'a' g 0/n a.d. a. m.iss (p )en t's c e/n t inn t i'm e r/r e' ye receiving a w/a're a.s/s (h) 0/n e d 0 f/f t(d) in(n) e d 0 w/are a.d. i's t~r a ct i 0/n (e) d a.d. 0~0're s~i.' d. e/n t ce s/s et a re s(t) 0/a r (e) in(n) g' s h(ea.)d. 0 pen ll e ye t u/n e f/f 0(0)L(ea.) debt as/s k t w/h0 0le d'(s) 0 L e d ew/e t heir inn d a ft e're(e) f0r'd s(p )en t hinn g e t a's/s k' t 0 g e/th/er e w/e d g (r ) e w/e d


debt a cr0ss t as/s k t b f0r'd 0bserve d ew/e g~0/d~ e/n erve d as/s h 0 (L)e d g's us a.m. e d~h a.d. e ve(i)n d

e'ye t her (e)d i/t L air e t w/i LD e w/h 0/n e'ye w/h i'l(l)e d (e) u/s t/h u~(e) s/s t a fxf a(i)r e a.d. serve (n) d. 0 w/00 d r~inn k (i) t (h) inn d f0r meal ly e a. s/s t (e) a. r~ t

h'd c h~ea.r~

d a'ye a. t e tu be a.d. 0ff t's c0 pi e'ye d h~anec(t)d0h t a re r0und e/b t a's/s k t(h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e ll debt a re tu be t heir d


dof-t- can only take d0f-t- with-0r(e-) n- d- 0 -w/-i- thou-t- inn- t- en- t- i-0/n-d-0f- t- pr-0-vi-d-e/b- t- i'm-e- d-

will you speak t(h) up d i f/f e'ye m~aid i your desire -d-up-e-t-russ- t-0f-f-t-(y-)our- inn- c- (h-) 0/m- e- a- t- a- re- (d-ate-d-)cei've- due-x- i/-t- 00- t-he- d- ewe- d- (e-)u/s- tu-b-eg-(r-)inn- d-s-cent-s-0-L-(e-)d-0f -t-(h-)e/n- d-a- re-receive-r- t- a- gain-nd- resident-b-spoken-t- re-nd-

she g0t 0ff t h~inn g e/d be a.m. e/d i/t 00 th be l/l e~a. f t(h) r~e/e fxf e/e d f~a(i)r~e ly e s~ea. t e'ye d 0ff (t) in(n) e re~a. l/l ea. f' d ' s le(e)p t

d-0f-t-(h-)en-d-en-e-ye-d- she d i.d. kn 0t kn0w/ if t she' d get (a) be t/t a(i)r~e si.'d e/n t ce s/s inn g' sigh t '( h inn g e) debt b (r 0ugh t) rig ht e ll e'ye t

w/(h)0rn d 0/u (be) t a're (a.) te~a.r n a re r0und

(a-) g-0/n- ad- a- de- ed- u- ct- i- 0/n- d- ea- f- 0- r- t- he-r-0- d- e/b- t- a- re- w/-(h-)ea-r-in-(n-)g- e- d-(y-)0ur-e- c- L0- t-he- s-e/n- t-he- d- 0f- t- en- t- r-an- ce- s/s- e- x- ce- ll- e/n- t- pr.-0-vision-d- 0f- t- c- him- e- d- im- me- d- g-im-me-d-(s-)0/n- g-e- d-alliance-s/s-h-e-d-e/b- t- a- ll-e-g-all- e- ye- d-s- t-eeL- d-0/n-(e-)g-0/d- e- - - r- 0/d- e- ad- e/b- tu- de- s- h- e- r- 0/d- e- vain- d-(s-) 0- L- (e-)d- 0f- t-'s- c0p-e-d- h-anec(t-)d0h-t- p.r.-i'm-e-d-(h-)0-ve-r- t-



she w/(h)0re th rig ht 00 th t heir d 0ff th er(e) inn d p(a)l~ace s/s (L) ang u age d en e'ye (t) d 0 pen l/l e 'ye s 0/u n/d ate d g'sus t en (d) an ce s/s 0 ft

she only has d-a-ft- u-be-ad-of-t-(h-)inn-s- L-augh-t-ere-ad-0f-t-(h-)inn-g-e-d-s- c- re- am- e- inn- g- a- g-0/d- s- c- r- e/e- d- s- a -w/-he-ye- t- i'm-e- d- 0f- t- (h-)in- (e-) d- e- vain- d- s- um- m0/n-e-ye- t- re- t0-f-f- eeL- ie-n-nit-0f-f- e/e- d- 0f- t- 00- t- he- s- p- e- (e-)d- 0- w/-he-ye- a- "t" 0/n- e- t00- L00-k- t-'s- 0/d- 0f- t- a- miss- t- a- ke- (n-)d-aye- t- d-e-ye- t- c-h-inn-g-e-d- 0f- t- a- re- p- (L-)a'ce- men- t- he- re- fresh-men-t- a.-m.iss-(p-)en-t's- e/e- d- 0 -we- ll- e- s/s- t- (p-) e/e- d- he-vain-d-ly- e- a- r- t- ease- d- 0- pen- l-e-ye-a- t-ease-d-0f-t-s- p-(L-)aye- d-e/b-t- a- tell-e-ye- t-he-de-am-("0"n-)s-tu-be-(a-)d-0-ft- ly- e-t00-t-he-re-p- eat- 00-t-he- (d-)be-re- ave- d-

she only has d-a-ft- u-be-ad-of-t-(h-)inn-s- L-augh-t-ere-ad-0f-t-(h-)inn-g-e-d-f0rce-s/s-L0-t-he-d-h-and- 0f- t- heir- d- 0/u-(be-)t- w/-h0 - 0le- d-(s-) 0- L-(e-)d- a- re-s- i.'d.- e/n- t's- t- a- (i-)r- (e-) t- he-re-ad- b-spoke-n-d-0-0-re- d-

0 w/h~A le 0f t a' s/s t 0 r e'ye s~u g/g (u) e s/s t (u) b r~in(n) g (t/h) 0(w/)n e ~d ewe t00 th a.d. e ve(i)n ly e a.d.~dress (t) at e~a.m. (e) a. t~ e ' ye

g 0(w/)n e ~d

t 0(w/)n e ~d

h 0(w/)n e ~d


P L ease th 's t 0 p .-re- m(e-)ark-inn- g- 0/n-ad- he- f-f- r- am-e- d- e/b- t- h- and- 0/u- (be-)t- w/-h0- 0le- d- h- and - g-i've- t- h frame d-0-w/-he-ye-t- buy-e-a-r- t- he- d- nothing -u-you- d- ass-a-y/e- a- t- 0 pen (a) ll (t) e ye w/h ea. t~ e fxf r~ a.(i.)m. e/ d (h) inn d a.d. vance s/s (t/r) in(n) g~ Lan(d)ce ll e/n t 00 t(h) en t r~an ce de a.m. e/d' spirituallity e t00 t(h) 0 w/h 0/m e~ye don't think "ewe" have an eye for t be au t e'ye, i think you have an "eye" for -d- ewe- t- e-ye- d-

 's- ped- (h-)up- t- 0/d- we- ll- t- as/s- k- t's- naiL- t-00- t- he- t-a(in-)t-e-ll- e-ye- 0/n- t-'s- naiL-s-0/n-s- pur- e- vi- ewe- d-e-am-u/s- t-u- d- ewe- s- 'd- 0f-t-he-n-ewe-s- t- a-nd- h-and- s- k- ewe- s- ai- d- 0f- t- w/-h0- d- buy- e- t- w/-h0-d-e/b- t- as/s- k- t- p.-r.00f- t-

h-arm-e-ye-n-ave-ye- d- h-arm-0/n-e-ye- t- (h-)all-e-ye- d- f- all- t- heir- d- a- re- p- as/s- t- 0- re- ye- d-(s-)0/n- g-0/d- ly- e-a- t- 0/n- (g-u-y-)e- d-(p-)awn-d-he-a-r- 0/d-e-ad- 0f- t-(h-)re-ad- (h-)inn-g-e- d-

t-his-t- s-h0-w/e-d-0f-t-0/0-t- 0f-f- t- he-d- be-en-i-ce- d- ea- f-0-r-(e-)t- bringing 0-p0-lite-s- lice- 2 not think inter-re-st-russ-t- did not teach as/s k t augh t e'ye t(h) a.d. e'ye t ea (c~h a're a.c~h) t 0uch (e'/a.) d 0ff t

t-he-b-(r-)ought-a-gun-too- t-he-d- foster his-t's-c-reed'-s- h0-ve- d's- inn- (t-he-d-) 0-pen-(d-e/b-)t-i'm-e-ye-t- a- gree- d- 0f- t- for-d- being rightly placed too th ("me-one-ye-" ) re-re-c-i-eve -d-en-e-ye- t- 0ff- t- f-air-e-ly-e-d- he- ed-0f- t- a's/s- p- (L-)aye- d- 0f- t-00- t- he- c- 0ur- ag-e- d- 0f- t-

kell-e-ye-d- has n0 need off th d ewe inn d(h) e/e d n0 re lief t f/r0m the cur- rent-' see -d-s-up-p-le-ye-d- coming -0/- dof-t- ass- it-(e-ye-) p -L- eas(e-) ad- d-le-ye- w/hat is the vi s i 0/n e d i~f/f ewe ' s c~an t a're c0/n s pi~re t heir e(e) fxf r a.(i.)m. e 'ye d ea. f~ (L)a.m.~ e /d

(just a -r-e-r-use-d- 0 -w/-i- thou-t- a- re- (a-)p- a-(i-)r- e- d- )

t-he- t-is-sue- we- d- 0- t-he- x- p0-s-ai-d- 0- w/-ai-t- - - - d- ate- t/h-er-e- t00-t-he- me- a-ke- t- a-s/s- k-t's- nake-d-s-lice-d-0f- t- s- nail- s- 0/n- s- naiL- t- e-ye- t- 00 -t-he- w/00-d-s-up- p-le-ye- id- 0- w/-ai- t- he- d- ew/e-ft-f-r0m-me-d-i-c-t- ya- w/e- t00- t-he- d- ewe- s-

- lie-d-ate- tine- w/-ai-t- the whites don't want "hem" mating toff t ass t hat would con-fuse- t-he- me-r-i/t- he- ha- s/s- n' t ' s 0ugh t b(r) 0ugh t 0/n e merit, his-t- 0/0-kn-0-t-00-t-he-re-mark-t- 0ff- t- as/s- k-n0-c-k- t- 0ff -t-rite- t00-t-he- t- (a-g-) L-and- s- 0/m- e- 0/n-e-ye- d- ea-f- 0r- t- f-r0m- ill- k- t- (h-)inn- (e-) d - inn- c- (h-) 0/m- e- d- i/t- a- pr-0-vi-s- i-0/n-e-d-

"whites" only stand for not letting e me r i/t 00 th t a l/l e ye t (a~g) L and en d0 w/e ll e t/h' s t a (i)r (e) t~ c~ h' d bu ye ~a.r~ t/h 'd 2 be ad (h) inn d's p (L)ace debt 0 g e/th/er e w/(h)e 'ye d = 0 = w/(h)ea.r t h~and 0 w/t heir d ate

t-hat- a- w/-aye- t-, the "man" can-e-d- con-t-r0ll-e- d- (s-) 0-L- (e-) d- speaking -ass- if- t- he- d e'ye t00 t(h) act u ally e pr0 vi.' d.e~ b t00 th t i'm~e a.ll i've d- 0 -wile- d-a- re- per-p-0s-e-d- s- cen-t-'s- p- (r-) out-'s- (h-)ave- d- ea- f- 0- r- (e-) t- h- and- 0- th-ere- d- aye- t-00- t- he- d- h-ave- d- a-b- i.d- e- a- ll- e- ye -d- 's- t- eeL- d- s'-naiL- s- 0/n- net- inn- t- (0-) p- (L-)ace- d-'s- t- r/i-fe- ed- s- lice- d- 0f- t- he-n- i -ce- d-s- nit-s- (p-)en- d- (b-) light- hie-ven- d's- a- gain- d-e- am- s- (p-) en- d- s- am- e- f-f- 0 -r- t- he- m- me- d-

D understand "i/t" is just -a-g- e- inn- g- i've-n- d-(h-) inn- d- he-vain- d-e/b- t- a- gainn- d-im-


s-he-s-ad-d--le-ye- d- get- (u-) buy- e- d- s- h-inn-s- ad- d- le-ye- d-e/b- t- (h-) 0/0- k- ta- t0/n-e- t- hing-e- d- 0f- i- t- 0- pen- (a-) ll- (t-) e- ye- f-f- 0 -r- t- n0-t- be-lie-f- i/n- g- ere- inn- g- a- gree- d-i'm-e- r-e- a-d- e-ye- d-


L00-ms- (t-) a- nd- g- r00m- s- t- (h-)at- s- (h-) ake- d-up- (e-) t- h- and- e/b- t-up- t- w/-h0- d- li've- r- t- (a-) ll- (e-)a.s/s- t-


t w/h 0 re ye s pea. k inn g e t00 th eg 0/ d ly e t(y)0u-r- ( d-)e- ce-ive-vain-s-t- ill- e- d-e/b- t- w/-h0 - d- h0- c-t- he- sup-per- d-s- t- a- r- e- g- 0/d- ewe- d- f-i/x- i/t- w/h0-


i see that kelly-con-way-d- apparently wrote a book, ore- 2- . (e-)"we" give her credit f 0ur th' conjecture "2" for-d- buy-e-d- h- and- 0 - w/-id- th- (i-) t- (y-)0ur- e-nerve- d- serve- d-0-w/-t-he- p- L-ease- sur-e- f-x-f- ace- d- (e-) u/s- t- 0-f-x-f- t-russ- t-hat- e- w/e- t/h-inn-k- inn- s- mu- (s-)t-

when we remove the pretense of -t- bu-s-i- ness- t- a- t- e- d-(h-)ea-d- a- re- a-r/r- an-g-e- d-, we then sea. t(h) e/n d b(r)e a.d. c~re a. t i've (i') ll e'y(e) ap~p lie d 0 w/are n em (a ll) e/d e'ye t' d e'ye d

be creative in th fir's t e st a t e (d ate) t0 p.r.0 c~L (0 've t) a~i'm~e' y~(0/u~r) e mu fxf (i) t (h) inn (d)th s~e c0/n(e) d e/b t a' t a(i) ll a(i) r~e p as/s t (0/0) L(e) a.s/s t 0 w/hat u(r) fxf t00 th f e/e L a w/are a.d. e/p t heir d f~a(i)r~e a.d. (h) a ll a(i) r~ e a.d. e'ye s (p) e/n t00 th fxf (L) ave 0 're a.d. 0~0're a.d. ~dress t 0've ~n/d c 0/0 k t(h) un d ere (t) c(L)~ 0 've r /d

i g~ r i/s t 0/0 th f~ L 0/u ~r t em p le (a.)d 0 w/are t 00 th b (r)e a.d. 0 ff t c~r um b Le a. t

her d~ g's us t a g/g e(a.)r ' s e t 0ff t/h em a t/t e're s t a nd ' s a s/s w/~ a g/g e r' syn/th inn (e) d ' s cent ' s h inn (e)y e~ debt 00 th (e) re p (L)ea. t~ her d 0 w/(h) i. ' d. e 'ye t a' ll t a' re t i'm e d' s cent 's p.(.r.) 0ut (e) in(n) e~ d i'n(n)e r'e (e) fxf i/n (e) d f~ i/n g er(e) inn d c0m p (L) ea. t e'y~e th er e/n d

0 ff i/ t h~a.(n)d. f~i/x i/t~ a cr0ss t

a' (i)r (e) t ~h' d u/s t~

a' (u) gust

d ea f ea t i'm e(A.).i.d. e/b t00 th f ea t u re a.d. ea. f r a.(i.)m. e/n a.m. e ve(i)n t 00 t(h) p.r.0 c~ L (0've) a. i. m . e(n) ~ d en e'ye i/t h' s a.m. e/n d's (h) ave 'ye d en~ s el~ly e t (a') c a.m. e~ L (e) d en e/e d le ye w/h e'ye d h and 0 w/ ai t/h ' d (h) inn (d) s (p) Lain ~d g~r a~ce d 0ff t ('s) p (L) at e inn g a g(r)e a.d.

t-he-p-as/s- t- 0- re- ad- just- a- wan- t- he- d- e/b- tu- be- t-he- d- r- i've- t- rig- ht- hie-ven- d-s- e- am- en- d-s- t- a- nd- didn't actually care what life -d- he-ed- s- t- a- ke- d- e/b- t- w/-(h-)inn- d- 2- per- s-i- eve- d- he- d- cam-e-d- 0- pen- (a-) ll- (t-) e-ye- a- s/s- t- re- a- t-he- d- ewe- d- for- t- (a-)me- ad- s- e/e- d-s- e/e- k- t- force- scene- inn- (d-)be- lie-f-t- ea- t- c- he- w/e- a- t- e- a- s/s- e- ye- d-0- (w/-)e- s-i/t- e- ye- re- p- (L-)ea- t- a- re- d- 0- w/-i/t- ness- t- a- (i-) r- (e-) t- heir- d- (g's-) 0/n- g- e- d- f- a- (i-)r- e- d- dress- t- a- (i-)r- e- ad- s- naiL- (t-) a'i-r- e-d-

t-his- t- "ag" can only put false newes inn front of-f- ewe- d- he- ad- a- re-f-use- d- h-and- s- t- a- t- e- l/l e the people -d- judge for th em sel ? l fxf t ('s) at -he- ha-nd-e-ye- t- ass- knee-d- a"t"e- am- (e-)a-t-e- take th e(g-u-) e- state-de-am-s-trait- en- d- f- e/e- d-

the "ag" in consideration, get-s-p-ai-d- for- t- b- ein-g- a- "i"n- a- s/s- t- e- ye- di/s- t- r- a- ct- i- 0/n- e- d- 0f- i- t-i/t- s-t- "ag" -e- w/-id-t-he- s- am-e- n- d-e/b-t00-t-he-re- consideration- d- e/e-p.-r.-i've- t- he- re levant ce s/s ai d f/r0m th 0 c/c u 'r(e) in(n) g a.m. e ve(i)n d

the "ag" -0- p-r- aye- s- 0/n- d-ed- 0f- t00- t- he- d- f-i/t- a- cross- t-i'm-e- inn- g- L0- t-t-(h-) is- t- 0f-f- t-0/0- t- he- s- t- a- nd- 0f- t- inn-t-ere- s- t- e- x- (t-) p.r.ess- (t-) ai- d- 0f- t-

c as e (ve r e 'ye t hinn g e) inn p0 in t(h) 0/0 kn 0t (L)~e(a)ve 0/n d h as/s k t 0/n e/e d a.m. e w/e d(h) 0've d just say inn e ff 0 rt (e) fxf un d e/b t a re t(h) in e a.d. as/s k 't('s) um ~me ye 'd (y) um = se(a) b um (me d)

g re a.s/s e d i'm e/n t' ma c~h in g (ed) un d e/b t a' re p~ 0' r(e) t heir e/n t 0'r (e) t a.' m. (e) 0'r t

d-ea-t-h- inn- d-a- re-s- i.' d.-en- t- ce-s/s- e- t-h-and- 0- w/e-a- r- t- i/-t- didn't stand much t b less -t- u- b- (e-) c-0/n- (e-) d- awn-up-awn-d-0-ve- d- i- c- t- 00- t-he- n-0- (d-)s- e- e- (d-) g- (r-) 0- w/e- ed- s-(h-) 0 - we- (re-) d- 0- (w/-)h- t-

machiavelli s-t- 0/n-e-s- nail- e-ye- available t00 t-he- m0-r-(e-)t- a- ll- e- ye- d- e/b- t- a- t-(h-) is- su/e-we- d- e/b- t-(h-)en- d- en- e-ye- (t-) d- e-ye- d-

inn- d- ewe- d- time-(n-) d-e-ye- d-e/b- t-u- be- ad- (h-) all- i-ve- d-e- a- ll- t- be- ll- t- ai- ll-(e-ye-d-) 0f- t-s- naiL- t-

"courageou-sly" e - a- s/s- t- ill- t- e- ll- t-he- we- ll- be- ll- t- h- and- b- all- a/n- (d-)ce -s/s- ai- L- t- (u-) be- con- (e-) d- as/s- (h-) e- l/l- t-he- p0-c-k-(e-)t00-t-he-s-naiL- t-

"like" a pocket full t of/f -L- in- t- ere- s- t-00 -t-he- s- t- a- t- e- a.s/s- e- w/e- ll- d- ewe can e ve r e c0/m e f/r0m the marrie-d-we-ll- d-


pock-(e-)t- 00- t- he- f-x-f- L0- c- k- t- h- inn- g- e- tu- t- ag- re- ad- sur-e-v-i've- d- s- e- a- t- he- d-e- am- s- a- gree- d-0f- t-en-d-ere- ly- e-a- t-


(t-) e- x- (t-) per- t- ease- d-, 0 re x per i en ce s/s t i'll e(a)ve t(h) c a(i)r e (r~e'ye) s a w/ ai t ~h inn g e inn g 's inn g 0/d h~0/u s~ e/ a. m. e / d i c t00 t(h) e/n d e/e d


d-ea-t-h- re- a- t-'s- : i' me'ye t as/s a ye d, your black t 0/n e w/hit e is a bi/t niggard ly e- s-t00-t-he-ap- raise- d-s- inn-ven-t-i0/n-d-h-ave- d-e/b- t00-t-he-p-as/s- e- t-he-ad-(h-)aye- d- s- (t-)aye- d- s- t- a- ll- (a-) war- t- as/s- knee- d- b- r- (e-)ave- d- s-t-up-id- ly- e- on- a- c-count- 0/n- e- me 0/n e ye d i.d. kn 0t~ h' d h ave d 0'h (t) be a.d.


d-ea-r-h-arm-e-ye- d- h- and- e/n-ave-ye-d- e/b- t-(h-)ank- t's- us- t- a- ke- ye- t- a- me- re- make- debt- a-( s/s-) take- d- (0-) f0r- t- p- ass- inn- g- am-e- t-he- h- b-all-a -s/s- t- 0- (0-) L- e- ye- d- am-e-d-ate- tu- be- am- (t-) e-ye- inn-s- p/i-r/i-t- h- inn- g-e- s/s- t- ate- t-his- t- hue- d-e-am- spirit- 0- f-x-f- i- t-he- n- e/e- d-s- e/e- k- t- w/-h0- Le-ye- me- (t-)


"ewe" can only fake constant-L(y-) e- t- 0/d- ewe- (d-) s- ea- t- w/-h0- d- ewe- s- t- inn- t- en- t- i0/n- ai- l/l- a- we- st- a- b- u- s- e- d- a- miss- p-(L-)ace- d- ewe- inn-a- ve-r- m0/u-t-he- d- s- p- ill- t- he- t- rut-h- d- e/b- t- a- t- m- ill- k- (i-) t- i/t- re -ad- s- (h-) 0- we- ye- w/e- d- s- p0-r-(e-)t- a- ll- and- (t-) o/u-c-he`- t's- (t-)ea- t- i'm -e- d- (ea-) f-x-f-0-rt-a-r-eeL- t- (h-) 0/0- kn 0 w/e re a. ll e ff (0 re) t u/s~h e'ye d st e~eL 0 w/i th0u t h 0 w/heeL d ew/e t u/n e (s/s) t i'll e d' (sig n ere) s t i' ll e 'ye (d) pi' l(l) e d ea. f 0'r (t) a s/s mile d 


ew/e ff (0'r) t a re a. ll ' d


d ewe did not come thru t-he-me-we- d- 0f- t- h- inn- d- c- (h-) 0/m-e-d-(h-)e/a- d-'s- ap-p-(ea-)Le- g- all- e- d-'s- u(s)- p0-r-(e-) t- inn-com-e-tu-s-h-e-ye- p.-r.00f- t- h- inn-( d-) s- pur- s- e-w/e- (re-) t- c- h-a(L-)ve- d- c0- w/ar- d- e/b- t- a- p- as/s- t- 0- re- war- d- as/s- c- as/s- he- d- f0r-e-g- i've- inn- g- (L-)0-re- ye- t00- t-he-re- s- t- 0- re- ad-(g-)s-c0-r-(e-) d-s-

s 0 w/r e'ye can't push "ewe" inn front off th ' d ew/(e) inn g e t00 th'(ewe) d ewe t00 th ea.ven (d)s pur(e) vi ew/e d s(p) en d' s ~a.m. e ta' t00 th' d

ewe inn s~i` L(L) e/n t as/s k ew/e (in)n d ew/e t a gain d ewe~ t00 th' d 0 w/i th0u t (h) a bu/s e th 'd e/b t a're L aye t a re may/k (nigh) t's nake d l e'y e/n e/e d ll e'ye n as/s cent (s) 00 th~t e l/l e d well

e(n) d ewe

b e/e h ave (t) d g~r a'ce d fully e t00 th (e) fxf a ce de f ea t u/re f0r a n0 t/h e re t a' ke g~r(e)a. t~ e d bu ye s miss t a 'k en d e/b t a're L~ a'ye t heir d 0ff t (P) L~at~e th er e d air e s/t ate

inn re~s i.' d. e/n t ce s/s e th~e m(e) A. k/e d a re L a'ye t i'm e fxf 0 r t ~h a.(n)d. e ve(i)n t a.d. just b e inn (g) ave d 0 w/h e'ye d e'ye t 0/d ate t~h and en e'ye w/(h) eigh t 's (h) ave d

f~0 r(e) t u/n e c~a.m. eg a.m. e~

d (0/h~t) bu i LD bu ye d' si` re a.d.


are we inn a s/s t ate "2" b- r- in-(n-)g- a- gun- d- up-0n-d- reasoning t heir d f-x-f- am- ill- i- all- d- e/b- t- a-re- t- urn- d- a- p-pat-urn-d- 0f- t0-0t- a- re- p- re- sent- au- t-a(u-)- gust-s- un- s-hin- (e-) d- ewe- d- 0- w/e- t- w/-h0- d- b- r- in-(n-)g- e- t-he- ad- s- c-up- t-

w/-h0- d-s-cent-s-e(a-)l- le- t- a- gain- d- 0- w/-inn- d- s- n-ewe- s- p- (r-) out-'s- a- d- en- e-ye- (t-) d-

"it" take courage t00 th's ea t(y) 0ur e 'ye (d) s e~l/l t00 th ea.ven (d) t a gain d 0 be au t e'ye s p e'ye s (a i.) d. e/b t00 th b. c.~r ew/e ll inn knit as/s t 0(0) L~e (a.) d. c0m p (L)ea. t as/s k~n ew/e ll


is it "conceivable-d-" she brought this on her -d-0f-t-he- d- 0f- t-'s-e- l- l- f-t- (d-) a- t-a- t-i'm-e- d- 0f- t- a- re- tu- b- mi/n- (e-) d- h-and- "min" "now" she is complaining ? she can only part -0- w/-id- th- and- 0- w/-id-get- ? = the s-n-ewe-s- p- (r-) out- s- ai- d- conceive-t-able- d-e/b- t-00-t- he- d- (h-) all- (t-) a-re- ad- e-ye- s- miss- (p-)en- t- (L-) as/s- (h-) 0- we- ed- 0f- t- 0/0- t-0f-f-t- e-x- t- p.r.ess- ai- d- 0f- t- he- ad- e- ye- t- sir- e- c0/m-e- s- c-rib- e- ye- d- s- cent-s- t- a- ke- d- f0rce- scene- d- f-r-eeL-ye- a- "t"- 0/n- e- m(e-) a- s/s- knee- d- a- ft-

' s- t- a- f-f- ly-e-a- d-e/b- t00- th-(em-)a-zed-0f-t-ly-e-re- c- L- aim--e- d/d- e- ye- d- 0 - w/-h0- r- (L-)d-s- t- a- (i-) ll- e- debt-(g-) a- w/e- d-'s- a- w/e- g- a- w/e- t- a-s-s- aye- s- (t-)a- ye- d- 0- w/ar-e- t- a- w/-(h-)ave-- t- a- g- race- d-0f- t- s- p- (L-)aye- d-e/b- t- 0- pen- (a-) ll- (t-) e- ye- g- (u-)e-s-t- a-t- e- d- ewe- d- (h-) all- t- he- w/- he- ye- t-0/d- ate- th-er-d-his- t- a- miss- t- a- ke- (n-)debt for no reason d-he-ed- 0 -we-ed- think t00 th (e) r~e L a'ye t inn t i'm e fxf 0 r th c0m p L~ea. t i 0/n e a.t's (t) a' ke d 0ff t L~at e th er e w/e ye t

she sigh r' d (h) inn (d) p~ (L) ace d b ut/t er~e (a.)d. en mar kn 0/t 0/ne c~a.m. e / d f0r meal ly e


found- in- e- w/e- ll- d- s- n- ewe- (d-) s- (h-) 0- we- d-en-e-ye- t- a- gain- d-i/s- maye- d-0f- t- a- re- p0- rt- s- i- re- s0-rt- s- t- a- (i-)r-e- t- he- d- 0f- t- a- gain- (d-) 0- pen- t- ly- e- vain- d- 0f- i- t- i/t- he- d- inn- t- en- t- i- 0/n- e- d-e/b- t-00-t-he- d- be- ad- c0/n-(e-)ne-ct-0-re- d- (h-) all- a- ve- d- i- c- t- ' sir-e-com-e-s-c-rib-e-d-


s- inn-s- love- d- g-am-e- d- 0f- t-'s- h- ad-e- s- eg-am-e-d- 0f- t- 0/n- e- c- k-nigh- t- grey- d- s- mat-ter-d- (b-) ligh-t's- (h-)0/n- e- sig-h-t-

s k inn d h and b 0/n e s/s t 0/n e (d) 's never made love inn t(y)0ur sigh- t- 00- t- h-0-ver- t- a- p- ass- t- ass- t- e- d- 0f- t- inn- c- (h-) 0/m- e- vain- d- 0- w/-e- d- fi-ct- i- 0/n- all- e- ye- d- a- re- p- (L-)ea- t- in(n-)e- d-0-0-re-s- t-hie-ven- d- s- n0w/-e- -(d-)g- 0/d- en- 0d- e- ad- (s-) 0- L- (e-) d- fake inn debted ness t00 th (d)b ride ad for (t) a n0 th e're fake g0 -d-s- lay-e-r- e- s- t- a- men- s-pen- t- a- g0- d- we-ll- d-

t-his-t-rass-h- t- is just another e/e- fan-t-as/s- e/e- d- i've- t- a- re- L-at-e- n- (t-)d-0- b-serve- d-0- w/-i- ft-s- w/e-re-ve- d-

all creativity is not created e/b t00 th s ee k we ll d e'y e d completion s(t) a k e inn s k inn d 0 w/are th an(d)s w/(h)ea.r~s eg ea.r th at cr0ss t(L) in e inn t 0 (w/)e dance s/s (t) 0 w/e

ll e~a.d. 0/u (be) t~


t/t ere t(d) 0ff t

// at house d :

i'm tired

sleeping only produces more thoughts, = to work t(d) off t

didn't get duncan-s- positionin-g- today -t-. not happy about having to ask twice for me'ye same ff ace d

i more than c ha(L)ve t a hear(t) d ly e think she is -play-inn-e me ... t00- t-he-s- a- me-a- t-wise- d- she- d- b/i-t- e-

i'm not h ea.r t00 th be- d- b- ill- e- d- b.c. e'ye can't apparently e re direct h-er-r-in-(n-)g- a-g- ave- d-s-cent-s-u-c- k- t- Lent- 0f-f- t-he-d- be- h- ave- n- d- 0- w/-t-he- me- we- d- bed-s- (h-)ave- d-ea-r-(n-)d-

i'm kind of over being nice to people that do not d serve t0 0t h's u c h~ t hinn g e/d 0ff t a re make th e'ye s augh t

h and s 0 w/e t augh t h~ inn k/t (h) 0/m e a.r (e/a.) d. ea. fxf 0 'r t~h e w/h 0/n e ye s eg~g ave d/d e ye w/h0 r(L)d's u're vi' ve d alliance s/s (h) i.' d.e~ s a w/a're t00 t(h) a gave t a w/ a g 0/n e~d g~aw/e deb(i.)t i'm e d.

notes from e'ye nap t(h) 0/0 k t i'm e'ye d :

kelly-con-way- d- "need's" a -d-a- ft- 0/0-t-'s - (t-)a-ye-d- perpetually-e-d-a-ft-'s- (h-) 0 - w/e- d-'s- he- d- can- (e-) sup-p0-rt- he-r-d-'s- (t-)a-ye- d- as-s- (t-)a-id- as/s- (w/-)e- ll- d- f0r t(h) 0/0 k~n 0 w/(h) e're a.s/s 0/n e~d h and f0r(e) t a' n0 re a.ll e(a)ven t/h' s t a nd' s e/e k we ll e pt (a') p.r. 0 vi s~i 0/n e ve(i)n (t) d

'jesus' like g's us, didn't (e) c(h) 0'm e t(h)r u e~ t w/h0 d -her- e-vain-d-a- miss-un/d-ere-s-t- 0-0d-0f- t-a'-ll- as-s- (h-) 0- e- d- e/b- t- f0r-a- n0- t- her- e- make- d-(t-) 0-f-f- t-

'jesus' didn't come thru her e vain. all her "tooth" is -t- sup-p-ly-e-ye-inn- g- 0/-d- (e-)u/s- t00-t-he- t-(d-) 0f-f-t- buy- e-a-r- t-he- d-

she forced jesus in her vain too th -d-ass-a-ye- d- he-ad-ate-r-a- ped-s-t- e- ad- ill-e-ye- a- "t" he- e- t- ease- d-e/b- t- for- t- no reason debt- force-scene-d- a- re- make- d- 0f- i- t- a- cross- t-(h-)en- d- en- mar- k- n0- b- ill-i- t- e-ye- a- "t"- 0/n- e- me-a- "t" f0r-t-he- ad- be- ad- b-0/d-e-ye- d-

she forced jesus in her vain too th -d-ass-a-ye- d- he-ad-ate-r-a- ped-f-r-eeL-ye- a- t- a- re- p- ass- t- 0- re- ye- a- "t"- Lat- he- d- be- a- "t" 0- pen- (a-) ll- (t-) e-ye- d-(he-d-)g-e-tu- t-ea- t- f0r-e-(e-)f-ree- d-

she forced jesus in her vain too th -d-ass-a-ye- d- he-ad-ate-r-a- ped-ea-f-0r-t-a-n0-t-her-(e-)d-aye- t- w/-h0- d- s- pea-k- t- bu-ll-s-hi- t-a'- p-p.r.-0v/e-d- i/t -a- re- may-k- t-he-ad-s-nake-d-s-t-a-t-e-d- (e-)u/s- t-0/0-t-he- d-r-0ve- d-



love isn't a "dangerous-t- a- g- am-e- d- 0 w/h en e w/e d en mar kn 0/t a re run a p ass t i'm e d h~ea. r t~h 'd (h) a ta ll e'ye t heir e t a re pack~a/g e inn d f~0r(t) a(i) l/l e/n t b(L) e/n d

e l/l ta da~w/(e)n d a ll a. m.0 (w/e) de l/l a w(/h0)n e d 0 w/are a.d. a.m. e'ye d(p.r.) i'm e /d 0 w/h e('ye) a.d. ~ ~ ~ be t(h) le h~em s p0 k en d serve d


i am also suggesting, biblically and d act yl ly, the 'ly' suffix connotating relationship didn't hap pen ~ d. "it" a conversation of men competion on each other -d- e/b- t00-t-he-vain-d- , took- t- place- s/s- he- d- e/b- t-00- k- eye- p- i/t- h/e- d-"i/t" heir- d- never t actually accoun t able t0 pr0 vi.'de t heir (e) tu b f a(i)r~e a.d. much t less t a(i)r e a.d.


i think t00 L00 k t~hat me'ye t make relevanc~e s/s t a (g/u e s/s) t e ' ye s t(h) at is/s u e w/e (d) the me an s pre sent ly e re s~t ate d a'ye t a gain s~e a.m. e ~a.d. 0 w/h 0/n e 'ye a.ss knee d' s h inn(e) d 's e~a. t a gree d 0 th (0/u) r~ e p(L)e~a. t 0 w/are t00 th's pea.k~ t a w/are a.d. 0 be. a.d. pre sent ly a w/are n(t) a' re ye s~e a.d.


bu-ye- d- h- 0/n-e- s/s- t- (L-)e-ye- d-(h-) 0ve- d- gen-i-u-s- didn't 00 L e t00 th e m(e) A k/e t c(h)a t c~h e w/e ll d/g e t 00 th t e l/l 0 ' ve d -e/b-t-he- d- make it -d-we-ll- t-hie-ven- d-(h-)0-ve- d- constant- li(e-)d-s- h0ve- d- 0f- i- t- he- a(d-)g- (L-)0-ve- "debt"- can be-ad- 0f-t- stronger -t-his-t- w/-he-ye- d- ate- tiff- t- we don't make love, and don't allow/e ve(i)n t 00 th f0r(a.)m. 0've d f/r0m


i didn't pick the boots b.c. of the 'name' i pick t boots b.c. of th sty le ye nee d le ye d

per haps in con(e) see k w/h en t ce s/s 0ugh t L00 k inn g 0 back t ~e'ye g0/t hat w/ i'll e/n d 0 w/00 d a w/an 't u be a. w/are a.s/s u/re d' s L augh t f air e /d h inn d e/b th e/m in(e) d 0/t

a' g0 's trait e (d) f'0r(e) t~(h) bee s 0/t

s0und 0ff t (e) fxf 0 'r (e) t h~ 0/n e ye inn d e t(h) p0 t

b r~in(n) g's t a' s/s h~ t mu c~h t b(r)0ugh t (h) inn d' s0und 's (L) 0/t bee h inn d as/s w/e ll (e) a. s/s t a fxf r~ 0/n (e) t 00 th be a.t (d) 0/u c~h (e)' d 0ff t a' (i) ll e/n t a' e~ g 0f t

le g~i f/t as/s mu c~h t

0 ff t(h) 0/n e ye d e p0 t

(h) b e/e d b(r) 0ugh t up ~ tu (r) fxf t

0 w/are t 0 w/(h)ea.r tu fxf t/h ' d ' s0und 0ff t a w/are t (h) as/s mu c h t

w/ i.d. th c a(i)r~e d' s cent 's h(ea.) d~ e/b t00 t(h) up t


it pays tu be a.r d e/b t00 th (e) re st 0/a r' d ra-th-ere- gat-her- d-(h-)a-b-u-s-e-d- (h-) e/e -d- s- e- ad- be- ad- 0f- t-high- t- 0/n-e-i- b- 0-re- r-use- d- ewe- d-(s-) 0-Le- we- d-s- (h-) 0- ver- t- due-s- ai- d-(e-) u/s- t- u- b- m-use- d- s-nit- s- nail-s-0/n- net- i/t- is kn 0 w/e ll 0/n g ere d g0/d e n0.d e ad 0 ff t 00 th u e s/s -d- r-inn-k- t- w/at- ere- t-u- be-am-(b-)r-ewe- d- ouc-he-t- u-

with no investigative effort, s-he-s-t- a- (i-)ll- t- he- s- nail-s- 0/n- net- u- st-u- b's- po-k-en- d- 0f- i-t-s- t- 0(0-) L- e- we- d- e/b -t- a- wee- d- e/b-t- at- rue-inn-d-ewe- d- "2" freed-um-b- an-d- r-um-p- a/ss- t- ump-ped- le- d- 0f- (t-)act- off- t- wee- d- be -ad- b- lack-- s-L-augh- t- a- wee- d- 0- w/-t- a- w/at- tere- d-0f- t- e/n- d- h- and- s- t-a-nd-up-e- t- inter-t-russ- t- u- b-m-s- mu-c-h- t- a- tag - a -ll- 0/n- d- 0f- t-

faking a presence t0 get bu-ye-w/e-d- "sound" - 's- cent- a'i- ll-(e-)ye- pre-sent- e-x- (t-) ce- pt- (h) 0/0 k t~ c a(i)r~r e'ye re s i.'d e/n t ce s/s t0 g e/th/er e/n t(h)' d fi/n(e) d



richard mcgilvary flipped the light switch over my computer / table in the art room. It is obvious I am using the light. I look back, he keeps flickering the light. I give him the finger, and "states" i started talking to him. His-t-a- ll- a- we- st- is- too-t-he- d- en-e-ye- t-(h-)inn- d- pro-vision-d- 0f- t-00- t-he- re- s- c0-r-(e-) d- force-scene-d- am- 0-r(e-)am-0-(0-)re-d-e/b- t00- t- he- being- faking- 0/d- serve- d- (h-)im- ass- t- e- ye- d- ew/e- tu- ne- inn- t- i'm-e- d-(h-)ab-i- (d-)e-ye- d-b-0-re-d- at- a- ll- a-s/s- t-0-r-e-ye- d- e/b- t-00-t-he- d- a- ft- b- f0r(e-)d- a-s/s- n00k- e're-b00t-s-(h-)0-re-d-e/b-t-f0r-d-am-s-u/r-e- d- s- trait-0-re- d-

serve th' d e(a.) fxf ace d , rather-e-gat-her-d-e/b- t- a- t-he-d- g- i've-t- a- w/-he-(ye-) t-


e'ye t h0/u s e a.m. a w/h e' ye :

either my website software is crumbling or the host is, can't upload today...

checking inn with iceland, the hosting company, and they are checking into my website. i don't know if the website it too content laden, and / or traffic laden, or if I have a curious new bug to fix.


while i was out, i was thinking, richard mcgilvary's -nad- vance- = he is speaking d0f-t-h-and-e/b- to -ff- ore-war- d 's--nad-vance- "sexually". richard mcgilvary continues to speak on me for -t- no reason he d h ave ve(i)n ly e. he speaks to forward a-nad- vance- . his-a-ct-i-0/n-s- to redeam me? for putting up with his rapacious stunts, that he thinks i park my car/e with an accordance to his posterior-d-0-0-re- d-, i am not seeking an assessmen-t- from him-me-d-, & according ly e/d i am not seeking false re deam er' s hip. if he can't bust my back t 0re me'ye fxf r 0/n(e) t, his-t- de-mean-inn- g- 0- bu-ll-s- hi- t- can only seek to e-x-is- t- e- x- t- as/s- e- x- i(s-) t-


he is operationing among t-he-me-an-s- = pre-d-ate-0-re-ye- d- be- h- ave- i- 0re- d-

he is "speaking" 0/-d- ly- e- so he can get L-aid- in the future-ad-, with no real effort expend i.d., and no re all desire at h and. he is "speaking" on the me an s, b.c. he has always "speak-t" on the means, h-and- he has got L-aid- for- t- no reason- d- h- and- le- x- pe- ct-s- his- t- oo- k-eye- p- ad- h- and- nad- vance-inn-g-0/n-s-nit-s-


for me, what is appalling, is the fact you can see "one" "d-ick", and see them "all" and richard micgilvary "thinks" he "stands" uni-que- inn his ability to0-L-ie- d- 0/n e t0 me = an-s-e-am-e- d-. he thinks he is unique in being aggravating. he does not care to invest what has already been put forth, ie numerous "numbers", and jack-t-d-0f-t- experience-s/s- ai- d-0f- t-, he still thrusts his dick-t00-t-he-t- a'-p-(L-)ay/e- d- i/t-. for what honest take. re a.lly e. he can only be a dick-t- inn- t-s- tinnt- a- w/-ai-t- (h-) inn-g-e- d- 0- w/- t- he- d-ick-t- u- b.- may-king- 0/d- e-a-t- dick-t-i'm-e- f-f- ace- inn- g-e- d-


i don't get the endless "desire" to punish me for being present to my own art and m(e)ark inn g~ . inn this sense, only b.c. i have asked him not to talk to me. he doesn't have anything he can par t 0 w/i.d. th 0/n e me d-his-t-0/ne- d- . i'm just saying, he is a r-eeL- nit- wit-.


he thinks this is a funny game. he thinks (that he thinks at all?) is the most amazing ly banal thing 0ft -a- g-all-e-d-.


he speaks beligerant-ly- b.c. he likes to think of himself as a-men- d-s- that can get "L-aid" at any e- t-i'm-e- d- . i ask him not to talk on me, b.c. while i have already laid out many numerous "numbers" of experience-s-, i do not desire the redundancy that this jack-d-0f-t- most assured "ly" can only provide me / an / s = t-am-p- ere- d- . i don't have the need to keep experiencing his "personal" jack-d-0f-t- i/t- he- d- e-am-state- d-


the most important thing to note though, he is a sexual predator, that prefers to-w/e- b-line-d- as/s- h0- w/e- g- 0/n-ad-s- e- g- 0/d- e-


and avesta, is putting him in this position to sexually harrass me. they have given him some sort of apartment complex authority. he lards -h-0ver-t- me , that "we" &- avesta- are going to get rid of-t- me.


while i am not an advocate of the court, it is starting to look, like i have a court case, if this charade for-t- no reason, except too look like the parking-L0-t- king-e-d- 0f- t- , doesn't actually stop.


he is speaking on me to ad vance his-t-'s- 0/d- 0f- t-


agreed. he is doing it to get attenti0/n e, he hasn't really earned, he hasn't really (de) serve d. he is making my time to be scene-d- as a banal touring of dof-t-he-d- ness- t- inn -t- "person" ("2")-d-

i can't g rinn d, his value to be ad 0. he is an "0", from appearance too th s ea. t 0ff- t- his-t- s- 0- L- (e-) d- 0-LT- i/t- w/-h0-d- 0/u- (be-) t-

s-p-aid-s- 12/2/2016 tu-rd-s-nake-d-up-e-t-0/u-c-he- t- 0f-f- t-0/0-t00-the- d- car-e-re-ye- d- 0f- t- a- cr0ss- t- 0- re- ad- (b-) ligh-t-hie-ven- d-s- (p-)en-d-s-am-e-nd-s- c-0/r-(e-) d- (b-) as/s-k-et- u- b-re- ad- inn- s - um- m0/n- e-(ye-) d-0f- i- t- hie-ven- t-'s- c0p-i/e-d- ad- 0-0-re- (n-)d- 0- w/-ar- t-ye- t- a- gain- d- 0 -w/t- a- re- w/-he-t-0/d-ew/e-d- b--eg-(r-)un-t- w/-h0- d-(e-) u/s- t- 0-f-f- ("a")- t00-t-he- d- he inn s pi re a.d. 0 b- m- use- d- 0f- i- t- a-ct- a- cr0ss- t-s- (p-) (L-) en-d- 0- 0-re- ad- 0 -w/00- d- en- e-ye- d- 0- be- t/t- a-(i-)r/r-e-ye- d-he-ed- as/s- t- (d-) 0-0re- in(n-)g- 0/d-ly-e- "a" -t- ease- d- ea- t- h- and- r-i've- t- he- re- p- (L-)ea- t- h-inn-g- e- inn- g- ('s-) (L-) 0 -ve- d- fake ache-r- d- 0- w/- t- 00- t- he- tarry-e-a- s/s- t- a- r/e- c0-ver- t-he- d- a'ye- t- 0- pen- (a-) ll- (t-) e'ye - d-, hate to w/-ai- t- all a me'ye l/l i fe~e d 0/u (be) t (h) a i'r~ e a.d. in(n) e re a.d. h~and t~i/p i c~ate i 0/n d 0ff (i) t

with anti c ip ate i 0/n d fully e (a.) d. awn d 'sh(e)d h~up t u p0/n ~ t/h ' d 0 w/(h) a t/t a(i)r~ e a.d. f/r0m~ mit (ta' w/e) t00 t(h) p (L)a'te fxf e(e) d e/b t(a) g~ (L) 0 've X a~ct ly e~a. t/h ' (d) be c0/n (e) d~0ve d a re p (L) ea. t 0 pen l/l e'ye t00 th be l/l e~a. f t(h)r~ e/e fxf e(a.)t (y)0ur t(h) 0/m e w/(h)ea. t fully e (d)c~ a p (t) ab (e) lle ye de (a.)d./i c~a t e/d ~c ap i/t~at~e /d ye t a gainn d (h) inn (d) 's~ u/re a~n (d) ce s/s eg/g 's us (t) L 0've t'h~ea.ven s 0/m e~ c/c a pi as/s k~nee d(h) e/e d(h) 0've t 0 pen (t) a re p as/s t's (h) ave i 0're (e) fxf r0m th f~i/x i/t~a'ugh~t h' d 0ff t e fxf 0 r' t/h f 0're w/are a.d. a.m. e/a. s/s u re a. re (d) r0und (h) a.d. e/p t00 th' s pea. k(i)t~ heir d serve d e/n er'e v e(i)n 0./d e/n t a'll e'ye r~e(a.)te f/r0m th f0r(a.)m. a(t) b~ 0've directi0/n a~ (i') ll t 00 th inn (d) c (h) 0/m e t a fxf e~ ll t a' re a.r~ se l(l) t00 th f(L)ave 0're se~ll fxf t~ h/ei/r inn d' ste t's 0/n s0und 0ff (i) t/h and 's~(h) ave d f/r0m mit t00 th eg (L) 0've d('s) 0 L e d h~ ea.ven t' sec0/n d 's 0/n~n et 00 th c(h) a~ t c~h' d h~ea.ve~n d 's p~ ark le d ew/e t 0/n et'

s~u fxf i/x ' s t a nd's t~u fxf i/x i/t a'r(e)inn d h and 0 w/(h)inn (d) c0mma nd

p.r.e miss t a fxf r0m t' h~and Le x i/t (L) a.' m. e fxf r a.(i.)m. e~ a.d.


type-i-c-all-(e-ye-)d- 0- w/-i-l-(l-)e- p/t-0/0-t-he- ap-p0-L0-g-(u-)e-ye-d-('s-)a-ft-ere-ad- 0f- t-(y-)our- t- (h-)re-ad- (h-)ea-d- 0f- t- mu-st- inn-s-t- a- n(d-)ce- s/s- h0- t- he- d- (e-) u/s- t- 0f-f- t- (u-)b-f0r-(e-)d- buy-(h-)e-a-rt-

me'ye~ s e/e quest (ere a.d.) i 0/n e i/s~t 0 w/hy m(e)n d's(p)en d's t-his-t- a-ll- a- war-t- inn-ven-t-i-0/n-e-t00-t-he- w/00-d- b-(L-)en-d- e(ye-b)/b- t- a- gain- d- : why is the plain ly on the market place to pur (e?) chase -d- c as/s h inn (e) d a re flecti0/n e ve~r inn d e/n t ally e inn tend (h) ea. d. e/b t00 the m(e) a. k/e g~ r(e)ate t00 th' d ate d 0 pen (a) ll (t) e'ye (a.)r a~ t e~igh~t


this "product" shouldn't be on the market to vi-ewe-inn-d- 0- b- m-aid-ea-f-ace- d-

e-w/e- d- e-ye-t- a- gain- ewe- s-' d- h- and- ewe- s-us-t00-t-he- d- = - e-vain-d-u- de/bt-u-gaw/-he-ye- t- (h-)ru-e-w/e- d-


p L ea's/s e t'h d e/b t00 th t 0/n e ve~r t ass k t(h) 0/m e t00 th be a.d. -0ur-e-pet-t-e-ye-me-0ne-ye- a- t- first- u- b.(a-)-m.-0-re- d-e/b-t- w/-id-t-he- no-t-'sig-n- if- i- can- t- 0/0t- a- re-s-t-0-re- d---- 0f- i- t-he- mo(0-)r-e- d- a- re- c- as/s- t- u- b- for- d-'s-(h-)am-e- d- f- (L-)ave- 0-re- d-e/b-t- as/s- k- t- a- con-s-0-rt-a-rep-ass- t-'s- n0- rt-s-ig-h- t- h-ass-knee-- d- am-e- d- for-t- no reason for- t- n0 pride, for -t- n0 p.r.i~ce re all i've d e/b t a' b~r in(n) g~(a) w/h i/t~ ness t/h ea.ven (t) a ll 0 (w/e) t~ t 0 (w/) e~ inn d 0 w/e a.d e/b t00 th d(h) 0'v~e ve(i)n 0.d~ e/b t(h) b~ran c~h ' d('s) 0 L (e) d


starting something new at www.soundcloud.com. if you follow the link, and click the 'xubrnt' drop down menu on the top right hand page, and then select 'tracks', this will take you too all the voice recordings. the first, is the last ie at the bottom of the list, and the most recent is at the top t00 th ad. e/b t00 th 's u/re f~ace i/t 0 pen ly e~a.t. i will start labeling by date in the future. many t~han x

keeping the spirit of chronological order, I will reference the sound cloud tracks in the website layout h~ea.r t/h, as/s t each 0 c/c u r/re d


tu-rd-app-(ea-)le- d-his-t-rite-a.s/s-e-en-ea-r-d-

faking a presence, creating a s/scene, on women to clean up perpetually, without pay , thanks or the me an s e/e k t as/s i ft ' s pea k t w/h0 d be a.d. ' s(h) ave t/h c~h ang (u) e's t/h~inn ge s/s e/e n' d


this is the current line up at soundcloud :







i think th f i/t ness t is~ t0/n e t b.(ea.)m. e/n t00 th e ne ce s/s a(i)r e'ye tu de n e'ye (t) d e'ye d~ea. m.~ s t a nd (ea.) fxf 0 'r(e) t a re a.s/s 0/n e t(h) inn g e d ('s) 0 L e d a'ye t

t-rave-ye-is-t-e-ye-g0-t(y-)0ur-e-buy-e-back-t-0-g-ether-h-and- a- re- rent- a- w/-he-ye- t-

travis-tone- front -h-and- c- enter-in(n-)g- f-0-re-ve-r- t- hing-e- d- g-0/d- le-s/s- (t-)aye-d- g-ut-t-ere-d-(h-)ung- f0r-t-an0-n0t-her-e- d- aye-t- 0- i- ll- e- t- he- f- 0-re- war- d-s- (h-)all- t- a- re- p- r-ide- sigh- t-

traci acciola from "foul-mouth" falmout-he-d-live-r-e- g0-d-s-(p-)ee-d(g-)-i'm-me-d-(h-)0/m-e- h- um-me-d-be-ad-0f- t- 0/n-e- d-

nice commercial marketing t0uch-e-t-0ff-t-00-t-he-ad- 0f-i-t- i/t- a- w0rk- i/t- re-ad-s-t-e- ad- s- : "good shepard" doesn't work holiday's and so food is not picked up when it is actually over flowing and back t up, and 10's of thousands of dollars is thrown out, into the garbage, never e nerve to be ad found 0/u (be) t : b.c. god for e giving, people should think they don't need to earn their living to make pretenses pre t en d en e'ye -t-'s- cam-e- s- pr- 0-u- t-'s- a charity force-scene-d- e- m0-t-i-0/n-e- d- 0f- i-t- inn- t- ere- s- t- russ- t- -e -ad-s- (p-)en-d- s- am-en-d-'s-t-rut-t-(he-d-)0-f-f- t- : trader joes throws food away, b.c. "you" should have to earn your living like respec-t-able people that throw away people that do not turn them-0/n-e-ye-s- p-(L-)at-e-am- a- w/e- d- awn-e- t00-t-he- p-awn-d-0f- t-a- ll-e-ye-d-0f- t-0/0-t-he- f-x-f- all- t-(h-)a!-re-(n-) d- g-rave- d- just- ly- e-a- d- serve- d- s- he-a-rt-0/0-Li(e-)d-s-a-gaw/-he-ye-t-i'm-e-d-

libbi pamphrey, aka buy-be- (ad-0f-i-t-i/t-e'ye- t-


a-men-d's- e-(ye-)ll- t-(d-) 0- war-d-0f-t-'s-el-l-ft-miss-treat-men-t-00-t-he- t-ea-s/s-ai-d-e/b-t00-t-(h-)0/0-k-nail-t-0-(0-)f-f- t- w/-id-t-h- at- a- ll- a- we- s-t- a- ll- k- "t's"- 0/n- net-(pr-) 0-(0-)fer- d-he-r-d-a-re-c0-r-(e-)d-ing-am-bi/-t-b-f0r-d-


richard mcgilvary pr-ate-s- a round as/s if t00 th s ay, i do not have th rig ht u be ad hap p i'nn e me'ye 0(w/)n e s(t)at e. he bald lie-ye- pr-ates- that i am "selfish" wile "he" has provided n0 man d ate ve(i)n d. his every breath is a com-mic-t0ff-t- far-ce-d- for-ce- de- re-m0-r-(e-)s-e- d-(h-)ea-r- d-


he only "cares" that "you" are as unhappy & unfulfilled as he-d-e/b-t-ass-k- t- get-

s-he- d-un/d-ere-s-t-0/0-d-he-ad-be-ad-0f-(i-)t-hie-ven-d-"salutation" e- w/-i- thou-t- a- re-serve-ate- i- 0/n-d-(0-) f-ea-r- d-

richard -(s-)0/ng- only h- as-s-a'ye- t00- t-he-s-(t-)aye- t- rue- re- per-p- 0- s-e-ye- ll-e-ye-0/n- t- ass- k's- (t-)aye- perp-p0se- d- ewe- d-0f- (i-)t-0-(0-) f-x-f- t- w/-h0- d- buy-e- d- ewe- d- "2" c-a-(i-)r- r-e-ye- r- ewe- d- buy a constant miss take "ewe" s-h-0ve- d- 0f- t- w/-h0- d- 0f- t- w/-h0- d- buy-e-w/e- t00-t-his-t- a- f-x-f- i/n- e- miss take -n- d-(t-) 0ur-e- L-at-e- vain-d-

dof-t- has no lack of sup-p-ly-e-ye- d- he- can-t- a- re- p- ass- e- d- (h-)a-re- round-0f-t-(h-)e/n-d- r- i've- t-he-re- lay- t- i-0/n-s- (t-) ea.-m.e- inn-g- a- gree- d- 0f- t- 0- pen- (a-) ll- (t-) e-ye-




i tried uploading the current soundcloud bite to be referenced on the website, however, it sounds fuzzy in my ears, when I listen from the actual website, so the link below is the same conversation direct from soundcloud, which i am hoping is less fuzzy sounding 0 inn g f 0're ware d.

this is the 2nd soundcloud conversation today, same topic extended.


he-mu-f-f- t-he- d-(e-)u/s-t-00-t-he- d-e/b- t- a- tup-- t-a-p-ai-d-up-t-a- p- ass- e- d- 0f- (i-)t - inn- t-ere- st-russ- t







directore-d- r-ape- d- o-u-t- c- r-e-ye- d- a- miss-und-ere-s-t- a- nd- inn- g-ave-ye-d-


t-his-t- a- me-ye- t- (u-)be- t- he-ye- t- 0f-f- t- vain-nit-e-ye- a.- "t"- ease- d- 0f- i- t- a- gree-d-

inn- c-(h-)0-re-p-0-r-(e-)t- i/t- he- d- (h-) as/s-knee-d-

0- pen- t- a- (i-) ll- e- ye- a- s/s- t- re-a- "t"-00-t-he- d-'s- i- eve- d-


this soundcloud moment, didn't up l0 a.d. so i will put the c0nv0 inn a re write inn e ve(i)n~ d 0ff i/t hat inn ven t i0/n d e/b t a're p.r.e sent i/t h/ei/r e~ d i/t high t/h ew/e t00 t(h) 0/n e c~ k nigh t 00 th' s qua re i/t~

i received this email, stating i am stunning. i have to question, inn the time given t w/h0 d en e'ye t~ 1. i have furrows in between my br0w/'s that are not b-0t-0-x-'-d- ap-p- r-0ve- d-, i have had acne since i was 8, i have large p 0're s. so when someone states i am stunning, i have to ask 'in my own time are you squareing as/s i f t00 t(h) 0 w/ (h)ea.r in(n) g ? are you seeing me in my own time, and then is your salutation provide inn g 0/n e me ve(i)n t i'm e~ ye (t) d e'ye t 0 fxf i t(h) inn (e) d c(h) 0/m e re ce pt i've t (h) un i verse a. ll e'ye t(r) u th ' d be a.d. 0ff i/t inn t ere st' e t's 0/n~net u b 0/n net r~ e(a.)t e~ : are you providing the follow/ thru your salutation 's 'a' me we/ t00 th c a(i)r ~r e'ye a. s/s t 00 th 0/u~ r e me an s~ e/e k t hinn (e) d e w/e ~ t's hinn (e) d f a ll 0 w/(h) ea.ve~n (t) a re c 0'r(e)n~e a.ll t a're t heir d f(L)ave 0'r(e)a.d. e/b t~h 0/r (e)n ~ s (h) ave i 0re a.d.~d.r. e s/s t00 th e me' ye b/b (r) e a.d. 0 ff (i) t a' ll e/n t ' d en e 'ye (t) d e/b t 00 L (e) a.s/s (t) a' ye d i'n(n)e re s~ p.r.~ i' zed h~a b/i t~ at 0/n e t00 th c~ a s/s t e d 0ff t0 ff t russ t a' nd h~and e/n e'ye i/t ' d (e) u/s t 00 t(h) p.r. 0 vi.'d. e inn g (c) a p/i~t a'll d('s) 0 L e 'ye r~ a re r~0'L(L)e ~ d (h) inn ve(n) t ~i 0/n e t w/(h)en t e'ye d (h) inn c(h) 0/m e t(h) 0/n e~ ve~r e v~e(i)n d(h)0 've d(h) 0've d

t h~0/r(e)n e'ye t(h) is~s u e w/e d f~r0m (th e) mit (a) t00 t(h) a g(L) 0 've d 0 w/i th0u t a's~ s0und as/s i/t 0 w/(h)er~e n/ at u/r e a.ll t00 th b eg (r) i'nn d~h and e/b t a' (s/s) t0 g e /th/er~e t a' be t/t a(i)r~ e(e)f t(h)r e/e d~(h and b re a.d.) f a(i)r~e t/h (r) u~ e w/e t00 th' d ew/e ll inn k t(h) 0/0 k naiL t00 th's Lee p~(i)t~h' d 0 w/h0 debt a're p en d a're t au (e w/e) t inn t(h) 0/0 kn~ea. d. e/p t~h t00 th re p(L)ea.t w/i th0u t~ (h u e w/e d) c a(i)r e~ a.d. (b re a.d.) e'ye (a.) s/s t e (a.)r e da'ye 's t a (i') ll t a're s(p)en t e fxf 0'r th f~e/a. t u're s p(L)e/n d i/t ~t 0 w/e d i/t' s p(L)aye t (a') le t00 t(h) a ll a'ye i/t a w/h e'y~e d i/t 0/n e miss p(L)at e d i/t a' re t a' ke t : f a(i)r e /n d 's qua re a.d. f/r0m th (e) fxf ace de (a.) fxf ea. t~ her ' d 0 w/h eigh t ~heir d ew/e t~h and c~a(i)r~e r~e'ye t r~0p e~d (t) i'm e /d ~d e'ye t(h) r u e w/e t00 th (e) fxf ace t~ c h~e w/e t 00 th ' d

e'ye a.r t(h) ie r' d f/r0m (th e) mit 0/0 t(h) a g(L) 0 've 'ye w/e ve(i)n t w/h0 d ew/e t 00 th' di vi.' d. e/n d's (p)en d's t0 g e/th/er e/n d~ 0/u (be) t~ c(h)a t c~ hinn g e inn g's 0/m an' d' s 0/n ' d' s cent 's c0 pi e~ ye. a. t h' s ea. t a's/s p~ r.0 vi.' d. i.d.~


the "gen-e-s-" don't kno w/ an 'ye better-t00-t-he- d-(h-) 0- we- d-

why is every femail looking more and more maid-up-e-d-d-l(e-)ad-e/b-t- like tammy f-(h-)aye-d-e-ye-t-(d-)e-ye-d-(h-)inn-spirit-h-and-s-t-a-nd-


0ver 'black friday' weekend, i purchased postcards with a coupon. TD Banknorth put a hold on my card, and I did not know this until I was at the grocery store, trying to pay for my food. It took several minutes of communicating with the "head's" at TD to subject me to more "heads" so that the "right" 2 "heads" could take the hold off t me'ye c a rd ?, so I could use my money there inn d? 0 w/i th0u t as/s k inn g t(h) per miss i0/n debt w/ -id- th- i/t- a- gain-s-ea-me-inn-g-e-d-force-scene-w/-i/t-ness-t-a-s/s-k-inn- g-0/n- ad- am- 0-re- d- p.-r0t/e-ct-i-0/n-e- t00-t-h'- ar(e-)b-0-r(e-)d- ...

After I returned home, I saw on the vendor website my order was declined, so I ordered it again, However when consulting my bank account, it was apparently overdrawn.I didn't sleep that night talking with the bank, nor early in the morning, tried to call the vendor that prints 24/7 but the billing department is not 24/7. Went to the bank in person, trying to avoid a cascade of "user-e-r-use-r- a- b/i.'d.-e- a. - r- (he-)a-r-s-e-d-i'm-e/n-t-00-t-he-d- 0-b-serve- (t-)d-

basic "ly" e 'ye g 0/t "2" expend energy & more time all ready given prime t0 reclaim my money. inn the process of not actually sleeping, i am subject per the video, to a litigation of questions, that only "serve" t00-t-he- ad- harrass me m0 re f-0-re-t-hat-calling on t-he-h-inn-d- ap-par-e/n-t- le- ad-s- e/e-k- t- (h-) inn -re- lie-f-t-.

i am calling b.c. the bank provided a "service" with no one present, to put a h0-LD- on my account ass me 0ne 'ye s p.r. 0ut~ e' s e/e n f 0'r(e) t a' n0.w/e t hat i would h ave t00 t(h) as/s k t00 th ewe' s i/t e 'ye inn s have t00 th i/t high t.

the bank is falsifiying "protection" under the guise of falsifying a presence, "twice" for the male with n0 t heir inn sigh t, and for the b ride force-scene-d-c-line-d-(h-)all-t-a-re-t- he- t- i'm-e-d-

My suggestion, in the bank is not actually providing identity t00 th e me r/r e 'ye d ate re t a' ke d 0ff t(h) p (L)ate a.t a re s pec~t ab~le a.te: is to call, if you are going to "market " a spoken "service" at "all" on my ea.r's e/g ea.r 's t a(i) r (e) t 00 th f a ll 0 w/e d' s h ea.r t(h) a ll 0 w/e ' d (h) inn d's t a ll (ea.) d.

if "you" are going to market a service of identity protection, and you are not bringing the identity e~ve (i)n (t) d, d ewe the me th f(L)ave 0 're t00 th' s t a nd inn g, call, call when you put my card on hold as my money t00 th be serve d a re w/are a.d. a ft ere a.ll ' d

the "bank's" identity "protection" is for protection toff-t-00-t-he-d-a- miss-t-p-lace-d-0f-t-00-t-he-d- 0-ve-t-00-t-he-d- carry-e-d- i/t- 0-f-f-t- h- and- 0f- t- a- gain-s- l0-t-h-and-s- nail-s- 0/n-net- a- br0-ad-

my time for completion i have already made, is used against me buy -e- t-he- ban-k-t-, didn't actually b r in(n) g a pre sent t00 th (e) fxf ace d, h-and- i am penalize-d- for -d- being- force-d- ewe- too-t-he-d- ban-k-t- ver-t- hu/e- d-i-c-k-t-0-re- L-aye- t- h-and- 0f- t- a- re- s-t-0-re- (e-) f-x-f- ace- d- s-pea-k-in-g-f0r-d- i/s-g-race- d-

the "ad's" with no one present are also abominable, as the s-nail-s-0/n- e- d- be-en-t-ran-ce-d-b-0/n-net- inn--t- p- lace- inn- t-h-inn-g-e-s-t-(ate-inn-g-) inn- g-e- d- "the protection is force my own-d-0f-i/t-a-g-0/d- o-u-c-he'-s-s- a'ye- t-" wile not speaking t00 the me an s a ct u all a'ye t hat (a) le t 00 th e re p(L)a'ye i/t

"protection-identity" is for -t-o-(0-)ff-t-00-t-he-d- h- and- 0f- t-00-t-he-d- 0- ve- t- a- (i-)ll- e/n- t- (u-) b- men-t-(i-0/n-d-)0-f-f-t- pre- sent- s- naiL-s- 0/n- n-ass-cent- he-d-0f-(i-)t- inter-t-ru(e-)ss-t-0-f-f- i/t- 0f-f- t- he- d- (e-) u/s- t- 00- t- he- naiL- (d-) t0ff- t-a-re- p- ea-t- as/s- mu-c-h- t-

this is "just" "one" e-x-am-p- le- d- 0f- t- depleting a. m. e'ye d a'ye re t00 th be-ad-0f-t- sub- and- s- tu-b-s- buy-e-a- t- a- miss- t- a- ke- n- d- b-ride-ad- 0f- t- miss- (p-)en-t- a- w/-he-ye- t- 0ff-t-

"men" get all the fortunes "necessary" too Loo kn 0 t wile-ye-d- h-and- act-yl-ly-e- t-(h-)en-d- ass-k-n0-t- = t-he-ref-0-r(e-)d- not- think for t' living as/s p 0 ken d b(r) 0ugh t i n/n e min n0w/e t00 th' s 0ugh t 0 p en l/l e ye a.t~ 0/n e f/r0m the me an s p.0 k.en d 0 (w/)h t. not "one" man can actually e re pre sent his t a' ll 0 t at 0/n e t i'm e a. ll 0 t ~h inn d h and f0ll0w/ t (h) r u e we nd 0 w/e be a.d.' s a w/e t

"i/t" is "like" p(L)ay inn g a.m. e w/e ll -0ut- a- g-0ut- as/s- we-ll- (t-)d- 0/u-(be-)t- 0ut- a- tu-s- he-ye- d- he- ad- ea- t- h-and- e/b- t- a-re- p- (L-)ea- t- "for-tune-d-0f-i-t-his-t- inn- t- eg- r/i- t/t- e-ye- a- s/s- t- a- r- e- t- re- a- t- 0- pen- l-e-ye- d-s- (h-)ave- t00-t-he-s-(h-)am-e- inn- g- a- gree- d-0f-i- t-0ff-t- heir-d-0f-t- inn- p0-c-k-(e-)t- f-a(i-)r-e- d- as/s-knee-d-0- w/00-d- ad- 0- 0-re- d-

"protecting" 0/- d- 0f- t- h- and-e/b-t-a- t0ff-t- f0r-t- (n0?) reason- d-he-ad-0-0-re- d- 0f- t-be- ad- 0f- t- protecte-d- as/s- he- d-be-en-(t-)ab-le-ad- t00-t-he-d- ab h0're d = "2" d-ewe-d's- pea-king- "2" ea-c-h0-(w/e-)t-he-re-d- ew/e- ft- 00- t- he- d- f-i/t- 0- f-f- t- = that is-t- all- d- his-t- 0- r- e-ye- d- has-s- tu- b- (r-) ough- t-

that said, thanks to jimmy at my bank, in person, committed too lending spirit a hand inn his own person all t00 th as/s t a nd...

45 mins spent on this "one" episode with the ban-k-t-, this day. between t-his-t-u-born-d- pr-0-t-e- ct- i- 0/n- d-0f- i- t-he-nd- inn- t- en- t- i-0/n- e- vain- d- , someone breaking into my twitter account and my ebay, where i liked people around the world without representation, and bought items apparently, i have probably spent 3 hrs of minutes on my p h~0/ne (?) and several days inn mundane t-a-i-ll- c-has-e-very-e- t- hing-e- d- a- re(e) fxf le x (ct) i 0/n ave t 00 th ' d per fe ct i 0/n e w/00 d (p.r.0) c~L a.(i.)m. e w/e ve (i) n ly e~ye d ate

lets not discuss the f-r-ai-L-t-e-ye- "pass-word" protections options, with security questions, i would n eve r ass k t0 me'ye se l/l f x fir's t ly e w/00 d e/b t a re put e th 0/u s~ e/ a.d. e/b t00 th m0/u t~ h'd = "just" a- m0-re- d- h0-0p-(e-) d- j-ump-inn-g- a- b-(0-)u-t- "he" isn't in charge of the "missbehavior"-d- he-ad- e/b-t-a- re- put-(h)e-d- 0/u(be-)t- his-t-'s- n0-u- t- (u-) b- mount-

he - t- em- p- le- d- 0f- (i-)t- em- p- l0- ye- men- t- "natu-r-ally"


the "U.S." said it wouldn't spy. the "U.S." did spy and did not keep i/t' s (working) word (h) all i'v~e(ye) d. Donald Trump is calling Edward Snowden a "traitor" for not lying, and sum~mar(e)ye telling the t rut h t0/0t~he(w/e) l/l e(a.)ve n (t/h') d ew/(h)e t a're s~i.'d. e/n t' ce s/s (h) e d i'm e/n t~ inn t a're a.~c (h)t i 0/n e/d i/t (p.r.) i'm e~ a. ll i've d

Edward Snowden bu ye presenting (t) his~t (u) Be H ave i 0're t00 th be ye see n 0 w/e t00 t(h)e n eigh b 0'r(e) in(n) g a. (d.epth' d) gree d, makes it obvious Donald Trump-e-t-a-ll- e-ye- d- is the s-naiL's- 0/n-net-00-t-he-d-(h-)all-i-(e-)d-'s- t/0- (re-) p/en- (a-) ll- (t-)e-ye- a.- (s/s-) t- r-e-a.- "t"- 00- t-he- t- ease- d- at-a- re- p- (L-)ea-t- for-t- (n0?) re a.s/s 0/n e can seam tu b e/e necessary e t00 th' s u/r(e) v i've (n)d h~and e'ye (t) d.

t-he didn't m(e)a.t e t~0're a. d.ebt 00 th c a(i)r ~e re'(ye) t(d) 0 w/ th (e) fxf ace d h and face t 00 th e me r/r e 'ye d(h) a ta' s/s t e~g t hing e/n d :

donald trump didn't marry (d-he-) for th (e) completi0n s(t)a'ke th' d ate, his me-one-ye- is not a true as/set inn the r~e levati0/n e t(u) b 0/n e/d (h) 0/n e ve(i)n d(h) 0/m e' d(h) 0've (t/h') debt 00 th' s u/n 0 0/n e m0 0n s um m0/n e'ye s m0/n s 0/0n (d)0 p en (t) a're p en t a cr0ss t' (a) l/l an (e)d i/t i/t 00 t(h) a g ave' ye inn a.m. e ve(i)n ly e t00 t(h) p.r.0 c L a.(i.)m. e /d i/t a gain d

the "U.S." s(-t-)aid it wouldn't spy. yet the "U.S." t- ill- "t's" t - a- ll- k- "t's" wh0 too "talk"-t-(c-)0/n-e- vain-d- 0f- i- t- he- t- inn-t-ere-s-t- russ- t- 0/0-t-0f-f-t- heir isn't among "ewe" s-0-w/e- t- heir- d- (e-)u/s- t- 00- t- he- d- (h-)e-ad- 0f- t-w/-h0-d-e-ye- w/e- d-

t(h) p.r.e miss t all (t) a re a.d. e'ye -t-miss- t-(h-)re-ad- be-en-t-00-compete-vain-d-(h-)ea-d-

0nly too-t-he-d-en-e-ye- d-0-w/-(h-) i.'d.-e/b-t- a- w/-he-ye-t- a- gain-d-'s-t-0-p-en-d-(0f-i-t-) g- u-ye-d-

0nly bu ye de s~i`r~e (a.) d. 0 w/00 d 'ye be th' s p0 k en d 0/n e me'ye fxf r a.(i.)m. e w/t~h(e) r ate i0/n all i/t e'ye inn t(h)0/0 k en d h as/s t 0 w/00 d ewe t00 th t00 L(e)a.s/s t~ b' f0r'd hinge d e/b t a' ll and (h) inn g ~ e fxf 0 r~ t h 0 e ther ~ e c a(i)r~ e t' depth ew/e (i)t 00 th eg Lance d (h) inn (d) ad vance d 0 w/are ness t a' ke t~ c u e w/e ve (i)n ~ (t) d re a.m. 0 vi e'ye d ewe ll 0've t' Le(a.)ve~ 0/n d

at a' b le a.d. e t00 th 'd 0 w/00 d a.d. 0~0're a.d. (h)inn d a re a. l/l e a.f e/e d (h) ea.r ~ t /h ' d


it would seam to me women are men-t-u-be-a-maid-up-e-t00-t-h-inn-g-e-d-. i'm just saying, it would seam women are kept in "place-d-of-t-p-(L-)ate-t-(h-)inn-g-e- t- a- gree-d- , to basically make erroneous shit-up-t-for-t- (n0?) re a.s/s 0/n e s e/e n 0 w/e ' d e/b t a' re L a'ye (a.) t 00 t(h) 0 p en (a) ll (t) e 'ye.

speak of t (a) g0/d e'ye 0/n ly e i/f ew/e a.r~ t (h) 0/n e~n d en e'ye t(d) i'm e /d

speak 0f t c hr i/s t~ (h) 0/n e w/e ll e'ye a.t~ 0/n e t00 th be l/l e~a. f/t (h)r e/e fxf i/x~ i/t c ap(t)ab le (s/s t) ye s~ ea. s/s ea. t 00 th' d en e'ye t 00 th' (be a.) d. h and b Le a.d. t(h)i s/s u~e w/(h)ea. t e ll e ye a. s/s t/h' s a.m. e m(e)a. t/t e're (d) 0 fxf t' s (p)L e/n d 0/0'r(e) inn d e're s(t) pea. k inn g f0r meal ly e re p(L)ea. t e'ye sel l fxf t augh t 0 p en (t) ll e'ye t00 th and 0 fxf (i) t (0 fxf t) a g0/t a gree d 0ff (a) t 0/n e w/e (d)b (r) 0ugh t as/s 0ugh t (h) in/n (e) d sup per d(h) 0v'e d as/s (h) 0/n e. g.(g's~)L) 0 've d inn c(h) 0/m e~ a.d. 0 w/h 0/n e 'ye (u) p0/n d


don't you see, men-d- see this and think they need to p.-rote-ct- (h-)ewe- as/s- e-l-l- t- (h-)em-e-an-s- e/e- k- t- 0- you- d- be- lie- f- t-he- d-('s)- e- am- s-0/d-e/n-0-d-(h-)ea-d- defer-rent- ly-"e- a." t-0/n-e-t- ease- d- hue-s/s- ai- d-e/b-t-a- gree- d- : being scene this way for -t- no reason e ff 0 r(e) t (h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e 0n t hat c~an e cair~r e'ye t(h)rue w/(e)t, just say inn. your -a-b-id-e- scene is abusing t-hing-e-st-ate- = "2" "you" bring no value this -a-w/-he-a-t-e-d- (t-) 0- f-x-f- t- me-ye- p- (L-)at-e- d- ea- f- ace- d- ewe ? only have th- e- vain- nail- t00-t-he- purse-we-t-w/-h0-d-e-ye- w/e- t00-t-he-d-be-ad- 0f- t-w/-h0-d- -h ave-ye-we- d- for- t- no reason- for- t- 0/n-e- r- eeL- a- (d-)ve-r- t- he- w/e-s-he- only provided for vain-nit-eye- t00-t-he- d- pr-0-vi-de-t-he-w/-(he-ye-) t- an 0 there s-0-w/(h-)r-e-ye- s- miss- t- ake- d- 0- w/- the freed (h) 0/m e she think she make's... - t- a- g- e-re- L- a- ye- t- (e-) f-x-f- 0- r-t- another nonsensic-al -l- a- d- ate-


more comment on th'd ea. t(ai' ll) 's i`re p (L)ea. t heir d ewe t00 th' d h~ea.ven t (h) r u e w/e d : here is a pi ct u re d 0f i t "luzerne" coun-t-(h-)e-ye- d- : on the soundcloud referenced all a re ad e'ye s (p) en t, i comment about you know, i didn't come into this position to be a.d. 0ff i t hinn (e) d e're st a' m~ (0) p/ped 0ff t inn d h at , from not working a physically taxing job, that required me to work after work to clean up t00 th p ass t 0 re a.d. dress a.m. en d (s)at a' re t00 th(e) re pack ag e t hat. this is what i didn't due while working a physically taxing job, i didn't go to the bar, i didn't spend my money on all-c0-h0-l-d- rug- s- lee-p-ing- 0- p- ill- 0- w/e- 's- 0/t- . s 0 w/r~e ye, i worked a physically taxing job and sought as/s e l/l fxf t augh t me'ye 0 (w/) n e t00 th' s i` re me'ye s e/e n s e/e k inn g f0're sigh t.

f0r-t-his-t- u- be-ad- 0f- t- h- and- s- he- f-f- 0-rd- f-ed- h- and think ? i'd deny you admittance t(y) 0ur w/hat ewe have alla re ad e 'ye s- t- u- be-en- t-. "ewe" fake insurance "ewe" fake residenTce, you fake social me r i/t 00 t~h's (p) en t, your "work" en-tit-le-s/s- t- 00-t-he-s- hir(e-)king-0/d- j-irk-t-hing-e- d-

just say inn. "ewe" think you provide d r~in(n) k~ t00 th e m(e)a. t~ e ta te l/l e 'ye a. t~ ye make t~ c(h) at c~h in(g e) d ? just saying, didn't teach, have no reason too l ea.r ~n a re p ea. t heir d. "ewe" have only provided a d-r-ink-t- 00-t-he-d-suffer- t-(he-) f-a-(i-)r-e- d-e/b-t- a- re- p-ea-t- speaking of t (a') g's us t a'~ g ewe didn't b r in(n) g~ 0/d ly e

it is unfortunate you socializing de-me-an-s- meeting n0 0ne g0/d ly e buy the me-0ne-ye-d-(s-)inn-g--e-d-

i. d i.d. n't -r-ig-n0-ran-ce-s/s- (h-)e- d- ea- f-x-f- 0-r- t- (h-) e-we- vain- d-(h-)ea- d- "2" h-ave -t-he- a- s/s- a- ye- d- be-en- t- (a-) p-(Lay-)e-nd- s- t- ill- a- w/- ai- t- (h-)inn- g- e- debt- force- face- scene-vain-d- 0f- t- hie-ven-d- s- h-un-t- a- ll- 0- n-(e-) g- little- 0/n-d- e'ye- t-(h-) 0/0- kn-0-w/e- yew/-e-d- c- an- d-le-p-t- p.r.- am- e- d- sign-if-i-can-t- &- h- and- e-ye- a.m.- e- d-


t-his-t- is the wrong f0r-(u-)m- (en-)t - w/-h0- d- make relay t hing e d- 0 -w/- id- t-h- i/t- (inn-) a- re- lay-t-i-0/n-s- hip- t-... getting "nake-d-" s- (h-) 0 - w/e- yew- can be scene- d- s- nake- d- li-e-ye- d-'s-

"even" d- g- u-ye- d-0- w/-ad-0-0-re-ad- e-ye- d- h- and- e/b- t-00-t-he-s-c0-r-(e-)due-x-ed-(e-)u/s-t-00-t-he-g-u-ye-w/e-d-0f- t-'s-k-eye- d- c- L0-(u-)d- 0/n-e- w/-(h-)i.'d.-e-s-

th e m0 th ere (a.) ll and is just a m-utter-d- en-e-ye-(t-)d- 's- hat-t-ere-d-e/b-t-00-t- he-ha-nd-eye-t-('s-) i.'d.-e-s-t-a- nd- (h-) all-(t-)a-re- r0und- e/b- t-hie-ven-d-s- p.-(r-)0ut- e- a-s/s- e/e- d- (b-)ligh-t-he-ad-be-ad- 0f- i- t-he- m(e-)a- k/e- t- hind-e/b-t-he-d- ness- t- 0- w/e-ll- d- ea- f-0-r-t-an0-t-her-d-aye- s- miss- t's- (p-)en-t-00-t-he- c-a-(i-)r-r-eye- d- we- ll- t- a- t-0-s/s-0d- 0f- t- 0/n-e- t- com-man-d- just-ly-e- pre-sent- he-r-r- h-and- s- t -a- nd-s- a- cross- t- he- core-set- he- d- c0m-b-i/n-(e-)d- (h-)0-ve- d-sig-n-ere- ad- inn- ad-vance- d- (h-)all-(a-)b- ark-inn- g-('s-) 0-ft- (h-) e/n- d-


dylan-(d-p.-)r00f- t-he- d- a-re-ad- 0f-f-en-s-e-/e- d- ate- t- hick- up- t-d- a- ft- e're-el-d- (h-)all-and- e/b- t- a- (i-) ll- e-ye- d- en- t- hr- all- e- d- e/b- t- r-a-w/e-ll- e- d- 0f- t-he- prose-c-u/t-0-re- d- 0f- t- his- t- b-0/n- e- m-0/t- he- (d-)g- (e-) 0/t- 0f-f- t-(h-) inn (e-) d- be- (a-)d-


dylan roof, the re a.ll c0un t en~an(d)ce s/s e t(h) p. r.00f t up 0/n d a're s um e 0/n d f/r0m th f a(i)r e inn c(h) 0/m e tu~ : the real countenance proof t, hasn't be en t, miss-us-e-d- his-t- (a-)g-ea-r-t-he-d-he-d- t- r/an-s- p0-'s-e/e- d- (e-)u/s- t- 00- t- he- d- (h-) ab- u-s-e-d- sig-n-ere- d- 0f- t- course- d- -- -- - - - miss-us-e-d- force-scene-competition- "2" be- ad- bound-less- t- a's/s-t-he-n-ewe'-s-i-re-round-s0und-s-t-e-n-t-ed- e/b- t- a- t00-Listen- "2"

with n0 (w/) h0/n e s/s t re p as/s t & n0 (w/) h0/n e s/s t (h) pur(e) vi ew/e inn s/t 0're (e) fxf 0 r(e) t (h) e w/e(n) d ew/e 0/n t(y)0ur (th~r) 0 (w/)n~e w/e~e c0'r(e) n~ea. l/l e(ye) t00 th ' d

's c e/n t' s~ t a(i)r (e) d ewe

t hat a/u

t rut h~ ewe d

h (and) inn d p.r.e vi ew/e d

i/t a gai'nn d

you are not b r in(n)g i/n g the n0 t/hing e t00 th (e) ref 0're g i've t(h) a w/h e'ye (t) d 0 w/(h e'ye) t/h ' d liberate ly e t00 th e m(e) a. k/e. g. 0/d (0 w/)h ea. t a.'m. e w/e fxf ace d ewe

: d ew/(e) inn e c0n~stant ly(e) inn th ' directi0/n e me'ye n~ai L t/h and Le 'ye a.m. (e)a.t~ e f/f r0m e w/e ll

and g's us t naiL t00 th be h a.d. ~e ve(i)n ly e a.d.

th (e) re a.d. cr0ss t a g ave t hu(e)s/s e t/h 0 p/p ed g'sus c0 p(i.)e d. h anec(t)d0(h)t e t00 th (ew/e) d/g e~ d (h) all (a) b(0)u~t h/t a(i) ll 0 ft L~and e ft ly e p.r. a.m. e w/e ve (i)n (t) d~ 0 w/ ai t/h ' d f ai t~h (e'ye) d f(t) a ct (h) 0're a.d. e'ye (t) d 's cent ' sigh t 0/n e w/h0 0'Le ye d ew/e~ e s w/ee p t(hr)u~ le g~i/t ~a 're p L aye re a.d. t(h) 0/0 k~n 0 (w/e) t~ e t00 th can t a're a.d. 0 ff t heir (a.) d a.m. 0/t~

t0 0t h's i'nn g i'nn d bu ye desire d a.m. e w/e t (a) may k e'ye p' d

e/b t00 th(e) re s (t) 0/a r~(e) d


john glenn landed apparently on the "moon". I debate the parallax n0 man d~h as/s t Land he ad 0/n e th~e m0 0/n e me'ye f/f r/i e/n d 's h~ea.r~ t/h ' d. e'ye don't think any "man" in the competitive sp h ea.r ~ d has/s ~k t h~and land e/e d he a r(t/h') d


mom is probably feeling fear for her son, that he may lose his life, and despair for what he has chosen to do with his time. however, when we see that "he" doesn't have a choice in time, we see that he has chosen to "escalate" the "time" so he can be scene-d- 0f- t-0/0-t-0-f-t- p.r.-i'm-e-d- (h-) all- t- he- t- i'm-e-d-


isn't i/t (g-) a ll -e-g-all-e-ye- d- fake- n- ewe- s-us-u/e-we-s- (ai-)d-

g L~as/s~es



i called the bank again last night, b.c. I was informed the money was put back in my paypal account. It wasn't, so the bank informed me that the bank had done all it could do, and now I had to call the vendor. In the process of calling the bank, I am given the 3rd degree, for a crime I didn't com-mit-t-he- ad- be- ad- 0f- i- t- as/s- knee- d- und-ere-s-t- 0/0 d- c- ape- a- be-ll-e-ye- a- t-.

the bank is giving me the 3rd degree to gain permission to talk about my account, the bank has already artificially faked a presence, s-owe- t- hat- i/t- c- an- s- pr-0ut-he- d- 0/u- (be-)t-....... he- maid- 0ut-. i am asked questions regarding my account, by some "one" with no relevance inn the making the quest i 0/n e t a re t ea.r~n d 0've d. -h-and- i "get" to further abuse my t00 th by chasing the "art" -i- fact- , that miss (i?)re pre sent ' d a. m.e'ye d cur(e)rent a ct. to false sell lie eye, that i really ought to be giving the ban-k-t- the third degree, and not be-ad- of- i- t- a- cross- inn- g-e-d-, that i should be asked vain banal questions for "referencing" no relevance was n0're is made necessary, so i "get" to waste my time being sup-p-ly-e-d- 0- with t-his-t- paradim-e-d-, with the artificial pre miss ? of needed a bank too L i've inn s0ciety -e- a- t- he- d- b- rake- d- 0f- i- t- (h-) en- d- (h-) e/e -d- 0f- t- a- gree- d-

the "person" on the phone will not give me the coordinates to the "investigator" as she takes my message : talk to the vendor, they want to see my bank account, the money is in the ethers. she doesn't know what the 'ether's' are. this doesn't surprise me, she gets s-paid- force-s/s- (h-)ave-in-g- 0/n-ad-s- he-a-rt-he- d-

she is not actually required too L ea.r~n d 0 w/(h)ea.r~ th. & ? this apparently my pr0blem fr0m h-er/r- 0/n-e-u-s-t-a- r- t-, i am meant to be "po-lite" aka "for-give-d-" b.c. ? s-he- d- e/b- t- make- t- he- s- (h-)am-e-n- d-s- without ever really providing 0 pr0visi0/n e ve(i)n d h and.

talking too this bank-t- is appro-x- i'm-ate- inn- g- t- he- r- use- d-. s-owe- d- sure in t-heir-d- con-vi-ct-i-0/n-e- we/- d- : the ban-k-t- doesn't speak for th e ver t (h)u~ e , they do not house t(h) 0 p0 t en t i all e ye tu~s~h and e/b tu 's~h e'ye the re use d (h) as/s n ewe (d)'s

i am not so sure, part of the problem with getting my money back from the vendor is the banks s-he-y-ie-ld- (he-)ed- inn-vest-i- g-ate- 0-r(e-)d- ewe- s-t-e-all-e-ye- d-'s- t- eeL- d-

i am "gi-ven-d-" the 3rd degree buy the bank-t- h0-LD-(h-)inn-g-e- me with n0 cur(e)rent relevance s/s a t's (t) ake d. the bank-t- h0-ld-s- me as an outsider "inn" myou own account - too-t-he- ban-k-t-hat has no accountability e a.t a constant lie-ye-t00-t-he- d- i/s- miss- t- a- ke-nd- = t-he-me-an-s-t00-t-he-re-eL-a-ye- t- (u-) b- making n0 relevance inn asking th questions = m0/u t~ h's p.r. 0ut' s (h-)ake- d-

the "bank" is as-s-mu-c-h-t- of-f- t- h-and- art-i- fi-c-i- all- e- pt- pre miss t as/s t heir d h ea.r d c(h) air -e-am-r-ake- d-0f- t-he- f- a-(i-)r-e- d- 0- w/-i- thou-t- a- t-race- d-(h-) all-0-ver- t- he- p- lace- d-

my ban-k- t- likes jacking-'s-us-s-hi-t-a- re- round- on the pre miss i/t wont L-eve-r-t-(u-)b- f0und

"0" buy the cur(e-)rent-see- d- be-ad- 0f- i- t- a- g-round-

... I have been up loading video's, and it gives me a chance to review the video's currently uploaded on the platform. not all live action, got tossed with "you-now"-e-d-b-(r-)ough-t-. i did see video where i have consumed a bite of a pot cookie. As spoken on the live earth cam, I am not against showing this (t) and if 'ewe' want to judge me for that, for not being pre t/t e ye debt -0- w/id- t-(h-)our-e-g-rass- t-, eye would have to say, ewe didn't pr0vide be au t e'ye t00 th's (t)a'ye d ate. buy-e-r-a-d- e/b-t- rite- d- "ewe" don't really have a valid c0/m ~m e/n t00 th e m(e) a. k/e th' d ate fxf0r meal ly (e) inn (s) p(L)a~ce de fxf a ce d. buy extended e/b t a t rig ht ' d "ewe" do not have the right "2" com m en t as/s knee d pr.0 vi. ' d. e d i.'d.~e light. there really isn't a "comment" about any w/(h)0 m en d~ "ewe" can make write x right 00 th eave nd fig ht. "ewe" have constant- lie-ye- d-s- lid- s-t-a-g-e-we- d- a- re- gain- n-sig-h-t-('s-)u-be- a- miss-p- lace- d- 0/n- e- c0m-man- d- inn- g- a- gree- d- = you do not have anything 'nice' to say to a woman, or apparently degrading. "ewe" didn't not make the w/(h) eigh t 0 w/i.d. t(h) 0ur en t e'r(e) ta'in inn g f a(i)r~e a.d. 0 w/(h)0 r th e re may/k inn g' d

... i spoke yesterday on the cam, not so successfully recording with movavi the first time, as the software didn't prompt me to select an audio input device, and i recorded with no appreciable 'noise' for the energy expenditure ye w/00 d en (t) p L0 ye ed. then i tried again, and the movavi software I have already purchased for my use on my computer, shot an ad right infront of the screen grab i was currently recording, and- , the ad had no link for me to click to make the window go away, it only had a link to take me to movavi web page so i could buy product, that i have already bought, and was currently using, but "now" i get to shoot a product of movavi's product ad , ass me'ye s h0 t. the un ad ven t full ness -t- of the -ad- froze the movavi software that i was currently using & it would not allow me to stop the filming, (of it's "ad's" on ore t 0ff the course of me purchasing for th u(e)s sing). and i had to force quit the software, and every thing that i put into recording, was force-n-augh-t-he- d- kn-0-c-k- t- 0- f-f- t- 0- pen- (a-) ll- (t-) e- ye- d- he- d- b- (r-)ough- t- as/s i ft e'ye w/(h) as/s kn-0-t- h- and not a re p ly e could the re f 0'r(e) d b(r) 0ugh t 0/n e t a w/are ness e l/l fxf t augh t

i don't need product advertisement shooting on my screen for product i have already bought. and i don't need advertisement at all, reminding me of the maker, as i can clearly see the branding in the name- d- be- h-ave-i-0re- d-e/b- t00-t- he- d- be- ad- 0f- t- a- re- making- a- gree- d- c0-pi- p-rig-ht- (h-) inn- g- e- d- 0-w/-00-d-0ur-e-me-d-ye- b- m-use-d- for- t- his- t- (u-) b- m-use-(h-)inn-g-e-s- t- i-c-(k-)t- u- late- inn- g- 0/n- ad- a- may-e-b/b- e- ad-

c0/n(e) see k w/(h)en t ly e it is hard to sleep when wound -up-e- d-0f- t- me'ye t00 th can't have (n) t a'ny e re st a' t~hat 'eye' see k t00 th' s ea. t(d) 0 w/i.d. t(h) i/t

the value of t-he-ad- (j-)u-st- u- be-ad- 0f- t-, is that "ewe" can-(d-)-ad- e/b- t- 0- (w/-)e- t- h- and- e- ye- bu-ll-s-hi-t- hie-ven- d- s- (h-) 0 -we- (re-) d-e/b- t- a- g- e- t-a- g-ave- d- force-s-s-(h-)ake-n- d- e- valu-e- w/e- t00- t-he- w/e- t- b- rain- d- 0f- t'-singular- e- ly- e-n- am- e- d-

con-(e-)see-k- t- 0- w/-h-en- t- ly- e-a- "t" 0/0 "t" ease - d- i'm- en- t-a- be- ad- s- 0- ill- e- ye- a.- t- ease- d- 0f- t00-t-he- me-an- s- e/e-k- n0-b- ill-i- t- e-ye- a- "t" 00- t- he- x- p.r.ess- t- 0ff- t- 0- pen - (a-) ll- (t-) e- ye- d- compete, compete "2" a/t "one" t heir d ewe fxf i/n (e) d -he-ed-i/t-c-he- d- e/b- t-a- t-ease- d-(h-) all-a-w/e-st- r-0/n-(e-)g- l-ease- d-

if you are marrie-d- you are divorced fr0m (e) re a.ll i/t e'ye. if you are doing business-t- inn- t- he- ad- competitive m(e-)arket-place-d-ea- t- h- and- ill-e-ye- re- p- (L-)ea- t-her-d- buy-e- p.r.0- d-u-ct- ye- make-t-(h-)en- (d-)ea- t- as/s- t- e- a.m.- e- d- ate - t00-t-he- m-(c-)(h-) a -t- c-h-in-g-e- t- a- w/-he-ye- t-0/0-t-he -re- lay-t-(y-)our- e- x- i/s- t- "2" st-inn-t- your seen for th (a.d. (ed) just) being -0/n-ad- p-lace- d-

n0 ea.r~nest f0ll0w/ t (h) r u ewe d as/s w/00 d be a.d. e/b t(y)0ur e s p0 k en s trait

"ewe" are not t ea.ch inn g e inn (d) p (L)ace d : "ewe" are teaching to compete, be-st-ly-e- buy- force- s-(t-)ake-inn-g-e-d- 0ur-e-b-rain- d-0f- t00-t-he- re- L-aye- t-h-inn-g-e-d- he- d- b- rake- d- 0f- t- p-(L-)ate- d- ate-

i question every product of -t-he-s-am-en-d-s- (p-)en-d-s-, as not being true tallent, but the cur(e-)rent- e-st- at-e- "2" jack-t-d-0f-t- h- 0-ver- t- he-very- e- woman- d- (h-) inn- d- p-lace- d- scene-(d-) inn- to watch -(y-)our- e- very- e- ref- ace- d- questioning without relevance t00 t(h) act u all a.m.e(a.)i.d. b.c. "ewe" didn't b r in(n) g th 's trait 00 th' d ate t0ff t 0 pen (a) ll (t) e'ye ~ a. t 0/n e me an s~ (ea.)t a ll e/n t ' s ea. t a ll 0/t h~inn g e d 0ff (i) t/h (e) c(h) 0' st~ h ea.ven t(h)r u/e w/e the me w/e d b(r)0ught inn t i'm e a. ll 0/t

~ t0 w/e (0) ft e'ye b/b e a.d. h and 0 fxf (i) t(h) as/s knee d (h) inn debt 00 th an(d) s w/(h)ea.r in(n) g~ 's

more thoughts on dylan roof-t-, he doesn't have a choice in time, in the sense, he doesn't actually h ave the t a' ll e/n t 0 m(e) a. k/e these ch0ices inn his 0(w/)n e p.r.0 vi' s i 0/n e t00 th inn d c(h) 0/m e /d (p.r.) i'm e /d. he doesn't have the choice in time b.c. his own "tallent" he did not honestly des~i` re a.d. be a.d. (p.r.) i'm e/d = false image -t- false sel-lie-ye-d- compete-direct-ly-e-f-x-f-0-r-(e-)t- he-ad- c-r-0wn-(s-) 0-b-ill-i- t-e-ye--a- "t"(-inn-t-) -0/n- e-d- e/b- t- hie-ven- d- s- (h-)- 0- we- (d-)g- 0/d- e/b- t- he-scene-d- (h-)as/s-k-n0w-nd- h- and- e/b- t- a- re- verb- (h-)inn-g-e- (d-)g-0/d- e/b- t00-t-(h-)un-e-r-"vein" (g)-see-k- t-d- well- d- as/s i ft heir w/as s(k) n0 (w/e d) crime inn speaking 0/d well d 0 without seek t0/d well inn t/h e m a(w/e) ll e t00 Le~a. k well t-he-s-(h-)am- me-r- d- e- inn- d- his- t-'s- h-(e/a-)d- apparent ? "2" -x- t -w/-h0 - d- provision- e- t- a- ll- e/n- t- be-en- t- w/-h0- d- be-en- d- ye- t- a- gain- d-s- cent-'s- cam-e- d- am-e- w/e- vain- d- b-(L-)en-d- e/b- t- a-b(L-)e-t-he- ll- i(e-)ve-inn- g- en- (e-)d-

re-p-lace-inn-g- t- our-e- neigh-b-0-re- d-e/b-t- as/s- k- t- our- e- friend- s- (p-)en-d-s- for-t- no reason "ewe" h-ave- t- a- made- s- am-e-nd-s- p-(L-)aye- divi-d-(h-)ea-d- en- d-'s- ea-m-en- as/s- t -e-ye -s- (p-)en-d-s-


t- w/-h- at- a- d/d- i- c- k- t-0/0-t-he- re- s- t- 0-re-(ye-) d- am-0re- t- m-ai-L-e-t- f-r0m-t-he-f-x-f- a- (i-)r-e- t- hat- 's- hat- 0/d- ewe- (d-)'s- he-a-rt- he- d- en- ai- L- t-he- s- t- a- (i-)r- e- c0/n- e- com-p-lea- t- inn- t- em- p0- le- d- h- and- e/b- t- a- t- em- p- le- d- 0f- ea- t-'s- ea- t-'s-we-ll-d-e/b- t-(h-)e/n- d- ewe-d-he- d-s-e/e-k- t00-t-he-d-g- (L-)0-re-ye- f- i-ed- g0ing- f-0-re- war- d- f-r0m- t- he- f-x-f- a- (i-)r-e- d-

notice the "ag" -0-t-s- his- t- b- (L-)ack- t-he-d-be-ad- 0f-t- rite- t00-t-he- s- t- a- t-u/s- h-i/t-'s- h-0- w/e- d- ata for-t-(h-) 0/0- k- t- 0/n- e- c- kn 0 w/e re a. s/s 0/n e (d's e/e) x act ly e t-he-d-b-0/n-e- d-e/b- t00- t- he-t- a- re- s- t- 0- re- d-'s- tine- ate- i- 0/n- ad- 0- 0-re- d-

"buy" positing t-his- t- thoughtless-t- shit, "he" makes it so -we-very-e- d-0f- (i-)t- c-an-s-pea-k- t- w/-h0- d- buy- e- t- w/-h0 -d- buy-e-d- (s-) 0- L- (e-) d- 0- b- serve- d-





trump is/s- p-(L-)aye-inn-g- con-way-e- t-, "2" b-r-i.d.-ge-t-he- g- ap- t00-t-he-s-(h-)am-me-r-d- e/b- t- (L-and-)he- w/-(h-)0- r- (L-)d- e/b- t- (h-) 0/0- k- t-(d-) -0-f-f- t- rite- ye- s-we-ll-d- a- p/p- as-s- t- w/-h0- d- ewe- t00-t-he- d-

the same me-one-ye- pays the "ag" s- 0- ill- e- t00-L00-k- t- he- ha-w/-he-ye- d- (b-) light-0/0-t-he- d-0f-t- h- and-t0-f-f-t- he-re- "0" t-he-re- w/-a-ye- d- c-Las/s- p- (L-)an-(t-)d-(h-)e-ad-0f-t-0/0-t-he- s-i-re- me-ye-set-t00-t-he- ad- "0" be- ad- a- re-round-e/b-t00-t-he- f-x-f- ace-d- 0 with n0 de sire inn (e) p La~ce d

the "triumph" is k-eye-ping- the liar at any e-r-a-t- e- d- ate- t00-t-he- re- L-ate- t00-t-he-m-(e-)a- t- e- d-ewe- & d-0-w/e- ed- e/b- t- a- ke- g- (re-)a- t- e- d-(g-')s- um- me- d-we-ll-d-as/- (h-)e-ll-d- inn- k- t- c- (h-) 0/m-e-a- t- a- cr0ss- t- a- (i-)r-e-s- he- a- rt- sup-p-Li(e-)d's- (h-) 0/n- e- only a dis hone st w/ "h" one- d- um-my- e- s- nake- d-'s- miss- t- a- ke- d- be-ad- a- re- round-(h-)e-ad- com-for-t- ab-le- ad- 0 -war-e- t- h- and- en- mar- k- eye- p- ewe- t- heir- d-


only e-ye- d- 0f- t- does donald trumps me-one-ye- p.r.e- par-e- t- heir- d- 0f- t- (he-) c0/m-e- inn- g- a- gree-d- as/s- knee- d- p.r.e- p-(L-)aye-inn- g- a- gree- d- 0f- (i-)t- he- ha- we- s- a- cr0ss- t- w/-h0- d- e- ye- we- d- (h-)e-a-r- - - - 0/d- e- ad- 0- ft- he- we- d- ewe- d-0/n-e-a- "r"- t- he- d-g- e-a-r- d-


t-he-n-ewe-s- p-(r-) out- set- w/-h0- d- buy-e- t00-t-he- d- ewe- ll- d- ea- f-x-f- 0- r- t -e- w/e- d- be- ad- ap- t- p.-r.0ve- d-e/b- t- a- cross- t- force- scene--inn-c-(h-) 0/m-e d-f-an-n'ye- d- e/b- t- an0-t-her-(e-)d- aye- t-w/-ill-e-ye-t- i/t- 's-up- p- ly-e-t-a-re-(e-) f-x-f- ac/e- d-(b-)i/t- c- he- d-0- w/i- thou- t- re- as/s-0/n- e- d-0f- t-'set- he- t- a- cr0ss- t- a -f-x-f- am- ill-e-a-r- t- he- d- 0f- (i-)t- i/t-(h-) a- ll- e- ye- d-ewe- d-s-t-eeL- d- ea- for t n0 re ass 0/n e-"we" can't make th ' d ew/e t00 th (e) re st 0 're vi ew/e d(h) all (t) a re a.d. e' ye n ewe(d') s~u s e d i/t ~t 00 th f a.m. i'll e a.r e(d) g~ 0 t00 th 's (ea.)t as/s a'ye w/00 d 0 w/ (h) a.d. (0~0 r)e a.d. a.m. i~ r/r 0 r 0 r 0 r 0' r e~ d h~ ar(e) b~0 'r(e~a.)d. g0ing f 0're w/are a.d. e/b t00 t heir debt h~ea.ven (t) d

th' s pi/n d (e) l/l t a~ d0 t(h) p.r.0' vi.~d. i.d. s~h a.d. e inn e min(e) d g's~us (h) av~e' (d) ye d~' s nake d (e/b t) ly e inn g~ r ass (a'ye) d ew/e~ t00 th be a.d. (s) 0 L (e/n) d 0 w/00 d en sel ly e fxf r~a.(i.)m. e ve(i)n ~ (t) d (b)e L~a'ye t00 th' d ate debt a k~e i/t~ a re r0und (h) inn~s u/re p.r. i' zed ew/e ll a. m.in~ n0 w/e d~be a.d. ' si`~re me'ye s a cr0ss t a.' m. e/n d h~inn a. m.e ve(i)n e'ye t a~ t/t a're (s) t heir d en e'ye d a're st 0/a~r(ea.c~h')d. 0/n a~i ' l/l t~h (ewe) d e'ye t

c~ L0~ t/h~ s c~r'a (g)ps~a ga(w/e)in~n s t (h) a' ll e t/h ' s miss (p)en t h~ea.ven s (p)en d's t a (i)r (e) t a re r0und a'ye a. gain d i'm p~Le d as/s p~b 0/0 t a gain d ew/e a.r~ t/h ' (inn k inn) d h and 0 w/(h)ea.r th ' inn k inn a. d. a.m.~e (we) d be h a~ve (t/0) d a'ye t a's/s a 'ye i/t c~a.m. e

L ed ew/(e) inn a p~L ace ve(i)nn t a cr0ss t(h) 0/0 k inn g 0/ d ly e.g. Lan(d)ce ll d 0ff t

debt 0 w/h~ a p/p.r.0 vi s i 0/n e t ass kn 0/t (h) in(n)e a.d. van~ce ll (d) 0/t


s-he- d- c-an- s- only have a perpetuall-d-a-ft- h- and- r- a- ft- 0/0-t-he - perp-et-u-all- as/s-(t-) f- all- t- - - - - 0-ff- t-

je ne s ai s qu(0)i~ t 0ff t 0/0 t~h fxf ace d 0ff (i) t f/r0m a w/are a.d. e(b) tu~ t(y)0ur a' ke~ t b re a.d. (h) ea.r~ d ewe t00 th f 0're t un e / d 0 ff t ('s) c~(r)e w/e d 0 w/e ll e s/s t 0/0 th (e/a.) d ew/e ve(i)n (ew/e) d


h0/n e s/s t ly e w/h0 d c a(i)r e s w/-hat- (h-) 0/0- k-k-k- t/h-in-k- ("t's") i/t- s- tu- b- 0/0- k- (ere-d-) t-s- n00k-t- c- ran-n-e-ye- d- 0f- i- t- f-r0m- e- d- ic- t- 0/0- t- ad- dic-k-t-i-0/n-e- d- pre- miss- t- 's- (p-) en- t- 0/n- e- d- 0f- t- a- ll- t- he- w/- he-ye- d- 0f- i- t- sel-l- f- t- inn- t- ere- s-t- a- men-s- mit-ten- d-0f- t-

these are not reall zer0s t a nd (h) inn g e inn g f a(i)r e t00 th re sel~l t 0/0 t~h c~a(i)r ~r e'ye d we ll and f (L) ave 0 're d we ll (e/a.) d (h) ea.r t(h) as/s t e ll

a~r e(e) f e(e) l/l d

a.m. e r/r e 'ye d we ll and be h a.(n)d. as/s we ll ' d

c~L as/s p ~s e l/l ' d

f a(i)r e t he/ed we ll be ll t (u) b/all an(d)ce s/s naiL t 0 fxf t h~ c L 0'ver t up t 00 th p ai d h~up t' s h0/u LD ere t00 th b 0/u LD ere A.D. 0ff t heir D 0ff t heir D e/b t00 th be~a. c0/n (e) d (h) 0 've (t) d 0ff t' s 0/m e 0/n e~d


h~a.d. e/b t00 th 's up~p L(e)ye (d)ve(i)n t00 th b e/i t e'ye t be a.m. e a.d. ' s e/e k t 0/0 t(h) 0 pen l/l e ye~a. t

0/n e d~ f/r0m th' s up p~l(e)ye a. t/h in(ne) d en e'ye t00 th a~b i.'d.e~ b/t a gain d(p.r.) i'm~ e/d e/b t mul(l)e i/t a cr0ss t e'ye (t) d h~ave 'ye t a t i'm e d(h) 0've t a g(L) 0've d


ver t u all t r~ave L ag en t's w/(h) i'll be th e/n 0/r m (e 0/n e/ye) s 0(0)n e/ d 's w/h0 0'Le ye d (h) all s (h) 0 w/e(n) d e'ye d/d ye t00 th be l/l a ye a. t/h ' d (h) inn d e/b t em p ~le a.d. e/p t00 th's u~re r0und ' s0und ' s ea.m.(e) as/s k (e'ye/i) t a' re r0und p.r0 (0) f0und


s h0 e~s : don't see as limitation, see as destination e inn t hat a pe~r h ap' s e t0 ff t our shoes a'ye a.r(e) t not sup pose d tu be-ad-0f-i-t-he-f-f-as-s-h- i0/n-e-d- s- nail-s-0/n-net- c- (h-) a -t- ch - t-he- b0/n-net- 0- w/-id- th-'s-at- is- fact- i-0/n-s-nit-a- war-e- per-p-0-s-ed-(y-) our-e-(e-) f- air-e-d- ewe- t00-t-he- d- c- a- (i-)r- (e-) r-e-ye- d- e/b- t- a- re- w/e- inn- t- heir- d- ewe- t- mar-(e-)r-i-ag-e- d- ewe- d- 0/h- t- be- ad- ap- p.-r.00f-t- hing-e- d- sub- (e-) due- (we-)d- fashion-able- d- f-r0m- an-e-ye- d- p0-in- t- 0-f-f- t- vi- ewe- d- h -and - fashion-ab-le-in- d- be- c0/m- e- inn- g- t- w/-h0- d- ap-p.-r.0ve- d- ewe- d- be- ad- as/s- hue- d-

t0 i Le t/h s~e(a.)b um b (L)e a.d. (h) as/s t (u) b (r) 0ugh t e'ye t augh t 0/0 t(h) par t a' k(e) inn e're t 's (L)ake d 0'ff t00 th c i/t e~a.r t~ h ea.r t(b) rig ht ' d (b) rain d's cent 's inn k/ t i'm e'ye t

th is (h) 0 w/e (d) get a' r~e mit ta'n(d)ce t(b) rig ht bu ye s c~an d (e) l/l e'ye t 0/0 th be th's p0 k en d 's (h) e ' ll e~a.d. g r~a'ce d 0ff t's t a (i)r (e) t (u) b r~0 k en d as/s (h) e' ll d be t0 k en (d's) ai L t00 th e re sel~l t~ 00 th d' s t (r) 0 ye d hinn d a re co g nit i 0/n e w/ no star t h and no h ea.r t e'ye a.r t/h ' d = "ewe" desire -d- no one b (r)ough t e-x-t- ce- pt- inn- t- w/-h0- d- con-s- pi-re-ad- e- ft- ly- e- d-be-ad- r-0p-ped- 0f- t- be- h- ad- e/p- t-00- t-he- t- ag-ged- 0- "with" x "me-one-ye" x "t-he-d-" ("h") all a re ad ye s-up-p-l-i-(e-)d-s- t00-t-he- d- s- t- e- ye- d-0f-(i-)t- inter-t-russ- t- u- b- for-d- 0 -war- d- f- all- t- as/s- k- t-'s- naiL- t- a- re- p- ea- t- 0f-f- t-

kelly-con-way- d- h -0/n- e-d0f- t-s- c0p-e-d- e/b- t00- t-he- p- (L-)an-(t-)d- at-a- t- r-0p-e-d-s- he- d- ha-n0- t- e-a-s/s- e- t-h'-s- (p)en- t-00- t-he- n- eve- r- e/n- d- s-he-a-rt-a- re- s- c0p-e-d- he- d- h0-p- ped- d-le- d- 0f- t-(h-) 0/0- k- t- (e-) f-f- 0- r- t- (as/s-) kn-0-x-e-d-e/b-t-(y-)our-e- (a-) p-ai-rd- (h-) inn- d- 0- war-e-ye- d- a- re- s-p- (L-)en- d- i.d.- i'n(n-) e-re- sent- i.d.

you've made no contributions t00 th' d ate, & if e'ye s t 0 p ped, "ewe" would go back too the contributions- pat-e- d- (h-)all-a-re- ad--e-ye- inn-p- lace- d- . you have not made contributions buy being a d-jack-t-ass- a-ye- d-, for me to re f le ct i 0/n ' d. "ewe" are s t ill a- d- jack-t- ass- t00-t-he- me-a- ke- t- i'm-e- re-el- at- e-. so don't "think" "ewe" being e-a-r- t- he-r-r- an- t-, has contributed any e t hing e t0 me ff ace d. i have t/h ff ace, without "ewe"- ed- h and e'ye w/h e'ye d. the fact is, "ewe" are still standing -0-d-0f- t- ly- e- re- sound- h-inn-g-e- a- t- h- and-e-ye-r-a-t- e- . i do not need your -e-be- ad- performance- d- to set me'ye t rait s trait. it is trait, without "ewe" t00 t(h) a ct u all(e) ye. "ewe" only serve as a distraction -d- ea- f- 0-r-t- (h-) 0/0- k- t- 0/n-0-b-0/d-e-ye- t00-t-he- d- a- re- p- (L-)ace- d- heir- d- 0f- t-s- trait- s-

p- "ewe" have still provided nothing of th e valu e w/e inn your e sell f t h~ea.ven d ew/e ve(i)n (ewe) d


c-hr-i/s- t- (u-)b- buy- e- (n-) ad.- just- (u-) b- e-in- g- a- gree- d- e/b- t- hie-ven- d- (ad-) ver- t- u- all- ye- inn- d- be- lie- f- i/n- (e-) d- he-ed- 0- w/ar- t- i'm-e-d- be- ad- 0f- t- p-(L-) ag- (u-)e- d-e- am- s- ea.-m.s- t- a- (i-) ll- 0- ft- he- s- (h-) am- e- s- (h-) ave- inn- (g-) s-c-he-me- d- as-scene- d- h-inn- d- s- m(e-)a.te- inn- g-'s- a- g-re-ad- sus- t- ai- n- ab- le- ad-s- e/e- d-s- he- ed- (i/t-)s-he-ave- d-

she is simply a war-d-0f-t-s-c0p-e-d- h- and- make-s-i/t-(e-) f-i/t- her- d- ass-knee- d- a'i-re- t-heir- d- 0f- t- r-0p-e-d-

0 w/i th0u t a ct u ally e b/b ei~n g th be a.m. e/d e/b t00 th 0 p/p e d

she makes fan-t-as-see- d- he- very-e- a- t- a-rt- i- f- act- c-an-d- be- t- race- d- e/b- t00-t-he-n0-b-ill-i-t-e-ye- a-s/s- t- re- a- t- i'm- e- m(e-)a- ke- d- 0f- t- 0-f-f- t- he- d- 0f- t-'s- p- (L-) at-e- f-f- 0- r- t- h- and- (h-) 0-ver- t- he- d- aye- t-ass-k- t-he- d- i-a- Lat-e-as-et-he- m-s- nack- t's- inn- t- a- x- e-ye- d- face- d-


it's- a-ll- t-(y-) our- e-(e-) f-x-f- all- t- i'm-e- d- 0- w/ar-e- t-he- d-(h-) all- t- a-re- s-p-0-r-(e-)t- heir- d- 0f-t-he-s-a-ll- t-(y-)ai-r- d- 0f- t- f- a-(i-)r-e- ye- d- ad- dress- t-a- re- d-s-n- are- d- f-all-t-e-ye- a- t- be-y0/n-d- a- re-(a-)pair-ring- inn- t- i'm- e-ye- d- ea- f- ea- t- force-scene- d-ea-f-e/e-d-(h-) inn- g- e- tu- be- ad- 0f- t- ly- e-


inn r/i~c h/ t (a) l/l e 'ye a.~ t 0 fxf the me an s e/e k t 0 pen (a) ll (t) e'ye d b Le~a. t as/s knee d e/b t a' re a. l/l e a. f~ t (h)r e/e ft 

(s) t 0(0) Le ye a.s/s t 0(0) L(e) a. s/s t (r ) in (n) g ag (r )e a.d. f r0m t/h and em e'ye 0/n e a.t …0/n e m(e)a.t~ ea. t a re a.~ c ht 0 pen ('a') ll ('t') e'ye t00 th t(n) ai L inn t(h) p ai L~L e'ye d we ll~ debt 0 're n(t) ai L (Le) ye (d')s el/l fxf t 0/0 th ce ll and well debt f 0're w/are a.d. h~an (d) 0 th e're p ai L a. m. ai L d a. m.e r/r e ye d f e (e) l/l (0 w/e) d 's cent 's h 0 w/ e're a.d. ea f~ L0 w/(h) e're a.d. e/b t00 t(h) up b~r in(n) g~'s (L) inn g ('s) a w/are a.d.


'origin unknown' is a miss tarry e t00 th b e/e n0/un d as/s h' d(h) 0/m e debt a re n0un d as/s (h) 0/n e ~ d 0 w/are t00 t(h) en d en mar kn 0 w/e d ~ f a(i)r e (e) f/r0m th (r) 0/n e t 0/n e~ d r~0/ne d bee h ave (t) d 0 (w/)e se(a.)t a n0/n 0's e/e (d) g~ (r) 0 w/e t00 t(h) ag (r) 0 w/e a.d. as/s kn 0 (w/e) d e.... /n se (a.) l~ly e t 0(w/) e~ s ea.t as/s e l/l t(y) 0ur e/n 0/d e(d)g am b le a. t (h) 0/0 kn 0 w/(e) inn~ d

s-he-d- only -e- d- a- ft- for-d-(he)-ad- a- dept- 0- g-ether-t0-gat-her-e- "money" for- t- no reason de-am-ed- i/c- t- i-0/n-s-n-are-inn- g- ag-re- ad- e/b- t- ass- knee- d- g-lie- f-u-ll-ye-ll-ie-(n-)d- e/b- t

a' re pack a/g e inn g 0/d 0 w/ ai t c0/m(e) b i/n(e) d e/b tu t 0/n e a.t a t i'm e 'ye d e'ye t/h (e) d g e/e s' us t b e/e s~up p~ly e inn g 0/d ly e t~h inn g (u) e s/s (t) en t i'm e inn g's~

at Least ew/e ar(e) kn 0t (a) giving et 0 me t/h false d impressi0n i'm getting t(h)ru e w/e t00 th e w/h at i/e'ye h ave t/0 d ewe

your "money" didn't take 2 t w/h0 m(e) a. ke "2" th-r0w- ag- gain-s-t-a'g- e- we- d-st-ag-e-d-s-cent-s-cop-ed-e/b- t- s- h0-p- ped- 0f- t- a- ll- bound- n- augh- t-(n-) 0-a-t-... "2" th-r0w- ag- gain-s-t-a'g-e-d- 0f- t- (h) 0/0 k n 0 w/(h) 0/n e t00 th (e) r~e L at e dh ave (t/0) d ate d- fraction-d-0f-t- s- k-inn- d-(h-)ea-r-s-e- g- ea-r-s-e- t-he- ha- r- s-e- d- 0- w/-he-ye- t-.

fraction-d-0f-t- can only replace fraction-d-0f-t- inn- time-t00-t-he-make- t-0ff- t-a-re- p- (L-)ace- d- 0f- i- t-he- t- race- d- 0f- t- p- (L-)ate- t-(y-) 0ur-e- place-d-0f- t- s-c0-r-(e-) d- = vert - hue- d- = moving s-hi-t-a- re- round-e/b-t-00-t-he- be- ad- 0f- t- pr0-(0-)f- t- found- e/b- t- a- gat-her- d-(e-)u/s- t- a- (i-) r- (e-) t- c- he-a-rt- he- d-e/b- t- f0r-t-e- w/e- d- = moving s-hi-t-a- re- round- 0 w/i th0u t creating virtue inn p.r. 0 w/(e) t h~inn g (u)e s/s t ew/e a.r t~h 's t y~L e w/00 d ew/e ve(i)n d 0 (w/)e~ ven t(h)r u e w/e a.d. (h) all a 0/n(e) g~ 0/d bu ye f(t) i 're a.d. 0/n e~ w/heeL e'ye~s/t i'l/l e~ d

i/t 00 th be y(e) a. w/are t00 th (t0) d ate

'ewe" h -ave only conspire-d-0f-t00-t-h/e-ve-t- a- p-ark-inn-g- Lo- t- t- 0-ff- e/e- d- 0f- t- 0- f-f0r-k-(t-)n0-t-'s- (k-) inn- k- inn- d-e/b-t- a- p.r.-0- claim-e- d-


kelly con-way-s- husband is apparently an attorney = "ag" r-i-c-u-ll-tu-re- ad- e/b- t00-t-he- t- L-and- h- and- e/b-tu-be-ad- f-0-re- g-ive-inn- g-(f-) am- e- d- f- an- d-= attorney-e-d- h- (t-) i-re-d- h- and- ea- f-x-f-0r-t- e- we- d- im-p-le-d- as/s- hue- d- (h-) 0-ve-r- t-ease-t-he- s- h0/u- LD- ere- d- b- f0r- d- a- ft- (e-re-) f-0-re- eL- ie- f- t- c- (L-) 0-ve-r- t-

i.d. ' s aye : how convenien-t- he can't a 're m ark t(c) 0/n e me'ye ~n k nigh t he~ave n(t) d e'ye t be t heir d e/b t a' re serve d fa(i)r e/n erve d ' sus t ai n ab le (a.)s/s e th pre serve d

(h and) g~a.m. e inn g a g (r)e a.d.

h0's pi t ab le a.d. 0/n e ve r e'ye t (h) inn g e d' she(a.) d. (h and) be a.d. c 0/0 k inn g~ f~0r(t)a l/l 0/0 k inn g

ea.r t ea.r n a l/l e' ye ~a. t e fxf 0r(a.) m.ea.l ly e

tu be a.d. 0 ff t L00 k inn g 0 p.r. a.(i.)m. e d.ebt 00 t(h) a ll 0 w/e t(h) is~s u e w/e (d') s~e a.m.~ e / d a'ye t

c hr i/s t ~h ea. r 0/d e t/h is t as/s k t00 th ea. r 0/d e a.d. h as/s pea k t' s c~up t00 th b me(A.)i.d. 0/n e ve~r'se a. ll ye a. t 00 th be ll ea. f~t (h) r e/e f~t (h) r u e w/e pt' s ea. t ~ c h air (e) t a~b (e) ll e' ye a.~ fxf a (i)r e a.(d.) t a cr0ss t heir d

b-m-(r-)u/s-e- d-'s- ai- d- e- u/s- t- a- nd- 0 ? when not ass k/t (0) m~e tu be a.m. e a.d. 0 (w/ee) pen L e'ye t00 th fxf a ll 0 w/e (d) g~0

a. ll e (ye) d serve d(s) 0 L e (d) s 0 (w/e) i ' ll e d en e'r ve d

when walking min0 i saw this book in the local bookstore window and i thought to me sell f~ t : b-r-an-d-0/n-s- mile-d- 0f- i- t-'s- t- yl-e-d- her-e- p/i- Le- d- h- inn-(d-) ad- vance-d- ass- knee-d- f0rce-s/s- (h-) 0/0-k-t- a-re- p- ass- t- (c-r-) 0/0-k- t- w/-h0-0k- t- w/-h0- d- b- (r-) 0/0- k- e're- (d-) t- 0/0- t-he- d- ewe- s-ai- d- a'te-a.s-s-e-t-(h-)is- sue- we- d-of-t-(h-) en-d- a.-m.iss- u/s- e- d- e/b- t- a- gainn- st- d-(h)im- me- d-he- ad- ab-u-s-e-t-hie-ven-d-s-(p-)en- d-s- a- w/e- g- a- w/e- g- (L-) 0-r-e-ye- w/-i- thou-t- (h-)en- d-


0 pen ly e a.d.vertising that p0ppy' ar (e) d00r 0 pen d (h) at a t00 the miss(p)en t c e/n t ass k t b f0r'd h inn g e~ d 0/u (be) t~ h and f 0're w/are a.d. h ar(e) b 0'r(e a.) d. (h) 0've t a g(L) 0've d : inn0cent "ewe" didn't pre par e t heir d(h)ea.r d ewe. so do not confuse my innocent s(p)en t inn t i'm e fxf 0 r(e) t 00 th f 0're w/are a.d. (p.r.) i'm e d. if you think i am putting poppy in a position to be stolen-d- f-rom-me- d-, e'ye w/00 d' s u g/g (u) e s/s t ewe didn't p.r. 0 vi.' d. e w/e ve(i)n t w/h 0 e w/e t(h) r u e w/e d(h) 0/m e w/e d h and le ye g(L) 0 've d' sus t ai n ab le a.t (e) f r0m th 's t a(i)r (e) t 0/0 L(e) a.s/s t (r) in(n) g 0/c ~a r(e) t 00 th em (e)a.r~ t h'd

"ewe" only h-ave-t-he-be-s/t-0ff-(L-)in-t-en-t-i0n-s- at-(y-)our-e- g(r-)un-t-(e-) ll- com-man-d-0f-t-h-and-s- L0-t- h- and- e/b- t- a- gain-d- b(r-)e- ad-a-re-round- e/b- t- he-a- ve-re-y-e- c-(h-)0/r-(e-)n-ere- d-e-ye- t- i'm-e- d- b(L-)e-ad- 0f- t- e-ye- am-e-d- i- c- k- t00-t- he- pre- serve- (t-he-)d-e/b- t- (a'-) L-and- 0f- t- (h-) en- d- as/s-c- an-d- le- t- he- d- (b-) i/t- c- he- d- e/b- t- hat-high-t-me-ye-t- b/i-t- e- w/e-d- (b-) ligh-t- 0- f-f- i-- t- 0/n- e-(n-) d- 0- w/e- d- ew/e- d-b-light-(h-) c- 0-ver- t- i'm-e- w/e- d-

b Le a. t

b (L)e a. t 0/n e a. t 00 th (e) re p (L) e~a. t her (e) d i/t 00 t(h) a g (i) 0 w/~ag 0/n e d(h) 0've r~ t's h 0/u Ld t h/ei/r d p.r. e par e inn s m0 Ld e'r~e(e) f (L) a.m. e t00 th f r a.(i.)m. e t (c) a.m. e L

L0 a.d.' s up ped' s up p.r.ess ' d f~an (d)t as/s (t i c) k (i) t (u) b rake t 0 pen l e'ye t00 th eRa t e w/e b/i t e w/e be a.d. t heir d as/s hue d


12/17/2016 mu-s-(L-)i'm-e-d-e/b- t- 0/0-c-a-(i-)r-re-ye- t- i'm- e- d-

-t00-L-(e-)in- t- he- l/l-0/0-k- t- w/-h0- d- be- ad- 0f- t- miss- t-(h-) 0/0- k- t- (h-)rue-we/- d-he-a-ven- d- g- (L-) ewe- d-


i0ubag : carefully cutting the center out of the 0 shaped handles, allows for a solid 0 canteen / coin purse / organizer to be tossed into the bag. 'cool' 0 shaped design of the handles, requires more leather than a straight vertical strap, now uses the positive (0 shaped handle) and negative (solid 0 center) as something to be used with value = c0 0'Le design with careful cutting merits 0 waste.

I.D. ea. L*

t~h at p~L ea.s~u/r~e (a. d.) i/s a c/r/u/~c i al~l i.d. ea. L (d) f~ 0're s~u/r(e) v i'v~ea.ll


g~r a/b~a/n d/g~0


f/u i~e'ye w/(h)a~s/s ~(h), fi~0 , p(Lace)hue in e~ve(i)n~ s(h)0 w/e (d)g~(e) 0/d~e/a. t~ (h~and) L(e) a. s/s t ~a' fxf a s/s t


nuclear eg.g~ i've n t/h and 0 w/are th c~an d le pt (h) a ll 0 w/e ve in c~a.m. e~ L ave d

donald trump making a scene so he can paid dof-t- 0/0- t0ff- t- on women- tu-b-maid-up-e-t-a- t-r-ump- an- d- ump-

"strength-en-d-" = compete for-t- no reason he can e re p (L)ea. t


we are not seeing 'x' = se(e) x. we are not seeing the time for c0m p~l e/a. t(i) 0/n~e inn knit dactyl ly a w/are t00 t(h) pre sent i/t a're~ (a.)d. the theory of attraction in the competitive market place (eros for -t- no reason for- t- n0 place- d-) is the chase, the theory of failure is getting into be-d-. and from there ? you for-e-c-a-s/s- t- (d-)re- ad-0-w/ar-e-t-heir- e- t-each- a- war-e- ad- s- a- through- "0"- f-x-f- a- (i-) r- e- - d-.

when paul drinan witholds money from me for working on his job site & not getting into bed with him, please understand, he is setting "up" the condition to chase your tail as a female, "and" never have to face his failure as -a-men-d-s- (p-)en-d-s-, b. c. ? he just moves on to the next piece of "ass" he has pro-cur-e-d- condition-ally-e-t00-t-he- t- ease-set- a's/s- t- e-ye- t- f- as/s- t-

the other thing about paul drinan not having to face his failure as a-men-d-'s- (p-)en-d-s-, is that he gets "2" non stop blame women for his "lame" condition-e-vain-d-

his -p.-r.00f- t- pro-claim-s- the miss-us- will -t- a- ll- a- w/e- ye-s- be the lesser s-(h-)ave-i-0re- t00-t-he- m-ai-n- (d-) f- r- a(i-)m--e- d-


december 23, 2016

just another "fucking" - s- c -am- e- d- 0f- t- h- and- 0f- t-0/0-t- 0ff- t-

didn't appraise value, didn't pay for honest value. charity is not necessary if you are the value to give the value. "charity" is just another fucking scam to make dof-t- 0/0- t-'s- t- a- f-x-f- i/- t- 0ff- t-.

just another fucking scam looking like you have something to give, something to contribute even live d

"you" are not making th e valu e w/e d at a'~b le. g. t h(r)ue : "you" are making an obscene g(u-)esture- t- hat- "ewe" -d- "ewe" - d-

there would be no need for charity, if you brought your me a. s/s u re inn d~h and c ap(t) ab le a.d. a.m.~ e/d : your "love" has no follow thru even t w/h0 d-0-w/ar-e-t- (h-)rue- w/e- d- e(a-)f-x-f- 0- r- t- purs/e-w/e-inn- d-


th' i.d. ea. (L) 0'f the w/(h)in d' s~inn g i/n g is (t) a p.r. i'm~e r 0/m e/a. n(d) t i/c~ 0/n (e) s~ea. t


narcissim of s-am-en-d-'s-(p-)en-d-'s-

con-ce-i/t- has- t-0/n-eve-r-e/n-d- i/n- g- 0/d- h- and- g-0/n- ad- sig-h- t- 0f-f- t-

create both the scene for women to be maligned against, and the "charity" for-t- (h-) 0/0 k n 0 w/e re a.s/s 0/n (e) d 0 w/ i.d. t(h) i/t.

con-ce-i/t- h-(d-) ewe didn't conceive th an(d) e~c(t) d0 ht (u) be a.d. ea. L/L t

inn-breeding failure as g-race-d-'set-heir-t00-t-he- t- (re-) p- (L-)ace- d-e- am-s- (w/-)in-g-e-d- 's-

through the effortless-t- application, of looking upon the p(r-)-0-p-e- d- 0/n-e- can be s-(h-)ave- d- ap-par-e/n-t- ly- e- a.-r-e- ly- e-f-x-f- 0- r- t- less- t- (L-e-)y- e- 0/n-ea- t-0/n- e- d-(h-)0/m-e-d-en-g- (r-) ave- d-

moving-'s-us- hi- t- a- re- round- ha-s/s- t- (u-) be- c0/m-e- sub- (c-) L-i'm-(b-)e- d- h-inn-d- c0/m-e- d-(h-) 0've- d-


W- T- F- ? not speaking 0/n e 0/n e, not speaking t00 th' s 0/m e 0/n e, not speaking t 0/n e a.~ t 0/n e. : this bu-ll-s-hi-t- is just b-id-e- in- g- t- i'm- e- d-, moving 's-us- hi- t- a- re- round- (h-) all- t- he- t- i'm-e- d-

not speaking t00 th' s 0/m e t 0/n e ve(i)n (t) d (h) 0 've d just b.c.


only bridge the "pontifex" has to make is by me being made unsustainable to me fxf ace d inn his- (t-) 0 - w/- (h-)a- ke-d-

be h0 LD th' s~p i/n (e) s/t e're a.d. e'ye d h~ave b(r) 0ugh the m(e)~a. g/i~ f/t h~and 's(h)ave i 0'r~e/n ave ye d

the spinster arose from the collage she d k n~ew/e be s(e)t h~ ea.ven d's (h) 0 w/e d

(en) ewe d


he spinster arose from the collage she d k n~ew/e be s(e)t h~ ea.ven d's (h) 0 w/e d

(en) ewe d


r-ai-s-ed- e/b- t- he- fi-st- 0- w/-h-at- e~ve r t(h) 0 w/e d

0ff t 0ff t en (d) a.m. (e)a.r~k t heir d ew/e

s w/h (e)a. t (c~L) a's/s p. r.00f t~00 th ' sel~l the w/ha le ye w/e tu de inn t w/h0 d b ei n g t~h(r)ue w/e n e/e d le t(h) pur(e) suit


i h~ave t/h and i.d. ea. L e(a)ve n~ d

the "thing" about the pope proclaiming the church needs young blood rather than old "spinsters" is he as a man, is not bringing the d ate d e/b t a~b le a.d. serve d. just say inn : the pope is actually the d-im-p/0-t-en-t-hie-ven- d-s- cam-e- d- 0f- t- b- rain- d- 0/n e ve r e'ye w/ (h) 0m e/n s a.m.~e ve(i)n l e'y~e a.t~ a't a (r)re st 0/n e ye t a' t 0/n e d