e ve/n tw/h0 e ve/n t (h)re e ve/n t (h)r u~e* st/e~w/e

i'm intrigued by this this morning~ 2 hUe See


bet h( l)e m hast never been L~aye D aye~d ate T able with the m-one-ye-s-he-may-ke-2-day-t-me thinks 0 pen ly e w/pi r/ate

btw-t/h-ey-e-t-each-s-(e/e)c-h0-0le-in-0-f-f-e-d-bet-h-e-&- bet/h le he/m is-saw/- mistake-too-the-may-ke-g-re-at-e- (you know s-he-w/-ill-b-in-busy-ness-f0-r-eve-r-t-hat-e-w/-eye-)

s-(e/e)-c-h0-0le- is sim-ply-e-t-eaching-"the"-k-i.d.-('s)-tu`-b-e/e-f-e-d-0d/d-le-d-re-ad-ata-b-earth-in-st-(h)e-ad- = an ug ly e c/c0n-ven-t-i-0/n-e- tu` the miss re.ad.


s-he isn't t/eaching e tu` b(r)0ugh t up. r.ig ht e ve/n b/right (and s-he- is making a lot of m(e)-on/e-ye-on-s-i/t-e-)s-and'-sit-u`-m-uch-0ver-t-i'm-e-al-lo-t-

m/ay-or-e- as- sure-a-dum-b-f-uck-in-d/e-ed-'st-e-ad-ill-ye-


"frieze" you-th-st-0le-n(')t-a-war-mt-h-and'-s-w/-(h)0(-0-)l(-l-)e "n't" ad-vances -0- w/-(h)0/re-t-ax-i/s-t/e-c0-m-/-me/r-c-i-al-ly-e-s-0w-e-

a f-e-d- isn't see k in g the t/ru(e)th 0 whether u/t e, or e you-th-e-



fi le up s/t~a g/e ve/n b~r/a~ve n~a.m.e



it is a c~l0ck, "w/-h/i-eye-" can't it me/an 0' L0/t c0n(')ten t all 0/ve in/n~s/0we

nolo / does not wish to "con-t-end" because the r/ich is 0bvious i' ev~e/n~d's just b.c.~ s/ay~e/ye c/c~an/s~t/a/t ~e very e t hing e/ye ven t0 me a.d.




t-yanks-&-m-ay-ore-f-o/r-using-up-all-the-m-on/e-ye-n-eve-r-t-w/h0-re-s/t-0/re-vain-e-m0-re-t00-t'hat-a-in-n-am-0re-in-s/t-"0"re-fi/n-er(e)ye "a" moor -/- room- t-w/h0-(ad)-co/ax l/o-r/e-





i color it scene-yank-&-s-nake-d(e)ye the m~ay/ke g/re at e b/by e. g.r/ate



it can't be a c~l0ck too the tell t/i'm/e rig ht if the sub-stance-is-b-o/ugh-t-eye-t-

m(e)/ask w/hat the ax le t0 me : act s ell s0und ly e w/heel~(ie)/and e.g. 0 s/at is f/act 0/r i'l~ly e st(r)e am t/0~r/e (& t0r/rey e t hr u e. g. race set h time all i've)*


ad h0/c ad hack

f0r/t/h/i~s 0 pen ly a ware in g/race ful~ly e at e ve/ry e t hing e ar t hie f/e/e/den se l~ly e t/here t0 day T may/k~e in~st/e a.d. 0/ve in 0g/g i/n~sum e a.d.vance t hr u t0~g a in/n


ein = 0ne in german & it seems too the me a.d., the only way for none in o/ne to p*(l~ace) lay e tu` by e & b/u/y~e ar e 0n e/ve r 0ne c/ar(e)r~ye the e den(')t hr 0/ugh' sac r/i fi c/e 0 pen ly e in (') t i'm e ris(e)ing 2 at 0ne mer sea


* t0rrey e = one city e w/ave the m(e)ark/e t/u`: more later with0ut he/sit/ate~ing


t he(e) w/h0 hesitates is l0 st

p.r.0 verb 0 de lay e t0 me s/trait en 0n e fashi0n e w/00d ye w0uld' s pi r/i~t u' be sP0ken & di L~at e & 0 ver t p(L)ate ven d's 0/le

From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Date: September 17, 2015 6:03:08 PM EDT

To: "xubrnt@mac.com" <xubrnt@mac.com>


i s pi r~i/t a way e


it's just you bay e b/be~ a.m. aye/ke the me all t0/d~ay T


too the per sue 0n e ve/n ly e ve/in/n le a.d. e/b t0 me/an i/n g/race ful~ly e


no line will be drawn in the s-and-today- 

no grate sh-had-0-w-e-lt abate & a bait ye politically a/s-s-w/hell-


g0/d is not he ar e. "god" is-h-e/ar-e-on a vacant l0 t-w/h0-t-0p- and swap scene f0ra re all mean i/n g's


g0/d is not he ar e. "god" is-h-e/ar-e-on a vacant l0 t-w/h0-t-0p- and swap scene f0ra re all mean i/n g's us ten an(d) c~e* very e t hing (e) c ap(e)able a.d. aye with re c0g n~i/t i 0n e f0ra w/hat d e/ar e


re a.d.


it's just you bay e b/be~ a.m. aye/ke the m0 de l/l et u`de


muse sic c/ar(e)rye set 'h'as p/ace & p~L*/ace


seth = 'a rich person' in my dictionary

h= hydrogen 


you carry the h to make the h(2) 0 re lay T

and t/hus' watt air is e see b0rn e c/are


hydrogen e & her 0 in e* very e t hing e "verse-sus" heroin-e- & hydrogen-e-


as it "i/s" st-able-conform-mit-y-e- ate my in her i/t an(d) c~e 0 pen ly e at f/ace (of-ten-re-mark-ing-i-ve-no-g/race) with my ha bits that can't apparently be put together and mit i gate


L* is the right ang le t0 0 L0ve t0 me


as it "i/s" st-able-conform-mit-y-e- ate my in her i/t an(d) c~e 0 pen ly e at f/ace (of-ten-re-mark-ing-i-ve-no-g/race) with my ha bits that can't apparently be put together and mit i gate a the sa.m.e r/ate


"god" is not hap pi the m(e)ye p lan (e), g0/d is not hap pi picking up the "god"-s-hi-t-vain-


segue : i pick up my dog shit, and judge the way to do it by the place, if the dog goes in an non traffic area, i leave it and let it do nature some good. i abhor the idea of wrapping it in plastic, so i do buy bags made of biodegradable corn. last winter, the snow is 2 foot high with passages shoveled out on the side walk. the dog shit high next to the bitter winter snow, and i thought to pick it up and then i thought that i would not. i didn't feel like it.


i was dealing with ave-st-a- at the time, in court, t-hey-e giving me a lease violation, well several, for having art in the art room, provoked by a lease-e- that complained to them incessant lie about me and several other tenants that moved sole ly because of h-er-rant-.


immediately after the dog crapped and i thought not to pick it up, a woman in an suv honked and yelled loudly at me to pick my dog shit up. i didn't and didn't give her much of anything and walked on. i did think to myself, i am happy to pick my dog shit up, w/-hen you pick your god shit up e~eve/in k/n0/t~e


the timing couldn't be better fore i/t u' be t/are 0n/e tu`


pick your god shit up e~eve/in k/n0/t~e a.m.e w/e due tu` 




s~h0 0/d eye seg to more miss be h/ave i/0/r eve n? t/e


recently, as you may know as i made mention, i have been riding my bike. diligently going to the shop to stamp the richroat.ha~us on my postcard, and learning, after about 3000 passes, that a b/lot/te/r gives a perfect rendering, but not any blotter, i had to find the right one. i am biking home, having gone back and forth for more than a week, a lot of bike riding suddenly, and there is this little push up a hill of a street right before i am at my apt. i have my earbuds and music on, and i am relaxing in the sunshine, almost home, making swooping s's up the road, like a skier would down hill. low gear, feels fine, taking my time. and a car honks behind me. i don't think, i give the finger behind my seat and take the center of the road going slow. i think to myself -t-he- hasn't earned the right too the scene s-peed pre sent ly e c/ar(e)rye d


 c/ar(e)rye d aye T able a.d. just a/ye


i didn't know how tired i had become until i tried to cook the italian squash i bought, and i couldn't find it, and i knew the dog wouldn't eat it, and then i realized, i must have brought it home, unbagged it from the grocery bag, and instead of putting it in the fridge, i put it in the bin. w/h0 0ps


i thought 'atmo' was your ling0.


c0nstant ling0


like you speak in let a(i)res


t here is n0 victor(y) un till you make i/t sum and s0/m e` ven d/0 n/e


s0w/rye w/ell an d/0ve

t el~le


le ave in g f0ra w/hi le

r/eve the a. d.~r/e am


cur-rent-ly- making op-po-sites- and-ap-p/o-sites-


you are the por thing & eye w/hinge sing t00 the with st and i/n/n g*


i like this however i don't get the re fi/n er(e)y e f0re s0me 0ne -&- not e very e (r)0ne w/ell re si`eve/d -&- the p.r.ice di's-guy's-aid-in-(')t-de-ed- as knead b re ad well n~0w/(h)e ' d (the weed 0w/ a stub by e fin ger e in g c0 war d ly e seth' s ail and sell t00 the t0/day -t-

hide & hi de & hid e

hide is the s~kin

hide the per haps with in/n e'ye

w/hat is k~n0 w/here t0 w/hide in



g am b le ss 0n

e b/rig ht all a l0/n~g w/(h)0n e c0mp any e


btw/(h) i'm picking 0 fi/g ht in st ri.d.e in g a me as u/r~e tu`de all the d are lying r/am w/h0se g0 all den f~le/e c~e very e t hing e s/0ught by J aye s0/n an/d the argue n/aughts i' e/ve n e/ar eve nigh t dress light e/r e spec i all ap/p~ear an (d)c~e very e t hing e t(hr)u`in~st/e a.d. c0/m e in g 0/ve the a.d.age

0mg, just found a new word: sounds like ha ha is~m(e)


with the Watt a(i)r~e ve~n see k w/ell and b~e/ar e r/ich ard' sac(h)s ew/e~r ing fr0/m/ aw/e ar a ja/r and well c0n duct~e d in/n br0 a.d. aye l/lig ht a w/(e) 0n e


look, i get, the "2" of you, bot-h- real and reel at the same scene by e seen time van e carried to the te-all, i get that you don't want anything to change, i also get, you are not on the same time frame, until l? you haven't actually made love yet, but you have / had erose to arrive. sharone can't share if r/ich can't be/in g l0ve t0/g ether & came L t0 fi/t hr u the ye 0f the ne/e/d le : just sayin~gw/hat eve r~ st-all-ing, and a re-verse-t/h' st-all-kin-g-


look, i get, the "2" of you, bot-h- real and reel at the same scene by e seen time van e carried to the te-all, i get that you don't want anything to change, i also get, you are not on the same time frame, until l? you haven't actually made love yet, but you have / had erose to arrive. sharone can't share if r/ich can't be/in g l0ve t0/g ether & came L t0 fi/t hr u the ye 0f the ne/e/d le : just sayin~gw/hat eve r~ st-all-ing, and a re-verse-t/h' st-all-kin-g- (2-)ab-ide-w/all king

D* by e the w/(h)ay e = D ate / Day T (per e)

the letters on their one to me =

n/0w e

e/very e t hing e

e / e = di vi de d

d = day t


e/very e thing

de = symbol read deb the judge from bi b l*e*

Le = symbol read l~an g/u/age engineering as p/re ad & t~re ad 0' w/hide blatantly en0/ugh in d's~igh t


per haps i am b/ark in g up the wrong t re e

ve/n s~0w/e


f0/r/t/h e re c0rd, i don't believe in "god" i. d.0 be le/a f i/n g0/d = g0 0dd p.r.i'me in 0ne t i'm e = the prime # divided into w/ another # gives it's 0wn value ven t i.d.e in re flect i 0n e

further, i don't believe in the "kingdom of god" i. d.0 be le/a f i/n k/in g* d0/m e w/here G*race & G*ravity e de lig ht all s~0we b~i. p.lan/e are & across e the plain e tu` b/rig ht in a.m. e in g's us Pea/k

fi* t0 me = fi de is/m e~ g0 fi/g*


p.s. i definitely do not be lea f i/n king-dum-b-cum-any e w/h~ey e l-l-i/ke-a-t0-0le-t0-get-b-a-a-a-c-k-e-ye-s-lee-per-e-vain-(')-the-s-am-e-g-am-e-


r~eve lati0n e raised the b/ar e

in p/L~ace


f~r0/m g/l~ad well s/p~(l)ace


these daye s i/t c0 h0 st~m0 re t han (d) y0u think, if ewe a(s)k me a l/l ink

c0uld k n0 t re cyst a/d ding a(m) bit


hi-d/e- ye- "light" und/er a bu's-i-/ness-


add t/o c/a~r/t e


c am er~a

a 'camera' in 'i ta l(l)y' is a 'room', i just made more x moor room for my fore b/rain e tu`per t hr u e


w/ear's t'heist re p ly e

-2- not = 2 i~n/n 0/ne~ye

scene stealler t-w/-is-e-very-e-t-hing-e-

this is much ado about -k-no-w/-t-hing-e-

your mar-r/ie-d- t/here is no salvation in the nation e ve/in k

-&-s-he-makes "$80,000" s-0w/-h-ey-e-ar-s-e-g.-w/-aye- s/t-am-p-in-g-all-a-way-ap-parent-ly-e-

it really is basick narcissism. "1-0-1" king-dum-b-cum-&- "w/special-licensing"-you-c/ain-t-b-0n-e- (the "point"-is- to belong to "one" group, so you can point the finger at the other "group"-2-at-0ne-ye-w/e-in-a-p0-0p-l0-0p-i/n-g-f-r0m-e-in-st-ink-e-ye-p-i-


ironically, the gays, etc, t ran s gen d er e, are trying to p/ave the way for d0 c i'll e things 2 L~aye, basically, doing what "man" -&- "woman" haven't done in c0mpleati0ne t0/d~ay T in re lay T~i 0n e a.d. e ve/(i)n ly e at/e

the only e "rig-ht" bein-g- mar-r/ie-d- is -2- pro-vi-de- is-(t)-uck as much as b-light- "the" h0-n-e-s/t-rite-0n-(')-t-im-e-


e*p~i/n ear t(h)0 x 2 in na.d.diti0n e w/00~le


a~p/t (part time & p(L~ace)t c0m f0r t able a.d. e)

a~p/t 0r w/i'll in g* t~0 L~ear n an/d t~each and's 0/m e(l)y e in k~n0we l~l e/a st/e a.d. i'l~ly e t hem a/t~e


t-r/im(-in-)the nap t0/0 lie directional-ly-e-t-hem-aye-k-e-g-rate- "just-b.c.-" eye-con-e-c/ain-t-0p-t-hat-e-t-he-r-0d-and-ye-s/t-a-f/ t-p.r.-0-t-e-"c"-"t"-ye-(t-h/en-d's-end-is-t-ain-t-) c0n-s-pi-r/e-ye-w/-he's-it-i-ate-2-p-(l-)ate-n-ew/-(h)e-w/-(h)0r(e)-th-in-reflect-i-0n-e-in-g-4-sum-mit-hr-u-e- d0-0/re-in-ten-t/i-0n-e-in-g-am-0re-


e*ta = i use it c0m m0/n ly e by e & b/u/y Miss Ta/ke


perfect f0r e pinning in ge's-t- u/b- just- b.c.-us-see-k's-inning-

guilty as scene-in/n-


as/s kn0w/(h)0ne is apparently e pre sent in/n 0/f/f~0nt e 2 c/ape able a.d. pre sent ly e fr0/m t/h~ey/e b e.g. inn in g


t0 me lt

l0 c/all t i'm e

l0/n g*t~0/n e t/0~me

pre sent ly e t0 tall 0 s/s0w/e' d0f/f an/g en0ugh t' c/ar(e)ry e 0n~


fi le pt u' b/r~ave in/n 0/f/f e



w/ p.r.0 vi/s i 0n e


c L e/ave s/trait 0/m e. g. utter ing

0 put f0r ged m(e)/0ne~ye in circulati0n e t0 g i'v~e c(h)0 in~s peak in g lint f~ash i/0n ab~le a.d. t/he c0 in (e) me an~s e/e d~l in g's


g i've currency t0 c0/in~s aye. g.am e a.d. f~ree ly e t00 the race s p(L)ace see n~0w/e (g0) in c~


w/in e cessary e ve/in kn0w/ing le~a p~p deed t0/g ether e vane

the seedling r/0ne technically 0/ne

a y0u n(0we.)g. 0 p~lan(')t e~sp 0/ne raised fr0/m~see d & k/n0/t fr0/m a cutting ap/p le "i.d."


D e/b T p0/0p ing l0~0 p/i~ng i~f t~a b/rain att ere sum mit a gain

g l0ss 0 we'd 0f~ten 0n e.g. a i/n/n ri fxf lecti0n e ve/n l~ie s lee p (aid) c0mf0r~t ab(el) ly e tm ay/ke~


scene-st-e-all-e/r-every e thing ist a pr0-duct-he-all-e/r-e- 0re - h-eel-e/e-r-


if s-he-didn't have t-he- m-one-ye- t-hey-e- would have no virtue apparently -2- st-eel-aw-ay-e-f-eel-er-e-t-aud-t-awd-rye-f-ac(t)he-at-f-air-e-p.r.-is-e-the-p.r.-ice-s-aid-'st-ag/e-




t awe r derivativ(e) i/st m(e)ye n a.m. e w/her(e) 0ne can be'e s a.m. eve r e la~sting a.m.~ew/e


e- t-aw-dr-(e)y-e-


i. d.on't kn0w/(h) y?

th' ag(ate) t'hat(e) g0t ha.d. g/ave g0/d (e)ye vain le-id-aye-


i'll t/ask m(e)/ask

your "m/ask" = no sign if i can~s w/ear e t/hat 0 pen ly e t00 the t/ask

b/r i.d.ge the divi'de w/hat is reel* and re all and h0w/e yew/ aye g0t here a.d. 0 w/are t00 the st and i/n/n (') t i'm e

*f ree l ye s~t/e all a w/hat is awe ll ar/e ad ye give in' s~u/re reall (sir real) e ave n the w/00 d ye w/0uld r~e sin/n (') te r(r)a in and terra t era f(i)t plan e fir st g0/d has~st g/ave t/ha~tu` b/r~ave in na.m.e n/ave L~ei


c an/s w/ear t(h)e re

li-e- 0n e tu`s(h)ave


b 0ss0 f the s~hie~ld

st ri've & pan t quick ly e

pers0n ally eye like to think of LD as L(0! R)D & L~earning 0/ di's able d t0 me fxf re qua(i)nt ly e


a diminutive f0r(u)m 0f a nature gain c/L~aw e ta ll 0n e'ye l gi'v~i/t a w/i fi t' act ac c0rding ly e & p~lay e re s'0le l00 t~i 0n s awe(')s a.m.e


c0 in (') te tiff eye c/an s/pay e w/(h)ey e


te/r~r/i t~0/r i all fxf~0r (e) see n/ew/e. g. r~0w/(h)e at e at e ven d/ate 2 day t a ware is thy e b/be d~be a.d.'s P0 ke(e)n an d well a re a.d. i/n g~s Pea k~ing (i'll) t~ye as t re a.d. e/b the ave n f0r/m/e a.d.

ScreenShot20150919at122132PM ScreenShot20150919at121023PM

ha(u) ha(u) i am kidding all the time me may/ke w/ell at/e

goat eat every thing for good ness ay ke


w/(h)eel e get here s0/0n = s0/n e very e t hing e sue?n an 0 t/her e p.~r.00f e w/e dilly gents

c~r use

c~r use the w/he(')ll d/0wn

c~r use the w/he(')ll d/0wn and as/set' less 0/n ew/e t' ap/p.r.0ve t hr* u e

*h0 u r t/wh0 gnu b ear~d(0/ne)b~0g0 all e a.d. the re t re at e n0/b~by e w/(h)e at e the pate n/p late ven ly e t00 the p.r.0 see d ate


the only thing that is getting b/ap t~ i/zed is tu` b-ro-ad-s-i.d.-e-in-po-ten-t-i-al/l-e-a/ve-n-0w-e-be-gat-e-n/0-ugh-t-0w-n-


"1" be-gat-at-w/-h0-e-ven-t-rue-b/buy-2-be-get-(h)re-e-


p.r. 0 te/in e may The ll e phant' ave s0/m V p~lease

paul-and-pall-the-t i'm e 0n di me se p ar(e) ate ly a ware

(kn0we ap-paul-0-g(u)y-e-in-c-line-d e all e)ye


i bet'h~i'v 0/r~ye tusks ellephants~w/i'll s~0w/e appreciate at last e/ar t h'0/m u st and & r0w/~h0ut 0f/f 0/rd/are fe(e)d tha! d.~a.m. e tall he a.d. e 0 gratius p.r. e a.d.

ew/e l~l0 ver the grass as 0/u/r e past~as/s e g/ras(s) pb~ e/e fxf ree ly e p~ass e`rate t'0 pen ly e re lay T/e ar t/h ey(e) w/(h)ey e 2 0w/ha tm aye/ke g re at e

phanta/sm e-lt-like- "0"rgasm t0 me w/hat eve r set sue 0n f ree ly e tu`sk i'm)b~u w/b~ate in g~i'ven & ven d's ti.p.ul~lat e in g's i`e ve/n and's end aye.g. a i/n/n~s/t e a.d.

ScreenShot20150919at44226PM ScreenShot20150919at43312PM

hear the w/thing~ you have ta st e r0s e/e d. you thought it was love, or so w/think e given t0/0 kn0w/-0- in-f0/r/m-ally-e-in-k-

the only way you can make eros e pass e(`)g0 / ne ye is 2 at 0/ne t hr u m/mins 00t/h/e (') l~l as/sent de nu de vel0pe t hr u (e)L en(')t 0ut a ha bi tat' well s pen t h~i~nk in de man due tw/h0 even t0/0 le a.d.

plainly putt, you have kids and to make them not -accomplices-e/e-vain-an-d-e/b-t-hat-you-t-0/0-k- you need to make this~ hear~e write by e right b/u/y e t he~nigh t ly e ve/n ly e vane

your reflection is st-ump-ed- at the se-am-s- and you b-lam-e-ach-ot-he-r-ring-

the only way you can make your ta s/t e r0s e. g.w/hey e sel~l 0/ve t0 me r(mirth)e t'earn in g fund a men(')t al~ly e w/hat' ave ye t0/d ay T an/d r~e lay T 0 pen ly e t0 e X p.r.ess agreement desire ably e withing's aye time ly e b/by e the may T a ke's

p.s. 0/u/r e defenses are we h/ave t0/u/r e give, and you are b0t-h- at the same time -0re-n0t, i am b0th aught exterior th0~Ught ;)rite

i imagine what you don't want to change is your strength, you work opposite each other like night to day, d/ark an/d e lig/ht, and this hasn't all ways been your strength 2 b/all(i)ance s/end currently so w/t you h/ave learned how to be strong w/th~ups and/ owns evens 2 the teeth

each can sit on the fen/ce till k ne a.d.

interesting, fashion-e- doesn't have mary quant's back as she is out-dated-at-he-nee-d's-as e th f/act "lead" consequent-ly-e women feel the "need" to c/has/e fashion-ably-e-tu-b-scene-w/-e-(n-0w-e-ap-parent-ly-e-)pi-ty-e-w/-e-


see rich can sit on the fence all day as n im/p he can play e t/ug aw aye


all he knows is that it doesn't de-pleasure (his) si'/t apparently e w/hey e (if n0 0ne can point out the time of day T

as a man he is probably built too-the-de-ceive- g/ram-mat-i-c-all-ye- c-0r(e)-rect- apparent lead -&- he b-lam-e-s/ue- for not just being b.c. like he-.a.d.- with no challenge to his "lead" = pre-dick-t-able-ad-ding-a-gain-


ps you bot-h-us/sys l0ve drama

d/ram/a dr am a d ra ma

drama rama

you have given rich love and thats a fact that hasn't been re loop ed back,

the charm you started with became c - harm and then h-arm-ye- w/hen you made money of/f r-ich-e-a/ve-n-d's-ly-e-

you give 'l0/ve' but you can't give it 2 each 0ther e ceived at the same time and place bein/g

it had to be s-0w/e- t0/0 e ve/in s0w/e & w/hen 0we g0 at am 0re ink virtually / ver tua~lly e

rich's biggest fear is showing emotional worth fore re all, as you have the power too the ste all his steam for his ste all

i hap pen to kn0we st-one-ye f/ace a different way e from the inside out act u ally e thanks t00 the virtual arrangement that went thr u

it is k/n0/t m(e)ye fxf all t~e

so you have obliged me to do my own thing with no re t/earn on e my re all i ty e, as, rich l-earns -2-tug-a-way-e- and you do the s-am-e- "mac" cording lay

i. d.on't what to/o do for you except your thinking apparently 2~

to neither lose my investment of my virtue, nor (e) point of vi/ewe to be seen 0f/f ace value

you have the ch0 i/c/e t0 d0 the same. g.a in/n = t'l e per e s/kin 0/f/f re(e)flecti0n e ve/in b/r0 ad day e l~light p/lan/e t i'm e m(e)aid

that is how reflection works e the dynamics 0k i/t's e the only way to make your g/aw and j/aw h0re c/k 0n the same p(l~ace)age

this wouldn't work with "each -other" as you have already t as t e r0s e, the only way to make a com-mon-e-(ye)-mistake & give value to the er0s e/e d~aye

is to give l0ve a way T... are you looking for any other T a/ke/r's as tm ay/ke/r's

sowe rich is treating me in the context he treated you to take a rake on his l-eight- that i don't bring enough w/he at on my own apparently e too the con text of e/we t/w-h0-d-00-d00-min:nim my friend the only way 0ut is in/n' syn(')the ave n (t)d's

i actually am angry at h/ave in g t0 app ear s0 d/r0ll l/is/ten/in/g -am-0ver-t-a-gain- e-we-g0-

is it ok if i wipe this out like r-ich-and-ye- wiped me out, so that i appear better t hat way (as if i earned it actually e tu` t day "in" the "lead-)apparently e


you can suck your own see-d- 0 pen ly e


here's the thing, if you get off your f-r/am-e-work-&-f-re-t-werk- you f/ear you wouldn't have a f/ace, the point really is, if there is any 0ne in the w0rld you should could would as w00/d be the talking 2 it = me ave n sum e all a & l0/ng, it actually and ironically should be the most natural thing 2 due tw/h0 e, your nature in your pea b-rain pine all g/land, doesn't retain (b.c. si`t didn't may/ke) an understanding t/hat may K rate ll, your "night-mar-es-" and -ink-the-hun-c-lean- f/0/u/r e f00ted h0-0ves-p-arked-in- your imagination as reality unchallenged on eve r ye ll eve ll 0 basically e

women are m-aid-up-e-0n-s/t-are-by-e-&-st-air-s- &- a-men-h-ave-im-mage-in-nati0n-2-s-par-e- bu(y)t not with f/air e seen e w/0re th c/are t/here

i'm working with an in-fan-t-

and ironically your charms that charmed sharon, e with drove a wedge into your relationship with blame, that you b-lam-e-d- back, as she has charms to pack a yack for -e-all your b-ack-, you can't use your charms on me, for whatever reason i don't "se-(e)"th-e-ap parent ly : one, if you use your charms you would be showing that you c/are fo/r/m/e came L in-fan-t-as-ys-, the Charms i am after in continuities peak, is my reflection capabl e a.d. fxf ree ly e, sharone can provide that for you only if she wants 2 be t(h)re even t hr u.b/e. yew/h up have some g(r)0 wing et u`de all s l0ve t hat -en-cumber-sue-


C~H~arm in b/ay e b/be~e s Peak w/he (a)ve n & g0/n e my fxf r/i end e/b t(h)read act yl:ly e in st/e a.d. literally f/ret he r/e

i think sharone has taught you to be the mother of re in ven t i 0n e tu`think about in ten t/i 0n e


i think sharone has t aught you to be the mother of re in ven t i 0n e tu`think about in ten t/i 0n e k i.d. ge it


c0/ L et c~um ave n ew/e b/l~am/e t hr u e ven ing's um mit w/h0 (0)le & vi/ewe tu`g a way e w/ hue


t ran~s(e/e)mit~te/r(e) ing


e pt w/in te r e~st at/ta~c h(ea)d ate. g. 0