s(h) e ' l/l 0 a.m. e w /e a.r (e) t a s/s k t(u) b e/in a re s0 rt m e/n t 0ff t/h a. d. e ve(i)n ly e t/h ere a.d. f0r (t) a e'ye t00 th ban~ k t's e~a. d. h and s ea. t 00 th c (h) air~ t00 th 's t a/b le a.d. 's t a (i) r (e) t c he ap t c0m f0r t a/b e l/l (e) ye d ' sus t(c) a/i n a/b ly e~ a. t 's w/h ea. t e l/l e'y~e/n ea. t ea. (c/h i) t c~ (h) e w/(e) inn knit 's a.m. e ~a. t~ (r) e~ a.t~ h/d ate t00 the m(e) a. k/e g~ r(e) a.te fxf 0'r(e) t a w/(h) ere (e) fxf 0'r m e a.d. 0 w/are (ye) a.d. e/p t(h) u e s/s i/t see k/t (h) 0/m e a.d. (0 w/e) g r~ea. t 00 th c hec~k i/t c h e/n d c 0/0 k i'nn g a(w/e) g(r)e a.d. a.m. e a.d. 0/n e t w/h0 d e/b t a t(h)r e/e d ~h and 0 w/are t(u) be (a.)d.


grab your e w/(h) all e/t a 're s0und b f0und e/b t b' f0r' d e th ere t heir (inn) d 0 fxf (i) t inn t ere s(t) augh t 0ff t? 0/0 t (u) b (r) 0ugh t (h'd) 0 w/e t/h d (h) all 0/t ~ t 0 (w/) e t00-t-he- d- care-ye-- d-0f- t- b- s- poke- n- d- f- (L-) ave- 0-re- ab- le- ad- (s- e/e-d-s- )be- t0- ken- d- be- d- (h-) e- ad- s- (p-) en- d- s- a- gaw/-e-t-a- gain- d- im- e/n- d-s-

se l/l fxf i/s h (i) t00 th (e) r~e (a.) l/l at~e ye 0 (re) s~ (t) a nd e'ye t again d (p.r.) i'm e/n d' s (p)en d's a w/e gaw/e t a~d. j~ a w/e t00 th c (h) e w/e (a.)ve (i)n ~ d e/b t(h) i re a.d. c~ a.m. e l/l t00 th and h~ea.ven (d) s (t) a nd' s a.m. e/n d' s (h) ave (n) d a.m.~ e 0/n e 'ye a.d. 0/n e~ c an d


z-er0-s- be- (a-)d- 0- w/00-d- n't ad re a.m. -e- t- he-r-0/d-(h-) e- ad- s- (h-) 0- w/e- d- s- an- e- w/e- a- s/s- e- l/l- 0- ad- h- and- (s-) 0- L-(e-)d-

s (h) e l/l 0 a.m. e. a.d. 0 w/e t00 th fxf L0 w/(h)ere (e) fxf r0m t (h) igh t (h) 0/0 k nigh t inn s qu~i ' l/l a'n(d)' s qui' (vi')ve r d e(a.) l/l i~g h/t 's trait a'n a r(e) r 0 w/e t w/i.d. t(h) i/t rig ht 0/ d (b) e l/l a 'ye (i)nn sig h~

t 00 t(h) 0/0 k (t) e'ye ~n kn~0 w/(e) inn g th t i'm (e) a. r/r 0 w/e a.d.(h) ea.r t00 th f a(i)r e 0 s e/a. d. e/b t (a) c~h ea.r 0/d (h) e/a. d. a.m. e~ a.d. 's lee p i/t h~ e'ye a. t inn t i'm e tu be (a.)d. f0r(a.) m.ea.l ~ l (e) ye ' d a'ye t~

h e/e d e/b t 00 th (e) r~a i/s e th e me a.d. (0) b~u t/t ere a.d.('s) c~up t'(h) i n/n (e/e) d l/l e 'ye ve(i)n (t) ly e t(h) e x (t) p.0.' s e a.d. ag i/0 n(e)a. r~(e) s e t(h) a l/l 0 w/(h) ea.r t/h d (f) awn d 0(w/)e~ a.d.(s) 0' L e (d) g~(e) 0/d e a. l/l t a' r/r e'ye a.t heir d


february 1, 2017

e'ye t w/ee t/h d eth pee pull e~ a.d.


i spoke previously via the earth cam, about getting the patreon website up and open february 10, 2017.

here you will see the process of presentation for the grand opening~


t-he-ad-0/n-ly-e-d- a-bu-s-e- d- her- t00- t- he- ad- be- lie-f- t- 0- pen- (a-) l/l- (t-) e-ye- a- t- for-ce- s/s- inn- g- f-(r-) eel- ye- g- ave- t00-t-he- ad- be-(a-) d- h-a-(n-)d- s-he- 0/n-ly-e- be- h-ave - d- e/b- t00-t-he-ad- ate- d- s-cent-'s- trait- he-ad- ea- f- ace- d-


unmanipulating the s qu a r(r) e ye s/t 0 ' r(r) e 'ye t00 th r 0/a t inn t(h) 0 w/e n~d 0 w/e t00 th u(e) s/s t a g(e/m) s~ c u/p t 00 th r~0 a/t inn t(h'd) 0 w/e ve(i)n (t/h) d (h) 0 w/(e) inn s (h) 0/a r~ (e/a) d (h) a l/l a~w/n d e/b t inn t/h e're (a)p a(i)r~ e/a. d. at a t~ a/b le a.d. h~eave n (d) 0 w/e ve(i)n 0/d~ e/a. r t/h eg~get a g0/n t i'm e ta t00 th b e/e s(t) augh~t (h) 0/n e 'ye~(a.) l/l 0/t (h) 0/m e ~a. l/l 0/t 00 th s e/e k~ t h~and s~ea. (t/h) d. (h) a l/l i an(d) ce s/s (h/i) 0/t (a.) m.e 0/n e'ye t00 t(h)b (r) 0ugh t inn (s) c~ u/p t(h) a're ye d 0fxf (i) t/h r~ 0/a t 0ff t ~a ' gainn d h inn d p~en d en t a' l/l (e) ye ~ a. t / h eigh t/h d (ea.) fxf 0'r(e) t a s/s t e d (ea) fxfree ly e t00 th b e/e (d) h i've d 0 (w/)h t (h) 0/n e'ye a.m. (e) a~ k/e re a.d. e/b t inn t 0 (w/) e~ a.d. g~(i) 0/d e~n 0/d(h)e a.d. e/b t inn (d) s~i ' l/l e/n t ce s/s h~e a.ven t00 th t0w/e t a l/l 0's t ~a g (r) 0 w/e a.d. 0ff (i) t inn t ere s(t) augh t 0ff (i) t(h) en d 0 w/e t(h) i/t c~ h ea.r~ 0/d(h) e~a. d. a ll i've in t i'm e a.d. 0 w/e a.d. s cup t 0/0 th t 0 s/s 0 d 0ff t00 th b~(r)0 a.~ d's i.'d.~e s cent a l/l e 'y(e) a. p/p (L) ie d e/b t a p/p (ea.) le a.d. e t(h) inn t i'm e a.d. 0 w/e 0/n th' d i'v(e) in e~e d l/l e ye ` d.(p.r.) i'm e~(a.)d. f0r(a.) m.eal ly (e) inn t(h) i n/n (e/e) d (h) as/s t00 th d(h) e'ye d


the s h~a.d. 0 w/e is c~re a.t (h) i n/n g e th ea.r t 0ff (t) 0/u/r e t i'm e/s t e/g e t00 th d i'v(e) in e/e d L~ e'y(e) inn t(h) i n/n (e) d c~0/n(e) ce i've a./b le a.d. (p.r.) i'm e~ a.d. e/b t00 th b. m i/n(e) d e/b t00 t(h) em p (0) Le~ a. t (h) e~ a.v~en (t/h) d e/b t00 th (e) re (a.) pre sent i/t~

a n0(u)n d h inn d ~e c(h) 0/n (e) ce i've a./b Le (ye) a.d. a r~e ve~r b(e) a. t/t a' i~n a/b le s/s t' sus t(c) a' in a/b (e) l/l ye~ a.s/s t e a.d. e/b t a's/s k t00 t(h) e~m e/n d

(e/b t(y)0ur e t00 th)

0 p~en d h~and h inn g (e) i've n debt a g(r)e a.d.

"you" have no conceivable loss, when you have given d kn 0 w/e t00 th c0nceivable d virt(h)ue~ a. t e a. c~h and s~ea. t a'/b le s/s (t) a i.d. s (t) a' nd (h) 0/n e s/s t c0mma nd

"you" are only a conceivable-d-0f-t- h-and -e/b- t-hat- is -t- w/-at-(y-) ou-re-t- (a-)b- r- in-(n-)g- e- t00-t-he- l/l-and- e/b- t- a- gain-d- g-'sus- t- a- g- 0/n- d- h-and- (g-) 0/n- g- i've-n- d- am- e- d-('s-) 0/n- g- 's-u/s- t- a-in-ab-le- s/s- (t-) a- id- s- cam- (e-d-) s-


com-press-t-inn-g- & not giving an honest an 0 t(h) inn g~ e tu get-inn-(a-re-)volve-(r-)d- e- a- l/l- t- a- t- 0-(w/-)e- ed- as/s- t- a- g- em-s- eg-(r-) 0- w/e- t-(h-)a-(i-)r-e- d- 0- b- s- erve- d- e/b- t- he- s- (h-)am-en- d- sup- per- d- e/b- t- heir- d- as/s- knee- d- (h-) e-ye- d- i/t- hie- ven- ly- e- a- t- force- scene- d- f-(r-) eel- ye-g- ave- d- as/s- mu-c-h- t-00- t- he- ed- e/b- t00-t-(h-)en- d- 0 - w/e- (e)d- e/b- t- as/s- knee- d- ewe- t00- t-he- ad- be- lie- f- t- hie-ven- d- su-(e-)me- 0/n- e- ye- d- (h-) 0-ve- d- 0f- t- 0/0-t-0ff- t-hie-ven- tu- d- e- w/e- ad- (-s) -0/n-g-0/d-(s-) 0/n- g- be- ad- 0f- t- br0-ad-s- i.'d.-e- set-(h-)rue- w/e- d- as/s- c- r- ewe- d-0f- t- a'/b- i.'d.-e/b- tu- t00-t-he- d- ew/e- d- suffer-ag-e- (d-) inn- purse-w/e- t-c- h- and- c-(h-)at- c- he- ap- t- hat- (e-) inn- defer-rent- see-vain- d-(h-)im-me- d-i/c-t00-t-he-ad- con-(e-)t-a-in- d- (h-) im- me- d- a- re- though-t- fu- (e- w/e-) ll-(e-) ye- vain- d- h- and- e/b- t- a-gain- d- (h-)im-s-ea-men- d-s- (p-)en- d- (r-)a- pe- ev(i)e n (l/l) e' ye ~ a. ?

feb 2, 20017, an0 n 0n 0 th ere a.d. e'ye t00 th t w/ee t (h) inn g e w/e t(h)rue w/e n~ d 0 w/e tu~


m-ill-0- you are not going to stir s-hi-t-up-t- h- and- h- ave -n- 0 (a/h) accountability e ve(i)n ly e~a. t 0/n e/n em e'ye t00 t(h) re a.d. f 0'r (e) t f~ree(d) ly e~a. t(h) 0/m e~ a.d. 0 w/e t a'r(r) e'ye d.

s 0 w/r e'ye, "you" do not get u be-ad- jack-t-(h-)d- 0f- t-00- t- he- s- (k-)eye- d-e/b- t- a- t00-t- 0ff- (a-) t- a- i- lie-d-

c0m man d get me, if your prescient residen t ce s/s (h) ave t a s/s k t i'm e/ a.d.

you-r- e- t00-t-he-ad- c-our-ag-e- d- i/s- n0t- (h-) e- ad- d i'v(e)in e~ed l e'ye t (a) i n/n (e) d


prescient ly, mil-0-s- is knowing before h- and- he - didn't set the s trait 00 th be (a.)d. f0r meal ly e t00 t(h)ea. t~ 0 pen (a) ll (t) e'ye ~ a. t e fxf 0'r(e) t c~h free ly e t00 th (e) r~ e (a.) l/l at e th er~e a.d. e/b t(h) a ' re a.d. s qua r(r) e ye t00 th t heir d

rather than -d- ud-h-and-e-we- d- t-hat- is- t- a- w/-hat- u- c- (k-) an- d- ew/e- d-ud-e-ly-e-s- t- ewe- d-

he -t- speaks to have a b-rake- (d-) 0/n-e- we d be- ad- 0f- t- (h-)rue- w/e- l/l- e -we- d-


i don't know if any 0/n e can bring him inn t/h at he brought with him apparently, just say inn, little rin-t-inn-t-inn- d- would have to separate himself from his-t- 's- k- inn- d-

"g-am-e-r- (d-e-)s-" get a re a. l/l d, ver-sus- t- a- r/e- el- d-

mil-0-s- connection s, ie who he tweets "too" on his twitter account is main-ly-e-g- am-e-r/r- s-

making "virtual" theater of t-he- ad- ab-sir-(e-)d- he-vain-d- be-t/t- a- ire- d- e/b- t00-t-he-ad- a- re- serve- d-

writ-e- now- ewe- d- got- mil-0- provoking- t0-0t- 0ff-t-w/-h0-d- get- (he-ad-) 0f- t- a- l/l- 0/t- d- 0f-t- h-and- 0f-t00-t-he- t0/0t- 0ff- t- d- ewe- (d-)s- m-i-l-(l-) 0- ad- s- e/e- k- t- he- ad- 0f- t- u/s h ue s/s -d- e/b- t00-t-he- m0- vi-e-ye- w/e- d- com- p- ea- t- (h-) rue- d-

jacking dof-t- 0/0- t-off- t- does not equal virtue inn your me 0/n e'ye t00 th ' see k (t/h d) w/e ll~ d


d0ff = remove an article of clothing. i am s u g/g (u) e s/s t (r) in/n g t0 re m 0've t(h) 0/n e s/s t 00 th d e/b t hat c~h at (h) r u e w/e l/l a~nd ew/e tu d~ e w/e b. m. (e) u~s e(e) d (p.r.) i'm e/n t' hu(e) s/s (t) a' i.d. ew/e 's


hydrogen (d) = most abundant element in the universe, but doesn't actually exist on earth, we need too th breath (e) i/t (h) 0/n e s/s t ly e t00 th eg i've th (b) ea.r th d e/b t00 t(h) 0/m e w/00 d se~a. d. (h) a re verse d h and be a.d.' s~ea. t a/b le a.d. 0 w/are t00 th e w/e a.d. (0) be (a.)d. 0 pen (a) l/l (t) e'ye ~a. s/s t a fxf r0m th b re a.d. h~ inn g e t (h) inn g~ e/n e/e d l/l e 'ye t00 th ' s lee p(i)t/h e~a. l/l (e) ye~(d) a. t a' t~0/n e/e d eth' d ate t00 th(e) r ~e (a.) l/l a t~e t/h er e/n d h inn g e inn g a g(r) e a.d. as/s m(e)a. t~ e fxf 0'r(e) t/h f e(e) l/l d 's cent ly e/n a s/s cent 0 w/e l/l s~e a.m. e a.d.

'H' t0 eve~n = a 0/n e (re) r un g L~a. d/d ere a.d. e/b t00 th be a.d.

hb = h em 0 g~L0 b/i n(e) d h~ea.ven (d) a.d. e/b tu (r) fxf r0m th ether e t c an d



mil-0-s- does not w/(h)ear th eg 0/d e/b t 00 th t(h) i s/s (h) u e w/e d('s) 0' Le a.d. ('s p~ark le t00 th) ew/(e) inn knit w/h 0~ d e/b t(h)rue d e/b t00 th s~e l/l t hu(e) s/s t(h) 0/n e s/s t inn a re vi ew/e d i/t 00 th c~a(i)r~ e 'ye d ew/e ' s (t) a' i.d. at/e tu~

s-h-e-ye- only s-peak-(t-)'s- "2" k-eye-p- his- t- cur-(e-)rent- vi-ewe- d- destitute, to ask him for t he g ran -t- he- ad-

t-(h-)ank-(t-)'s- for-t- no-t-(h-) inn-g- e- d- ya-h0-0- d-

m-il-l-0-ad- doesn't get t w/h0 s-t-i-r-e-t-he-d- s- hi- t- up- t- hat- as/s if t he ad b(r)0ugh t hue inn up~ t

s-(h-)0-we can all be -as-s- t- a- d- jack-t-(he-ad-) 0f-f- t- inn- t- his- t- pre-sense- a- l/l-0-(a-) t-he- ad- e/b- t00-t-he- t0ff- t-

he- 0n-ly-e- f-x-f- (L-)ave- 0-re- (a-)d- 0f- t- hu(e-)s/s- e/e- d-


f-x-f- acher-s- t-i/r-ring- t-(h-) inn-g- e- s/s- up- p-an-d- not giving t(h) 0/n e s/s t ~a n0 t00 th eg~get 0ff t h~ea.v~e n 0 w/e a.d.

"you" didn't bring 0/n e, & t heir t is kn 0/t 0/n~e/n a.m. e~ (a.) i.d. e/b t00 th e t a (i') l/l 0 ft e l/l e(a.)ven t/h d 's t (e) a. l/l eve n/ d


k-inn-d-le- d- ? d-ea-f-an-d-e/b-t-(h-) 0/m-e-a-n- s- e/e- k- (i-) t- he- ed- (s-) ea-m-s- t00-t-he-g-re- a- t-

s-(h-) 0- w/e me your d-ea-f- an d-(h-)e'ye-d- s- will show you -r- die-in-g-at- a- l/l-(e-)ye-in-g-'s-us-hat- w/-h0- d-e- ad- g-ave- d- b-rain- s- t00-t-he- ad- b e/e h ave d 0fxf t his t 0/n e ~ d a cit(e)ye t a c/c~ 0'r(e/a.)d n 0 w/e l/l d(b) e l/l a'ye a.t e fxf 0'r(e) t

c-h-"i/t" only her "t's" when u- d-ew/e- d-

e/b-t-a- b-eg-(r-) inn- d-inn-d-


"0/h" 0-p- L-ease- t-he- t's- t- 0-p- t0ff- t- (u-) b- sound- (h-) all- 0/t- he-ad- 0f- t-

pat(r ) e~0/n (d) b 0/n e/e d l~e 'ye d.(s) 0' Le~ a.d.

cur(e) rent 00 t(h) 0/0 kn 0 l/l an~d (en m(e)ar) kn e l/l t0 l/l e p/t be l/l e'ye ~a. s/s t 0(0)l e~ (a.)d. 0' le~ d free d(h) 0/m e~a.d. 0 w/e f(t 00 th) f/r0m th a-b-err-an-t-0-l/l-(e-)d- e/b- t- (a-) con-(e-) t- r0ll-e-a- d- inn- t- ere-s- t- inn- t-a-re- s-t- as/s- k- t00-t-he-f-x-f-0-r-(e-)t-'s- t- a- f-x-f- 0-(0-) L- (e-) d- 0- w/-h0- L-(e-) d- 0- w/e- t00-t-he- m0-ld- s- cent-s- p0-r-(e-) t- (h-and-)a- ll- (e-)a.- s/s- (L-)a-ye- (d-) b- 0-re- ad-

the patron -d-f0(0-)-L-d- e/b t i/s kn 0/t me'ye (t/a) l/l 0/t t 00 th (e) re s(t) 0/ar d be(y)e d f 0'r d 0 w/are a.d. h~and 0 w/e a.r e~ a.r n'd 0(h) b.c. a(i)r~ e 'ye th (e) re t (e)a.r e serve d

at~a/b le ye a. s/s t ere (a.)d.

i n/n e r(e) t

00 th c0mma nd




the design of this chapter as/s i/t 0 w/(h)ere a.d.

rass = grumpy e ar'se at-hat-

i have invited people ass h0ne tu be a par t 0ff th (r) 0/n e/e d l/l e'ye ~a. r t 0(w/)n ~e/e d l/l e 'ye d 0 w/are a.t~(h) 0/m e~ a.d. 0 w/e~ a.d. as/s t a g (r) 0 w/e d

basically what you need to understand . i have called you to be present, to understand the current "market-place" does not allow for th f a l/l 0 w/e t(h)r u e ve (i)n t w/h0 /d ew/e.

this patron chapter is about the presentation, too take place // building the p(L)ate f0r(a.)m. e t00 th d ate~ d 0 w/e th y 0ur e me 0/n e ye (r) inn d face d c0m p(L)ea. t i0/n e cess a(i)r e'ye d a'ye t

please understand, bu ye inviting you, & making it aware tu bu ye t w/h0 /d, what is at stake and what you stand too lose is, no reason to complain about t-r-ump-an-d-ump- 0- re- t00-t-he-r-a-n-(d-)ye- 0/n- d- e/b- t- a- d- ewe- d- 0f- t- he-ad- s- cent- s- t0-c-k- t00-t-he- f- L0ck- t-.


i am saying you are in a competitive time -d- s- t- a- b- le- ad- ew/e- d- s-pur-(e-)s-ewe- t-u- be- ad- 0f- t- hues- d-

i am saying the colores you see in print on not ex t a ct ly e t (h) rue w/e d for completion evein (e) a r/r 0 w/e t00 t(h) a p/p ~r 00 f t inn t w/h0 d ew/e inn d f~ a l/l 0 w/e t(h)r u w/e~n d 0 w/e i/t 0/0 t/hue s/s (e'ye) d i/t t00 th be (a.)d.

i am suggesting get your money out of the bank-t-, if you do not like dof-t- 0/0-t-0ff-t- 0/n-e- d- one your e(g u/e) s t a t e~ve(i)n ly e t00 th t r~a ce d.

you need to see d, h and s ea. t your e me 0/n e 'ye t00 th fxf a l/l 0 w/e t(h)ru e w/e d n (t) d 0 w/(e)a.r~(e) t/h~ue d c0 L0're s t (r) e w/e n~ d 0 w/e (d) g~ 0 t00 t(h) a~g i/0 d' s n~ ewe s un t w/h 0

get your money out of the bank-t- s 0 w/e d your time for completion is not given-d- 0 -w/-he-ye- t- h-and- 0 - w/ar-e- t- u- b- c- e-ye- w/e- ed- a- make -t-hat- d- am- s- trait- 0/0-t-he- t- ban-k- t-

your money, is in a false sel l ie eye -d-s-a-container-t- b- rid-e- ad- all-ive- d- there is no love to b m aid in competitions -nare- ad- ate-

b r~in(n) g (u) ye d sir e a.d. h and g~et u th~ a.d. e ve(i)n a.d. just s(t) a'ye inn g~et 00 th ' d

i am saying the competitive market place -s- (L-)ang-u-ag/e- d- is not tonally c 0'r e re ct. i am saying competition dilates to w/ar-t-i-f-x-f- a- ct-. i am saying the bi b le is not a re d a ct yl ly a w/are a.d. 0 w/are t heir d e/b t/h ere (a.)d. act (h) 0're t(u)b e/e s e/e n 0 w/e a.d. as/s t-he-a-rt- e-ye-f-x-f-act-s-be- s0/-t-as-s-poo-g-e-d-0f-t-hat-e-tu- d- ap-p-lie- d- ewe- (d-)s- u/s ? at ? 0/n e? kn 0t(h)e a.d. e/b t0/0t a.m.0/n g-(L-)ewe- d- e/b- t- a-re-t- r0pe-d-0f-t- (h-)rue-we- d-

t-he-ad- (e-)u/s- t- inn- t-he-machine- d- 0f- t- a- re- (a-) pair- in-(n-) g- i've-n- d- h-inn-g-e-d- 0f- t- hie-ven- d- h-and-e/b- t- hie-f-en- d- is not fa(i)r e x a ct ly e ve(i)n (t) d

you have the chance too know what you are getting (t) inn t w/h 0. i am saying you do not have a choice in the competitive market place. you have an illusion of choice, that steals thanks from the face th eg race stand syn/th place t00 the m(e)a. k/e g re a. t~ e

in a competitive market place, you do not have honest follow thru, and you do not have love in t w/h 0 p as/s 0/n g(L) 0've d. you have z-ero-s- at- e-ye- d- be- s/t- 0ff- t-00-t-he-ad- h-and- 0f-t- a- time-d-s- l0-t- h-and- 0f- t-a- gain- d- 0- 0-re-/n- t-(h-) 0/0-k-n0-t-(h-)ea-d-0f- t-s- c-0-re- (a-)d-e/b- tu- t-(h-)en- d- a- b-0-r-(e-) t- ya- w/-i.d.- t-high-t-(i/t-)re- ad- (h-) inn- defer- rent-ce-s/s-he-(a-)d- f-ache-r/r-s- (t-) a- nd- h- and- e/b- t- a- gain- d- e/b- t00-t-he- t- com-man- d-(h-)ea- d-

live for competition -d0-0-re- t00-the- ad- be- he-ad- h- and- be- (a-)d- ye- inn-s-t-e- ad-

this stand, this honest a nd, is about absolving th e d en of iniquities-i-e-vain- d- bu ye t(u) b ei~n g c0n ce pt u a l/l ye pre sent 0 w/(h)ere a.d. e/b t00 th e~ta' ke d c~a(i)re 'ye d(ea)f(ea)t her~ d 0 w/(e)a.r e a.d.

th d.0.b. u t/t ere (a.)d. a're the re m(e) inn g~a g(r)e a.d. 0 w/e t00 th be a.d. f~0r(a.)m. e a.d. f 0 l/l 0 w/e th fxf un ct i 0/n 0 pen l/l e'ye t00 th ' s trait hue w/e d be(a.)d.

the cur-(e-)rent- market-place- d- only affords a dof-t00-t-he- ad- be-lie-f-t-he- ad- s- t00-t-he-ad- get-(s-)a- gree- d- = basically you get to speak "2" a dof-t- that does not daft afford ewe, only daft afford- 0f- t- u- be- ad- 0f- t- 0/n-e-w/e- d-.

i am saying, the competitive market place (from the s-nail-s-on- e- d-0f- i- t-he- t- rait- 0ff- t- he- ad- 0f- t-a- p-(L-)at-e- d- "one" affords the dof-t-s-hi-t- too-l- a- w/e- s- t-(r-)ate- t-h-and- e/b- t- inn- p-lace- d- 0f- t- hie-vain- d-ate-

the competitive market place does not stand for even, it never meant to even, no matter what "it" says, or stays in your be half(h) ave d?, "it" s-nail-s-0n- e- d- i/s- be-en- t- hie-ven- d- (h-) 0-ve- d- 0f- t- a-re-side-n- t- ce- s/s- e- x- cess- d- f-ar-e- d- 0f- t- 0/n-e- d- s- cent- s- p- (L-) aye- d- e/b- t- a-re- t00-t-he-t- a- r/r-e-ye- d- s- qua- r/r- e-ye- d- s- nare- ad- e/b- t00-t- he-mar-re-ye- w/-h0-r-e- k- (t-)i/t- re- ad- (h-)a-re- ad-

you in the competive market place h ave n d "a" coup-le-d-(h-) 0/m-e-van-d- (b-) um- c- um- me- d- a- p-(c-)un- t-her-r0-d-(h-)ea-d-0f- t- "too the tune of never look b-(L-)ac-k-t-" a- b.c.- you are entitle-d-e/b-t-a-d- ewe-( d-) s- = not actually think for a living -e-tu- d- ew/e-(d-) s- u/s- ten (d-) ance- /sen/se t(h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e t-hat- h-ave- t- a- bu-s-e- d-

i am not against ex (t) press i 0/n d e/b t00 th me r/r e'ye a.d. e/b t00 the me m0're ye t00 th pur(e)s ew/e inn f0r(a.) m.ea.l ly e t rue s/t hu(e)s/s en sue w/e a.d. e/b t inn t w/h0 d ew/e t00 t(h) 0/n e s/s t a r~e v(i.) ew/e d.

it is important to recognize the "time" -s- you are p-(L-) aye-inn-g- inn- t-(0-) w/-h0- . & t-ea-(t-) c-h-inn-g-e- t-rue- inn- t- w/-h0- d- ew/e- d-

t'hu(e)ss the parallax, eve/n d bu ye ve(i)n d h inn g e th 's c 0'r(e) d i/t (h) ru~e n d0w/e t (h)u~ e s/s ' d

you get to sea.t. (y) our e me 0/n e 'ye (r) inn d f 0 l/l 0 w/e t (h) rue w/e d. h and s(t)a nd f0r t(h) a c0m p (L)ea.t i 0/n (e/d) s n~e w/e (d) s

you get to stand f 0're y 0're t00 th en & em & e'ye ve(i)n~ (t) d ~ h 0 w/e (a.)ve (i)n ~ (t/h) d s(t) a'

heav~en s newe s 'd e/b t a' i' l/l 00000000 's (e~ )a.m.  en d~ s ( p ) en d e'ye t a gain d e/b t inn t/h (an) d (ea) fxf 0'r (e)t a' s/s t em c~a.m. e~ (l/l e) a.d. e/b t00 th be l/l e (ye) a. fxf t inn t w/h0 d be le~a f/t in(n) e w/e (a.)d. i/t ~ u  t/h e c0/n 0 m~e'ye d 0 fxf (i) th e~ve r m0ut(h) inn s~ p/i r/i t(h) inn t a' x i/s (t) 0/0 t/h ' d ew/e t(h) a' nd f a l/l 0 w/e t inn t rut h~ d f 0r~a p.(r.)e vi ewe (a.) d. (0) h~a.(n) d. e/b t00 th cause i/t 00 th d 0/h t/h d f0r/t/e w/e ye 0(s 0h)d e w/e tu~s(h) e'ye d e/b t(h)u~e ve~r e'ye t (h) inn g e tu~ d e w/e ~

t a' s/s k~ (r) ew/e d

0 w/h at is t heir t b~u t/t a'h d e s(s) e r t's i re a.d. e'ye d ewe

t(h) i s/s u e t a x i/s t w/h0 /d b~ Lan~(d)k et u~ c(k/t) a'n (d) v as/s t 0p i/t h and (hue inn s/t ea. d.) ewe ~ t00 th be(a.)d. 0 w/00 d b e/e s p0 k en t w/(h) 00 d 0 w/h0 0le w/e d? d 0 w/00 le w/(e)00 d ewe

t-he-ad- 0-war-(e-)t- i-f-x-f- i-ce-ad-( a-m-) 0-0-re- ad- 0- w/-(h-) as/s- t- e- t rue d h a'rd 0/0 re a.d. h and s(t) augh t-00-t-he- ad- h0-re- ad- a- b/b- e-r(e-)u-s-e- d-



st~a r t bu ye a.r t(h) ea.r~t/h d

's t~a r t bu ye a.r t(h) e m(e)a.rk t (u) b~u ye t/h ea.r t(h) inn (d) a re s pec t~ full ye a.r~t /h d

ha.(n)d. e ve(i)n d si~r/e t(y) 0ur e m~ark t/h ea.ven (t/h) d

's t~a r t (u) bu ye a.r t(h) ea.r~t/h d 0(h/t) be (ye~a.) t/h 'serv~e d i/t ~t00 t(h) en d (a re s~k) i n(n) er(e) t heir t00 th (ether e/n d) face t(a') b (L)e(a.)d.

h and (c/L) as/s p t/h de~s(s) er(e) t (c~h) inn s (e) tu (r) fxf (e~te) t (c/L) u t c/h' d sup p(h)er d ew/(e ) inn t00

t(h) 0 be ye t h0/u 'se~r ve d ew/e tu m/m (e'ye) a.t ew/e t a gain d e/b t 0 w/are a.d. e/b t 0 w/(h)ea.r d 0 w/a're t00 th (d/0) b. c. a(i)r~ (e) t 00 t(h) (r) 0/n e t heir d e/b t a w/are a.d. e/b t00 t(h) 0/0 kn 0 (w/e) d e~ b/ t a re r0und as/s hue (d) g 0(L) d e/b tu b 0/n e/d

e' ye d h~ave t a' directi0n~e s/s (h) 0/n e d e/b t hat me(a.)i.d. a. m.e t~a v0 i.d. a/b le t(h) 0/m e~ ad.

(h) i'nn (d) ge (d) c(h) 0/m e a.d. be a.d.(h) 0/m e t e~a.r n a l/l (e) a. s/s (h) 0 (w/ e) d e/b t00 th c~ a s/s t/h fir~s't 0/n e

t(h) 0/n e s/s t me a.s/s u're t 0 w/i.d. t(h) i s/s u e w/e t(h) 0/0 kn~ 0 w/e d 0 (w/e) ve~ t a g0 a. l/l ' d


f-e-e-d- 0f- t- s- (h-) 0- w/e- ed- he- ed- c-an- d- con-t-r0ll-e- d- s- 0/m- e- 0/n-e- ye- d- (c-) um- me- d- h-and- inn- d-('s-)0/n-g- e- d-0- L- (e-) t-


t-he- t-(a-)'s-/s- t- a-/b- bed- e/b- t- he- x- i/t- 00- t-ex- t- (he-d-) a- re- s-i.'d.-e/n- t- ce- s/s- e- x- u- all-(e-)ye- d- s- n-ewe- (d-)s- he-vain-s-h-0-(w/-) e- (a-)d- i/t- t00-t-he- ad- (e/b- t-) 0-f-x-f- (i-) t- tit- he- ad- a- re- du/ct- inn- t- w/-h0- d- 0- w/ar-e- t00-t-he- (a-) s/s- (t-) a-ye- g- g- race -d- h-ave- (n-)d- g- ave- d-(he-)ye- t- a- s/s- t- (e-) inn- t- h- and- 0f -t- hie-ven- d- a.m.-e - d- e/b- t00-t-he- t- a- p/p.-r.00f- t- he- t- (a-)c- an- d- (b-) lig-ht-


c-re-a-t-(h-) inn- g- e- t00-t-he-re-(a-)m- (e-)a.r-k- t- (a-) c- 0/n- e- mark-e/t-u- t0- s/s- 0/d- i/t-t00-t-he-ad-(h-) 0/m-e- i/t- h-and- 0/u-(be-)t- c-hat-c-h-inn- g- e- d- 0f- t- 00-t-0ff- t- a- re- (a-) p-air-e- t-he-ed- 0 -w/e- ed- as/s- (t-) a- i.d.- g- race- d- 0f- t- ly -e- t00-the- ad- e/b- t-0ff- t- ly-e- get- a- cr0ss- (t-) ly- e-

if there was a christ, s-tup-id- s- (k-) ill- s- hi'm-s- (t-) inn- t-(he-ad-) 0- w/ar-e- (a-)d-i/t- r0pe-d- 0f- t-(u-) be- (a-)d- 0f- t- ly-e- t00-t-he-t- 0-s/s- 0/d- 0f- t00-t-he- h- f-0-u-r-e- t00-t-he- ad- be- ad- (h-)inn-g-e- tu- t- he- vain- d- ewe- d- 0/t- he- s- pur- (e-) sue- w/e- t00-t-he- ad- f-0-re- ye- w/e- d- e/b- t00-t-he- d- serve- d- ew/e- d- h- and- e-w/e- (d-) s- (t-) a- g- e- m-s- cam- (e-d-)'s- ad- e/p- t00-t-he- ad- s- (t-) a-nd- en- e-ye- (t-) d- ie-d-i/t- 00-t-he-ad-eel- d- f-0-ra- r-eel- d-

b-s-p0-k-en-d- d0t (h) 0/0 kn 0/t make th e~me a. l/l (d) s h~ al/l 0/t inn th f e/e L' d (h) a l/l 0 t 00 t- ass-knee-d-(e-)a-ll- d-

your "money" is honest t-(y-)our-e-make-re- d- h and e/b t 0 you h/ave n/d kn0w/ h0nest 0/0 keeL 'd -(y-)our-e-e- f-e/e- d-(y-)our- e- t00-t-he- f-x-f- eel- (d-) s- e- x- act- ly- e- a- s/s- t- (e-) a- ll- d- 0- w/-i- thou-t- bound-dairies- t- i-f-x-f- e-ye-w/e- d- a- p/p-(ea-) l-e- as/s- e- (e-)d- im-en-t- a- re-el- d-

its not an honest mistake if you do not care in the first place to care in the first place f 0'ra re a. l/l ~ e'ye d (e)a. l/l d (h) 0'ver t(h) a l/l t a're t(h) 0/0 kn e/e l/l d be l/l e' ye t(h) inn (d) s~ea. l/l d e/b t00 th ('s) t i' l/l e~ (a.)d.


t-a- x- ate- i-0/n- d- 0- w/-i- thou-t- a- re (a) pre sent ate i 0/n ' d shouldn't honestly, ore t0/n e s/s t ly e be-d-man-d-(h-)e-ad- to "reason" with your abuse-r-s- he-a-ven- (t-) d-

0- w/ar-e- t00-t-he- t- (a-) ca(i)r e'ye d e/b t00 t(h) a 're t heir -d-ea-t- he-ad- abuse time force-(d-s-cent-s-c-he-me-d-0-b-)scene- time- tu-be- (a-)d- a-pre-sent-ly-e- a- t- for-t- free- d- just-ea- t- he-ad- just- (a-) b- c- d-

c/h-i/t- c-his-le-(ye-)d- 0f-(i-)t- h-and- fi-ft-he-ad- f- e/e- d- 0f- (i-) t-(y-) 0ur e s/t a. m. e(n) 0/n e 'ye d e/b t a. m.e r/r e'ye t00 th e m(e) a. t e~ t (c) rim (e) 0(h) 0/n e s/s t

a(i)r (e) t

(h) en d 0 w/e i/t a re (e) fxf a(i)r ~ e ly e t00 th s(p) en t i/t h~ e're a.d. 0 bu ye serv~e (a.) d i/t ~ t 0 w/ i.d. th~ (en) d serve d in(n)e~ r(e) t c~h ' d (0) b~ea.r th d e/b t00 th (e) r~e ve~r 's e(e) d e s(s) er(e) t

(h) en (d's) erve d i/t' s trait 00 t a l/l e ve~r t ~ 's t a re (a.)d. i/t ' s (t) a i.d. g ea.r th d (g) a w/h e'ye t/h ere a.d. 0 w/i th0u t (a) c~a(i)r~e a~t (h) i n/n (e) d p (L) a~ce a.d. s~ ea. t~ e fxf ace t00 th face d (h) e'ye d e/b t00 the m(e)A. k/e G r(e) a.t~ (e) inn en em e('ye) a.d. (h) 0/m e inn g~ a g(r)e a.d. 0 w/are t00 t(h) 0/n e ye a.d. b e/e ye th a.d. e~ ve(i)n ly e t00 th c0/n (e) ce i've d ata b~(e) l/l ye ~a. t

e fxf 0'r (t) a. m. (e) a.d. 0 w/e t00 th be(a.)d. 0 fxf (i) t 0 p~en (a) l/l (t) e'ye d 0ff (i) t inn t eg r/i t/t e'ye t(h'd) 0fxf (i) t 0ff t~i'm e t00 th e t a t 0/0 s/s 0/d 0ff (i) t inn t ere s(t) augh t (u) b (r)0ugh t

inn t i'm e ta s/s (t)00 t/h s e'ye (d) i/t

a -r-hym-en- d- (h-) 0-ver- t- (a-) l/l-0-ad- e/b- t00- t- he- (d-) g0-ad-

e/b- t-a- x- ate- i-0/n- d- 0- w/-i- thou-t- a- re (a) pre sent ate i 0/n e (d) ve (i)n (t) d~ a re (a) p en t00 th e m e/n t00 th s (h) 0 w/e (re) a.d.' s cent 's h~ a.d. (e) 0 (w/) e~ s(t) augh t a l/l 0/t ~t 00 t(h) a l/l 0 w/e b/f 0r' d s h a l/l 0 w/e a.d. 0~0're a.d. e/b t00 t(h) a.'(i.) m. (e) 0/0 r~e a.d. 0/0 re (e) fxf r~a.(i.)m.e m0 r(e) t~ a l/l t a re (e) fxf L0 w/(h)e re~ a. l/l (e) a. s/s (h) 0 w/e (d)g~(e) 0(d) s a w/e g a w/(e) inn s c~0/p i/e d hu(e) s/s (h) 0/n e s/s t r~0p e/d e/b t00 th r 0~a/t~

h~an (d) e c(t) d 0(w/)h t a're i~ch (t) ly (e) a. w/ar~e th er e/n d f a(i)r~ e a.d. e/p t(h) inn t em p(0)Le d~ a ft ere a.d. sir e a.d. en s (e)n~are a.d. bu ye t(h)i re s/t a (i)r e ~ a.d.' s t i' l/l e a.d. e/b t a r/r e'ye t heir d e/b tu be a.d. 0 fxf t ly e w/are t00 th be a.d. e/b t a t/t a re

(e)f(t) f a(i)r e a.d. h inn(e) a. re (a.) p air ' d. em (e)a l/l i 0/n t00 th be ad d~l(e ye) a.m. e t00 th d ew/e t a w/(h) i s/s t (h) e a.d. ewe be c0/m th~e m0/u t~h'd b e/e s p0 k~ en d bu z/z ' s aw/e t00 th be a.d. h~inn g e inn g a g(r)e a.d. e/b t00 t(h) 0/n e ye~(a.) l/l (e) a. s/s (h) 0 w/(h) inn g (u) e s/s t (r) in(n) g~ (e) i'v~en (t) a.(i.)m. e w/e l/l and (0) w/e l/l e'ye~a. t 0 fxf t's ea. t(h) 0/m e~ a.d. 0 w/e f(t)f~r0m the m(e)a. k/e ~g e t00 t(h) a re (a.) t/h ere t/b f0r'd e/b t heir d 's cent 's peak t


t-he-only makes a-d-im-e- t00-t-he-re-(a-) p0-r-(e-)t- 0 w/i th0u t a m(e)a. k e're t00 th (e) re(a.)t 0 r(e) t : t-he-ref-0-re- only makes-a-d-im-e- t00-the-ad- a- b- 0r-(e-) t- buy-e- d-sig-n- d- inn- s-n0-rt- inn- s- h0-rt-


t-(h-) inn- (d-) s- Lan-d-(s-) 0- w/-i- thou-t- a- l/l-eve- r- t 0/0 land (h) inn g e ve(i)n a.m. e~ l/l c~a.m. e l/l c~an d

the name less- (t-) suck t-(h-)ank- t's- e- x- act- ly-e- a- s/s- t- he-ye- d- s- make- we- ad- am- e-ad- s- t- e-e- pull- e- ye- d- be- (a-) d-

s-(L-)and-ere-ad-s- (t-) a-nd- s- be- (a-)d- a-b-(0-)u/t-he- t- a- l/l- an- d- e/b- t00-t-he- f-x-f- 0 - l/l-0- w/e- ad- an- ad- am- s-cam-s-


t-he- ad- s- can- d- all- d- (h-) as/s- t-(h-) e- ad- s-u-c-h- t-heir- d- 0f- i- t-he- ad- s-a- w/ar- e- ad- 0 - w/ar- e- ad- e/b- t00-t-he- ad- s- c- a-re- ad- s- t- a-(i-)r- (e-) t- heir- d- 0f-(t-) i-re- t- a- s/s- n- are- ad- s- (t-) i'n/n- (e-)a-re- ad- just- f-i/n-(e-) d- are- ad- s- u- e- w/e- t- u- "get" - w/-h0- stare (a-)d- i/t- heir- d- e/b- t- w/-h0- d- a- re- (a-) p-air- d- 0- w/00- d- ew/e- t- w/-h0- d- serve- due- (t'-)s- p- (L-)aye- inn- g- (L-) ewe- d-


buy keeping 0/n e per's 0/n e inn quest i 0/n e w/i th0u t an s w/(h)ea.r e ve(i)n 0/d, t i'm e = all -a- w/-he-ye-s- t- inn- t- a-s/s- a- ct- quest-i-0n-d-0f-i-t0ff-t- : time gets cut -e-ye-s-h0-rt- among -t-he-ad-a-re-t-re-ad- ab-0-r-(e-) "t's"- i/t ' s u/s (t)00 t -he- s- n0-rt- s- nail-s-o/n- net- a- re- u-s-e- d-, your question goes unexplained e/b t(h) a t0/n e ve r t c0m p (L) ai n d


et~a c~h ea.r 0/d(h)e a.d. (h)a'ye d inn ad van~ce (a.)d. 0 fxf i/ th 's (t) aye d as/s (p)b 0/n e s/s t (r) 0/n (e) g

f 0'r(t 0/0) k t0/ng(u)e ye w/h eigh t e'ye~ (s) a. t~ e t/h e're t a~i'll e ft f0r (t) a me 'ye fxf ace a.d. 0ff at~ e

ve(i)n/n a'te

s/t a' t~ e~ t/h ere s(t)e a.l/l d 0 w/i t(he) ness t a fxf e/e L' d

(h) 0 ver t' s (k) i'll (d) s~b e're a. l/l e'ye d's t (e)a. l/l ~ (d) 's

just (a.) b. c. e'ye a.m. e~ ta. m.e a. l/l d 0 w/e the me a.d. 0 w/e t00 th fxf e/e L' d

0ff t(h) 0/0 keel ' d 0 w/heel~ ie debt 00 th fee L. (0~R) D ate ~ the L0 RD at(e) i/t e fxf ace a.d. 0 w/(h)e a. t inn p(L)ace a.d. (ea) fxf ace t00 th b(L)e a.t a t r~(e)a.ce a.d. 0 c 0/u n/t r~e'ye t00 the m(e)a. t~ e


the tatterdemalion -d-c-(L-)an-d-0-b-serve- d- cur-(e-)rent- 00-t-(h-) en- d- n-a-re-ver-b-ed- the me-d/i-a- pro-claim-mit-ta- (per-man-en-t-)re- serve- d-

make the we ll d 0 w/are (?) & make the witness (t) e l/l d 0 w/are (?)


t-his-t- i/s- c- all- d- s- pea-king- a- ft- ere- t-he- f-x-f- act- (h-) 0-re- ad- s- qu- a- r/r- e- ye- t- a- t/t- (a-)i-re- ad- a-(i-)re- (a-)d- e-ye- a.m-(e-)a- t- e--


s-he-s- (h-)0/n-ly-e- making the wit-ness-t- a- ke- t-he- p- (L-)ace- d-

e/b-t- a- re- ad- h- and- e/b- t- a- r/r- e-ye- d- f- a- (i-)r-e- (a-)d- s- qua- r-(r-)e-ye- d-(t heir e'ye ) d- t0uch-e- d- buy-a- mor-0n-d- ew/e- d- s- make- n-ewe- d- s-


re (a.)d. a ct a l/l 0/t t00 t(h/d) all 0/f t hue d h ave(n) d kn 0/t (s) augh t w/h 0' d e w/e tu d(h)e a.d. s peak t e fxf 0'r (t) a. re vi ew/e~ (a.) d.

"you" h-ave- (n-) d- (h-) 0/n- ly-e- p-ai-d-(h-)up- (e-)t- rue-s-(t) a-ye- d-(e-)u/s- t- 0/0-t-0ff- t-

t-his-t- is why competition cannot daft ere f0r d (h) 0/n e s/s (t) a nd bu(0)ye d -(h-) all-i've- d- "i/t" on-e- l/l-ye- can afford the bu-ye-to-get- a- l/l-ie- d- too k eye p-sus-t- a-in-a/b-le-ye- d-(h-)e-ye- d- for- t- a- ll- t- a- re- t-im-e-d-

"you" speak of the divine, "you" b (r ) 0ugh t a t0/n e~c kn 0 w/(h) 0/n e a.t /h 's a.m. e t a t i'm e/ a.d. 0 w/e t00 th d (h) i'v(e) in e/e d le ye t(h) i n/n (e) d~ a.m. (e) a. r/r 0 w/e d f i/n(e) d 0/h ta i~0ta h~ be/e h ave(n) d (p.r.) i'm e(a.) d. i'n(n) e're t/h d ap p(ea.)l/l e'ye d(h)ea. d. (h) aye (a.)d. inn a.d. van ce s/s e t (h) in(n) e~c t a'r e(a.) p/p L (i)e d (h)at a' d(h)ue s/s e t00 th c~a(i)r e'ye tu~

d e w/e a.r~ t/h d (h) ea.r t/h ew/e d (0(h)) b. me(a.)r d~e w/h i/t (e) a're pulling the me 0/n e'ye d 0/u(be)t a t-he-g-0-(a-)d- (h-)up-(e-)d-(p-)awn-d-0f-t-0/n-e- 0/n-e- d- (r-) 0/n-e- d- 0f- t-(h-)en-d- a-re- s- c0p-e- d-e/b-t- a-re- t- r-0p-ed- 0 -w/ar- e- /n- t- s- nare- ad- 0- ht- a- s/s- t- e- t-he- d- h0-ped- f-a-(i-)r- e- ad- (he-)ye- t-heir- d-

a re a.d. e'ye t00 the m(e) (ta) g et(y)0ur e m(e)ark t a' re ve(i.)n d. ark t 00 th (e) fxf a ce a.d. at(e) in (e) p (L)ace d(h) aye d (h) a ll (t) a re a.d.(h) e'ye (a.) d.

e'ye d h and e th ew/e th ea.ven d h and (p.r.) i'm e~(a.)d.


t-he-m-u/s- t- his- t- 's-hi-t- 0-0- l- a- w/e- ll- an-d- s- cent- s- t- 0- (0-)l-e- d- ew/e- (d-) s- t- u- d- ud- ly-e- tu- d- e- l/l-i've-r-t- hue- s/s- d-


i didn't rig ht the war- d-, eye rig ht he w/are t00 th be t heir d

0 w/are t heir inn d a re t (e)a.r~n ' d e/b t a th ere

a.d. ew/e t00 th d (h) inn d a r~e ve~r 's e/e d 0/0


s-nake-d- (h-)inn-g- e- (d-) 's/s- p/i-t- 0ff- i/t- sel- l- f--x- f- t- hie-ven-d- s- (p-)en- d-s- e- am- e/n- d- e/b- tu-be-(a-)d-

prostituting my vision too the re t a'i n' d e/b t (0) w/h0 d bu ye t 0 w/00 d 0(w/) e t(h)rue d h~a.(n)d. ewe t00 th d be/e h ave n(d) a.m. e w/e d


g-ill-t-e-ye- (a-)d-0-0re-/n- (t-) augh- t-? the before and after pic of being in carcerated, to me look like the women is tooled confidently, and yet, if you do not like the pre sup pose d abuse among those that have not reached the 'age of consent' (n) augh t -hie-ven-d- 0- bu-ye-re- (d-) 0wn- 0- se- ed- : i am sugg(u)esting, "1" t/h ere isn't an age of th c0/n s e/n t h~eave n (d) s (h) 0 w/e (a.)d. , i am saying t-he-s-am-e/n-d-s- "h" ave a fall-t- b-(L-)ack-t- p0-s-i/t- i-0/n- (d-) 0- (w/-) e- s-. i am saying "a" "men" honestly provides no fallow thrue for this w/(h) 0/m e/n d e/b t00 th ea.ven (d) e w/e a.d. 0 fxf (i) t~ inn a re vi ew/e tu d e/b t(h) a' nd e/b t w/h0 /d(h) e'ye t w/h 0/d e w/e (a.)ve (i)n t(h)ru~e w/e l/l e/n d 0 w/e g(0/d) 's u/s t00 th d(e) u/s t~ 0ff (i) t inn t w/h0~

i am saying the woman has no honest backing in her be h ave, in her be half, and "you" "men" are not t heir t/h ere t00 th p.r.0 vi. d.e t~(h) at. so this woman is scened-0f-t-h-and- e/b- t- a- re- t00-t-he-ad- e/b- t- r0pe-d- 0f- t-heir- d-0f- t-'s- lice- d- 0f- t-'s- n- are- ad- 0f- t-(h-) en- d- a-re- -(a-)d- a- perpetual- d-a-ft- ere- t- heir- d-

the law-st- a- nd- s- inn perpetual scene "inn" disgrace of man-u-fact-our-in-(n-) g- 0/d- 0f-t- s- a-l-l- t- (h-) 0-ver- t- he- t- (a-) p- (L-) ace- d- e/b t- 0/0t- 0ff-t- a- b- le- ad- 0f- t- ly- e- pretending t-he- cares in the first place d for th completion e miss take d ate. b.c. ? "you" pretend you ar t heir d. "your" actions indicate you p-re-f-(h-)er-d- 0f- t- heir- d-

while the woman's obvious action are not tu be a.d. sir e a.d. ? 0 pen (a) l/l (t) e'ye a.- t- i'm-e- f-x-f- 0-r- t- h-and- force-sing-force-scene-d- (h-)inn- g-e- d- e/b- t00-t-he- be- ad-... the woman was mislead at the very least by what she 'reads' dof-t-hue- s- d-, and w/-h-at- e-we- d- s-peak- t-hat- he- ad- 0f- t- w/-h0- d-(h-)e-ye-w/e- d-.

i counter, she very well may now understand she has been mislead, and traced it back to a valid self esteem issue -d- re- ad- e/b- t00-t-he- t- (h-)re-ad- 0f-t- 0/n-e- c0m-man-d-

you havent honestly given her time in f0ll0w/(e) t(h)rue ve(i)n (t) d. "you" are constant lie -d- predispose-d- e/b- t- a- g-i've- t- i/t- i'm-e- d- 0f- t- "prime-d-"

what i mean by the dof-t- being "primed" is the dof-t- 0/0- t- off- t- = "one" seeing money as virtue. your money, standing for time for completion is turned into time for competition once it reaches the ban-k-t- 0- w/e- t- a- s/s- k- t's- am- e/n- d- s- (t-) a-id- ate- t-he- miss- t-a- ke- t- he- ad- 0 -w/ar-e- t00 -t-he- f-x-f- ace- -d - 0f- t- a- re- (a-) p- ea- t- me-0/n-e- ye- d- 0f- t- ly- e- t00 - t- he- ad- be-(a-)d-

funny ? the c-our-t- a- re - g(u-)ard-s- t-his-t- he-ad- -0- women, as her self esteem problem as/s her own "choice" in the "matter" tissue-d0f-t-0/n-e- s/s- t- em- p- L0-ye- ed- 0- w/e- ed- be- ad- as/s- no-i-se- (e-)d-

funny ? the c-our-t- a- re - g(u-)ard-s- t-his-t- he-ad- -0- women, as her self esteem problem as/s her own problem to re (a) p ai r e ve(i)n 0 w/are a.d. 0 w/are th (d) c~a(i)r~e'ye t/h ere a.d. h~ea.ven d f a(i)re~ (a.d.)ve~ r (d) a ft ere (a.) d. ' s c e/n t's (t) a'ye d(h) a're a.d.

i am looking at the inadequacies "inn-her-en-t-lie--ye-d-" in court-h-and- e/b- t00-t-he- patriarch(e-)ye-d-a -re- t-0-rt- h- and- a- re- t00- t-he- re- s0-rt- i/t- 0/0- t-(h-) 0/0- k-n-0-w/e- ed- (as/s-k-(i-)t- a- g- (r-)0-w/e- ed-)

me 0/n e ye d/i s kn 0/t h~(e) ~ n d valu/e w/e d 0 w/h ea. t hat h and, inn the competitive market place-d- 0f- t- for -t- no-re-ass- 0/n- d- e/b- t -a- ke- t- he- ad- 0f- t- com-man-d- e-vain-(a-)d- am-e- ad-

if you have not given choice, and if you are not the choice, with follow thru even t w/h0, it really isn't your right to judge this person t-w/-h0-d-buy-e- tu- , b.c. ? the judge- d- e/b- t- a- t-he-t- inn- d- par-t-'s- et-he- t- i'm-e- vain- d-0f- t-he-n- d- fen- d-s- (t-) inn- t- h- and- 0/u-(be-)t- hie-ven- (d-) am- e- (a-)d- am- e- (a-) d- s- (h-) am- en- d- s - (p-) en- d- e/b- t- a- gain- d- e/b- t- hie-ven- d-s-

positioning to point the fingere- d- so that (h-)e-ye- can't be po-in-t-he-ad- at- hat- com-f0r-t-a- b- le- a- t- e-

giving i/t a g0 ~a l/l and g 0 a.l/l e' ye d(h) all (e) a. s/s (t) 0 w/e, you are the ag: the agriculture, and the judge even (t/h) d h and (h) 0've t a g0~ Ld e/b t00 th t inn t h and n (0 w/e) a. d.

i'm saying it is a false misconception to assume your money has follow thru inn the competive market place, where only competition for-t- no reason is -(t-) augh- t-00-t-he- ad- a- re-(a-)p- lace- d-0f- (i-)t- in(n-)e- d- ea- f- ea- t- (u-) b- (r-) ough- t- 0ff- t-he-me-an-see-k- t- (he-ad-) 0f-f- (i-) t- he- ed- 0- w/e- ed- s- e/e- k- inn- g- 's-u/s- t- (p-) e/e- d's-

as a bi pr. 0/d (e)u c(k) t 0ff t (a) me'ye di vi s i0/n (d/h) up t, illustrating the parallax i/s t ex t a ct ly e/n e/e d 0ff (i) t (h) inn t ere s(t) augh t. the scales fall a w/h e'ye (t/h) d, we see the patriarchy ho-ld-h-inn-g-e- t-he- l/l-and- 0f -t-he- l/l-a-w/e-st- inn- t- h-and- 0f- t- hie-ven- d- e/b- t- a-gainn- d-(h-)inn-g-(u-)e-s/s- t- (a-) pro-claim-in- t- he- ad- c- an- d-

i'm saying ew/e a.r e/n eve r t00 the m e(a.)n t u be ve(i)n -d- 0/n- e- c0m-man-d-

-d- 0/n- e- c0m-man-d- is so the same-n-d-s-(p-)en-ds- can daft ere daft (a-) get laid- 0f- t-hie-ven-d-am-e- d-vain- d- 0f- t- he-ad- 's- (c-) an- d- e/b -t- buy-e getting "l-aid" for -t- no reason e vain- d- e/b- t00-t-he-be- ad- h- and- be- (d-) h-ave- d- e/b- t- hie-ven- d- s- cam-(ed-) s- a- (w/e-) g- a-(w/e-)in- ave- d-

her? problem, is not one of you can place her going for e ward, in the same me-ark-e-t- 00-t-he-ad- (h-)a-/b- 0-r(e-)t- i'm-e- tu- b- s- p0-k-en- d- (h-) 0-ve- d- as/s- h0-ve- d-0f- t- w/-h0- g-i've- t- a- g-(r-) 0/d- (h-)ea- d- 0f- t- a-s/s- (h-) ue- w/e- l/l- t-(h-) 0/0 k-t- 0-( w/)e- (a-)d- i- c- (k-) t-i-0/n- e- t00-t-he-ad- (h-)e-ye- t00-t-he-ad- be- (a-)d- i/t- (h-) inn-g-e- d- 0f- t- ly- e- b-s-p0-k-en-d- f0r-t-he-ed- a- miss-a-p/p- lie-d- 0f- t- (a-) g- (L-) 0ve- d- e/b -t- (h-) in-(e-) d- inn- (d-) f- (L-)ave-0-re- (a-)d- (h-)0-ve- d-

your money standing for completion, once it hits the bank-t-s- for-t- no reason- evein d, stands against your time for completion as dof-t-0/0-t-(h-)inn-g-e-d- 0f- t- 0/0t- (a-)get- 0ff- t- inn- t- ere- s-(t-) augh- t- 0ff- t-he- d- 0f- t00-t-he- d- f-i/t- 0ff- t-, your money e -t-(h-) i- s/s- u- e - w/e- d- 0f -t- oo th stand of- t-, (h-) a-nd- e/b- t00- l0-0k-inn- g- 0/d- "prime" move-r- t- inn- t- im-e- ad- .

i am saying your money supports dof-t- "2" look like the prime mover in time, when dof-t- is the "prime" mover in "time" supported buy dof-t- oo- t- (h-) inn- g-e- d- be- ad- 0f- t- i'm- e- a- s/s- u-re- ad- 0f- t- a- miss- a- p/p- lie- d- i'm-e- d- h-and- p.r.-i'm-e- a-d- e/b- t- 00-t-he- ad- con-tin-u-e-w/e-d- inn- g- t- i'm-e- d-

dof-t- 0/0-t-0ff-t- is stealing the value of grace too take place d, see n 0 w/e ve~ n ly e t00 th(e) fxf ace d. there is no re a. ll d efface, in the sense, if we all face d time for completion e t00 the m(e)a. t e.

however, in that we are coming from the time of competition, to pre-dick-t-able-ye- d- escalate to-w/ar-e- ad-, we are con seek w/h en t ly e, on the threshold 0 fxf t a re st 0/a r~ e inn a.m. (e) 0're a.d. ~ 0/0 're a.d.

i am innsinuating, we have choice now, we didn't ever have in the competitive market place -d- in fallow thr~u ed first s ea. t 0 w/i.d. th y 0're (e) fxf ace d e/b t (h) a.(n)d. 0 (w/) h ~ t 0 w/ th same t a re d 0 w/t 00 th e ta k/e ye p(d) s~ e x a ct ly e a. s/s (t) augh t 0 p~en (a) l/l (t) e'ye t00 t(h) b(r)0ugh t (h) 0/0 kn 0/t, h as/s kn 0/t (s) augh ~ t h and can be "scene" for-scene-d- suc-h-t- inn - am- e- a-s/s- u-re- a-d- s- mu-c-h- t- up- t- 0/0 t- 0ff- t- s- (h-) 0 -w/e- d- he-ll-p-ewe- d- g-0/d- e-a-r- 0/d-(h-)ea- d- 0- (w/-)e- s-

the dof-t- ? gets to stand on his -0-(w/-)n- d- .

get your money out of the d0w/ar-e- ad- s- t-0-(0-)L- e- d- (s-) 0- L-(e-) d-

sea. t your e me 0/n e 'ye a.s/s t e w/e t00 t(h) a g(r) 0 w/e a.d. 0 (b.)c. (u) e w/e a.d. s (t) 0 w/e' d e/b t(h) 0/n e s/s t /h ~at (h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e (a.)d. e/b t inn t(h) a'nd 0 (w/) e~ s i/t a 're s ea.t a' b~ le s/s 'd 0/h t

do not pay-t- a- (p-ate-) t-a- x- without a re (a) pre sent a'te i 0/n e (s/s) t~h at. get buy, as much as/s hue d c an d~ le p/t (h) in(e) d un d ere s(t) a' n/d (p.r.) i'm e (a.) d. i/t t00 th d i'v(e) in e/e d le'ye t(h) in (e) d (h) 0'ver t i'm e (a.)d.

c a~s/s h and (0) c a~i r~ e'ye d 0 w/e the me r/r e'ye d (ea) fxf ace t00 th f~a(i)r e'ye (d) s~ nake t(h) inn s 0/m e 0/n e 'ye (s) t a r/r e' ye d

h ewe a.d. 0 0're t00 th y 0're a. l/l i f e/e d e/b t00 th be(a.)d. as/s (k) n~ i ce t00 th be en k nigh t

(u) b~e/i n~g 's u/s t (c) a/i n a/b (e) l/l e'ye ve(i)n ~ (t/h) d

e/b t a gain d (ea) fxf 0'r (t) a~ b le ~a. fxf i/n ~(d) g er(e) inn ~ d

ate debt a t(h)a nk (t) 's

e-t-hie-ven-d-0f-t-he-vain-d- 0f- t- (a-)pur-(e-)s-e-w/e-(n-)d-en-0-s-e-(e-)d- (e-)a-re- r-u-s-e- (e-)d- e/b- t00-t-he- d- f-0-re-war- d- e/b- t- a- (i-) l/l- e/n- (t-/he-a-)d- a -re- (a-p-)p0-s- e-(e-)d- (h-)e-ye-t- a- gain- (s- t- e- a-) d- h- and- e/b- t-hie-ven- d- s- (p-)en- d- saw-e-gaw-e- t00-t-h- ave- (n-) d- e/b- t- a- gaw/-e- d- vain- d- ven- d-

ea.r th fir's t~(e)a. (i)r~ (e) t u (r) fxf (e/a.) t mu fxf (t's) le d 0ff (a) t~0/n e/e d e/b t ea.t ea.r n a l/l e'y e t w/h0 (d/e) b/b (u) ye w/(h)e (a.) d. e w/e t00 th d hue~s (t/h) at set h at b(r)0ugh t/h em i s/s (t) a' ke syn/t(h) a gain d 0/n e c0mma nd 0 (w/e b/b 0/n (e/e) d) x ( l/l e'ye ve(i)n s (h) 0 w/e d) x ( ea. l/l t(h) a' re t00 th e/g 0) x (n/e g0/d 's (h) 0/n es/s t/h d('s) 0' le (a.) d. e/b t00 th 's 0 (w/h) i' l/l e d e/b t a g0~ be~a.m. i' l/l e~ (d) s t 0/0 le d h and s t i' l/l e (d) t 00 th p(L)aye w/i.d. th e m(e)a.t~ (h) eigh t


notes : prime inn g th p ump~t

so i have talked about this before on the earth cam. basically, if you don't b/r in(n)g the valu/e w/e ve(i)n d ew/e. you, and "you" need to shut the f-uck- t- b-uck-t- hup t. you? h ave nothing too t(h) a.d. w/het her you? are for or against t-r-ump-(f-)ewe- d- h-and- fu-e-w/e- ll- d- e- w/e- ll- d- ewe- d- s- e- t00-t-he- ad- sel-l- d- ewe- d-u/d- e- ad- s- t- a- nd-ue-t-w/-h0-d- hue-s-d-live-r-rue- (d-)inn- t-inn- t- w/-h0- d- (h-) 0-ver- t- (a-) l/l-0-ad- ewe- (d-) s-

you actually need to stand on your own even t' s um e 0/n e 'ye 0/n t00 th d, h and e/n e w/e d e'ye w/e d h ave (n) d e/b t00 th s (t) a nd f a l/l 0 w/e t(h)r u e w/e (a.)v~en d~ c a.m. e~ a.d. ~0 w/e t00 th e w/e a.p (L) an (te) d~ 'a' t~ a p as/s t~ a/g ~em s (h)at~ (u) b (L)ac~k / t inn t(h) f~a ct (h) 0're a.d. f a ct a re~ a. l/l a~ x (e) i /s t at~ (e) inn sit u n e w/e d at (h)at

a s/s (t) a t e (d 0ff) t being i/s made by staying to re main d e/b t w/h0 d

can (e w/e) d h0nestly lecture the nave n d 0

c h~ea.r 0/d(h)e~a. d ew/e s (t) 00 t/h d e w/e

a.d. ju/s t a fxf 0'r(e) t/h 's (t) a'ye w/e (a.)d. 0/n (e) tu~

t a' re (a) p/p ar e/n t 00 t(h) 0/ d(h)e a.d ew/e t00 th d 0 w/e inn s(h)it u

p~0/s e(a.) d i/t ~t 0/0 t/h ewe d(h) aye d(h) all t(h) a re a.d. (h)e'ye d e/b t(h) a' r/r e'ye t/h ere t heir d 0(w/)e~ set hue s/s (t) a i.d. e/b t (h) rue w/e~n d 0 w/e (a.)ve(i.)n d. h and 0 ~ me 0/n e ye t00 t(h) 0/n e s/s t h/r 0/n e w/e d

get your money out of a -t-he-r/r- e- vi-ewe- d- e/b t a g/e t (h) 0/n e s/s t w/ h0 w/e d t/h u(e) s/s (t) 00 t/h e~ a.d.

get your money out of t-(h-)en-sue-w/e- d- e/b- t- a- re-/n-(d-)s- n-are- d- ewe- (d-)s- t- a- r- e- t- rue- inn- t- w/-h0-e- w/e- dud-e-s-t-u-d-bu-d-0f-t-s- tu- d/d- u- d- ly-e- w/e- d- e/b- t- a- re- (a-) pair-d- (h-)inn-g-e-d- 0f- t- heir- d- s- cent-s- qua- r(r-)e-(ye-) a- d- (h-)ea-r- d- e/b-t- a-re-war-e- (a-)d- e/b- t- a- re- from false miss conception if ew/e ar(e)t actually a w/are .... t00 th s t a (i)r e a.d. f r0m th ere a.d. ... 0 w/00 d bee f0r(a.)m. e (a.d.) fxf r0m th d sig~n ere d e/b t00 th (r) ewe (d) 0 fxf a(i)r ~e a.d./dress t a (i)r e a.d.(h) e'ye w/e d

kelly ann conway-d-, please notice the competitive market place-d- ea- f-f-0r-t- no reason too take place- d-, please notice it takes "2" -x- "too"s-am-e/n-d-s- t- w/h0- make -i/t- a- re- lay- t- his- t-0-re-ye- t00-t-he- ad- ate- . please notice this false miss-conception-dyn-am-(e-)i-c- t- 0ff- t0-(w/-)ad- jack-t- d-0f-t- need "2" women-d- e/b -t- a- get- i/t- 0ff- t- conceptual- lap-par-e/n-t- as/s-k- t- augh- t-off-t- where "money" speak s for "i/t" sel-l-f-x-f- t- apparently e as/s e th d virtue d- be- ad- b- (r-)ough-t- 0ff- t- 00- t-he- ad- jack-t-d-0f-t- his- t- is your s-aid-eus- t- inn- t-he- machine-d- 0f- t-. the container of "toff-t" w/-h0- "d-0f-t-" 0ff- t-.

the "value" of conway-d- is she acts as "one" speaking from the "back" to go for-e-war- d- e/b- t- p- ass- e- t-hat- at-. do you get i/t.? she "speaks" to make the "past" for no reason project "for-e-war-d-" f 0 re t (h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e re a.s/s (h) 0/n e ve(i)n ly e. -g-0- t- a-re-el-a- t- (h-)i've- vain- ly-e- g- g-(r-) ave- d-. please understand the "dynamic" , she acts as "2" women -d- for donald t-r-ump-an-d-ump- t00-t-he-ad- s- p - (L-) aye- t- he- (ad-)g- am- e- t00 - t- he- ad- s- (t-) aye- d- h- and- s-(t-) a- id- ate- t00-t-he-re- lay- t-he-ad- a- miss- t- a- ke- d- he- vain- ly-e- a- r-(e-) t- a'in- t- in-(e)a-r-e-el-ang-u-ag/e-d-(h-)ea-r- d- 0f-(i-)t- inn-a-re-a-r- 's-e-g- ea-r- s-he-a-r- d- - un-0-b-serve-d-c-he/a.r- d- - - (h-) 0-ver- t- (a-l-) L0-ad- e/b- t-a- t0-ad-


t w/h0 d/i s t00 th s(t) a'ye -ad-am-r-am-e/r-i-ca- d-h-and-c-ad-(h-)ie-ye- d- better imagine- d- "s" c-a/m-e- d- 0- war-t-i-fx-f-i- ce- d-i/t- t0-0t-he- ad- d-le- ye- a-(i-)m-e- d- e/p- t-he-ad- be-en-e-ye- d- f-(i-) t- a- gain- d-

being cad-dish-d- is compounding the fac(e)t 0 you never t can e c am e & it is kn 0/t e~(a.)m e 'ye p.r.0 b(L)e~m i s/s h (ea) d(h) e'ye (t/h) d en a.m. e~(a.) d. e/b t0/d e w/e (a.)ve(i.)n ~ d. b~u t/t ere (a.)d ('s) c~u/p t h(r)~ea.(d.)ven t/h d (r)e~am s(h) inn (d) g's u/s (t) h~at's tu b/be t/t a(i)r ~e/n t hat

// "ho-b/b-(u-)ye- "d-0f-t-0/0t-0ff-t- = "hobby" is another name for -a-men- d- s- (p-)en-d-s- to get -w/-h0- s- e/e- x- i/t- hie-ven- d- s-ea-men-d- s- : i am saying "hobby" is another "word" men use in the f-r-a-ye- d- per their re-s0-rt-(h-)inn-g-e- t- a- w/-he-ye- d- . it is a "word" used "buy" men to pay for sex via prostitution, ie a -men- (d-) 0- be- t- he- man-ye- d- (h)0- b/b-u-ye-a.-s/s- e-e- (t-he-d-)s- t- re- a- t-

"men" get too look like their are making contribution too th eg u e s/s t a t e. buy bringing t(h) 0/0 kn 0/t (a) t0/n e t00 th face d h0/ne s/s t ly e (t) inn place a.d. (h and) ate.

t/h ea.ven d e/b t/h eg/g ap (p-au-L-) d (h) 0 ver t a' l/l d 's (t) a' nd ('s) 0 ' L (e/a.) d. e/p t(h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e tu bu ye th desire a.d. (h) all (e) a. s/s (h) 0 w/e (re~a.) d. fxf 0'r(e) t/h d

"hobb(u-)y" e- how would ('s) i/c know these things ? bu ye the g L0're ye n 0/t (a) g i've n t00 t h0rn eye

d e/b t a g 0

a/t (is~m) e'ye d e/b t hue s/s e th s c 0/0 p/i e/d ' s 0/a k(e)t~ u


t (h) i s/s kn 0/t a.' m.e'ye d fxf a ll t(h) e'ye d e/n eve r (t) h~ a.(n)d.(h)ea. d 0f-t00-t-he- ad h and (h) e'ye (a.~)d. i/ t h~ea.ven (d) s (t) a' i.d. h and 's (t) a' nd e/b t00 t(h) in (e/a.) r i've r's e(a.) re (e) fxf Le x (ct) i 0/n e ve(i)n d h and e/b t00 th d b e/e

n t00 th ave n (t) a. (i) m. e ~a.d. 0 w/e tu t/h b rain d

(be) lay e X i/t 0 w/i.d. th t i'm e ye d h ave(n) d as/s natch t00 th be a.t heir d 0ff(i) t/h e're a.d.


s nake d ly e t a' ke t-he-ad-0-cue-men-t- f r0m th b eg i'nn ere t-if-f-t-he-ad- s- n0- w/e- l/l- e/n d

e/b t00 th bee h ave(n) d h(t) as/s t e l/l (e'ye) t00 t(h) en d 0 w/e t(h) 0/n e ye a. s/s (t) e x t en d ('s) w/e l/l (and) b re a.d. 0 w/h ea.t/h a.d. e ve(i)n d~a p.r.e t en d' s e'ye t a gain d

(h) and e'ye t a b(0)u/t a' l/l a~(w/e ll a) n d (h) un erve d h ea.v~e n

t00 th d serve d h~ ea.v~en (d) s (p) en d' s e t00 t(h) a gain nd (h) inn (t inn t/h) fxf r/i e/n d

h and le s/s t(h) 0/0 kn 0/t h ea. d. a-rt- 0- w/-id-t-(h-) inn- fan-(t-)see-d- 0-(w/-)h- t- r0pe- d- 0f- t- s-c0p-e-d- d- le-ad- inn- as/s-k- t-he-r/r-0- t- e- t00-t-he- h0-ped-


t-he-me-ark-e-t-p-(L-)a-ce- d- ap-p0-se-(ed-e/b- t00-t-he-)n-0-se-(e-)d- s- aye- s- t0- get- syn-t-he-sis- t- e- x- t- p0-s-e-(a-)s/s-a-ye- s- e- t- (0-) w/- id- t-he- x- p0- s- e-(a-) s/s- a- ye- s- he- s- (h-) i/t- c- he- d- (h-) 0-ver- t-(c-) L0-0-0-0-0-ses-

(t-) a-id- in-nit-a-re-(a-) p0-s-e-(ed-)s-

hue- d- a- re- ad- just- a- m-en- d- s- miss- (p-)en- t- a- re- (g-) round- 0- w/-n- d- h- and- 0/u- (be-) t- moving-'s- u/s- t- inn- t- h- and- s- hi-t- a- re- round- "sound"

is t heir e/a d. a f(t) f air e s (h)i t ere t hat can (d) b e/e f0und

(e/b t) a re (g) r0und h inn d e t(h) 0/n e s/s t 0/n e s/s 0/u n/d e/b tu be ta l/l e ft a l/l 0/n e/e d l/l e'ye 0/n t/h d (h) 0/n e /e d (h) 0've d e/b t a g i've t a~g 0 ~a. l/l (e'ye~n d) 0've d

ew/e~e ktc as/s t 0/n e~ (e) d l/l e' ye (d) s 0 'Le ' d e/b t 00 th r~0 a/t

0ff t/h false-sel-l-ie-ye-d- ea- f-ea-t-a- ke- t-he-nd- ho-ok-no-t- (h-)e- ad- be a.d. h a/b i.'d.(h) e ye d

z er0 -s- h 0/n e ' ye d(h) 0/m e~a.d. 0 w/e a.d.(s) 0'Le (a.)d. e/b t a' s/s k ew/e d en em (e)a.r/k t(h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e ll~ d e/b t a g~0/ d e(a.) l/l ta t 0/0 (w/)e~ d


no harm no fowl if ewe can't catch the b/all (a) tu be/e s0und ('s)


a-b-(r-) i.'d.(L-)-e- a-s/s-t-u- be- lie-f- t-

he-f-x-f-0-r- (e-) t- f-(r-) eel-ye-g-ave-t-he-g-ree(d-)f- t-he-ad- e/b - t- a- re- (a-) p- (L-)ea- t- 0ff- t-he- me-an- see-k- (i-)t-u- be-(a-)d- 0f-(a-) t- 0/n-e-/ed- ea-f-ea- t-a- s/s- k- (i-)t- 00- t-he- t- i/t- a- re- t- re- a- t-


you -r-e-g0-t-(y-)our- e- (s-e/e-) x- for t (h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e f(t)f 0'r(e~a.) t a l/l (e) a. s/s t 0 (w/h) e~a. t~a(t) i'm e ~ a.d. 0 w/e t00 th d i'v(e)in e~ed l e'ye d

h and e'ye (t) d

competition is a co-arse- d- e/b- t- a-r-(r-)e-ye- d- (h-) a- re- (a-)d-i/t- i/t- 's- can- t- a- re- (a-) p ly e d un e t un e a. t/h ' s a.m. e ve(i)n t i'm e a.d. s mu c h /t le ss t i'n e'ye d 0-malfeasant -ly-e- de-st-in-e-d- (h-) ap-p-(ea-)l-(i-)e- ye- d-

i/t a ke s n0 re a. ll a w/e f(ea.t e)f 0 r t 00 th -d-en-e-ye- d- g-'s-u/s- mu-dg-e- d- (he-)ye- d- 0 -w/-t-wat- at- i/s- t-he-c-r-hy-m(e-)n- d- he only light-s-up-t00-t-he-d-en-ye- d- perp-0-s- e- t00-t-he-s-p-e-ye- d- 0- w/-ag-ere- t- i'm-e/n- d- (h-)im- eye- t-if-f- e-ye- d- can- e- make-re- ad- be- lie-f- t- (h-) inn- s- 0/m-e- t-(h-) inn- g-e- d- eye- d- en- eye- d-(p.r.-)i'm-e- d- i/c- t00-t-he- m(e-)in-(e-) d- h- a-(n-)d- he-vain-ad- s-e/a-men- d- g-am-e/n- d- h- ave-n- (d-)am-e- vain- em- aid- z-er0-s-t00-t-he-n-ave-ye- d-g-ave- d-he-ad- f-ache-r- d- 0- w/-t- t- he-me-ns- t- rait- a- t- race- d-s- (t-)a- id- (e-) u/s- t- up- e(y-)e- vain- d- e/b- t- force-scene-inn- debt- u- b-re- ad- he-vain- d- ea-f0r-t-ad-just-being-(L-)ad- g-ave- n-am-e/n-ad-just- he- f-(r-) am-e- d- vain-nit-eye- t00-t-he- ad- s- (h-)ave -d- e/b- t00-t-he- ad- en-e-ye- t- a- g-am-e- d- 0/h- t-(a-) g-'s-us- t- ag-ad-ag-e- d-

up-e-t-i/t-russ- t-

0/n-e- m(e-)u- s- (e-)t-


n eve r (t') s (p) en d e th~e m0 c/k ere ye(a.) re can't a re (a) p ai r~(e/a) d e/b t heir d ('s-) 0-b-serve-d-a-re-- a-t-inn-d-ere- d- (b-)un- (d-)b-0/t-her-d- b-ea-r-t-h-d- h-and-g-'s-us- t- a- g-ea-r-t-he- d- 0f-t-0f-x-f-(L-)am-(me-)a.-b-le-(a-) d-ear-t-he- d- s-c-are- city-e-a- t- f-i/r-(e-)s- t-inn- d-inn-t-ere- ad-verse- (d-) cit-e-ye-a.-s/s- t- work- t-

he-re- (e-)f-a-(i-)r- e- ad- a- ft- a- re- ad-

s-m(e-)all- 0/t- t0/0t-c-all- d- a-ft- e-re-el- d- 0f- t- 0/n-e/n- d- (h-) all- d- e-vain-d- virtual-le-d- buy-a-d-ea-f-all-t-


f0r-g/e-(d-)g-0/d-s- (t-) ake- "t"-ank- t's- for being relevant - w/-h0- d- ate-

e'ye find no com for t inn d(y)our forge-r-e-ye- d- 0f- t- (he-)d- en- e-ye- t- (h-)in-(e-) d-

your "mu-sic" t- is baseless -t-, and showing us/t 0're -y-0-re- a- s/s- k- t-, doesn't make i/t better t00 th ave inn g -(L-)ad- e/b- t00-t-he- ad- e-a-l/l- t- w/-i/t- w/-at- (u-) b- miss- t- re- ad-up-e-0/n- d- e/b- t-he- miss-t-e- ad- (h-)0-ve- d- 0f- t- inn- s- p.r.-e-ad- s-(t-) inn- t- a- cr0ss-t-he- l/l-and- e/b- t- a-re- ad- a- re- (a-) p-0-s-e- (ed-)g- (r-) 0 - w/e- (ed-) b- light- 0/n-e- s/s- (t-) ig- h- t-

morally, you have made an observer out of a more-on- d- 0- w/-i/t- ness- t00-t-he- t-a- s/s- t- 0- re- (ye-d-)0/n- g- e- d-

s-inn-e-making- a- wit-ness- t- 0ut- 0ff- t- a- mo-re-0/n- d- ewe- (d-) s- t-a-g-e- t- w/-h0- d- (h-)e-ye- w/e- d-e/b-t- a- be a stage -d- (0f-t-) providing no honest follow thrue ve(i)n t w/h0 d ew/e

s-inn- making your scene-d- for t no reason e t w/h0/d. you -s- nake- d- 0f- t- (u-)be- ad- 0- w/-i.d.- t-hue- d- h-and- con-(e-) see-k- t- wen-t- ly-e- "you" h ave nothing of value t00 t hue s' d. "you" have no honest value to contribute, you are a r-u-s-e- d- e/b- t00-t-he- ad- a- bu-s-e- d-

& i'm honestly tired of looking at you-d- making "meoneye" for t no reason t-w/h0-d-

"you" are staging an abuse -d- ea- for-t- h -and- f-0-r(e-a-)-d- 0 (w/e) th ere (a) people t w/h0 ~d

"you" provide n0 0ne t00 ta ll k t w/h0 d, in staging t-(y-)our- e- g- ea-r-t/h- d- as/s- p-r-00-f- t- (h-)rue- (we-ll-)d- ent- inn- a -re- s- i.'d. e/n- s- e/e- d- inn-defer-rent- ce- s/s- e- x- cess- (t-)d- 0/h- t-

you-need-a- s/s- (k-) ill- ere- on-t-L-0-0-0-s- e- tu- provide- d-(y-)our- t-hr-0at- he- d- e/b- ta- l/l-o-(w/e-) at-he- d-

w/00 d ew/e s (p) e'ye t/h d 0 w/(e)~a.g/e re (d) g i'v en (t) i'm e a.d. 0 w/(e) inn e min(e) d h~inn g (u) e s/s t(h) e a.d.


e'ye w/(e) inn e w/(h) inn g(u) e s/s t

h' d be a.d. i fxfer e/n t/h f/r0m th (e) re s/t 

( r) in(n) g (u) e s/s t

a r(e)t ere a.d. be a.m. e'ye g/g (u) e s/s t

hu(e) s/s (t) a' i.d. ew/e 's d 0 

(w/) e s e~a.m. e a.d.

0 w/h 0/n e ye d b e/e n t(h) 0 w/e a.d.

s0und e/b t a s/s kn 0 w/(h)e a.d. be (a.)d.

f 0r(a.)~m.ea.l~ly e t00 t(h) be l/l e (ye) a. f (ea.) t

her d 0 w/n s 0 ft ly e t00 th' s lee per t/t e'ye 


g i've the me s~0/m e' re s (k) inn d' s lee per~e v e(i)n ~ (t/h) d

h~ea.ven d e/b t00 th b(L) e/n d h inn g eta gain d~ se a.m. e/n d's

u/s (p ) en d 's h n 0 g/g (a) inn d(g) a.m. e (a.) d. 

i/t ~t00 t(h) en ave d

e/b t(h) a t a' gain d


i have mentioned this several times on the earth cam. i am not copy writing my frame work and fretwork an at 0/m i c all an~g u ag/e d. the reason i am not copy writing it is 1. to get this far i suspect you are not dof-t-, and my frame is not design e tu be ad-0f-t-(h-)r-use- d- false-sel-l- ie- ye- s- miss -con-e- s/s- t- r- e- w/e- d- = 0/n e fxf 0 'r (e) t ' s t a (i)r (e) t (e) a. ' r e ' s t/h ere.

t w/h 0 d e w/e = the re(e) fxf 0 're ve(i)n (d) t (h) rue w/e l/l e d ew/e t00 th due t w/h0~ d

quite ironically i am giving me'ye value freely e d h and not letting and dof-t- a- ke- t-he-ha-w/e- d- com-man-d- e/b- t- a- c- a- s/s- t- 0ff- t- a- gain- d- s- cent-s- c0p-e-d- e/b- t- a- t-r0pe-d-0f-t- cam- e- d- e/b- t- ad- 0f-t-inn- t- h-and- s- (h-) 0- w/e- t- he- ad- s- cam- s-

think t 0 fxf i/ t a s/s ta l/l 0 A.(n)d. = a loan, & a l0 a.d. = now think of the con-e-verse- d- 0f-t- f-i/r-s- t- a- ll- 0- A-(n-) d- can only bring -0- d-0f-t- 0/n-e- com-man-d-

le t (h) d 0 (w/) n e t inn (t) per's 0/n e ve(i)n (t/h) d e/b t00 t(h) en e ve r e/n d 0 (w/e) ve t a(i') ll e/n d e/b t (a) g(L) 0've~n d

my work is not copy writed, i am letting you know, you are free to use it, please be aware that it shows. also, s 0/m e 0/n e d has gone without ex t press i0/n e ve(i)n d e/b t w/h0 d b(L) e~a. t.

so, if you think you just going to take off with my work to support your -e/e- f- a-rt- (h-) inn-g-e- d- g0-c-a-rt-, please be aware, someone vital is on the line d h ea.r... t/h d (h) are.

this is a different set up tu be ad. 0 w/are a.d. going f 0're ware a.d. f/r0m th (ave t(h) a) fxf a (i)r e a.d. you are buying into the use of your too th debt u s(h) e t u p~ar(e) t w/h0 d ew/e t00 th d e/b t a' p(L)a'ye t (h) inn (e) d 0 (w/) e

i hope to have a n~ewe' s ag e/n c ye~a.

too t ea.r n the patron subscription, and the content there inside out, onto another website, that the patron can buy ads, personal, business, links, etc. i think touring the value inside out, furthers the c/all t00 t(h) inn t en t i 0/n d s t a nd 0/u (be) t ~ c(h) a t c hinn g e d's p.r. 0 w/(e) t 0ut 0 i' l/l e t' s p(r) 0ut~e

you will get a bank se~a.d. acc0unt, and the value will be an d h 0/n e s/s t/h d z e~r0 / d e ed (h) ea. d (h~)inn g e/g a g(r) e a.d. zzzz ' s lee p (s) i/t~h ea. l/l ye

the~n sn ewe s u e w/e ll 00000000' s e (a.)d. = vein knit e'ye sub. c.rypt i 0/n s lee per inn dicti0/n e/e d 0 w/h e'ye (t/h) d e/b t00 th d ate t/h and en e m(e)a.r kn 0/t(h) ea. d. e/b t a' ke t(h) a w/h e'ye d (h) all t(h) a're a.d. (h) e'ye d a~te th er~e/n d serve d h e'ye t

0 w/h ea. t 00 t/h a.(n) d.icti0/n e t(h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e (a.)ve (i)n t /h ave n kn 0 w/e a.(d.)ven t/h e(a.) d. i/t (h) inn a re s~ i.'d. en t ce s/s e x cess (t) a i.d. e/b t a re s/t a (i)r e a.d. (h) a'ye d ' ste a.d. ye

t00 th bee h ave d h and h ave~n a.m. e (a.)i.d. (h) all t/h t i'm e 'ye debt 00 t(h) p /a. d.

0/n e tu m/m e'ye a. t/h ea. d. e w/00 d' s ea. t

(h) 0/m e a.d. 0 w/e fxf 0'r(e) t f/r0m t(h) b e/e s bu z/z ' s lee pi/th d(s) awn ea. t~ a'b le a.d.(h) a're a.d. e'ye (t/h) de a.m. (d) see k/t 0ff t (h)r e/e d ' s cent 's pea. k t e fxf 0r(a.) m.eal ly e t00 t/h ' s peak t 0ff the me a.n s~a.m. e t w/h 0 me (a.d.) ve(i)n a~ me ~ g a.m. e r/r e'ye n~ kn ave ye d s(h?) a.m.

0're s (t) a.m. e

n dg ave t a w/h e'ye d

0 w/h e'ye (t/h) d ate

at 0/0 w/h e'ye t

he ad i.d. kn 0/t ea.t 0 w/- h-at/e-

kelly conway-d- : more notes: she speaks to go for war-d- e/b t- ad- fiction-all-e-ye-d- 0f-t-00-t-hr- 0-a-t- 0ff- t- a- m.-0-re- ad- 0- 0-re- ad- e/b- t00-t-he- ad- s- c0p-e- d- h- and- s- c0-re- ad-

a m0r(e) t(h) 0/0 kn 0t e~ : get money out of the bank-t- sea t c as/s h and c a(i)r e'ye t00 th (d/0) be(a.)d. 0 (b.) c. (u) e w/e t (h) inn k / t w/h0 've t/h e/a. t w/h 0 (d) c u e w/e d h inn g e th e re (a.) p/p 0 'se t(h)r ue~n d 0 w/e tu~n e inn d 0/h t (h)

a' g (i) 0/d(h)ea.d en e m(e)a.r k(t)n 0 w/e~ isn't actually going t00 th 's (h)ave d-(y-)our-e-g0-a-t-

ad-ju-s-t- a- fx-f- 0-r- (t-) a-b-(e-)in-g- s-us-0/d- 0f-t -s- c0p-e-d- e/b- t- a- t- eye- t- r0pe-d- h-and- 0f- t-s-(h-) 00- k- t- 0/n- e/e-d- e/b- t-a- s/s- knee- d-0f-t-a- ke- t-he- no/te-t-he-r- e- /n- t- s- h0- w/e- (d-) s-

well e'ye d c~an d l(e) i've t 0 w/ the m(e)ark inn the makere' s c a/b i/n~ (e) d (h) inn th d ark e ve(i)n (e.)a. r~ a/b i.~d. (e ye a. d. a'ye a. d.)

g0' s (p) e l/l i/t a (n'ye) gain 0/n the main e fxf r a.(i.)m. e ve(i.)n (t/h~ea.) d a.m. aid.

g r a ce s/s (h) inn th s p(L)a ce s/s (h) ave n (d) a.m. e~ a.d. 's up` p l/i c~ate i 0/n sa(ye)inn~t

(a') g0 ad he a.d. heaven s h0 w/e d

(h) 0/n e m(e)a.r k/t as/s (h) 0/n e d e/b t as/s knee d l e'ye ~n d 0 (w/e g 0)


Le-(a-)d-0f-t- 0/0-t-he-m- p- L0-ye-ed-

e w/e a.r e/g e t/t (h) inn g (0) p (L) aye d e/b t00 th 's (t) a'ye d~ 0 ~w/e n ave d as/s h 0(L)e d ewe t00 t(h) en kn 0 l/l d e/b t a' ke th en kn e ll d 0/u(be) ta' n0/n the r-ab-bet-0-ll- d-s-cent-s-rait-00-t-(h)e-ll-0-w/e- d-0f-t-en-d-inn-d-h-0ve- d- e/b- t- a- b-ai-t-men-t-s- (t-) u- f-x-f- er-e-r- d- f-0-(0-) l- and- f0-ld-g0-ld-((((("0"))))) char-i/t-ease-d-0h-t-(h-)i-re- (ad-0f-t-0/0t-0ff-t-) s- c0p-e- d- "a"-dud- 0-0re-ad- 0- LT- inn- t-he- t- foo-t- no-t- e- s- t- a- men- t00-t-he-ad- s- c0p-e- d- inn- debt-he-ad- ness- t- inn- t- 0/0-t- he- ad- h0-p-e-d-(h-and-) d-le-d- 0f- t- a- gain- d-

"you" only wanted t- w/-h0- d- s- (t-) a-ye- tu-s- he- ed-(h-)im- c- hi'm-e-d- 0/u-(be-)t- out-a- time-(d-)g- ave- d- a-re- t00-t-he- ad- be- (a-)d- he-vain- e/m- aid- ad- e/p-t-hue- s/s- (t-)a- i.d.- e-ad-e- vain- d-

"you" didn't bring deb~t w/h 0 d h ave th e(a.) s/s a ye t00 th d at(e) i n/n (e) p (L) a ce ve(i)n 0/d(h) e a.d. b ran c~h ' d just b.c.

h inn g e d p lace d i/t inn d

well (d) h ave (n) th d 's cent s t00 th ' s (h) 0 w/e ve(i)n t(h) 0 (w/) e a.d. (0))))) b e/e h ave d e(a.) l/l t a g0 t(h)rue~n d 0 w/e t0 y0u 'r'0se ~a. t a.d. just the same g(r) 0 w/e (th) d

e/b t 0 m(e) 0 r(e) r 0 w/e d e/b t00 th e m(e)a. r(e) r 0 w/e ve(i)n a. m. e a.d. 0 w/th e miss (t/h) re a.d. (h) e' ye s i'~r e~a.d.

ge t0/n e t/h (c)~e (w/e) l/l eve l/l e(a.) ve~n t/h 0/u r~ e v.e(i)n~ d

e'ye (t) w/00 d h ave n d(h) e'ye d ew/e th (f) i/r ' s (t) in (n/e)y(e) ~a.m.

(p) ave' (n) d e l/l t a s/s k t/h 's (h) ave n' d

i'm e c0unt inn g 0/n e w/e

b. m.i/n(e) d

(c/L) a s/s p as/s t re a.d.


b a s/s k (e) tu (r) fxf i/r' s t ea.r th d (h) inn (e)a.r (e s) inn d (h) ea.r th d

0 w/(e) inn kn 0 w/(h)e r(e) inn d e/b t00 th fxf L0 w/(h)ere in(n) g


she a.r~e put e t(h) en d e/b t00 th e re ce s/s t e a.r e (e) fxf e(e) L/t n d(h) 0've t a gain d


e get/h e re a.ll h~ and c a s/s t 0/n e/e d l/l e'ye t00 t/h (r) 0/n e inn e/e d(h) a ll (e) a. s/s (t) 0 w/e (re) a.d.

e/b t00 th f e/e d

i/t 0/n e~ t a' s/s knee d

0/h be (a.)d.

f 0r(a.) m.e a. l/l y e

t00 th (e) re t re a. t~

e th er~ e/n t (h)at' s (L)ake d

serve d


t-(h-) 0/n-e- s/s- t- a- b- a/i- t- men- t-sir-e-vi've- d- ea-f-0-r- t- (h-)en- ad- sur-e- vive- d- ea-f-ea- t- a- ll- t- he- t-(he-d-) im-e-d--muscle- d- s- ad- ag-e/n-c-y(e-)a- m- i/n- (e-) d- moving s-hi-t- a- re-round- ance- s/s- t- a- g- (u-) e- s/s- t- p.r.- i'm- e- ad-im-mind-


pavé : A paved surface, a pavement (now only in French contexts). A setting of gemstones such that no metal is visible, especially when the stones are set very close together. Any of various food items having a rectangular shape.


c0/n-t-(r-) 0- l/l- e- d- e/b- t-he-ad- be-l/l- t-(h-) 0- ld-


g-rap-hic-t-0- s/s-0/d- 0f- t-(h-)a-ct- (h) 0 re t00 th b(r) 0ugh t 0(n) e/n ai l/l 0 ft

t-wat-a-r-(r-)e-ye- s- (h-) 0- w/-(h-)inn-g- e- a-r- (d-)s- e - p-(r-) ate- t(h) en augh t cur(e-)rent- f-r0m-e- t-he- ad- (s-) 0/n-g - s- us- (L-)augh-t-u-b/b-u-ye-L- L0-(a-)t- he- ad- (h-) all- 0/t-


"we" h-ave- t-a- get-our- ass- (h-) 0- le- s/s- inn- 0-r-d- ere- before we pretend to give a value we haven't the value too the be en d, s much t less (p) en d. lingering over -t- doctor, adding -iv'e-vain-d- e/b- t00-tour- e- vain- d-. inn -s- u/r- an- t- c- i.d.- f- (r-)am-e- d- a "prime" mover- d-0f-t- bu-ll-s-hi-t-eye-t- high- t- h-ave- d-


"you" need pr-e-(a-)dic-k-t- a-b-ill-i- t- e-ye- a- t-0- get your ass-- h- 0- le- ad- 0/n-e- t-0p- t0ff- t-he- (ad-)f- e/e- d-b- f0r-d- h-and- 0/u-(be-) t- a- s/s- i/t- a- p.(r.)-e- see-d- (h-)inn-g- e- d- 0- pen- (a-) ll- (t-) e-ye-a- t- force-scene- d- e/b- t- a- ke- ye- p-(d-) s-ea-m- e/n- d- (h-) inn-g- e- t- a- gree- d- g-am-e-inn-g-'s- us-t-(ag-) c- am-e- (f-f- 0-r- t-) less- (t-) ly- e- d- 0- cue-men-t-s-he-a-ve(n-)- d-(r-) e-am- s- inn- g- s- u/s- t- a'in-a/b- (e-) l/l- e-ye- a- t- 0ff- t- me- t00-t-he- re- claim- mit- t-rue- w/e-n- em- e-ye- due-t-0-gat-her- d- ew/e- tu- (r-) f-x-f- 0- r- e- w/e- d-

"you" are not really applying value t 0ur e t00 th bu ye s peak inn g (L-) 0've i/t fi-(r-)st-


"dent- s-(t-)a-id" (h-)ea- d- cur-(e-)rent- 00- t-he- f-x-f- r- a(i-)m- e- d-(h-)a- t-a- c/c-0-rd- (h-) inn-g- e- l/l- e- ye- t00-t-he-ad- (h-)e-ye- d- ea-t- h-and- gree- t- h-and- en- e'ye- t- ea- t-'s- e- tu- s-hi-t- h-and-s-he-et-u-be-a- t- 0- pen- (a-) ll- (t-) e-ye- vain -d- e/b- t- a- gain- d- e/b- t- a- ke- t-h-and- s- t- a- nd- he-vain-d-0h-t- inn- t-(h-) in- (e-) d- e/b- t- a- g0-ld- set-h-a(L-)ve- d- b-re- ad- (h-) all- ass- h0- w/e- d-en- s- el-ly- e- a-d-(s-) 0- L- (e-) d-e- vain -d- c- an -d- e-vain- d- am- e/d- e-vain- d- s- cam-(e/d-)s- t0-(0-) l-(e-) d- e/b- t- be-in- (g-) c-0/n-(e-)t- (r-) 0- l/l- e- d- 0- w/e- ll- t00- kn 0/t 0 (w/)e d


fe~b rue~a.r (e)ye ve(i)n (d) 0've~ i/t h~ f i/n(e) d e'ye t (h) inn ~ (e) d (p.r.) i'm e (a.) d. 0~ w/e f(t)f(e/a.)t~ 0ff t

fi ft h~ d i'm (e) inn t i'm e~ (a.) d. 0 w/h e'ye (t/h) d 0 p~en d e/b t00 th' s un~ d a'ye t h~ea.v~e n (a) l/l e'ye~ a. s/s a'ye s u/p~ p ly e~ a.d.(h) i'm e~

t a' t00 th f~a ce (a.)d. (s) h ave n (d) ew/e t w/h 0 d(h) e'ye d e/b t00 th t em p(0) le t(h) inn t i'm~e (a.) d.

0 w/e t00 th d i'v(e)in~ e/e d l/l e'ye t00 th s i'~r e me'ye s~ et u/n e inn s/i~ t u s(h) e'ye ~ (a.) d. i'm~e t00 th em p~i/r~e a.d. (h) 0'ver t~ a s/s k t00 th b~e c(h)0/n (e) d 0 fxf (i) t/h em pi re inn en em e'ye~ a.... t i'm e fxf 0'r (e) t a.'(i.) me~a.l/l y e~ a. d.

0 w/are a.d. just b.c. (u) e w/e t 00 th c~a(i)r e'ye d e'ye t(u) be a. r0und s t e a.d. e'ye d (h) 0've~r t 0 w/(h)ere t00 th e're s~up p~ly e d c(L) 0've~ r t/hu(e) s/s e t 0/0 d e w/e ~n Sue~ d 0 w/th d(b) rain (d) p~ip (e d) s~t 0/g (L) 0've~ r/t c (L) 0've r/t~ inn t/h a.(n)d.


certain ly -e-d- (y-)0ur-ad- doesn't provide for the time t00 th inn qui re a.d. e/b t heir d(h)ea.r~

t~h0 b i/e ye~ t c at inn t i'm e~ de/b t00 t(h) 0 w/e t(h)rue n~ d 0 w/e t(h) en d en e'ye t a~ gainn d (p.r.) i'm e~ t a cr0ss t inn (t) e ve(i)n e 'ye (t/h) d (h) e'ye d e th des(s)ert 00 t(h) 0 ver t L0 A.(N)D. (h) inn g e t00 th (e) re (a.) p (L)e~a. t (e'ye) i/t~ d i'n(n)e~ r(e) t~ u~

ea-t- h-and- gree- t- h-and- en- e'ye- t- ea- t-'s- e- tu- s-hi-t- h-and-s-he-et-u-be-a- t- 0- pen- (a-) ll- (t-) e-ye- vain -d- e/b- t- a- gain- d- e/b- t- a- ke- t-h-and- s- t- a- nd- he-vain-d-


your only accountable d i fxf ew/(h)e a.t 0ff t(h) inn (e) d  0 p en (a) l/l (t) e'ye a. s/s t 00 th be (a.) d.~ s lee p~(i)t/h d (r )e a.m. s (e)a. m. e/n d ' s pea.k t 0 p en (a) l/l (t) e'ye t00 th (e) re (a.) p (L)e~a. t e/th/er e/n d~ (ea.t) h and g r(e)a. t~ e a. (c/h) t (0 ) w/h0 d bu ye t h0/u 's in(n) g's t a (i) r (e) t a 're p ea.t 00 th re p ai r~d f a(i)r e a.d. a t0/n e ce s/s ai r e'ye a. l/l (e) a. s/s (t) 0 w/e ~ a.d.(s) 0' L (e/a.) d. (h) a ll (e) a. s/s (h) 0 w/e t00 t(h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e ad e/b t00 th s 0 (w/e) i' ll~ d 0 (w/)e s i/t s h 0 (w/) e~ fxf 0 r (t) a. w/h i' l/l e~g 0/d~ as/s t e a.d. (h) e'ye a. r~e a.d. e'ye t a g ave d e/b t00 th d h ave(n) a.~(i.)m. e t a. (t/h) re a.d. a ft ere a. l/l d bu ye d hue~ s/s h0/u l/l d ere w/e t00 th d (h) a l/l f t~ ere ~a. l/l d e/b t00 th' s(t) a'ye a. d. h ave t~ a cr0ss t (e) a. l/l (e) a. s/s (h) 0 w/e re a. t(h) a l/l 0 w/e t w/h0~ debt 00 th d (h) ew/e t a gainn a.d. a.m. e w/e t/h ea. d. h and (h) ea. d. a ft ere a. l/l (e) a. s/s t h(f)i/r~s t 00 th be (a.)d. 0 w/e th rig ht 00 th s (h) 0 w/(h) er(e) inn (d) s t e~ a.d. e'ye t(h)~a. d. e ve(i)n s 0/m e t~a h 0 (w/) e~ a.d. e/b t00 th s~u/r fxf e/i t 0/n e~ inn 0/n e~ e d l/l e'ye s (h) 0 w/e (d) g (r~) 0 w/e a.d. c 0/n (e) t~ a re r~0 l/l e~d e (a.) l/l t a t(h) 0 (w/) e~ s/t (r~) 0 l/l e (a.) d i/t ~t0 f/f t b e/e s p0 k~e n d 0(w/)h t~ a re (a~) p 0' s ~e/e n 0 (w/e) d~ e/b t00 th b ran c~h inn (g) e/e d e/b t00 th sup p0 rt h~ c h~ea.r 0/d(h) ea. d. 0 b e/e serve d~ 0 w/(h) 0/n e'ye a.~ t  0/n e/e d (inn) si~r e a.d. e/b t00 the m(e)a. k/e g ~r ea.t e th e/e d~  he x p0' s e~a.d. (h) ag i/0~ d 0 (w/) e~ s (i)t u fxf  ew/e f/r0m th e f~r a.(i.)m. e~  w/e t00 th e w/e t f~L0 w/(h) er(e) in (n) g~ the w/(h) inn g e d~ s p~ar (e) t~ h and e/b th 's p~ar k/t~h ea.r t/h d ea. f r0m th ' s t a (i) r~(e) t~ c~he ad s e~a. t 's ea. t a' b~(e) l/l e'ye ~ t00 th f e~a.(s/s) t 0 w/are ~ a.d. h inn g (u) e s/s t inn (e)a. r~e (a.) p~ a(i)r~ e t00 th (e) re a.d. e'ye (d) p ~a s/s t inn t 0 w/e ve(i)n~(a.)d. am~ s w/e ll d e/b t-- th en am e l/l c~a.m. e l/l e d ew/(e) inn ~ g ( r) inn~ d 0/u(be) t~ h~ea.ven (t/h) d se~am en d e/b t/h 's a.m. e ve(i)n ly e t00 th s(t) a'ye desire d ' s cent 's ~c0 p(i) e'ye d h0 p~e d e/b t inn s~el l fxf t (a') c~h ea.r. 0/d e a.d. e/b t00 th en a/i' ll i/t inn th ea.v~e(i)n~ s (p) en d ew/(e) inn~ g i'll t i'm~e g~ave d e/b t00 th ave t w/h 0/d ew/e t w/h0~

shove(i')ll e d ew/e ~a.r~ t/h d (h) ea.r in(n) g' s~

sup-p0-rt-(h-) inn-g-e- t- i/t- he- (a-)d- i/t- w/-i/t- her- d-(b-)um- c- um- ly-e- d-0-w-n- d- 0f-t-he- ad- (e-)u/s- t- c- r- 0- w/-n- d- 0- w- n- d- 0h- t- w/-h0- d-0h-t- e-ye- t-hr-0-a- t- at- 0/n-e- d- 0f-t- s- c0p-e- d- e/b- t- a- re- t- r0pe- d- 0f-t- 00-t-he- p-as/s- e- t-he- ad- s- c-0-r-e-(a-) d- s- inn- t- he- t- em- p(0-)le- d- 0f- t- sound- s-

the only thing i can "count-one" is that you will spread your -e-e-L-e-g-s- for -t- any- e- s- am-e-n- d-s- that s- p- (L-)aye- w/e- t00-t-he- r/r- 0-d- ewe- (d-) s- (t-)u-b/b-u-ye- "me-one-ye-d-" "ver-t-(h-)u-e- d-" 0/h- be- ad- 0f- t- 0/n-e- vain-d-(b-)um-c-um- d- 0f- t- e-ye-a- t- he-ad- a- b- (0-)u/t- t-ere- d- 0f-t- inn- t-he-ha- w/e-vain- d- s-u-(e-)me-0/n-e-ye-d-s- cam-(e-)s- us- (t-) p- en- d-'s- t- a- nd- a- re- (a-) pen t- (h-d-) ance- ye-vain -d- 0f- t- 00- t-h- r-0-a- t- 0ff- t- r0pe- d0f- t- be- (a-)d-0f- t- a-s/s- k- t- augh- t- 's- augh- t- a- g- e-(r/r-e-) 0/d- (h-) 0/m- e- ad- e/b- t00-t-he- ta- re- t- r0pe- d- h-and- h0-ped- d-le- d-s- nail- s- 0/n- net- u- t-ill- d- h-and- ill- d- 0/h- t- 0-gat-her- t- a- ll- (e-)a- s/s- h-0- w/e- t- hat- a- w/e- ed- 0- w/-ill- t- a- g-0/d- e/b- t-(y-)our- ig-ht- a- t/t- e- ll- d- s- (k-) ill- d- e/b-t- a's/s- knee- lt- 0ff- t-hat- he-ad- 0f-t- a- gain- d- (g-) im-me-d- i/c- (k-)t- hat- h- ave- d- -0-war- t- heir- d-


t-he-f-x-f-0-r-(e-)t-u-n-e- tell-ere- ad- ew/e- (d-) s- a- w/ar-r-ent- a -n0-s-e- g-(r-) 0-w/e-syn-t-he- ad- i/s- g- race- d- ate- : "you" date to "efface" at any given time "you" do not actually face a.d. -e/b-t-(y-)our-e-(e-)f-x-f- ace- d- ew/e- d- set- 00-t-he- ad- s- c-r- e- we- d- 0f- t-(h-)en- d- "prime" ad- b.c. you get paid to speak dof-t- inn- time- d-0f-t- sup-p-lie-(d-)s- (t-) inn- t- (h-)inn-(e-) d- s-cent-s- a- containere- ad- 0 -w/-he- ye- (a-) t- = "you" too-L- too-t-he- t- a- l/l-0-0k- t-shirk-t- c- an-d- jer-k- t- inn- you-r-e- s- lee-per- t-ye- a- t- e- tu-be- (a-)d- 0 -w/- (h-) a- ke- d- s-tup- id- e/b- t- he- s- am-e-/n- d- e/b- t00-t-he- d- en - em- e-ye- ad- het- a- gain- d-(h-)im- t00-t00-L-ass- t- inn- tu- t-'s -t- u- b/buy-e- a- d- de-t-0/n-ate-i0/n- d- a -re- (a-) p- (L-)ea- t- he-vain- ly-e- g- 0- ad- c- he- ap- t- 0 pen- (a-) l/l- (t-) e'ye- a- t- 00- t-0ff-t-he-ad- 0f-t00-t-he-ad- jack-t- 0ff-t-0/0-t-00-t-he-ad- 0f- t- inn- (e-)a-r-e- lie- f- t- he- ad- 0- w/00- d- b-rake- (n-)d- e/b- t-u- gaw/- t-he- ad- 0f-t-ly-e-re- (a-)p-en- t- `a- gain- d- (h-) im- d- ew/e- d- s-he-ar-t-he-ed- a- rt- inn- com- p-re- h en s~i b ill i t e'ye a-t- vain- d- ea-f-f- 0r-t- f0r-ce-s/-scene- d0-f-t- ly-e-a-r- t- he-ad- a-rt- boundless in your competitions i-r-e- ad- 0f- t- 0/n-e- tu- b-scene- d- 0f- t- inn- s- p-i/r-e- ad- e/b- t00-t-he- c-(h-) 0/n-s- p-i/r-e-(a-)d- i/t- t00-t-he- ad- s- (t-) a- nd-be- (t-) h- inn- (e-) d- i/t- t00-t-he- make- i/t- em- pi-re- ad- a- re- d- s-i-re- ad- narcissistical ly e b-s-p0ke-nd- a- br0-ken- d- e/b -t00-t-he- d- f-un-d-am-e/n-t- al-ly-e- t-(h-) inn- g-e- d- 0f- t- 0/n-e- l/l- e- ye- t- (h-) inn-g-e-d- e/b- t- 0- re- pair-d- 0f- t- inn- t- ere- s- t- 0ff -t-(s-) augh- t- (you do not think for your sel l fxf t ~h ea.v en (t) d~ h and you have not contribution too l e/n d, h and you have no rig ht p ass -hi-t- 0ff -t- 0/n e m'ey e t i'm e ~(a.) d. s L0 t~ t~ 0 w/(h)e ~ a.d. 0 f/f (i) t~ (h) inn d ere s(t) augh ~ t ~a ' t0/n e/n augh t : you-r- prophec-y-a- matter -s- no- t-

"o/h" b/i-g-u-ye- (a-)d- 0f- t00-t-he- ad- s- (k-) ill- d- 0f-t- inn- t/h- 0-ver-t- s- kill- d- 0f- t-(u-)b/i- g-0/t-0ff-t- ig- nor-d-i/c- (k-)t- all- t- inn- c- line- d- 0f -t00-t-he-ad- s- p-(r-)out- e- i/t- he-ad-s-pi-e-ye- (d-)s-

r-un-n-in-g-f-0-re-(a-) s/s- i.'d- e/n- t- hie-ven- d- p-ill-a-rd- 0/h- t- a- s/s- 0/n- g-0/d- 0/n-g- a- me- ad- s-0/n- t- ere- ad- b-(um-) c- (um-) d- ea-f- r0m-e- m(e-)i/t- ta- re- (a-) p- (L-)a-ce- men- t- a- gain-d- 0f- t- 0/ne- ed- le ye t00 th r~0/a t (h) inn d (h) e/e d 0 p~en (a) l/l (t) e'ye inn t i'me t00 t(h) en d~ 0 b rake n~d h inn the m(e)A. k/e ~g re~a. T a s/s t~ e 'ye~ t00 th b f 0'r d~ s cent s h~ a l/l 0 w/(e) inn~g a g(r) e~a. d. 0 w/(e)a.r~ t h/d h and n augh t bu ye d-s-h-am-(e-)a-r- t- h/d- he-r/r- 0/d- e- inn- g- lee- p- i- t/t- ye- a- t- 0ff- t- me- an- s- e/e- k- t- 00- t- h-ave- t- he-ad- you are not my makere ve(i)n ~(t/h) d s cent s trait a l/l a'ye s nake d ly e t00 th 0'r en em e'ye s p~(L)a ce~ s/s (h) ave~n a.m. e~ ve(i)n ly e t00 th e m(e) 'ye~ a. t 0/ne t00 th n s~um e 0/n e ye d(p.r.) i'm e~ a.d. 0 w/e t00 th d~i' v(e)in (e)a. r/r 0 w/e t00 th e r a/i s~ e a. d. a'ye t 00 th e re (a.) p (L) e~a. t i/t h~ e w/e d h ave~n 0/m u/s (e) i/c t's h~i've d at a th ' s a.m. e ta ti'me ~(a.) d. a~ p L e/n t e'ye a.r ~ t00 th (e) d en e'ye t n d g (land) c land e s/t in e~ d e/b t a gain d (h) 0've t a g(L) 0've d a re (a.) t r~i bu t/t i 0/n (e) d~ s hin(e) d~h and 's c~u/p t


h~i 've (t/h) d 0ff t (f) 0ur e certain debt 00 th t~e l/l~ e'ye t00 th e~m.iss t a k/e~n eve r e ve(i)n th~r 0 a/t a re (g) r0und 0 w/n ~ d e/n 0 w/e debt a t 0 w/n d e/b tu~ s (h) e'ye t i/t~re a.d. i f/f u/s/e nee d (be) l/l a'ye g (r) 0 w/e th fxf L0 w/(h) ere's c0 pi ed e/b t 'hu(e) s/s a g (r) 0 w/e th' s0und ew/e~ ve(i)n ew/e d s cent s nake d ly e w/e d

0ff (e/a.) tu~

re w/e d(h) 0/m e~ (a.) d.

dress t(h) 0've d c0 0k inn g(L) 0've d

f-ill-t-hy---f-f- ea-r--- e- n0-b-0/d- e-ye-a- r- s- e- g-am-b- le- g- ea-r- s- e- g- 0/d- (r-)e-am-s-scene-d 0f- i- t- a- gree- d- (0f-t-0/0t-0ff- t- inn- t- he- ad- a- g-race- s/s- e- th- s-e- am- e/n- d- (r-)e-am-s- e/e- k- t- 0ff -t- hie-ven- d- ly-e- a-

le-per- t- he-l/l-e- p-en- t- a - l/l- e/n- t00-t-he- t- eye- i/t-(h-)ea-r- d-e-ye- t-


rut- h- e/a- d-0f- t- buy-e-a-r- t- hd- e/b- t- a- t- r0pe- d- 0f- t- (h-)un quest i 0/n e d bu ye n0 0n e p.r. i'm e~ (a.) d.


t (h) re a.d. e/b t00 th e me 0/n e 'ye d e/b t a(i') l/l e/n d ere a.d. b f0r'd h and s pea.k e th~e'ye a.m.e~ (a.)d. 0~ w/e t(h) 0/n e a. t/h r 0/n e/e d 0 fxf (i) t/h r 0/a t~ (h) inn (e) d' s c0 pi e'ye d e/b t a t r~0p e(e)d h0 ped~ 0 (w/)h t (u) be (a.)d. ~ 0 ff (e/a.) t inn t i'me~ t00 th d(s) 0 'L (e/a.) d. h and 0/u (be) t (h) inn g~ e/e d(h) ea.r d e/b t00 th 0 (d) serv~e d i/t t0 pen (a) l/l (t) e'ye d bu ye t(h) i're a.d. (inn) s ~i re a.d. b. m.use ~a.d. 0~ 0're a.d. a.m. 0're a.d.~ e/b t00 th (b) f~0r'd h~e x p0's e (a.) d. i/t i/t inn t w/h 0 d ew/e ~ap/t 00 t(h)r e/e d 's w/ee p/t n~ d 0 w/are a.d. f 0're w/are a.d. n (t) a' s/s peak inn g'(s_ Li.d.~e(ye) a. s/s t a(i)r~ (e) t/h ere a.d. 0 fxf un d a.m. e/n t a l/l e'ye t e'ye~a. t00 t(h) a~g (r) e/a. t u be a.m. e t a ch d(h) 0'm e r~(h)~a z (0'r)e c l~e a.n d h and r~e'ye d 0ff(i) t inn th f i'r~e a.d. se~a.m. AS/S ~i're a.d. (h) e'ye d's h~ea.r t(h) all i've ~ t a gainn d(h) e'ye (t~h) d


who honestly cares t hat f-00-t-b-all-e-(a--)ve-n- d-a-rt- he-r/r0 d- e- ad- 0- 0-re- ad- am- 0- r-(e-) t- a- ll- ass- t- he- f00t- 00- kn-0t-(h-)e- ad- h0-ped- 0f-t-0/0-t- 0ff-t00-t-he-ad- e/b- t- a- t- r0pe-d-0f-t-ly-e- h-ave- b m aid. 0ff t-hie-ven-t- inn- t- com-e- t- a- gainn- d- ea- f-en- d- e/b- t-(y-)our-e- s-cen-t-s-hi-t- a- re- (g-)round- h- and- 0f- t- s-um- s- um- s- um- s- inn- c- 0-re- inn-c- (h-)0/m-e- d- 0f-t- 0/ne- ed- 0f- t- s-um- 0/n-e- ye- d- b- um- c- um- me- d- i- c- (k-) t- (h-) inn- g- e- d- 0-ve- d- ass-k- (i-) t- f-i/r-s- t- 00-t- he- t- i/t- a- g-e-a-r- t- he- d- ea-r- d- 0- b- serve- d- h-and- a- re- serve- d-


b~e w/e r~ t00 th r 0/a t 

(e)a.' qua t(h)ru/e w/e ve (i)n (d) s~ c a s/s t 0/n e/e d b(ea.)m. e(a.)i.d. e/b t a l/l e t/t e're s (e) t h~ s t a g e/e d(h)~ea.r~ t(h) 0/m e a.d. e c(h) 0/m e~(a.) r~ de s~cent s hi(n) t~ 0/n e ve(i)n a. m. e~ a.d. (a) g~ ave t/h ea. d. e/b t(y) 0ur e (a.) p en i/s t~u 

b (r ) 0ugh t~ (h) inn (e) d b (L) i/n (e) d~ (h) inn g e inn g a ft e're a. l/l d e(a.) l/l t a w/e th e n~ew/e s t (e) a. ll a. m.~ 0/d e l/l t00 th s~u/p p~ly (e) inn g~ 's u/s t a g 0 p.~r. 0 w/(e) t~ a l/l (e) a. s/s t (e) a. l/l ~ (d) e'ye s~ yn /th f~all t 

(h) a're a.d. (h) all t~ a' r/r e ye re t00 th be th 's qua r/r e'ye d 's cent 's p. (r.) 0ut (e) s/s t 0/u t~  's (t) a' nd 0/u (be) t~ c(h) a t c~h inn g e/e d 0ff (t) ly e t00 t(h) a g (r ) 0 w/e th fxf L0 w/(h) ere t a l/l a re (g) r0und~ 0 w/n e t00 th t 0 w/n d~ e/b tu~ t00 th i/t 's hi t~u s/h e'ye i/t 's hi t ' s~ u(m) e 0/n e t w/h 0/d e w/e~ t00 th a.(n)d. e ve(i)n a p/p. r.0've a. l/l d e/b t 0/d e w/e i/t u~ tu/s h and e w/e tu~ t0/d ue t (h) r u e w/e ~ll e t 0/i le t~u b. m. e~(a. r) d e a.m. inn a re a.r~s e g ea.r s et u pull at~he a.d. h~ea.ven 0/m ai.d. (h) inn si~g h t (a) g~ave d 0 w/he ye (t/h) d he ad am (e) a. k/e g~ged a re a. l/l a t (h)e  d e/b t00 t(h) p~ar(e) t a' k/e t u b~rake d e/b t 0/d at(e) inn p (L)a ce (a.)d.~0 w/h t 00 th f e/e d e'ye w/e t/h an(d)ec(t) d0h t/h d e/b t00 th s c0 pi ed h0 pe(e)d en s hi t a s/s 0/n e t00 th' s 0/m e ~a.d. (((((0))))) be (a.)d. 0/n (e)g~a w/(h)a.d.(h)ea.d. 0 fxf (e/a.)t 0ff t00 th be c(h)0/n (e) d h and L(h) 0've ~t(h) a re t rig ht f/r0m th 's t a (i)r (e) t(h/d) 0 fxf t (u) bu ye a. r~ t h/d (h) ea.r t/h d fir's t a' s/s t e ~a. r~e'ye a. re t00 t(h) a l/l 0 w/e a.d. (h) ea.r t

((h) in e t00 the m(e)a.r t~ h/d h~ea.ven a/s~s cent 00 th be (a.)d. f 0r(a.) m. ea. l/l ye~a.(r) t 

0/0 a. t(h) b 0'r e/n t r 0 p i/c (h) a l/l (i') v e

t a l/l 0 (a.) n~ (d) e tu d (b)e a.d.(s) 0' L e/a. d 0 (w/)e s(h) 0/n e/e d l/l e'ye w/h 0/0 'Le' ye~a. d. s e/e k/t i/t u be s~cent ly e re a. ll d~h and f0r(a.) m.eal lye p.r.e sent 0 w/i.d. th i/t~c hi/t 00 th ' d 0 (w/)h tu be a.d. p (f) ull and f0(0)L(e) d 0 w/(e) inn kn 0 w/e~ (a.)d. i/t 0 w/(h) inn d i'n(n) g~ a g(r)e a.d.

e/b t(u) be t(h) a w/are a.d.

f0r(a.) m.eal l ye t00 th b a/a/a/a w/(h)a're a. l/l a t/he t i'm e r/r e'ye the me m(e) 0're 'ye s (d) in e s/s t(h) a 're a. l/l a/i re t00 th f e/e L (t/h) air d e~a. l/l t/h ere t00 th s~e(a.)l/l t(h) a're a.d. f/r0m th' s(h) e l/l t ere a.d. (h) 0/m e ta' t(h) 0 w/t hr 0a/t 0/n e/e d e th r 0/n e/e d(h) 0've d e/b t (a) c0 0k t(c) 0/n e~g (L) 0've d


g~(r) a.m. p0 s~i/t i've in e/g ave t a gain d e/b t00 th ea/ve n /d h and


t-he-d-s-he-d-(s-)0n-ly-e- h-ad- the c-our-ag-e- t00- t-he-w/e-n- d- i/s- (h-) 0/n- e- s/s- (t-) ly- e- t00- t- he- s- (h-)am- e/n- d- (h-) inn-g-e/e-sus-t- a-g- e- w/e- d- 0- w/00- d- be- ad- (s-) un-d-ere- serve- d-(g-) un- deter-re- ad- he- w/-en-t- back-force-scene- d- second-s-he-a-ven- d-s- (t)et-(h-) 00- t-(hr-) 0-a-t- hie-ven- (t-h-)d-s- me- t-

(a-) ll-e- t- i/t- ste- t- inn- defer-rent- ce- s/s- e- x- cess-(t-)a- i-d- s-(t-)e- t-/h- and- s- me- t-a-re-sent-ea-r-e-ye- d- h-and- le- ft-inn-s- t- inn- t- a- re- s- t- u- b/b-u-ye- n- d- be- ad- e/b- t00-t-a- s/s- k-nee- x-(i-) t-00- t-he-x- 0- d-(e-)u/s- t- a- re- s-i.'d-e/n- t- ce- s-s- d- (h-)0-ver- t- he- f-xf- ea-r- d- 0-d/d-ere- g- u-ye- l/l- e- f- t- (h-)ea-r- t- 0- w/-id-get- 0-0-le-ye-l/l-0-0k-eye-t-(h-)at-

e'-ye -g-0-(a-)d-  e/b- t-hat- e-ye- d-

s-h0-(w/-) e- "you" can be scene proud all the time -d- 0f- t-he- ad- i'v-(e-)in- e/e- d- l-e-ye- d- e/b- t- a- b- scene- inn- e- min-(e-)d- e/b- t-(h-) in- (e-) d- h- and min(e) d

n~0/p e : bu ye design, meye frame work t(h) a'nd fretwork is (n) aught designed to support d0f-t-s- "2" b c L i'm (b) e~ (a.) d. (p.r.) i'm e~ (a.)d. just say (e) inn knit a ll t(h) a 're t i'm e(a.)d. 0 w/e b/b e/e t(h) inn (e) d f0r' d b e l/l e~(ye) a. f/f (L) in g~ 0/d i'm e~(a.) d. i/t~t 0/0 t(h) b. c. a s/s h inn (e) d

me 0/n e 'ye t00 th e qua l/l pur(s~)e w/e t = is meant to be a means of t ex (t) press i 0/n e inn g a g(r)e a.d.

we do not have that choice in the competitive market place -d- in follow/ t(h)rue n d 0 w/e d. the container of "money" flow-d- does not "one" e qua ll virtue n d 0 w/e d, to say t-h-at- it does is to s-(t-) aye-vain-d- 0f- t- he-m-(e-)ark- (e-) t- a- i- leaven- s-ai-l- d- he-vain-d- "c-are-d" e/b- t00-t-he-s-nail-s-0/n- net- 00-t-he- d- be- ll- t- ya- ta- see- ye- nail- t-

the cur-e-rent- = e-t-a-x- ation without any 0/n e re pre sent ate i0/n e. just say inn. your money that you make to stand for completion is t-urn-d- into "money" for competition for-t-(h-) 0/0- kn 0 w/e re a. s/s 0/n e ve(i)n d. once your money hits the ban-k- t- it is turned against those that stand for e completion e inn knit~ bu ye a.r t(h) 0 w/e a.r e t bu ye a.r t(h) a're t~

a re a.ll, not a r-eeL- d---------0f-t- f-ache-r- d- emo-t- ion-s- to garner sup-p0-rt- force-scene-d0f-t-he-a-rt- 0ff- t-he-m-(e-)ark- t- a- b- le- ad- 0/u-(be-) t- he- ad- (s-) 0-L-(e-)d- he-vain- d- s- (t-) a- nd- s- & e-vain- d- f- all- t- 0- g- at- her- t- a- gain- d-(h-)im- 0/n-e-ye- d- com-man-d- 0f- t- (h-)ad- just- s- (t-) a- nd-e/b- t-(h-d-) inn- k- t- he-ad- c- an- d- be-a/d- ad- a/d-sur-eeL- e-(a-)ve-n- deal- eg- i/t- i'm-(e-)a-t- e- t00-the- t- a- s/s- kn-eeL- d- (h-) 0-ver- t- s- k- ill- (d-)s- e/e- d-0f- t- (h-r-) ill- s-(h-) a- ll- 0-w/ar- t- 0/n- e/e- d- le- ye- t- inn- c-(h-) 0/m-e- w/e- n- d- 0- w/e- d- e/b- t- a- s/s- k- ewe- t00-t-h- r- 0-a- t- buy-a-w/-rote- toff-t-(L-)0-a-t- he- d- 0f- t- inn- s- c0p-e- d- e/b- t- a- t-e- t- inn- t- ere- s- t- a-men- t- ea-se-t-he- d- 0f- t- s-(t-)ate- men- t- (h-) inn- g- e- t- a- gree- d- 0- p-en- (a-) ll- (t-) e-ye- a- t0ff- t- he- ad- 0f- (i-) t- a- c/c-0-r-(e-) d- (h-) inn-g- (ly-) e-

take the w/inn d out of th -s-ai-l e(a)ve n(d) a me ve (i)n~ d


the statement f0r t/h ea.ven s e~a.m. d e/b t a're (e) f0r t/h statement be a.m. e/a. debt 0' re th ere t b f0'r d e t(h) e/n e/e d a re t heir de am s inn g's without the house -scene- "house-s-(t-) inn-g-s-" t-inn-t-s- t- a- g- e- d- h- and- g- s- u/s- (t-) u- b- buy- e- d- 0-(w/-)h- t- a- b-(e-) ll- e-ye- d- be- ad- 0f - t- scene- d- sustainab ly e? sir e'ye 0/n i c ~all(e) ye

w/00-d- rather pretend you are w/(h)ea. l/l thy in deceit t h a.(n)d. a.m. e~a. t (h) inn g r(e)a. t~ e'ye~ t00 t(h) ea.t e fxf 0'r~(e) t -force-scene-d- f-(r-)eel-ye- t-0ur-e-(a-) p- lace- t- he-ad- r-a/pe--d- d-le- ad- s-t-e- ad- e-ye- d- h- and- he-vain- d(h-)e-ad- "eat" h-and -(a-) gree- (d-ea-) t-

m~e/g a (p)h 0/n e w/t(h) rig ht 0/n (') t i'm e ~a.d. e/b t(h) i s/s u e/n d 0 w/h 0/0 le ye a./d. (s) 0' L (e) d ew/e t00 th~en em e'ye a.r~ t w/h0' le d e/b t00 th c0 un t ere a. l/l 0 w/e (d) g~ (e) 0~ / d e~(a.) l/l t a t t0/0 (w/)e

m~e/g a (p)h 0/n e w/t(h) rig ht 0/n (') t i'm e ~a.d : the art i fi ce s/s e x (i) t a.~ m.iss (p) en t i n/n (e) a.r~e s i.'d. e/n t ce~ a.d. ea.t h differen~ce X i(s) t a'(n) g~e l/l (0've d) e ft inn sir(e) c0m(e) reference s/s 0/m e~ 0/n e/e d (inn) s~i/r e a.d. (as/s hue d/h) 0've (d) 0/n (') t


s-nake-d-e/b-t-(h-)in-(e-)d- s-cent- s- peak- t- hie-ven- d- e- vain- d- 0f- t- s- p-(L-)aye- t-he-ad- ea-t- h-and- e/b- t- a- gree -d- e/b- t-00-t-he-ad- 0f- t-0/0t-0ff-t- 00- t-h(e-)ye- de/am- s-inn-g-0/d- ly- e- a-t- 0ff -t-he-me-an-s- e/e- k- t00-t-he-ad- b(r-)e-(a-)d- e-s-cent- a- l/l - e-ye- d- e/b- t00-t-he-s- nail- son- e- mar-(e-)r-e-ye- d- (h-) 0/m-e- d- (b-)um- c- um- 0/n-e-ye- t- a- r/r- e-ye- d- "ewe" are only "marrying" data too the fac -t- i/t- a- r/r- e- ye- d-e/b - t00- t- he- d- c-a- r/r- e-ye- d- "ewe" -x- "yew" live for a relevance t0/n e ve r b m e r/r e'ye (a.) d.

"you" only -d- serve- d- misery too the marry-e- d-

e w/e a.r 0/n(ly)e a.s/s t a g 0(0) d~ as/s t/h e miss e th s ea. m. t00 th f e/e d(s) 0/n e/g 0/t a g 0/n e/d s(t) a i.d. 0/n e/g 0/n e/d (h) 0/m e (a.) d. 0 w/e ft 00 th d 0ff t 0ff t/h d0ff t inn cur(e) r~e/n t s e~a. d. s L0 t~t 00 t(h) 0 w/e t (h'd) 0 w/e l/l 0 (w/e) ft (h'd) 0ff t inn t em p(0)le d 0 w/h 0 L(e)ye s c 0/0 pi e'ye d


the art i fi ce s/s (e) en (e/e) d e/b t a re t(h) i s/s u e/n d 0 w/(e) inn k~t a' t0/n e t00 th('s) inn k/t h and a re (a) pack ag (e) i'nn g c0m p (L)e~(a). t/h e'r~e a.d.

(h) e'ye (t) d (h) ea. t i/t 0 p en l/l e ye t00 th be (a.)d. (c/L) as/s p b~i.' d.e~a. f0r(a.) m.ea.l ly e~a.g e t a g(r)e a.d. e/b t(h) 0/m e~a.n s~

w/h ea.(l/l) t/h deam a s/s h i/t 0ut a s/s pack ag e t/h r 0 a/t r~0 ped h and be're a.ll t(h) a're s i.'d e/n t's e t00 th s c0 pi ed h air (t)u b e/e 0/n t i/t (he) a'r e t00 th tL air e/d en sell e'ye/n air e t00 th (e) re s i.'d. en t en t ran ce s/s t a (i)r (e) a.d. ~f a(i)r e (a.d.) he a.d. (h) all t/h (e) t (a) i'm e~ a.d. 0 w/e t00 th d i'v(e)in e~ed l/l e'ye~


make the w/(h)ave t/h and a. m.iss make th pack ag/e inn g c~0/m p~ Ly e d(h) e'ye t00 th d i'v(e)in e~ e d(h) e'ye d h and e'ye t00 th a.(n)d. e ve(i)n e'ye t

a' re qui re~ve(i)n d h~eave n 0 w/e a.p~p ly e~ d (h) e'ye d e/b t00 th d en e'ye (t/h) d (p.r.)i'm e r/r e'ye d h av~e/n a(e) y~e

n em e'ye t


you compete not b.c. you can complete. you compete "b.c." you can't complete ve(i)n (d) ly e. a. "time" to be-lie-f- t-, but you don't take any e 0/n e inn t00 t(h) a c/c0un t(h) inn g~e d be a.m. e'ye t inn th pr0 cess -u-e-w/e- t-a-ke- t-(h-)at- ad-van-t-ag-e- d- g- ran- t- (h-)inn-g- e- d- up- e- 0/n- d-(p-) awn- d- g- r0und- s- u- e- w/e- d- can t i' l(l) e ve r~ the p.r.~e miss(th) re a.d. 0(h) bu ye a.d. (inn) s i~r e a.d. e/b t "you" can only sub-ver-t-i/t- inn- t-(y-)our-he-ad-s-(t-)a-id- e/b- t00-t-he-ha-d-(w/-)e- ll- t- a- gain-d-h-and- c-0-ver- t- i/t- up- t-(h-) inn- d- s- (t-) a- nd- s- cam- (e/d-) s- inn-t-ere- s- (t-) a- id- 0-(h-) be- (he-a-)d-

you can't c0/m p (L)ea. t e'ye t00 t/h e'ye d h and en e'ye i/t (a) gave t hu(e) s/s (L) en d ~ ere t00 th b e/g (r) inn d e/b t00 th pre t/t en d e're ve(i)n a.~m. e (d) b/b (e a.) m.iss (t/h) r~e a.d. h and d h and e/b t a g~i've t a g0 a. l/l (e'ye) a.nd h0~ l(e)ye a. gain (k)n 0 w/e a.d. 0/u (be) t~ 00 t(h) ang inn g(u)e s/s t r~an g ere a.d. a f(t) f~an g e d (h) 0/n e t (h) inn t ere s/t (h) 0/m e (a.d.) 0/n t~ a g 0/d ('s) 0' L (e) 00000 A.d. 's 0/d (h) 0'm e a.t ('s) 0 i' l/l e t a' re r un (e) t u m/m e'ye d f~ un d

0/h t b me'ye t

h s0/m a'n d s0/n e ve~r e v e(i)n 0/d~ h eaven s 0/d h and h ea.ven d (a) g0/d

(b.c. e'ye d. c an d)

ew/e t00 th d b m(e)u/s e t/h u(e) s/s' d e/b tu~ s(h) e'ye (i) t h(r)ue debt a s/s (t) a'ye i/t 0/0 d ewe~


s nake d' s(h) e d~ i'm e/n t a'ng ' d f ang ' d b me~a. t h~and a. m.(e)a. t (e) inn g~ a g(r) e/a. (t/h) d. (r) ea. m. s e~a.m. s ~ a c/c 0'r (e) d (h) inn g (L)ee


can t a 're t i' l/l eve r t en d

face th f 0're w/are a.d. (r) e~a.m.

(e'ye d fxf r~i e/n d~h)

e a.d. 0 w/e f(t) f r0m th f e/e d e/b t/h e/e d e/b t w/h0 /d be l/l e(ye) a. f~(ea.) t

a' g et u/n e inn (e)a.r e s i.'d. e/n t ran ce s/s (p) ea. k/ t

0 you~ "you" can(')t a re (e) fxf a s/s h i 0/n e t w/h 0 / d ew/e

a.d. just s (t) a'y(e) inn knit (0) w/h0 d ew/e

t00 t(h) a' nd f 0(0) L (e/a.)d ewe

t00 th' s p~ar(e) k le (d) g (L) inn t (h) inn g (L) ew/00 d

ew/(e) inn t (0) w/h 0

w/th time ta t00 t(h) p. r.00f t inn c L in(n) e w/e d

0 w/are a.d. 0 w/t~(h) 0/n e s/s t hu(e) s/s nake d ate~

a. m.iss t a' ke~g r(e)a. t~ e t/h(r) ea. d. (h) e'ye (d) ~a.


b r~in(n) g e th a (r) d 0~0 're ve(i)n (d) a~ d. ~ ag e/t 00 th e re (a.) p 0'r(e) t n d h~ a.(n) d. e ve(i)n (t/h) d (b/i) p~ L an (e) d (h) 0/n e s/s t a' nd c~a.d. ie ye (d) c~an d

le ye s (p) 0' r(e)t inn a s/s cent s n0 r(e)t inn s h0 r(e)t ea.r n a l/l e'ye (d) g Lan ce s/s a w/e g aw/e a.d. b 0'r(e) t

inn t be t w/e~e n~s n0 r~t' s (t) 00 t/h e re p0~ rt a w/ea.r an~d e/b t 0 w/(h)ere s~ t inn a n 0 rt

a' t a' ke t(h) en kn 0/t i ce a.d. h inn g e the (a.) re (a.) p~0 rt

a'n0 / n 0'r a re s n0 rt inn s h0 rt inn si ' l/l e/n t ce s/s (h) ed i'm e/n t0 re t00 the re t0 rt a re (a) p~0 rt (h) inn (d) s h0 rt h and s (h) ake t00 th and ' s n0 r(e)t a w/(h)a~ke t a' s/s t e y~e a.r t(h) a're p0 r(e) t 00 th' s n0 r(e) t inn s h0 r(e)t c~(h) e w/e i/t 0'r(e) t inn front off t(y) our e (a) p0 r(e) t (h) 0/n e s/s t 0' r e'ye a. (d. i's as/s t er e).m. 0'r(e) t ~a' n0 (n) s~e a. t heaven t heaven as/s (c) en t e'ye g/g et u be re ~a l/l inn t inn a re s i.'d. e/n t ce~t 00 th be a. pre sent 0 w/i.d. th e'ye d i~a.m. 0r(e) t i fxf e'ye d at a t0/n e t i'm e~a.d. 0 w/e a.p.~dr. i'm e t a h a~n(d) i'm e d e/b t(u)b eg i'nn ate th ere s a.m. e ta t i'm e


t- w/-his-t- (r-)inn- g-

you-r- he-a-ven- didn't bring (0/d) ew/e.

you-r-he-a-ven-d- b-(r-)ough- t-0- you- d- 0- w/(e-) inn- t- w/-h0- d- ew/e- d- h - and- 0/u-(be-) t- w/-h0- d- h- and- 0/u-(be-) t-he-ad-due- (w/e- dud-e- )s-

ad-just-s-(t-)aye- inn- e-vain- d- h--a-ve- t- w/-h0- d-e-ye- w/e- d- 0- w/ar- t- a- p- as/s- e- th- b- uck- t- a- s/s- (i/t- 00-) k- (i-) t- w/-h0- d- s-peak- t- force-scene- tu- t- w/-h0- d- "paid" d-ewe- (d-) s- buy spaying them g-et-u-de-(a-)d- i/t- u-

s- he- ye- d 0 w/e ye w/e don't have the honest rig ht 00 th s (t)a'ye t hat ('s) i.' d. e ye d e w/e

you-r-d-our- e-(e-) f-(r-)am-e- work- t- has never t/h 0/n e s/s t ly e c(h) 0/n (e) ce i've d e/b t00 th d(r) e a.m.

you are feeding your direction-d- so you think-t- to sustain your position too th- see-k- t- h- and- ass- knee- d- i/t- u- be- ad- 0f-t- (h-) inn-g-e-ss- t- u- b/b-u-ye- debt- a- t-(h-)ree- d- a-g- ree- d-0f- t- 0/n- e/e- d- as/s- knee- d- i/t- u- be- ad- 0f- t- perp-et- u- al-ly-e- a- t- (h-)inn-g-e-d- 0f- t- 00- t-he- re- (a-) p- (L-)e-a- t- 0ff- t- he- me- an- see- k- t- he- ad- 0f- a- t-0/n- e-ed- e'ye- t- a- s/s- knee-d- i/t- u- b-buy-e-a- t- ea- t- perp-et-u-all-e-ye- d- ea-t- h-and- a- g-re-a-t- 0- pen- (a-) ll- (t-) e-ye-

miss bee h ave i 0're s i're 0/n i c~all ye t00 th f 0'r(e) d i/s kn 0t~ force-scene-d-e/b-t-a- s/s- t- a-in- e- c-r-im-in-all-s- tu- b-buy-e- a- t- 0ff- t- he-ad- 0f- t- ly- e- ta- g-et- a- b-(u)0y-e- d-e-am-s- nee- d- s- a- channel-l- e/n- t- (h-) inn- g- em- s- (p-)en- t- a- gain- s- t- inn- t- s- i- re- s- i.'d- e/n- t- ce- s/s- e- x- cess- (t-) a- id- 0f- t-00-t- 0ff-t- a- s/s- (t-) a-ye- d0f- t- a- re-(a-) pre- sent- i/t- s- qua- r-(r-)-e-ye- d- e/b- t- a- r- (r-) e- ye- "a" f-x-f- a- (i-)r- e- (e-) f-x-f- r0m-e- t- (h-) inn- a-(i-)re- d- s- t- a- (i-) r- (e-) -t- heir- d- h and didn't (actually e d) care too th be th ere (a.) d serve d e/b t inn t i'm e i/t 0 w/as~s erve d 0/n e 0/n e ye w/e -n-eve-r--t's- (h-) 0/n- e- d- e/b- t00-t-he- re~a. l/l d e s(s) e r t's (h) 0/n e/e d l/l e'ye 0' s 0 (w/)n e w/(h)~ a s/s h ere d(h) 0/m e~ (a.) d.

0 w/e t00 th r 0 (w/)n~ e fxf r0m c(r) 0 (w/)n e~ n d 0 w/e d(s) 0 ' L (e) d ~

0 w/as~s e/n t (0) w/h 0 d b~f0und (h) all (t/h) a re r0und ~h eave n a~ p/p r.0 (0) f0und e/b t 00 t(h) a.'(n)d. a' g i 0/ d be (a.)d. as/s (p) 0 un~d e/b t (a)u ~ t (a') b (r) 0ugh t 0 w/h u~e s/s e~a. t a'~b (e) l/l e ye

the m0'r(e)t a.m. e r/r e'ye d e/b t00 the me m0'r e'ye d

the w/(h) as/s h inn g as/s k (et u) ne~a.d' s (h) at 00 th s~(ea.t) u c h t's e~a.d. h and s~ea. t 00 t(h) be(a.)d. h inn g~e ed f0r(a.) m.eal ly e t00 t(h) be l/l e(ye)a. f(ea.)t inn t (h/d) 0 w/e l/l b e/i n~g a g(r) e~a. d. as/s (p) ea. t

a' s/s (p)ea. t i/t u be a.d. e~ c(h) 0m p (L) ea. t

a' b/i t e w/e a.d. h ave i/t a bit ta. m.0're f0r~a.(i')me~ally e t/h~an d ew/e s ha.d.(e'ye) seek t

(i/t) 0ff th en em e'ye m-eek-t-u-be-h-ave- d-

en- vain-d- 0- w/ar- t- i-f-f- ewe- d- c-are- ye-debt- a- be- en- t- as/s- (n-)am- e- d- e/b- t- a- p- as/s- b- L- am- e- d- "heaven" e v e r t c a m e l/l t00 th f (L) a.m. e~ a.d. a.m. e~

n~d g a.m.(b~l) e~ ye~ a. t00 the w/as s t (e) inn si t u/n e d as/s (p) m e'ye t

in ri le~a.f t

0/0 t(h) p(L)aye i/t e'ye t(h) e're f 0're w/are a.d.

0 w/00 d c0/n (e) s p/i r~e a. l/l e/g (r ) 0 ~ 

a /t 00 th s(t) a'ye d(h) a'ye d h and (h) all (e)a. s/s (t) 0 w/e t/u n/e inn t w/h 0/d ew/e t00 th d c~h ea.r 0/d(h) e a.d. (h)~u ew/e s


the direction e re a.d. = the direction d f e/e d th eave n d h and e/b t00 th s (t) a' nd e/b t a gain d e/b t a s/s k' t/h d e/b t a g~et i/t (h) at 00 th directi0/n s (p ) en t h~and e/b t00 th e re (a) pen t i/t re a.d. as/s t a (i)r e a.d. f/r0m any e w/(h) ere a.d. 0 w/th c~0ur ag e t00 th c~a(i)r e 'ye th f~r a.(i)m. e/n d (h) ea.r~ (d) s hear d

e/b t a' b le a.d. a.m. e w/e s inn g t0 w/h 0/m e t/h 's 0/n (e)g~ s inn g 's t (0) w/h0 d  (e)a.r e w/are a.d.  he vein a d p L0 ye g ave d j0 ye /n a.m. e d a b(u)0 ye~ d 0 w/e th r 0at u be/en 0 i/s e a.m. e ve(i)n t(r) 0 ye

a. s/s t e w/e (d) s


ye~a.m 0'r(e) t e'ye fi ~e d(y)0ur e/n a.m. e inn s c0 pi e'ye d inn (d) a.m.e

yew (s) can t actually e h~as s hi t 0ut h and even pr0 claim e w/e d c a.m. ~e / d e/b t00 t-hie-ven-d-(g-)am-e- d- e/b- t- a- p- (L-)a-ye- t00-t-he- (ad- ) s-(t-)a-ye- d- e/b t- a- g- am-e- d-

e/b- t-he-( "a") m0-r-(e-)t- a- l/l- d- c0- i-l-(b-) l-am-e-`- d- tinn no time accountable he ad s (h) ave n d 0 w/(e) t

0/0 th (r) 0 w/e i/t a gain d h and en d 0 w/e ve(i)n d

you can't wash *t h0 /u * didn't take time t(h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e (d) ye~ a. s/s (h) 0 w/e a.d.(h)~ag i 0/d

act' s (h) 0/n e t/h e r 0/n e d (h) 0/n e s/s t i'm e ve(i)n (d) s h 0 (w/) e~ d

(g) i've t a g/0 b.c. e w/e t00 th d en ew/e d i/t t00 kn ewe t00 t(h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e a.d.(h) ew/e t00 t(h) 0/n e s/s t h/r 0~a t a re vi ew/(e) inn t a' g (r) 0 a.t a gain s (t) a' nd (p.r.) i'm e~ n d e/b t00 n a. s/s cent a' s/s k~ t i/t re a.d. heaven ly e t00 th s w/h ea. t~ e l/l e'ye a. t~ i'm e t 00 t(h) a g re a.t 00 thy me inn g's~ wee p' s~

f 0're w/are a.d. e/b t00 th s (p) ea. k/t 00 th be l/l e(ye) a. f (ea.) t 0 p en (a) ll (t) e'ye t00 the m(e)a.t ~e ve(i)n ly e/n (s) a.m. e~ a.d. 0 w/e t00 L e(a)ve in~ d

h as/s hi t 0ut a h~as/s hi t e' re (e) f/t b f0r'd ew/e g 0/t a're d h and s qua r(r) e'ye t a r(r) e ye debt a s/s (L) ap ewe d a me r/r e'ye d


be a.d. e/p t/h d b re a.d. e t00 th b e/e~n e w/(h) 0/n e 'ye ~a. t

e fxf 0'r (a.) m.eal ly e t00 th (e) s (a) w/h ea. t~ 0 p en (a) l/l (t) e'ye a. s/s t a re t (a') re a.~ t be(a.)d. h and b~e en t inn kn ea. d.

a.m. e t a l/l d

h and e th inn kn ea. d. 0/h b re a.d. 0/n e me a.d. 0 w/h 0/n e 'ye s w/h ea. t e~a.t~a gain d e/e p l0 ye i/t s(m)e a. t~ 0 w/(h) ave i/t his t r a w/e ye t (h) a' s/s i/t a' p~ L th e/e d


if you were not formally there to care, you were not formally there to not care so now we need to determine the value of your zero if you now choose to state as say e t heir d = c h ea.r. 0/ d(h) e a.d. i n/n e'r(e) t~h ere d serve d e/b t w/h 0 d serve d e/b t00 th c~a(i)r e'ye t(h) e/m a w/are t00 t(h) en d en erve d 0 w/e f/f 0'r t(h) a d e s/s e rt h/d i'n/ne r~ t (c) 0/0 k/t (a) g~e a.r th d fir'(e)s t e a.r t/h d bu ye desire d b ea.r t/h d full 0've th f('s) i're~ a.d. full 0've th fir'(e) s/t 0~p (e~r) f ~ 0're a.t e t(h)a t~ a g i've t (a') b (L)ac~k /t inn a.d. vance d c0 Ld h~a rd fxf a~ct' s e X act a' t ac (h/i) t 00 th ea. l/l (e) a.s/s t i/t~c h/d b

don't you think g0-ld-i/t-sel-l-f-x-f- i/s-(t-)augh- t- i'm- (e-)a-g-i/n-a-re-ye- re-war- d- e/b- t00-t-he-ad-(inn-)g-0/t- 0ff- t- b/i-b- le-d-0f- t- a- l-l-l-l-l-l-l- 0/t- perceived as s a w/e a ta l--l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l- e/n- t- 0ff-t-00-t-h- and- en- (a-)i- (e-ye-) ll- d- e/b- t00-t-he- t- a- i- l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l- d-0f- ("a") t-0/n-e- d- 0f- t- a- ll- t- he- w/-he-ye- t00-t-he- (t-a-i-) ll- d- e/b- t00-t-he- ad- s- a/i-l-l- (i-)t00-t-he- n- (b-)a-i- L- d- e/b- t00-t-himp- e- w/e- ll- d- as/s- (p-)ai- l/l- d- inn-s- f0rce-scene-f-r0m-e- t-he- ad- s- nail- son- sel-l- t- 0/n- e- make- i/t- f-x-f- e- (e-) l/l- t- force-scene-d- f-(r-) eel-ye- s- (h-)ai-L- t- i/t- heir- d- e- a- l/l- a- s/s- k- i/t- 00-t-he- ad- s- nail- t- f-0--r-d- ere- t- he- w/-(h-)ea- l/l- t- he- ad-(s-) e- l/l- t- (h-) 0-ver- t- i'm-e- a- s/s- u-re- w/ar- d- e/b- t- a- s/s- (k-) nail- t-

your real lack of effort is stealing wealth and 0 w/ health from all that wood b(u) e w/e ll ~ d ass (w/) e ll d

you have f-ache-r- inn- (d-) surance- s/s- e- tu- too-t-he- w/e- d- s- (n-)ai-l- t-