ere t (u) b~ f 0're s~(t) a'll e/n t'~s (t) a'ke d i/t a cr0ss t a'nd just b.c.~ d a'ye t able a.d. (0) be t/h' s p0 k/en d ea.r~ t/h ea.r~ t/h 0 p/en (a) l/l e ye s~ t00 th' se l/l fxf t a're r0und 0/u(be) t~h ea.ve~n s i eve n (t) d w/e ll e~ t


11/04/2016 building this p~ag/e d : c 0nt in ewe d f/r0m the w/00 d app(ea.)Le ye. g.0/d e/b t00 the m(e) 0 t/h e're L0 A.D.

does it co(h0)st 2 loo k


does it co(h0)st 2 loo k in tu



fan-t-as-(s/a-)ye-t-(h-)rue-d-g-e-d-e/b-tu- sh stand without pur(e) vi ewe


w/in e re vi ewe : I bought a bottle of wine for my birthday. 16.99, about double what i usually pay. i was looking for something festive, as i didn't know what i would be drinking it with. i happened upon a bottle that looked inviting, and it is described, on back, as 'festive.' i chose chateau coupe roses, just for kicks i looked that up on my translator : castle crosses pink. minervois 2014 la bastide red wine, in the c0 un t r(e)ye (d)h0 u/s/e ~p/b~a s/s t i'd~e, se p are ate l/l e ye t00 t(h) 0/0 k/eye/p f0r/m/e/an/s/p/ea/k t. p.r.0d u ct 0 f/f ran ce. The description reads: Bastide, referring to a fortified f/arm, is a mouth filling blend of old vine carignan and grenache, dark , richly scented, and full of ripe spicey cherry flavors. A festive wine. it is meant to be d/run/k young. Coupe Roses is a leading estate to the high Minervois, deep in the Mediterranean hinterland. It is run with acumen(t) bu ye ... who f/arm th/ei/r mountain vineyards according to the ecological principles of lutte raisonnee, or reasoned fight. This is g 0/0 d st/u/fxf.


minervois 2014 la bastide red wine, in the c0 un t r(e)ye (d)h0 u/s/e ~p/b~a s/s t i'd~e ye, se p are ate l/l e ye t00 t(h) 0/0 k/eye/p f0r/m/e/an/s/p/ea/k t.


ec(h)0l0gicall e principles of lutte raisonnee, or reasoned fi~g/ht. This is g 0/0 d st/u/fxf.


minervois 2014 la bastide red wine, in the c0 un t r(e)ye (d)h0 u/s/e ~p/b~a s/s t i'd~e ye, se p are ate l/l e ye t00 t(h) 0/0 k/eye/p f0r/m/e/an/s/p/ea/k t w/h0 D 's h0 e


ec(h)0l0gicall e principles of lu t/t e raisonnee, or reasoned fi~g/ht. This is (e*) g 0/0 d st/u/fxf i/n g's~


se p* ar~e a.T e = p* = P(L)a c/e


t0/me/an/s verse-sus-t0-me-an-s-pea-k-t-0-p/en-L-ie-d-








be t(h) e re


be (a.) t(h) e re in/n p(L)a ce


b~e (a.) t(h) e re in/n p(L)a ce


this is no different than the "m.o" , of what t-all-t-hie-f-en-d-s-he-a-r-t-d-0-w/-(h-)ing-e-


they ea"t", and the/ref/ore they be-t- "by / buy / enhanced by the house in the "guy" disguised" b-ein-g-a-"t"-


g-un- owner-e-ship is a thoroughly cheap way too th' s-c-are- "t" w/- "i.d." t/h- "i/t"


just saying, they didn't ride th-ei-r- ass (h) ea. ven, and they can't shed a T, without losing th-ei-r-e-patron-ag-e- n-0-pen-l-ie-d-


th-ei-r- is a natural assumption that an attorney general assumes they have provided for the w/(h)ealth of a nation's (t) 0/0 t/h/e. w/h en, they didn't provide for any 0/n e ve(i)n an d e/b t/h' same tw/h0 d t00 th purs/e w/e d


they do not p.r.0 vi. d.e inn 0/n e p(L)ace d e w/e d : so -t- it is a masterful arrangement of words, provoking n0/n e t00 th e re t ea. r n~ d. in/n sure an(d)ce L/L e/n d : th-c-a-s/t-le- has a-men-d- ed- ea-d- too-t-he-a-rise-s-a-gain- d-


so -t- it is a masterful arrangement of words, provoking n0/n e t00 th e re t ea. r n~ d. in/n sure an(d)ce L/L e/n d e'ye w/ pre t/en d 0 b~e t(h)' serve d ... as/s t a/t/e d e w/(h)e ye t0 me an s pen t


rather than just raising the inn-her "rent"


"o/h" "g0-d-j-0-b- you p0(r-)k-er-e-


you-r-e-p0-(r-)k-e-re- bu-ye-a-f-x-f-a-(i-)r-e-


he gets to exist by misplacing his sensibilities t-he-i/r-, with c-are-


-&- e- w/e- get lassowe-d- into f-x-f-e/e-d-ing- for "100" y-ea-r-s- e/e- d- 0- p/en- ly-e- t- a- x- i/s- t-




the "ag" isn't re p ea. T i'n g th' s a.(i)m. e


ve(i)n a.(i)m. e


i got a letter from Avesta to move my art product in the art room so they can wax the flloors. i didn't have an email to respond to the young, most recent, apartment associate, so i called and left a message, and said, i am not able to move my stuff aka lift, per the tendons splaying, waiting for custom orthotics wearing toe spacers, and trying to avoid surgery. ultimately, heavy plaster product i have held onto, fine to let it go. the thing is though, when i think about it, tessa, nice as she seems to be, in her naive facility, has only "time" to give me, and that is curiously why, my stuff doesn't move in the art room. she gets too look nice and managerial, and i think her d-um-b-fucked-ness- hasn't c/aught up wit-her ye t. i'm going too treat it as an opportunity to part with it. i conjecture possibilities for creative use, for my creative timely use, like a constant i don't actually e put too th u s/e e. i get that i am being forced to part with stuff b.c. i can't afford to move it or store it or re all ye use it, and i was lead on a guise of use full ness to buy in to w/ it. at this point of moving and re moving it, i am not that attached to it. more too the theoretical L' sp ace inn e me'ye t/h (r) ea. d. curiously, something i really want to do is to learn knitting by loom, and weaving. i want to make my own clothes, which lead me to looking at fabric, and then wanting to make my own fabric even d. i had a curious day in their recently i didn't re p0 r/t u, i wanted to wash all my clothes, and then i wanted to wash and dry my towels (I save them up b.c. i don't always use the dryer, out of habit // hanging clothes to dry in my apt and now on the frame of my bed // when i had to think before i washed anything b.c. i had to plan for the expense.)




w/-h0'-s- next-?-




c/h ea. r (t) L e/a. d e're a.T be st


t-he-is-t- re-mem-b-ere-in-g- 0/d- 0f-t- b-(r-) 0ugh-t- w/-his-t-a-ct-i-0/n-s- ai-d-0f-t-'d-e-ye- (t-) d-u/e-t- w/-h0- d- s-t-a-nd-c-ape-a/b-le-ye-d-

r-ape-pay-c-i-0-u/s-inn-g-(u-)e-s/s-t-rait-w/-h0-d-be-st- p-est- guest-alt-f-x-f-a-ct-0-r-e-ye-


kind of weird, "he" gets camaraderie f-rom-e- fucking a woman that isn't conscious apparently


he is from "in" "dia" : it really has a lo "t" to say about his respect for w/ 0 men t/hat he's (h-)ave-d-


s-he- of ave-st-a- gives me "time" and gives me "space" and makes no distinction in the quality i actual ly eg ave. by having physical belonging's apparently, i am giving the "op-po-rt-u-nit-(e-)ye-" to have some "one" take the st-a-g-e- on me/an/s -and- foo-t-heir- no reason e tu b, and te"ll" me, to move my belongings, for-t-h/ei/r-e-cap-ass-city-


c-i-vil e/n-g-in-ea-r-i/n-g-


th-d-evil- just looks friend ly e


i'm looking forward to my new orthotics, with a new company, with a new durameter / durometer. the other company tested prime at the time, when they made there foam too the spec wanted with money interest met. however the hand of (t?) didn't pass time actually. the durometer tested prime as stipulated at the time it was made, it didn't pass time ad just the same. en dur (e)a. m. e/n t (h) a rd en t00 th' b~e.g. i/n/n


0 g/g i n/n (d)

a rd ere b e/a. r/n and e'ye a.r/n d (e) c(h)0/m p (L)e/a. T e~d


ar d/en t (d) 0 be serve r


r/ en d


i think for-m-all politeness, dic(k-)tates, t/h at p0 lite people shouldn't 'rend', you know, there are organizations and legislations in place to provide for your e freedom if you di's-taste-. it -h-i.'d.e' s in b-r0-ad-aye- "L/L" i/g ht. you think you are talking with some 0/n e in these com-par-t-men-t-all-i'-zed- o-ore-gain-i'z-ate-i-o/n-s-(h-)ave- . you are not speaking with any 0/n e, t/h at w/ i'll represent there self in my time frame, with their 0(w/)n e name.


s-(h-)ave-t-a-g-ave- suck-u-lent- miss-ta-k/e- n- bu-ye-g/g-race- s/s-(0-)d- ate-


s-(h-)ave-t-a-g-ave- suck-u-lent- (a-) miss-ta-k/e- n- bu-ye-g/g-race- s/s-ai-d-as-s-aye-d- 's-0/d-ate-ll-e-ye-a-t-he-ye-t-


s-(h-)ave-t-a-g-ave- suck-u-lent- (a-) miss-ta-k/e- n- bu-ye-g/g-r'a'ce- s/s-ai-d-as-s-aye-d- 's-0/d-ate-ll-e-ye-a-t-he-ye-t-


so the kind appearing people, n/eve/r e m ai.d. 0/0 re m(e)a.d. e


they are kind and gracious "b.c" their s-hi-t- is- 0- w/-rap-(e-)ped-up-e-t-w/-h0' s-(h-)ave t-heir-e-f-x-f-a- ce- (d-e-) s/s-u-c-k- t- 0-pen-ly-e-on-up-t-




they are kind and gracious "b.c" their s-hi-t- is- 0- w/-rap-(e-)ped-u- (p/p-)e-t-w/-h0' s-(h-)ave t-heir-e-f-x-f-a- ce- (d-e-) s/s-u-c-k- t- 0-pen-ly-e-on-up-t- h'i-c-k-up-Luck-d-


e/b-too-t-he-ed-f-0-re-me- "D" e-ye- w/-k-n-ea.-d- as/s i f(t) e w/e t-c-am-e- d- false sell ie d song all a-ve-


"a" L/L a w/-h-ave-d- (so someone can make the same mistake, as their god given name to mend can-e- sugar and ass-u-ag-e-d- e/b-to-g-e/th/er-e-n-(ave-)d-


w/-(h-)ave-d- : "wave-d" and "have-d" ad-j/u-st-a-g-am-e-d-


has there ever been a man necessary e t 0/d at'e... re (a.) L/L ate


qui t/e ironically i am found unnecessary in my virtual proclivity


a proclivity for (t) h'a rd (0) w/(h)0 r(t 0/0) k tu be a.d.


see n and's un see n


a.d. e/p t/0 me/an/s e/e k/t ea. c~h for/m/e a.d. 0 w/(h)0/n e'ye s w/(h) ea. t


t-he-p0-re-k-ere-t-(a-)bu-ye-f-0-re-g-0-t/t-en-t-he- d- f- (L-)ave-0-re-ad-0f-t-en- d-e/b t his h0/u LD en mar kn 0t be have d e/b t00 th ap/p en inn g~et a cr0ss (t) ave d "2" d-0-w/-t- wit- a-gain- d- aye-t00-t-he-m(e-)a-ke- t-h0-b- serve-stance-s/s- t- a- (i-)r-e- round- sir-cum-stance- d- s-(h-)ave- d- e/b-t- (e-) f-x-f-0-r-t- a'n0-t-her-d- aye- d-

t e L/L e ye


a. L/L 0/n e


w/(h) t i'm e/i n/g. do i need a savior, actual ly?


does any 0/n e?


does any 0/n e i/n 0/n e.g./g ave


the me/an/s w/(h)ea. t


0 p/en Le(ye)A.D.


i think of 'ye' as 't/hou's (e/e) d


ye = thou= i think of it as the 'house' (fave ore' th 0/d's h0/u ld ere bu ye on d)


i think of parenthesis as the frame work and fret work, the positive and negative space, each of equal value in what you see as say t.


i think of parenthesis, as an example : L ye, and I show relationship between the framework and fretwork, much like going within, when you m(e)as k thought in tu b/ei/n g's. the parenthesis are like the th/i/rd eye.


sometimes i don't use parenthesis in/s a working word, b.c. the third eye is w/i t/h in k & w/i t/h 0/u t ~ ea. c/h ave n/0 t/e t0(w/)e t/h 0 me/an/s~0/a k t00 the re t/r e/a. t


th ea. r t (a) w/(h) 0/0 d f0r/m (e)i/n g' s pea. k' t


t f~0're min/e in/g


0/n i(g*ht)ce

0/n (ig*ht)ce


ye = thou

(e)ye's = t/h 0 u/s (e/e ? d) f/r0m the me/an/s e/e k'd '

s/t i pull a t e d e/a t/h and h~0/m e c(h)0/m e i/n g


's e/e d 's


t ea.(c/h)t (a) g ave


the re be L/L e ye a. s/s t


sus stain a be L/L ye




suggest edits with credits t w/h0 d




suggest edits with credits t w/h0 d e/b t0 me an s w/h ea. t i/t


re solve i/n g's




premeditating a/i need' savior, is premeditating th-f-x-f-(L-)ave-0re-




w/h en d. we understand -g-0/d- is o(w/-)n lie -d- 0/n-e- me-one-ye-d- ad-ju-st-b.-c.- // the cur-rent-ce-de- n-eve-r-e-nd- 0 w/i.d. th an~d h0/n e st b eg i/n/n g ran d


d) e/b t 0/0 th e me an s p~ea. k/t


k (n~i g*h) t(h) 0/0 k~n/i (g*h)t/u


you have nothing to say to your sel/l fxf i/t 0/0 kn 0/t u: you have nothing to say to your se L/L fxf, if ft 0/0 kn 0/t e'ye w/e d


ewe inn st ea. d.


other "wise" you "a" "L/L" "one" are furthering misread. absconding pre sense too th sup p0 rt ye-w/-art-i-fact-he-h-awe-t-h-ad-e-, a vert i c/all vein, you never min(e)d inn act u all e'ye too the m(e) a. K, n'0re t00 the m(e)a.d. e


and h-and-o/u-(be)t- entitlement not to think as-s-eg-g-ave-d-




(for no reason e too th actually e tm aye / K)


you as men appear to lean on women when you need an emotional f-(L-)ave-ore-, and you lie-n-o-w/e-s-ave-i-ore-d-. you never have to think outside your patriarchy for and foot no reason, and the law, without actuall love in any season d o've d


and you "independent" lie-n-o-w/e-s-ave-i-ore-d-. you never have to think outside your patriarchy for and foot no reason, and the law, without actuall love in any season d o've d


d e/e m e/d e/b t00 th e(a.)ve n t'h e(a.d.)ve n t


u pre sense a.s/s pre/e/e' s/en/t


law(-st-) makes no actual love in t i'm e t/0 d/0' ve


"i/t" makes com-p-an(e-)ye-too-t-(h-)0/0-k-eye-p- f-as-h-ion-ab-le-ye-a-s/s-t- ease-s-tee-p-d-


"like" b-ark-ing-up-t-he-w/(h-)ron-g-t-re-a-t-(e-)ye-




"on" "sig-h-t-"


sow e you have people like the kardashians, hiring police and body guards, paying into sel-l-f-x-f- importance for no reason supported by no reason, uni-verse-ally-e-s-pea-k-i/n-g-, when they have no act u al loss-too-t-h-0/n-ly-e-s-0d-0f-t-as-s-(h-)0-w/e-g-0-d-e-


a-l/l-t-a-t-0-(w/-)e- 0-ft-


t-heir-e-me-one-ye- isn't virtue, it is a re-p-ea-t-o-f-x-ft- mis-s-us-e-p-ass-aye-s-




there is no h 0/n e st need for a savior. if you are going to speak, pick up your (t(w/h)0) me/an/s e/e k/t


0 p/en L/L e ye a.s/s t


rig ht


0/n e ce s/s ig h/t 0/n e'ye t


their is kn 0 w/h 0/n e st need for a savior. if you are going to speak, pick up your (t(w/h)0) me/an/s e/e k/t


the irony, all the hie-fen-(d-)s- fall back on some "one" that can't speak for T h/em, b.c. they haven't actually thought with p.r.0 visi0n e inn.


t i'm e, o're f 0're give i/n g t i'm (e)a. w/are p.r.i'me. i mean you can misread the blank space as zer0, however the reel-i-t-eye- is, for-t-h-em-, when they go in for reference, they consult t-hie-fen-(d-), their frame work and fret work is made sus pi c /i/o/u/ s-ly-e- competing 0/n e a.t~h/an(d)ye give inn t i'm e. they cannot speak for their self prime, on me'ye t i'm e, as they have no g/round/ing t00 th de fi/n (e)d e/b t deed & d 0/u(be)t according ly e t00 th' s/t aye


notes : get off st-in-t-'s-t-en-t-oo-t-he-be-L-)i-)e-ave-d-


he believe the Lie (he is) leave-d- as-s-he-d-


w/h (eye) d h i.'d. e a. L/L e/g. r~0 w/e g. g/ave t' a. M.is's Takein a. d. a.m. e too th per(e) c(i)eve th' e w/h i.'d.e b/t 0/0 d


i won't say this year sucks, it is just, a lot change, the prescription that doesn't exactly fix my vision, a bunion here and a bunion there, broken tooth, spending time talking to the wrong "profession alls", breaking the tooth again, paying out the yin yang, but thankfull eye can, a need for a foot x ray and custom orthotics in hopes that i can retard the progression towards surgery. i still feel hale and hardy, just a lot to/o keep forward fe a. t


i was driving today, behind a police car, and the portland police advertize on their cars with the tag line : leadership, integrity, and was it 'vision' or 'service', can't remember, but what i thought was those were bi/g words with n0 re visi0n t00 th pre miss (t)a s/s p be f/f 0'r~e ye(i)n/n d


h ea. r/d


h ea. r/d 0 b(e a.d. e) serve d


c/u and 0 w/h en & w/(t)h en d e/b t0 me an s e/e k/t w/h 0'd e w/e


i have to say, i was bummed, you know, no looking back on foot wear that is temporarily stylish AND won't fit my foot and feet fore ward g0 thank fu L/L(e) ye, however, my feet are pretty happy with toe spacers. the splay feels good.


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: ThanX

Date: September 25, 2016 1:52:32 PM EDT

To: Curtis Cook <crnlcook@


Hello Dad,


Thanks for the cheery card and 100 to boot for my birthday suit.  I hope you and Lew are enjoying the Fall. I will keep you in mind and informed, for when I can make a break and see you, soon.


Take care,




From: Curtis Cook <crnlcook@

Subject: Re: ThanX

Date: September 27, 2016 12:35:25 PM EDT

To: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>


looking forward to seeing you


love Dad.



her g/race s/s(h)a s/s p/0 k/en (d)


there is no debate, re all ye, there is-0-(w/-)n- ly- th-de-bait- : "Like" g-un-s- (h-)a-rt- only to f-x-further-e- communicate-


c-lo(u-)ser-s-have no where to go w/(h)ea.r t/h de sir/e ye's (a.) m.ai.d.


(can't bu-i-L(0/r)d- 0/n e pre miss you didn't actually c/are t00 th e m(e) A. k/e~)


guns for-and-for-t- o/o -k/n-0-w/e-reason-am-e-d- = you can shield & s(h)ow your face with no efface too the m(e)a k/e.


hypothesize"d" may-k-up-to-me-an-s-pea-k-t-




vigilante ignorance for -t- oo-k-n-0we- re-as-s-0/n-e-n-d0-w/e-d-0/u(be-)t-


marriage is a license to be stupid to-g-e/th/er-e-


an inflict-t-our-e-wound-e/b-t0-g-ether-d-


but what are gun owners really protecting the (w/-) rig-ht-o-f-x-f- ?


to be stupid together without re all me a.s/s u/re (a.) d.


they are protecting the rig-ht-(s-)0-ft- relationship, they do not have the heart to meak make with their o(w/)n e me/an/s and with the/ref/ore t/a k/e in/n p~L a ce d e'ye u/p 0/n d aye t


they have no imagination too the re p (L)ea. t u b/e d/e serve d


their stance, the-ref-ore- is to substantiate and pre-serve-thei/r-ig-no-r-an-ce-s/s-(h-)ore-d-


to pre serve a sore and the s-(h-)ore- d-s- owe- they can re-claim- prowess and meaning - a- m/0-re- , without question. the hostility is mean-t- to defame this womans rig ht 0/0 c/a r/r e'ye, buy? postulating that their guns for no reason have all 0 w/e d her 0 pen ly. nothing could be farther from the t rut h.


have all 0 w/e d her 0 pen ly e too-t-he-ha-b/u-s-e- d-




marriage = s-tup-id- inter-ven-t-ion- , as/s knot speaking to me/an/s 0/n e 0/n e providing "protection" that you never sought t~h e/ave i n/n eve(i)n s(h) 0 w/e d 0 w/e g/g 0/d e/b t00 th d 0/t h's a.(i)m.e g.ave (t)d aye


marriage = s-tup-id- "protecting" cap-a-city-e-t0'0-Love t without s 0/m e.


marriage = s-tup-id- inter-ven-t-ion- , as/s knot speaking to me/an/s 0/n e 0/n e providing "protection" that you never sought t~h e/ave i n/n eve(i)n s(h) 0 w/e d 0 w/e g/g 0/d e/b t00 th d 0/t h's a.(i)m.e g.ave (t)d aye t00 t(h) 0 (w/) e


' d c a.m. e t(h)e w/e


ave n ewe


d b e/e n


av~e ye t(h)ru/e m an d/e m/e an s (t) 0/0 th~ing





On Sep 28, 2016, at 11:27 AM, Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com> wrote:



I spoke with Tessa today about the floors to be waxed in the art room. I left a message on Sunday, she did not return my message Monday or Tuesday, even though her servicable outgoing message states she will return a call with in 2 business days. I called again today, Wednesday. She returned my call and has said she has sent a letter.


That being said, she didn't have anything to say about her first letter, and my questions are still waiting to be allayed.


I have confirmed, thru my questioning, that the items I leave in the art room will "likely" be thrown away. Then, I do not need to mark them for throwing out. It will be self explanatory. Since this product is worth several thousand dollars, and I cannot forcast when I can use it, given "time" and "space" for constant mismanagement as would seem the r-use-d- i/t- : i t herefore can't sea. t w/h0 d' among-u-ye-w/e-d-, with proper motivation to present a product t(h)rue, & I have requested these items not be donated, but definitely be thrown away.


I do have performance art postcards on my table, and since the table has wheels, I would prefer that I sign a waiver, that I am not holding anyone responsible for harming them. The weight on the table with wheels does not present a hardship to 3rd party workers to wax the floors, the tables have to be moved anyway.


The reason I ask for this waiver, is because, I have a 4 month review for my feet, one with splayed tendons, hoping that surgery is not the only option.


I can remove the smaller items on my bakers shelving cart, with wheels. 


I am happy to be on hand to push the table, if you do not feel your 3rd party workers can be responsibly able.


Angela Cook




On Sep 28, 2016, at 3:59 PM, Hollie Sprague <hsprague@avestahousing.org> wrote:

Good Afternoon Angela,

I understand that in response to your telephone message that Tessa immediately responded with a letter which may not have arrived within the 48 hours. I'm glad that you were able to connect today in response to your second phone call to her. 


Please identify the items that you would like disposed as we prepare for the re-waxing of the work room floors. Any items that you wish to have disposed of would be a cost passed along to you. We can provide you an estimate of this cost once you give a list of the items. 

Items that may remain on the art table must be light weight and minimal. As we approach the upcoming date of the re-waxing please list all items that you would like moved from the space and yes if the company we are hiring is moving these items for you we would need you to sign a waiver that states you will not hold them responsible for lost or damaged items. The items removed from the closet and under and around the work table you are using need to be stored in another location other than the common area of the building which includes the hallways, garage, stairway, lobby, etc. 


Follow up would be signature on a waiver presented to you and  a list of items you are giving permission to dispose of by management.




From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: Re: review

Date: September 28, 2016 4:02:45 PM EDT

To: Hollie Sprague <hsprague@avestahousing.org>




Tessa's letter said items left would be thrown out, and not for a "cost" (you didn't co ho st a' d. we ll).


I will not be labeling anything, and I will not be taxed "extra" for my desire inn communicating on your t-ai-l-.


Angela Cook


Tessa, in "our" conversation today, said she was being polite. She was being "polite" in a niceness she hasn't truely paid too th' d ate t w/h0 d e'ye t. just saying, since the prince-ss- is- a -f-e-ye-king-

my communicating with them, only gives them further interest in their n-ai-l-e-d-

haul lie can't help but be miss-re-ad- and k-eye-p- misery inn st-e-a-d- tu -b- p-as/s-d-0-f-t- on your e p(L)ate as-he-d-

p.r.-in-c-e-s/s- e/e- t-he-t-a-king-

haul lie can't help but be miss-re-ad- and k-eye-p- misery inn st-e-a-d- tu -b- p-as/s-d-0-f-t- on your e p(L)ate as-he-d-ire-re-ct-co-h0-st-

the do not add there "add-en-d-um-s-" on the front side, own-lie- on the back, as-s-i-ft-he-ye-sup-p-lie-d- e/b-t-w/-(h-)i/t- scene-inn-for-t-he-st-a-ll-k-ing-i/t-

with no en able d pre sense.

i do hope haul lie gets the c-answere-ad- she-g-ive-s- inn me'ye t i'm e for-t-he-r-e-p(r-)0-vision-d-in-

too-(k-)t/h-ink- she will t-ax- w(h)ere I e/x p0's e/a. t at.

every time I "get" to en-g(-u-)ag-e- with ave-st-a-, it is an issue of bound-aires- they run amuck from the st-a-g-e- d- constant lie. i don't see how the daft could afford to show their face, except they have forged d-e-ft- in- r/i-p-(L-)a-ce-s/s-aye-k-/t-

"loving -too-t-he" b.c. "we" made sure jesus couldn't re-L*-ate-

are we* c Le a. r, just t-w/-h0-s- av/e- (t-h-)f-x-f-ace- as a constant d-rip- awn-b-re-in-s-cam-e-

with me-one-ye to me-ark-e-t- e-vain-d- for-t-p-(L-)aye-in-g-am-e-

Tessa, in "our" conversation today, said she was being polite. She was being "polite" in a niceness she hasn't truely paid too th' d ate t w/h0 d e'ye t. just saying, since the prince-ss- is- a -f-e-ye-king- all-t-he-w/-he-ye-t-

pushing her little p-en around does not make t w/h0 d ewe. she is en-force-ing-0-prostitute-ion- so she can shit, she didn't due(-t-) 0 "you"

avesta preys on the weak, they make need there "services" fora s-peak-t-

they get too look like the provisioners, yet they borrow me-one-ye- to reconstitute di's-g-race- on every one they make p.r.-ate- in-p-lace-d-. if you do not compete for -t- reason- on some level, you can be displaced in the "shelter" for women... that they pretty much aligned-e/b-t00-t-h-'s-trait- : they look like glorious provisioners and not the ones that do not care to carry the re all s 0/m e 0/n e d. They care to take f-x-f-rom-t-h-ei-r-, funnele-d-in-to-re-vision-are-d- scene for being obscene, if any one could fxf a(i)r e sustainab~Le th ere t a re

the "act" with pre-tense-s-aye-s- too-L-aw/-(h-)and-c-all-t-he-son-own-lie-d-

they mark on sig h/t and re mark on sig h/t -a-r-(e-)u-s-e-t-(h-) f-x-f-0-re-a/b-u-s-e-

they use me to-f-x-f-oo-t-he-i/r-e-crime-tu-t-h-ab-use-d- e-w/e-d-0h-t-0-p/en-L/L-ie-

"we" seek meaningful interaction and effective collaboration too-t-he-s(h-)ir-k-t- a-gain-n-e-w/e-d-0-w/-h0-r(e-)-t/h-


haul lie doesn't nic-L and d-i'm-e- very o/n e that is pacifie-d- with the same d-e/b-t- he-ye-g-ave-in-t-w/-h0-e-t-i'm-e-


they prate politeness as/s i ft they gave it, when they simply use you in place too lie-d-0/n-e-w/-he-ye-t- : basically they t-ax- you for e/x i/s t i/n g w/-i.d.- th -purse -cyst- ing- 0 -p/en-ly-e-re-cyst-i/n-g- : they h~a.d. e/b T(h) 0/0 Know thing t 0/d ewe T w/h~0 d.


they are not con tract u ally e pre sent for a pre sense tu be t/h ea. r/d.


AD e/P* t(h)rue


ye-t- s-he-ll- settle for bein-g-a-miss-re-ad- 0/n e me a.d.-u/e-t-w/-0-0-d- : do you get the r-use- pretense of not speaking for your own t rut h en vi ewe. haul lie didn't we L/L e/d e/b too the te L/L e'ye w/e. she simply w/an t, to make sure love isn't t(h)rue d. that is what she exists for in the n/ew-e-d-


re-inn-i/n-g-compartmentalized disfunction retaining con-junction-e- gets her -d-e/b-t-w/-h0-d-e-vain-d-




th-b-lig-ht- is a living me's-s-ag-e-d-


"we" purse-ewe- excellence in our "wore-k" without knowing the re all w/0r(e) th


"we" purse-ewe- all relationships "we" didn't make g a.d. ly e t 0/0 d/ e in re vi ewe


(a)v/e n


& a nature all t w/h av/e n/d


com p (L)ea T


inn (Kn) ewe


inn (Kn) e~we ed t w/h~0' d


be (t/h')s p/0 k/e


i entered here on false sel-l- e-p(re-)t-en-s-aye-s-, you sign up hoping their word is d0b as serve d , then they "shit" on ewe, -and- make yew-(h-)ea-t- it- 0-d-aye-t-. haul lie gets the unjust hand in taxation, b.c. she doesn't have to think e ve(i)n d e/b t00 th (e) re L ate.


t-ax- me on the same false sel-l- e- p-(re-)t-en-s-aye-s- ai d...? 0/n e w/ pur(e) vi ew/e n/a.m. e a.d.


tessa is not polite when sel-l-i(e-)n-g- me'ye rig ht as/s he(a-)r -e- lie- d- in- t-i'm-e- .


be t/t a(i)r e st ate d : they h-ave-n/0-bound-aires-


per my items to be thrown away, that could be donated. the next user can't use them without the education. quite serious. the materials will not bond unless you have the chemical orientation in one too th apply them in some. so you can apply the shit, and it will not stick on the wall or the substrate. = you need the education that goes with the process to get the product to (w/h) as s/t all k. t00 the me r/r eye vison~are'ye may/care s f/f a L/L 'd.


sf=science fiction, sinn fein, special forces, sforzando. i would(K)not min(e)d if science fiction of a-rt-i-fi-ce-all-intelligen-t-ce took th' fxf all


workers for ave-st-a- get paid "proud" for moving their "shit" a-round-, without quest i 0/n e 0/U/T L0 (U)D e


p.s. i still remember you chose eros, for-t-u-ne-a-t-h-and-, verse sus make stuff t0 f/f w/hat w/00 d h/ave t a/b e/e n e c0/n' s pi re inn g ave (n)d :fw = fxf 0/u/r w/heeL (e pt) b/rake


con sea. L/L e d f/r0m th' s nake d g rate


r/ate, like, T are, like, K/T are


c a(i)r e f/r0m th' f a(i)r e


jack asses re/ally shouldn't have the writ e x rig ht too th' s aye s


i have a theory about my bunion/s. the larger one on my big toe, i do think that is from the dog running in between the wheels of my tires a while ago, and hitting that toe by slamming it into the asphalt. which bent it in towards the other toes. the joint, years later, has calcified, the bone has got bonier, and it has grown in width and height. i think that the height is why i got the tailors bunion on my small toe. my feet were not level in my shoes, and i think i started to roll too the side, laterally, for stability.


did you want too know, the dentist wants me to get a third crown?


i haven't made the appt. I expressed I had a car and feet to take care of. however, they have impressed on me, with the size of my metal cavity (I have / had deep pits in my molars, that don't brush out the corn flakes so easily), that expands and contracts and pulls away from the tooth matter, it is quite conceivable that I may have a cavity underneath it, with a potential root canal, in that is unreadable. It looks fixed, it isn't, and an x ray will not reveal it. considering i have had the cavity since i was a teen, and i am duly impressed not to get another root canal, i do plan to w/ address


c as h f r/i e/n d e/b t


i get it you have plenty of cash, but you cant hu(e)ss it


why is this my pro blem is/h-




haul lie's spirit never e.g. g ave, yet she writes on me as i ft she d i.d. and eye 0 w/e t/her-r- me'ye n a.m. e too-th-c-r/ave-n-d-am-e-




a return on interest g-ave-d- although "i/t" is not st-ate-d- t-hat-w/-he-ye-


if "i/t" was stated with t-hie-f/en-d-, honest-ly-in-t-i'm-e- (kn 0t re ally e t00 th e/m aid), how many pee pull, do you think t-he-ye- would h-ave-(n-)d- got a gain.


there would be more than 0/n e 0//n e 0/n e throwing fi/t's for/t/h/e sub.(c.)lim(b)e 0 f/f t m i t/t


ave-st-a- doesn't have the rig ht too thro w/-a-i/t- in me'ye t i'm e.


not one if "i/t"s curmudgeonly scrub-s- w/-i-(f-)t-it-.


for all they -e-t-o/o-k-n-ewe-d- they can only h-ave- t-h-a/b-u-s-e- set t-hem free too th-a-b-u-s-e-s-poo-L-d-


it would be honest if they did not speak on me in my time, however, they couldn't ho-ld- e/b-t-he/i/r-t-li(e-)n-e-d- without reference on one to -f-x-ford'- s-hallow-c-l-i'm-(b-)e- (on my time)


women are aborted every day from their e p0 st as/s di's-h0-/n-e-st-aye- d-


w/ 0 m/en , w/(h)0 m/e n d' s c0 p(i)e d 0 p/ed h 0/p e

haul lie thinks i am "plain" looking, at least i am not w/-all-king- narcissism in the f-x-f-(r-)a.m.-e-


haul lie thinks i am "plain" looking, at least i am not w/-all-king- narcissism in the f-x-f-(r-)a.m.-e-n-ai-L-ed-e/b-too-t-he-s-cop-e-d-


-&- in jack ass style (as what else is t-h-ere-?) s-cop-(-i-)e-d-


"black" -&- "white", black lives don't matter unless you can w/-rit-e- &- rig-ht- the necessity to carry gun-s- inn-safe sat-is-f-x-f-a-ct-i-0/n-e-d- b-lig-ht-


so the jack asses carrying the guns and a b-a.-dg-e-, get too k-ill- someone for not "listening" too-t-he-m-s-


if you look at the people killed, by police officers, it is "b.c." they are not "listening" to what the po-lice-s/s-(h-)ave-too-t-he-s/s-aye-s-.


it is really rude. honestly. killing someone to out right foot your lack of virtue in thinking t w/h0 d ewe. I would w/an ' T w/h0 w/(h)all K the w/he'ye tu. Like i said, nothing eats the lice, that eats on ewe.


with a law-ye-r-e- you can fortify your e position for-k-n-0-w/e-re-as-s-0/n-e-d-


and pretend you didn't -a/b-u-s-e- your wife -a-t-(h-)rue-


very-e-s-ea-s/s-0/n- d-


d-u/e- t- ewe-d-


0-w/-ai-t- f-x-f-0-re- virtue- to-od/e-live-r-u-s-e-d-


ore just "ad-d-" t-axe- on some one as it comes to your h-ea-d-, and ap-p-ly- "i/t" too th/e m.


s-ow- you can re-L-en-d-


your pre-sense-t-a-k/e-s- as/s i ft you never e g/av~e ve(i)n d f0(u)r t be l/l e~ave n/d


the conclusion can b-re-ad-, you like lie i/n g for no reason in-s/t-ea.-d.-




there isn't a heir among a men, and your illusion, is (t-) ill too th-d-


you have no follow/ t(h)rue inn your e b/be d


and i am honestly tired of being represented buy-e-w/e-ave-n-d-


men have no follow t(h)rue, and they do not let women be the sustainabl~e w/e




s-aye-ache-d-? with "polite-ness" too the p-as/s- d-?


i don't need a savior, i don't think any one does. a savior, the need for and for-t-it-, is to establish narcissism in the place of reason w/-i.d.-th- (r) 0/n e , not being pre sent. not being able tu b pre sent. not being cap able a.d. pre sent 0/0 kn 0 w/(e) n/d bu'ye s e/e k i/n g's h0 (w/)e. g. 0/d e a. L/L ta t 0 (w/) e inn g's e/e d


what i do need is people to stop sh-ape-d-'s-hi-ft-i/n-g-t-heir-e-g0-d- e-w/e-re-as-s-o/n-e- too- t-he -t-axe-i-on-t-(h-)rue-


0r~e ye can just make a. m.e all 0ut off ewe.


as-s-i-ft- your de-sir-e-n-too-t-he-n-eve-r-d-ewe-


you plan a mis(s-)us/e- vain-d-


speaking as/s i ft your vein cam e ve(i)n ly e


tu b. m.aid 0 with in/t/ere/st g ave




lets put it this way, i am not w/-ai-t-i/n-g-


tu-b-s-p0-k/en-d-e/b-t-r0pe-in-g-am-e-g0-a-t-i/n-g-, make the ladies fawn on me for no reason for-ce-s/s-0-a-k-i/n-g-


for-ce-s/s-0-(w/-h-)a-k-i/n-g- r-0-at-in-t-he-me-ache-king- with no direct relevance too the p. roof t 0 f/f i/t


if you are going to occupy space -and-t-axe- w/-he-ye-t-, i do not expect you to have p. r.00f t 0 f/f i/t, as you can't maintain your imaginare'ye narcissistic-k- e.g-race- too take place for, bu ye, and with, no reason t 0/d aTe


your not worthy of a mate, and that is why you cling with the wan t, of the fxf ace, not knowing, it is on my p(L)ate.


-&- why you cling to gun-s- for your protective st-ate- t/hat you never t actually e g/g ave in g0/d g/race.


it is why "serving" in the m-ill-i-tarry- e-h-allows men too-look at every e woman as getting "some"


if every one is e-vain-d-, the getting (for (-t-) no reason) probably looks pre-t/t-eye-g-0/d-


you don't have too think as much as be a "mis(s-)understood"



never t actually e g/g ave inn singLe g0/d g/race s/s (h-) un, the m 0/0 n ave s(h)ave n 0/0 n e/d : i know wan when i see wan.


gun-s- and the owner-ship-the-ref-t0-f/f-t-0-f-x-f-, is a c-he-ap- way tu b-scene- and get laid e vain ly : "i" am not a "go/d'" i am hue-man-(d-), and vulnerable for-t-(oo)-k-now-e-re-as/s-0-/n-e-in-g-a-gree-d-


when i give a singLe g/g, the "time" is for-t-i-f/f-i-ed- for-t-h-b-r/ave-d-


the "time" takes t-w/-h0-d-e'ye-in-n-vain-a.(-i-)m.-e-d-, and that is all there has ever been-d-. only "one" "h" would shun the s un in nits e-f-x-f-ace-t-w/-h0-d-e-lie-b-e-r-a-t-e-


if a woman can see thru the "s-hi-t-" then she is -t- w/-artificially-e-t-axe-d-0-w/-h-i/t-


haul lie has no problem in leading the b-rig-ad-e-, for no reason too the me A k/e g re a.T e


i do have a problem wither toting around w/-artificiall- c-hi-ld-r-en-t-


& t-axe-in-g- me for-t-heir-e-b-e/e-n-0-f-x-f-i/t- in- nit-


i think she is-un-j/u-st- and has a he-a-rt- of -f-t-rust-


honestly, the only thing i can expect from her, left to her own de-vice-s-aye-s-, is a nuisance. at- be-st- all-t-he-t-i'm-e- w/-in-t-ere-st- u- b/u-ye-a-s/s-t-


jack ass- w/-hype-




too the never e L/L en d


h0w ewe make me 0n/e ye deter/mines how you can s p/en d i/t


you can say you make money for the meak, however i am the meak and i have not received any me 0n/e ye too th's pea k/t. that tells me every e thing about your s(t-)aye-i/n-g-, you can speak of a savior, that you do not fee d


you fee-d-0-ft-u-b-e-a.-d-.-


&-b-re-ad- as-s-u/e-very-e-t-hing-e-too-t-he-p-L-ease-d-


you fee-d-o-ft-oo-t-he-per-ce-(i-)ve-d-


ironically standing on my means for daring to speak singularly, when not one man among you can, only lie-n-s-, con-see-k-wen-t-ly-e-.




wen-t-he lie that lie-n-s-, "b.c." it can draw from it/t 's on as/s t00 the pre sent L as/s t. "i/t" doesn't have the me an s. t rue ly e


"b.c." it can-T- d-raw…


men set the st-a-g-e- without a relationship too the m(e)a k/e. just say inn


b-r/ave-t-bu-ye-weak-, in s-even-d-aye-s-nea-(k-)t-




-&- in-d-ea-d-s-pea-k-t-


man's(h-)am his-story is- (a-) cam-e-


all we are debating now, is if women w/-ill follow in the same pro-vision-d-




w/-art-i-f-x-f-i-ce-, 0 re all d


r i've n/d


what do men wan t for no reason, see-x-


don't give i t/t oo th em. un t i' l/l they ea.r/n knit eve n d


t00 th' z er0 sig n if i can ce


the bottom line, rich and sharon, etc, you are not buye i/n g from e ve n d. just saying, i support myself by treating people with lice. thank god some one needs me in st-r/i-f-e-e-d-ice-d-


for -e- all intents and purposes, you bu-ye from haul-lie and kevin, the christian, may-king we-a-pawn-s- on me, too -t-he-a-ve-n-s-


and- ven-t-oo-t-he-t-ven-d-a-t-a-co-rd-ing-lee-d-


your image, without me/an/s e/e K/T , is too-t-he-re-L-en-d-ing-a-gree-d-


ad-e/p-t-he-me-a-k-without the re all me an s, n ore all desire too the see k/t.


0 p/en L/L e (ye) A. D.


i-con-e- make a product for no reason-d- of-t- course-d-


hauling is-w/-illing- too-t-ax-e- me with a pre sense, she didn't pr0 vi.'d.e w/ i.d. th


why? s-o-w/e- s-he- can gain a re-t-o-rt-


with the "law-(st-)" if she need t-w/-h0-re-s-0-rt- (d-) 0/0-r-e- see-cure-i-t-eye-a-mo-re-ad- = basically a b-0re-, making drama for -t-he-s-co-re- d-


it's -ad-dress-ing- her n-ai-l-in- t i'm e.


she has kn0t pro vi.' d.e , and i do blame her for taking min(e) d, for -t- no reason too th b' prime d


if she is going to act independent, she can dame well be independent in meye t i'm e.


or go suck her man for-t-he-r-e-crime-d-


"love" is vain as/s is t "di-vine"




saw gaw shit eye

s a/g a s/s city

i(t) a w/h eigh t y 0're p ly e


saw gaw s(h)it eye


let me g(u)est, you don't s(h)it eye t


only s-tuff-ye-fig-ht-


what will the neigh-b-ore-s- t/h-in-k- if you are b rig ht.


what will the neigh-b-ore-s- t-(h-)in-k- if you are b rig ht.


we l/l 0/0 kn 0t 0/n e me'ye p lig ht


t0 place something that hasn't s hin(e)d


g/r apple d for th g/rappel. you get rid of the hie-fen-(d-)s- and you can have your di/c(k)t/ion back, c as/s t Miss Re A.D.


in k t/h at you wan 't w/h0 d' s pea k t0 me an s e/e k/t 0 p/en l/l e (ye) a.d.


0/n e Pre Miss ewe. g./g ave d aye t




w/e inn pur(e) vi ewe


t00 the m(e) a k/e 0/n t w/h 0' d e liberate ly e und d ere st 0/0 d ew/e


t/h0ne st 0 g 0/d' s p0 ken t rut h, t-he-ye- shouldn't be a/s sp0ken t0 (w/-) e w/e d ewe in writ-e-i/n-g-t-w/-h0-d- e/b- too-t-he-0/n-ly-e-sup-p-lie-d-h-ab-u-s-e-d-


haul lie, purveyor of giving "time" and "space" too t-ax-e-ad- just-lie-d- as/s-he-ms-cam-e- d- 0/n e me'ye b/b i p(L)an e




… w/ th a/z er0 s laid ass aid be


h0nest ly, is there any other than king-dum-cum-t0-g-ether-e- // it never was kingdom come, all-a-w/-h-e-ye-s-= king-dum-cum- , and k-i/n-g-d-um-c-u-m-(e-) bu-ye-x-t-en-si-o/n-e-d- &- par-t-i/t-i-0/n-d-0've-t-d-0've-d-. p0-in-t-i/n-g- t-h- f-x-f-i/n-g-ere- d- as/s much as/s aye can ge-t- 0- f-x-f- e/e-d-um-b-c-rum-b- on the same regulated for -t- no reason platform too th' st-e/a-L- 0've- & le g/g in re t ea. r/n '(a l/l') s 0/m e t/t 0/n e




black lives matter t w/h0' d


black lives matter' (d) t w/h0 d ewe & w/h0 d e'ye t00 t(h) ru~e w/e


black lives matter' (d) t w/h0 d ewe & w/h0 d e'ye t00 t(h) ru~e w/e d' you th


speaking on this woman negatively, is a negative lie, you can't be zer0 & par-t-o-f-x-f-t-he-scene-d-eye-


& you can't b 0/n e, if you re-neg-(e-) 0/n e t/h eave n d


& you can't b 0/n e, if you re-neg-(e-) 0/n e t/h eave n (d') sig h/t


& you can't b 0/n e, if you re-neg-(e-) 0/n e t/h eave n (d') sig h/t a L/L 0/a n/d


if i can't give a pr0duct 0 fxf me'ye s e L/L fxf, t(w/h) 0/0 k th c~a r/r e ye d w/e L/L d for th live in g te L/L e'ye d, not one among ave-st-a- can. just saying, all they can do i b-ounce yew/-(e-) a-round-e/b-too-t-he-t-own-d-. they have no product of virtue to give or e live, but too-t-he-re-lie-on-t-w/-h0-d-g-ive-inn-d-ue-t-a-gain-d-




the problem with "loving-shear" without a wan ' t u be t' H ea. r(d)






s-he-puts her k-id'-s- in-f-r/on-t- of the me-d-ia, f-0're-pr/o-f-i/t- a-mis's-ta-k/e-d-


hiring body guards (aka kim kardashian, gigi hadid) is only sel-l-ing your name in vain, on the same "time" f-x-f-(r-)am-e- t0-f-x-f-t-. it doesn't look like competition, thus, to avoid any already maid-up-e-on- shame, kim says she p.r.-eye-s (h-) o're- p.-r.-ate-s-, to w/h0 ? to w/-an-0-ther-e-miss-take-d-ea-r-too-t-he-t-a-k/e-d-




all it is is me-one-ye-s-pea-k-ing-i've-d-


with no other c0untenance t00 th (0 there) fxf t L/L i've d


as/s ai d fxf e/e d


en seL/L(e)ye


certainly, me'ye a.s/s aye s t(h)at


ea. r t/h e're


Nic (K of) t i'm e b/b e(a.) d. i'm e


T w/h0 (d) 0'Le d ewe fxf t(h)ru~e w/e


Me 0n/e ye s/p ea k's ... T00 th' d ate inn t i'm e~a.(i.) d. g/r ave i.'d. L/L (e) ye :


it makes me think, kim kardashian is rather aggressive in her protection for no reason for s-pawning c-h-i-Ld-ren-t-, adding and aiding reason for no reason to t-huss-e/e-bu-ye- more protection from some "one" that doesn't actually c a r/r e'ye the sum t00 the m.0/n e (ye)


Me 0n/e ye s/p ea k's ... T00 th' d ate inn t i'm e~a.(i.) d. g/r ave i.'d. L/L (e) ye r~e L ate & re L aye T 0 fxf t/en d 0/n e


inn i/n e~i g*h~t' s eve n~s i/x (h)and f i've (t) f/0ur e t(h)r e(y)e t w/h~0/n e t 0/0 d~e w/e


there is a video of north west screaming at the paparazzi, to not take pictures, when she should be yelling at her mother. as her mom publishes she be-li/e-ve-s- her children chose this life and they kn-ewe- ore "knew" or kn ewe, "what they were getting into". women don't shoot duds in there sperm, they shoot duds out their mouth for no reason the ear earn d.


then there is the video, i am sure there are ump-t-e/e-n-, of her fondling her hair. i don't get the waste of body par t i'm e: it is be-au-t-eye-f-x-f-u-l/l-tu-be- kim kardashian with no reason too th' s qua re ye' d (& neither e c are (too th' e) re ye d)


a(i)r e


s~ t a(i)r e


you think you can fen-d- better with one n-ai-l- you don't ten d ere


you think you can fen-d- better with one n-ai-l- you don't actually e ten d ere


let kim kardashian carry e-w/e-d-




too-t'haul lie-sound-'s-


haul lie-d-p-i'm-p-ed-be-(a-)d- e- l-ie- t-




false sel-lie- t- g-ave-d-


-f-x-f-a-L/L-s-aye- without a d 0/u(be)t m ave(n) d


-f-x-f-a-L/L-s-ay/e-ye-g-/g-ave ? D ate ? 0/n e me'ye p(L)ate ?


not so much to/o as/s aye, when your god for no reason can't actually speak for/t/ a'ye


not so much to/o as/s aye, when your god "with-inn" for no reason can't actually speak for/t/ a'ye


not so much to w/(h) as/s aye, when your god "with-inn" for no reason can't actually speak for/t a'ye d


aye t as/s a. m.atter e of (t) relating e m aid. g e m a.(i.')d. g ave d. inn re all t i'm e a/ct u all (e) ye


aye t as/s a. m.atter e of (t) relating e m aid. g e m a.(i.')d.e g ave d. inn re all t i'm e a/ct u all (e) ye


2016 sum mer (d)e fxf0r/m/e a.d.


too t(h) en d 0'h' sum mer e ad f/f all t 9/30/2016

xubrnt v~i.'d.e 0 's a~c/t


say your business is video-editing, without pre sent/ce actually e, your business is w/an t-0/n-e- tu-b/e-h-e/a-d-


just say inn with no use in co/m-p-lain-i/n-g-




all rig ht, i threw away about 3000 plaster product and colorant, then i thought well, when moving the faux finishing paints and stains and glazes was difficult, i threw several more thousand dollars away, then if i wasn't going to keep any of the faux finishing product, i threw away all my expensive brushes, etc, and then if i wasn't going to have any product, i threw away my 10's of thousand's of dollars education notebooks with secret recipes. if i was going to throw away expensive brushes, i couldn't see keeping cheap brushes. my little tailor bunionette is inflamed, and i watched videos on youtube, bunion operations, and i flinch with every incision and jagged saw ing off bone, little metal wenches holding tissue back, manuevering, hopefully around tendons. since i was on a role, i brought my shoes that are not wide enough to not abuse, to good will. donated fabric too. i am kind of looking at all my art shit, and tracing all the little coupon i went to get it, for something to do, so see a future in~n t w/h0, basically it seems like a lot of shit, miss le-ad-e/b-t-wit-h-.


i mean, i keep it around to see a future in it. but i can't digress to do something with it. besides the fact, i probably ditched with education 20,000 spread out over a decade plus of my life. i don't give a shit. honestly. it was just another viable but dead end looking opportunity that i bought inn wi.d.th, then stuck with. if i can't sel~l the lig ht of /f e/e d aye, there really is no reason to make a "product" too th e fxf ace, buy all me/an/s can't see me f/f 0r t s a.(i)m. e(d)


further, ave-st-a- can't boss me around, as-s-th-e-ye-a-m-aye-d-


the point is, i saw a liberating parallel in getting rid of it.


of physically not carrying the weight inn me'ye space


to "think" i might -make- . there will be another liberating opportunity the w/t(h) rig ht w/h eye, i told myself, as i tossed away.


i did want to keep the small container of set coat of near perfect mucha yellow. my favorite color to look at. any way, saw it as a parallel too the m(e) A k/e and tossed it. any way. i wanted yellow with follow thru. not yellow as a bi-product-.


i didn't throw the brushes away in one toss, i put them in and took them out sever all times. it was the memory, ultimately, that didn't serve me, that is why i threw away so much good, unused, brand new product away. the memory of waiting, to get the right brush a month later to do bifurcated mahogany, the studying on line, the ideating in time, the practice runs, the mixing of glazes, the stocking of more brushes with coupons. has all led to a dismal show ing, for the time miss? spen t, in not fully knowing with relevance' s h(e)d


inn 0 's/e~n/t' s


i'll pretend i didn't notice you sell-f-x-fish- with eve r ye breath t/hat you par t w/-id-th-


some how, me throwing stuff away, you ga-th-er-e- too think i am sell-f-x-f-i/s-h- as-sue-w/e-d- a- m(e-)a-k/e- ?


honestly, at this point, i really don't care what you think. i just have to reflect on you apparently.


w/(h)e a.p


miss re/ad


why are your numbers going down, was it something i said, when you ar(e) kn 0t a r0und


what you need to understand, is i don't think that way. i don't think being 0 present with another one, for which i try tu b/one, is seeking the spotlight and charity and relationship to enhance my (as-s-tup-id-) re-(a-)k-now-n- posit-i-on-d-in- li(e)fe-. i am trying to r~e L ate. perhaps it is the positioning you s-core-n-




it makes me suspect, you "tw/h0" understand well, being the artful pre-sense-too the te ll, (you only have indifference) (to give as/s get)


you marrie-d-well-t-


in-sig-n-if-i-can-ce-, dance-d- t-w/-h0-d-ea-t-h-


throwing away my paint product and peripherals has me looking at a lot of product niches that way. i threw away the boomerang font, i blew up to make magneto, the flower looking magnetic boards. all that mdf saw dust, in every orifice, and i got them to the stage when they were primed and sanded (so no more saw dust) and just needed a delight full coating, and i thought to maybe save them b.c. even though they are silly (rick couldn't believe i made them in his seriously tendered wood shop) i like the shape. i threw them a way. i thought maybe you would like your boomerang font in a different way, but they would be expensive to mail and i didn't want to sit on them and dwell, without product as s well. i threw away the adult ass hippity hops, yes i told andy i would send, i didn't include the stopper after you blow them to full ass ize, so basically no one can use them. a number of things like that. i threw a perfect unused product and some that i removed a part, knowing someone couldn't use the pieces, i separated from the start. it would be too much work. and expense. so in some ways, i dithered neg lig en ce, with the same interest that h/as knot been me t


g 0/d for know thing, i am miss pen t


at least in me'ye relevance


ye h/ave n(k)n 0/t me t


min0 is 3 1/2, and he is starting to get a little grey around the muzzle, and while he wears the elder distinction well, i don't like visually being able to tell as see, the sand passing thru the hour glass. your only 21 i tell him, but it is ok, he is dapper agile gent le ye.


all he knows is frisbee is his p(L)aye t. his energy is good healthy and strong no matter his apparent age.


we g0/n e


b/r ave d e/b t00 th(e) ta k/e


ye 0/n (t) d


0/n e


m(e) a k/e


th' s 0/n (e) d




accoutrements t/hat h/a~ve/n/t been maid too the sel~l


are you m(e)ad at me

it is funny to get your e go/at

buy? the th roat ?

i remember house did ad work for agent provocateur. i am not going to look for it. what i remember was kind of shocking display, the contorted nimble waif, in sexy red lingerie, bent back under her limbs, laying on the floor like a present or gift.


well, one you can't move with. just laying there for the take, the he t me'ye t sir/e me'ye s take: you created a moment to read into w/the face


well, one you can't move with. just laying there for the take, the he t me'ye t sir/e me'ye s Lake in re ve'rse d i'm e/n t may k/d


(d) i/a. m. 0/n d a. m.is's take


& as set b/rake


all these ad's tu b scene, for and for-t- no reason able ad actual ly, are creating elop(e-)men-t-, t-w/-h0-s-h0-p-e-ye-in-g-a-gree-d-


s-ho-p-e-i/n-g-, no p-ai-n- loo-k-in-g-u-you-s-e-e- d- a/t/a b-le-ad-


no pain in cooking with all that is me/an/s a i.d.


religion can't s~el~l op e men t, neither can it seL tw/h0 L/(e very e t hing as)' s well' s. it can pre-ten-d- too the sel "l"- d- , as long as "we" keep pretenses too the marrie-d-well-(t-), the-ref-ore- need re-pen-t-en-ce-l-l-e-d-




f-rom-e-a-r- too-t-he-a-r-ea-r-s- all sorts of calamity, disease, sickness and "human" f-ai-l-ie-n-g'-s-, can be re-so-rt-d-, com-ew/e-n-(d-)ally-e-(a-)gain-d-s-(t-)aid- in- e- w/-ai-t-i/n-g-lu-e-w/e-d-ate-i/n-g-


we are knot really finding meaning through our ear's eg 0 pen e/x p~an s (0/ n 0 /n e provided 0 with t/h at 0/0 th e(a.)ve n~s). that is why t-hei-f-en-d- are relay -t-able- & f-able-d- : there is not a mo-vi-e-ye- that scripts a character w/i t 0/n e s/s t. with f all 0 w/e t(h)rue inn t ere st me t: you can pretend as far as the movie takes you, then you return to your own scripte-d-alliance-d-ea-t-h-0p-e-in-g-race-d-e-f-x-f-a-ce-d-


there is not a mo-vi-e-ye- that scripts a character w/i t 0/n e s/s t. with f all 0 w/e t(h)rue inn t ere st maid ewe t/h 0(u)me t


s p.r. 0/u t a ewe


(t'ae = foot in korean sh*t 0/0 k in dbe le~a f i/n g's)


h-a-ct-o-r-'s- basically get paid for d-e-f-x-f-a-ce-i/n-g-race-full-eye- d- in- the spirit of the -t-i'm-e-s- for-t-ewe-d-






en-t- (misery-in-p-La-ce-de-w/-i.d.-th-it-)


l-en-t-as-s-en-d-e/b-t-ai-l-en-d- &- t-a-ll-en-t-b-eg-an-d-




"we" w/-i-ll- protect our s-ave-i-o'RE-BUY- making we-a-po-ns-too-t-he-re-st-0-re- d-


on the face of the be love d, ye didn't actually e sel ~l too th f(L~)ave 0're a.d. 0'0 re


i get a lot of shoe ad's, on line, the internet has figured out how to cater marketing, and feeds me images on every page of what i have been looking at, even though i am passed the flame, to pay. i do notice i have looked at shoes a lot, and in a very short time, looking at shoes at this time, now that i have 2 keen presidio styles, and a pair of oversized boots, i don't really need to purchase any other shoes, well, i did order altra, low cushion so as not to futz with my orthotics and toe spacers, that i can wear to the gym, definitely on leg days, when i do burpees. i don't like doing burpees in my keens, with the big toe bumper and the fact the keen are well, more my casual dress shoes. basically, i am happy my feet feel good is what it amounts too. although i am not sure how long this will last, and if surgery is in the future rep as/s t. which means, realistically, i have no reason to look at shoes i am not going to wear time ly e t(h)rue, and i have enough shoes for this time t0/0. the tendency with the ads online, is to look, as i have before. i see styles i like and would like to try, but, if i get surgery, and recovery, then buying oversized shoes does me no good again. it is a parallel, and i do not like the shape my left foot fee d eye, has taken, even if i can get the pressure off for the time' sake inn.


the point is, my in disposed inn discretionare'ye vision it would se/am, can provide no provision in loo k in g we ll d.


"nothing" speaks to me an s, as's it se/am/s tu b/ buy "e"




the only way "one" doesn't really face the d-(r-)e/a-d- , is by having enough me-on/e-ye- too keep mo-vi-eye-n-g-0/n-(e-)d- = you can be tu busy too(k-)n0-t-i-ce-


the only way "one" doesn't really face the d-(r-)e/a-d- , is by having enough me-on/e-ye- too keep mo-vi/n-g-0/n-(a-)d-


if -ewe- have enough me-on/e-ye- too-t-h-s-pea-k-f-o-r-t-u- , you can be-nd- the world to your com-man-d- e/b-t-w/-h0-d-


the only way "one" doesn't really face the d-(r-)e/a-d- , is by having enough me-on/e-ye- too keep mo-vi/n-g-0/n-(a-)d- ad-'s-




as/s a relatively p 0're per's 0/n, the commercial powers of ave-st-a-t-hat-b-scene-d-, i feel taken -ad-vantage-d-of-t-, even down to the little me-ye-t- "tessa" that actually doesn't do any e thing necessare'ye inn t w/h0 d. n/eve/r h/as she n/eve/r w/00 d, beleaguered with politeness she de-fen-d-s- she n/eve/r could e/b t00 th e/a.ve n(t) d's, sig-n-if-i-can-t-ly-e- on me'ye t i'm e fxf(r a.m.)e d


fe/e d fxf 0/r/t/h/e re t a k i/n g 0/n e t i'm e' s pen t. but not for the re-t-a-kin-g- with measure-s-t-en-t- : speaking on me for -t- no reason, is just adjusting the ability to b-ill, with continued di's-con-t-en-t-, at the w/-h-eel- d- e/b-too-t-he - f-x-f-law-les/s-t-e-a-ll- (for-t- she didn't make the w/(h)ear e all d)


she is a jack ass, that thinks she c/re/a/t/e/s the me all


she doesn't create, and she doesn't the/ref/0're make the re p (L) ate


her presence steals, her banter is to ad on a de-all-

f/r0m the re all.


i am not competing with ave-st-a- ye- for-m-the-me-one-ye-, yet they boss me around as/s i ft, they 1. g/ave 2. re L ate 3. for-t-he-m0/n-k-eye- to- ad -h-ave-n- it's -aye- d-


4- the-re-p-(L-)ate- didn't eat in my time, they didn't make re p. r. i'm e/d


wouldn't it be interesting if (t) countenance gave a l0 t

wouldn't it be interesting if (t) countenance gave a l0 t/t 0 w/inn place w/e an d 0 w/i.d. th t'(L)i t/t le 0/n e

wean d 0 w/H en, tH is/s i L/en/t ly eg/g i've n(t) d~ tit L a gain d 0've


"o/h" sharon-e- is you-r-e-constant-b-rake-


"owner-e-ship" has its minions too the me-A-K/e- (d-ate-)


if you are meak for -t- no reason that you haven't act u all ye t made 0/n e, you are giving guns for h-i-re-buy-e-t-de-sir-e- d-ate-d- &- m(e-)ate-, make the mate for no reason, make "c-u/p" in every se-as-s-on-d- r-in-k- t-as-s-t-e-


ad-s- a- f-eye-k-t- ache- d-


are not "we-e" love lie'ye, inn re f-x-f-le-x-i-o/n-e-g-ave- d- 0 - w/-h-e'ye-t-


on my pre sense, before a word is spoken ave d


whatever you/r e p ly , eye all ready eg/g ave.


you can only speak on me/an/s with a wan ' t yew/~00 de sire ab l~e.g.


whatever you/r e p ly , eye all ready eg/g ave.


you can only speak on me/an/s with a wan ' t a'e yew/~00 de sire ab l~e.g.


g i've n(t) d as/s e.g./g ave (t) d a'ye


other-wise- you blow your -e-c-o'ver-t- you didn't actually maid, make ore made

too th' s 0/0 n (e/d)


y ew/e s pea k 0/n e me'ye fxf r a.(i)m. e w/e ' s pea k/t w/h0 d ew/e t(h)ru~e w/e d e'ye w/e d u/e t w/h 0/0 le tu


you speak of t h~i'm, on my time frame. s 0 w/e you can only speak by desire, as/s that is what i set it up to do bu'ye ce de sig n ere fxf as/s h~i 0/n e D e/b T i'm e


w/e d


verse-sus-t-he- uni-verse-all-(i-)e-pt-m(e-)ark-e/t-p-lace- re-create-i/n-g-a-gree-d- seize-son-a(i-)l-ly-e-, speak on nit, and it will t-ax- e- w/e- d-


f-x-f-as-s-hi-o/n-ab-le-ye-a-s/s-t-00-t-he-re-p-(L-)ea- "t" f-all-sell-ie-d-'s- e/e- k- too-t-he-t-ce-de-ed'-s-, f-x-f-0-r-t-he-s-aye-i/n-g-('s-)a-gree-d- & d-ate-r-ape-d-le-(ye-)ad-s-


0/n-e-me-an-s- (without a/ct u a~ll account ability : how convenient for short shifting the m-s-him-s- too-t-he-b-eg-i/n-nd- 0- w/-id-th-i/t-


you can make up irrelevant shit to taxe for no reason, with every foot p.r.-in-nit-




i'm-e-m(e-)A-k/e-ye-p-lace-d-e- disgrace to pen ly e re "L" ate (t-hie-fen-s- are per-pet-u-ally-e-t- misplace-d-)


i'm-e-m(e-)A-k/e-ye-p-lace-d-e- disgrace to pen ly e re "L" ate (t-hie-fen-s-(h-)ark-t-u- per-pet-u-ally-e-t- misplace-d-)of-t- ma-r/r-eye-f-x-f-ace-d-e- d-buy-e-d-ate-


and make shit-up-all-over-t-he-p-lace-d-








mistreatment, it is no loss on your "time" w/het her a woman lives or dies.


suc/h is the f-x-f-i/n-(e-)d- c/ap-i-t-a-ll-ye- re-(e-) f-x-f-i/n-(e-)d-


and it is no loss on po-lice-s/s-t-i'm-e-, w/-het-her- a black person lives or dies. c-al-louse- doesn't (be) h/ave the need to re pen t 0 eve in k, just too t-hie-f-en-d- & - d-e/b-t-oo-t-he-t-i'm-e-be-li/e-ve-in-g-ain-t-a-c-r-i'm-e- necessar-eye-as-s-t- de-f-x-f- i/n-(e-) d-






t-out-rig-ht-rite- ll e'ye 0n t' L i/n e inn t i'm e


ve(i)n a(i) ll 0/n e g/g ea.r (th) d s' u p/p ly e(n)d 0 w/e d fxf e ll e d e/e p~L ac e/n t a.e' w/e d.e'ye inn re ce pt i 0/n e t0 (w/n)e n ai l/l 's be s p0 k/en d~e' serve (t) d i/n e t/t en t~i 0/n e w/i.(d.) th en f~0're ce s/s e/e k t/L ye w/h en (t) d e/b t00 th en be should ere's e.g./g race s/s e.g./g ave t w/i.d. th f 0're t00 th (e) re p0' s e.g. (r) 0' s e t(h)u e w/e d


the "we" have not made f 0/0 d f 0're th' b 0/d e ye as/s (t) p be f 0're a. t a' e'ye f 0're w/are d e/b t00 th f as/s t~L as/s t w/(h)as s' u p/p l/l e ye d f r/u i/t 0 f/f t~ L aye b/b 0 're in r~i. d.u ct i 0/n e (s) t00 th e r ai s e(e) d


we ll


we L/L e/n t i'n t i'm e th cur(e)r/en/t a X


i/s t p.r. i'm e/d 0/n e t/d i'm e a.d. j/u st b.c.


well it can be stipulated you have no where else to go. s ow/e t'h en eye l/l en d i/t a X, i h/ave all s(h)0 w/e the me/an/s (h)ave the me'ye b/b a/c k/t w/h0 d ewe, (for a ll a w/e 0?n d ea ms ai d ewe t wit~h ave n f0r/meal/ly e a. l/l th t i'm e inn ste ad.) de am/s pea k/t d re am/s ai d been eye fi c/i all ye tu ... gaw/ aye fore ward on your own-e-r0-s-e-p-at-h-


"0/h" b-0/d-e-ye-a-s/s-t-b-f-x-f-0-r(e-)d-s-(h-)all-0-w/-e-ye-g-(r-)ave- d-




more importantly, be en-0-b-serve-d- , t-he-r-0-(d-e-nerve-t-u/r-d-alla-w/-e-re-)




be-li/e-ve- &- be-lie-f-x-f-e/e-d-f-ea-t-at-L-as-s-t- container as/s the makers mast and p 0'le ye a.s/s t u d(e)ye


s-p0-re- r-an-d-s-p0-rt- f-x-f-0-r-t-he-r-0-(d-e-all-t-w/-h0-d-i/s-g-race-de-in-k-n-0-(w/e-)s-e.(g.-)r-0-s- e/e- d- 0h-t-






dim e very e t hing e too th be li/e ve 'ye a.m. scene-inn-d- & re-scene-inn-d-


& -e'ye- can t-ax as/s i ft i h/a.d. ' s 0/m e t hing e t00 th g i've t/h fxf r e/e l/l (e) ye ~ re l(e)ye


chicken barley soup or pearl barley salad ? can't decide which to p(L)ate next with d


(d) i'm e


i would have to s(t)aye their and there couldn't be a more constant state of love than speaking on my time frame too the me an s e/e k/t (a) d 0've & d 0've t a. g(L)0've d.




t00 th all 0 w/h e'ye d


0 without re-morse- on-t-his-p-(L-)ate-


i get, when i 'me/t' u, you were probably eating but you were not dine i/n g inn face too th face ve in


so you may have not be spate ing, when eating and face ing. st ill you were n't dining inn t0 g e/th/er e. i assume you are happier now/e d 0/u(be)t ?



now/e d 0/u(be)t 'h'~ea.r



so weird, now all the ads on my internet page are showing my soup stock to buy, and i didn't search for it. i just thought to make soup with the soup stock i allready have in use/d


i would think the su-p/p-ly-e- is endless-inn-di's-g-u-ye-s-


ye can pre t en d e/b t00 t he g i've, but never e h/ave (d)


if you pre t en d e/b t00 t he g i've, you can pre t en d e/b t00 t he s(h-)ave- d- "reason ab ly" too-t-he-d-ate-


i have to s/s aye, i am not feeling the vibe of this direction-e-g- 0/d-ark-ly-e-f-ave-d-

una-war-e-d-0f-t-pre-sense-s-he-d-(0-) b-(r-) 0ugh-t- in-e-mer-i/t- re-ad- com-b-in-e-d-0f-t- be-st-

be-spec-t-acl-e-d- g0-t-"h" ?


at an(d-)e-ye-r-ate-


how is the tan andy


sow/r eye, i gave the b/all's i said i would give you a way, not putting the pieces together for the next fool that think he/n/0/b/e t/t ai re. basically really good b/all's that no one can blow up, and keep the air in tu b/ounce 0/n t up. i didn't put the pins with them. i threw the pins in a different direction. not to be am use d, for t oo know/e reason t oo loo k up 0/n d ewe, just i didn't care. basically i could sell the items, i could give them away. my time being stipulated buy-e-ave-st-a-, i just need to move shit, and the b/alls were in one place and the pins in another, and i don't sell much product, for t me'ye t i'm e, it is hard to justify donating. when i am given the time, sure. when i am stipulate-d- t-w/-h0-d- buy-e-w/e- to move my shit, that t-he-ye- don't actually provide me the means for th' transacti0/n e, it is busting my time, and frankly i am tired of moving shit too keep shit all i've d.


i did find some irony, though, in not putting the pieces together, as i "donated" bum-mer-e-pr-0-d-u-ct-0-g-e-th-e-r-e-, or just tossed in the trash, and some one thinks they can make something use full of it.


i have chosen time at hand as/s the most e s/s en t i all a.m.


i feel irony, as i feel that is what you do as -a-m-en- d-. i have all the pieces, and "y-ew/-e-" generally scatter them from my provision e at h a~nd. &- s-lam- dunk me that i am "misconduct"-e/d- when i can't be seen as the as/s ai d


be seen as the as/s a(ye) i. d.


please note the 'ei' = e.g. g


you talk about the christ, but you can't define the e.g.g 0 pen l/l e (ye) a.d.


you as men assume your strength in war for no reason is all ready the. g. g -i've-n-(t-)d-


entitling you the luxury of not thinking for a living, precisely among the means given, -and- you can toss the away for-t-no reason, you have never ever actually desire d e/b t00 the m(e) A k/e g/g re a. T 0 pen L/L e ye fxf ace


all you -h-ave- to due- is lie-n-, the patriarchy (for-t-no reason) has your -e-buy-e-b/b-a/c-k-t- hing-e-w/e-d-




th container is k-n/0-t- it-is-sue-s-u-p/p-l-ye-in-g-0-ve-d-


go t "glove d", you can talk about love, you cant make w/h eigh t w/i.d. th fxf a L/L 0 w/e t(h)rue inn (g) L/L 0 've d e/b t w/h 0 d 0 fxf t: raise a t/h~at 0 fxf t


th b e/e n c/h t0 r/r e m ark 0 ft


supposedly in your time of love of t' law-st-




either me one ye app L e'ye s, ort it doesn't app(ea)Le-in your- time-too-t-he-t-0-s-s-ai-d-0-ft-


as/s me'ye c0 h0 st


ei/ther e w/aye ye w/inn , you can't really fake desire too take i/t a w/-h-e-ye- d-


without me re claiming you scene-inn-d-


what if day had never been given w/aye (w)eave n ly e w/h eave n ly e a.t e t00 the R~e L ate t i'm e t a p~ar t : christ didn't dine inn with a woman. just saying the com-mo/n-ewe- doesn't give me the time i give t w/h0 d, so i can never meet the "maker" they speak-0-ft-u-sh-u-s/s-e-, selling me short for having not be H ave i 0're, t-h-e-ye-re-p0-r(e-)t- but can't p.r. 0 d/u ce


inn s~h0 r(e)t 00 t/h r/u e w/e


-d-a/b-u-s-e- d-






it seems a dearth scant supply too th do-f-t- in me'ye t i'm e


can't supply enough dof-too-t-he-t-a-e-w/e-ft-0-f-x-f-t-


inflation (for -t- no reason) has it's cut -0-f-x-f-t-






min0 and i play frisbee, and a woman walked by smiling, as we were having a particularly good day of catch, and i said 'we are winning one (frisbee) throw at a time'


min0 is on a 4 day nail cutting schedule, it was 5, and before that it was weekly. he has very long nails, and nail beds, the same color as his nails, so it makes it hard to see the beds from the nails, and he doesn't like it when i cut his nail bed. that being said, people comment all the time on his long nails, as that may disfigure him, and i speak of his nail trimming schedule, and for the time being, summer, the long nails are fine on the grass where we play frisbee and he has spikes too the last, that and walking around back bay on the dirt trail. anyway, 4 days, his nails still grow long, however, i am starting to get them off the ground, and haven't injured a nail bed too th b found.


i don't cut his dew claws every time. i don't know why. per haps they are perfectly fine where they are at.


i bought items for the barley salad, however chicken was on sale, so i bought that too, and plan do be doing a rendition of barely for the fore see able time too. i am though, really enjoying a roasted garlic and kalamata roll with smoked roth kaas moody blue cheese and pinot. my dinner too th ap p(L)ease rt


i/n g


j ig' s a w/e a.r t(h) ere


i sometimes miss my brushes, the ones i thought thru to use and didn't hues, then of course the colors and options of coloring, a l aye r ing's. the only thing that is making me not thing about what i threw away, is the fact i want to learn looming and weaving, from the thread even ly e still e'ye. i may, given the opportunity to see how a loom works etc, put my wood working skills to work, and make the loom pre treated to me'ye size fir st. i am looking forward too that, making my fabric from thread that will last.


f/rom there the clothing e'ye w/(h)ea.r t/h ere (a.)d. a(i)r e s/t f a(i)r e (a.)d.


e'ye a s/s t.


so, i find myself being added upon, with imagery to sel l? me things, and as/s far as clothing is concerned, i want to challenge me/an/s actually e t00 th s i'z e'ye b/b ring


i am making with desire clothing for/m/e/a. d. = for/meal/ly e t00 th's pea k/t


d0 fxf t en 0/n e inn re a. L/L e~a. f



k-im- k-a-rd-as-hi-an-d- gets too live in dr-am-a- t/h-en-d-e-f-x-f-en-d-e/e-p-ly-e-f-x-f-0-re-g-i've-n-t-i'm-e-a-k-(t-)L-ie-d-'s-t-e-all-a-g-em-s-a-cross-t-f-x-f-i/n-(e-)d-

in-eve-r-e-ye-t-c0-re-n-ere- d-i'm-e- d-

i saw richard mc-gil-vary-e-, and he looked on me as/s i ft he had game. i thought to me sel~l fxf t 0/n e L/L e ye : ad-dick-t-

i was out b.c. i apparently forgot parsley, it is in the recipe, and i overlooked it. cruising thru wholefoods, these are the thoughts in passing time in mind : i saw the su c/c u lent ~a g/ave (ye), i saw and didn't understand "pumpkin" s-h-ape-d- past-a- that didn't have pumpkin in sig h/t u/r fxf i/n s i.'d.e (ye), parselley e a.s/s t me'ye fxf r(i) e/n d f 0'r(e)d, i thought of kim kardashin -g-em-s- t-0-le-n-d-, and ta-ht- is re-t-ar-(e-)d- i's-t-an-(d-)ce-x-cess-(h-)a(L-)ve-d-a-s/s-b-e/e-s-h-(e-)d-e/b-t-oo-t-he-d-ue-w/e-d- : ad-dick-t- 0- ye-0-ft- u/c know you r/e cess wasn't b e/e s~p0ke~n d

and ta-ht- is-i- r/e-t-ar-(e-)d- i's-g-race-d-im/p-0-w/-ere-d-


ad-dick-t- 0- ye-0-ft- u/c know you r/e cess wasn't b e/e s~p0ke~n d e/b t00 th e w/ i'll end as/s u c/c u lent a g/ave d

vi ewe f/rom e'ye w/in d 0 w/e : i noticed it at 10:10, and took the picture at 10:11




with eros, you imagined you were in love. with eros you thought you could se~a the other one. you wor(e) k to give love that eros hasn't made t/h 0 pen ly e t00 th d ate ve(i)n. you wanted your imagination to be true. i am not saying you are wrong for believing in eros and that you felt you saw/e love, as that recognition is what binds you e vain-d-0-ve-t-ai-l-d-0/n-e-d- it is just, it has it's limitation-s-inn-e-(w/-e-)0/n-e-s-inn-0-(w/-e-)0/n-e-d-s-0-(w/-)n-(e-)d-


c0/m p an(e) ye b/b e h/ave (n) d : has never spoken direct ly e.


eros it at a toss too th cur-(e-)rent- h-at- c-an-eve-r-a-(i-)me-n-d-




I am not continuing t h/ea/r, so you can give love to each other and hoist (y)our e sell ave the 0 there, as/s it circles inn a figment of your imagination-d-


c h~ang e/D as/s t'h' t r~an s a ct i 0/n s 'h' 0 (w/) e D


we can both weed, we can all weed. sharon can call the relationship back to interest spent, she cannot call it for e ward be inn a me r/r e'ye t a.m. e/n t hat she hasn't par t' d 0 w/i.d. th. she can decide, with the actuall choice, to relinquish the desire she can't actually give, (as/s h e hasn't made it too take it heave n, verse-sus-t-hie-ven-d-0-w/-h-eye-(t-0-)d-ate-) and receive until she gives th/e valu/e we D e/b t0 me/an/s e/e k/t 0 pen l e(ye) a.d. e/b t00 th (e) r e L ate. you can go for e ward 0/n e ye & y 0're t/h r~0(w/)n e t a c/c 0 rd.



rich thinks you are dishonest, sharon. your real lack of love hasn't given him the freedom to be (even) d.


d 0've


you are just a larger st-0-r-e-ye- f-o-re- ver-one-l-'s-e(e-d-)


t00-t-h-(e-)ye-n-am-e-b/b-e-h-ave-(n-) d-g-ave-(t-)d-


looked at this way, i would imagine, every man you s-him-s- for-t-(no-)reason, is a lie-a/b-ill-i-t-e-ye-vain-d-s-pi-t-e-


ye-re-as-s-0/n- d-


i think you pulled back, b.c. obviously sharon sunk your -e- st-one-, and she wanted equal weight in the marriage ye b(-)0/n(-)e(-)d(-), yet i know she has mill k/t your interest too continue s(-) 0/n(-)e, in the hopes love could be w/e t(h) 0/m e.


i like myself think she has been miss(-)read(-)in the cur(e-)rent-a-gain-0re-gain-st-a-nd- & so she can't actually e a. m. e/n d


that is why your relationship doesn't go any w(h)ere. you can pretend it is going some w(h)ere r-0-b-serve-d-. t hat is all you can f a(i)r e t00 th(e-)ye- nerve - d-


the p0 in t i'm e t a re 'ye i/nn g t00 the m(e)A k/e, you don't get to consult sharon with how you will love on me'ye fxf ace d. & she doesn't get to sel-l-e-w/e- d- ly-e- the way you w/ i'll e tr-a(i-)p'se t0 (w/h) e r e fxf a'ce -(d e~a. r (e) ly e inn ate)- w/i th0u t/h' d ewe t i'm e t00 the m(e)A k/e g/g r(e) a. t e inn 0 pen d ate


consult in the con-text, she will then t-a-k/e- d- credit- looming-face-d-


is this a contest of (s) wills of who love d 0ve t0 even t ill


sh0w/e me s0me thing eye can ea t


i think your work has trained you to be vain. you don't think of relating, you first wheye the pros (e) and con s of being scene relating. you think of the scene, to determine your thinking and seen for saying.


t hat is really the essence of vain -ad-j/u-st-(u-)b.c.-0-


t hat is really the essence of vain -ad-j/u-st-(u-)b.c-0-(h0-)st-e-we-d-ewe-




s-h0(w/-)e- d-


thinking that "way" st-ate-s ideally you would like to be rich for -t- no reason d


i'm e/d


it is an id-le-ye- & idle- lie-d-son-g-s-heave-n-t-d-s- en-d-s- a- c-ryhme-b/b-e-lie-f-t-hie-ven-s-


scene-for-scene- is your fir-s-t- w/an-t-




do you think persephone often d-of-t-s, ore is it h at s hat at name-d- as/s- h0(w/-)e- (e-)d-e/narcissist-s-0f-t-


In Greek mythology, Narcissus (/nɑːrˈsɪsəs/; Greek: Νάρκισσος, Nárkissos) was a hunter from Thespiae in Boeotia who was known for his beauty. He was the son of the river god Cephissus and nymph Liriope.[1] He was proud, in that he disdained those who loved him. Nemesis noticed this behavior and attracted Narcissus to a pool, where he saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with it, not realizing it was merely an image. Unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, Narcissus lost his will to live. He stared at his reflection until he died. Narcissus is the origin of the term narcissism, a fixation with oneself and one's physical appearance.


taken off too th ade-s-, doe s he need to dof-t- as/s- f-as/s-t-as/s-u/e- d- e/b-t- w/-inn-d-




narcissism demonstrated well, is thinking you ar(e) s well, w/h en, you h/ave/n/t sel~l d a/t/a b l(e) ye s/h 0(w/)e e/d i/t


narcissism demonstrated well, is thinking you ar(e) s well, w/h en, you h/ave/n/t sel~l d a/t/a b l(e) ye s/h 0 w/e (r) e/d i/t


basically, you can do your be-st-, and if you w/an ' t g0 beyon-d-t- hat- e very e t hing e- i/n-g-scene-d-, you enter territory of literature un t i'll e d i/n e re fxf Le x(ct) i 0/n e t i'm e d i'm e d


"we" really just cast a narcissistic-k-t- i'm-a-g-e-d-s-w/-ea-r-th-d-0-b-serve-d-






eye-con-e-sell-f-x-f-man-ag-e-men-t- eye-con-(e-)text-man-ag-e-men-t-


st-0p- e-ye cant ex (t) is t, unless e'ye can fond le me'ye w/e-a-pawn-s-on-ewe-d-








reck-less- b.c. y-our-e-g-0/d- doesn't really ca/r e re'ye t heir e f/i t 00 th t a(i)re d


a.d. j/u st b.c.


t0 me an s e/e k/t (h) fxf at her e c0m p (L)ea t


e l/l e ye w/e ll ' d


ce de 'ye d


In Greek mythology, Narcissus (/nɑːrˈsɪsəs/; Greek: Νάρκισσος, Nárkissos) was a hunter from Thespiae in Boeotia who was known for his beauty. He was the son of the river god Cephissus and nymph Liriope.[1] He was proud, in that he disdained those who loved him. Nemesis noticed this behavior and attracted Narcissus to a pool, where he saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with it, not realizing it was merely an image. Unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, Narcissus lost his will to live. He stared at his reflection until he died. Narcissus is the origin of the term narcissism, a fixation with oneself and one's physical appearance.


(scene-)inn-"time" : never land granted another e vision d i'm e d




does sharon want you tu be w/e d, for t both of u s/s h~eave n (t) d's


just so you know, it is not in my make up, to share what i think of sex on your "time" lie-n-e-, with another w/-o-man-d-, it is the scorpio in me, and as/s k now, sharon has scorpio too. however if we both recognize, the necessity of grace g iv'e i/n g race, and me r/r e ye i/n g th t i'm e ve(i)n s (h) 0 w/e d/g (e) 0/d 's (h)a~k/e g (&) get 0 fxf e~ve(i)n s h 0 (w/)e d's h0(w/e)d e/b t w/(h)i ce de (n)i ce.


if we both recognize, the necessity of grace g iv'e i/n g race t w/h0 d ew/e ave n (t) d's h0 (w/)e (d)g 0/d


that s (a/i.) d., e w/e recognize you get to do what you want on me'ye t i'm e 0n~ly e w/an ' t~, and nature ally e w/i.d. th's hare 0/n e t's i'm i L ar (d) t' a L/L 0 w/e t w/h0 d ewe


tu~ sh(e)ye t (h)r u/e w/e ' d as/s h0 (w/)e 'ye (t) ea. T


H~e(a)ven (t) D j/u st b.c.~ e'ye d ewe


debt 0/0 t(h) 0/0 k/t ~ L/e n/d i/nn g~


i'll t(h)ru~e/ w/e d ewe' 0 ft~ a c(t) r 0 s/s T~ee th~'s pea k/T 0/m ea ns e/e (D)K (n/i g*h) T' b~e (A.) D.


' ste~p (h)up t00 t(h) p(L)ate t/h at ye a.R T


inn par t e'ye ce de b(t) pre sent l/l e ye as/s t b' f 0'r(e) d


as/s t 0/m a r/r 0 w/e d


eat ~ h and e/b t a c(h)r 0 s/s (t~a/i.) d.


0 p/en l/l e ye ve(i)n (t) d~'s~ en d's~


how do you get 2 times to heal meaningfully at the same time, that no man has actually given in his own "time" or my time to g e/th/er e~d. i am the (inn h/e very e t hing e) rent p (a/i.)d. e/b t00 t(h) 0/d ate t'a re t ea.r. d 0'ver t


how do you get 2 times to heal meaningfully at the same time, that no man has actually given in his own "time" or my time to g e/th/er e~d. i am the (inn h/e very e t hing e) rent p (a/i.)d. e/b t00 t(h) 0/d ate t'a re t ea.r.(n) d 0'ver t as/s h0/u Ld eRe th b 0/u Ld eRe


b(u ye~)0/n e t w/h0 d e'ye a.r T a re r 0/u n/d ate t00 t/h' s ta nd

b rig ht (bu)ye t00 th' d at~e r~a T e

t(h) 0/0 k/t h~a/nd e/b t0 me an s e/e k/t 0 fxf t~h (e/e) d 0've d


r~i c~h l/l (e) ye inn r e/e fxf le X i 0/n e &

r~i c~h l/l (e) ye inn r e/e fxf le ct i 0/n e bu ye X t~en s~i 0/n (e)d (g) ave t ea.c~h t00 th be H ave (n) d aye T inn deed

e/b the me(a)i.d. e fxf0r/m~s e/a. (d.) T

the me~i.d.'s p/0 k/e n/ T w/h en t/heir w/h as/s kn 0 w/e t(h)ru~e w/e st a ne ct d0 (h)t e inn t(h) a v0 i.d. e'ye n' kn 0 w/e d : th b e/e s p0/k~en d/e p L(0)ye's i/t inn t i'm e (D)


a v0 (x) i.d. 's aught e/x (t')s pe/ct 0 fxf (i) t inn t i'm e/d 0 fxf (i) t w/h en d ea. v0' re t/u d/e live r t(h)r u/e w/e d

debt tooth end & out the other (r)end to g e/th/er e/e f/f i/n(e)d i/n(e)g~


w/h at is th e.g. c/r i'm e?


rich can do what he wants on his t i'm e t w/h 0 (re ally e) d ew/e


r e/e fxf i/n(e) d


d (0) w/are & w/i.d. th p0 w/(h) eRe t00 th' s (h) 0 w/e d i/t


inn the mean time, i can just reflect on you as/s i ft you know it


' (h) ea. r t(h)


0 p/en l/l e (ye) a.d. f0're g/g 0/d ness (t) a~ke (d)


g~i/nn e m in t(h) b eg i/nn g's (h) ave (t) d e/b t00 the me(A.)i.d.


to pass on son, that didn't actual ly eg ave d


a(t)e t0 (w/)e t(h) 0/0 k w/h~e 'ye (t) d ~ c (L) e~ve~r (e) ly e~ a. s/s t a' kin it 0 fxf ' d' s 0/u n/d a.d. e/b t (a) g~a /th/ eRe r 0/u n/d i'm e m~0/u t(h)


B e/e s p0/ke n/D aTe fxf a~ce (T 0/0 th')D


e (ye) c i'm ate


th eave ns in g's c/e n/t i'm e'ye


ven t 00 th(e) av~e nd' s ig h/t


e'ye inn g 0/d eye d ewe d 0 fxf the' s w/h 0/0 l/l e 'ye : i am the house and you t are t the apt too the h0 e/d a.s/s p e c i all


t00 th e re st 0 're in/n i ce ' ye (0) w/e d 0/n e ve(i)n l/l e ye


t(h) 0/0 k~n 0 w/~ : h0ckessin : h0 c/c a s/s e~in/n a.d. h0 c t may k(t) d 0h t in c/0ur/ag e'ye n kn 0 w/~d (th-e-w/e-(e-)d- o not re a.d. 0/n e me, a(n)d re st 0 re t(h)b f a~ll en d b r0 t/h eRe n/T as/s th b e/e s p0ke (n) D 0(h) T~H eaven s~h0 (w/)e D 0 (w/) e)


h0-c-(k-)t- w/-his-t- 0ut- pre sense t/h (e) d (0) break fxf a s/s (t) 0/0 t/h/e a.ve n/s (p)en d's a~g a i'nn

me 0/n e 'ye t(h) as/s ~T L/e n/d eRe m's en d's~


a.m. en d's


ass h0/u LD eye


inn k~en (d's)


vi' s t~0 r/r e'ye t00 th e w/(h)0 r(L)d b~re a.T(h) i/t inn ri~n D


0 (w/)e pt pr 0ut


burden b/u rd en t all(e)y e


inn e X t ere i 0're t a x t 00 th e r~e a.r. eye 0're d~a.d. 0/0 r(e) d inn t' L as/s T


e'ye (t) D


(th-d-evil-s-(h-)ake-sound-e/b-t-oo-t-he-t-a-b-i.'d.-e-ye- for-t- no reason - b/ro-ad-s-i.'d-e- too t-h-ab-0-rt- c-lock-(e-)t-as-s-(h-)e-ll-ie-d-ye-too-t-he-may-(k-)t- ye- 0w-ed-


if you are going to speak of/t he means seek t, speak it to me/an/s 0 p/en l/l e ye a.s/s t (u) bu ye


if you are going to speak of/t he means seek t, speak it to me/an/s (t) 0 p/en l/l e ye a.s/s t (u) bu ye pre sense' s/en/t


t00 th e ma~t/t~eRe 0/f (t) a ct u ally e('D)




0 p/en l/l e ye


see fact with face as/s aye d


ewe f/f 0'r(e) t (&) c 0/m p an(e) ye' d


the narcissius -t-he-nemesis - p-0/0-l-e-d- 0-h-(0-w/e-)t- 0-(w/-)e- d-


th-c-able gave the c-able-i/n-g---a-g-ree-d-- 0-p/en-(d-be-)l/l-(e-)ye-


Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one's own attributes. The term originated from Greek mythology, where the young Narcissus fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water. Narcissism is a concept in psychoanalytic theory, which was popularly introduced in Sigmund Freud's essay On Narcissism (1914). The American Psychiatric Association has had the classification narcissistic personality disorder in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) since 1968, drawing on the historical concept of megalomania.


Narcissism is also considered a social or cultural problem. It is a factor in trait theory used in various self-report inventories of personality[1] such as the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory. It is one of the three dark triadic personality traits (the others being psychopathy and Machiavellianism). Except in the sense of primary narcissism or healthy self-love, narcissism is usually considered a problem in a person's or group's relationships with self and others. Narcissism is not the same as egocentrism.


ye-plagarize-y-0-re- c0- h0-st- 0-f-x-f- ea-t-he-(r-)d-0f-t-

with n0 v/i s~(t) ab~le d e/b t00 t-he-l/l-0-s/s- (t-0-f-x-f-t-0-p-a(i-)d-0f-t-a-gain-s-(t-) L0-t- h-and-0f-t- a-gain-s- tu-b-(r-)ough-t- buy-e-s-L0-t- h-



th-c-able-g-ave-t-he-g-able-i/n-g-c-able-i/n-g-e-d-f-0-re-g-0/d-s-w/-ill-t-/h-un-t-i/n-g-a-gree-d-e/b-t-o-me-an-s-e/e-k-t- and (en mar) kn0t 0ne actual ly e speak t


0 p/en l/l e ye t00 th t ea t~h


' d 0 w/-e-










s-e/e-k-t-u-b-scene-d- b.c. e'ye w/e didn't make th em tu b e/e s e/e (k) n ew/e d


e/b t00 th eaven t w/h0 d


verse-sus-e-g-at-he-r-e-may-k-up-awn-z-ero-s-(h-)e-d-ea-r-s-eg-ea-r-s-h-ea-r-d- be-h-ea-d-




gun toters, are -ad- just (a-) d-um-me-ye-s-


(s-)h-un-t-eRe-in-d-i/s-g-u-(ye-)i/s-e- d-


k- ill-i(e-)n-g- all the time, b.c. you make be-lie-f- you see -d- f-i/n-(e-)d-


dr? 0 s/s ? 0 s/s 0 d-0f-t- all- t-he-t-a-ll-0- w/e- t-i'm-e- d-


me r/r e 'ye t i'm e w/e pt p.r. i'm e d i'm e d f/f a ce t' f/f 0r(e) d' sub.(c.)Li'm(b)e & we ar (t)h ea r t(h) 0/m e A k/e (t) h~a p/p i e'ye & sharon doesn't have to worry that i will sack(t) her (e) hussband before ye (t) h/ave t(h) l0 t/t 0 (w/)e ave. n (t) d f~0're g 0/d~ness a'ye t(h) 0/0 k eye p(e)t/h' pi t/t eye a.m.(e)A k/e ~ g r(e) aTe t00 th fxf ang e d(g) aTe


the pope wants fresh blood in his stead, and not old spinners, yet he deceives, as he cannot MAKE ass M(E)A(i)D 0've L~0've (t) a' ct u ally e a.s/s t(u) b.~e(a.)d. c./e d.e a. T(h) inn a.(n)d.


s pea k / t 0 me an s e/e k t


y ew/e can speak t/0 n/e d i'm e f/f0r/t i/t f/f i~e(ye)d 's h~a ll 0 w/ c.Lim(b.)e


inn eg t00 th eg i've n t i'm e(a.) d.


'si~g/n ' d~t went eye d i/n e


a. T as/s ~ p (ass)d


in a re ar(e)s~


t fxf r(i) en d 0/0 k~n 0 w/'s


me'ye g/g en t le t (a) l/l 0 s/s t (a) l/l e a. d/d eRe g/g (r) 0 (d')s 0'Le


me'ye g/g en t le t (a) l/l 0 s/s t (a) l/l e a. d/d eRe g/g (r) 0 (d')s 0'Le (d) t ex (t) p0 ' s e/e d (en mar) k~n0 (w/')s~e. g.(r) 0' s e.(g.)r 0' s -s-(a-/i-)d-0h-t-in-be-h-ave-i-ore-d-e/n-0p-e-d-


e'ye only (E T o/o T) h/Ave g~i'm/m~i c's


too t/h in k t w/(h)i s e(ye)


cur-rent-ly- any ho/u/se that speak's d-of-t- is for-t-he-ha-w/-ad-s-0d-s-


the house f(L)ave ore s th 0dd's, but th-cur-rent-louse-s-and-house-s-aye-s- is-t-he-s-hie-st-a-nd-f-t-hie-f- e/e-d-0f-t-


the house of go-d- for -t- no reason, always w/-in-n-s-, l-in-k-t- with me-one-ye-too-t-he-may-k-t- on -e- f-x-f- ace- d- for the pretense it actual ye didn't give inn d e/b t00 th d ate "it" just speaks for-k-t-w/-h0-d-e- nobody. plying an image -d-be-g-at-he-g-ave-d-at-a-b-le-d-as-s-mad-e- no one accountable with means too th e s(T)ate


doing reel work, buy postulation of con-vi-ct-i-on-e-g-ave- d-be-h-ave-d- lording-g/et-(a-)gam-e-


for buy and with no reason to & too th actually e m/ate


t00 th eRe L ate

plying an image -d-be-g-at-he-g-ave-d-at-a-b-le-d-as-s-mad-e- no one accountable with means too th e s(T)ate ye as/s aye g/ave? you didn't give in re all t i'm e t00 th's (h) ave~d


by 'you' i mean in the general sense. i prominently do not make money by being pre sent actually mer i/t


me'ye t00 th fxf 0 're actually e spending i/t


in-r/i-p-t-ru(e-)st- ing- 0-d-u-st-mu-st-bu-st-


maid f-ore- m-ill-k-ing- fab-r/i-c-ate-in-g-, we-ave-in-g-, l-o/om-in-g-,p-ain-t-i/n-g- too-t-hou-s-e/e-d- ea-f-ea-t-


f-0r(e-)t-he-w/-ill-in-g-a-gree-d- ea- T- o-fxf- t- me-b/b-0-d-e-ye- as-s-t-


"eye" con-seek-went-ly-e- h-ave- nee-d-'s-, and me-one-ye- to buy see-x- (e-) ye-


i prominently do not make money for being accountable to/me/an/s e/e k/t 0 p/en l/l e ye in r/i Le a. f~ (i/n g's and f~L in g 0 p/en ly e as/s t' ch e/e k/ t)


me'ye cheek (t) h~as/s k/t me t00 th's pea k/t


check t cheek t ass 0n/e


tu b. c.(h)0/m e


w/(h) ea.r eve r 'ye a.m. (th) f/r0m


no problem in t rig ht i/n g t me'ye w/aye, man does that for-t- (no) reason every d-ing-don-g-0-d-aye-t-c-rate-


don't worry i am making you a s/s 0 ft be(A.)D. t00 L eye inn, i f/f ew/e m/aye t


evenly too the miss(t) ake (n/d ate)


i f/f ew/e m/aye t a'


evenly too the miss(t) a'ke (n/d ate) n t w/h0 d/g i've t a w/h e'ye (t) d


d/e live r e'ye d ate


date the hand t/hat f e/e d's (a) ye


now/(e) the d-evil-on-t-he-f-x-f-en-ce-s/s-c-an-b-0/n-e- and (en mar)kn 0t man 'ye ve(i)n d 0've d




f-i/s-h- d-ate-


bu-ye- th-com-p-an-e-ye-m-aye-k-(t-)


too take from a woman for -t- no reason to re L ate d e/b t b~e fxf ace d


make the cur-(e-)rent-see-t-he-w/e-ll-(e-)d- e/b-t-he/n- d- p-ass-0-ft-he- g-0/d- as/s-i-ft- ew/e n~ kn 0 w/e ll e tu b 0(0)n e t00 t he t a'll t(h-)e ll en d as/s u/e w/e m-e-w/e- ll- en-d- 0(0) m-e- d- she can't be visably disgraced if she is passing of your e n-ai-L- too t her e ff ace vain-d- s-ea.-m-(e-)in-g- (r-) i- ft- inn-g-a-gain-d-


it is not her j0b e t00 th' s t a' nd, she didn't (h) i re a.s/s u/re d as/s p(L)an d


she believes in "god" but-t-y-0-re- w/-ill-t-a-ll-a-w/-he-ye-s-e/e-t-he- be- vain-(a-)d- 0- 0-re-(a-) d-e-ye- a.s/s- t- (u-) b- f-0-r-(e-) d-


w/h i'll e carry the p/ai/L e pt m/ai/L a.d.'s as/s t~h ea.ven (a.d.') s ai. d. 0 w/h i/t (c) h~ de sir/e ye t (h) a.d. ~ e ver ye t hing e i've n t a gain d' s~t a' nd 0 fxf i/n (e) d~h and~


t-he-d-aye-s- t- are-t-he- d- 0-ver-t- hat- you can speak- (t-) 0/n- e- t- w/-h0-/n-e- d- e/b-t-00-t-he-n0b-0-d-e-ye-tu-gaw/-he-ye-t-(h-)r-u/e- we- d-


"ewe" speak-t- g-/r-a-ft- (e-) f-x-f-0-r-t- a- p-(L-)uc-k-t- a-gain-s-t-he-me-an-s- 0-b-scene-d-


the miss tarry e n eve r e seize d ~ 0/n e c0mma nd ' s i ft e w/e d as/s k t0 me an s e/e k t(h) r u/e w/e d (0) be t/h 's p0 k/en d aye t ab~le a.d.

the miss tarry e n eve r e seize d : t0 mu c/h re a.ll 0 w/h 0 'r(e) k e/g i~f t(h) e w/e d as/s k ew/e m/e d(0)be (a.) d.~ s 0 ft ly e~a. t

as-s-is-t- countenance-s/s-(h-)at- h-ave n0 re pre sent as/s (t) at~ e d 0 w/i.d. th and 0 w/(h)inn d




t0-p-en-l-ye- re-m0-t-e-


suc-h-as/s-(h-)i -e-ye-


se a.m (l/l) e' s/s


north's mom is an idiot that couldn't help herself after th' f-all-t- wit-h- a.d.-dr-e-s/s- (t-)


s/t-ill- (h-) eave-n'-s-c- e/n-t- (with the same vain in-t-ere-st- oo t-he-me-t-(e- ... r-e- s-t- 0-re- (a-)d- be-st-


r-e- s-t- 0-re- ye (a.d.)-0- be-st-


among t-he-me-an-s-t/h-i/n-k- t-


s-he-ave-n-'s-c-e/n-t- d-a-t-a-b-le-r-e/n-t-


"we" only h-ave vain-nit-eye-d-ewe-d- so when "you" reflect on the bible as/s a'ye ' d ewe, (without the me/an/s t w/h0 d e w/e d ew/e ve(i)n ly e a.s/s t 0/0 d en ewe d) you a-r-e-u-s-ing- a/b-u-s-e- // "god" isn't here to "proof" in your-ear- as/s ai -d-e-we-d- c-L-ea-r-e-l(i-)e-ye-w/e- d- without your o(w/)n e pr00f~t


p/r0~0f(f) t c a r/r e ye (w/e) d


p/r0~0f(f/i) t c a r/r e ye (w/e) d 0 w/i.d. t~h' d


it's why you won't speak on to me an s e/e k / t, not because you do not want t w/h0 d ewe bu'ye w/e d. it is b.c. you are not speaking on too th' s~h are 0/n


i get you feel imprisoned, i don't get why you are t act i c/ all ly e taking the questionable "i/t"


is it b.c. you pro-f-x-f-i/t-d- of her, and now it is her t-urn- to pro-f-x-f-i/t- dof-ewe- d- ?


you said one thing, and she is holding you accountable to (w/-) it in "time" 


that she st-ill- a-ll-a- p.r.o-vi-'de-s-


that she st-ill- a-ll-a- w/e- d- p.r.o-vi-'de-s-t- in- e-ye- d-




co/m-p-(L-)ea-t- out- of-f- t-h'- s-am-e-h-a-nd-s-(h-)am-e- d-


the po-lice- profit from people not thinking among th t w/(h)i s e/e d. they profit on the assumption they are aligned buy god thru toff tu be a.d. pre sent ly, (lie'ye-d-). but toff doesn't p(L)aye me speaking too th ewe, you speak o ft (&-) -d-0f-t-w/-0-d- constant-l(i-)e-ye- on - me'ye L0 T. "t" w/- "h0" 0-D-. the po-lice get toff-t- b.c. it is the ability to-w/e- a-ct- without quest i 0/n e A/T ~H a/T, ass-they-t-(h-)-oo-k-nob-od-e-ye- d- e/b-tu-b-c-(r-)oo-k-too-t-he-tee-th- d-ing-


it is why the po-lice- get to manhandle a girl after she is hit on her bike as-s-a'ye- t-heir-i-g-ht- on the nature-all-ass-um-pt-i-on-e- t-he-ye- pro vi de d for her e life. when in f-a-ct- t-heir-e-pre-sence-sent- have only provide for -d- b-lig-ht-ing- , ting, the sound the g-lass- thanking "go-d" for the b-less-ing-s- constant- l-(i-)e-ye- miss-t-w/-h0-d-under-e-st-0-0d- // ass long as they act like a po-lite b-a-st-a-rd- they will be serve-d- in(e-) t0-(w/-)e- (d-) g-0- (d-) & the mother-l0-ad-s-


& the mother-l0-ad-s- 0-(w/-)n-(e-)d-s-un-


the rig-ht- to w/-(h-)a-ct- as/s an ignorant sow-e-d- gets me one ye, for-t- no reason d o fxf t his 0(w/)n e, that "he" in f-a-ct- st-0-le- d-

should-ere-in-g- the crime as-s-he-g-0/d-s-0-le- d-

these "men" use women for -t-he- re-ce-pt-acl-e- d-0f-t-heir-e-b-ill-g-e-d-up-e-on-d-of-t-

and they have no recourse after th- f-x-f- all-t- b.c. love was not their de sir/e (t) ab~le y~ie LD as/s h~a ll' d. they can say it is / was, they do not p0 w/(h)ere in re du/ct i 0/n e d 0've d, w/t' h a/nd rig ht ly e s 0 w/ th d 0ve d 0 with sustainable inn 0 f/f t. if they are saying '0ne' thing -and- doing another, they do not sea too th' see k, without making t hie fen s, along the whey e t s pea k-t-, carrying the "eye" for-t- no reason e tu b, as/s t-he-ye-s-pea-k-t-o-me-an-s-ee-t-he-d- and get charged for increasing inflation to daf(-t-)for-d-of-t-c- a- r/r- e-ye- d- e/b-tu-B-M-a-r/r-e-ye- d-

d- e/b-tu-B-M-a-r/r-e-ye- d-e/b-t-u-t-w/-(h-)i-ce- d/e- ye-s-

s-e/e-d-e-ye- w/-e- d-0-w/e-(e-)d- com-f-or-t-able-ad-ing-


w/-(h-)in- k- t- d-s-i/n-k- t-

d-s-(t-)i/n-(t-)k- t- buy-e-d-e-sig-n- d-

not too th in k, c as/s (h) e'ye

not too th in k, c as/s (h) e'ye D ('s lee p (e)ye d)

c as/s (h) e'ye D ('s lee p (e)ye d e'ye t00 th' s pea k/t 0 fxf i/n (e) re L ea f a.m. i'll e~a.r t (0/0) th e me an s e/e k t(a) c as/s h and c a r/r e'y e A re pre sent ate i 0/n e a. ll(e) ye w/h e'ye (t) d

h~and e/b t0 me an s e/e k/t 0 p/en L/L e ye a.s/s t 00 th ea. t w/h 0' s w/(h) ea. t e L/L e ye t0 p/en L/L e ye d ew/e a. r/e p (L)ea. t (h) ea. r ~d

inn dependent ass a'ye th ink/ t ' s(h) 0 w/ e d

bu'ye r~0(w/)ne d0c(k)t 0 r/r ' d h and e/b t 00 th eave ns h0/n e d c~a.m. e L~a nd g 0/d e


y ewe (t) me/ta wit~h a nd e/b t00 th eave n s (h) 0 w/ e~ (d)g 0


de pt h t00 th c/0 p/i. (e) d.


inn debt too th e w/i.d. th ('d)


the me r/r e'ye a.g e t~m i/x e/d


th' d 0've d


inn d 0've L0' ve d


e/b t 0/0 t/h ru e we d 0've


t w/h0 d ew/e d 0've tu de' s0/n g' sings, that hasn't been heard pre sent ly e t00 t(h) 0/0 k eye p fxf L0 c/k t


c L0 c(k)t a w/are


fxf L0 c(k)t b L0 c(k)t c L0 c(k)t (h) a w/are we 0 f/f t


h~and' s 0/m e' d0 f/f t as/s (h) 0/n e d 0've L0 a.m. e/ d


0 w/ n~d


ye pre sent as/s h 0 (w/) e / d


d 0 (w/) e


d 0 (w/) e very e t hing e/i've n (d') s (h) 0 w/ e


the m(e) A k/e re 's t 0 (w/) e


a.rt 0 (w/) e ~d 0 (w/) e


a.rt 0 (w/) e ~d 0 (w/) e g/g 0 (d)


with the g0/d given t g/r a ce s/s (t) 00 t(h) 00 kn 0 w/~e


f-un-n-ai-l- e- pt- people around, for -t- no reason the-ye-g-e-d- doe/s kn 0t get a (k)n0 (w/e) 'd g 0/d


e ve(i)n s(h)0 w/e d


about that girl the po-lice- tu-p-luck-t-d- of-t-he-set-h'-st- and- s-(pr-)aye-d- m-(e-)ace- in her face to get her -d-e/b-too-t-he-t-be-li/e-ve- d- e-qua-ll-e-ye- d- : it makes 0/n e th in k, all officers are narcissitic as-s-t-he-a-rt-o-f-f-i/t- t-d-


t-heir-e-pre-sense- isn't at the heart of/f t(h) 0/0 k eye p i/t~h e w/e ' d 0 w/i.d. th, "i/t" is simp-L-(i-)e-ye- t00-t-he-'d-en-e-ye- t-


s0 0ne can make pre sense t00 (th) complete, and t-he-ye- can make pre-sense-too-th-com-p-ea-t- h-a-nd- r-e/a-t- o- f-xf- 0 -r(e-)t- no reason tu be ad, although t-he-ye- speaks pre tense for t the meak( -t-d-'s-e/e-k-t-s-0-(w/-)n-l-(i-)e-ye- a. - "t" : establishing t-heir-e-bu-ll-s-hi-t- pre sense as scene "necessa(i-)r-e-ye- )


"it" can only appear necessary, buy no means of its -0-(w/-)n-, on the means pre miss (t) buy making i/t not scene t/0 f/" 0 r(e) d 0/n e's 0wn s 0'le, by making i/t seam i cannot speak of the s 0/n e t-he-ye-s-0(w/-)n-, and buy no means of my own, a f/f 0 r(e) d e/b t0 me'ye s 0'le d 0 (w/) e t00 t(h) b/0ne d inn t 0 (w/) e d




the essence of the st-a-g-e-ms-h0-w/e-g0-d-


ad-dic-(k-)t-i-o/n-e/d- e/b-t-w/-ill- f-x-f-i/n-(e-)d- i/t-s-pr-0-script-i-0/n-e/d-i-c(k-)t- 00-t-he-t-'s-up-p-L(i-)e-ye- t-


t-ho-u-s-e-th-s-t-e- all-s- , all the "s-od's" of people going independent lie strong for-t- no reason, keeps the owner ship of the "house" in -s- p(L-)aye- f-x-f- 0- r-(e-) t- no reason t0-d-ate- = the "house" of -t-s-od-s- w/-in-gnat-large- with a birt(h-) rig-ht-in-to-(w/-)e- e- pro-vision-d-


the "house" wins the me-one-ye-d-o've-t-ai-l/l-e-ye-0n-d-




d-0-w/-(h-)ere-b-s-p0-ken-(t-)d-0've- s-h-ea-d- f-x-f-i/r-st- in t o/o (th) re p0' s "i/t" can't speak f 0're a. c(h)t u ally e w/e & w/(h) 0 've d


& con-seek-went-ly- can't w/(h) ea. r in d 0' ve


& con-seek-went-l(i-)e-d-ye- th' song not 0/ne can speak t 0 f/f t en d 0/n e/g lig en ce s/s (h) 0/n (e) d 0 (w/)e: "i/t" can only be maid-up-e-on-up-t-oo-t-he-s-h0-(w/-)e- d-




me-one-ye- - as-s-a-ye- look w/h at i have done too th -d- ate- (r-a/pe-d-of-t-w/-ea-k-t-ly-e-vain-d-o-ve-d-


th e m/ag i/c e/a t


if ewe don't speak (t) 0/n e miss (t) re/a.d. e/b t00 the (me)a k' ere inn (y) 0're be(a.)d.


a-m-e/n-d's- typically speak on women tu b(e-a-)d- e(a-)f-x-f-0r(e-)t- no reason i/n g. th f-a-ct- is, w/0 men are (h)ear, w(h-)ile, a-men-typically -e- (a.s/s-)t-0-le-t-h-e/m-(e-)s-. men are not here typical ly e as/s 0/n e/d, indebted too t-heir-e-c-(t-)um- t h at didn't actually c 0/m e f/f 0'r(e) d/t w/i.d. th an(d) e'ye 0/n e


men speak on women to f-f- or(e-) t- heir- a-s/s on for no reason d's qua re d a(i)r e a.d. (h) e'ye t00 th ab (ce'ye) serve d g i'v en d~ e n/erve d


men speak for-t- no reason, b.c. they th-ink- it is their f-x-f-a(i-)r-e- that has given means e/e k/t. men are concerned about their image for-t- no reason, is th -t- reason th-e-ye-s-ee-k-t-s- t-w/-h0-d- g-ill-t-e-ye- that you meant we ll t heir and e/b t/h ere tu be (a.) d.'s lee p/t


g 0 f/i g~u ye (r) inn d


am e'ye an imposter for seeing' sea sel l t oo t he we ll, on any ad, n/ad ad e/b t ai l e-d-, & n-ai-l-e-d- on to women -as-s-t-y-e-we-ll-e-d- she couldn't fa(r)ther e sel l, on a dead ce-ll-d-


e-(a-)f-x-f-0-r-(e-)t- the nail's 0/n (e-) d-


to keep effort going strong-ly-e- with no (r)e L ease tu b reach' sig h/t


we-ave- only scene a st-a(i-)r-e- d-


f-rom-e-/a- f- (t-) a-(i-)r-e- d-


t- h/e-s-a-w/e-d-'s-0d-&-s-0-w/e-d-0-ft- a-ft-


passed richard-mc- on the street. he was looking at me with am-use-men-t- i think, b.c. he was standing next to another many, as t-he-ye- looked at me, and it made me think, rich-a-rd- was in the m(e-)ill-i-tarry-e-, and it is my recollection that he has implied thru past conversation, about the ethics of street sex when you are in the millitary as/s pre sent. i connected that with how he was looking at me, standing with another man made in ad-dick-t-i-on/e-d-g-ave-d-, and i thought further, you know, he got se(e) x without being a w/are, without being a w/a're a.ct u ally e t-heir-d- 0- (w/e-)ve- d- as/s i ft w/(h) 0've D


the whole premise of men getting se x, for -t- buy-e-h-and-0- w/-id-th- it-(a-)g-0/d-g-ave-d- e/b-t-a-get-g- r-(e-)ate- , is about not letting women b eg. a w/are sustainably as/s the me 0ne ye pre sent he i/r and e/b t 00 t(h) b e/e h ave (n) d : be ye & h ave d e/b t00 th e/g ave d as/s (h) ave d


d 0 (w/)e ' d e/b t w/(h) i.d.(e) th(e) ye


the other prominent thing i saw for -t- no reason to re lay t, is business, ass i ft, business is more important than the a/rt, you in business-t-d- don't a ll 0 w/e t00 th (e) take par t. sustainable ly e as/s t a r/t. a/rt is scene as something you do to hobby yourself, not really necessary e tw/h0 d ewe inn ce ll d


e'ye w/e d en ew/e d


d-ire-(re-)ct-d- com-p-(L-)ea-t- s-ai-d-(e/b-)t-he-g-ave-L-too-t-h(e-)f-x-f-e-a- t-




as-s-k-e-w/e-d- e/b-t (h) ru~e (w/e) d- 0- war-e- on t w/h0 d ewe : man is narcissistic b.c. he th ink's he has pre sen(t)ce t heir


t-w/-(h)0-r-d- a-(i-)re- d-


c-re-a-t-e- scene on women b.c. t-he-ye- c- are- d-


bein g daring for-t- no reason has be com e vigilantly scarring women tu b scene-d- e vain-d-


politics is bound-t-w/-h0-d-e-ye-w/e-d- & the "house" s-0/d-'s- w/-inn-d-le-d-ew/e -d- e/b -too-t-he-see-t-(h-)rue- w/e- d- u/e-t-w/-h0- d-


politics is misread ban-t-ere for-t- no reason to screw took t-as/s-k-ew/e-d-


the nail's 0/n sel-l- t-






we ll have to beat the bastard neighbore from our save i ore d-


e/b-t-d- e-live-r- t-he-neighbore- (t-) d- f-i/r-st-


the "house" inn-breeds ridiculous-ness-t- a- gather -e- f-rom- all-t-he-nd's- me-a-r-th- d-




war is pretty much staging sex to give without a c/are (d) fir' st u be a (d.0) w/are


inn follow thru as/s a'ye t/heir d ewe d e/b t00 t he w/e


burden bu rd en t(h)ru/e w/e d, 0/0 re bur-d-en- misapplied-e/b-t-w/-h0d-e-ye- d-


competing for-t-no reason t-w/-h0-d- mispen-t- in every se ass on -d- me-t- mete- &- me-t- e-r-e- s-i.'d-e/n-ce- d-e- in-co/m-p-e-t-en-ce- d-e- li(e-)b-ere-r-ate- d- con-fi-d-e/n-ce- s/s- aye-s-t-ill-t-(u-) be-st- for-t-no reason t-w/-h0-d-


r-e-s/s- t- a- k/e- in-re-l-ate-d-ate- r-a/pe-d- 0 -w/-(h-) all- k- i/n-g-0-d-0f-t-


a-gain- (st-)d-


t-he-h-a-w/e- t- miss-too-k-t-


you can't c00k if you don't c/are t00 t~h ea. t (h) 0/0 k/ t


th pre m(e)is's a w/are & a w/a're (a.)d. e'ye


tu b e/e s p0ke/n d' st~e/a. d.(e) ye


you can't c00k if you don't c/are t00 t~h ea. t (h) 0/0 k/ t a(i)r e (L0 0k) t/h ere a.d. e'ye me'ye f/f r/i e/n d's en d's a. m.e g a/i n st a nd 's (t) ai d


what do you f ea r, that you wont be h ea r, or heir d


a "man's" stance, see woman as failure to use free will that they birth-d- f-x-f-i-r-st-


t-he-ye- d-


t-he-ye- d-duck and co-pi- (lo-t-t-0-f-x-f-t-)


t-he-ye- d-duck and co-pi- (lo-t-t-0-f-x-f-t-) d-of-t-


th-s-pawn-(e-)d- as-s-tup-id- lo-t- to-(w/-)e- d- 0f-t-0/0-t-0-f/f-t-


k i/t c/h en (d) c0 qu/e re c0/0k t/h ei r


c0/0k t 0/0 k t~0 (w/) e


bar (e) g/ai/n (w/in) d 0 (w/) e


it is so weird, i am not lured by sale ads, on the pages, and have eliminated most in my emails. it is unusual, in the sense, of being focused, i feel i can afford the d- alliance-, but it is only a bar(e-)g-ai-n-d-ea-r-th-s-am-e-d-


i see things i like, vaguely, in the sense, the compulsion to buy is fading, and in it fading, i see i have plenty of clothes and what ever i need, and i also see what is on offer is the s-am-e-, and my eye doesn't kn-ea-d- to be tricked e vain-d-e-ye- ly-e-, that and the fact, i can't look at shoes to wear. i have too look at shoes that make my fee t, buy f e/a t, hap pi e'ye (d), and the fact is, i have all the shoes i need then. it is not a fas-h-ion-d- thing, too keep consuming for-t- no reason d ate able & a be ll (e)ye t00 the suc~k ' s e/e d f0r/m/e a.d.


th p0 in t, not to worry e, i am cur-rent-ly-e- not me ad, although i am with e me/an/s e/e k/t 0 pen ly e re t00 th (e) re p (L) ea T


w/h0 d back th ere w/0 rd's w/i t heir e a.ct i 0/n e t00 th b 0/0 t




t h0 u r/s


should i request your e p-h-one ?


numb ere (h ei r e) all s 0 w/ e


the place you occupy in business is just a L-as/s-0-w/e -d-


your not giving any re all too th ' sup p l(e)y e,


we ll, on you-t-i'm-e- as/s a'ye s/e l ~l tu be in love to get marrie-d-0-h-t-




i.'d.-e- ye- s-


scene for no for-ce-i/n-g- re-a-t- re-p-r- is-e-ye-s- n-ea-k-t-




if i were a christian man i can make whatever i want with my h-and- and just i fi eye it on the woman i do not en able t00 th' s t a nd sustainab ly e ve(i)n t a nd


which -0- w/-i-t-ch- is to say, you can make whatever you wan t without de-l-aye- d- , and since you do not really want love, there is an abundance of crap you can make vain-d-o've- d- your -h-ea-d- as/s-h-0-/n-e- d-




t-w/-h0-d- is your -inn- d-e/b-too-t-he-t- "last"




you call woman a "t-art-"?


"me-n-(d-)si-l-e/n-t-a-gain-s- t- 0/0 -L- e-pt- pre-miss-ai-d- 0- w/-id-th-eye- i/t-


eye-a.m.- t-he-r-a.m.-d-


don't be a fool, see-t-hat-e-ye-a-r-a.m.-d-


buy-e-t-he-s-t- 0/0-l- d- 's- po-ken-t- 0/0-l- e- pt- p0-0'l-e- d-


f-rom-e-s-p0-0'l-e-d- a-ft- s-c-h0-0le-d-


buy-e-t-he-w-aye-t- "we" h-ave "t-each-ere-s"


h0-w/-he-ye-tu-b-all-an-ce-s/s-aye- d- g-ave- d-


& shit on every 0/n e inn st e/a d, tu be maid in your receptione-d-e-ad-


& - debt - tooth- ad-




e ye a.r t he r e/n d


in cap i t a/ll t00 th e/n d & eve n e pre t en d


s-qua-t/t-i/n-g- on me, paul drinan, does not make me a.d., nor does it any b 0/d e ye a.s/s t re a. t


people, if they kn ewe, should re ally st op be-L-aye-i/n-g- ewe- d-


f/rom e/an/s e/e k/t 0 me-a-k-t- se-am-s-ee-k-t-


you are just a dodd-l-ere-in-re-lie-f-ea-t-


you-r-ass-is-you-r-e-can- d- : your mom has no love for you as the r a.m.


th-f-a-(c)t- is you don't care about your mum ass-k-th-f-an- d-


your mum, if she knew "ewe" would not have h .a.d. you in sum


s-um-e-on-d- i can't weight to sink some d-ink-t-


le-t- me-t/h-ink- the man-ye- ways i can-s-ink-t-he-d-ink-t- : a carpenter, that mitre-s- a- war-e-d-, an si-l-en-t-(h-)a-ct-0-r-t-heir- d- , a social-l-e-pt- me-dia-s/s-t-, par-t-ne-r-e- too-t-he-s-in-k- (t-)d-ink-t- oo t-he-r-e-p- (L)ea-t- all-a-w/-ound-t-he-ed-




LO! 0K -T- 0/M-E- AD-


e-ye- h-ave- t-he-t-oo-l-s-(h-)ave-ver-e-ye-t-hing-e-d-


suc-h- a -s-s-up-p-le-t-man-i-cur-e-d-e-ye-a.s/s-t- re-a-t- o/n-e- me-t- ea-t-


pre t/t e ye mu c/h you do not rate honest ly e act u al ly e tu be w/e ' d


thru -e- w/e- your own f-a-ct- 0-r-e-ye- tu-b-kn-0we-n-d-


you ha(v)e nothing honest too the s~o(w)n e, and you took from the only one you know. to foot your sole, for t no reason too the show, for-t- which you also st-0-le- the show ing w/i.d. th, as/s a'ye "now-e-d-"


i am paul drinan, s-p(L-)a'ye-me-t-e-a-t- 0/0-k-eye-p-(L-)a'ye-i/n-g-0/n-ad- s-0/n-g-


i w/-ill- mat- your-h-a-nd- too-t-he-t-st-ea-ll-a-gain-st-a-nd-


p.r.-am- t-all-o-w/e-in-t-he-t-h-a-nd-


"prime" move -r- for-t- he-t- a-/bu-s-e-r- t- ai- n- d-


you are only rich ly sup p lie d


p(L)i/e d, inn me'ye t i'm e


as/s p 0 k en d 0've d


& d 0 (w/) e d f/r0m a/b 0 ve d h0 (w/) e d


dont touch me until i ret ea r n, to me'ye f at her d


d 0 w/ e d

dow/ h'd inn t/h a w/e

rather-e-g-at-her- ass-a/i.-d- e/b-t-l-e/n-d-




ap-paul-e-dr-i-nan- th-bi-g-ot-(d-)0f-f-t-


he thinks he is capable without a woman on b-0/a-rd-

he makes as sex for-t- s-(h-)ore-d-


jack ass b-lig-ht-


inn a solitary k-nigh-t-


a-d- 0-0re-d-ad-




as/s on e solitary k-nigh-t- your in-t-ere-st- has already been b-ough-t- with me'ye rig ht, you -t-o-s/s-e-d-0f-t- on-(e-) sig-h-t- : you regard women as/s a'ye wt-e-p-la-ce-s-scene-inn- d- f-on-d-ly-e-d-e/b-t-u-g-(a-)w/-he-ye-t-b-0/n-e-r- one t/h e me an s : you are not complete in me a.d. f0r/meal/ly e



me and th frisbe a. min 0 bank/ t 0 ff th tree's w/inn d 0 w/inn a/i' L aid ewe t00 th t 0 s/s 0's un t w/h0 d 0 ver t d ew/e d 0 fxf t in t em p0 t em p le (a.)d. 0 fxf t en (d) 0/n e Miss (T) Re a.d.' s h0 rt ' s i.'d e/d as/s ai d' as/s h(e) d 0 fxf t en d a gain s(t) 0 w/e d

arcade fire : interventi0/n (e) sub.(c.') s i'de~s un 0/0 n e m 0/0 n (e)d g~ L0 w/e d 0 (w/) e ve(i)n l(e)ye t a gain (d) s h0 (w/) e


t-ar-t-i/s-(a.-)m.-(e-) b-r0-ad-'s-i.'-d.e' vain- s- h0-(w/-)e-d-e-f-i/n-(e-)d- e/b-t-a-c/r-0-s/s-(a/i-)d- inn- d-0/u-(be-)t- com-f-or-t-ease- en-0-b-le-ad-('s) 0-war-e-inn-st-e-ad-e-ye-g-ave-d-


it is pretty obvious to me, the scene for war is to "tool" a look, so that women etc will speak on t-h-at-, and then the b-r-ave-(t-)d- "men" can speak on the woman, and judge t-heir-e-me-d-i/0-cry-t-, and t-h-en women compete on "men" tu b- scene, as-s-(e-)t-h- fan-t-as-see-d-a-t-(h-)a-nd-



k-a-rd-as-s-h-i-an-s- on-ly-e- put s-hi-t-out-heir-too-t-he-maintain-e-t-he-re- lie- d- buy-e-t00-t-he- d- b-scene-d- f0r-meal-ly-e- re-p- (L-)ea- t-

it is tooling a "look" equal is symmetry : sim-met-r-e-ye-, for-t- no reason -d-of-t-a-w/ar-e- th-b-r/i.-d.-e-ye-s-0/d-0f-t-in-t-i'm-e-


which is basically "ju-st" schooling di-s-f-un-ct-i-0/n-e-b-ro-ad-s-i.'d.-e-scene-for-scene-s-0/m-e-t-hing-e-


g-all- under the guise that these people for-t- no reason, are giving t(h) 0/m e


just for being scene ass (h-) 0 - w/e- d-


s-he-ye- doesn't ha(v)e 'en' w/i.d. th in sig h/t


i like 'ae' as/s th f00t , then we can see 'a' 'e'very e t hing e inn f un ct i 0/n e w/are d


e/b t(h) 0/0 k ~t (w/h0 d) a ct yl : ly e inn t i'm e t(h) a w/are c(t) 0/m e c(h) 0/m e inn t ere st (u) b.c. 's a w/(h)e~a. r t/h (r) 0/n e


de sir/e as/s p(L)a ce d ew/e be t(h') s p/0 k/e d b f 0'r(e) d inn' s c~0/p (i)e d 0 (w/) e ye ve(i)n~n


the "look" as/s w/i.d.th the "tooling" "it" took, is covetable too th (as-s-) f-all-t-



"glamour" is par-ai-d-i/n-g-a-w/ar-e- to speak in time , not one in nits employment can p. roof t : take someone like richard-mc-, he reflects in a husky kn-0we-in-g- 0/d-e/b-t-voice- as-s-b-s-poke-d-, he is the type of person that will hang outside for a "look", and a c-o/m-men-t- a-t/t-a-c-he-d-ate-. so you have someone like the t-ar-t-is-t-, attracting attention for-t- no reason - e -b-s-poke- d- 0/n e me all s (h) 0 w/e d-e/b-too-t-h(e-)b- c-on-e-sum-e-d- 0-ver-t- i'm-e-d-e-ye-a-s/s-t- 0-me-an-s- e/e-k- t- h/e value of do-f-t- for-t- (h-) 0/o-k-n-0-w/e-b-0/d-e-ye-s- : b.c. the t-ar-t-is-t- sup-p-ly-e-s-, the "too-l-e-ye-d-e-ye-" and speaks for-t- no reason on me'ye t i'm e, as/s i ft he "h-0ne-d-" i/ t. "he" the-ref-ore- speaks on me to re-claim- i/t-t-in-e-vain-d-


"one" of the kar-d-ass-hi-ans-, t-ar-t-is-t-, for-scene- the scene on me, with every one that vi ewe (s) tu b-e-(a-)d- , to be incomplete, for-scene-tu-b-compete- compete with the ill-u-s-ion you alone see-k-t- as-s- the only scene too the "see" , with the me-one-ye- that constitutes the container of our living spotless ly ap par e/n t ly e.


when it is the t-ar-t-is-t-hat-r-(e-)a-p-e-s-the me/an/s h0 w/hi t w/h 0 d' see n ewe (e) d e/b t w/h0 d ew/e . which brings up another prominent pro-blem-is-h- of the kardashian-s-, t-heir-e-b-0/d-e-ye- guard-s- for-t- no reason at -Lar-(ge- )d- e/b - t- a-ll-0-w/e- b-ar(g-)e- c-h-ar-g-e-, "on" t-op" of, their sharing of "go/-d-'s-w/-(h-)0-rd-" e/b-t-u-b-a-a-a w/ar-e- t-(h-)rue- w/e- d-s- h0- (w/-)e- w/e-


they are almost projected parodies of themselves. all the ingredients to make the ill-u-s-i/0-n-e- seem se-am-le-s/s- (t-)


tits, with no re all (gu)e s/s t ate inn kn it, ass -t- for-t- no reason e too-t-he- t- p-ass- t-, th- f-(L-)ave-i-0re-d-0-0re- d-0f-t- g-0/d- b-s-poke-n-d-f-0r(e-)d- s- h-all-0-w/e-re-war-d-, de-sig-n-ere-f-as-s-h/i-0/n-e- to compete for-t- mo-re- fan-t-as-s-ee-ye-ad-0-0re- d-, par-t-ie-s- w/-id.-th- "i/t" : scene with me-one-ye- that never trickles d 0 w n, me ye w/h e'ye being seen for th' say inn g. which is to say without really saying it, their me-one-ye- for-t- no reason, is mean-t- to buy-e-t-h-em- abs-sole-u-t-i/on-s- (i-) re-p-u-t- e-w/e- d- s-c-r-ewe- for-t- no reason -t- w/-h0-d- . their me-one-ye- is not really buying absolution, that they paid their t are w/h eight in time t w/h0 d, t-h-e-ye- are just eclipsing true value from th e/a vi ewe d e/b t (h) ru/e (we) d


b ein g t(h) 0/0 kn 0 w(e) n


t 0 (w/) e d

wile th-e'ye -for-sing-0/0-d-

with no wet tooth in the maw/e they haven't spoken t w/h0 d / p an e'ye 0/n e ve(i)n 0/d e/b t00 th (e) tak(e) t a plan at (e)g r~ace d

f/f a~ce d

I would say the direction one faces = d/e/ fxf a ce d. i am the m'ark (e) t0 (w/e) fxf ace direction al~ly e t00 th d ate. one cant "d/e" face 0/n e me'ye p(L)ate, eye A/T e

inn p(L)a~c/e d

ad j/u st (u) d 0've d

0 (w/h) e ye tu be(a.)d.

b ut/t you are not exchanging the g(L)ad be r a/g

b ut/t you are not exchanging the g(L)ad b~e r a/g ged e/b t0 me/an/s e/e k/t : i want to say you are not exchanging 0/ direct ly, perhaps, inn the stall b ere s inn t(h) a'll ~d

i k i s/s th~e n a'i lig ne d well s pec u l~at e ve(i)n s (h) 0 w/e d/d aye t(h) 0/0 k eye p as/s (t) aye d as/s th b 0/0 t b 0ugh t as/s h (e) d


t a'e~

so i was thinking, you may need a bank se ad account to re L ate, the process, of (t) course, would require you to fact h, with the f/ai/t h ye inn s pi re (a.d.)

just an idea for (t/h 0/0 k) now. too think (t) ab(0)ut.

0 (w/) e (d)

th' s pi r i/t L e/n t




do you want to discuss bank se ad bu si/n ness

ok, n ewe pt pr0 (d)je ct's

i am doing this on the fly.

basically, i think you nee d t w/h 0 f/f a ct h and f/ai/t~h 's i'm u L ar(e)

how do you feel about being the first bank/t ac (k/t) count inn a ve'ye w/e d ew/e

i have a new project in view, a new website name t w/h0 d. i thought it was time to start charging an admission too the l0 0k/t. and basically, each page is revealed for 1000. as you know, my p ag/e's are t l0/n g. rather than wait for the me one ye too th t ag 0, i was thinking the pages could be bought in advance, with the record face bank se a.d. 0h t. your account would be there with your name, and money you lent in be h ave & be half t o ff your too th be h a p/p re sent 0 w/h a l/l e s (h) 0 w/e

& in your e f a ct ~h and f /ai/ t~h t00 th inn' s pi r~e L ate d a.s/s h 0 (w/)e

i develop it more. i have a backlog of work, it would seam, and a new website to purchase and set up, however, i wanted you too know, the w/h e'ye a.m. th in k i/n g

you can c/u~(e)ll account 0 g e/th/er e. in your name, ore name's...

i have notes, 0 plenty, and i am trying to get them categorized, for the next c hap t er e lent u be(a.)d. e/b t (a) c/r 0 s/s t

when i find the one's that deal with this proposition, i will put them here for your e vi ewe t a gain (st) d

's c e/n t

i figure, if you inn qui r~e , with (0) me 0n/e ye b/b e t/h's p0k~e/n (t) d e/b t w/id. th inn (k) t ere st as/s u/c ~h/t, you are all s 0 w/e bu'ye i/n g t00 th~t a gain as/s c e/n t ru(e) st bu ye fxf a(i)r e t00 th t 0/m 0 r/r 0 w/e d aye t

~h and e'ye t

t ig ht bu ye in (k) ner've d 0 w/h e'ye (t) d as/s h 0 (w/)e inn a t/t en t~i 0/n e t00 th d e/b t (be) L aye inn a/i L as/s t i/n g t c/r 0 s/s 0 w/e d 0 fxf t~u be L0 (w/e) ft

if you do not think that my working word is worth your money inn my bank se ad e/p t/h a/c count, you can (r)e que st it b(L)ack/t a gain d

i am suggesting the first yield, sets a precedence, with interest all 0 ready met in the potentiall sound set a g0 / d, which is why people there money too the set a "god" vain ally in their -e-be-h-ave-s-inn-f-(L-)ave-i-0re-d-g-0/d- e-

s -0 w/e they can (r) e too th in -t-i'm-e-

and make a vain presentation of ewe, as/s i ft, theye mean t w/h0 d ewe, verse-sus-t-w/-h0-d-en-ew/e-d-

"counting" basic-al-ly-e- that not one could possib ly e pre sent on the account the fi-ct-i-0/n-e- tis n't actual ly e t(h)rue w/e d inn (g) t i'm e

e'y~e i'm ag i/n e w/e t c an bu i ld 0/n e t~h at pre miss d 0've d

basicall(e) ye see c/as/h an/d c a~s/s h eave n (t) d

this for me is inn c(h)0me too th e/g~get bu ye, and th e(n) fxf 0r(e) t (a) p.r.ess the m(e)ar~k(e)t' s 0'L e d 0h t

i don't intend to have a bu-si-ness- that can be t-a-x-ed-, i do expect to be accoun~t able a.d. (c as/s h~) i n/n e me'ye t i'm e a.s/s u re a.d.'s c 0/p i. e'ye d. e/b t00 th t~r 0p e~t .

at L a s/s t as/s p/b f 0're c0 rd g ran d e'ye

d e'ye d ea. t~h and 0 w/h e'ye (t) d e/b t00 th' d ate

t a gain (st/u) d e'ye d 0 fxf t/h eave n 's h 0 (w/) e t00 t(h) a w/h e'ye d:t (a) c~r 0 s/s t 0/n e c/k (nigh) t a gain s't~h' d 0ve d g(L) 0've d : t i'm e inn e min(e) d

for/m/e a.d., the ye t hou's e/e d 0 fxf t, the symbology of the house, inn a/i li~g ne d j/u st (u) b.c. L ea.r~ : the house f(L)ave 0re's th 0/d's. write now we have independence too the f-x-f-0-r-(e-)t- (n0?#) reason d e~a.r ea.r ' s e (t00) t~h c h~ea.r (d) : the house and the bank of "go-d-" is for a-war-e-, competing on women for -t- (n0?#) reason-e-d-e-ye-ar-t-f-i/n-(e-)d-be-(d'-)s-i.'-d.-e-w/e- d-

so w/e your love for -t- (n0#?) reason-ab-i.'d-e-b-t- bu-ye-t-he-a-rt-h-a-nd-0-w/-n-d-

"m/e-n" are just protecting they have no re vi ew/e at h ea r t~h

so every woman gets bundled into being protected - f-0r-t-(n0?#) re-as-s-on -e-d-0f-t-he-a-r-d-0f-t-re-b-0-und-ing-c-(L-)ue-d-

the assumption there is a zero dishonor among the men, "b.c." they have always been "protecting" the w/-ea-k-e-r-e-s-e/e-x-

t00-t-he-s-e-l-l- t- a- x- i/s-t-(a-) c-r-0-s/s-0-d-0f-t-p.r.-i'm-(e-) inn- t-i'm-e-d- "2" sel-l- t-h-a-x-i/s-t- p.r.-i'm-in-nit- 0- w/ore-k-ing- pre miss -t- all-t-he-t-i'm-e-all-a-w/-e-st- 0-0- le-a-r-ound-e'ye-t-buy-e-t-

an-d-o-f/f-er-t-a- woman to c-over-t-it-u- not b-scene-buy-e-w/e-d- just so she can't see your ears are inn a rear's e -too-t-he-c-(h-)0/n-e- pre miss -he- wouldn't offer in the lig ht off t d aye t~u & t w/h0 d ewe

ass-he-s-pea-k-t-(h-)ru-e-w/e- but 0/0 kn 0/t w/h0 (d) e'ye w/e

sounding very mu c/h like 't w/h 0 d ewe' , h0 w/eve r, g i've n t i'm e, we ll can see which way the w/in d be L0 w/in g

be -h- in-d-

so i get "too-t-he" is just "t-w/-h0-" climb-e- c-h0-k-e-d-

lice must breathe thru their gills, and when you natureall oils like 0 live 0 i'll, ore coconut, ore mayonaise, you are plying against the lice' strength to ho-ld- it's breath in t i'm e. that is why at the salon, i take the time to express as/s h0 (w/) e, while i like nature all's 0 i'll' s, it is preferable too know, the lice also has to express water (after making a b l00 -d- me all awn your g rass eye s h0/u ld eRe t00 the c(h)0/m e~n t (h) 0 ver t), and dime t/h(e) c0n e, is better investment of/f time & energy & down rig ht efficacy. it kills the lice in a half hour, although we say one hour, so people do not go right home and wash their h air. the days of putting o live oil on your head, for t/h eigh t (h) our s, and wrapping your head in plastic, st ill suffocating the baby some times inn stead, of the lice.

lice can hold their breath for t/h "eigh t" h our's e t00 th (e) re p ly e.

(after making a b l00 -d- me all awn your g rass eye s h0/u ld eRe t00 the c(h)0/m e~n t (h) 0 ver t)

(after making a b l00 -d- me all awn your g rass eye s h0/u ld eRe t00 the c(h)0/m e~n t (h) 0 ver t he w/e ll -d-i (e-ye-)s's- t- miss- t- 00-t-he-g-0/d- didn't save me b.c. i miss be h ave d too know/ h 0/n e inn me-d-i-0-c-r-e-ye-t-ease-d-(e-a-)f-0-r-(e-)t- f- ree-l-ye- a-s/s-t- 0- f-x-f- e-r- n0- re all 0 re as/s on t00 th s h 0 (w/) e t 00 th d 0 w/e g. 0 / d : the lie of efface, is to pre-t-en-d- am-rig-ht- , t-he-t-a-e-g0-d- e/b-too-t-he-ave-n-t-(s-)cam-e-

the plural is significant to docuement ass "we" "ll" ab i.d. e -d- 0 -w/e- d- : it t(h) 00 k t w/h0 d ewe, and e/b t w/h0 d ewe, h as/s kn 0t c a.m. e t(c) 0 g e/th/er e s a.(i.)m.e d.

ew/(e) inn t a(i.) ll e d. g/r ass inn th p.r.0 v(e'ye)i s~ i 0/n e a.t. L as/s t

('s) a/i. d. ('s eg) g ave (t~a.) d. ew/(e) inn t rue st ag e/d g ave d 0 w/h e 'ye (t) d

you are going to have to put your me one ye w/(h) ere you re mo/u t~h i's a w/e p (re s/en) t's a w/h e'ye d 0 w/(h) inn d/g r~a ce ss t00 th' d ate & d aye t a gain & r/e L ate d p.r. a.m. an/d b 0 at('s) c~an d le d ewe

ore n augh t (0/0 k/t) c a r/r e'ye w/e d ewe

th' a.d. 0/0 re d' t is 0 p/en t00 th (e) y' 0're d' serve d bu ye (t) de sir/e a.d. 0 w/h ea. t 00 th e ve~r (e)ye t/d aye b/b e (a.) d.

th' a.d. 0/0 re d' t is 0 p/en t00 th (e) y' 0're d' serve d bu ye (t) de sir/e a.d. 0 w/h ea. t 00 th e(a.) ve~r (e)ye t/d aye b/b (L) e (a.) d. 0 ver t e/x t p.0. ' s e/e d 0h t re all e'ye s

th' a.d. 0/0 re d' t is 0 p/en t00 th (e) y' 0're d' serve d bu ye (t) de sir/e a.d. 0 w/h ea. t 00 th e(a.) ve~n' s c e/n t as/s 0/und & e ver~ t (e)ye t/d aye b/b (L) e (a.) d. 0 ver t e/x t p.0. ' s e/e d 0h t re all e'ye s e'ye s

people want too know how to spell dimethecone, i say: dime the cone, once you remember and acknowledge this ingredient, you will sea (t) it all over the place

it is a petroleum product, however, used in the write way, the best and most efficacious way to re solve the problem-is-h- (e-) d-0f-t- in- t- place- d- 0f-t-0-f-f-t- 0-ff-e/e-d-0f-t- a post-more-t-em- t- h- 00-k- up-t-

i save the 0 live 's 0 i'll for e me'ye t u m/m e ye ~ and hand 0ff t pr0 du ct i'm e m(e)a.i.d. 0've d g(L) 0ve d's (0 w/e) l/l 0ve d

the-t-i'm-e-ye-w/-e-didn't pay for t me t00 the may-k-up-t- on the pre miss t i'm e d 0ve t m(e)a.i.d. e/b t00 the m(e)ar~k t00 th b~L as/s t

par (k) t

p~ar (k) t 0 p/en l/l e ye As/s t

(d) 0 fxf t, inn the a/r t~h ewe didn't actually e A s/s t (e)ar e 't : i think men started this s-a(w/-)g-a-w/-e- , to make things up on the competitive for-t- (n0?#) reason -(e-) f-x-f- ly-e- , and woman, quest i 0/n e, and "men" make more s-hi-t-up-t- too-k-eye-p-up-t-w/-i.d.-t-he-pre-miss-t- as-s-u/c-h- t-

t-w/-h0-d-a-ft-0-f-x-f-0-r-(e-)d-'s-h-all-0-w/e-l-ie-w/e-t-(h-)rue- ,

it is made up so your shallow face can be seen on the scene for-t- no reason t w/h0 d ewe, as h/allow/e d ewe. w/0 men get -a-x-ed- f-rom- the muzzle-d- for-t-(n0?#) reason-a/i-l-ed-ewe-d-

the ho-ax- of the "w/-h-0-le-" uni-verse-all-t- language, in the competitive marketplace, is for all you as s'aye, each other in "time", you do not actually allow for t h/at i'm e too the t a/k e'ye p L a ce.

you say-t-e- too-k-eye-p-lace-d-, but there is no provision for t it in th fxfirst p la ce d

s0- we- it is just a par-0d-e-ye- too -t-he-be-st-0k-e-d- &- be-st-0k-i/n-g-a-gree-d-

"0" "man" has set the racket too the t-0s-s0d-0-ft-in-p-lace- the l-a-we-st- u-b-e-ap-rig-ht- in- love-vain-d-e-vote-i-on-t-oo-t-he-d-awn-d-r-ive-d-

man never L ear.n'd L 0've f/r0m th -0-shun-

an-d-0-(w/-)s/h-un-t- with-inn-sur(e-)an-ce- s/s-t-ill- t- r-e'ye-i/n-g- too - t- he- purs/e-we- ye-t-

re-p-(L-)ea-t- heart-eye-L-ie- d-'s-

the song should lead ass poke n d 0 with not one un(d)bespoken d 0've d act yl ly e too the per c~e(i')ve d : the competitive marketplace to fortify the scene for -t- (n0?#) reason = getting a w/-e-s-a-w/e-d-0f-t- every e t i'm e = guarantee-d- protection (with no re side n (t) ce ll 0's t00 th re c 0ve r -t- up- t- h-an-d-e-ye-w/-he-ye-s-t-)

"we" must care for the stub, b.c. t/heir only is a stub, f-rom-it-t-b-0r(e-)n- d- ad- 0- 0re- d-

yet the stub acts as/s i ft, he is-t- is sir/e d 0 ff i/t, when it is real ly f-rom-e-d-0f-i/t-oo-t-he-s-0/0-n- d-

"we" have to care for the stub.c. with con-vi-ct-i-0/n-e- miss-pen-t- all-t-he-t-i'm-e- the stub will all-a-w/e-st- be "needing" -f-ache-devotion-d- b.c. he comes sir-cum-s-i'ze-d-

inn his "0" shun- t- he cast-0-ff- t- his-t- ate- , woman are in residence to -p-awn-d-0f-t- a-gain- d-ear-


no re all 0 a.m. t00 th e w/(e) inn d's i.' d.e liberate x t en d e/a. d.

cur(e)rent ly e

have you heard of the band: th-d-0f-t-0/n-e-s-

you have no inherent 'en' or 'em' w/i.d. th, w/i th0u t expressing your e sel~l fxf t 0/n e me'ye t cur(e)r e/n t (e) fxf 0 r(e) t a ll t00 th' s ea. (t) s~ p.r. 0ut m0/u t~h a~nd 0/u(be)t c~h a (re t 00 t(h)ru e w/e d/i' v(e)i/n e be t/h's p0k~e/n d

without a 'd/i' vine, you are ad-ju-st- p-lu-m/m-e-t- i/n-g- race-s/s-t-u-f-x-f-u-l/l-e-ye-a-st-as/s-t-u-d-u-(e-)s-t-u-b-rake-too-t-he-t-a-k(e-)t-

no man has cross t i'm e w/h 0/n e y e s (h) 0/n e ye w/i .d. th e'y~e i~t besp0ken d i n/e me'ye t i'm e 0/n t~ (high t) line d

i don't need your c-h-are-i-t-e-ye- , i need your de sir/e d i ff ewe have s(t) 0/m e

a.d. as/s h 0 p~ed

-t-he-c-h0-a'x-is-t00-t-he-pre-miss-t-0-f-xf- e/e-d-0/u-(be-)t-hie-fen-d-'s-inn-sig-h-t-


t0-f-f-t- so w/e t-he- c-an - 0 - p-en- up-t-his- (t-)eye-s-

the symbology of the rich ly e deserve d (hasn't ever hap pen d), the house, the huss the home the l-a-we-st- u- (b-e-)d-i-vine-d-, and the bank se ad (ye) as/s t (h) bespoken d ate t00 the m(e) A k/e g re a.t~e. there is not one that foot the pre miss t act u ally e t00 th e ff ace (t) d a ct yl ly (e) inn re ap a(i)r e d ewe inn t ere st (a) g e/d g/av~e ye t

(h) a w/h e'ye (t) d 0 'le t(h) i'm e t w/(h) 0/0~ d

e/b t a g 0/n e w/h 0/n e d 0/n e d awn~ de sir/e ye s inn ere s inn d

s(h) 0/n e

ye. g./g ave d aye w/(h) ave d

b f'0r(e) d' s h~all 0 w/e ' d e/b t a g(r) 0 /d e t00 the re st 0'(a) re d

i don't see "men" being able to justify the position of t be h ave d, when your e.g./g didn't actually e.g./g ave d 0 w/h e'ye (t) d

so-we-ll-ie-d-inn-a-p0sit-i-0n-e-t00-lie-d-up-e-on-d-0-ft-h-an-d-0h-t-a-cross-t- i'm e~a. t l0 s/s -t- oo th-un-d-serve-d-


i think it is a real problem wh en the "house" is not filled too the t 0 g i'll d ewe, with a re all e p/t per's 0/n e. people reflect on, the "house" as/s p.r.0 vi.' d.e inn g, when it is only we-ed-'s that are b-c-lim(b-)e-in-g- one people that are inn d

nothing like s-love-s- mu-lt-eye-p-ly-e-in-g-

& the "b-a-nk" is for-t- (he-)g-0/d- 0-war-e-d-0f-t-

t00-t-he-s-(h-)-0re-d- & re-s-(h-)0-a-r-(e-)d- f-0-r(e-)t- f-e-w/e-t-u/re-u/s-e- e-d-0f-t-in-t-h-a/b-u-s-e- d- e- vain-d-

suggesting the "man" as "god" is now/e very 0/n (e) t, however "man" made ad-e/b-too-t-he-g-0/d-up-e-0/n-up-t-p-a/i.-d-0f-t-oo-t-h-'set-up-

ironically if you think about it, you would be hard pressed to find 0/ne man -s- inn-t-he-t-line-d-up-(e-)t-ouch-d- , the -t- reason, "man" can get away with this disgrace, speaking with a significant ly other e ff ace, as/s i ft real ly e ff ace d, is b.c. you are all a d-ark-nigh-t-s-t-ag-e-d- 0-ft- f-(r-)ig-ht-


you can't erase your -e- p0-st- as/s a'ye wouldn't get paid too the be lay e t/h 0 ly e g/g h0 st ifxf she didn't really think you be h ave d as/s the m0 st

as-s-u-c-h- the (k-)nav-e-ye- doesn't give you re g/g th eg/g h0 st buy any one you have l-aye-d- sir-come-s-crib-e-d-

it "just" gives you the "right" to be have -d- another w/-aye -t- w/-(r-i/t-)e-

you are just dancing around the g-r-ave-ye-d- g-r-avid-be-l-aye-t-d-ate- , not one has true ly e par t a/k (e) t inn p L a ce de fxf ace d & face t00 th t r~a ce d

on the very same st a g e yew/ t make writing appear too the r/e l ate & re lay t 0/0 buy e t w/h0 d ewe

th p0 in t, is you can as/s cent could, ever be spok~e/n d ew/e

it took relating s 0/m e (ye) t h0u, to get you rich ly e i'm bu/e w/e d

as/s th' st a g e w/e d ew/e


relati0n ally e i'm bu/e w/e d


e/b t~0/d ew/e


0'be t/h' serve d i n/n e f/f r0n(e) t 0 fxf ew/e d ew/e t00 t~h in (d) r i've ye w/e


a par t 00 th's t a nd a.ll 0/n e.g. 0/d e


dall = sheep, sound's like d 0'l(e)




r- i.'d.-e-d-i-c-(k-)t00-t-he-p.r.-0/t-e-ct-0-r(e-)t-s-qui-rt-h-an-d-s-c-0-u-r-t-as-s-(h-)i.'d,-e-




bi-g-0/d-e-d-i-c-(k-)t-0-me-an-s-e/e-k-t-i/t-00-t-he-ad-d.r.ess-t-it-c-(he-)ad-e-vain-d-inn-d-0-ve-t-w/-(h-)inn-d- 0- w/-e-re-L-a'x-i-t00-t-he-t-ac(k-)t- less-(h)ave-i-0-re-t-0/d-aye- b/b-r-ave- d-

the dic-k-t- di.d. nothing but steal capital inheritance bu-ye-se-l-l-i-(e-)n-g - a- ll- ie- d's- 0/n-g-un-s-poke-n-d- 0- ve- (t-) d-0-ve- (t-) d- 0f-t- 0- f-f- e/e- d- un-s-p0ke-n-d- un-g-

th-e-dic-k-t- basically shits in every one's h -ea-(t-)d- as/s-h- 0- (w/-)e- g-0/d- en-mar-k- n-0-w/-e-ye- (d-)

how tu be a "man" is b-u-t/ta-h- t-00-t-he-t0-s-s-(t-)

t00-t-he-ap-e-a-r- e complete, when his tooth is all-a-w/e-st-(w/-)aye-s- in-n- ar'e-a-r-s-e- g-(L-)0've- d-

ea- r-

t-he-t-ea-r-n-a/i-l- e-d- w/e- ll- t- w/-h0-d- in-s-pi-r/e- ad- a-b-(0-)u-t- t- 0ut-d-s-h-are-w/e-d-

h-an-d-0/u-(be-)t-heir- d- 's-p-0/u-t- com-for-t-able-ye-w/-h0-r-k-'s-

t-he-d-i-c-(k-)t-in-t-w/-h0-s-(h-)e- w/-00-d-h-ave-t-a-p0-in-t-0-f-x-f- vi-e-w/e-d-

fv = folio verso / on the back of the p-ag-e-d- e-vi-ate-d-ver-t-u-

dv = deo volente / t-his-t-i'm-e-n-e/x-t-w/-ea-k- t- w/-i.d.-t-h- cur-rent- mat-t-ere-s-t-e- ye presume ye didn't have any e thing (t) 0/d ewe "i/t" w/-h0-d-e-w/e-d- without weeding t w/h0 d com pla/c e/n t a t w/h0 d the marketplace as/s p/roof t = basically every -e-on-e- gets to pretend they are with reason "too-t-he", however on ly a war-e- as-s-u/r-e- t-(h-) ab-u-s-e- d- (st-) 0-0-re- d- i/t- a-muse-the-miss-use-d-


t-he-miss-use-s-ing-s-(h-)a.-d.-0-w/e-t-(h-)rue- d-

marriage is "just" too t-(h-) ab-u-s-e- d- justifie-d- as/s -k-n-ew/e-d-

married people are competing and incurring competition incurs on my time frame too-t-h-a/b-u-s-e- t-he- d- 0 -w/e- t00-t-he- d- inn-a-ve-ye-w/-e-d-

i am apparent ly not contributing too the t issue, when the t-issue-d-of-t-purse-w/e-d- competing for a vi ewe, without being 0/n e t w/h 0 d e'ye w/e


me r/r e'ye me/t/a b/e h/ave i 0're

w/h en di.d. ew/e l/l as/s t p ass e/g ass p

yew/ know/h as/s well as/s e'ye d 0 (w/) e, t-his-t-ad-d/i-c-(k-)t-i-o/n-e- w/-ill-as/s-t-0/n-e-t-ill-t-it-d-0-ver-t-

c-(h-)0/m-e-d-0-war-e-ad-j/u-st-(u-)b.-c-c- l-ea-r- d- ea-r-t/h-e-r-0/d-e n-ea-r-0/d-e-ye-0-d-e-

the "son" -g- only sings "one" w/-he-ye-t-in-t-i-m-e- w/-t-he-n-as/s-t-e-ye-f-0r(e-)g-i-i-ve-ness-inn- d-

for-(e-)g-e/i-'ve-ness-t-w/-h0-d- e-w/e-t-00-t-he-d- e-w/e-d- 0 -w/-inn-s-t-ill- d-ad- ju-st-u-b.-c.-t-w/-h0-d- e/b-t-(h-)rue-w/e-d-

too th c/all i/t b(L)ack/t oo the be have d, ye didn't rack t

avesta doesn't supply housing for e re a.ll, they supply their hostages a ne w/e "name" for-t-heir-t-me-all-in-ave-d's-t-ill-


m err? e'ye , i am me r/r e'ye with a re as/s 0/n a're ye (t) d

e w/e t w/h 0 d

my head itches like a b-itch-

i'm not hear to win the war on ageing b-0re-d-

(iv'e been making my own lotions and serums, priced right when you en do w/ it your sell (fxf) t)

e'ye h/ave ta p0 in t w/h0 v(i)e w/e

one of my favorite things to do is leave my phone at home, industries a war-e-ness-(t-) 0/n-e- d- e w/e

i have a po in t 0 ff th ave 'ye w/e

inn s~t ea d

i can't "pro" "claim" (-e-) d-0f-t-en-



d-e-(a-)f-un-ct-i-0/n- d-


ta-k- i/t- b-(L-)ack-t- without a pr.0 w/t in-n-ea-r-d-(h-)e-l-l-ab-serve-d-w/e-ll-d- for-t-i-fi-eye-t-he-m-all- d-

the son-net-has-s-ag-L-as-s-too-t-he-miss-pen-t-a-gain-(s-t-)d-'s-

me'ye bi/g t 0 (w/)e ~ (t) h as/s p0ken d just (u) b.c. t0/me/an/s e/e k/t i'm e s(h) 0're



me (re) a.d. 0 (w/) 0' re

it is -t- ease-ye- too tell you a little lie as sel-l-t- i'm-e- t(h-)rue- d- 0-0-re-too-t-he-d- ewe (when these appearances can't be man-u-fa/ct-u-re-d- i- n/n-e- w/e-d- )

the weed is your s-he-(a-)d- 0f-t-en- d-

re-d/u-ct-i-0/n-a/i-l-e-t/u- t00-t-he-st-ea-ll-t-he-ven-ewe- d-ill

re-d/u-ct-i-0/n-a/i-l-e-t/u- t00-t-he-st-ea-ll-t-he-(a-)ven-ewe- d-ill-d-0-(w/- t-rue-s(t)-a.m.-e-t-p-(L-)ate- d-

the dildo fon-d-le-d- the t rut -h-e-w/e-

it really didn't take that much -a- war-e- t with -ab-u-s-e-t-he-(a-)r-d- e/b -too-t-he-t-00-t-he-d- b-(s-)0/n-e-d-

industries-core-i/n-g-(L-)0-r(e-) d-

h-a s-s-(a-t-) 0/n-e-d-

the "highest" re-mit-t-er(e-) d-0-(w/-)h-t-

i just got jacke-d-0f-t-0/n-e-d-, by a pudgy as/s -t- female po-lice- off-i-ce-r-, i have her on video telling me it is her "right" too-th-i-jack-t-d-0f-t-0/n-e- me, and to provide me without warning, the next time she "sees" me, she can jac-k-t-d0-f-t-0/n-e-me. it was about min0 and i playing frisbee, behind the planet dog store, that the planet dog workers, with dogs, use, the park area. i got emails, of the ad-di-c-k-t-hat- she is holding in her -ea-r-s-e-, to-w/e-d- jac-k-t-d-0f-t-in-t-w/-h0-d- 0/u-(be-)t- h-and-be-lie-f-(d-)t- : i told her to expect a response, but not at this time. i did though go to planet dog, and had everyone in stitches as i told my story of t-he-dic-k-t- in her ear- s- he- jack-t-(d-)-0f-f- t- 0/n-e- me ... just whole scenario of me and my hand stuff in imaginary dick in my ear to speak out my mouth as/s i ft it were my rig ht u be th-err-d- yanking my imaginary dick-t- all over t he p lace, with w/-(r-i/t-)e- t-w/-h0-ve-t-w/-he-ye- t- oo th inn-sure- ano-t-her-e- day-t- oo- th- sir-come-reference-s/s-p-as/s-t-

the po-lice, ironically just came to the door and issued me a citation, i either pay, 70 or go to court, and waste my time b.c. the jac-k-t-d-of-t- would like to jac-k-t-d-of-t- some m-0-re- . 4 police officers- h- at my (a.d.) d0 0're

she told me she wasn't going to issue a citation, and then she-t-a-x-i-e-d-0- w/-e- b-(L-)ac-k-t-. i have a right, i say, as i video the 4 officers at my door, to be upset that they jac-k-t-d-0f-t- in my pre sen t c~e/n t

they are stealling emotions too t-he-t- b-(p-)rig-ht-

this may be part of your problem, not the miss us/s' t

you as/s a man, get to -w/e- devotion to the ocean of idiots, force-s-s-(h-)ore-d- for-t- me too the de all -a-w/e-st- u- b-/b-u-ye-

ruthann we-i-st- , had to have four ad-dick-t-i-0n-s- too-k-t- com-p-an-e-ye- and force a t-a'-x- on me, for-t- no reason e tu be(a)d

bespoken with the actuall t(0) me/an/s. 4 dic-k-t-s- to speak for her w/-id-th- "i/t"-

the city ordinance to waste time all a w/-h-e-ye-t-(h-)rue-w/e-d-en-ewe-d-

i have the right to express my distaste in "ewe" -d-

and not be cited, with reference a t0/ne inn "ewe" -d-

it c0-ho-st- me $70 tu be used too the d-ate-, too think for this people that don't actually have the where with all and right too the re l ate. i am getting taxed for -t- people that re-fuse- too think in place, that think it is t heir right tu b-r-e/e-d- e-f-x-f-ace- d-

this is just a fuc-k-t-(d-)up-t- par-0-d-e-ye- to set-h-'s- (h-)0/n-e-sec-t-clusion-d-r-0p- z-0/n-e-d- ,

now, take kim kardashian for-t- no reason, she would be polite, for-t- no reason, and she wouldn't get a ticket for -t- b-ein-g- for-t- no reason- d- just saying, her image for-t- no reason, reflec-t-'s-

the "t"'s- , there are not 2 t's in residence, if ewe p/t p l ease d


for-t- no reason -e-tu-be-(a-)d- h-0p-(e-t-) ful-l-ye- a-s/s-t-

i don't care about the money, l-a-we-st-, so much as th time to go a-ft-ere-ye-t-, b.c. i have enough on my p(L)ate to work with d.

i get- t-heir- ar-t- just bu-ll-e-ye-i/n-g- 0/d- a(i)re-d- h-are- d-

not one in the po-lice- king-dum-cum- of reducti-0-/n-e-, sports a need for a nare to be pre sent as/s 0/n~net 00 th ' d 0've d

just saying, and they stand together for-t- no reason-s-aye-inn-g-

t-a'-x- in g me for -t- not- be-lie-f-i/n-g-ere-i/n-g- as/s- (h-) 0-le- p-t-p-ass-t-

not one in the po-lice- king-dum-cum- of reducti-0-/n-e-, sports a need for a nare to be pre sent as/s 0/n~net 00 th ' d 0've d f a(i)r e t00 th e'ye w/e

they do not stand ass on/e, they st-A-nd for an abysmal living t00-l-i-e-ye-0/n-(e-)t-d- , their charging me for-t- not paying -at-t-en-t-i-0/n-e-d- : my whole life is well put, i didn't sup p0 rt a d-0f-t- me'ye n k n0/0k t c0/0k t

i am being forced to respond on a lack of re all product too the de fine d e all t

the back side of the citation gives me options, i plead i did default an admission of guilt with money to support the lack of negligence dishonestly de all-t-, or i go to court, on my time, all ready -e-s-take-n- too the de all -t-

seriously, how can these "nigger-s" define b(L)ack / t 0/n e w/h i/t 00 th 0 p/en l/l e ye a.s/s t. they s-pea-k-t- "niggard"- ly e-

t00-t-he-t-re-p-a(i-)r-e-d-ew/e-d- 0 - w/-id-th-(s-)c-are- d-


&- be-h-ave-(d-e-all-)t-rig-ht-

i am being force-d- too-t-he- ap-peer- d-


so not only are the po-lice- being used to bu-ye- l-and- bu-ll-e-ye-, they are using people to fee-d-e-ye-a-s/s-t- l-ie-d-'s-

the lie liens for -t- no reason -e- too-t-he-t- l-ea-d-s- inn- k-n-ea-ll-sea-s/s-0-/n-d-.

the pudgy -e-s-ee-d- e/b-t-oo-t-he-t-(inn)c-0/m-e-in-g-a-gree-d-

the pudg-u-y -e-s-ee-d- e/b-t-oo-t-he-t-(inn)c-0/m-e-in-g-a-gree-d- he-d- miss-too-k- for-t-he-t-c-(r-)-00-k-t-he-n-ee-d-'s-

too take a look -t- a -w/-he-ye- (t-) d-

po-lice- forcing me to take a look at appearances t-he-ye- didn't be h ave t 00 th eg(g) ave (t) d

plain and s-imp-le-pt- bu-ll-e-ye-i/n-g- (r-)ave-d-

so they can a-ct- independent- lie-ye- f-0-re-war-d-

i dont need protection from -s-0d-0-ft-

0-re- t-h(e-) f-e-w/e-t-u/re- t-he-ye-s-0d-0-ft-



"ad"-0-0're- d-

b-lig-ht- ig-n-0-re-d- bu-ye- t-

in the competitive marketplace, this means, you can speak reason, to n0 0/n e vain-d- , and so your bad manners, are be-st-u-be-h-ave-d-as/s-eg-ave-d-, o-0-re- the st-0-r-e-ye-g-0-'s- 0/n-0's-e-d-. if you are therefore speaking to no one, as/s p-b-f-0-r(e-)d-s-h-allow-e-'d-ad-0-0-re-d-. your right as a man being present, supplants, the fact you haven't ever mate d inn re s i'd e n(t) ce s/s e/e d ' satisfact0r i e'ye l/l e ye

it is just a r-use- too -t-he-miss-us-s- ai- d-

s-a(i-)m-e- t- mall- inn-vain-d- 0-ft-s-t-ea-d-e-ye-a-s/s-t- rait- f-0-r(e-)t- no reason too the re L aye t. as/s t-he-ye- make off with my me 0/n e ye, comfortably for -t- no reason to p(L)ate, actual ly e as/s t m~ate

sensible -a-war-e- crimes- that can't reduct i 0/n e, inn the pre sent ce 0 fxf (e/e) d 0've t ai L as/s h 0 (w/) e ' ed ewe

s-he- "nee-d's-up-p0-r-(e-)t- so she can lend her ad-d-i-c-k-t- a -re- p0-rt- 00-t-he-t0-r-t-

s-he- s- a- w/e- wither-one-ye-(a.s/s-)e-

the "spirit" are- f-r0m- n-o-w/e-b-0/d-e-ye-, and is perfect's-ly-e- comfortable t-heir-e-(a)d-'serve-d-

they think they are doing g 0/0 d, so you believe in g 0/0 d or you don't, then you look in your own direction as/s t 0/0 k~n 0 t~e. po-lice, with e-d-i-c-k-t-i-0/n-s-, serve the greater g 0/0 d. however they are b-rake-i/n-g-0/n-e- miss-us-e- d- 0-ft- u- b-rake-i/n-g- 0/n-e-t-w/-h0-d- e/b-t-00-t-he-0t-h-err-0/n-e-t-(h-) a/b-u-s-e-d- . these po-lice- officers are just penalizing buy t-heir-e- punishment of/f being pre sent t00 th ew/e 's u s/s (h) 0/n e st (h) rue w/e d 0 (w/) e: i am being honest when i tell po-lice- i don't like them jacking-0-d-0-ft- o/n-e- me, and it is my rig ht o f/f e/e L first ly e, & ste all as/s t me all d

ew/e a.r n e st ly e

p0-lice- shoot people for 1 turning away from t-heir-e-d-0-ft-0/n-e- 2 f0r-t- no listening to the imp-osssib-le-g-a-ll-e-d-0-ft-0/d-0h-t-

i am fortunate the dog catcher-s-0/n- wasn't carrying a gun- d-

black lives matter, t-he-ye-s-matter-e-s-0/n- d-

live your life in tatters for f-ea-r-, if you live your life for re all, the po-lice- s/s-will-t-a'x- your ear's e t00-t-he-serve-n-d-ea-r-

d-h-e/a-r- (d-)

which "me/an/s" politics is just won d-0f-t- s-h0-rt- 00- t-he- push-d-0f-t-

you can't be the president for -t- no reason too the m-ill-i-tarry-e-

we mu-st-all- in-s-pi-r/e- g-r-ea-t-(e-) lie- tu-b-e-ad-at-a-ll-

jac-k-t-0-f-x-f-an-d-f-e/e-d-0f-t- 0/n-e-me all s h 0 (w/) e.

i don't get paid to be a ware on my time in the marketplace, eating the "time" i'm, and i get taxed for-t- no reason, if i am apparently e th ere waxing on my own time in my own sea s/s 0/n e : nothing makes sense about being a po-lice, ex-ce-pt- the premeditation -e- too-t-he-t-a-k/e- ye- par-t- for-t- no reason s-he- can appear amiab(e) ll ye w/-id.-th-s-pen-t- scene as/s "necessary" and then the-ref-ore- too th-t-a'-x- i.d.-0-ft-w/-it-

the lie on W(r-i/t-)E d-evil-i(e-)n-g- as/s th e/g 0/d ly e

t-heir -t-b.- climbing on my back with t-heir sir-prize-s- that they didn't act u ally e sir me'ye s/s aye s

pretty people like kim kardashian, and religious- cruel-t-e-ye-free- d- people, make my honest (L)y appear to seem in arrears. the scene for-t- no reason tu be (a) d, are trespassing 0/n e me a.d. f-ore-g-ie-/n-g- the-le-g-all- 0-p/p-0-lice- t-u-b-re-ad- as/s-t-he-ye-p-l-ease-a-t-a/s-s-t-(h-)an-d- : one can only expect discomfort from t-hose- t-hat- b-re-ad-e/b-tu-b-ut-t-er-e-d-0-w-n-(e-)d-

taxing me b.c. i didn't inn-b-ree-d-e-ye-t-h-e/n-0-s-e-e-d-0h-t-

so if i am not used as a woman to im-bree-d-0f-t- for-t- me-one-ye-, i am used to re f le ct -c-as-h-t00-t-h(e-)c-a-r/r-e-ye- d- "never-ea-rend-ing-a-gree-d-"

the insult is, i am not a criminal, and yet, the po-lice- make criminals equal too- t-heir- "one". i am not a criminal, they covert-ly make criminals, and justify the need for t-heir-imp-ulse-s-aye-s- as-s- a -ware-, when it is a-war-e-d-. they use the criminal that they have covert ly made in there own "one" reflection, never gave the eg/g th ave d, and b-e-a-t- on-e- me, for being pre sent Ly a ware t00 th' s ea t 0 ff the me/an/s e/e k/t 0 p/en ly e. po-lice- see-k-t- di's-com-for-t- in the pen t f/r0m e a.d.

why ? t-w/-h0- d- e-w/e- d-, justify t-heir-t00-t-he-no reason tu be (a.)d. , own lie t-w/-h0-d- justify t-heir-e-x-pen-s-ive-d-ew/e-d- too the continue -w/e- d- . on e the re all means that desire too th be (a.)d.

j (aw~e) u st L ye. they carry no love, yet they seek t0 g 0ve, pretending to be o ft L 0ve d. they draw money that confines every one to be living ver t and virtuous ly to g ether e, they draw money for -t- no reason -d- e w/-h-a-t-eve-r-d-

they have provided no mate for their jesus christ too th's at e. yet justify they are of th g0/d ly e st ate for t he g(u)est-ate- d- as/s-h-at-e-

nare too the re L ate d 0 ff t me'ye p(L)ate d

theye free lie r-un- all over -t- me

i am not happy about t-heir-e-pre-sent-ce-l-l-e-ft-00-t-he- ll- d-

0-w/e- can (r-)e-s-(h-)e-ll- d-


i have re all work to do even s(h) 0 w/e. i needed a little relief from it, nice day and weather, and i get-s-hi-t-. the dog can't play free is rise b /u /ye w/i~d. th "i/t"

f-our-d-as-s-(h-)0/n-e- d-en-ye-a-ll-e-(d-)g-0-d-e-a-ll-t-a-t-0-(w/-)e-

h-app-e-ye- d- ig-n0-ran-ce-de- f-x-f-l0-w/-ere- d- f-x-f-a-ct-0/0t-a-ct-'s- t- e- a- ll- (e-)ye- d-

(e-) for-t- no reason, for-t- no de sir/e -r-a/nd- for -t- n0 re all capability e "w/e" mu-st-(u-)be-lie-f-t00-t-he- force- s/s- ai- d- f-ee-d-

"honest" lie-ye-

e'ye d(c) 0nt need you-r-e-d-e-sir-e-inn-s-c0p-e-d- 0- f-x-f- e-r/r-in-g- 0- p-e-d- e/b t00 t he t r~0p e/d ... 0 w/ kn 0 w/e re all t/h app en inn g~ 0 a(ll) t