may 16, 2016

uploading 0/ne way communique t00 the website f/r0m save d/r~a/ft's 0/n e me'ye c 0/m put e're in t i'm e t00 t/h e're st 0 ar(e) t p./ r.~ i.'d. e in re verse g a gate g0ing fxf 0/re w/a rd 0've t ai L in t i'm e

w/h0 m(b)e a.d. (e/b t00 t/h') dr e s/s t a g/ai/n st c a(i)m/e t p.r. 0 w/t f e'ye r/e st a~ll e'ye a.t e




can you help  me understand what needs to happen next


2 of co in s

financial you are in a sound or potentially sound position,

have ability to do well for yourself at financial, and emotional level too

use skill tecniques tricks things learned over period of time in order to make

yourself more solvent and comfortable in the past, however, big however, there are

problems attached to the profit and loss balance sheet you are weighing up,

& what you can see is it isn't going to be straight forward and most logical and 

suitable move you would like to make, isn't a move you can make, a little frustrating

and temptation is to give, up, and say oh well it looked like it was going to be all right

… can do better than that, you can take situation you are in, and turn it into one you emerge pretty triumphantly, but to do that you have to hedge a few bets, keep a situation, investment of time energy or money pretty much where it is for now, look at slowly extrication from of the demands on you and at the same time capitalizing on some of the potential gains, whether the profit or loss is to do with money or something that you feel you can profit from  emotionally or losing emotionally, answer pretty much the same, you need to think use intelligence keep wits about you and as long as you do that it is going to be ok.


j/u st i c e*

in realm of tarot no misscarriage of justice, 

wonderful card in any reading,

on earth in human situation, people def guilty get to walk away scot free

people that should n't be in trouble in the first place catch a lot of flack for something

they haven't done or weren't responsible for. maybe that is your fear with regards to justice,

things aren't going to work out as they should, they deserve to/o, would be right, see all twists and turns, which could way matters one way or another, and be unfair, feeling protective, feel it ought to happen but can't be sure it will happen, card = it is going to be right in the end, it may not come about as you expect it too, 2, it may not be some wise figure waves a magic wand and every one gets what they get what they deserve and shoud have, and may get opposite to that occurs, such a thing as natural justice, tarot infallible, that is tarot sense of word, everybody gets something according to what they have done and according to what they ought to be getting, what will you be getting, something good, something that rewards you for the sacrifices you have made and compromises you have to reach and difficulties you have had to go thru. when, very very soon, or in just a little while longer than soon but not longer so that you suffer in the weighting.


5 of coins

you are broke and it aint o(a)k

not nec are broke, speaks of an economic difficulty, and once got fear, hard to shake off,

and become negatively attracted and consciousness dragged down, and could make it happen

where there is a fear there is a weakness, need to have strength where fear,

pride comes into equation, don't want financial hardship of how others will think of you, you are in double ly difficult scenario,  have to let pride and fear go, and stare possiblity of loss in the face, and even if it becomes a possiblity, have to wear it with a degree of acceptance, & trust even if you were to lose something it is to gain something better in its place. old saying: people too busy earning a living to  get rich. sometimes when you have a stable source of income in your life, you don't take the opportunities which could otherwise be available to you because too busy giving your time that is paying the rent even if that is all it is doing, if you lose something now, or if financial diffuculty is besetting you in the future or at any time, the understanding you must have from the five of coints, it won't be a problem it will the the seed of a solution, you trust that and let that one carry you thru it won't be an empty promise it will be the way it is actually done.



there is an awful lot of money to be made being a drug dealer or working for the arms trade. what 3 cards are asking to think about, way in which, if we want to, put aside personal morality, if we want to start going down cold hard mercenary route in life, we can compromise ourselves in all sorts of ways, and make an awful amount of money for ourselves as a result, and isn't that a great idea, that is what the market forces that which have driven the 20th century and much of the millenium, have been all about, and what is the future about,  for  all of humanity and for you as an individual, surely if it is about any thing, it is about integrity, about doing things that make sense, regardless of what they are worth, how wealthy they make you, prestigious, successful help you become, if serving your pride to be scene to be doing well by other people, keep up with joneses and live "ideal" mythical lifestyle, then wear are our hearts and sense of fullfillment going to be, somewhere in your life is a dilemma, do you want to do something reprehensible secretly deep down inside and be well rewarded for it, or do you want to follow what seems at first like a more idealistic and less down to earth yet somehow more personably desirable route, you only get one life, one shot, of at being good, being whole being right of feeling glad about all of what you have going for you, and if we do things that compromise our own standards, it doesn't really matter what we get back for this, we are not going to be comfortable,some how the universe will find a way to turn it all around, and the Strong indiciation of these cards is that is exactly what will happen here if you do not now go with what you know you can stand behind, so the only question remaining, is the issue you you are in 2 minds about, one you can change your mind over, after all some moralities are flexible, might just be being too dogmatic or dismissive, maybe take one last look at the tempting proposition to see if it has something to offer you, unless you can fully square it to your conscience, leave it alone, regardless of what alleged hardship will ensue, b.c. it is nothing bu/ye comparison to the emotionall and psychologicall damage you will do your self, besides you will find if you settle for something write all a round all pressing needs and materiall concerns take care of themselves. 



querrying today about costs for eddm, what and where, concerning paul drinan & what the repercussions will be bu-ye reaching "end-les-s-ly-e-" for his s-tup-i.d.- m(e)-as-k-ew/e- a-gain-st-e- competitive(-i-)l-ie-


this isn't about me it is about you with me being t rue.




between you me, i won't be posting this for all to see, the reason i am working so much, is i am going to answer back on paul drinan, and i am going to use the money i have made to season marketable, yes, bol(e)dly


he can take me to court, but i haven't revealed what happened in between, no one will answer me, and this means, paul drinan has cart blanche to "shit" endless lie on me, and, i there fore have cart blanche to represent my self, if i so desire. ;)


further more, i am going to show, i can bu/ye a.s/t e, that i can honorably work and use the me one ye to an honor ab/le (e)nd fo/r/m/e ve(i)n & a ga i/n/n


so i have a lot of heave ho to do, to catch up the past i haven't put on the website, and comment on it for e x act ing clarity, and push on, with some undressing of some "people" as paul is not the only one that needs to wear their "worth" in the 0 pen.


get the channels open to deliver per marketing, as i think that is the best approach, per a business, therefore paul can't have me arrested for contacting him. i have been thinking of garnishment of wages, should he find a jack-ass lawyer to represent him, so, i have made sure i have money to get by e.


thats about it, except time managment. nate pretty much knows about my website, so this should be interesting at work, and the work dynamic. we'll see.


if i am not communicating with you so much directly, it is touch and go, going into winter, keep an eye on work and learning in it if that is still and option, etc, filling in the gaps, and going for the jugular.


don't worry. you will wear the benefit.


no "man" should be able to do t-his- 2- a woman. i am going to school paul drinan, and i am going to take away his words and ability to speak. confidently.


for one, for two, i am going to school meca, on their indulgent practice of not being (e) a/rt e


ve(i)n t(h)rue


utlimately, i will birth maine t del(l) awe a.r~t 'h' ue


you didn't believe me, c (i) t (ye)

verse-sus- c-(i-)t-(ye-)


ok, i'm going to get to work on my b ea. r t 'h' at u/r fxf~e


(be s/p o/k en tw/0 re serve ate i/on e p.r~0ut e ve(i)n s~0w/(h)e ye a.r. se l~l fxf i/n e very e fxf ew/e t u/r e a.r.(e)t mo un t.


your e po w/e're did not bu/ye the f x f r/i en d at (a) b/ea.rt h a/nd b i/r t/'h'



i worked yester day after work, and it was 2 long lice appts, so kinda threw off my rda of sleep for this week already. however, i checked in on your face book page, and saw the same dec 22 entry, and then on the way to work, i pass the same small sign on the highway, however it apparent in my vision 'husson university' and i thought to myself 'huss on' and 'huss' 0/n' and that felt rig ht.


plenty of nominal thoughts to talk about that i think you would find amusing, however i have to keep this brief.


paul t-(h-)inks -he- is going to battle me into "loving"? i don't get it, except that i think he quite possible is mentally ill, and the reflection of "nominal people" hol-d- e/b t-hi'm-s/t-ill-


"odd-ly" like me-s/hell, trying to have an anxiety disorder, so she could bump the person confined to a wheel chair, out of their parking spot, ie me-s/hell was trying to have a disorder, so she could be qualified to compete basically, on someone that has/ had a legitimate need for assistance.


acetone, part of me refining the job, was assessing what the acetone was used for, and asking if it was necessary to use. the acetone was used to get rid of the brand 'made in canada'/ steel, and it uses a lot of elbow grease, which frankly, i don't like working my joints that hard for an ove-r-use-, i looked at the stippled tag, and said the primer would cover it, and it's good.


(the other question i used is, is the branding a raised surface, ie is it embedded, and will it show thru the primer/ final coat and ledgible on some level. answer 'no', and another reason to not use acetone to encourage at the very least, an over use syndrome.)


primer, i am not sure what they were doing before however, when i worked with joel in the beginning, i think he was going for pretty prime coat, and primer is used to make the paint adhere, and considering this isn't highend finish work, the primer in doesn't have to be cosmetically opaque, it simply needs full coverage, as providing the paint to adhere will also keep the steel from rusting.


the primer is loose viscosity, more so than the sticky marine paint, so i wanted to try rolling it. the nap on the roller was 3/8" i believe, where my preference would have been 3/4". i asked will, i like to call him twill, when he was going out to the store if he would pick up some nap rollers and brushes, he brought the same size already in the shop back and said the hardware store didn't have a nappier nap, which i instantly understood as i remember having to source these at more specialty stores.


i learned if i manage my paint flow, and don't let it puddle, i can prime and coat on the same day, which = a turnaround of a welded frame per day, however i am actually turning 2 around a day, from deslagging to priming to painting.


feedback from my boss, he pointed out he didn't want to see the primer thru the brush strokes, joel, and thru the roller, me. i said that was simple failure to load enough paint. i am not sure if my boss thought i were making up excuses, because i readily had the answer when he pointed it out. what i was trying to convey is, i see what you are saying, i see what the problem is, i can name the problem and course correct ie in pointing out the failure, i am also pointing out and taking responsibility for what i will do correctly.


so working with a less napier nap than i would have liked, i made the mental adjustment to load the roller and the brush, and i have found with the marine paint, you can glop that on, and it turns gelatinous, and can cure drama free in the shop to deliver the next day.


traditionally, it is a coat of primer (sometimes more for certain colors that are not known to have high pigment saturation like yellow or red) and 2 top coats, to make sure the top coats look opaque and consistent.


i think they were only doing 1 top coat so that hasn't changed, i am simply rolling. however, rolling comes with knowing where the roller won't go, so i paint the corners, etc, first then roll smooth.


if i were to hand off what i am doing to someone else, and to teach them to roll, and they didn't know what parts the roller wouldn't cover, i would say, just roll, and then see for your self where it won't cover, then you know what corners and hard to reach spaces need to to be brushed.


i have the luxury of having a space where the paint can fly, and while it doesn't fly, proverbially, as i don't want it in my hair, i can let it drip comfortably and it looks like my process is done by a hack painter, as there are jammy smudges of paint here and there, and totally hackish. i do pad the marine paint on with the brush, and it is all very glopping looking, like your kindergardener could have done a more apprenticed job. knowing the curing time of the paint, allows me to roll into the gloppy corners and out, to get a smooth finish coat.


p(l~ace) a 'i'/n 't'


painting pain free


the other part that makes me look like a hack, although i don't go thru brushes, as i commandeered jeffey's ( i like to call jeff, jeffy, as do others), steel brush, to brush the bristles of the brush, and then i take it to shipping every now and then, and use the box knife to excise any wonky bristles going in every direction except with the flow. the reason i need to brush my brush, is also why i look like a hack, because my brush gets temporarily deformed wedging it into small spaces, like where the metal feet on the bottom of the frame are placed about 3/4" from the frame legs. the feet are for forklifts and are lozenge shaped, the legs x 4, are the base for extension of building the frame.


i don't shy away from wedging my brush in tight spaces, knowing the paint is going to drip, pulling out a deformed brush as i try to work it in, to get coverage, to prevent rust (as who is going to look here for cosmetics?). i know it makes me look hackish, and it is unavoidable.


i certainly don't help the image of not looking like a hack as i wear my paint, full coverage, i wear a paper hat when working underneath. i don't even check to see what i look like, i wear it for the utility, and there is enough paint on it (and not on my head / hair) to know it is serving the purpose eye intended it.


the grime, i spend the same amount of time to do my own deslagging as the guy before me that taught me and told me how much time it took him, however i have annexed the use of the acetone, and probably spend more time from a knowledgable painter's position, to get the grime off with denatured alcohol and rags. i spend a lot of time going over and over the steel, as the cut pieces arrive, and there will be some milling, and some coolant and oil and residue on all these pieces, and they gather what/not dust dirt etc to get ride of the grime // just good protocol and practice for painting a quality product.


i wear gloves, perpetually. nitrile are my favored as they fit my hand just like a 'glove' however there are the disposable latex, which i use too, and not for one use typically as i take them off and they are sweaty, and turn inside out, but just like a doctor, i turn them outside in, and put my mouth at the wrist opening, and blow all the fingers into proper reception, so i use the latex gloves, for quite a run, a week, until there too grimy or torn.


i feel naked without my gloves. i wore them at trader joes perpetually, too. it is not like i am trying to protect my very weathered hands from looking like twice their age. i all ready know, and have chosen, to not be vain about the appearance of my hands, and to exalt in the opportunity to use them any way i want.


but mostly, that makes sense, annexing the ove-r-use-, i get something out of purpose, not per-pose-


min0 p00ped vertical!


so, when i first started, and it was awkard me in the wash room, that has a bidet next to it, and a very obvious (even without the sign) men's toilet 'room' attached, and i was washing my hands at the communal fountain with another worker, and said, pacing myself, 'sometimes, i at noon, i take a leisurely Squat, in the posh bathroom.' i said 's qua t' not c/rap, perhaps it is more fun n'ye?


about min0, it has been 20 degrees last 2 days so he has stayed home and there is a little tarp on the carpet, and he does good to get some of ... him, on the tarp, but yesterday, well, even before that, i felt the leg of the boomerang table, and it felt tacky from marking it, and min0 watched me wash it, had his little nose right there for every little bit of it, i washed the front and back of the leg, and the floor, and the next day, on his own, he pooped vertically on it.


it dried and clung, proudly vertical, dribbled sum, by the time i got home. i am a little dumb founded;) howe he did this, and i don't know if i should prepare my imagination for him doing back flips on my bed and pooping on the ceiling. a pet cam might be handy. for elucidating my imagination. but, there it hung, in all its vertical glory. i have never seen such a thing.


and the irony, is i congratulate min0 frequently, just to be tongue in cheek because he is a dog, and i view innocent in my reflection, so i congratulate him on making a direct deposit to gravity when he poops, his aim is true g's us for sustenance. so he upped me, changed or evolved the circumstance. i basically didn't have anything to say, as the poop clung vertical to my boomerang leg.




today, bryan gave me a nice compliment, i asked him about gunstock when he came in this morning, he said he was beat, i imagined he was, it was 20 degrees yesterday, with the sun out, and a lot less with it down. i asked him if there was a breeze, he confirmed there was. yeah, that is going to take some recovery. i didn't press him with my personality, he is going to need a conservative segue into working mode, and holding.


he had mentioned he was planning to get off work early and go to gunstock, the ski mountain, after work yesterday. he made it. later, he came by as i was painting in the shipping and receiving runway, and said he likes looking at me, as i am always smiling, and he said you know when you are driving and the person next to you is, he shows me a nothing-sort-of-inner-vision- while holding the imaginary steering wheel, i said yeah, there's nothing to bounce off of, you know, he is like Yeah~ immediately, and i add, verses a black hole.


it's funny, i relate very well with this person. he is i think on college break, and wants to be an engineer that *actually* knows how to build *s/hi/t. which is cool. he reminds me of the trekking energy of my brother, open, communicative, and maybe this is where i get con fuse d, as he also reminds me i think, of me.


we talked skiing, snowboarding, parkour, knees/ strength, dynamics of landing, the woman that survived the fall from the sky (her parachute opened, it got out of the pack but didn't catch air, spun her, and it was that dynamic that displaced a flat impact, and she survived, and i think she was pregnant, and he had a gazillion broken bones, but i think she had the baby, too),


he was trying to have his knees support his endeavors, went to a doctor, doctor found nothing wrong, gave him exercises to do, didn't understand how parkour people can do what they do, and i added impact exercises build bone strength, so parkour people probably build that strength thru building on it, the process of doing and adding and doing. thus, how to get his drive, dive, roll and tumble, using the spinning from the sky analogy, the dynamic has to be flow, to displace the hard impact, and you have to, your trajectory, has to be in flow, be the flow.


i felt like he got it, or something, he asked me my age. i said, i tell people old enough. that would be seasonally correct all sowe ye am season e d en/ough.


i was thinking where and how i spend my time shows. and this is not something paul can take away no matter how much he g-low's-


i got fired today.

but it is only for 2 days.

so, my boss, and i am going to stop calling him 'the boss' or 'my boss' as how i really feel about him is he is a business owner, and a fine conscientious business owner.

i will add, one reason i haven't talked much about work, and the launch of it, is because i was protecting the situation.

lets call him ke, he comes up to me while i am painting, and we are joking around about something, like i am making this look so fun, that he wants to pick up a brush or roller, and he goes with it, but then he says, the reason he is coming out to talk to me, in all seriousness, however he is smiling, is that he has to fire me, and i'm smiling, and i am like 'ok', and he is smiling and tells me, yeah, basically, he has to fire me for 2 days, before he can hire me with the grant. more jocularity ensues, and that was the most unusual lead up to a firing, and with a smile, the whole time.

are you reading 0 men's

bryan, his dad/ family owns the biggest cow farm in maine, i believe that was the conversation i heard at his introduction. so i ask him questions about cows, and i gather, he gets asked these questions a lot, and it is kind of boring for him. it is funny because i ask him my questions, and he doesn't know the answer to my questions, so he says his dad knows, anything and everything about cows, but this is what he can tell me, and the info he tells me i didn't know. it seems physically preposterous, however i think he said cows make 70 gallons of milk a day! and they get upset when they are not milked regularly.

t/will today asked me while he was on the ladder if he could 'hand you pieces of would' and i said yes, and then commented it was sowe light.

it was interesting talking with ethan today. he congratulated me last meeting (m,w,f) when ke announced myself and josh were now full time employees. it was really cool. he said, and i don't know how we got on the topic, may be i do, it is well, i got my first printed job order. sam asked that i have it, and get it before hand so i could study it. i don't have the eyes for it yet, to know what i am seeing and how to see it and thus read it. i talk with joel and he shows me what he is machining, from the plan on the paper, and the physical item looks nothing like the printed plan. they measure in 1/1000's. yikes! i don't know how to find that on my tape measure. it is total new and open territory. all of it, all of the layers, and ke has already told me i won't feel like a machinist and be able to take an order, read a print, and work on it, for a year.

what i do like is the approach. i am not asked to hurry, and when i do on rare occasion try and broach process for some imaginary vehicle of estimation, i make little mistakes, i miss little spots, or a bar underneath. what i like about the approach is the ability to take time to teach, and that is part of what is vital at his business, and my approach to pay attention in process falls naturally into sync.

ethan said the vast majority of people do not know how things are ma(i)de. ;)

so what is funny with my resume, that was written for me, after i supplied the broad strokes, is the detail of 'laying out fabric, taking measurements, placement, marking and sewing a button' : and it is all true, i did these things when i ran my own sewing business, i can take me/as/u/re mean t's, and s0we th' butt on even ly e.

do you want the 4 adult ass hippity hops i h/ave & the electric pump? i need to slim down the items i have in christine's salon, and i would like to give them to people that would like to receive. the thing is, while it is really silly, gesture, it is in fact so well articulated with how to/o x 2 proceed. you'll find if you are competitive, even to "out-do" yourself, if the b/all is placed too far ahead of you, it will bounce you back. to get the max benefit you have to b/ounce c/enter on the b/all.

how 'bout andy?

how 'bout andy?

sow/e ye i am sending them to andy, and he can share with you all if you like.

as for you 2, i know you are holdin out until you r~0ne.

i get it. no worries. i have real work to do, besides the machine shop, so i am sharing little bits as i can, as it seems timely. just working me way to head 0 way e.

ps its only paint my f~r/i~e/nd's and i can fi x it~

hmm, th~e ye c0n fi/x i/t




i had a great day today, go to work late for an interview, take the day off, drive around a new town, stop at an italian eatery, score indelible lemon ricotta cake, my new favorite, authentic tiramisu, fresh vege lasagna, the best bright beet salad with vinegars, golden raisins and horseradish. it really works.


misc errands, to the bank, post office, rethinking, the vibe per you and the other day, met someone while walking errands, she noticed me, however i think she noticed me by noticing min0, asked how i was, she new about the haul lie website, asked about that, said i moved on, i said there is a guy i worked for that owes me money, a carpenter actor, and she says ... paul ... drinan. i said yeah, how did she know, and she says he is a carpenter actor, and she was in a theater production with him, in 2005? i said i didn't sleep with him, and that seems to be part of the problem, she said she did and that it wasn't worth repeating. she said so i found out he is a weasel. and i told her about the money owed since 2013, and when i requested it, he called the police and put a harassment order on me. she was very disappointed to hear about that, that paul the weasel, could-would stoop to a "new" l-ow-e-


any way 'we(a)sel my ass

in all his spea-k-ing- he is trying to re-lay-"t" in-e-me ---direction-ally-e, e-vain direction-all(e-)ye-

is paul contacting me, yes, he took my word to use its face value against me to/o-t/-h-i/s-t - be-t/h-0/b-serve -

he put my mind in "his" uni-verse-

to go un see n 0w/e f/rom the f i/r st

this brings up an unusual occurrence yesterday. at work the first thing i usually do is rearrange my work area by getting into the fork lift and moving the now dried green frames outside, and then lining up the frames i am working on that day, be it deslagging, priming, or turning green.


i walked to the nimble 3 wheeled forklift and it had an oil spot infront of its front left tire, and in it was a little piece of metal. i looked at the metal and it was a figure 8. and it looked just like the chain link that is used in the forklift.


rather than start the machine up, i walked back to welding to talk to jeff about this. i knew he was there because i could here the sparks flying. i showed him the metal and described the situation.


we looked at the fork lift, got a flash light, lifted it till we could see the very first to the very last of the row of 8 shaped riveted chains.


there are 2 chains, and each chain has 2 sides, with a pin in the middle. to look straight on, you could say it is 'H' shaped. the 8 shape of the chain has 2 holes in it, and it is thru these holes that a pin is placed and riveted. each hole in on 8 shape is over lapped by another 8 shape, forming the chain.


studying how the chain is made, we both realized if a piece went missing, the chain would not have structural integrity. we looked again, and there didn't appear to be a piece missing.


we looked at the piece, it was the same piece as the chain link. it didn't have any paint on it. we looked at the chain & links on the machine, they had paint on them, albeit worn off in different placed, but evidence of having been (worn) painted. i looked again with the flashlight, i found one link on the machine that didn't have any paint on it.


so we still couldn't say this piece didn't belong to the machine as is, and that it wasn't part of the machine previously. however, it didn't answer why the piece was not on the chain, and the whole day, the missing link posed a question.


did the machine spit it out. is the machine spitting out parts. did a forklift maker inadvertently drop it there and now it fell out.


other questions while working with the machine, i worked with the frame low, and not over me, and analyzed it's integrity in holding the frame / work load.


eventually i worked with the frame over me, and forgot about the missing link, per a work catastrophe. i analyzed, checked and re checked the chain, and it didn't appear to be missing a link to support with integrity, so i continued with my work, but i lost a lot of work time, by discussing this missing link up and down the hierarchy of people that work there. it is an important work safety issue at the very least, and no one could answer.


i spoke with gary, and i am probably the only one that has this addendum. he says he saw the piece the other day and kicked it. what are the chanced the synchronicity of him kicking it, ends up in the leaked oil (jeff corrected me, it is hydraulic fluid for the electric machine and the 4 wheel forklift uses propane and leaks oil) or the spill, right infront of the machine, he also says, they have never worked on a job in that machine shop that has used that part. (some people have worked there nearly 20 years) and it is not the same size as the link in the 4 wheel machine.


i don't know how to c/all it.


speaking of you, i get readings of weakness, impotence and sickness, but it wasn't that way wednesday, when i acknowledged the si len(t)c~e


although it was confusing b.c. i didn't know if you were in dispute with me, or feeling for me in dispute with paul on thursday evening, so i went to bed early, rather than tell you about the missing link, and friday, thought i would get up early and do things, and i slept in and re slept in, and really really really enjoyed it. then the interview, spend money of lovely food, and still more at whole foods, rethinking the skin situation, as it isn't entirely cleared up, and i can turn it back into contact dermatitis by scratching. thinking now interms of inside out rather than , or along with outside in. and looked and the hair/skin/nails section. which sent me back to the bottle of cod liver oil in my fridge, and i am going to take it with the new supplements and see if i can cure with something i have been missing.


tomorrow is open, so i figure, again, i should get cracking on the website. almost bought a shit load of new postcards, but couldn't make the transaction work, mercury retrograde? and then feeling off on interpreting your vibe, so i decided i didn't have to do this now, and when i do decide, that will be the write time.


you know, i value a temperate clime and responsive turn a round, even just for me. i value the performance capacity. however, when this is a go, this will be f/or e/ve r even s~0we


re ve all

(reve= dr ea m)

r~e ve = d~r e/a. m./e~

i thought b-a-st-a-rd-

was fun n(e)ye

interesting, the origin of reveal is from revale, to lower, from old french revaler, from re / back, plus avaler = go down, sink.


On Jan 14, 2016, at 7:35 PM, Angela Cook <> wrote:

i t(h)ink your narcissim knows no bounds in the com-f-ort-e-(it)g-round-own- 


ye w/e re the re s/0we to tog ether you  di.d. o/re didn't c/a(i)re 2 k/n~ow/e


vein si.( t00 the r i.d.e~s 'h'all0w/e f(t) a(i)re t00 the f~all 0 w/e cc/are


h0w/-e-s-hell-s-h0c-k- et-u-the-m-(e-)ar/r0w-e- 


f/r0m e me a.d. t0 me c0mp(l)eat l~ye


dinking around, i pulled this card for shar(-e-)one-, you-2-compete for -e-love- & tu-b-e-scene-inn-of-f-  // you-r-e-d-ea.-t-h- cycle is "o/n-e-w/-aye-" and alway-s-will-be-a.-u-t-ye-g-(g-)0/n-e- 


you shit on me to be scene, c-alling on another "man" in "time" for you-r-e-co/m-p-an-ye-. you have revealed your hand to be vanity as with your creation-s- = you are as guilty as those that t-ax-e-too-the-b-o/m-b-i/n-g-c-0/m-b-i/n-e-in-g- f-rod-e-fi-n-e-ing- 


cur-rent-l-ye- den-e-ye-in-g- m(e)ye l0~ve t 'h' t i'm e/in g // as if to "say" my measure of love and offering the same is nothing worth i/t 2 you & you/r e proclaim


so i can read your h-a/nd- blatantly as with any body actually : your desire i/s-p/an-s-. the only way to rectify this is with your self on the line in the 0 pen e're fi/n e/d


you and sharone only compete to be reel (t-huss-y-o/u-r-e-(e-)f-e-e-l- )


the only problem i see with this goddess mythology, is i am not feeding you for no reason e to/o keel & i am willing to let you sit in you-r-s-will-  for e all to see as-s-w/hell- 


the only way to rectify this is to get re all in 2d too the t(c) e~ll 


personally, i am tired of what you "2" take from every 0/n~e too continually p-itch your vanity at st-a-ke- "from above"  : you have not made love, and therefore you cannot reclaim it. 


i was thinking you know the sum, it is like i am cast down from "man" as if i can't provide for 2 e~ve (i)n


the choice is clear, be served with your face of narcissism to be scene on me re r-ich- ore build your e face in t i'm e tu b ac/count able a.d.  


i will ad, for those that haven't checked into the history ie the time with words as a device too the store ye, the only way i can look at r-ich- c-alling- another "man" to t-r/an-s-mu-t-e- on-e-com-man-d- , the only way i can look at that, all things considered, is "1" r-ich- doesn't place value on my word as self represented worth & work, and 1 i am really disheartened that he would override any viable time given to be scene, i don't get it, for complacency?


r-ich- you have "nice" shapes of f-ont-s- that really do not amount to much o(w/-)n-e- lie "much" 


From: Angela Cook <>

Subject: key e n0tes 2 me an/d e w/hat ' av(i)e ye

Date: January 14, 2016 7:36:00 PM EST


c0n si` de r/e ve/n 0.f/f e/e d~re am sm/all e per cent a/g~e de sign e're gen~e f0/u~r/t he price of a d-r/ink- f0ra. d.r/ink in~st/e a.d. i'l~ly e spec t~ac u lar ly e @ the se a.m.~s hr ink


T D0/nati0n e t0 me t hr u e/ven ly e


The sh0~p er(e) s~aye hasn't been set up f0/r/t/he~y e/ve in ful~ly e


h~0 w/e ave r/e c0n si`d'e/re sm/all per cent a/g~e d0/n(e)at (e) i 0n e t0 me (@ paypal) if e/we h/a.d. e si`re a.d. 0 pen ly e s0 pb re a.d. br0 ken (e)a.d.~e sign e're gen~e f0/u~r/t he price 0f a d-r/ink- f0ra. d.r/ink in~st/e a.d. il~ly e spec t~a/c u lar ly e @ the se a.m.~s hr ink 


0r if you would like to purchase a signed and stamped with the richroat.ha~us a.d.vance (all w/h~eye syn(')the se a/s 0/n e ally a ware t 0/m e) i have fine ally got my d/0wn pat and you can do sow/~hat bigcartel~l at la~st m0ment 0 p/as/s ay~e at e


h.ea.t a w/aye.(a)g.ate


it is the only way to put your previous weakness to the te st r/eng/th you say d are (vaguely a war e) 


c r own

of thorn is hi's he'd i's keep spelling re"ad" w/respect to o the journey w/en-d-


a t ho r n of 




terms of service, based on a lie, to be passed on e to date on ag gain st (r)ye


si` s/t ere (n/e) t'ea.rn a in re in  ven t~i 0n e  (w/(h)eaven (t)d's) w/ (h)all f time 2


ven tw/(h)is~se the st e ll ar e f a(i)re (ef) fe ll 0 w/e b re at h~0/u~ se/e


h.ea~v er(e)b  i/n (e) my t i'm e t/r~ash y 

(h)all 0ver the p~L/ac~e*

t0 me a.d. ju~sting t00 the m ew/e


h.ea.t a w/aye.(a)g.ate 

(ht = half time = full time & feet all s0w e ll ong time & lo c all time s h all0w e)


i'm looking (L)int 0 w/it = w/it in truth = 0~ w/(h)it


eng * L* is~h  U s/s e/ ven systematically


en g (take up the same space as now e he be)

en g L* is (us) L*us~h l~ye th0u g*ht u` be a.(i)m. e a.d. e cent l~ye t(h)0/u se~e d's t ( r ) ea. m



all we need is more "body guards" to set the plain to at one, fore "one's" vain-eye-t-ye-  : de-sig.n~e're-l-ye- 0/n-e- re-p-ly-e-ven-t-


in p.r.0~c(L)a(-i)m~ing (0/n e m/e) "i" "am" "one" in-d/us-t-r-ye-t0/0-t-he-be-c0-m-e-


(the a.s/s u ag(e) is~t y/0ur e p.r.0~w/t) w/(h)en the aftermath is (p ) fo und 0ut 

even in di's ti tu te t r~out e 

w/(h)e pr0w t

w/he at found 0 u/t ~e


slice,  lice,  xubrnt,  richroat,  house, dimethecone, glOO p ea.t as/s 0/n e i` eve~n ~0~f/f/e~ at~e




the supplement i bought at wholefoods yesterday is amazing, by amazing grass, lemon lime with yerba mate, sent my flying today, cleaning, tasking, doing, workout, and back to wholefoods to get more while on sale, check out their website, and a better value if i buy from the source in bulk. will need to make a return to whole foods, however, wow! this stuff will get me off coffee with sugar and cream, and tons of anti oxidant power. = my day so far.

not sure where to start on the telling' s~0w/e

paul wants to-w/-rit-e- on me in sum, but he can't even appear to rise with me unless i put it ou~t here

my world is quickly changing, i may be starting a class for solidworks, jan 19th. we will see, as the interview for the grant was yesterday, and they talked of incorporating a class in it as well as paying for training at work.

i have stopped working saturdays without a pressing due date, and conceive i can start rounding out my work week, by going to the gym first.

do i stamp more being ugly... postcards and select a new area, like where kathy lives in scarborough, one of the jobsites paul stiffed me on? first i would have to c lean the area where my stuff is... to create the work space.

amazinggrass. com

and terra cotta pasta co: i am eating another piece of fresh vege pasta, and it is so delicious, and the other bit of authentic tiramisu, heavier on the bitter espresso.

& mascarpone

i don't really feel the need to cont this on, right now. paul's lie-fe- sucks rig-ht- now as it s ho u ld

and i just want to hang out, even with myself, and tinker if i feel like it, try new things waft in thought, or what knot~

i apologize, if you wanted more from me today, i am kind a lost on head 0 way e future for e ward flo at

you feel bad, it has nothing to do with you, i mean the way i am feeling // now doesn't feel like the right time is all.

i like being responsive, with great turnaround time, however, i knew i would have this time off at the weekend, and now that i am here, it doesn't feel the right time. can't say why, can't say why not, can't say why i didn't strike while the iron was hot and order those postcards to lay a state mean t.

doesn't mean i won't do this at a later date. and perhaps think that a more adjusted approach, ie i have all the time i want because i make the time, so yes, i can be responsive ore i can dr~ag 0/n i'm b/all a~n(d) c~e.

of course, i am trying to balance with how you feel about the counter e p/ar t 0f my 0/r~d e all

for sillyness sake and criteria too the rake, apparently my virgo moon is off balance in mixing intuition and logic. has been in that position for almost 2 weeks, it is going to change. soon.

add your feelings in my re po~s/e, and i am having a hard go of finding balance with returning write to ro a.m.

what do you want f/ro~m e?

have you figured out what the missing link is

i'll get this going, don't worry, in a dedicated manner, i simply have to s0/rt the m0 t i've too the man~ ne/r e

are you all-w/ay-e-s- a f-ick-le- x- l-ove-r-tu` ?

i haven't reviewed what i have put on the website. did i put the info gleaned from your d-m-c-a that your wife didn't t each you not to compete on me, therefore, that is my virtue to/g/e~t/her e

that is an important po i/n t

along with i'v-a-i/n-ate-

no married person, particular ly e, with children, have earned their see/n ow/e. they have only earned their scene all the wile matter of f-act-ly-e- lieing -0-/n-e-t-(h)rue-

paul is an interesting "e/x-am-p-le" of ho-p-ping-

one of my favorite new sweaters is electric blue. it comes in shades of grey, which you would think would be my go to, but i sent it back, the electric blue is vibrating. & i like it on balance.

how is sachs fairing

here is the thing, unless i follow thru, i am 1. held accountable to paul's oppression to ensue without accountability e vain t-(h-)rue-

the other thing, i haven't spoken of, but part of my observations at work, is the opposites we are building in our "sets" or relationship, like one person manifesting apparently healthy and the other apparently manifesting disease.

too keep the relationship a float fore all too the s ea. ("t")

i was offered health insurance at work, $80 a month, basically serves catastro-fee's-

andy paid into this, he met his $10,000 (about) quota for the insurance to start paying. he didn't get any benefits until he was in stage 4 leukemia, and he got one $1000 check, and then he died.

i didn't take the insurance, i do though, on balance, feel pretty good about spending that amount for vitamins and supplements to fe ed current me an/s

i am one of the few people at work that doesn't smoke. it is hard work, it may seem like a pi-t-, t/hat you can't s ea. t (h) rue.

in that their will always be the work and the need predisposed to do the hard work e vain s-owe-d-0-

and take little com-forts where th eye can be found in-n you

i didn't take the insurance, i do though, on balance, feel pretty good about spending that amount for vitamins and supplements to fe ed current me an/s~e/t r/0 p/e in the 0 rye t i'll e l~0 p/e t'g~a i/n s 2 db ein g r/ace

too th~e m/ploy

i'm taking a little time off to watch 'undatable' on hulu~

the only way for e ward is on your~0 (w/~) 'n'e t0 w/in t e.g. r/i t~t(e)ye

are you afraid i am going to make you w/'h'et 0 pen ly e

your mom didn't make you w/'h'et ;(

p ass i/on b lock -d-



"all" paul is doing is mis-(s-)ap-p/ly-ing "h-i/s" -e/x- in -2- t- i'm-e-

i am integral-l- too-t-his- fun-ct-i/on-e-p.r.-i'm-e-

he doesn't have to have "sex" with me, "he" does ho-w/-eve-r- need to re lay "t" in/n me, thus the disolution of me one ye to sustain me

he wears my value too x 2 value 0 pen ly, against the t i'm~e ye made on his dime spoken false-l/l-ye-

he allows me to speak his language verb ate i'm, and snatches the hatch of the truth tu` b-(e-)ad- for-t- po-st-e/r-i-t-ye-

like i said, on the younow video, if he said he had "work" for me, i wouldn't have worked knowing-l-ye-

i took his word as face value, he set me up. he didn't have to act like "go/d-", i was working his jo/b as spoken to satisfaction, and he was getting a good value, as i am several people in one on that job site.

so it was a decision too-t-he-b/e-co-/m-e-

and he did it, thinking he could get a -way-e- with it. i had nothing online at the time, and he was not interested in looking farther than the surface with me, my ass, i am sure, pardoned or "k-no-t" if you p-l-ease-

now that i have brought it into lig ht, he wants to reclaim something he didn't make, love act u ally e b/rig ht 0/n e m(e)y~e ra~ke, -0/re- use another "man" again-s/t-e-a/m-e-

it is predic-t-able-, "one" -x- "man" reflects on another -at-his-com-man-d- 0/0re- comma-nd-if-few/e-p-l-ease-

you wanted me to know this, as it exonerates ye

great! i'm so glad we got a p0 i/n t set/t le d

w/hat's up, you don't want to be ac co un t able

the day i took off work to see the police department and the court. first of all the court has no paper work on a harassment order by paul, so the person on the younow video at the p.d. that told me to go to the court, to have it, can't remember the word, ammended, i believe, lied, basically.

he was very brusque, as-sum-e-i/n-g- that my quest i on/e was not necessary to the p-lig-ht's- of the p-d-. p-d- = police department = paul drinan = p-a(-i-)d-

my meeting at the p.d. went like this, there is a short silver haired woman behind a glass, and a little about 4" talk hole, not conveniently placed. a older police officer, that looks in the same age range as the grey lady, is standing behind her and the glass, and nod's his head and winks at me.

i assume i am meant to be, appreciative, with no questioning.

just saying, as saying anything doesn't rate there.

philosophically speaking, that is s-ho-t-rite-d-own- , i can't bridge a gap that wood f/our e would L a/s t.

she like the person on the phone that works at the p.d. "r/u-le" the conversation (f-ore-know/-on-e-) -&- (for-e- k-no-w/(h-)on-e-).

t-hey-e- get better at their gam-e-, speaking and den-(e-)ye-i/n-g-

no different than me on the outside apparent L ye as t e/e th

it was basically an abrasive, waste of time, and my only regret was that i didn't have a camera with me, to illustrate this "mess" with the f-ace- of the per-son- t-hat- re-pre-sent-s-i/t- com-for-t-able-ye- on my pre sense.

no different than me on the outside apparent L ye as t e/e th p.r.0 vi. d. i/n g~0 ve r/t i'm e i/n g's

so, if you feel good about what paul is doing to me, taking my money, from his customers, that i can do work at their restaurant, but not afford to eat there when paul occupies my time with his "words" appearing as something to value, and has me do the "work" appearing as something to value, and then shirks on his "word" with the energy extended in his behalf, and the money made debt too/th e last, and he gets to continue (for no reason) having the money apparently in season.

i am getting the impression you feel good about paul, and do you think, like paul, i "need" to be mis-s-t-re-at-e-d- to figure out you all p-ly-e- with no re as on e.




ni'm in/n



ni'm in/n



are we gathering t 'h' e r/0 p/e d 0/p e/ye,


pi for a p e'ye


ni'm in/n

b-rot-"h"e/r-e- in-n-

change of subject, i have a zillion little woven patches of the xubrnt duality icon of perception vs point of reference. and it has occured to me to ask you if you want to work on a product. i have the patch, and you can bu i ld what you want around it.

p.s. without apparently intending, the person on the b/all looks like you, ore it looks like a woman too, as it is silhouette, but it does look like you, and i made it before eye had my i on you.




fe ll i city e


i will check you again before i make any special commitment to sending them.

or do you want me to just send them

would it bu ye the me a r/ich re t0/r t

did you check out the amazing grass link



re vi ew/e ing the gi~f/t p/age with sel(l) f(f) s~a.(i)m.e in te/r~e st f~an f(L)a.m.e all the t i'm e. g.~ave t'h'~ave

in te r/i st p.r.0 n0un sing t 'h' e/n a.(i)m.e

t is curious to me to think, the n-aye-s-aye-ar's-e-, c-limb-in/g-on-e-religion, and christ-conscious-ness, t-hey-e- have always been the n-aye-s-aye-ar's-e- 0-ver-t-i'm-e- talking-a-bout-ad-dress- and n eve r 2 x tw/h0 le. g.0 all e d/0wn e t/0w~n e/a.r~t (h) e st e a.m. 0 re


e/x-am-p-le-: the b/i-h-e-st- 0f-t-"h"e/r-0/d-e-b/t-c-am-e-

"&" min-t-c-a(-i-)m-e- vain, (without parallax "="'s-)a- ve(-i-)n-



b-i./d.- e/b- t "h"igh -t- 0-pen-l-ye-p.r.0-c-La(-i-)m-e-ad-j/u-st-a/s-s-a(-i-)m-e-

the-be-he'st-high-t-b-i./d.-c/am-e- a/n-d-a(-i-)m-e-too-t/h-e-pro-claim-

plain speak: for/m/e ;) in the se am's ;),

the share in the right to something is only a s-share-in-the-rig-ht-

based on the bid aka b-i./d.-e-in-g-

so man, aka "man" gets too-t-he-proclaim- his virtue the sa-i-me, on no one in the f/ram/e, and this is accomplished, bu-ye diminishing women to be immaterial too the protections (of-for-bu-ye-with- no re as on).

"men" are scene for no reason o pen ly, without competition actually. a p-act- for-m-e-d- too keep women from completing on their scene, and thus/s di's p./r.0ve i/n g 0 pen l(y) e a.d. e/b t0 me.

i have been giving lo ans all the time, and paul as an "ex-am-p-le" le-ad-s- the -re-fi/n-e-

so man, aka "man" gets too-t-he-proclaim- his virtue the sa-i-me, on no one in the f/ram/e, and this is accomplished, bu-ye diminishing women to be immaterial too the protections (of-for-bu-ye-with- no re as on -e-tu/-b-e-ad- 0/n-e/ve-r-t-he-less-0-pen-l(e)/y-e-

paul is exacting a w/-aye-t/u-b-e- on me, presenting a face he doesn't in f/act & t/act a ct u all ye, and acting a ye a/s t, tu b-lin(e-)d-si.-d.e- i/n-g- "&" pre-t/en-d-ing- i owe him for just bein g. ie, that i dont get paid the money he made off of me by speaking (for no reason, now made apparent t00 the me), unless i follow thru on his ruse, for all he is doing, is reflecting on another "man" too-the-see-d-

paul re-pre-sent's- the p-lig-ht- of -x- f- all hue-maN-i-T-ye-

and he only has "on/e" direction he can "le-a.d." (on me ie he can't get an 0 pen value to 0n from every b-0/d-ye-).

paul gets to wear my value of being my word at his com-man-d-, yes, on any "man" and t-heir -x- t-he/re- ar/e-p-lent-ye-a-nd you sustain him in h-a/nd- by not giving me my image of value too the love actually e

sharon, helps you compete on me as your he-art-

paul gets to wear my value of being my word at his com-man-d-, yes, on any "man" and t-heir -x- t-he/re- ar/e-p-lent-ye-a-nd you sustain him in h-a/nd- by not giving me my image of value too the love actually e t/h/at i' l/l 0 am

paul gets to wear my value of being my word at his com-man-d-, yes, on any "man" and t-heir -x- t-he/re- ar/e-p-lent-ye-a-nd you sustain him in h-a/nd- by not giving me my image of value too the love actually e

i h/ave no choice but to be t-ail on your -a-ft-

t-hen we have susan-has-son- defining my time with no g i've n p.r.i'me, that my communication is "incoherent" without any of her for e thought i/n knit, -ie- s-he- c/an- communicate-t-h/at-e- 2-eat as my de serving's -

t-hen we have susan-has-son- defining my time with no g i've n p.r.i'me, that my communication is "incoherent" without any of her for e thought i/n knit bu ye de sign, -ie- s-he- c/an- communicate-t-h/at-e- 2-eat as my de serving's


per am bu l/at (e) 0r e


verse-sus- per-am-bu-l-at-e- 0-re-




on me too-the-re-st-ore-


it's as s/i ft, thinking for a living is a miss give-i-n/g-


and paul wants to identify with me, that he "made" me who i am, on his "time" and his "plan" with "span" and "pan" : like i said before too-t-hose-t-hat-a/b-h/ore-, take a "number"


he wants to be identified by withholding my value from me to live current ly e, as the way to define making me g-ran-d- ... i have to say i am not particularly motivated that "w/-aye-", and yet i can see an opportunity to capitalize from the false sell of the patriarchy too the "law"-st-e- . i can do that. right now, i feel more like i do not care to do that. directly, putting more of my money to make a statement on paul publicly and specifically that cannot be denied, as i name him in my time, with legal and police department associations, thru the medium of the post office, for marketing my business, with associations to your business and font making practice. ie crafting words and letters and shapes for me to make as i can face.


slow e b/ear n, 0r e f/a s/t 


this is f un 

it's raining here. 44 degrees, windy, means it won't feel like 44. i'm going to the gym, wee workout, received the pink sweater, it is actually peachy pink, made of wool and cashmere, and i really like it. i did order it in gray, and thinking about if i want both.

it is soft and has great drape & i like the 'village' cut, flared arms and back bottom, and the 0 pen knit texture. it is a friendly shape to me and very easy to wear with anything.

w/(h)e t a/s t e

sharpless (t)00 the re lay t' day t


in e w/ell e pt b/ein g('s) w/ell at/e


i am trying to buy a milton tire gauge online at amazon, and i can't find the 'buy' button, any where.


i called locally at places that advertise online that they sell them, but when you call, they don't carry that brand.


i can put an item in my shopping cart, but the design can't afford me a button to buy it.


this was after i researched consumer reports etc. digital, dial, or stick. thought i would go accutire digital, but there are some issues under the glossy marketing, milton, brass, stick, gets reliable reviews. made in the usa, and can't find it anywhere, except on line, and kind find the virtual button to buy it.


sorry, this makes me feel like a panty waste, turning over one empty d-i'm-e-in-sense-a-ft-e-r-an-o-t-here-


eye just want to make a pur(e) c/has/e


ok, i ordered on ebay. no sweat. and i can be more comfortable that this is on the way, and incorporate a new habit in my commuting too the day.


bu ye the way, i found out about putting nitrogen in your tires, as it apparently seeps less thru the tire walls. the cap is used to keep dust out of the valve, and air doesn't seep out the valve.


it is a crap value for the regular car user to buy nitrogen for their tires *because* air is 80 percent nitrogen, and if you check your tires to run at the proper *car* verses tire, psi, basically you are operation is smooth on the nitrogen line.


k nit r/o gen e, symbol N, inn fabric 8 / ate i/0n e. g. a 'i'n

w/h0 N~e very e t(h)ing e


versus-sus- nit-r/o-gen-e- in-fabric-8- / -at/e- i/on-e- g- a "i" n-



we can do (k)nit ro gen if t~ye par lay e


too the se/e k w/e ' l~l w/(h)i/t


w/(h)it e 0n b l~a/c k


e q/u/all i/k (e) t/hat 0/m e




i'm talking about the literal values of white and black, positive & negative, artistically speaking, of the same value in the be (e)'s ea. c/h i/ng


& what better way than on/e my for/m at 0/d ate


or do you need to staunchly stand and provide for your t-ail- all-t-he-t-im-e-vain-a-nd-


these were the thought carried forth to the gym, where i worked on my legs, and it has been a while, as with the first 2 x 15 lb lunges, my knees flexed the full crum (b) weakly enough = in/n 0/ve


just thoughts, returned the amazing grass on sale, told the clerk i can buy in bulk from the source at a better value, he asked about it and told him about the 20 percent less by auto ship, and 15 percent off of that for your first order, no shipping cost either. basically, for $5 more, I am getting 100 servings, vs 60. so happy, i tried another product, the lemon coconut bars.


i like the whole food approach, and freeze dried doesn't reduce nutritional value. and while i am not a bar person per se, i have been running at times with what is available, a green energy bar, is a more desirable option on the run vs-c-and-ye-


thoughts, ugly is in the eye of the be-h-ol(e-)d-e-re-

i don't have an ugly comment to make in all re all i t~ye at face


& i don't have an ugly comment to make on my own apparently in time and p(l)ace.


only the ugly would make a com-men-t- on me to s-ave-t-heir-e-f-a/c-e- to/o-t/he-may-ke-


be spoken as (place ye) be s/0wn

w/ ore w/-(h)-one-


now funny, paul drinan commenting endlessly about the women he would "do" "and" k-no-t-due-


really, his "whole" make up , and communication too the stake up, is a fabrication of unruly narcissism at best. t/heir is k/n~0w/e in ge st


& he w/ill re lay his "t" in me, thru the artificial fabrication that he is scene and made to believe to be, desirable thru me, or have another more-on-e-man- s-ho-p-awn me to re lay "t" in t w/-h0-


just saying, his intention, the motive to action, that makes the f/act i/on, is to re lay a "t" in me -n-0w/e- to w/"ear" as my w/-aye- c-c-lea-r-e-ly-e-


his bu-si/-ness is pre-date-(t)or-e- in-si-stance- a.s-0n-e-



you know your "wife" in "time" as b-on-e-, she can call back the relationship to get here, she cannot call back the love, as the love is for e ward en/ough t


the love she can give is thru me making time act u ally e

s tick

painter l(e) ye

out~ta ha bi/t at uni verse ally e

out~ta ha bi/t (e) at uni verse ally e w/


the i.d.ea. that we each come from "god" is in vain on-e-ly-e-

you are dating your sister, f-rom-e- b-rot-h-e/r-in-k-no-w/-ove-


no one on earth is from no b le pt b e/a. r t h


to day t


h-arbor-e-t-re-e- 2- re-s/t-0r-e-in-g-


pauls-ad-vantage is he thinks i can't m(e)at e tu t(h)rue

as for the "p.d." t/hat lie-d- = "we" just make this s-hi-t-up- w/ no countenance lo st in t-i'm-e-

sharple(ss) a/ve n ad 0(0)re t00 th' fxf a l~l 0w/e



so this is interesting, all these de-sign-s- are ma(-i-)de in t-i'm-e- considering the follow t-(h-)rue-


so, people that knock of/f the de-signs, are not they simply addressing the unknown f-a/ct- that you are reducing their one value in time, and working against them ever to be prime.


all we have are de-sign-s- at-e-t-his-t-i'm-e-


i mean, paul can "querry" and i think he "does" without looking in my re past write infront of him, for which he in-t-e/nd-s-too-t-he-s-peak- // he has skills apparently to build a deck and resource too tooth his merit to tas/s with.


i have brought this up with you, your designer skills, versus mine, quite fraud-u-lent-ly-e- in-t-i'm-e-, which is to say, what i get for just bein g, is my money withheld frequent-lye-, a less than subtle intervention to not abide aka f-annie-w/-ad-leigh-t-, no communication in my 0 pen prime. and thus no action communally.


paul has the apparent skills to build (fraud-u-lent-l-ye-) and it is all for (c-e-) (ce = common era besides the personall 'c' *e very e t hing e) which is to say again, it is all for (c-e-) s-h/o-w-e-


he can't hold his line in t i'm e. he is bereft of t0 0'le t00 the think w/. his intention is ball-d-, as motive to re lay "t" i/n e. for k. in "time" i represented my value, he -ad- dressed i/t d-own- e -t-own-e-


so #1, paul is so full of himself, he does not care to see and thuss address the issues well

#2 he really believes he is all t/hat.

#3 he really is squatting on my virtue, looking like the one in follow thru, he doesn't t ea.c/h a ver tu, sells me language, that "women" don't no how to-e- me-as-u-re-


the f/act that i e x i/s t, makes me a cheap s-ho-t-boot-


geez. it is a torrent outside. rain, spatter, patter, wind sheets flying


like, this, the de-sign-e/r-e-for-um-


people are ju-st- mo-d/e-l/l-i/n-g-

making the time shorter in the remaking th' order


you as designers think you have designed freely and free to your own tooth to x 2 re ly e. you are serving as a model, however, you are t-ea-c-hing-e- people to ste-all- you-r-e-de-sign-s-


t-hen- you come up with a caucus, to-re-de-fi/n-e-


you s-t-ill- are not making t i'm e 0n e t' l/in/e


i mean, in every aspect of "society" we are taught to model - apparent-ly-e- , so why do you think it is stealing if someone finds a short cut to re lay the work your eye for no re as on, hast e made a living fun-ct-i/on-e-in-am-e-


are they stealing your sh-ap-e-'s-


with mo-re- sh-ap-e-'s-


you haven't made value for the re all e/a. ve n t i'll


th' i.d. e all would be t each as t augh t 2 k n0 t ste all for n0 re as 0n e re all


th' i.d. e all would be t each as t augh t 2 k n0 t a ste all for n0 re as 0n e re all


th' i.d. e all would be t each as t augh t 2 k n0 t a ste all for k n0 w/e re as 0n e re all


th' i.d. e all would be t each as t augh t 2 k n0 t a ste all for k n0 w/e re as 0n e re all (e)ye


your selfish and unfaithful to your first pre-miss


i got a little rise out of your for competition's sake, that other people value my ability too the co/re lay t


i'm taking a break, a woman at wholefoods told me about a movie called the machinist, and i can watch it for free on you tube. if it is not good, i'm christian bale ing.


it's mo-rose- i'm baling


paul thinks he provides for me thru all the "men" before him "2", verily eye say t-he-t-re-e- dies with the "man" in the "time" and if he re-lies-on this f-act- it is b.c. he wants to-o- live eternally as a unquestioned value me/t -r/u-e-


this has been sitting on my desk top for a while, the value of the tree and the ocean. paul cannot account for my intellect, even if it is unscrewing the language used t-c-ap-able-


paul cannot account in his in-fi-nit-e- de-s/i-re-tu-b-e- on me r/ise i/ng. the me/r, the see, the ocean bu-ye "0"s-hun- merits the longer lasting distribution of oxygen.


great conversation and information i found about the tree, it can provide enough oxygen for 2 people, but only while the tree is alive. you see / u~s e/e (d) & j/u dg m~en t in t i'm e i/n g


eye fora i, count less ly e in thy/me


eye star/t here fora my e re p0r(e)t

asking if trees are the only source of oxygen e ve(i)n


paul can't account for my emotions with the same re as on e too the f/ace t may/ke g/r~e at e


f0r/m/e the 0's 'hun' (b/rings to mi/n d, my d0/g) & the 0's 'h' un let the s (h) un be l0/n g~

i like the sideway 'v' of the biology stack logo. forming a spire all, and 'H' shape ladder together

these were also on my desk from the time period: w/-rot-h-e/ i'd~e s aye


i never got to the denoument, per your d-m-c-a-te-tit-up-




alarm went off, set if for 20 more minutes, i was in the middle of a dream, a celebrity? i don't know. vague awareness of a celebrity that kept showing up in my dream. was in the middle of something, really good sleep, wanted more, yet felt like i was being informed, and hadn't finished, with the informing. s~leeeeee~p s~0w/(h)e~nice...


taking my supplements in 3 phases during the day, cod liver oil in the morning (yuck) and msm with water at work before lunch (yuck, except i then get to eat lunch) and vitamin d oil evening, not bad.


amazing grass is my morning go to, and it is qualitatively a nice energy boost, that i throw a wee gym workout on. a guy at work let me know he brought a huge vat of morning roast k/packs (i brought communal Real Cream and Sugar), so i had a nice hot drink at work, too. just because.


nice, hmm, nic e, nic-e-, perhaps this is why you feel c-harms e too the st-eel- ?


do you st ill?


a little snow is coming down, did a little shopping prior, spent a little extra money on a 'creamer potato' and then had to look at recipes on line, for simple roasting, didn't want to do it wrong. in the oven, f/ort dinn~er e


they are nice, very thin skinned. topped with greek yogurt. crispy edges and seasoning.


sorry, distracted by dinner. i had a lot of thoughts today. clear lucid impacting, take the note down before the next one.


the sample run of the duality perception vs point of reference label is on the way.


thoughts, i keep typing 'thug...hts'


i got a postcard from center for furniture craftsmanship, and their sponsor 'maine home' magazine is displayed promptly on it, and i wrote on it for m(e)ye reference ' a glorification of would without any b 0 dye t00 th' f/0re x f/0ur e


i was incensed this morning seeing dr oz with charlie sheen, on my computer "n-ewe-s-", like it is a boys club aka "b-oy's- (c-)lub-


incensed, not volatile or particularly angry, just seeing write thru all the non-sense- that a "man" can reflect on another "one" and make a value in-n-0/ve-


ok next batch of potatoes need onions.


like, serious ly, do i h/ave to w/-(h-)atch-


what are the op/t~i/on~s ave t with t-hat-

what are the op/t~i/on~s ave t with t-hat- g-ave-


my notes from work are a sticky note, spiral wonder, little arrows connecting thought, no longer in a discernible order.


w/here we g0


i felt the need to address susan has-son, as i have posted i have given her a bye via paul drinan being a c-harming fellow, and what he did "on" me as with her was unnecessary. however, she was quick to pursue a lie'n tooth, in writing, and this indelibly won't sel~l 0ver t i'm e t0 me.


1. paul "honorab-ly-e-" repaid her for his first offense on me, with my money. so when she states that me keeping her items can be considered theft, i think she is t-heft-i/ng- &- double -dipping- gaining a value she hasn't earned "a-gain" from me, for just being present apparent l ye.


man, these potatoes ARE good! , i put the cut side down for crispy edges, and it works!


1. like "a" t-ag-t-e/a.-m.-e-


2. this could have been avoided with self representation. not thru paul -a/nd- e/b-t-hi/s-t-com-man-d-


figuratively speaking i would say to susan has-son to not lie on me again or w/ear & w/here all e-ter-nit-ye-w/-hat-eve r


i wrote on my boomerang table flyer that i have posted on my fridge, t able and c hair. i have refined it recently to read : t able and c 'h' air


its vitamin e, not d, just took it, still not bad ;)


see h/are tu p aid aye


if our air is for a reason, the h/are is all way synth' se a.s 0/n e & the share (e) fxf a(i)r e & f/am i'll / i ar~e


is there a competition between you 2


the way i see it, i have your "gi-g-" check mated. sharon can't lay a cla(-i-)m to rich needing to love all by him sell fxf. and i have demonstrated that your marriage as with any "one's" t'aught virtue bu ye vert (h)ue in place. so the only way sharon can love is by letting love t/hat pen


i'm not sure what you want from me.


i like playing, you know

paul is ass-set-tone- to me, it occurred to me today, and the first email i sent to him with his st-aging-t-re-quest- (my virtue be unknown aka un noun). i called him an "ass"


more thoughts:



"wants" me to b/ea/r the weight of feelings for no reason (at-a-co-h0-st-e-st-in-t-or-e-st-en-t-ing-


vert (h)u~e very e t(h)ing e w/(h)i.'d.(e/b)th


paul looks like a builder with skills, only he has s-k/ill's-, with-holding my money for your w/-hi'm-


this got me chuckling at work, thinking if i wrote about this topic: the pen/is ugly, can't erase it / may as swell face it.


paul drinan-e-t-a/ll- took i'm/ag/e & didn't give anything of valu~e w/e tu


i was thinking about how i hear that people 'need sex' and i think to myself, don't tell me you need sex = fall-a-c-ye-. if you need sex and all you have is se(e)-x- t-hen- you "need" se-x-


fallacy: 'a mistaken belief, esp one based on unsound arguement'


there is a person at work that had a baby, there is a person that is getting a divorce. it seems his wife is setting him up to compete, keeping the house, and basically blaming him for her decision to kick him out. it is interesting to see the cross roads of lawyers among other t-hinge-scene bu-ye-s-he-art-


so my thoughts e.g. 0: set up -to/o-x-2- compete, only person the w/-(h)in-s is the lieing law-yew/-er'e- &- sup-po/rt-e-vain-a-n/d- >> c/hr/is/t n/eve/r ate d in your p(L)ate t00 the make, so stop pretending you have an association e ve(i)n


in ad vert en t l ye

rich's f-ont-f-act-0-r/e-ye- is basically instructing paul to ste-all-a-b/all-d-f-ace-d-lie-on-e-me going for-war-d- e/b- t-w/-co-w/a...r-d-

not mad at you, just seeing how t-his -ha/p-pen-s-

con verse l(le)ye w/e t'each t00 the s(t)e all

are we not ste all, verse-sus st-e-all-i/n-g-

i bring it up, because of the converse, that is how i figure things out, if "x" = "y" then for certain x also = y in my t i'm e


ever la sting , sting is ouch, it is also a secret, and i/r 0/nic re versing of a b-ad- t-r/e-n/d-


ever la sting , sting is ouch, it is also a secret, and i/r 0/nic re versing of a b-ad- e/b- t-r/e-n/d- e/b-t/hat-a-w/-ay-e-


maybe you have a better bead on paul, maybe you can spin some mischievous benefit in him. i see his e-go- unfaltering-l-ie- f-acting- "fairly" pre-d-ick-t-able-ad-


he can't stand on his own and he is a stupid s-ow- and his stupid mask he reaches for mo-re- cements my first observation in t/act.


he is ste-all-i/n-g- on me, on susan has-son- with his reflection of spoken and unspoken unnecessity, it is all a g-i'm-mic-


the funny thing is, he would like to rig-ht -bu-ye- write- t-all-0-ver-t-me- but he can't because of the harassment order, i mean, he can't go and contact me, right? but what plat(e) form is he going to write x right 0/n e?


sow/rye d-um-b-on-e-


to me he exists to ste-all- , and all women for sure, and there fore, he can't let 0ne get a way or his "whole" e-go- will f-ad-e-


he can't have some one escaping the f-lock- he -p.r.-ey'e-s-up-0n-e-


for me, i hear all the t-i'm-e- disconcertingly, that paul is t-heir-e-f"r/i"en-d-


like i said, paul is c-harming, and popular with all his g-ag's, st-ump-ing for no reason (to fail at t-ail chasing in any se-a/s-on-)


for me, to hear t-his from pee/p-ull- is having me be present to foster their -e- come-place-s-cent-l-ie-


it would be nice if pee/p-ull were hone st about their re si d/en c~e. they are not my friend in negligence.


fi/s h 2 0 w/(h)at~ta(i)re may/ke


i sleep now e



w/hat up?

i got the grant for 3 months to pay 1/2 my wages to train and for a cnc class, starts the 19th, 4 hrs a night, tues and thurs, and looks like it rolls into an intermediate class in april, that ke informed me of.

i'm taking tomorrow off.

been planning my time schedule with class, gym (want to keep going) and work, and volleying the salon on call, and well, the m.o.r(e) all i t~(e)ye (t)issue

it doesn't thrill me to re"-"c/r/a/ft the past, re the emails etc, but i do think it is pertinent to expose the store ye line ... the other side of that, the (t) hinge is what can be done with it

the plan is to start working on that tm,

in your estimation, am i missing something with paul drinan,

i'm pretty happy with the machine shop opportunity infront of me, and it is plenty to keep me busy and engaged. jeff asked me on the verge of the notice of the grant and starting class, since i am creative, will i like machining, and i said, if i learn to build your shit, i can learn to build my shit. so to answer the question bluntly, i like to build shit, and this is an opportunity world renoun to learn how e.


the paul thing, in a way, can seemingly be forgotten, except i probably won't ever forget, and bein g/a capitalist of opportinity e w/(h)i (d)t~h, i see an op port u/n (e) i t/ye for gain. connection, undeniable,


i'm not wavering in the charge ahead, i was ready to unload a g'sus load of postcards. i didn't feel you were there yet, questioning, or the timing wasn't right. so that time or window of opportunity has passed.


now i am going into a sustainable growth per earning money and learning the craft of earning money in the machine shop, keeping balance & health, and a slower peak.


the peak though, is the motivation, and understanding that, is understanding the drive, and the inevitable desire for that recapitulation e too the may/k am en ds


i think paul is my "ass" to r/i.d./e t00 the p.r.0 vi. d.e


or he is the d-evil, with his "de-si-re" too eliminate choice and give all the c-re-d-i/t- 2- h-i'm-


i know so little about machining, but i keep notes, and can keep a piece of paper and pen in my overalls. this is what i wrote today.


metal warps with heat. me-t-all- a- w/ar-ps- w/-h-e/a-t- . me t all 0 w/~(h)arps 0 w/ 'h' ea 't' e


we cook metal, heat it, to make it stronger.


i thought it was interesting the drill bit on a machine is called a 'quill', and you drill (dr i'll) clock wise, not counter clockwise.


you don't dr i'll back war-d's-, you dr-ill back war-d's-, you dr i'll f0r e ward's~ bu ye de si re t00 the be's~p/0 ke~n d's


i was thinking about why i like to where gloves and feel vulnerable in any work if i don't have them on, and it is not to protect the vanity / appearance of my hands, it is to not worry about injury, afraid to touch and dive right in.


today i drilled holes in pieces for a new frame design, jeff will be welding. then we counter sink with a drill, that puts a slight chamfer around the hole, because he said, people will be putting their fingers there, and he doesn't want their flesh catching. so we counter sink and de/burr


... just starting to get in the theory & assimilation & spinning un t0/0


in this a new m~i'll yew/ e


let's see what progress i can make on my end this 3 day wee k e/n d


correct me if i am wrong, i was thinking that i do not let any "one" which is basically every "one" not reflect on me for no reason, and you seem to let every "one" reflect on you in se-as-o/n-e-


not allowing reflection for no reason is my aplanat



it doesn't get me scene prominently


did you get the sample in the mail


i had a thought, it was more lucid, and... i'm looking for it.


the dynamic / dyn a~m ic , it hasn't been synthe(A)D in the marketplace


idea: the image of adam and eve and the snake and the tree and the fig leaf. eve/n even l/y e t0g the ad am in be lea f


i can't say how this is going to take shape, these next few days and beyond. i do think there is an astounding opportunity for impact concerning paul, to address this. part of me, of course, wants to just make the b/0m/b g0 t0 f/f (verse-sus b-o/m-b-a/nd-e-w/-hat-0-/0-k-no-t-e-)


it will take money, which is another reason i am for, at this time, a slow fuse, building nonetheless, and working & class without distraction-s-


we'll see, best laid plans, you know, don't always tow e. just thinking in terms of if i had my way e...


r/ic~h ea. ven t~i.d. e ye


tm f r/i e nd




good morning~


put in laundry, gym, min0 scamper, and a chew bone for all day work & class, a few items at whole food, pick up laundry, make 'greek' potatoes (oregeno, rosemary, olive oil, lemon, garlic) roasting now with carrots.


just random thoughts i haven't put too the re st. i met a woman at wholefoods last week, alexa, actually see her in a kiosk for different vendors every saturday, and last week she told me she was a yoga instructor and gave me exercises, by example, to do for relieving carpal tunnel syndrome. nice! they worked, and i think it was the association, and breathing with her and into the deep relaxation and stretching, it carried over. i haven't had symptoms of carpal-t- in my sleep, even though i recently finished the frames, and did one day where i painted 6 coats. what i walk a way with is previously i was holding tension in my work.


ste all, st ea. L/L , a steal is all s 0w~e. g. 0(0)d e all.


ste all, st ea. L/L , a steal is all s 0w~e. g. 0(0)d e all t~a g~0


my computer desk top is looking dignified, my table top is cluttered with a pile of notes, since september...


maybe i'll work on this, and feel you out w/hi t







slavery is really nothing "more" than competing a scene on woman uni-verse-all-ye-s-p-ea-kin-g-


"one" -x- "r/ace" -bu-ye- a-n0-t-her-e- de-fi/n-e-d- e/b- t- i'm-e- w/-a-s-h- i'm-


i think a collaboration is syn/th' 0 rd e/r e b/e ye fxf 0r/t~e

be t/h's~p/0 ke ye d0 k~e ye


if we do not for e ward the scope, we h-ave st-a-s/is-


de-sign- i/s- j/u-st-a-re-r-use- chasing-i/t-'s-t-a(-i-)l-e-tu-p.-r.0/ve-no-t-(h-)ing-e- the s/hive/r e may ke t ra(i)t e


it's a tall order, do you think you can reflect on my image & make me 0n~e ye tu




i never got to this, part of the denouement, it is conceivable judas iscariot (i/s-carr(e-)ye-riot-) is j/u d/as is c'h'ariot~ 0 pen ly e, if you p~L~e/a~s/e e/d


(-h-) ugly, is what we h-ave cur-rent-l/ye-too-t-he-


(-h-) ugly, is what we h-ave cur-rent-l/ye-too-t-he- be-in-the-w/-h-0le- tw/-0-0-


if ew/e d/0nt mi/n d~e'ye wood bu ye w/0~u/ld like to be lea f be l e/a. f t re (e) f/r eight & ate t00 the re lay t


if ew/e d/0nt mi/n d~e'ye wood bu ye w/0~u/ld like to be lea f be l e/a. f t re (e) f/r eight & ate t00 the re lay t~e'y~e i/n~g's


r-ich, i think you have re-verse-p.-r.-i.'d.-e-


you keep missing the m(e)ark with all your he-art-


r-ich, i think you have re-verse-p.-r.-i.'d.-e-


you keep missing the m(e)ark with all your he-art- p.-r.-i.'d.-e- l-i've-r-ye-f-rom-e-tu-


st-ill -c-re-ate-ing-a-scene -on-e-w/-o-men-


potatoes are delicious, i added pesto chicken sausage and roasted peppers!


paul taking time and opportunity away & tu be w/(h)i/t like a b-raze-n- (b-raise-sin-) art-i-c-u-l-ate-i/on-e-


potatoes are delicious, i added pesto chicken sausage and roasted peppers!


paul taking time and opportunity away & tu be w/(h)i/t like a b-raze-n- (b-raise-sin-) art-i-c-u-l-ate-i/on-e- w/-i.'d.-t-h-


paul taking time and opportunity away & tu be w/(h)i/t like a b-raze-n- (b-raise-sin-) art-i-c-u-l-ate-i/on-e- w/-i.'d.-t-h- e/a-ve/n-d's-w/-i-ft-


a w/0 r(e)d is a con/c/e/pt t/hat de fi/n~e/s re all i t(e)ye. if you are not you/r e w/0 r(e)d, you are not re all i t(e)ye


paul is an ill-u-s-i/0n-e-

h-arbor-e-in-g- ill- w/-ill- on-e-ve-r-ye- in true s~i/on e


like zach-t-, and your d-m-c-a- and paul's-us-e- of the "p.d." he has "p-ai.d.", it is not with rig ht he make the b/r~ave. it is with my right as reason. it is an ill-u-s-i/on-e- to -w/-as-k- me to not contact so-me-bo-d-ye-,


in doing "s-owe-" the fictitious -a/ct- is over-b-ear-ing- the last st a nd, apparently with no t incident.


t-hey-e- are using my value to corporate integrity too the f/ace, to c-lo-the-re- fiction-e-in-p-(l-)ace-vain-a-nd-


if t-hey-e- were not t-rue-l/ye- defiant for no reason to p ly eye i/n knit, t heir would be no comment


it is an illusion of farce, to make me j-ump-through-0-(0-)ps, for no reason, for t-heir- an-d- e/b-t-here - no re as on, to be worn by me as if i lack the virtue too the see, and to be worn by t-he-m/e- an opportunity to c-able-on-t-reason-a-gain- "virtuous ly e"


as if t-hey-e- put thought into their bein g, as well as others in see(the)ing


f-annie-w/-ad-l/eigh-t- is not nice, she is n-ice-, as that is all she has to give, b.c. can't give a value p./r(0p)e/r e ve(i)n a/nd


just saying its hard to hang your ear/se on m(e)y'e re lay t i/n~g


just saying its hard to hang your ear/se on m(e)y'e re lay t i/n~g


e're be fxf 0re in g


fi/s h 0' i'll

ocean bu y~e m0 t~i/0n e

0 c ea n~0w/e


fi/s h (t0 x) 2 0 me in


paul does not have love to give & he is w/-ill-i/ng- to make you w/ea.r "i/t" fo-r-e-h-i'm-a/n-d-'s-hi'm- appearing as the "on-l/ye" bespoken apparent l ye


paul does not have love to give & he is w/-ill-i/ng- to make you w/ea.r "i/t" fo-r-e-h-i'm-a/n-d-'s-hi'm- appearing as the "on-l/ye" bespoken apparent l ye too the y~e


my lan~g/u/ag~e cuts 2 ways t00, as does yours cuts -2- ways -t0/0- -&- "i/t" requires me to be abhore-d- in-e-you-r-use- t'h-eigh-t- p.r.-am-


paul ta/ke's my image to sel-le-g- as if ia am meant to reside perpetually on (k)"no"(w/e) value, and as if i never lent i/t~a ll s~0w/e t0/n~igh t a' ll 0w/e


w/h~en e qu/a ni' m it ye speaks t'h e~a. v~e/n s~0w/e in c0/m~p (L)ea. t/e


rich's f-ont-f/act-or-(e-)ye- is on a contract u all b/as i/s (t0/0 k n0 w/(h)0n e)




it is not "z-ach-t-"'s right to ask me to not contact and to sign a "con-t-r/a-ct", it is his art-i-fi-c-e-all- rig-ht-0-(w/-)n-l/y-e- the house use-e-d-


mar-r/i-e/d- : it's your rig-ht, tu-b/e- a con/temp(-t-)orary b-lig-ht- for-t-h/e- sigh-t-i/n-g-


... notes are done from my little notebook at work…


taking a break and will b~ac/k~


i'm getting that andy c-ru-x- thinks i will pursue a matter to rue-in-n-e tu ?


your hole g-e/n-d-e-r/e- ar/e-a-too-t-he- mic-r/o-p-lane-ing- ins-u-L-t- f-rom-(e-) in-j/u-r(e-)ye-


c a~n/d le


something about my reflection of what i am not bein g aplanat, too the st e/a l/l in the may/k f/0re all


my words cut 2 x to w/a~ye s, your's as "m-e/n" cult-u/r-e-vain-a-nd- as with any one scene among you needing a h-a/nd- cuts "2" -x- to-w/-aye-scene- t-(h-)rue- vain -t-(h-)ue-


your sh-ape s-hi-ft-ing- co-pi-(p)rig-ht- is meaningless too the n~i~g/h t. set-u-t-rite-


sod =


sce n(e) -od-




sod =


sce n(e) -od-





the only person you are not re lay t i/n g is t0 me

& you st-a-nd-e-fen-sel-less-0n-l/ye-

so i think i should m(e)arket you and paul on the same page, and let you duke it out as to w/-h0- g-is-t-he biggest- g-ew/e-due-"wing"-

paul, if he "wants" to write on me, will have to pay me, and he by rig-ht- he set-up with the "p.d.", shouldn't be contacting me, which leaves-him- some-one- too-t-he-w/-rig-ht-up-on-0-pen-l/ye-


i don't know if he can right fullye p lay a claim to rig ht x w/rit~e on you if he p~l/eases "2" x "to" p.r.0-fan-e-

sow it leaves-him tall-king- to-nob-bin-he-ad's-

the "hone-st" comp-any-e- he mad-e-too-the-a-d/r-e-ad-

his "whole" note-i/on- of "hone-st-ye", re-lies- on- n0 0ne c0m/p an~y/e t00 the sp ea k' s e/e n 0w/e

he understands his "value" as a "man", and that he can w/-eight, and w/-(h-)ate- "i/t" on me for no reason, and make it seem rationally stipulated. provisionally, through all of history, that he is a man, and man has provided and protect for/t/e women, therefore man is the container and what he scene-s-aye-s- mat-h-airs-

it's no different from what you did with z-ach-t-, you j/u-st- le-ad- e/b-t-he-w/-a-ye-t-d-ate- too-t-he-make-

your dignified position, is my be, if only by me, it is by st-a-nd-ing-o/n-e-me

ironically, i called paul from the road i was walking on 8 miles from home, with my tool bucket, and he told me to "keep on going", obviously i took that the only way i have with weft as wood / would and it be c/am e 'keye~p 0/n g0 in g' and now "he" "wants" "a" "c"-l-aim-

pong, looked it up, just in case, it is a word, and it means a strong unpleasant smell, to smell strongly and unpleasantly.

if eye st ink, it is "b.c." of paul p-a/i.d.-e/b-t-he-e-d-

if e'ye A st ink, it is "b.c." of paul p-a/i.d.-e/b-t-h(-r-)e-ad-



c0/n s/i` d e're the w/in & w/(h)in(d)e

he is not my t i'm e, and he is not p.r. i'm e


me-s/hell- prattle 'for the people' is for ("he-r-")

it is a force of (and farce of) w/-ill-too-t-h'-o/b-serve-

a "whole" deflection on p.r.e miss t/hat you h/ave no w/ in ten t~i/on e


-&- you are a-i-m-in-g- too-key-e-p/it-pre-sent-

as your kin-d-countenance-re-lent-s- f-le-x-ible-l/ye-x-po-se-d-


a "whole" de-f-le-x-i/on- on-pre miss t/(h)at you h/ave no w/ in ten t~i/0n e tu b/e a.r~n

b/en/d c~limb e t/re/e


w/(h)atch x w/-(h-)atch, the muscle con t r/a ct x con-t-r/a-ct-

in ten t i/on e'ye in L a/s t x in-ten-t-i/on-e'ye-in-L-a/s-t-

i'm just saying, eve in, bu ye t i'llustrating, your desire 'ore-de-s/i-re- is all ways self evident.

bu ye h0w you r/i s/e

L0ve L/ave = wash w/~a/s~h t00 the re lay t


a finer articulation,

putting the hyp-hen-fen-d-e/b-t-he-a-direction- le-g-e/n-d-


w/(h)atch x w/-(h-)atch, the muscle con t r/a ct x- con-t-r/a-ct-

in ten t i/on e'ye in L a/s t x- in-ten-t-i/on-e'ye-in-L-a/s-t-



why don't you want to build with my image of value just the same

i don't think charity or friendship is offered for material gain, not without sp~i/r~i/t u all e/a. ve/n s~0we. g. 0


more notes:

i'm in/t e.g.r/ate/d, i don't get ill out of/t p.r.i'm e, i get eve(i)n k i/n d' s~0w/e pt fi/n e

i use r/ag's to get rid of the grime and g-rhyme to p/aint it p.r.i'm e in t i'm e

i use r/ag's to get rid of the grime and g-rhyme to p/aint it p.r.i'm e in t i'm e tu b/e the w/'h'0 le. g. in st/e ad~e/b t~'h' a/nd' s ta ye t'h'a/nk's

paul, i am not your little trinket to diss miss -ore- glorify for no reason actuall (e)ye "with"

h/ave po w/(h)ere t00 the y ie Ld sat is f/act i/0n~s 0w/e un t i'll 0!

i'm integrated, i don't get ill, i get eve(i)n - L ie 0n e t(h) L ie

h/ave po w/(h)ere t00 the y ie Ld sat is f/act i/0n~s 0w/e un t i'll 0!

i'm integrated, i don't get ill, i get eve(i)n = L ie 0n e t(h) L ie be t/t a(i)re


lie = b? i/n ?d ? in french,

and chinese = ru(e) ? m.0 ? r/e ?


L ie b/b~e d/ea/r t 'h' b/r0~ad's i./d. e t00 the make


sow/e-d'-sold(-i-)er-o/n-e- f-a/s-t/e-n-t/0-g-ether-e-vain