From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: posted on house facebook

Date: July 9, 2015 8:53:47 PM EDT

To: "xubrnt@mac.com" <xubrnt@mac.com>

w/(h)0/r k in g~ a l0~t

freeway pro, serial # fagged out, and can't open the website. c am ps and se~wing

the u/k sh0 u Ld get back t0 me s0 me ding d0/n~g' d~aye... (its their soft ware)

my current eye c~and~ye is patricia nash tooled hand bags. awe s0/m'e ye c/an t de side

de c/i de ~ ... ~ ... t0 0le d

by e de si'gn

From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Date: July 10, 2015 9:55:50 AM EDT

To: "xubrnt@mac.com" <xubrnt@mac.com>

for me, 0ne of my c~lie n't?s, treated her child like the immaculate 0ne. what is difficult in all this perspicacity is in no relation with any one pre sent act u all y~e. difficult for me to "ta-ke" un seen apparently e ven ly e, criticized mercilessly for no re as on in seeing s'0/m e (and on-ly myopic pay-per-vi-ew-e- be-t-ween-e-the-2-) while her child's lice crawled all over me tu` be demon s~t~raited as my lac-k- of virtue`

this~ h0(w/)~use could be a-miss-interpreted as narcissistic war-e-s-, 0n ly because it cannot be seen for w hat it is n't actually in s Peak in g ... by e & b/u/y/e inn s key~e p in g

it isn't a poin T L ess struggle. I think you hide behind your e-go-od-dyes-  is all. That said, the productivity makes you f~e e l l0?ve? in sum?

are we com~p~eating ?

lo ok, i quest i on e 'the g0/d i'm~age' 

i quest i on it all 0ver the p/L/ace~

you sim p ly h/ave no v~all~u~e wit~h~0ut c0n ne c/t~i 0n e

(can't anyone look "go/d" with m(e)-one-ye-n-ough-t-)

keye p chasing t hat "t" industrious-ly-e-

make the "t" re(a)d, make the "t" fe-d-, make the "t" me-in-ste-ad-

m0rality e , fr0/m 0rigin la~t/in : 'moralis' = m0r(e)all is the m.0.r(e)all i ty~e

w/h0 w/ants t'ewe be a drab m0ralis-t-?


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: Re: hallway floor cleaning today

Date: July 3, 2015 8:31:20 AM EDT

To: Charlotte Simpson <CSimpson@avestahousing.org>

Cc: "svail@avestahousing.org" <svail@avestahousing.org>, "gpayne@avestahousing.org" <gpayne@avestahousing.org>, Ray Wood <rayaxelwood@yahoo.com>, Rich Roat <rich@houseind.com>


Good morning Charlotte,


I have been meaning to discuss the latest contract, rewritten by yourself, which changed the date that rent is due. I did not sign this rent change date. I did call you at Avesta at the time, and you did shun me -on-. Not sure who I am meant to talk with. I assume, my original contract I did sign is just fine. 


Regarding the artwork outside my door. It has been triple certified by Avesta staff prior and in place going on 3 years. It is also designed to be hung on the wall. I am certain you have the skills to allocate staff to accomodate the art via the artist in residence write hear.


As for fire hazards and people needing to potentially crawl out, I can reference many RE/ALL disgruntled conversations and phone calls of distress placed to Avesta for the lights in the stairway not coming on in a power outage.


The slender art is fine. If it is not fine too the tooth of your "sensibility" please provide me a fictitious lease violation again, so that we can pretend to add virtue to reason in your behalf.


Truthfully, regarding your "testimony" at court, in which you rolled on your conversation to 1. have me take Me-shell to court for a protection from harassment to 2. say in court for made up lease violations that I have  art in the art room -And- that my seeking to take Me-shell to court was considered "petty" by you… We do not entirely have a Lot to talk about in truth. I find your presence dictating nonsense contractually annoying. I find your work ethic lacking the humanity required to be seen for something of value to me.


Underlying and overlying that, there is not much of a relatedness for relationship to build upon due to your efforts to be non such. My artwork is not the failure here, has never been the failure here. I have no appreciation for your pretenses for the appearance of things, considering the banal we-h-eave "being" woe-ven on e me.


You are not the factor to make Nice appreciably to Day T.


Angela Cook





On Jul 2, 2015, at 8:57 AM, Charlotte Simpson <CSimpson@avestahousing.org> wrote:

Good Morning Angela,

Please remove all personal items from the hallway floor in front of your unit and do not return them. Floors are being professionally cleaned today. Also, as stated in the latest newsletter, it is a fire safety policy that floors be free of all items in case there is a fire and people need to crawl out as they can get hung up in door mats or other items such as your stand which I like by the way. Thank you


Charlotte Simpson

Senior Property Manager

Avesta Housing

307 Cumberland Avenue

Portland, ME  04101

207 245-3254

207 553-7778 fax



Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


c-harlot- t0 me



lacking b r/i/g~ht ness or (e) in te re st, dr ear il/ly dull

... un ? dye d c l0 t~hing e

... "A" Sloven-ly-e-w/(h)0-man-s-

a pr0 s tit u' te 

perhaps re lay T -d-regs


lacking b r/i/g~ht ness or (e) in te re st, dr ear il/ly dull and d-ole- an-d-0-ll-e-


i'm simply talking about th~e st ate 0' t-rust 


trust in lu-st-


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Date: July 10, 2015 10:47:00 PM EDT

To: "xubrnt@mac.com" <xubrnt@mac.com>

k n0 t speaking = ad miss i 0n e ?

ju st w/(h)all k

From: xxubrnt@icloud.com

Subject: Fwd: Delivery Notification: Delivery has failed

Date: July 3, 2015 8:43:29 AM EDT

To: Rich Roat <rich@houseind.com>


hi~gh eye 


t re a.d. c~li'mb er e


ba.d. moot ?


subject too the percepti0n e



kn0w e mote ye c0n e in the h0 use

you re st all in g t im e

t r/a i'l~l 

de fi ne d



t hat's...well the leader in my website tu te lag e ; it is why the web everything looks the way it does.


live ly up day t:


t re a.d.(b.)c.~l i'm b'e~re 


he~aVE N

h0 ven


h0(ve) is the past of heave


the capital N looks like teeth on the saw cutting e ven 

(ge, like te, are both terms for earth)


h0(ve) is t~he re p a/s t 0' heave = h0 t


t hat is t w/h0~t e'ye see in/n the. g.ap ps 0/m~e


s~he he~aved t~he so fab ac kin t0~pLac~e

he heave-d- h-i'm-s-elf (o)u(t) of be-d-

she heaved a half b-rick at h-i'm-

he heaved a y0u for rick sigh~eye re lea f


ge 0 l0 g~ye

a s i'd e w/hey~es di's place me/an/T in a fall T


ge 0 l0 g~ye

a s i'd e w/hey~es di's place me/an/T in a fall T

the science that de alls with the earth's physical~l structure and sub stance, its history, and the pro...c...esses... that act on it.

the ge0 l0!g/i/c~all feat u re~s 0/f an a/re a : the geology of the 0uter He brides

the geology of the sure face of m(e)ars(e)


the lit~t l'e re a.d. a p~lan (e)at


origin he be(e)n : L(0ve) i/f t/up~


i.v.e  bbe(e)n w/h0re k/in g f0ra re all i/v in~g

w/h0 re t~0/m e

i'm not co/m ;) plain in g

working a lot this summer, have savings fine ally, and tempted to buy a risom rocker... i hear t but then i wouldn't have savings ;(

work is busy, camps, the salon, my arc~h dependents, feeble ly e 'working out'..., and sewing, lots for d ave 0. i'm going with it while there is the demand.

maybe, if this keeps up, i can have the risom rocker and savings


people gravitate toward those who are gen u in e because they know they can t rust t hem

better s~aid

people gravitate toward those who are gen u in e because they know they can t rust 'hem

From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: posted to fb

Date: July 11, 2015 10:49:28 PM EDT

To: "xubrnt@mac.com" <xubrnt@mac.com>

gen u w/in~e & v~i/n~e (0)ne

the. g.0 all den g0 0's~e/e ve~n ly e in 2 t i'm e


r/i c~h and p~0re



d0/u b le a p~lay e~


fi t hr u the ye 0f~the need le

a paid~aye


it occured to me, that i can write on you expansively and speak in your behalf, and like, who is going to say it is in vain? that it is meaning less? i mean, real ly~ "people" speak in "god's" behalf, and act aka "act" with n0 0ne pre sent. 


t-hey-e- all so speak to- each- ot-here

i'm saying i can do this thing and you can do nothing 2, just like competition can do nothing -2- 

it will a(ll)we ll pan~s 0 w/h0~ut in the end's as pan~s = h and's

ang~e L invesT0/R and re gard(en)ing cause ve/n


in ti'me~ye re a.d. me m(e)/in d

w/(h)~0/r K in g tw/(h)0 e/e

S-0/u/n(-0-)d's- like "hooey" by e "mista(h)-ke"


in the gen ere all sense i

mistake, misinformed, misapp-lied, all these w/-ords, rim r-hyme(n)s with lo-rd-

i'm (e) de fen ding my po st w/ p~add le & t0 a/s~t rim wry~ms a w/ h0 st

r0t ten e will n~eve~r be the s a.m.e in ga inn


my e.g.g is ta not rot ten to me,

it is a mat t~are ye see 


my e.g. g a th~0~ught

my 'ie' = ei~n g'er(e)m~any e


vite / french = quickly 

vite / italian = screw ~ see/c~rew e industriously e tu`



curvy e ar~c

and the (a)r(e) sT0~R(e)ye 


camp till monday~

From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: fb

Date: July 11, 2015 10:57:29 PM EDT

To: "xubrnt@mac.com" <xubrnt@mac.com>

s(e/e)c~rue in pair us t rust 0/0

From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: fb

Date: July 14, 2015 8:47:53 PM EDT

To: "xubrnt@mac.com" <xubrnt@mac.com>



faux saw~ed


f0e~s~aw ed inn L~aw/e's 

were you born pre mat u/r~e?

lit~te/r ally e w/0n der~ing 

why (men) does this make you feel b-a.d. ?

and n~0we f(t)risk(e)y(e)~

u know this well don't you, the cross of -0-pp-0-s-i/t-e-s-s-s-s in cur ring-i/t- i mean t hat is the s~t0/r~(e)ye, that is my story ie ld 

Ld = L ear/n in g (0) di's~able d

c ain-T killed a (p lu s = place lumen see) b le

... i'm just seeing thE s/cope in all our lives. if you are not f~all 0 w/in g t hr u (hr = h0 u r... e tu`) n0 0n e = t0/0 x 2 

e very e t hing e = T0/0 D0/0 

we (h)ave tw/(h)0

(i get that you are a c-harming seducer, and you have -2-)

re g-u-ard-less 

w/-e-ar-y-e- we are all mad-e- cross for not being able to be our de si re ac~t u all y~e ...we d'it to each -o-t/here -2- 

r~hi~z0me r0ck'ere 

b0ugh t a/n~y e


a main e b/ranch 0f a t re e : app le bough's~lay l~ad den e with b l0ss 0m~s


 i re f le c~t 0/n e the w0rd = e~X acT Ly e

you l/i/ke fir e.g. 0/d nes's~ay'ke

kefir = fer men t (h)e'd mi'll k

you want to L'earn because we are af raid

living in vain doesn't make it be/t t/are 

you lo-st -x- law-st- your sup pore t in s(ee)p.o.use

p.o. = per c/has/e 0/rd are

you can-t-he-l/l-p-y-0/u/r-e-sell-f-

you can't help poor by pour by pore your self

and you can t go to war (-e-) with your why-fe

just c le a~ves 0/n aff te re win te r ?


thoughts on el chapo

he didn't have choice -2- be a d-rug lo-rd-e-, and t-rump is being pom(V)p-ass be-cause- he doesn't g i'v~e in t0 el c/hap/0 h/ave in g ch0ice -And- in dus-t-r/i-o-u-sly b-lame-in-g- for not appearing t rust 2 w/(h)0/r thy e

we could diplomatically say, that is t heir x t here "thing" and -thin-k- t-he-i/r-e- scene is not re ally e o/f fend~ing, the scene is of/f competition over riding necessity act u all ye, too the re m.o.te st a/c~t = a city e main e t0/0 the a del l~awe ar~e d0 y0u re a.d. 

sum m.o.n~e is gonna h ave to m(e)an up

j~u st~ay in g

if we were to live by e & b/u/y~e de si re, (((e very e t hing e would have to be re writ~ten))) as t~here is no for/(u)m fore reflect~i 0n e 

you must go be sir k ;)

i'm being fun ny~e 

and seeing if you are paying w/at~ten ti 0n e tu`

the t~h0 t i'm e t rye in g to convey e, is that -you- make -opposites- without follow e t hr u be co/me z-i.g.-a(-i-)nd z-ag-0/u-t- p.r.-ow-t-...ill-u-sigh-on-e- 

i know my success makes you feel inferior and your success makes me feel inferior, but what we have here is the need to see how we effect each 0 t/here (he r = he are her)

i could "contribute" my "need" for prostitution to share-on-s- ee -r-use- 

-&- s-he-want-sue-tu-be-cull-p-able-2-

or i can sim ply e see need fore f all 0 w t hr u 

"need" in this e-con-o-my-e- 

which you look win so me-lee responsible for -e- 

by e not a/c~t u ally e w/inc~lu de in g me 2


h0 we ave r t hat was t he n. 

we have been thru this... you know.


i think it is ok. 

fa i'l~lu re 

fa in muse sic, c/ar r/ye~s H  2 0 w/e. g. race


patrician as h 

f at her 

i'm s~t all k in g my sell f i/s h ly e cause stick


rich no-b- ? r i/t is h and s0/m(e) ly e

no. b le vi si 0n e we l~l


are you pi-us?-e-? or pi-lo-t-? 0/m e 

am i not giving you my own to oles to point out any e in con sis ten see ?

b l0ss 0m in re verse all's heave n d's

i don't see it as failure to meet the te st, with0ut a te st/e at L~as/s t

all s0w e // s~t all in g t i'm e, the st all is the st able in gi've in/n g

le in, L ein, lein, a-lien- differ rents u s/see k


re member when i said you were a patriarchall ninny?

n(0w/e) i/nn y~e


next day


t0 w/0rk i g0 hi h0 


c rue well tu be a kin d 


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: fb

Date: July 15, 2015 10:57:16 PM EDT

To: "xubrnt@mac.com" <xubrnt@mac.com>


y0u d0/n't want a c h/ang~e


tw/(h)0 x 2 

y0u d0/n't want a c h/ang~e


an j 

an te t hr u 

*hr (w/ h0 u r)

*hr (w/ h0 u r)~u/e~

*hr (w/ h0 u r)~u/e~ve/n t~0/0 

*hr (w/ h0 u r)~u/e~ve/n t~(0/0) d~(0/0) 

*hr (w/ h0 u r)~u/e~ve/n t~(0/0) d~(0/0)~r U e very e t hing e t hr u ~e

*hr (w/ h0 u r)~u/e~ve/n t~(0/0) d~(0/0)~r U e very e t hing e t h(r)~0ne 

The L as T~me all 

hun g ry~e ?

c0n si.`d.er (e) at/e 

rev.elations 2

c0n si.`d.e/r (e) at/e


as sas sin ate the/e- k-in-g-

seeing t hem play at inter nation al~l eve l wasA REv.elati0n 

the di vi ne or super nature all di's c~l0's u/re t0 hue me ans 0f s0/m e t hing e re lay t in g t0 hue me ans~e X is t an c~e 0/r the w/(h)0~r0l(l)ed 


the di vi ne or super nature all di's c~l0's u/re t0 hue me ans 0f s0/m e t hing e re lay t in g t0 hue me ans~e X is t an* c~e 0/r the w/(h)0~r0l(l)ed e a.d.

tan f0r/t/e~n 


tan f0r/t/e~n f0/r e g0t~ten 

an attemp-t- 2- reconcile d- are win i an the 0/r/ie's with bi/b/l/i/c/all rev.elation~seen f0r/th e just be in g

the l/a/st b/0 0k 0f the k~new~e  te st a me an t, re c0unt in g a di vi ne revel  at(e) i 0n e 0f the future st. j0/n e the pi's sir e ve/n ly e


L(0/ve)ay~e b/b are (see re veil if-i- am l/at-e-)


s0w/(h)e y0ur 0at 

s0w/(h)e y0ur 0at e

s0w/(h)e y(e)0ur 0at e

all ta l~l0 ne peek


l0! c k/ne~e 

the. g.0 all den~s(e/e) c(h)alf an/d h/ave the e d*

*h0 e den


r/ich ly e 


r/ich(0)l(e)y e 



b 0y!

h0 ly e t0(e)y~e


b each tm



just b.c.


mi dispiace 

my computer translator won't give me the italian translation for dispiace. i am pretty sure dispiace is sorry. i googled and yes, spelled the way i thought, even though s.0.l. on my computer apparently, which makes me think sir vive` sounding like viva / live, and my original intention with the con fi~g u/r at(e) i 0n e, ... it makes me think, as this hasn't fully settled with me, that vive in french and italian may no t~e X act ly e mean what my computer s(ee)aid t0 me in the see ms = 'screw' & 'quickly'.

with one ly a pre curs0r y~e c heck, t hat is w hat it mean t 0/m e.

p.s. mi di's pi ace 

c amp a ga(i)n and sew~e in g


i/s lee p and c amp a ga(i)n

m(e)as~t e/r l0! rd~ ye t

a type 0 h/eave~ye he at re t raining' st/0 f/f 0re 0 ven r/ang~e you/s/aid f0re c0 0k in g a(i)n h eat in g w/it


pan ans ans 

f lat b re a.d.


h eat in g w/it me~

see s he s aid inn sight a.d.


From: Lisa Lewis

Subject: Chance meeting - Seacret

Date: July 15, 2015 7:27:30 AM EDT

To: xubrnt@me.com


Hi Angela,


I had the pleasure of meeting you yesterday at Nits End under not-so-pleasurable circumstances, but funny how I'm thankful for our chance meeting despite the conditions.  Charlotte loved you and kept saying how much she enjoyed you and she is great barometer for character. :)


I'm very much interested in speaking with you about what we doing with Seacret.  Let's set up some time to have coffee for a few minutes.  


When are you typically available?   I LOVE your website, by the way... Thought I would mention that 😊


Lisa Lewis

From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: Re: Chance meeting - Seacret

Date: July 17, 2015 4:54:00 PM EDT

To: Lisa Lewis


Hi Lisa,


Camp schedule is keeping me pretty busy right now, and I haven't had a chance to check my email. My schedule right now is go go go, thru July and the first half of August.


Thanks on the website. I designed it myself.


Let's talk again, out there!




From: Lisa Lewis

Subject: Re: Chance meeting - Seacret

Date: July 17, 2015 5:33:07 PM EDT

To: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>


Thank you for the response.  I understand that you are busy... I felt the same way when I started, but what I found is the with the time that I did have, the return on time investment was well worth it!  I'll leave you with this short video and if you have an interest in talking further, let me know.   I am always looking to partner with people that are upbeat, ambitious and understand the value of creating a residual income stream. 






From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: Re: Chance meeting - Seacret

Date: July 17, 2015 9:07:49 PM EDT

To: Lisa Lewis

right on


p.s. charlotte seems like a good prognisticator to me. 

From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Date: July 17, 2015 5:12:08 PM EDT

To: "xubrnt@mac.com" <xubrnt@mac.com>


min0 & another d0g were pissing over a flower e p0t, 2 see who was top dog 0 the l~l0~t. after taking turns a w(e~)are, min0 peed 0n/e the d0g's he ad in~s(t)aid 


g0/n sewing f0r says // yes i really e going sewing for/m/e~ de st in at(e) i 0n e f air e

From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Date: July 18, 2015 11:15:22 PM EDT

To: "xubrnt@mac.com" <xubrnt@mac.com>


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: p(lace)lu t/0

Date: July 20, 2015 2:45:59 PM EDT

To: "xubrnt@mac.com" <xubrnt@mac.com>


on fb / house

industries pat t/urn is a "we'd" ... it is probably a script in deed


From: Christine Cherry

Subject: Re: hrs this week plus trtmt names

Date: July 22, 2015 8:20:12 PM EDT

To: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>


Thank you so much for everything today. I am so sorry that is was so busy. I really should have been there with another machine. Lesson learned. You were amazing...Leslie absolutely thinks you are wonderful. Thank you for keeping your head up and you will be getting a bonus for today's long hard day. Thank you


Sent from my iPhone


i've been working lots. just c heck in g i/n

From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: from yesterday

Date: July 24, 2015 8:58:18 PM EDT

To: "xubrnt@mac.com" <xubrnt@mac.com>


h0w is your e Will?

s/he became your l0-t- in li-fe-e- 

r/ ue miss managing your as (p~)s~ets 

t0 me ... s0w e can complete with choice you see d

e serving l~y~e

// you have no choice but ta b a r(~e)0.p a.d. 0.p~e ... ? wit~h0~u~t m~e

did you take co/m men t~d/0wn e?

here on f-ac-e- b.o.-0-k-e-

i don't understand w hat -e- you are sayin

fe e d in 0.f/f my emotions helps u/e~ b re at h~e ?

i/t~ru(e) st y0u 

i mean i.g.h~0 don't c ar e 

if you s-(ue)hut -m/e- o-u-t- ye d0nt c are 

i ask about your e Will, that you can't give up because (b.c.) of (h)is will~ …

s (e/e) pi/n(i) 0n~e the w/i (apostrop he ((?)) / ap aw/e's troph~e by e fe~e...d) l~l 

wil~l e X we all 0 w/heel 0 w/he all th y? by e w/e all th ye ... t ear n inn g a w/ay e t0 me a.d. e~

b.0n/e~u/s~t 0/m~e all a st 0/m a s/s~t i'll 0~t f~i'll in~st~e a.d. e~

From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Date: July 26, 2015 12:03:42 AM EDT

To: "xubrnt@mac.com" <xubrnt@mac.com>


ha ha ha~ y0u get to play devil's s~li.(d.e)ve & d evil live d a.d. v0cati0n e use~e

ne use~a t0 me  a~k/t u all~y e 



the g is si lent 0/m e 

k/ni(g)ht = k/nit verse//sayes nit 


K?n(0we)i.g.~h~temp~l~ar t/0 me

p.s. ()hat i mean s (t)hat you get to w/ear uE w/here  u/re your e m0~t(e)i~0n's u s/(s) e/(e) d~e/b~i/ t 0~me


r u?e~ w/(h)ussy ?

y' better work the p l/an~s 0(we) () ut

h0~w e is your Will?  Will (i) am a/ven st an d's ?

i'm t ear~n(0we)in g~(c) in si de(ye) (t)0ut~e

i'm k ear~n(0we)in g~(c) in si de(ye) (t)0ut~e ? t ye w/an -e- me/me tu`d(u)e' in h/a(r)m. 0.n(e)y~e 

w/ant me ta k ear~n (x0 = L in K) in/c as (t)a c h0 i~c~e~ 2 meaning ful~ly e~


i w/(h)i~n/n~(e)y~e

set the t00 the r/ich~ it would ap/peer you are using 0' p.r in t 0' w/(h)0/rd e/b tu` be a p.r.0/w-t-

pre sen-t-ly -e- make the c-har-e-l0-t- m-ar-r0w-e-d's-t-r/i-fe-e-d-aye-n-0we-

you are enabling the c-har-lo-t-

w/(h)a~s/t e m(e)ye t i'm e t0 me

w hat' (l)eve r~e

t0 m(e) u/s~e (t/he) e~ (m)ac hi ne w/(h)ey~e 

you will have to ge thigh ~ey~e

(your" ' "e only vain to ma ke~ye / i" ' " m/age sign dock u meant ''e a/s e (th') a.m.~e)

as si~gh~... ie 

st r/i've & p~an=t in 0.r/i.g.~e/n e ...at/e~ 


you wan tit u` b/b~ye f(r)e~(e)

ew/e (a)nee d a. m.0.vi~e 

b(u)ye damn uni verse all a may (ie)be "?" 


you are sub tle ly make me compete with chris~t in "a"

as i am e/an/t 0 b~e as lee p f0re t~m0r(e)r/0~w/(h)0('s)e/e the a.d./d y e

she is discovering me un force scene s(ee)k i'll's 

w/h~y? is andy (e) up set? te(h)e/e 

(h)0 d/am(e)

she probably wants me on some level to work with her to make money e c/see colloquially e sPeak i/n g

and my time is somewhere to be used to com pete


-w/(h)i/t- …e~ 

f/f~0/u/r e(e=k)n0.w/e b/b 0 dye 

Le t' s(e/e)h0 w/e shar0n e likes this aid act yl:ly e 

(she doesn't or didn't pay e set h at ten ti 0n e) t0 me ...

a c h/ang e 0h ear t:  S ha r/0ne : you are the receptacle of my spirit potential (0/ve) s (e/e) n/0~we a/p t ly e

it may mean moor if fi say/e'ye /i~t (a)u (g~ht) d~ea/r~e 0 pen ly e in a pen ny~e tu` a seen an0 t h~er (e)u~e s-hues-way-e- = huss-way-e-


i'll be tired for hur tomorrow e/a ve/n~e 

the woman i am working wit/h~ ear x h'ere ~

oh, wouldn't that be funny if we worked together and could to t'ally e comp eat 0 /m(e)us~e/e d~ e/b t0 me.

a ve/n u~e re all 

~ye/ an~s~w/(h)ear t i'me ly e s/seen e t0 me

t'each t'e/ar(e)n~0~w/e at e = w/(h)e at e t a/r~e z st.air i.e. s~e/e c/c (h)0 ly e

funny, i gotta go to sleep so i can be fully functioning with christine.

h as ta l~la vista b/ay e b/b e/e

min0 doesn't blow his co at e. other dogs have to coat-ease

t-e-as-e-(very e t hing e )

o-ther (e)a.d. e. g.0d(e)s h/ave ta t-e-as-e-(very e t hing e )

i's till 0. g.0tta work 2 b/r/ave ;)

sow/(h)o~e you no how e g/o 

sow/(h)o~e you no how e g/o 's e/e in g

t0(0) th'e (y'e) re lay t~e t/h~e/r/e all y e w/ e ft ain~t r(h)y/me~s with quaint ly e

r/i~c~h n0.b le i ty e

i make you a ninny apparently & you make me un be co/m e in g apparently e t hi/s t~u'b

y-our an ego my st er e (me i st e/r e) b.c. -say- no on e can s(ee)hine 0n shy ne all t/he's/ee s a/i'm e with n0.(n) sense 0f ad.d.i/t i 0n e all y e

u ne/e d 0'me tu`be the be st (h)igh ty~e can bee f0(u)r tye 

e' ye~w i'll h/ave tu be a. d.u all is t~ 0 pen ly e

b 0/t/h r 0at r0t h e.(d)g.(e)


b 0/t/h r 0at r0t h e.(d)g.(e) m'(eye)ay (2) ke 

and sharone is hte house by miss take and miss understood in p/l/ac~e if she does or doesn't want 2 x tu` day t~e all the way e t0/0 


i gotta go, probably got-t/a-g0- p.r.0 b(-e-)ab/blye 

you t ear e m'eye s 0/le in ti me 

s/he put t/a g0/n ew/e an d ye(we) are all e.g. 0 in g 2 suc (h)'see d

n0.w/here to t ear n if * k/n0. t h'e/r~e f0(u)r~each 0/t he/r e

thank hue f0r e mem/be/r~ing (c.ee) me/me