0ct 12 2016 re t ea.r n~ d(h) 0/m e'ye d(h) 0've d (i/t) a' ll a(i) re a.d. e'ye w/h 0 r~t / h e w/(h) i ' L(L)e~ a.d ea. f r0ck t h ai r~e si den t ces/s (h) ake d ea. f (r) a. (i) m. e t ~a g (L) ad. (g) L e/a. p(t) 0'r (e) ve~r e a. d ewe inn p(L)ace~ d ewe t00 th u(e) s/s t ewe d 0ff (i)t h~(a) t 0/0 d ewe t(h) r u/e we/ d ew/e ve(i)n t(d) un e tu~ d(h) ea d (h) e/e d be t/t a(i) r~e (e) fxf 0'r (e) d~ th e w/he t/h e r an~s a.m. e d(s) 0' L e d as/s knee d f ewe t(y) 0ur~ (e) a.d. 's e/e x ap~p(ea.) le~ g a w/h eigh t~ 00 th (pee) c (L) 0' ver t(d) u/b L ac~k t inn e min n0w/e t i'm e me(a.)i.d. ' s L e'ye d e/n a.m. e ve(i)n ~ t b~ark t w/h00 f i/n g 's p(L)aye d 0 w/h~i.' de s~ yn/ th ' sir tu be s(t) i' d e w/e t00 th a.d. ver t hu~e ye d(h) e'ye d t w/h 0 ' de s(s) e rt (c) 0/0 k t w/i th0u t


h-ad-j-(aw/e)-u-st-u-b.-c.- be the spoken f-0ur-e've-r-t-m0-re- d-


ironic her actions with -d-0f-t- are not considered 'misled' in "time-d-0f-t-a-t- re-ad- 0f-t-a-gain- (st-e) the knock -t- o-f-x-f-


use me as t-heir-e- whipping - p0-st- , thinking the dodder-r- is-t- a-g-r0w/-th- d- a(i)re- t-0-at- a-re - & n-are-d-g-0-at-heir-d-


y-ewe- don't stand on your "own" ex-ce-pt-oo-t-he-t-'s- h0ve- d- e-w/e- the- wit-ness- hat-e- ("inn") fxf ace d



tired, only slept 4 hrs, hopefully last night. not sure if it was. b ear i/n g. had an appt new general doctor, just wanted to check inn, as/s it had been about 3 years. and i am super normal. funny, right. he has suggested trazadone for sleeping, better than over the counter ingredients. it cost me $4 for a 60 day supply, so we ll see... i don't like the look of proscription meds. just looked that up, i may mean prescription, but the 'pre' seems fuc-k-t-d-up-(e-)t 0 me. anyway, i asked about side effects and all that, along with liking a little tip to weigh into sleep. he says it is fine, for the organs to process especially in small dosages, and that it puts you on a regular 90 minute sleep cycle. which i didn't know. a lot of thoughts last night. salon work has slowed down this week which is nice, however i did expect to do other work, than, the predatory emotion-ai-l- com-p-le-x- of t p0-lice- w/h0 r/k t-ill-a-w/e-st-a-w/-he-ye-d-aye-t-00-t-he-r-a-k-e-t-c- for every imp-ass-a'ye-d-ate- sig-n-if-i-can-t- ly e. i'm not done g rind i/n g on t-h0se- s-h-all-0-w/e-t-he-ad-s-inn-re-p0-s-e-g- "n0" 0's. force-see-n- force-say-inn-g- a-gree-d- is necessary to me'ye pi/t full renditi0/n e w/ kn 0 w/e 0/n e t00 th be h/ave th fxf ree ly e/g ave t w/i.d. th 's a.m. e ve(i)n ly e. i do think there is something terribly wrong with po-lice- officers for-t- no reason sense of "e-g-0-d-", i mean they are basic lie vain on purpose tu b-s-0d-as/s-0t-0/0-t-h-0-ver-t-urn- nit-int-0-t-ea-r-n-d- "i/t" : jack asses always escalate in the direction of the po-lice, the l-a-w/e-st-, the vain ai L buy bane nail "higher" authori-t-ye-. they feel they deserve to feel good & g0/d about being an ungainly nit-in-t-i'm-e-d- e/b-too-t-he-t-com-p-ea-t- i'm-e-


so the little run-t- ruth-an-d-0-w/e-i-s/t-, seemed a bit taken a back from the vec-t-or-e- she was intending to present, when i mentioned i went to speak with the hierarchy at verizon phone that borders the grass where we throw, and to the employees at planet dog, that resides in that grassy area, and i have talked with anyone from the bayside trails committee, as the trail runs right thru both stores back lots. her approach, besides being d-um-p-ass-t-up-id- , is sug g("u")esting, for all her mere worth in stride pretending, that she vain nail ly e thinks, she runs the show. and that she is necessary Eve/n s h 0 (w/) e. i honestly cannot express enough how much repugnance the thought of a stupid ass person, thinking t-heir- "e-g0-d-" is "g0d" that they all ready mad-e-d-up-(e-)t-, inn their on reflection without inn t ere ven t i0/n e. just say inn. stupid ass, and nit thinks it runs the show, on some necessary contribute ate i 0/n all eve l d 0 w/e ? n0 not e ven s0und, e ven s h 0 (w/) e, not E ven anything, except thoughtless w/-all-king- repugnance tu-B-Miss-pen-t-


& demand attention for-t- no reason as/s th desire pretending too the frame -d-g-at- e- f-rom-t-he-te-p-i.d.-p-(L-)ate-t00-t-he-d-ate- : which is quite honest lie where she got her lame b-rain-d- e/b-t-oo-t-he-t-be-gi-n-n- d- 0- w/-ar-t-


the "no-t-ion" that i don't get to express me'ye feelings without penalty and a reduction in me' 0ne ye. only a b-a-st-a-rd- could sell that nail t00 the p-ale- m-ale- d-0f-t-0/n-e- gen-t-le-d- miss-t-00-k-t-re-ad-. it is all man-i-cur-e-i/n-g- a- "men" for -t- no reason, t-w/-h0-d-'s-t-ag-e t-he-setting-'s-um-e-d- = you as a "man" just "need" too-loo-k-t-he-par-t- : not just ly e . ju-st-u-b.-scene- d- bed -&- nail- t-a-ll-e/n-t-oo-t-he-p-ai-L-and-e-m-ai-L- ad'-s- e-g-'s-us-s-e- "ll's" t-w/-h0-buy-e-tu-


i feel for a reason, my desire has been crossed to fortify t-heir lack of reason, being scene as reasonable, with n0 0ne reason able in-nit's- (t-)0-w/e- d- : con-verse- lie- the nit feels its desire to stage being' scene ass the desire it actually didn't g/ave didn't proper ly e be t/h ave d, and doesn't desire ve(i)n k / t c a.m. e /d f0r t completions ake t00 the re t 0 rt: not one nit brought love too the re st 0 re d. the nit can't stand on nits -0-(w/-)n-, the nit makes popularity for-t-no reason a de-vice-d-0-w/e-d- necessary-e-scene-inn-t-w/-h0-d-e-w/e-d- compete for-t- no reason, force-see-ing- a re p ly e, too too l nits lie-d- 0-w/e- d-


the nit c0-0p-t-d- pro-vision- own lie for the nit t00-t-he-re-p-ly-e-t-heir-d-0-(w/-)e-s- n0 ? -t- lie- d- the nit doesn't want (h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e d ate. it can no longer for-t-i-f-e-ye- nits miss-take-d- e/b-t-oo-t-he-d-ate-r-ape-d-0f-t- every dof-t-00-t-he-sit- com-for-t-able- lie- d-'s- with n0 precedence among nit.


t00 th' sup/per ' s e/e d


the nit employees the -d-0f-t- w/-h0- cut me'ye t i'm e inn t -w/-h0- d- "ew/e" -d- the-d-0f-t--in-k'-s- i am miss behaving when i should know nit better, that nit thinks nit did the g/ave in g , with0ut the gigaw/h a t/t h ave i/n g igaw/h a t/t b e/e


n ave i/n g lee fully e


it is compartmentalized di's-f-unction- to give narcissism a-re-a-r-s-e- t00-t-he-g-ea-r-s-e-th-r-e-w/e- d-e-(ye-)a-r-s-casting -t-0-ff- t- make the s- nake- d-0-w/-e-inn-t-rue-st- an-d-0f-t-


nit as-s-a'ye-s- one can't quest i 0/n e "god" the nit create-d-inn-t-heir-i'm-ag-e-d- for-t- no reason, bu ye desire inn sea s/s 0/n e d. i am to questioning nits "god" , i am questioning the g-round'-s- nit hasn't sup p ly e d 0 be a.d. , and not be-ad-0f-t- competitive lie in every t i'm e s L0 t -d-0-w/-id-th- "i/t" force-seen- a re ply in nit's competitive for -t- no reason "time"-d- 0- w/-rit-e- on -t-he- d-0h-t-d- line- d-. c0-0p-t-ing my time and may-king- i/t-heir-t-00-king- 0- p-.r-i'm-e-d-. honest people should walk t away from these posit-i-0/n-s- for-t- no reason as/s a'ye desire d 0 be (a.)d. e/b t00 the a.r 'se t heir d 0ve d 0 (w/) e s. honest people should wall k t a way, from the nits-too-t-he-be-h-ave-d- 0- w/-he-ye-(t-)d- daft honest people should migrate too the deft, and recognize a nit is trying to re purpose re-s-i'.-d.-en-t- ce-


that should read, i am not questioning nits "god"


f0r/meal/ly e


honest people should walk t away from these posit-i-0/n-s- for-t- no reason as/s a'ye desire d 0 be (a.)d. e/b t00 the a.r 'se t heir d 0ve d 0 (w/) e s ~h a.d. 0 w/e d/g ave d


daft honest people should migrate too the deft, and recognize a nit is trying to re purpose re-s-i'.-d.-en-t- ce- with n0 re all L0 s/s of t "inn-t-ere-st-" me t. the nit can re-purpose-a-l-ie- t00-t-he-(purse-)su/-e-w/e-"i/t"


the nit escalates in war, for -t- no reason tu be a.d. 0 w/are & w/h ere your t as/s p b f 0're (w/are) d . the nit escalates too th "authority" only a nit could re-st-0-re-d- 0- w/ar-t-


"a-rt-i-fi-ce-" is a -b-0re- (t-). nits show admirable flexibility for toting "knowthing" for-t- no reason inn every e "sea-s-s0n-d-" t0-g-ive-ye-t- a-h0-rt-


if ewe give "i/t" a h0 rt, chances are the nit w/ ill gain a re-t-0-rt- : e w/e can c/all t his -t- p(L)aye i/n g inn t0 nit.


the nit -b-c-lim(b-)e-s-0/n e , t00 k / t pre tend "i/t" didn't desire inn sum t00 th e/g i've t w/i.d. th. i would pre sum e, the nit makes pee-pull think that t-heir e-g0-d- for-t- no reason, see "every-one" on the same un quest i 0/n e d (as/s i/t isn't re al ly sup p0 rt e/d 0 w/(h) inn the competitive market place : i am marketing reason as/s a'ye desire inn the first place d) "time" "frame" e vain-d- but the nit will call "i/t" "vein". the nit only desires too the "sound" the same, the lack of reason for-t- no desire never had, and never gave, and never wanted even ly e. that is why i think the 2 D 'en' and 'em' w/ i.d. th re all ye justifies the s pan e. jack asses don't think for the living t00 th t w/h0 d e w/e d


honest people should walk t away from these posit-i-0/n-s- for-t- no reason as/s a'ye desire d 0 be (a.)d. e/b t00 the a.r 'se t heir d 0ve d 0 (w/) e s ~h a.d. 0 w/e d/g (a'v)e d


v = direction v0x = voice = if spirit has/s a(L)ve t00 the v0 i/ce s/s e g/g ave t/h' s pi r i/t u all ye. and if you are getting all this documented direction, competive lie ,in 0rigin e tu b as/s p i re d ? g0 /d nor the nits "g-0/d-" have ever d a ct yl ly e re L ate d aye d 0 w/are a.d. 0 b. e(a.) d


p0-lice- officers can't give me sustenance d serve d ly e


the nit poses itself behind 2 effaces of a lie too the le-ad-0-w/e-ll-

dowel buy the way, is a headless peg, meant for holding things together e ven d. "one" war is necessary for-t- he be-s-(h-)ave-i-0re- buy-e-as/s-t-s-tup-id- as/s-c-an-d-b-e-(a-)d- for-t- no reason as desire actually e. "t-w/-h0-" that "no-one" can know ore claim too know the will of the nit's "g-0/d-" : it is a h-e/ad-le-s/s-t-a-r-t- . fighting over a c-i-t-e-ye- of the savior, that the jack ass can't figure out, isn't about "him" as/s -nit-s-en-d-'s- p-0re-t- hing-e-d- 0 - war-e- t- c- too-t-he-t- l- as/s-t-


e w/e simply h/ave t0 ask w/h a/t is actually e necessary e tu be (a.)d.


without pretending "we" are giving more liberties, to send-pee-pull-p0-st-all-as-s-c-an-d-b-e-e-


b-scene among "ewe" force-see-ing-scene- buy pretending you work and stand e/b t00 the re p (L) ea. T a ct u al ly e


when inn neT w/0re t/h, the nit hasn't made any e valu/e w/e inn fxf a ll 0 w/e t (h) r u/e w/e d, ad just for-t- he- s- as/sa'ye - d-


"deliberate" as/s a'ye a "st-ea-d-e-ye"s-trait- & - p.-r.-ate- d- 0 -w/-ill-d- ewe- : "man" s-t-ag-e-i/n-g-' scene- buys "time" for you thinking he is c0me ly e


"deliberate" as/s a'ye a "st-ea-d-e-ye"s-trait- & - p.-r.-ate- d- 0 -w/-ill-d- ewe-a-t- e-


p-r-ate-i/n-g-too-t-heir-e-g-0-d- for-t- re-lie-f-t- as/s the nit didn't ask t heir d


the nit is all-a-w/e-st- a- w/-he-ye-s- cutting time f/rom (e) re all a. m.em0're ye: as the st-u-b-c-, so does the stub- c-u-t- for-t- no reason tu-b- seen actually inn d 0 v'e d/g (L) 0 ve d nit's dim witte-d-e-am-s-


the nit looks and acts like it wants to be inn love with reason inn d 0've d/g (L) 0've d, but the reality is the nit doesn't want you 0/u/t sourcing nits -d-e-am-s- ad- ju-st-u-b.-c- t-w/-h0-d-e-w/e-e-d- t w/h 0 d f/r0m being see (k) n 0 w/e d. the nit wants to control for -t- no reason and desire inn-t-0-(w/-)e-. the nit is about the image of its -e-g-0-d- / the nit does not care too the c air eye g/g (L) 0've d


d 0 (w/) e s~ 0 ' L e ye s 0 ' L e d ewe : the nit could no longer be the center of g-at-tent-i-0/n-e-d- t00 the re st 0/a re ve/n a.m. 0 re d. the nit would lose its "protective license" t00 the k-ill-a-w/e-s/t-ill-d- for-t- no reason nit s-lice-s-aye-s-t-ill-. the nit would lose traction, the nit couldn't be seen in a value of reducti0/n e, it didn't be t/h ave t00 th ave n d/g ave d 0 w/i.d. th. the nit would be L aid b ar/e ly e a. s/s t ea~c /h t


the nit manufactures abuse sole-lie for t- miss-u-s-e-d- t0 g0 t faceless -t-(u-)b.-c- -&- efface less -t-(u-)b.-c-


the nit "project'-s" a c-loud-ed- i'm-a-g-e- f-r0m-t-he-s-t-a-r-t- t00 the pre tend nit c0-pi-s-he-a-rt- h- : please note what the nit will allow you to say to the nits "face" : the nit has pride for-t- no reason t0-g-i've-t-all-a-w/e-st-0-w/-he-ye-(t-)d- : the nit does not actually think for the living d aye t i/t g i've~s a w/h e'ye (t) d. the nit does not think for any thing that think / t 00 th f as/s~h i 0/n e inn ' st ea. d. e'ye f L as/s h t/L i've th ' d aye t h e w/e re all y e g/ave t00 th t w/h0 d e'ye & d ate & d aye t 0 p/en l/l e ye real l0ve ye A. T e ll and 's T i'll e f/r0m th' s t a r t 00 th c air e'ye f a(i)r e (a.)d. s'hearth


inn-s-t-e-ad- of-t- the nit -inn-vi-t-i/n-g-character-too-t-he-s-c-r-ewe-d-, e'ye inn vi t e w/e d e'ye w/e


nits always escalate for-t- someone else t0-ff-t-heir-e-sum-mit-00-t-h-and-e/b-t-r-ump- "i/t" 0/n e he-ld -false- sell- lie-in a captive competitive marketplace for-t- n0 reason and for-t- n0 desire ve(i)n d e'ye


the con-verse-ate-i-0/n-ai-l- direction is no-t-able- lie -n- t- competitive direction too the "see" and "read" "rights" for-t- hose- t- h-at- lie-d- "one" direction re too the c-air-e-d- own lie too the c-a-r/r-e-ye- the ab-u-s-e- d- 0/n e s 0/m e (t?) 0/n e : met s0me 0ne that that nit wouldn't allow t w/h0 d g i've 'ye t a g0 inn th t i'm e ye t w/h as/s e/e n as/s (h) 0 w/e d, on nit's e-ver-e-ye- t- commercial--a- g-round-s- the nit thinks nitS -0-(w/-)N- d- : nits are very protective of the image for -t- buy -&- w/-id-th- no reason as desire t00 the c are & c ar/re ye w/h and 0 w/i.d. th r 0/n e/d e/b t00 th eave n s (h) 0 w/e d 0 (w/) e~s t i'll a g0 / d


on nit's e-ver-e-ye- t- commercial--a- g-round-s- the nit thinks nitS -0-(w/-)N- d-inn-nit-s-h-e/a-d-s- the nit never sought to have recourse from the miss-deed-s- nit was L-e/n-d-ing-


nits was lending's nits inn nits-h-e/a-d-'s- d-um-b-found-d- as/s-h-e-d- inn the direction "all" for-t- no reason under "g-0/d-" t "h" at you can't quest i 0/n e t-heir-d-g-0/d- without invoking ill -t- reason-d-0f-t- audible too the -t-ai-L- 0-ft- d-of-t- o- ff- t- 00k- note- &- p-ass-d-0f-t- m0-re-d-e-w/e-d-0f-t-


-&- L0-AD-S-0f-t-me-0ne-ye-t00-t-he-t-p-ai-d-0f-t-en-d-awn-d-up-(e-)t- a- cr0ss- t-


the nits direction "own" lie -d-'s-inn the competitive marketplace intention t(d)-0- w/-(h-)inn-d- 0- w/e- d-in-e-in-d- the nits "direction" has no re vi ewe w/-inn- premeditated for-t- no reason -inn-t-en-t-i-0/n-e-t00-t-he- p.-r.00f-t- p- ass- d- ewe : i am giving the time for completion, so please understand, when a po-lice- com-man-d's- me'ye inn t en t i 0/n e among "one" nit never h a.d., never g ave d, and never c a(i)r e d 0 0re c a r/r e'ye d. the 'ewe' you think of as a 'man' can't p.r.00f t ? t w/h0 d ewe. bu-ye-a-r-t-i-fi-ci-ally- lie-d- to make 'one' woman go 'missing' 'a miss' 'misapplied' misbehaved' 'misconducted' e/b t-r-ump-e-t-. buy-e-t- making 0/n e woman go missing as every w/0 man actual ly, the nit can save its "face" for-t- no reason too the re lay t, on every womans p(L)ate, tu b pate & plate -d- com-for-t-able-ad-s-.


she doesn't know better that the nits "protection" is to protect the nit from her knowing better eve n (t) d 0/n e d


"protection" on t-a-x- able- t-"offer"-t-


no man has earned his value inn the d0w/ h0 ne st LY e, just saying the inn f 0~ inn f0r/meal/ly e hasn't ever been given t a g0 /d


the "dow's" prowess, is basically offering a lie of protection and all the associated industries for-t- no reason, including fashion so women can be fan-t-ass-ee- men -t-u-b-e-(a-)d-. too the purs/e-w/e-d- the "dow" cur-rent-ly- is as fi-ct-i-0/n-all- as/s be-the-le-h-em- en-d- 2 curry the f(L)ave i 0re s (h) ave i 0re s from women's wishing we ll, and man taking the direction too th' -d-0-w/e-ll- d- h-ea-d-less-as/s-h-e-ll- d-


e-ad-s-en-d-s-a-gain- d-

in a competitive for-t- no reason marketplace, "we" have a g-e-d- inn L-earnin-g- nothing e i've n (t) d : men for-t- no reason in the marketplace where you t-a-x-'s aye-ar-t- idolize-d- inn-p-(L-)ace-d-


if you are earning money beyond your me/an/s e/e k /t you are living beyond your me-an-s-ee-k-too-t-a-gree-d-


you are giving -a-gree-d-men-t- too-t-he-t-a-x-'s- w/-i-ft- d-

if you are earning money for being anything other than just being, aka force-seen-the-scene- among me to get-he-me-an-s-e/e-k-t-hat-he-d-be-d- , you are not real ly e giving a living. currently i don't make enough me 0ne ye to have to "p-(L-)aye-, i get me 0/n e ye back. with the understated agreement, i have no true destinati0/n e ye can vacate i 0/n e. however if is stay inn place, you can see what "one" simple day of living well too the tell inn broad day light can do with a/s-s-lice-0-ft-lice-d-0f-t-en-d- e-w/e- : 4 officers, to give me made up after the fact, she said it was a warning, ticket for throwing frisbee in the park, and min0 was on leash, when i saw her waddling -0-ver-t-

there is nothing fictional too the despise, except, she thinks i have an attitude problem for no reason, and inn deed, it was directly because, i hate being the casual-t-ye- of stupid-ass-t-up-id-b-ein-g-'s-us-t- , the nit, ironically, doesn't feel very good about nit self worth, unless the nit can get a reflection form and from the nit population e-vain-d-0f-t-en-0/n-e- d- i don't walk around with a f-ache- g's-us-inn- me'ye h ea d, standing gun too th imp "0"'s e/e -d-0f-t- . guns don't use reason as desire t00 L i've reas0n able. the irony, p0-lice do not provide reason, they do not tote reason, they do not care about the inn-con-ven-i-en-ce-d-0-h-t-, the nit totes -too-th-d-0h-t-, if you don't fit the nit's sure fire anec-t-dote- , the nit muscles with a lack of reason, to escalate to the e-d-i-c-k-t- in nit'-ear-and-t-are-al-la-w/e-st-0-w/e-d-0-w/e-d- , the nit muscles-inn escalation that the nits "god" for-t- no reason is -n-ea-r- d- : i simp ly tell the t rut h. n0 h/arm inn t i'm e 'ye me(a.)i.d.

d e/b t 00 t(h) p. r.00f t 0/n e nit after another nit t00 the me Ark / t(h) ab use d. ironic b.c. the nit didn't sea t it c0me i/n g's

d e/b t 00 t(h) p. r.00f t 0/n e nit after another nit t00 the me Ark / t(h) ab use d. ironic b.c. the nit didn't sea t it c0me i/n g's (h) ave 'ye w/e

so the officers for-t- no reason, ticket me for feeling t-heir-d-0-w/-id.-th-is-t- ai- nit out a water-d- 0- w/-id-th- "i/t". i think there is something very smarmy and undercutting that i get penalized b.c. i am a s h all 0 re a.d. i really don't have a reason, working for myself honestly to pretend, d-ate-r-ape-d- repugnance is seen as/s being agree able t0 me, t0 me an s e/e k/t which nit speaks of t but doesn't think t 0f t, much less any e b 0/d e'ye inn re all i t e'ye A s/s T : e'ye don't have an e-d-i-c-k-t- inn- e me a.r e so i can s-qui-re-d-ea-r-e-ad-

e'ye h'ave been around enough t00 kn0w/e t-hat- st-ink-t-s-h- all-0- w/e-d-


"t00-t-he-m(e-)Ark-(e-)t-u-b-re-ad-s(t-)ai-d's- en-d's- "

be br0-ken-d-b-re-ad- c0m-e-t0-g-ether-a-gain-d-

ju-st-(u-)b.c.- d-


(H) a w/(E)are (A.) D.


-&- t-he-t-'s-0/n-i/t-s-(h-)ave-d-as/s-(h-)0/n-e-ye-g-r-ave-d-


t-his-t- (w/-) reck-less-t- (0-)/ne-ss- t- his-t- p.r.-0- w/-(e-) t- 0 -g- e/th/er-e- d- f-0-re-war- d- h-is-t- li(e-)f- e/e- d- aye- t- w/-h0- d-s- (h-) e- l- l- 0ut- a- w/ar-e- ad- h-and- h-a- p/p- e-ye- d- r- 0/n-e- d-

a-ll-a-w/e-ar-t-rite-as-e-sir-e-sig-ht- -'s-


jac-(k-)t- d-0f-t- h- and- 0/u- (be-) t0-me-an-s- (p-) en- t-0ut- a-s/s- p.r.-0ut- inn- e- m0uth- e- x- p0-/n- en- t- i- ally- e- a- "t" - 0- f-x-f- t- h-and- f-x-f- i/n- (e-) d- out- s- c- l0- u-t- hie-ven-s- 0we- d- "mount" for free lie -s-taken-d-, = free re-lie-ye- s- taken-d- a- re- b- ai- t-(h-) a-re- t- f-r0m- t- h-in- a-(i-)r-e-d- h-and- b- f-e-(e-) d- s- cent-s- h-are- d- e/b - t- heir- d- inn- p0-c-k-(e-) t- 0- f-x-f-(i-)-t- he- d- 0-ve- d- p.r.-0- w/- t- (e-) l/l- ye- t- (h-)r-u/e- w/e- d- 0f- t-s- p0- k-en- d- s- 0/a-k- t-


p-(f-)u--dg-e-ye- g0-t-w/-h0-d- be-lie-f- i/n-(e-)d- f-(r-)e/e-d-ly- e- t(d-)u- ne-ye-nd- en- ye-(t-)d- serve- d- e/b- t- a- gain- d- i'/-s- (h-)0/n-e-s/s- t- a- g- e-d- g- i've-/n - d- constant-lie- d-s- t- all-k- inn- g- a- gree- d- he- d- be- ad- 0f- (i-) t- w/-(h-)all- king- 0/d- e-(a-)f-x-f- ace- d-


"ewe" don't get a free ride 0/n e m e'ye b. c ha(L)ve d "b.c" you are the nail's-0/n- net- 00 -t- he -d- pre-serve- s-ai-L- t- ass-mate- d- ate- r- ape- d- r- i've- d-0 - w/-he-ye-t-(he-d-) ap-p-(ea-)le- d- 0- w/ar-t- i -fi- ce- s/s- hat- e- ye- a- t- f0rce-d-(b-)read- i'm-p- le-d- ea- f- ace- d- s- (t-)at-e- d- miss-tarry-e- d- r-ape- d- ewe- d- only succee -d- e/b t-(h-) r-u-e-w/e- d- be- lie- f- (ea-)t-u- de- we- d- g'sus t u d~i.d. n't sing f0r "ewe" -d- competing on peoples consciousness, to-ff-0-r-t-(y-) our-e-s- lice- inn - t- w/-h0- p- i/e-ce-s/s- t- ewe- "d-ewe-s" t00 - t-he- d-s-h-0ve- d- 0/u- (be-) t- w/-h0- 0'le- we- d-(h-)e-ed-

n0 free (db) r~i.'de~s

"ewe-r" e- p-Le- d- 0f- t- inn- d- b-(L-)e/n-d-inn-g-t00-t-he-n eve r t/h a ve inn g t/h b(L) e/n d i'n(n)e g f0r/meal/ly t00 th (e) r~e L at~e d h~and 0/u (be) t m~ake. g. r~(e) ate d he d ate t00 th re p(L)ace see n 0 w/e inn d em and f~r 0/n (e) t a' ll (e)ye t00 th (e) re ce(i)ve inn (t) d~ ew/e t(p) u b~ L i s/s h (e) d en sel ly e t00 th c(L) 0' ver t (a) g(L) 0'ver d i'n(n)e inn d ewe


t-he-ye-w/00-d- b- rake- d- ewe- inn-d-ewe-t-i'm-e-t00-t-he-d- com-for-t- ab-le- ad- ea-f-0rm-e- ad-at-a- t0-s/s-0/d- (e-)u/s-t- a- f-x-f- (i-)t- he- (a-)d- 0f- (i-) t- 0- f-x-f- t- b-r-ave- t00-t-he-d-e-ye- a.s/s- t- re- a- t-

mike pence does t-his-t- 's- hi- t- b.c. his- t- a '- wife-e-d- support s-him-s- e-x- f-x-f- 0-r-t- n0 reas0n d -h- and- he is not affraid act yl ly e t00 t(h) a ct u ally e : he s-tup-id-'s- (h-) 0 - w/e- can't po-in-t-he-f-x-f-i/n-g-ere- d- r-ad- i- c- k- t- ally -e- p-ap-s- 0/n- t- he- t- w/-(h-) all- e- ye- d- e- s-(s-) e-rt- s- L0-t-he- g- 0/ "t's"


"2" ewe-s- (h-) 0-re- kid's- ad- e/p- t- his- t- inn-t-ere-st- f0rce-scene- d-, put-heir-e- par-e/n-t's- 2- work -for-t- no reason e t00 th being : his- t- e- f-x-f- 0- r-t- (h-) 0/0- k- t- 0/n-0b-0/d-e-ye- with "d-ewe's" to-re-pair- d- ewe- s- &- "d-ewe-t-e-ye-s" took ca(i)r e 0f t n0 0ne cess air e'ye

mike pence has no jesus on his scope, no love on his mop, his mope. he has -s-nit-0-war-e-d- 0f-(i-)t- s- n0-ped-


d 0've~

inn s c~0 pi e'ye dh 0'p e~d

h a/b i/t e w/e d

f0r/meal/ly e t a. m.iss (th) re a.d.