h 2 0/m e

pas-t-or-e-st-0'le-t-he-ad-dress-a-i.d.-e-fi/n-e-d-e/b-t-he-ad-day-ap-p./r.0ve-d-in-n-e're-t/he re lay t~e ve(i)n t(h)rue ye sa.(i)m.e 0/n e tu b~r/0 a.d.' s~i` de b/t c(i)t(ye) b/b~e t/t~a(i)r~e p.r0 f0 un d


i/n-it-i-ate-i/ng- t-his-con-verse-ate-i/on-e- is "t" like having a conversation with a make-be-li/e-ve- per-s0/n-e-, like "officer-bliss" sent by "paul drinan" to do his "speaking" for-t-him-, telling me, that i am "i'm-material-" aka "immaterial". the officer, like "paul drinan" "need's" me in place, to tell me what i think is "im-material" too-t-heir-e-f-ace-

h a/n d/e l/l i/t y0u/r sel l f x fe

i don't think "paul drinan" should be allow-e-d- to have a messenger for no reason to carry his disgrace, to blight the day, earning me-on'e-ye- without c/a(i)re to think act u ally e in k~n~0w/e ft f/r0m a warp in du~st r/(e)ye t00 the may/ke c0mp(l)ea.t l ye

having someone else do your b -i.d.-ding- is -t- weak-ness f-rom-e-t-he-"beginning"-t0-g-et/her-e-

it is curious to me to think, the n-aye-s-aye-ar's-e-, c-limb-in/g-on-e-religion, and christ-conscious-ness, t-hey-e- have always been the n-aye-s-aye-ar's-e- 0-ver-t-i'm-e- talking-a-bout-ad-dress- and n eve r 2 x tw/h0 le. g.0 all e d/0wn e t/0w~n e/a.r~t


paul drinan, you do understand, rich's majesterial st-ate- tu-be perceived as a 'state' is requisite upon not speaking to me ~ve(i)n, as is your's -e- x- act- l-(e)ye-g- leaning upon every other "man" yo-u-se-e-d- "deaf" f0r/m/e "alla" -r/o-und-

rich sim-pull-eye- has a pre-ten-se-too-the-a-di's-g(-u-)ye's- with sharone on hi-s/i-de-

ps, "you" h/ave n eve r made l0ve you r tooth can re claim the mitt in t0/0 w/e~ in 2 t i'm e

if -ew/e- want to weigh in/n 0/n e m(e)ye t i'm e, we will see how you h/ave used your t-i'm-e-c0/m-b-i/n-e-d- e/b- t-r/u-st-e- in you-r-e- fave-o/re-b-o-ld-as-s-0w/e-g-0-

please note, i am give ing, or g/ave, "paul drinan" the value of my t~0/0 the 2 by being my w/0 (L) rd e/b t/0 re pre sent me a/n d, and he is using it to st(-e-)ye-a/s-t-mo-st-in-t-i/ng-too-t-he-b-ein-g-0-b-serve-d- : "paul" is putting his unnecessity as a claim of vert-u- on me, to shoulder as apparently not bein g (c) able a.d.~0 pen ly e : "ie" "eye" get -2- w/-ear- the-ad-vance- of apparent ly not being able to make re lay t i/on s~h i/p synth t i'm e all's~0we. b-a-st-a-rd- in-t/r-an-s/i-g/en-t- bu-ye-"h"e-art-a-war-e-b/e-c0/m-e-i/ng-s-0-le-x-"soul"-


put a new/e s~0'le 0/n 2 a s~h0 e

"paul" put a "new" scene s-o-le on -2- my seen s h0 e, and (e)ye am going to wear "hi'm" out ~h 2 0w/e pt p.r.0ut ' a d0/ve ve(i)n (t) d's~en d's~


please note, the reason i contacted "susan=has-son" is because paul had her contact me, when he created a scene to make me eat shit for no reason in front of another man. paul did t-his- with no fore thought of susan's work i contracted, and was in the process of making good on/e. this can all be rehashed and re vi ewe d starting with the innocent outlay as his diss-miss-all-t- o-c/c-u/r-e-d- at www.preem0.com (that is a ze/r0 th ere).

first of all, i didn't believe it was necessary for me to return susan's materials, before i got paid for work completed on pauls j-0-b-site, as i took the "rigging" as an understanding he "wanted" me too t-he-h-ave-, that his virtue in his word being provided me the g-ran-d-e-st-a/nd- for-t-he-sham-e-.

the work on pauls jobsite was undeniably completed when i walked off of it, unpaid for 2 weeks. paul had no thought of me or susan or his client kathy, as a woman to think of provision ally e, yet he uses susan-et-c-, as a c-over-t-up-tu-b-e-ad-

silly, i know, yet if i didn't know better, i wouldn't be maid to represent this fetter for no reason tu be s~0w(e)n.

paul is insecure, and his image is riding all -w/0-men-0w/e- thus the tuss for whose virtue is a mu/st e. withholding my money as my word provided to paul, he presented a face too the ad/desire able t/rait 0w/e but he can't be apparently connected without ho-no-r-ing- your-e-s-0'le-g-ran-t-d-0h-

for susan has-son's-h0-d/d-ye-par-t- s-he-is-t-his-g-l0-

here are her de-man-d's- and-a/rt-i-fi-c-e- dy-na.m.ic's :

"1" be a den-eye-r-at-a'll-c0-h0-st-s-


the problem with me working out my problem with paul on my own time, is he has used susan has-son to shift the time given too the t-i'm-e-tu-be-t/he-w/h0le-ye-

susan, in my estimation should have drop kicked paul, and contacted me personally, not thru paul, not aligned with paul's maligne-d-fin-e-. susan should not have believe-d- paul'-s-tor-ey-e- that i am not my working word as worth in d time // and, con-sequence-sent-l-ye- he "is"-up- too-t-he-t-up-t-ly-e-"0"-bs-erve-d-en-ough-

what paul did with susan was wholly unnecessary as he did with me, and he set her up to s-owe-t-he/ave-

susan-s-pan/ning-0/n-e-paul for no reason to me in "re-course",bu-ye w/-h-ey-e- she says she received "no coherent response", that is why i deem her a petty fluff manager in t-i'm-e-, she has the time to t-a/ll-k- but no t i'm e t00 the invest i g/ate & expects to be fe ed -at-a-co-ho-s/t-e- t-rite- a-lo-t-


i'm ear too the say, i am not ok with you steting your t-rite-on-e-me- as-u/r-e- my T all t/he w/h~ey e


for/m/e ye will give susan a bu ye t/hou see p0 ten t/i all, in that paul is a c-harming fellow, you may not re-cog-n-eye-s- until you d/0 re all business with him as(t) your sel l fxf e. that said, andy died 11/11/15 and the house was swept shortly there after. your cushion i sewed and materials have been thrown away, to get the house ready to probably e sel -l -ove-r-t- a-gain-

the bu ye that susan gets is for not knowing me bet~ta(i)re, in par-t- 2- t-anks, with the "likes" of "paul" c-0/ve-r-ing-t-he-scene-well-e-in-s-"a(-i-)m"e for no reason too the may/ke (t/he art as/s (h)0 w/e)


no body is at h0me, "t-anks-too-th-e-go-ad-in-sock-et-s-um-e-on-e-

this-ad-dress-is-f-o/re-a-r/t-s- a/nd-en-t-e/r-ta-i/n-men-t- p.r.ess-(-i-)re-l-ease-s-0/n-s-c/up-too-t/he-w/h0-put-tup-d-e-si-re-able-y-a-war-e- vein s~0we ? too the w/(h)ea.r t (h)a t~rig ht 0 day t my t 2 h0 pen w/(h)i.d.e in sig ht



does not know me, she t-inks she knows me, we pass in art circles, she seems up-tight, f-rigid-st-r/i-fe-. her re-po-r/t- is significant in that me-s/hell- is a graduate from "meca" the "art" school, and this is significant to the www.holliesprague.com website, where i "get" to be harrassed bu-ye-t-here- "art" st-u-den-t-, p-(L-)acing a competitive lying lein on me, and several others before me that moved as they did not have the rational choice to stay.

I have not completed the holliesprague aka haul lies prague (a meta for a state of bein g) website, and i hope to now do so here. what i haven't put online there is the communique from residents that this "art" st-u-den-t- p.r.-eye-d-up-awn- always stating and gesticulating that she is a "graduate" of the "art"-"program" at "meca" and a "pro-fess-i/on-all"-ea-r-i/t-, a-n/d-ouch-ed- this "posit-i/on" to put d-own others, too steall their time in the h-ad-vance-t-hat-s-he-serve-s-e-g-w/-hey-e- on-e- t/hat are artists on their o(w/)ne path, and without out a "degree" to fall-(-t-)-loo-p-oo-p-up-on-ea-r-t-rash-e-ye-may-k- 2- pass-t-i'm-e- g-res-st-ate-

me-s/hell- constantly references meca as she the "graduate" f-rom-, and "professionall" and this is has already been made aware on the hollie website. it is my suggestion she got the strength for no reason to way-l-eye- on one person after another here, from annie wadleigh's o(w/-)n font subscribed to be pre sent in another time as her me-one-ye-'as-e-th'- c-l-i'm-(e-)b-s-

let's talk about "meca", i took a continuing ed class on furniture making, the instructor was inebriated, nobody completed their project, the school proceeded with remodeling, during the class, moving equipment into disarray, building walls! with debris in place, for the students to then figure out the right way in the disfigurement m-ad-e- a "constant, and steady state"

i have talked with people that have taken classes in winter, the window is broken, and they are stuffing fabric into where the glass should be. i remember a graphic arts class for beginners, and the "teacher" gave 50 steps at once, and no one could follow, as there were some beginners that didn't know how to turn on their machine. exacerbated, as i kept raising my hand, he really wanted to wring my neck, and i would like to point out he is not really qualified to be a t eacher with t/ha/st-e-

then there was the week intensive on screen printing, and the school forgot to order, or didn't order, or did order, and didn't receive, the frames to print with, so we the students got to spend a 9 to 5 day in theory, talking about screen printing, and then after class in winter, get to go find and buy screens to make up for the "teaching" han-d-of-in-p(l-)ace-bein-g-

meca can't keep quality teacher's. i can elaborate, if any one wants to (re) press my p(L)ate.

and i wrote to rich previously, i wouldn't attend meca again for the out-put t-hey-e- fortified with me-s/hell-ea-ven-(-t-)d's-en-d'scene-in-n- d-rone-in/g-t-(h)rue-t-heir-e-pro-g/r-am- and it is interesting, the re-as-on- is apparent too-the-b-scene, bu-ye- the circumspection-s-t/ill-in-c-our-age-s-owe-ing- f-annie-w/-ad-leigh-t-


w/hat more do eye need too say, f-annie- got-her-e-w/-hey-e-

"no-com-men-t-" his-tor-e/ye- a/s t/m a(-i-)de


meca does not pro vi de a r~0ute, they give lipservice to you t0-(w/-)n-e-

t-hey-e- ad-dress t-hem-sel-l fxf's as, but to ride their "pro-g/r-am" you know which -t-hey-e- suffice-s-aye-s-t-e/m-0ut-h-2-re-lay-t-di's-mall-(e-)ye- s-p.r.-out-e- quite frank ly e "k-no-t" 0 rig i/n all (e)ye t00 the contract u all a/s t ate & st em tu gaw/ aye (a rt i/s t misrepresented bu ye t-h/em- in-pr0-v/i-s-i/on-e-) (or-t- miss-represented- if-you-p-l-ea/se-t-hen-)


you can say i don't know annie wadleigh either, however what i do know is she doesn't st/a/nd f0re rig ht 2 t~ether e tu

a promiscuous f-ace is all she p-(l-)ace-

scene in place, but not re all ye f/r0m t/he m/ou/th ave t/he re lay t i/ng t0 day t & t/here f/0r~e

side note: 1/3/16 sunday, work tomorrow, early, 6 days, last week to get the frames done and on the ship. my desktop is 4/5 ths cleaned, don't know what emails i need to tel le graph, but t w/i'll s~ea.t r~e a.t e


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sowe, this is what i have, as the fast way to go, the desk top is clean of transaction, however, no i have to recoup the emails from both the 'in' box, and 'sent' // dates may be out of order, well, from the picture screenshot conversations...





c/a(i)re t/ang le




c/a(i)re t/ang le a.n d m/ang le

as for the emails 0 pen as listed, if you are present in time in space as apparently subsisted, it shouldn't be a problem t/o re lay t.

& e ve(i)n t00 t/'h'e re lay t i/n/n sign if i can t l(e)ye t'd ate