Up Se t/t(h) e/e d b e/e t~h em en d s (t) 0/0 t(h) 0/0 k~t c00~k (t) n~ 0 w/(h) inn d 's e t (h) a s/s p~ (L) an (t) d~ en m(e)a.r k~ t's~n00k t(c) 0/n ed en 0 w/(h) inn g (L) e/e ' s us t a' g~ (L) i.'d. (e) u / s t~ 0 fxf t/h ~em u s (t)~ a've ye d g 0/ d (e) u / s~ t (h) 0 v'er t's~ h0/u Ld ere ~ a.d. all a~ w/n d ate inn g(c~L) 0 ve r~t (h) a.d. e/n erve d fxf ree d(h) 0/m e d~ f/r0m th (r) 0 (w/) n e inn 0/n e d~ light h eg i've ~r t h e/n d 's a w/e d(e)u s/ t inn thinking u y 0're s ~n ake d s(h) i' v e~ r e (d) r~ i've~ r d

p.r. is m~at i/c~ s~ p L~int eR~e s c0 r~e re ct~('s) hat a. m.iss (p) en t inn t~ b ein g c~ 0m p (L) ea. t~ e th er e/n d(h) 0ve d e'ye (w/h) inn (d) 0/n (k) e ye d s'h(e) d (u) b (u) d (b) ra(i)n (d) s~ L0've t a'(u) g' (d) u s t hu(e)s/s t a~ g e/e' sus~ t~a g (e~L) 0 (pm e)ve (i)n~ k nigh t i'm e~ (t) d e w/e t(h) r u/e w/e d' s~cent ' s~ t a'g~ e d 0 w/h ewe d h~and 0 w/h eigh t 0 d ew/e ve(i)n~ kn ew/e d ewe t' h inn(e) d (h) ea.r~ 0 / d e/a. f t00 th en ea. r~ 0/d e~w/e t0 0 th~ d ew/e t~ b' f0r'd ewe

t 's~h i'v~ e 'ye s ~a (w/e) ll t a' ll t/h (e) t~ i'm e d be(y)e 's~ p0 k en d(h) 0've t a(i) ll b(e ~a.d.) all (i) a'n (d) ce s/s a w/h ea. ll i'v~e/n (t) d h~and t00 k~(t)i c k inn g~

she lle(a.)d th debt 0r'e a.d. (b~Lack/ t) 0 w/are t heir d 0bserve d 0 w/(h)ea.r~ t/h ' d ' s t a(i)r (e) t c~ a(i)r e d0ff (i) t L ai r~ e c0n s pi re a.d. fxf a(i)r e a.d. dress n~are d 0/u (be) t~h 's a.m. e t a's/s pi/n (e) t/h f r a.(i.)m. e~ ve(i)n (t) d a.m. e ve(i)n d ew/e t/h (c~h a(L)ve t/h) f ra.(i)m.e d(t) un e t a. m. e d(h) 0ve d c0nt ai nere as/s u're a.d. a.m. e


11/24/16 f i/x i' nn g t/h is/s p~ag e d(b) 0/n e s/s t's i'm i' ll are ly e t00 th b eg (r) inn d a. m.e r/r e 'ye ll e'ye inn sat is fact i 0/n e'ye t a gainn d en e'ye d i'v(e)in knit e'ye d b c~a.m. e /d

t00-L- too-t- he- d- sing- all- (d-) 0ng- t0 get laid, in a back war-d-s- 0- rt- a -way- buy never being the actual representationall song & gain dong gone d. he just sits si-lent- back ass war-d-s force-scene- s-hi-t- // b.c. now the invitation is to speak t up, and there is silence among all the nit-wit-s-it- s- ass-t- and- (h-)ump-s- " ewe" can only represent the past "ewe" are- to- mit- eye- gate- . "ewe" can't actually for e ward r~e L ate t00 th save your efface, b.c. all "ewe" have been -d- , is actually worth shaving- too-t-he- d- bitter-end : i find no value in a man , name ly, prostituting "too- t- he- d" one me a.d. t heir is not one among you that can stee d present ly & you know that and i know that etc. you know. f-uck- "ewe" = take a "number" see-t-he- "cue" - d-

me-(a-)id- up- e- t00-t-he- d- ab-u-s-e- d- always inn 0 pen 0p p0 rt u/n e ye t e'ye inn follow/ thru e w/e , given the opportunity to speak t w/h0 d. he t-urn-s- n-ai-l- t- ai- l- ass a 'ye system too the controll-d- buy strategic out-liar- ab-bid- ab-u-s-e- d- . he can always throw a n-ai-L- t- in my bucket, b.c. not one would suspect me'ye w/e's d

i mean, the "pastore-d-" practically preens ignorance, so it is easier to re-p-(L-)ea-t- as/s- h- 0- re- d- ass- knee-d- 0- w/-ill- be needing some help force-scene- d- of- (i-) t- w/-ee-n- d- 0f- i/t- 0-f-x-f- t-

only if ewe speak t bu ye desire will ewe be save d. speak without desire and you will be just ly shave d. "ewe" can't h ave, b.c. "ewe" can't shave the false tare (with no reason ass cent desire t00 through 0/d faire d c aire d actyl ly a w/are a.d. y e t heir d : please respond seek we ll ye t heir d 0/n e w/e l/l 00 k inn g 0/n e w/e ll 00 k inn ew/e ll e resp0nding 0/d ewe) from following "ewe" b.c. that is all you men are maid-e/b-t-a-dupe- d- force-scene-d-s- t- a- ll- 0-0-p- ai- dupe- d-

loo-k-a- gain- e- me'ye- g-'sus-t- en- t- h-and- e- ye- d- s-l0-0p- di's- guye-s- d- (h-) 0-ver- t- s-h0/u-ld-ere- & w/h0 "we"should drop force- knot- sup-p0-rt- inn- g-u-st- "ewe" stand dof- t- one- her - d-ewe-s- . the narcissism "ewe" men think you are all tare from t heir. when the reality is, you "men" are all jack-t-ass-a-ye-s- , and pre-dic-k-t- able- "ewe" will draw money support from e'ye w/e s t00 th d.

2 stand 0ff r0m e "we"-d- 0'0re s (t) 0 w/e t hat would be(a.)d. thought fully e t(h)r u /e w/e d

"ewe" can't collectively deny me residence among my own mewe d. that makes sense to y ewe -d-. however personally then 0/n e, di-s- courage- d- e- am- e- t- ere- d- a step put -0- f-x-f- t- u b proper-ly-ere- late- re- d- "ewe" are speaking jesus on me, and putting me -d-of-t- 0- f-x-f- t-, at the same "time" . and "ewe" did this in jesus ' time. just say inn. the problem with your position of representing the t heir. is, t heir is no justification in nit saying "i/t" , in saying git or i/t. "ewe" are not the love, you did not bring what jesus was looking ' s l0ve d. and "ewe" do not allow it to be sel l fxf 0/0 t inn g~ among your-t- a- gree- d- i am -r -0ne- g- ?

w/ ha t g's us t w/h as/s knee d at hat was he was looking f 0're 's love d

e/b t u be c0m e inn g(L) 0've d freely , without the pre-sense- of dof-t's- nit- wit-s- 0d- 0f- t- 0/0- t- 0f-x-f- t- p0-lice- d- rug- a- p-ill-ag-e- d- 0f- t- h-and- pawn-d- p.r.- am- e- d- 0f- t- 0- f-x-f- (i-) t- c0-h0-st- a-g-e-d- 0f- t-

if e'ye s l 0've d f 0re ward, inn time t00 the (de~a.)me t e~r e a.d. he would be l/l ye s L 0've inn g' s us w/h ea. t e ll e ye re p (L) ea. t h and en e'ye a. t~ high t m aye b/b e (a.) d. 0fxf t ly e tu de inn g

dha~rd ly e s~t i pull ate inn a p.r.0 l/l 0/n g e d (0) bu ye t a. m. iss t~ake d for s0 L0 /n g a w/are tu ne w/e 0n d


y-ewe- ve- on-l-ye- t-(h-)-is-su/e-w/e- d- 0f- a- d- r- am-

me-d- a ran-d0-me-d-ram-a-mu-ff-le-d- s-c-our-ag--e-d- couldn't ('s) e ll and

t 0 w/it 's t00 th e/i t's w/rit e ff u (e we) ll 0/n e~r an d~ 0' b c0/n e d0ve d

0/ne d h and d 0/n e / d c 0/n e d hand 0/n e / d (h) 0 ve d just b.c.


(e-) g-0/(d-) p- Luck-t- w/-id-t-hat- 


w/-id-th-at- e-ye- d- ate-




force-scene- d- e/b- t-00-t-he- d- 0- be- (a-)d-(h-)0-ve-r- t- u- be- ad- 0f-t- com-f0r-(ces/s-) t- able- ad- h-0-ver- d-


"bu-s/i-ness" - t- u- d- e- ye- d- i/s -t- force-scene- f-f- ace- d- (h-) 0- ver- t-


do you think his-t- dodder -d- augh-t-ere- d- e- g0- d-, deals a better b l0 w/e, with her $10,000 b-race-l-l-e-t- up-on-are-s- de-sig-n--e-d- as/s- t- e- ye- "0" -we- d-


she wore a 10,000 bracelet from her own "line" -d-, to a public convention, so it could get an apparent good look at inn time.



(if it h a.(n)d. honest courage to stand on nit s(t) 0wn given t i'm e d ewe t(h) as/s h 0 w/e th 's un s hin (e) d )


me-ark-e-t- (c-) s- her- reel-e-d- g-l0-s/s-e-ye-g- line- d- i'm-e-d- 0 with no honest re p ass t~ h at a~ g0/ d ... the debtore-d- didn't bring th e/m a~ t 000 th t~at

s-he-g-0- d-e-s- t00- t- he- d- c- h- in- a- g- (r-) 0- ve- d- e/b-t- heir- d- ? 0- w/- (h-) all- and- ('s-) 0- l-(e-)d- 0h- t-00-t- he- d- honestly know .... ass t00 th s h 0 w/ it~ 00 th 0 w/e i/t, t00 th 0 e d i/t 0/n e d his-t- inn- t- he- d- inn- k- t- c0m-e- d- be- ad- 0f- t- 0/n-e- d- e- put- t-eye- d- awn- d- e/b- t- a- pass- t- 0/n-e- d- 0f- t- ly-e- re- ad- 0/n- eye- t-




h ewe ll e s/s 0n net 0/n e th inn (d) s i.' d. e & sig h t~h 'd ap-par-e/n-t- ly- -e - = lie- d's- force-scene- d- e- pu- t-t- e-ye- s- (t-)e-ye- d-


(g) L 0' v~e i'~ll e g/g ain s mile d


i'm con sig n/d 2 t0 d ewe


you/ man-d- ate- d- (r-)ive- is- i- 0n-e- n-d- 0- w/- it- nit- s- e-e- vain-d- ('s-) 0- L-e- ye- d- force- the- weak- t00-t- he- d- (pr-) 0-f-x-f-(h-) e- r- d- all- e- ye- d- 0/u-(be-) t- (a-) g-0/t- w/-h0- d- e/b- t- he- very-e- t-i'm-e- w/e- d- h-and - a- m.-u- t/t- h- er/r- in(n-)g- 0- pre- t/t- e-ye- weak- t- a- gain- d- ate- t-he-r- d- 0f- t- he-r- d- h- and-


"you" as/s a.m. -en- d-s- , are con sig n -d- 2- "use"


i am listening to pandora radio on line, and 1. don't like the ad's, and now their are christmass shopping ads, and i find these utterly abominable. i can "pay" to have these not ads fore c- as/s- t- s- cat-t-ere- d- 0 - w/e- d- inn ad vance if i pay too the play proud ly ? for th e/n force-d- (h-) ab-u-s-e- d- e- ye- t- 00- t- he- d- en- ye- d- ewe- t00- t- he- re- deny-e-t- diet- 00-t- he- d- en- ye- t-. the "tune" is basic ? ly e miss pen t - a- gain- 2- gain- nit- wit-s- (p-)en- t- as/s- le-ye- d- (h-)ea-r- se- g-ear- s-e- s-(t-)at-e- 2- buy- "ewe" - f-f- 0r-t- out- h-and- t0-w/e-re- d- s- t- ill -e- d- 0f -t- a- cross- t- inn- t- inn- g- t0- g-e-t- "ewe" s- s-s - a- -i- d- "ewe"- d-


s-0d- the infringement of supplying "ad"'s in the first place, and then i have to buy-e- t- 0- f-x-f- t- oo- t- he- d- si-lent- ce- s/s- hi- t- he- d- sir-e- com-e- fer-rent- ce-s/s- cent- a- w/-he-ye- d- buy-e-a-r- t- h-and- 0/u- (be-) t- (r-) ig- n0-r- an- ce-s/s- e- th~ e/n e -ed- e/b- t- a'g- ree-d- i'm-e- d- h-and- (g-) im-me- d- e-ye- d-


h-and- e- me-ye- d- e'ye- t- (h-) i- d-e- s- & t -e-ye-s- heaven- (d-)s- 0 - L- (e-) d- casket - too-t-he- bask-e-t- h-and- g- iv'e- t- a- w/-he-ye- d- ate- d- und-ere- ate- d-


e/b-t-u- be- ad- a- t-ad- re-s-(t-)at-e-d- all- a- t-he- d- just- be- ad- 0f- t- 0/n-e- d- f-i/n-(e-) d- h-im-sel-l- f-x-f- t-


i'm-e- d- (g-) im-me-ye- d- (h-) ive- d-


"0/h" tu-be- ad- b-r-ave-d- as/s- h- i/t- b- for-d-ing- 0- p0-in- t- he- f-x-f- inn- g- ere- inn- d- he- ad- never g av e ve(i)n ~ (t) d t-he-ad-s- inn- dine- d- r0ll-e-d-


e-vain-d-0f-t- he- ye- take com for t inn t- heir- and- f-(h-) ire- d- e/b- t- 00- t- he- d- be-ad- 0- w/ar- e- d- , toss- com for t a cross -t- 0/n-e- d- e/b- t- 00- L- eve-r- e- e- L - as/s- t- as/s - t- p- as/s- e- d- 0f- t- rib- u- t/t- e- d- 0f- t- "ewe" have no real repass t, as you tossed i/t out force-scene-d- (y-) 0-u-r- ab- bid- (h-) ab-us-e-d- for-e- tire-d- h- and- hire-inn- g- all- s- (h-) 0- we- d-s- so the stub can always be inn need a gree-d- of -t- another stub, permanent ly stub-bed- buy his own "just" be-ad- inn- g- 0/d- 0f- t- at any given time, he steals ass-his- t- "prime" d


0 ff the me an s e/e k t, h-and- he- re- p -ly- e-d- eat- h-and- greet- a- gree-d- e-vain-s- how-e- d- "we" -d- only weed dof-t- u- be- ad- on- d-(e-) u/s-t- 0- f-x-f- (i-) t- (f-) a-ct- co-rd-ing- ly-e- d- e-ye- t-


0- w/e-re- inn kn 0 w/e re a.ll a re (a.) p~ a(i) r~e (a.) d. h~inn d h an~d ewe a.r t (h) r u / e w/e d ewe s us use d bu ye a. r~ t/h in k t~ a g0~ d 0ff (i) t~ (h) u e~ d b e/e n ea. r~ d ewe t (h) i s~ s u / e w/e d 0ff~ t ' s~ t a (i) r (e) t~ d ewe


& d ew/e ve(i)n 0 w/e b/b (L) ac k / t ' d0ff t 0/n e d~ i/t as/s~h (t) ass t e d (s) 0 L e(n) d 0 w/e d 0 h/t as/s i ft c0n s pi re a.d. 0/n eg ' sig h t be c0m e/d & be c0n e/d (h) 0've d 0ff at her (e) d~ g(L) 0ve d ea. f e/a. t 0/n e d h and b 0/n e d0ve


d0ff t w/h0 d~ bu ye t w/h0 d all a re a.d. e'y e a. r0und ~ i/t i/t re a.d.~( 's ~ ) h~ ea. ve n (a.~d.) ven t 00 t(h) ea.r~ n 'a'~ d h and n a. m.e A k/e t 0 fxf (i) t~ ang el~ inn t vest 0 're a.d. 0 w/h e'ye (t) d just b.c.


(L) 0've r~ (t) d e live~r an (d) ce s/s h~ ea.r~ye t w/h 0/n e 'ye a.d. (h) ea.r~ d


d-e/b-t-0-re- p-re- sent- in- g- s- ti-pull-a- t- innn- g-t-he- residence de t heir d-all-t-he-t-ime- denying residence th ere fxf air e d he-ap-re-t-en-d-ing- t- he- h-ave- direction-ai- ll- ye- t- a- b- r- ave- d-


he-d-g- ive- d- th- inn- c-(h-) 0m-e- vain- d- p- ave- d-


he-d-g- (e--)i've- d- th- inn- c-(h-) 0m-e- vain- d- p- ave- d-


0f-t- (s-) ig-no-r-an-ce- d- s-0w-e-s- 0- we- s- s0-we- g0- d- e- s- tine-ye- sir- e- com-e- reference- s/s- e- x - a ct ly d ewe d 0 w/h at


a p~ass t a g ~ (e) 0 ? de ~ b r~ ave d h~ as/s (h) ave d ewe d 0h t 0at~ (d) ewe th fxf a(i)r~e s/t d~h anec(t)d0h t 00 th ave d g's~ 0at 's (t) and~ s 0/a k t/h~ ' s a.(i.)m. e ve(i.)n~ d. a.m. e~ n d's a gaw/ ai t ether e~ d AD e/p t~ he 0 there d 0 w/h e'ye re a.ll ye a. t~ n 0 w/e t me all d H and carry d0w/ "ewe" "fee-L- D-"


up- e -0n- d- 0f- (i-)t- 0- f-x-f- i- t- a - cross- t- a- g- (e-) less- t- 0- s/s- 0d- 0f- t-


a- re- eL- d- e/b- t- 00- knee- L- D- 0 - b.c. - "cue" "ewe" are th- s- nail- s- 0/n- eeL- e- d-


h-and- e- a- ll- e-ye- d- ea-t- h- (y-) eeL- d- to get a cross t- re-el- d-


t-r-ump-e-t- suc-k-t- cess- d- 0f- (i-) t-


e-vain-d-s-0we- d-


0f-(i-) t- 00- t- 00-knee- d- 0f- t- en- d- 0-ve- d- e/b- t-00- t-he- d- (s-h-) 0-ve- d- e/b- t-0-0t- is-su-e-w/e- d- 0f- t-


if-f- i- t- inn- t- L- as/s- t- hat- a- w/-he-ye-a- t-


(a-) g- (L-)0-ve- d- only dof-t-s-on-net- his- t- p.-r.-0 -w/- t- w/-h0- d- 0f- (i-) t- w/-h0- d- (p.r.) 0- f-x-f- (h-) er- d- e-ye- t-


i'm con sig n/d 2 d ewe. you "man-d" at-e- am-e- d-amn- t- rite- t00 -t- he- nice- d- for/meal/ly e ? t00t-he-nail-ing- 's-us- t- (w/-)rite- d- 0- with the nail "we" -d- g- ave- d- h-and- h-ave- d- 0f- (i-) t- it- 2- t-russ- t- 0v-e d-


0- w/e- d- pre-t-en-d- we- ll- e- -d as/s- t- ('s-) Lice- d- hurting nobody worth re peat inn g- a-g- ree- d- for-a-better-e- f- (L-)ave-0re- d-


0- be- lie- f- e/e- d- f-ea-t- den-sel-ly-e- ye- d-


how can the pastor honest ly think i am standing on em p t ye idealism when he sits back and lets people stool o-f-t- the imp ass, he all ready represent - s - t- a-ck-t- with no one to actually sup from his current resident ce, ss- he k-eye-ps- hut- tere- d-0f- t-


how can the pastor honest ly think i am standing on em p t ye idealism when he sits back and lets people stool o-f-t- the imp ass, he all ready represent - s - t- a-ck-t- with no one to actually sup from his current resident ce, ss- he k-eye-ps- hut- tere- d-0f- t- inn time that would be t00 the t all k~ t , & even t all k t 0 fxf (i) t a' re r0und~ (h) ea. r~ th ~r i'se ~a. s / s a'ye d eye d 0 w/h0 0 l~e' ye d


the pastore sits and shit -s- hat- on-e- on empty idealism he himself would allow tu be (a) d pre sent ly e be spoken d0ve d, he stand--u- d- ded- ear- d- 0f- t- , s-0we- t-he- can-e- d- con-e- d- sup- ply-e- the virtue- all- d- we- ll- d- as/s- hi-s-t- s-nail-son-s- 0-we- on- d- t00- t-he- d- tat- tell- e-ye- t00- t- he- d- s- 0- (w/-) n- e- d-


inn re all i t eye, -d-he- d- en- e'ye- d- 0ve- d- (h-) inn- t- w/-h0- w/-h- is- t- a- nd- (s-h-) 0-ve- d- t0- g- ether-d- e/b- t- 0/d- en- eye- a- gain- d- e/b-t00 -t- his-t- a- bid- e- d- only to re arrange the re all c0 h0 st~ 0f f ea. t 0ff t


-h-at- he- would- retain t-hat- he- g- (L-)0ve- d-


it is just a more "de-cent" looking sham than being the one "sell" f-x-f- t- governed buy the g- un- d-, looking directionally like the one inn need of a gospel plan-d-, and e/b t-a-g- ear-s- e- th- ass- t- e- (n-) t- 00 -t he -residence- "he" d- oblique- d- e/b -t- a- get- a- cross- "2" only "too" and never t(h)r u e w/e d. with out the pastor, or the ag for-t-i-f-e-ye-in-g- 0/d- s- pell- me-ll- t- 0-g- ether- e- t-(p.r.-) 0- f-f- (h-) er- d- t- hat- h-and- a- t- a- s/s- t- e- d- 0-r/i-en- t- ly- e- t- he- a.ss-aye- d- h- ave- t-hat- a- re - pre- sent- a- n-are- d- e/b- t-o0- t- pr0- claim- e- vain- d- we- ll- d- h-and- sel- Lout- a- re-round- e/b- t- every- e- s- nail- son- net- a-re- pass- t- 0- re- ye- t- hat- e-w/e- couldn't actually represent ?


"ewe" can only represent t heir, ass long ass t heir is n0 t/h ere (a.)d. (h) inn d fxf r 0/n(e) t 0 fxf ew/e ve(i) n (t) d~ ea. f ea. t~ 's p.r. 0ut e d0/u(be) t~


"ewe" can only represent t heir, ass long ass t heir is n0 t/h ere (a.)d. (h) inn d fxf r 0/n(e) t 0 fxf ew/e ve(i) n (t) d~ ea. f ea. t~ 's p.r. 0ut e d0/u(be) t~ : i think the main "quotient" to consider vain nit eye -s- component- . is niceness, nit values nice ness, nit has no right to a g0, t0 be h ave d ass if it -s-nit- g0 t love to barter a.d. just b.c. snit & nit never had love, never h ave d love, never made love, force-d- f- uck- t-, butt, never maid love even 0d. snit and nit hide behind the vain nit eye that they laid the lad and egg. but don't know what act u ally e a s/s a ye t0/n e that carried e w/h a t/t a(i)r e t~ b e t/t a(i) r~ e a.d. directi0n ally e ll e(a.)ve n t~h and h0 u/ r e t0 g e/th/er e d0ff~ t 00 th c Lea~n 0/n e be~l/l e~a. f i/n (e) g . nit values nicess -t- for -t- no reason nit cant get a re t-urn- without pip-e-in- g- nit-s- egg- o-t- l0 st ? s-nit-s- e-g-g- 0- t- law-st- u- b-buy-e- a- r- t- me-(a-)id- he-a-rt- h-and- art-


(r-)ig-no-r-an-ce-s-s- (h-) ave- d- had a heart t00 the begin th 's t~a'r t


ewe were all ways separate. the scene -d- 0f- (i-) t- makes you look ass if t one -d- 0- w/- (h-) all- as-s- 0- w/e- d- and pass the crime onto those you point the finger at you also made eat that h-at- oo compete with out a reference t heir -d- ye- s- h0- 0t- 0f- f- t- 00- -t-he-d- s- h0- d- 0f- t- it- 00- k-n-0- w/e- d- e- l0-ped- 0f- t- for-k- t- n0t- a- war-e- d- as/s- h0 -e- d-


i am consigned t0 d e~we

y-ou-d- are consigned "2" "use"

h-and-ye- w/- t- (hou's-e-ed-) ass long ass your wife-wan-t's- u- e-w/e- "2"


tu-be- lie- f- (i-) t- (h-) r- u- e- w/e- i/t-


s teff (t) h up be(a.)d. a'b e t/t a(i)r e (b) rake d0ff his t p(L)at e t00 th' d ate d0w/ i th0u t head ache & not see d head cake-d-


just -u- b.c.- t- he- s- t- 0r-que- d- h-as/s- t- u- b- (r-)ough- t- (d-) 0-f-x-f- (i-) t-


a-war-e- d- h-and- e/b- t-(d-) 0- w/(h-)e-re- d- & she p her d ? with no re all tissue w/e d p(L)ay e t0 get (h) r u/e w/e d (h) 0 ve ye w/e d


i am consigned t0 d e~we

y-ou-d- are consigned "2" "use"

h-and-ye- w/- t- (hou's-e-ed-) ass long ass your wife-wan-t's- u- e-w/e- "2" s-hi-(f-)t- u- 's- he-ye-tushey- th en e w/e see wh0 th eg a greed for-k-nigh-t- is-su-e-w/e-d- another -d- r-ape-d-


y-ewe- are pore-king- your sister - ( w/ n0 0ne t0 c0m p lain 2) ass - your- wife- in sol-i-tarry- a-b-u-s-e-d- that wants you "2" ewes- (t-) and- think -i/t- w/-hi-s-e- d- t-hat- is-s-(h-) au-L-


((t'- force-d-s-t-all--d- -h-and-b-rake-d-0f-(i-) t- 0f- f- (i-) t- a- cross- t- force-scene-mar-r-eye- t- a- (i-) ll- e-ye- d- 0f- t- force- s-he- d- 0 -w/ the gracess too the smile -d- 0 wile- d-))


y-ewe- are pore-king- your sister - ( w/ n0 0ne t0 c0m p lain 2) ass - your- wife- in sol-i-tarry- a-b-u-s-e-d- that wants you "2" ewes- (t-) and- think -i/t- w/-hi-s-e- d- t-hat- is-s-(h-) au-L- 's h- all-0- w/e- d- e/b- t- ad- a- f-t- "2" all-a-w/e-st- a-b- ack- t-rack-t- d- force-d- s- h- all-0-we- d- (h-)ea-r-an-d- a r~ea.r ~ e bu ye f/rom the f a(i)r~ e


s-he- can't "have" nor "share" your b (L) ack/ t h~ ere


"i/t" would be re ad. -0f- (i-) t- without a w/are a.d. i f/f e r en ce s/s inn t ere t i'm e~ d i/ a.m. 0/n (e) d~ e/b t00 th C~0 l/l e ct~ i/t f/r0m ~ th d un e~ 0/n (e) d~ ewe st d(e)u/s t (r) 0/ n g~ 0/d~ are l e'ye inn g~ 's us t i'm e~ d


f~ 0'ra re a. ll~ d 0 (w/)h~ (e/ a.) t~ 0/n e a. t ~ h e/n i ce d bu ye t/h em s~e ll fxf t~ 0/n e t(h) c0mma nd we ll ~


wires cross -t- , "ewe" create -d- 0- war- e- to make through -0- d- f-aire- dire- erection- ai- l- ye- d- hear- t-h- d- se-am-s- con-s- pi-re-ad- buy-e-ar- s- e- ye- d-


de-me-t-e-r-e-d- ce-re-'s-, per-sep-h0/n-e-d-(h-)inn-t-ere-s-t- raw ? d : hydrogen spoken ? d. 0 ff ? w/(h)eigh (t) ? 0 ff t ?


w/h en the word is kiln dried and knocked d0w/n e c00k t 00 th b.c. r 0 (w/)n~ e d = we sea. t h and p0 t en t i all ~ as/s th' s i' zed e/b t00 th given (t) d~ ' s c0 pi ed a ct yl : ly (e) a. w/are A.D. h~ a.d. e ye a.r~ d 0 (w/) e~ th~r (and) 0at : speaking only gets ewe-sue-we/-d- ewe- d- ud-d-ly-e-vain-d- 0f- (i-)t00-t- he-d- be-g-inn-d- e/b- t- a- gain- d- he can't fit a reason in nit -s- (p-)en-d-s- h-ea-r-d- e/b- t-00-t-he-re- t- urn-in-g- force- false-sell- lie-ye- d-s- too- th- purse-we- d- ewe- d- e/b- t00- t-he- rather pay the "ag" than the h-and- picked- h-ag- t-he- inn-debt-de-ad- with out a di vine at a ll ~ e ye d all~ t heir doesn't ride, doesn't com bin e, doesn't b re ad a ll i've d as/s p/b f or' d ~ere a. t~ h ea. r t~ h and ' s0/m e~ a. (d.) m.0re d serve d


c y be le ye rh ea. d. h and c r/0n (e) u/s t a. d. (e) u/s t 0 fxf i/n g ere inn g 0/ d ewe 0/n d awn d hand pawn d : th 0 pen t, w/(h) as/s n't maid buy nit-s-nit-s- at- all- and- s-ad-d-le-d- e- all- t- a- b- rake-re- d- e-ye- t- inn-s-i-g- h(i-)t- h-and- h- i.'de- i/t- inn c-(h-) 0/m-e-d- "2" 0n ly e re all y despise i/t a ware d 0ff (i) t sel~l fxf t heir --- without a complement nit, too t ag o/n e -d- s- nit- wit- -d- to b-m-aid- constant- lie- d--s- i- re- pre-sent- e-d -0 -w/-ar-e- too the protect "i/t" - confidence g-ran-t--d- in the mar-r-i-ag-e-(n-)d- 0 -w/- id- th- ip- s-(t-)at-e- a-gain-d- as/s- k-n0-w/e- s-


c h~ea. r ewe can e & d awn ly speak t00 th be lea f / t re a. ll de sire maid ewe th cam e inn difference s/s h (e) d~ h and st i' ll e(a)ve th ' s a.m. e fxf r a.(i.) m. e d.


only desire, bu ye 'en' & 'em" w/ id. th tu be see n 0 w/e ' d, can you s pea k /t h~ea. ve n a.(i.)m. e~ d. e/b t00 th c0me t a gain, with the same desire inn k/ t p(L) an (t) d~ e w/ h~ ea. t~ e ll e'y e d~ ea. t h~ and 0 fxf t~ s' ay/ me ~d i/ t ate d b rain d


to's-sing- t- hem- s-am-e- cur(e-)rent-see- d- too th same -inn- b- reed- as/s- p-r-ea-d- e/b- t- 00- t- he- "lending" as/s- knee-d-


c-r/a.d.-le-s/s-t- you (r-use-d-0-) word abort - --


if i/t carried e/b t a' re living t/h e re t0 rt as/s t a' re (s) p 0'r(e) t.


ewe-ar-e- the - nail-s- 0n- i- c-t- i-eye- d- h-and- e-ye- t- every "time" -d- ewe - d- buy- e- i/t- s-


nail-s-on-s- inn- ore- out- (s-) ide-s- h-0-w/e- ye-w/- ar- t- his- t- e- c- (h-) 0- w/-(h-)0-r-n- nit side out -d- all- ass- a-ye- f-x-f- ace-d- p.r.- i'm-e-d- too toss a n0/n- ai- l- t- at any "time" the floor is kn-0t- pr-i'm-e-d- e/b- t- u- b- (r-)o-ugh- t-


jack-t-d-0f-t- s- 0we- s-0m-u-c-h-t- even t-he-nail- t- ill- k- nail- t- p.r.-0-(w/-) t- e- . you are all nail-son-'s- od-0f-t-s- nail- s- le-pt- p.-r.0w/- t- h-and-'s-p.-(r-)0ut- s-


it is not right for "ewe" to c0m/e inn e me'ye vein as/s -n-ai-L- t- a- g- L-ew/e-d- ass-h-0- (L-)e- d-ea- d- s-0we- you can feel you have liberty 2 b re ad inn 2 - get another -s-nail-t-rue-inn-time-2- den-eye-d- ewe- d-


pre-t/t-eye- s-imp-le- re-see-pee-d- (recipe-e-d-ewe-d-) to get miss tarry too-t-h- ab- id-e- we- d-


b 0(u) Ld er~a nd

b0(u)Ld ere s~h/e g re w/e s t a g ewe d

th en, th em, as/k ' d ewe t0 p(L)aye w/ the g0/d g~i'v e/n desire d ewe t~hat le~t ~h ew/e inn d.

shit ' as~sum mit ~t h~and e/b t ass k/t d(h) 0've i/t p.r. ~a.m.~e / d


nothing more than an a nic-t-'s-nail-'s-0n- net- u- p- Luck-t- re- Luc-k-t- an- t- h-and- ewe- d-


"2" b/i-t- e- w/e- d- s-nail-s-0n-s-ire-vi-'ve-d-


b.c- t- he- bon-net- he- d- e-ye- d-


0f- (i-) t- e-ye- t-


h-and- e/b- t-u- be-(a-)d-0f- it- (con-e- d-) f-r-0/n-(e-) t- ate- i-0/n- ai-ll-ye-


t00-t-he-d-e/b-t- a- gain- d- inn- d- inn- d-


"whole-food's" and c-0p-s-, t heir is not f( 0/0 ) d h0nest ly benefitting 0/n e that w/00 d ewe t hat "ewe" paid 2 d ewe. "ewe" have never paid ewe, "ewe" whole-food-s- paid - t- (h-) rue- a- "ewe" -d-. po-lice- pre-sense- show-s- hat- hat- e- w/e-d- "ewe" d "ewe" t00-t-he- d-


inn dependent ass a'ye s/h/e want ' s : 0p p0 rt un e'ye t ye ~ lies a h/ea./d. (0ff t~ s L0 t (h?) 2 ? h and 0ff ? on comma nd ? 0ff (i) t c0 h0 st' 0 fxf (i) t d0ff t00 th' s up~p ly e i/t 0fxf t)


inn dependent ass a'ye s/h/e want ' s : 0p p0 rt un e'ye t ye ~ lies a h/ea./d 0/n e per~each per's 0/n e


verse-sus- t- your vain con-test- without -en- d- = wh0 "is" & wh0 "used" the better "man" -d-ate- in-nail-son-s- (t-)and- "2" get "ewe" where you-r- "A.D." "A.M." en - d- e/b- t- a- gain- d- e- s/s- i-re- sir-t-he- d- s- t- a- g- e- d-


sup ply e i/t a. m. a.m.


iff- t- ewe- d --s- (c-)am-e-d-


sup ply e i/t a. m. a.m. pre sent ly e/n ea. r~ d h and (h) ea.r~ th ea.ve n (d) s~ h 0 (w/) e~ d


sel-f-i/e- d- 0h- t- r-0p--e-d- ewe-d- h0-p-e-d-

he-sel-f-i-e-ye- d- 0h- t- 0/nigh- t-


ewe-r- st-u-d-e-ye-d- countenance-d- only takes g-(c-) r-a-ft-ere- d- a- ft-ere- s- w/- (h-)ear-t-h- ' d- b.c- t-he-(ye-)a.r- t- 0/n-e-d- 0/n-g- 0/d- e- d- all- 0-/n- g- 0/n- ad- a-s/s- knee-d- s -0/n-g- e- d-


sharon, not f0r'd ewe inn g t(h) a g0/d j0b-e-d- (in- dim-e- ye a.m. ag in ed e'ye )


well "ewe" get the- st-(r)a-(te)g-e/m-s-eve-r-a-ft- ere- d- t0 pretend lead in your -time- & now pretend to follow -d- after ? w/0ut as/s put 0ut. t -hat- is your signature-d- s- (p-) ee- d- as/s- w/-id-th- e-very- e- b-0/d-e-ye- s- un- less- ewe- r- decide 2 d ewe t hing e different ly e/n 0ugh t ea t miss~ t ake d 0ff (i) t 0ff t inn th first p(L)ace d 's (p) ee d 0 w/th b0/n (e) m 0/t 00 th ' d ewe~ t(h) p.r. 0 s e /e d ewe ~ t a (i) ll e/n t 's p~ ewe d 0 w/h ale d ew/~ h 0' Le d ewe i/t me we d


' 0ugh t b. m. e w/~00 d b e/e d un/d ere st 0/ 0 d 0' b(r)0ugh t ' d ew/ 00 d be(a) d serve d


g0 ah ea d ' sig n ere a.d. be(a.) d. th e~ven t lye

a. ll 0/n e inn bed bu ye th em is t~a ke d 0 w/i.d. th (e) fxf a ce d

at any e g i've n t i'm e d i'm e d 0ff (i) t min(e) d as/s m~ate d


be ap (t) as/s inn dependent ass (ewe) a'ye a-r-t- hie ven ? Le a.ve~n a cr0ss t your husband & bu ye th c hal f/f aire A.D. h a.(n)d. le~t him c~half t 0ff t(h)r u e/we t L 0've d as/s well in a re a. ll t (i e)'ye t0 me t00 the t(s) ai L~ 0 / n e inn dependent ly e~a. r~ ring 0 p/en t00 t(h) a're inn g~ s e/e d


p~L e/as/e re p~ ea. t


"ewe" gave n0w/e ( g av e(d)n 0 w/e d) "a" w/-aye- t- a- (re-)g0- d- e- r-0-d-e- d- e/b- t- a-'p-ass- t- e- ye- the clean up "ewe" didn't not s up~p L(e) ye.


"ewe" gave n0w/e ( g av e(d)n 0 w/e d) "a" w/-aye- t- a- (re-)g0- d- e- r-0-d-e- d- e/b- t- a-'p-ass- t- e- ye- d- false- sell- lie- eye- d- your - con-ce- pt- as/s- knee- d- necessary-e-d-


"ewe" debt a false conception-d- (g-) 0ng- the living 0 d/i ' vine d. f 0're c0m p (L)eat i~0/n e fxf 0'r t s 0/m e 0/n e d 0 fxf (i) t~ s h 0 (w/) e (d) ~ g 0/ d~


"ewe" debt a false conception-e-t00-t-h-ave- too-t-he- d- conspire-d-at- any e given "time" -d- e-ye- d- inn- s-ol-e/n-t-ce-s/s- (h-) ave- d- h-and- le-ft- force-d- f-r0m- the last-cut-e-ye- -a- r-t- as/s- knee- d- ewe- d- h-e/a-d- s- t-(p-)ee-d-s- 0-up- ped- e/b-t- a- p0-0p- ewe- d-up-e- 0/n- up- t00-t-he- d-serve- d- ewe- d- s- up-per-ing- ave- d- 2- f-(L-) ave-d- e/b-t- "ag" inn- t-he- p0ck-(e-) t- s- he- d- ("0") b- m.aid "2" b-end- his-ass-a'ye- i/t- b.c.- ? ewe didn't actually bring any 0/n e w/i.d. th "ewe" carried a'ye "i/t". that is why any "one" can say "it" but no right it 0 pen ly e w/ i.d. the me an s ee n for se/e in/n ate ly e the inn her e/n t me an s~ g0/d g i'v e/n t (a) g~ ave th e/e d. heed debt too th e/n d. 0 w/ i.d. th i/t a re a.ll eg (r) 0 w/e d a'ye a. gain d p0/t en t i~all (e'ye) d's 0/t inn e me t a. ll~ d 0 b(r) 0ugh t buy desire, and not buy-e-s-nit-force-scene-s-not- d0-t-he- d- 0f- t- 0-f-x-f-(i-)t- b0n-e- m0t- e- d- 0f- t-


ewe didn't actually bring any 0/n e purs/e w/e in g-u-y-e-d- 0-0-re- -d- g- am-e- ven d a ft ere t00 th ' d(p.r.) 0 fxf(h?) ere d sup p0 rt~ e'ye can d clean your e p0se t0 sit e w/e ' d in kn 0 w/e ll e ta n0's e th (e) r~ 0'se (a.) d. 0 fxf t as/s knee d h 0 (w/) ed & h a.(n)d.. the ret 0 rt inn a.d. vance s/s 0f t/h 's (h) 0 w/e d 0 w/hat y0u r~e a.ll a re a.d. e' ye n~ k~n 0 (w/e) d ~ e inn ad.vance 0 ~ d / e ~ g 0/t ~ t 0 (w/) e d


ewe can thank his t b0/n e m0/t i0/n e inn re p0'se~ (e) d


en m(e)~ark n~augh t e'ye t r~0 p~e(e) d~ h0 pe d


k-n0d-(e-)us- t- e-ye- d- en- e-ye- t- r-0- pe- d- h0- p-e- d- inn- ad- vaince- d- g-sus- t- s-c0p-ed- 0 w n0 representative inn t 0 a/t


('s t) 0 're t00 th 's t0 a s/s t ' p as/s t ' s c0 p(i) ed h0/ped


0 ' b~ran c/h ' d (g') s us up p~ly e d en ye d


serve d


p.~r.0w/ ~ t 0ut


0ff th' c a s/s t~ le t's ~c a t/t ere d 0ff (t) e/n d as/s k~ t (c) up t


00 th (r) 0/n e~ d e/n 0.d.~ (e) u/s t~ 0/ 0 d i'n(n) e ver e'ye s h0/u d ere s~ 0/t


' be (a.) d. 0ff t


p.r.0 ce s/s L0 t~ t0 w/~(h) ave d inn c~0/n t inn ew/e th (e) r~ 0 ll e'ye g. 0/t~ 00 th ' s e~(a.) l~l t


0/d well 0' ve~r t h~and (h) 0' ver t can t (a' re) e l/l i'm p.~r.0ve ye b~0/n e we ll e d 0ff t heir d(n) 0 b Le~a.d' s erve d 0 p~en is 0/n net 00 th inn k/ t up t~ 00 th ' d~ (0)n k~e'ye~.a s/s t 0 p t00 t(h) p~ar a.d. 0x i~s t 00 th seek w/h en t ce s/s e w/e t (h) is~su/e w/e d ewe ' s~ d c 0/m p (L) ea. t d's t(r) 0 ye d... 0h t~e fxf (i) t a~ re vi ewe d inn s~t a' fxf an d' s t a ll (ew/e) th~e "noise" inn- nit- n ew/e d i/t~ h~ea.ven t (h) is~su/e w/e d 0ff t inn t~e ll e g en t ce s/s e x ce ll~ e/n t ce de s' c e/n t 'he d ew/e dna s/s cent inn at/e valu/e w/e t(h) p0 in t 0 fxf ew/e


~a.r~ t (h) r u/e w/e d h and un/d ere s/t a' nd ewe ' s & d ew/e t e'ye tu ~p/p er t/t e'ye tu be au t e'ye w/e d ewe


inn i'm bu~e w/e d


2 d ate t~e/th/er e~a. t e fxf ace d ewe


0/h g~i ' ve t a' h~and as/s knee d b rake d h~and i/t w/ i'll b.m. use d e/b t 2 h~ave th u(e) s/s (ai) d ewe ' s' 0d ewe


*dn (a)


see h ' st all k / t w/i.d. th and (0 ff t')~ s 0 w/e d e/b t a re t ~ea.r~n a. (ll a.) d. h~eave~n 0.d. ~e b~ran c/h ' d 0ff t(h) 0/0 kn 0/t~ e t ether t r~0p e d 0ff t c0urse w/e d en ewe d~0 (w/)h~ t


man-na- didn't fall from the sky on my scope toof he freely re ply he would other wise t-r-0p-e-d-


man-na- didn't fall from the sky on my scope toot toff t he freely re ply he would other wise t-r-0p-e-d-


h-and- e/b- t- r0-pe-in- g- a- gree- d- he-a- ven- d- am- en- d-'s- (p-)en- t- force-scene- x- a- ct- di/s-con-t-en- t- as/s- he- is- t- de- me- an- s- the coun-t-y- e- t-r-eye- d- th- coun-t- r-eye- d-


dew/e 'yew/~is~ h * t 00 th ' s p~ark t~ el~le ga(i)n ce is a ve in d0 ff a~rt 00 th 'd as/s~ tar k ~ t ce de par t 0 w/h e'ye d (p.r.) 0 fxf (h)er d h~ ea. r t~h 0 's~e r~a n(d) serve d a rt in e ve(i)n ly e.g.g e/n a.m. e~a.r t~ h f/r0m th 's t~ a'r~ t ' a. d.(e)u/s t 0 fxf t m~ark t c~as (t) par d~e lig ht ~ s p~ ark le d ew/e~e 0/n d e/n e w/e d (e) u/s t 0 fxf (i) t~ c~h ap~t e're v~a l/l e'ye d f~a(i)r~e t (e)a're s(t) 0/d ew/e s~(t) p~ea.k tu~ t0ff (i) t00 th ' d ew/e r~e (A.) d.0ff (i) t~ 00 th inn c~ h's t00 th' s~t it~ch ' s a. m.~i/r a c~le ft 's me'ye l/l e d ewe 0/n t (h) 0/0 k / t pi~c/k t ('s) cup t ret'e as/s a'ye s~h 0 (L) e d 0ff t ~a g i' ve t an0 t/h ere a. l/l as/s~ h 0 L (e) d~ kn 0 w/e t' sure prize s~ (h) 0/n e d 0ve d~ en e'ye d 0 w/(h)0 r~ th di' vi d i.d. f~ 0're s~ (w/) h0're d be l/l e~a. f/f i/n ~ (e) d en t/h em en d~ ap par t 0' r(e) t~ ('s) p~ar k t00 th be i/t~ h and b~e (a.) d. i/t~ (inn) t0 ~ (w/) e 0/n~ d ' ste t's 0/n (e) d~e me a.d. 0 w/e t/h fxf L0 w/(h) e're `a. l/l a' nd be/e s w/(h)0 r t/h b e l/l ea. f i/n e ly e/m aid c le ft 0/n e c~he~a. k t00 th ether 0/n e cr0ss t~ ab le a.d. 0ff t en ~ (t) d be g/g 0/t en~ d en eye a. ll~ d e/n erve d (e) c (h) 0/n s pi re a.d. inn sig~h t


mu ll b e r(r) e ye s 0/n net e fxf r/u i/t full b0/n net a g(r) 0 w/ee 0/n (e) d i/t (h) 0/0 k t~c L e(a)ve~ n~a t u/re all(e) ye t00 th b e(y)e t heir d e~L ta Le~g r~ ew/e d be(y)e th be th un (sh) y~ie L(d) ad~ept (h)u~e w/e d i/t rue w/e d~ sight as/s h 0 (L) e d b f~0r(e) d b~ r i.' d.e~ s (t inn e'ye t) i' de~live R e'ye ~ t00 th (e) r~ 0 L(L) e ye 0/n (t) d~ t 0/d en e'ye as/s t b' f0rd th ere w/are a.d. ea. f ace d t0/d e'ye d h and g 0/d bu ye re p~ as/s t a(i)r e t heir t w/inn k le pt w/r inn k le d e'ye ~ d e/b t00 th p~ as/s t i'm e t00 th e' ll ye as/s knee d f0und en f0rce s/s (h) ave d en t ran ce s/s eg/g ~ ave (i.' ll) d ~ s hi t 's (h) 0 w/e d e/b t w/i.d. t(h) 0/0 kn 0 w/e t c0 h0 st 00 Le~ g i/t as/s t e~ t/h~ r 0 w/e i/t~ as/s w/(h)ea.r i/t~ e fxf 0'r t a (i) l/l e/n t 0/0 Lif(e) in knit 's t~a fxf L in t 00 th b~e in g~ a g0/ d~ e valu/e w/e d as/s h~ 0/d ~e l/l ta' re p~ack ag/e d 0ff (i) t 00 th en d0w/ i.d. th em~ a. m.it~t(h) a b/i t




re pen t 00 th ' d en ye d


0ff (i) ta ll circumstance s/s et 00 th even 0/d e/n a.m.e th (e) r~0 L(L) e t00 th un fxf 0(0) L (e) d en se~llll e w/e january e is a g0/d time t00 th e'ye jack t d0ff t


e'ye jac~(t)u L~ate d all 0 ver t(y) 0ur e fxf ace d 0 w/i th0u t a t~race d apparent 00 th em e~a k/ t i/t a s/s t e g's us~ m/ate d(h) 0/m e' ye d w/(h) i.' d~e ste t/h f(t) 0ur e c(L) 0 ver t~ hea.ven ly e a.s/s 0/n e~d e /n a.m. e~n d h~and en a.m. e l/l (d) c~a.m. e a.d. just ly e s 0 w/e d b~e w/e l/l c~a.m. e l/l ~ aid e/n eg~ g e t00 th ' d b re a.d. as/s d(e) u/s t 0 fxf t00 th~ d b~rus'h up t~ de(u) x 0 d(e) u/s t~ Lint 0 fxf e/e d (e) u/s (t) ave d~ (e) u/s t 00 th ' d en e'ye t w/i.d. th inn c(h) 0/m e~ d (h) 0've d 0ff (i) t(h) ea. r~ t~ heir d fxfir's t c~a s/s t 0/n e~ d g/e'sus t u/ d~ e'ye t a l/l 0/n ~ e c L~a w/e d 0ff (i) t at 0/n e d c~L ea. r~ e ly e w/hi t~ e ll e ye~a. r~ th ea.r th ' d en ye t~ hr 0 (w/)n~ e d 0ff (~a) t 0/n (e) d~(h) 0ve d


e~ c(h) 0m p (L)ea. t~ e ll e'y e/n ea. t~ c~ L ea.r~ e ly e~ d ea. t h~and live r e'ye inn s(t) a' nd 0 w/a're~('a') t e ve(i)n ly e 'a' r/ t 00 th eave~n th~ r~ 0w/e t rig ht 0/0 t r0t~ 0ff t hie ven s ? a w/ar- e- he brought not love -d- he-d-0f-(i-)t- he- d- c0-h0-st- 0-f-x-f- (i-)-t- he- c0-h0-st- buy-e- "a"r- t- 0f- f- (i-)t- s- par-k-t- (h-) -0- ver- t- i'm-e-g-0/d- (s-) 0- L- (e-) d- as/s- h- com-for-t-ab-ly-e- t-re-ad- 0/n e me a.d. -he- d- buy-e- f-x-f- L0- w/e-re-s- t- a- g- e/m-s- pr-e-e- t/t- e-ye- d- e/e- d- e'ye- inn- di-vi-n- nit- ease-ye- d-


d-ewe- can only be(a-)d- of-t- ' care-ye- on- with no real effort ex t pen d.i.d. as/s p0ke d as/s h 0 w/e th e 'vein' , and direction of the lend ere 'a/d' h and 0 w/het her 'd' carry eye too th b rain d' sire d ewe inn prime r time. g.i'ven th in(e) d 2 s (L)ing 0 ver t(y) 0ur e s~h0/u Ld e'r e/n a.m. e~ ve(i)n~ (d) ew/e t~ ca.m.~e LD 0ve d(h) ump e/d 0 fxf (i) t~em p le d (all) a~t~a' cr0ss t a fxf L e'ye a. r(0~un)d fxf (t/h) i/n~ge 're s (t) 0 w/e d as/s~ h it fxf as/s t a g~r 0w/e d en e'ye L/L as/s t~ a g (L)~ ew/e inn a' re ('a')te a. w/are t/h e w/h a t/t a(i)re (e) fxf a~ ll (e'ye) d~e'ye d all~e'ye d 0 w/are re a.d. e/b t a're p as/s t as/s pack(t) le d as/s p.r. 0ut a're pack~ag/e inn g (L) as/s ~t heir d ' s~ha t/t eRe d~ fxf (i x/i t) a s/s t e ye c(h) 0/ d f/r0m mit t~a s/s p.r. 0ut e d' sign if i c~an d ance s/s e x a ct ly e a.s/s knee d ass w/i ft p~ass t (e) fxf 0 're ward 2 c(h)a t ch and re L~e/as/e i/t inn t em p0 inn t a re ven t 's c0 pi ed i'm e d f (0/0)t (h) 0/0 k~n 0/t e n0d e d~ fi/n(ed) ally e b/0n e


th's pack le d ewe th 's park le dew/e t00 th~ inn de p0 sit e/m p0 ~ Le d ew/e 0/n e d~h and (0) be(y)e 0/n d re a.m. e~r s~ea. l/l ee p f/r0m i'll k e'ye w/h e'ye d awn d


'staff' : is this 'word' itself meant to marrie-d- temporari ly used in circumference of n0/b 0/d e'ye w/h0 r th (e) ye A.s/s t re a.t b re a.d. as/s p read b~r ea. t/h ' d app le' ye t/h e me an s~ ee n 0 b ly ap~p ly e d


'staff' : is this word itself meant u be a.m. e r/r e'ye d inn "time" competitive ly 'miss state d' ass prime -d- 0- w/ar- t-(d-) i'm-e- t00 -t-he- s- h-inn-(e-) d-


is the origin of 'staff' vet tu be 'unknown' the same as vet 0 b- "noun" -e-d for t- no reason too th actually s0un/d = d-j-/s- hir-k-t- can- d- j-ir-k-t- staff- for -t- no reall effort t00 k n 0 w/e d


be-d-0f-(i-)t0 w/-h0-d-e-ye-w/e-d- u- d- e- th-em- 2- t0- w/-(h-) all-a- w/e-st- as/s-h-0-L-(e-) d- ass - h0e- d- (h0-ld-) ass-u-e-w/e- d- inn- 2- t00- kn- 0- we- d- a w/h eigh t f/r0m e re a. ll as/s 0 me r~ i/t a g~0


inn s~ t r~0/n(e) g~ 0


d' s c e/n t ' sum mer d h (e) r~ 0 w/inn t ere s~p ring f~ all t ~c Le(a)ve s a(u) t um~m'ye d 0'0 re s/t (r) inn g 0/n e th f~L 0(0) r~e d be/e s p0ke~n d h~and bu ye t/0 k/en d~ e/b t 0~a t e ll e'ye s~ m.0./t ~ ed a w/h~ e'ye d fxf Ly e b/b utter e (s) c~up t 0 fxf a ll t up t~a gainn d ' s cent fxf i re a.d. 0' b r~a(i)n d h~a.(n)d.' s 0/m e ' s~up per f~0r't h f~ all t a' re~ a.d. as/s fxf a ll t a' re a.d.~ b.m. 0/t~t 0~ re d


bi/g ass w/h~ale d 0ff (i) t' s t 0 r e'ye t heir e s t0r e/m e r/r e'ye d~h 0're a.d. i~ b/i g ass w/h~ale 'st 0're 'ye p.r.0 vi.'de t/h ' d ew/e inn d(h) 0've d h~and g's us up p~ly e/m


aid ad vert inn t i'm e(a) i.d. i'm e~ d pur e ly e t00 th (e) re st 0 re (e) fxf 0'r d a.m. 's u ~r e Ly 0' ar e~ a.d.


~e/p t(h) as/s knee d u/b (e)a.d. h~0 re a.d.

e/b t e'ye ta' gain d sir(e)c0m(e) referen~ce d e w/e inn f~r0/n(e) t00 th' sum mi t/t inn th~ 0 s/h un ~ t a cr0ss t i/t ch 's le pt be hind the w/heeL~ ie d 0 pen (a) ll (t) e' ye inn 0/n e p~(L)ace inn e c0mma nd a.m. ~ e' ye A.M. as/s ~L and ere inn(t) a' re 'ye a.m. c. (t) b. rake d air e ye d ate f/f air e (a) te th ere sir~e me'ye s (h) i'v~e g0/t h~em b~(L)ack/t inn t a'd ver t hue w/e 's e~l l ye ve(i)n ~ d f 0're s/t e a.ll inn g i'll t~ye fxf r~ a. (i.)m. e~ ve(i)n d h~a.(n)d.e / n a.m. e~ inn knit i/t~ w/i.d t(h) a're d/u ct i0/n s~ inn k / t~h i/t e'ye t 0 me an s e/e k / t b.c. e'ye s~(h) e/e d~ ad e/b t a think en ewe d as/s may/k t/h e/m b ere as/s (L)e/n d~ an0~n 0're an0 t makes n0 d~efer rent ce s/s (L) aught 0/0 th e me an s 0 b vi 0/u/s ly e~s 0/t ether d h and re L0 A.D. (h)e/ad t00 th' s L0 t(d)~ 0ff t inn d0u/b le ti'me d he-ll-a-we-st-0-ff- t-


ass-c0p-e-d-pay-per--d- he-ye- d- (his-t- debt-0-re- is- t- maid- up- too-t-offer- t-a more- maid- up-e- too-t-he-r-eel-ass- t-(r)inn-g-a-w/ake- d-ea-r- d- inn-t-russ-t- inn- t- russ- t- inn- t-rue-st- russ- t- d-(e-) u/s- t- h-u-s/s- e- d- i'm- e/n- t- 00- k- n0-b- ill- i- t- e-ye-a/ss- t- e- ye- s- cam-e- d- ewe- d-(e-) u/s- t- 0f- f- (i-) t- up- t00- t- he- p-a(i-)d- 0f- t- inn- t- russ- t- inn- t-rue-st- 0f-f- e/e- d- (e-)u/s- t- mup- p-(h-)and-mup-pet- f-Led- "ewe" (d-) u/s t- h(e-) in-king- (L-) ew/e-d- i/t- is- t- r i.'d. e/n t- (a-) g- e- w/e- d-e-em-e- w/e- d- 00- d- u-d- e- is-c-r- ewe- d- up-s-t-ew/e-s-(h-)i- t- 0/n- e- tu- b- m- ewe- s- (t-)aid- e/b- t- a- w/-hype- d- as/s- hue- d-


she can 0 pen her 0(w/)n e/e ding 0/ d0ng e d 0~0're (d) inn s (t/r) i.' d.e~s (t) 00 t/ h /e re p as/s t a fxf (t) a ct~ b(L)ac~k / t (u) b~ 0/n e tu ~ de Li've R (de)b~ri'd.e ye d he/ap as/s t~ ac(k) t i'm ea.L Li've (t)d 0ff (L) at he say/me t as/s t e (t)d(n) i'm e


(e'ye w/e d be(a.)d. e/p t~h' s~ t r~ang ere s(t) ewe t(h) u e w/e ' s (t) a w/ h e'ye d a ft ere a.ll ~ a.m. e~a k/ t (u) b~r ave d as/s t~ i/s~s u/e w/e d ewe ' s i/t e w/e t00 th u(e) s/s an ew/e d


she cook t (e) fxf 0 're v.i s/t 0 're s/ t a' b~r0ad (p.r.) 0 fxf (h) er (ea.) d. inn t ere st be c0/n (e) d 0 w/h 0' le d'(s) 0 L~e d h~and h0 Ly e 0n t c0mma nd as/s (h) 0/n e d(h) 0ve d 0ff t ' s c0 pi ed f 0/0 t (h) 0/0 k~n0 t~ r0pe t a' pup pet 's m.0.~k e ' d 0ff t hat he d h 0p e~d


h~0/p e/d (e) u/s t~h in k /t 's p~ea k / t 0 p/en (a) l/l (t) e'ye b/b L~ (e) a. d/d ere a. ll a~ t/ he a. ll a w/ nd feel u/r inn d e~a. ll a' ye inn fi/g 's u c~ h~ and can (r) e fxf i/n (e) d in(n) e /g t i'm e/g i've n (a) t~h all as/s (ai) defined (h)i'm~e 0/n e'ye d~i/a. m.0/n d e/b t(h) a ' r e/n t ere s inn t ere s/t d~ (e)a~ r e as/s a' ye s/s e v era c au s a w/e d gaw/(h)~ea.r~ n~a/i L t(h) 0/0 k / t ~c 0/m p0/n e~(n) t 00 th e~a. r / t ~ h and 0/u (be) t(d) i'm e~ (t) d en e'ye d fxf ea r~ d a.d. apt ly e t'h0u 's e(e) p~ (L) aye d(s) 0 L e (a.) d. 0 w/t~h em e t a ll ai d a.d. e/p t00 th 0/u s~ e th fxf r~ a.(i.)m. e / d (h) 0 ver t b. c. L~i'm (b) e inn~ g fxf re(e) ly e


si e v~e ra caus (a~s/s) tick t00 th em as/s tic~kt ('s) a w/e f(t) i/n (e) d e/b t w/h0 d be(a.)d. 0 fxf t en d e're ly e inn s~h (e) d. h~eaven t 00 t(h) 0/0 k eye p t(h) a w/are a.d. f/r0m mit t00 th ue d(h) 0ve d (h/t) as/s t e t's e~ ll ave d c~(r) e s/s~ c e/n t hr ewe i/t well e ye.g./g e d 0ff t en g ag(c) e m e/n t e fxf 0 r'e ward fxf r/i e/n d as/s t a fxf(t) a ct 00 t(h) 0/0 k / t~ c00 k/ t b~Lac k/t a gain d inn 0 pen (t)d


(de) b~r i.'d.e (a.)d. 0 w/are st e/a.d. e'ye t/h (c) ue~ inn 0/n e c~ k nigh t~ 0 fxf (i) t be(a.)d. 0/n e.g. (L) 0've~r ea.r n~ m e/n (sa) t a' g0/n e w/e ll~ a p~par e L~ed i/t s~e l/l fxf t00 th bu ewe th ' des(s)ert 0/0 c~a(i)r~e'ye w/e ll and well e d f/r0m th (e) re c0 rd s (t) a nd as/s (h) 0/n e (ye) w/e ll~ ig~ n 0're ? ad' s 0 w/e ? s 0w/(e)inn a.m. (e) a. s/s t~a (i) r~ e p (L) an~ (t) d h~and e g 0/d e g 0 / d e t~ 's qua re a.d. pre sent ' s h~a.d. 0 w/e (d) a. r~ e (e) fxf L~ a(i)r~e t heir d


s~h un t a' re (e) fxf Le (x) ct 0're d b f0r'd (t) a're ward~ c0 n/n e ct i 0/n e ye as/s (h) 0/n e (pay per d/i) me 0/n e ye 0(w/)n~e d h~and ('s) 0 L~e d(u)b Le a.d. e'ye d0ve d inn s~h i'v~e a. t 0/n e t i'm e d 0/n e i'm~ th' d(u)b as/s (h) i.d.~e ad. just 00 th en d en e'ye d i/t as/s t e w/e re fer en ce s/s 0 d (e) u/s t 0 fxf t reference s/s e th be st a gather e(inn) f0r ce s/s e th a(i) d 0 w/00 d bee friend inn 0 p en d


s~h un t a' re (e) fxf Le (x) ct 0're d b f0r'd (t) a're ward~ c0 n/n e ct i 0/n e d ew/h 0/n e'ye s~ea. c re (s'c e~n) t ' s~h i'v ~ e inn~ g~ a g0/n ~ e~ current 's inn sig h~ t ('s) a t 0/n e inn ~g 0 p.r. i'm e~ d i'm e d~ 0/n e t i'm e inn 0/n e re (e) fxf Le (x) ct i 0/n eve r eve (i)n~ k thin k~ t less 0 w/e g 0 / d e t h~and f (L)a~re d'u~b e w/e be~t/t a(i) r~ e a.d.~ fi. d./d. le d. fe Lt~as/s~n ai L t~e fxf e~a. t her~ e a.d.~ (t) 0 w/n e' ye d' (s) e/e d~ en t ere d b' f0r 'd (u) b~ rake d~ st i'll e d ('s) ~h0/u Ld ere b~0/u LD ere a.d. h~up awn d h~up t desire re (e) fxf L e (x) ct ('s) ake set (h) a ll ~ t as/s fxf all t


ere a.d. as/s t e w/ i'll ~ e d en sel ly e a.m. e~a.d. 0 w/e b e/e d(h) 0/m e


s~h un t a' re (e) fxf Le (x) ct 0're d b f0r'd (t) a're ward~ c0 n/n e ct i 0/n e d (u) be(a.)d. 0(0) red h and ea. d. 0 rd e'r e/n t(d)~u b as/s (h) i.'d e inn s~ h i'v~e a.t 0/n e t i'm e (a.) d 0/n e i'm ~ e 0/n e ye d 0 ht~ ap~p(ea.)Le~ d f/r0m th~ f un ere a. ll~ a p~Lum (b) e d (u) b/i rd~ s0/n net 00 th fxf ly e 0n t~u b 0/n net d0ve i'll ye re c0 rd c~a s/s t 0/n e~ d 0 w/h 0/n e~d ass t~a r~ (t) e fxf/r0m 0 w/e d (h) air e d(h) 0m e / d h0/n e s/s t a fxf t heir inn c 0/m e.g 0 t (h) r~ 0at 0ut a t(d) 0 w/ n~e s/s t r~ 0p e d 'u'~b p~L e/n t e'ye (a.t) d~0've n t u i/n t w/in~e d0ff 0 're p(L)a'ye d 0ff t w/in e w/h 0/n e ye 0n t Li''ve L0 Line d all a(i)r e r0und~en e'ye d~ g0ing t 0/ d e'ye


th c0 n/n e ct i 0/n be(a.)d. as/s t c r0(w/)n e~a. t c~r 0 w/e t00 th em e r/r e 'ye re (a.) d.('s) 0 L e (a.) d.


sir e dub bu ye r~ use


s imp ly shouldering abuse to be am dumb ass miss treatment too th -d- ewe-

he dub bed e/n d 0 with a sense of h 0/n 0 re 0/n e ve n 0d 


e'ye d0/u (be) t


's p.r. 0/u t~ e ' s t a.m. e/n t (m) inn t me'ye t m0/u t~h ~ a.(n)d. 0/u b~le s/s p.r. 0u t 's (t) an dub aaa b(0)ut


= 0/n ai L e s/s um mi(n)t 00 th put 0ut b.um m.i(n)t ~ t(h)a're vi e w/e f(t)f~ r0m inn t('s) 00 t/h/e


s~pack le d (h) as/s t~i ck (t) a cr0ss t


t-he-re-"noun" -d- e/b- t- ass- knee-d- a- re-ver- b-ein-g- 0/d- ly-e- a.- r- t- ea.s/s-e- d-en-ye- a- b- ill- i- t- e-ye- a- s/s- t- re- t- re-a- t- 0 pen ly e


w/e ll ness is (t) a l/l ie 's h~i'v~e ye d (h) i.d. e 0/n e/n d (h) 0/m (p) e 'ye d

we a.re n0 t b(L)ack / t hing e t-his-t-'s-um- mit- ta 're a.d. 0 w/i th0u t/h ' d ewe a.r (e)t h and 0 w/ar~e/n t00 th c~a(i)r (e) t i/t(d) un (e) f (e)a t her d(f) a(i)r~e t(d) 0 w/ n d('s) 0 L e d~ig i'nn knit e'ye d(h) a.d. e ve(i)n le (ye) a.d. e/p t~h(r)ue~ debt (h) 0 'r(e) d (h) inn (d) an/ce s/s c0 r(e) d h and inn e me r/r e' ye~a. g (r) ate d ate d' s t i/n~e (y)e d s~c 0ur t's t 0ut 's t 0(0) L e d i'n(n)e re t's k inn ere t 00 th d ' scale d 0ff (i) t~ 0 fxf (i) t 00 th' d(e) u/s t i/t 0 p~ped ewe a.r~ th (e) re w/are a.d.


d-u-b- re- co-rd-in-get-s-tu-b- p-(L-)ay-d-b-Lack-t-i'm-e-d- "2" dum -b- 2 not know "e-ye" ar~ kn 0t p.r. i'm e ve(i)n s h 0 (w/) e~ d i'm e'ye d sel~l fxf t00 th e me~A k/ t at any 0'Le t i'm e~ d 0ff a t~ hat(h) 0 m(e) inn e/ d~ get (h) 0/0 k / t ~ carry e tu n e/e d' s~ a w/e 'd all 's (h) 0 w/e~e




today was interesting. met joanna at the salon for lice head checks. apparently it is going around pond cove in cape elizabeth, as i saw several people unanticipated (christine may have forgot to text me, or it could have been my phone passing unanticipated- g- ass- p- when it upgraded it self, and sent my visual screen spewing vain d(e-)us-t-0-f-xf--t- so i can "keep" the stupid thoughtless "soft-ware-d-" g-o-ing- ). it felt weird, different, like inn different, she introduced her self, j0 an/na, her husband (b) reed, her son chase, nurse 'tail0re' sent them ear. it was lucid. the whol e/n c hi L~ad a. the whole convo, i was a w/are on 2 0 p/en time frame (s/i e) ven ly. weird. inn the sense to be so casual about being a ware, like the people and the names they walked inn with were commissioned inn to my current conversational al le gi an' ce s/s (t) a i.d. e/b t00 th b rain d.~r 0p (e d) inn e me'ye d(h) e/a. d. h~ eaven t00 th b e l/l ea. fxf i'nn ewe d ewe . i wish i had a re c0 rd er(e) 0/n e~. every thing that was said, was t as/s if t i/t w/ ere 0 rd ere d e/b t00 th t0(u)n~g e d. it was seamless t 0 w/ ' s ea. t0 w/h 0/n e~'ye b' (s ea. t) c~ 0/n e inn g~ r ease d.


it was much more magnificent to be a fly a w/(h)all, than i have the energy to express here. (i stayed up until 3, i think last night. and am a little behind a regular sleep cycle and hours. )


chase watched starwars, b.c. his dad likes it. and i asked him, while i had him in the chair, giving a treatment, if he wanted to be a wooky when he grew up, and chase, age 6, didn't relate anything write a way, and then thought fully & quitely stated, 'Luke.' he wanted tu be l/l 00 k / t w/h0 d per's e w/e tu~ miss ta r/r (e) ye s m~ea.r th 0 ver~m0uth 0 w/(h)0 / r ~m e w/(h)0~0 d e w/e d(h) 0 ver t ' s~h (b) 0/u Ld e're t(d) e w/e t h/ei/r eg (r) inn d 0 pen ly e


we talked about the starwars, over riding arc of the story that makes the movie timeless, darkness within, fighting your shadow. knowing when to use the shock collar on my first dog ie before the adrenaline hounds/ dewe / chase / c (L ) aw/e t00 th s up p0 rt it's e~ x f/f ace d c(L) 0' ver (e) d. that i had to be able to read the dog, bu ye n knowing the dog, the dog's nature ven t (a) g0 chase inn g. having the shock collar wasn't enough to overide the desire to chase, the hounds inn st inn k / t (h) a s/s t e. i enjoyed running with my dog, inn the woods, on the trails, streams, and public landings even ly, however for my dog to afford its ideal form, hounds do love to run & the running (L) 0ve d (i/t) ea. m.e d~ so i wanted to give my dog it's proper for(u)m f0r(a.)m. f0r 0 a.m. f0r 0/n e. g. utter ad b. c.~0/n (e) d 0ff t 's (d) 0 L e d th (e) c~ 's t a (s/s) ye t00 th e/n j0 ye i/t inn f~r 0/n (e) t 0 fxf th y~e/m p L0 y~e m e/n t(d) inn t(h) p.r. 0p e~r e (ly e) setting 0/n (e~ c) k n0 (w/)e~ s i/t e 'ye w/h inn d h~a.(n)d.~e w/e ve (i) nn (d) s i/t at any e g i'v~e / n ~ (t) a


standing fr0m within yourself same as/s u're d 0/u(be)t side of yourself , th and 0ff t(h) en' dance~ (s/s) 0/n ~ ne (ye) t~ bud get b(L)0/n e~ d 0ff (i) t 0 ff (i) t(h) 0/0 k~ the me r/r e'ye s~um mit~ t(h) a' re (a.) p(b)~ a(i)r~ e p(d)ub i/t~ L~i c (k) t p.r. 00 f (b) 0 un/d as/s h~ue (w/e) d i(c)t 00 th~ ' d ew/e


f(t) x f(t) 0' r~ t /e ' w/e f(t) x f(t) 0' r~ t i/ t~t ere d~gi g/g le d ewe d


an' ce inn th (e) fxf 0'r t he~a. s/s p(i) r~i/t e ver m0u~th ' d 0ff ewe' s


h~i/s t 'a n(ye) ai t00 th' st a' nd 0/u(be) t' s i.'d.e~s h0re y0u~r e se ll fxf i'nn ai


L (f~L)~ ai r~ eg (r) inn d e/n ate u/r~e d i (c) t(h) 0/0 k/t c0m p as/s (t) i 0/n e w/(h) i.d. (e) th~ b eg inn inn g's ~ t e/n t~h t i'm e w/i th0u t e/n d(t)~ ing' (s) L i'd~e s (t) 00 t / h / e re p as/s t~ a' buck t (u) b(L)ack / t~h ew/e s~h a ('t~t a') re a. l/l e/n d~ i'(n)n~e


a.r e w/e re i'm t/hr ew/e t(h) 00 k / t (w/h0)~c 0/0 k~t (cL) i'm e t~a (t)u bu/d~ u/b (L) e/n d inn g' c~L and e s/t i'n e/g (L) 0've d (h) 0 pen d0v~e


w/e d i' t(h) i'm e~ve(i.)n t(d) 0 fxf(h)er d (p.r.) i'm e /d


f0r't his t prime ad h0c(k)t 00 th ink t~h i'nn d (h) ew/(e)~i.d. th a l e.g. t00 th s(h)ake ye 0/n (d en mar) knit a b/rake (ye) 0/n d 0ff (i) t ~ d ew/e ye fxf i/t ~h (e) c(h)0 's~t a fxf (i) t 0/0 t 0 fxf (i) t~ (h) pre miss (inn sig h/t ') d(h)0ff t


without ever e lending 0/-d-0f-(i-)t- s~he t(c) 00 k / t 0ff t c~ L a.(i.)m. e~ i/t is kn 0t ass:


-b- "Lame"d- e/b-t-a- ll-ie- 0n- e- vain-d- " f0rce-scene-d- h-and-s-c-he-me-d-f0rce-s-set-he-d-be-lie-f-i/n-g- ere-inn- g-0-p.r.0- claime-d- g- a- gree-d- h-inn- d- his-t- a- f-x-f- t- b-rain-d- 0f-(i-)t- 0f-f-t- f0rce-scene-d- f-r0m-mit-ta-g0-ve-i/t-


s~ L0'v e/d i/t (h) inn k n~0 w/e d 0ff (i) t a' t/t a' re (a.) p~a(i)r~ e (a.) d. ~ 0


without ever e lending 0/-d-0f-(i-)t- s~he t(c) 00 k / t 0ff (i) t c~ L a.(i.)m. e~(d.) i/t is kn 0t (c~L) as/s p (f)0're th~e re t/h~ i/n k inn g~ i'v e/n a.m. e ve(i)n ly e (ta') p.r. 0 c~L a.(i.)m. u fxf (t) Le d 0ff (i) t~ among -t-h(i)e-ven- (t-) d- am-e- d- ly-e- s- (((h-) am- e-)) lee- p- (er-) ee-L- ie- n- as/s- t- e- ye- d- e- w/-(h-) i. ' d.e- ye- s- "tame" -d- 0-w/-e- d- 0h-t- n0 eye inn time ve(i)n ly e/g ave t'a. d. e/b t inn pre sent ('s) 0n~ly e a.s/s (t) a'ye d h~ave d pre sent ly e t/h 's a.m. e~ d


h~and e/b t~a cr0ss t c~a.m.~e w/e ve(i)n ~(k/t) d ew/e t00 th ave t(h) 2 p.r.0 claim e~ a.d. 0 w/(h) ing e inn (g) ave ta' d ew/e b~ rain d ew/(e) inn k~n ave 'ye s~inn k / t 0 w/(h) av'e ve(i)n ave t00 th b e/e h ave d ew/e t a gainn d ~b 0/0 t a'e tu t h~r 0w/e d : ew/e d~ha rd as/s (t) a'ye d~ha rd e/b t0 me' ye s~ d/i's m~aye d/d e 'ye 's can d b~e/e h(e)a. ve(i)n ly e b/b e l/l a.(i.)d. i.d.


h~and e(a.)d./d e' ye w/h~(t)~as/s t e/m t00 the me(ye) a.d.~u bu~d (0) be(a.)d.~ fxf (L) a c(k)t b(L)ack/t 'ass~t a c(k)t~ a t/t (a're v e(i)n ai) L as/s t 's (h) ave d c~ha(L)ve~ d(g) a.m.e d ha~ha.~d. 0' ve t0 w/00 d 0've d ewe t00 t(h) a'll a re a.d. ye C a.m. e (L/L 0) w/e d 0ff t/h 's ea. t~ a gainn d inn 0 p/en p~le in a're a.d. ye w/ ea. s el~le t' a re ring f ew/e ..... d? 0m nip 0 t e/n t i all a bu's e/d ewe d


ewe-r- silence has always been w/-r-on-g-f-0nt- 0- (w/-n-) e- d- e/b-t-0-m(e-)ark- t- f- a(i-)r-e- t00-t-hr- 0-w/e-d- en- 0d- e- r-0/d-e-d- just to give i/t mor-t-im-e- fully L0-A(D-)T- HE- ' D- full of bu-ll-s-hi-t- (s-)c- (L-)an-d-e-s-t- in-e- in-nit-sum-mit- t- (a-) g- (L-) 0ve- d- nit- inn- t0- re- pair-d- 0f-(i-)t- u- gaw/-(h-)eight- s- p- ewe- d- g-0/d- for-t- a n0 (n/0) re as/s 0/n e d0ve d g(L) 0 ve d ass-u-e-w/e-s-h-0ve-d- ass-h-0-(L-)e-d- up-(e-)pet- 0/n-e-d-pup-pet- w-all-k- t- pup-pet- m-0we-ed-0ve-i/t- ass-h-0-we-(d-)g-(e-) 0- d-(s-)0/n-g- 0- d- ass- "hole" "eye" -2- b-me-nouris-h-r-e-w/e- s- a-we-d- (e-)u-s-t- u- b- ad- bu-s-e- d- e-ye- d- b-ad- b- r-ave-d- b-m-en-0b-le-ye-s-c-am- e- d- "ewe" - d- h-a-ha- re- t a re all c~e ll t a s/s e l/l th a~ ll t a' re t heir d t-he-ref-0re-war-e-d- he- w- ill- a- ll- a- we- st- (-0-) w/-ill-a-ll-a-we- st- u--b- buy- e- t00-t- he- s- (h-) ave- (n- ewe-) d- ewe- d-


b.c. you didn't b/ring th~e (a.) ve(i)n a.m. e d en mar k nigh t (u) b~miss taken d a'ye f0r ('t)a re a.d.( ) bank/t b / rak~e/n d (b) rain d0~ve n 0m s w/h~ea. t (e) ll e ye sigh ave d 0 p en d e~w/e d 0 p en a. ll t e' ye w/(h)i. ' d. e (ye) 0/n sigh t (2h) 0 m(e)i.d. nigh t (e) fxf0r me~al (ly) e a. (t) d.


without ever e lending 0/-d-0f-(i-)t- s~he t(c) 00 k / t 0ff (i) t (a') c~ L a.(i.)m. e~ a.d. mit (ta) b~ f0r'd h' c~an e~ c~a.m. ~ e desire ab L(e)a.d. h~and e'ye d0~ff (i) t~ he m~an d ate d0ff t~h 0 rd e're L~a'ye d

verse-sus-t-a-me-nd-s- t-en- t- he- m-an-d-ate- t-he-t-a-ct-i-0/n-s- with 0ut (h) a re (a.)d. a ct i 0/n s w/(h)ea.r.... th en d g a.m. e/n d g's us ave s. just fin(d) without you-e-r-0-d-e-d-b-r-a(i-)n- d-inng-am-e-d- of- (i-)-t- a- gain- just "2" my "friend" just "too" e- vain- d- &- m-all-a-w-aye-s- am-e- d- g-am-e- inn- g- s 0 w/e t hat n0 0ne d just c0uld s(t)aye d


h~a.(n)d. e/b t~(h~)i s/s t 'a n(ye) ai t00 th' st a' nd 0/u(be) t' s i.'d.e~s h~0're y~0'r e se ll fxf i'nn ai L t00 th fxf i/n(E) d~ a.m. e r/r e'ye t00 th fxf i/n (A.) D.~ A.M. n~are A.D. i'm e


D~ B.C. e'ye s~h e a.p(t/L)a'ye d fxf i/n (e) d all at/he ' (t)d i'm e d e/b t a r(e a.ll) ag cr0ss t i'm e d(h)0p e/d (t) i'm e/d~ i/a. m. 0/n(e'ye)d b. (u) m.in(e) d all th (e) t i'm e d


oddly taking th 0 rd ere d-0/u-(be-)t- 0- f-x-f-t- aggressive- sel-l- f-x-f- t- he- d- be- ad- a- pre-si-d-en-t- a- pre-sent- hing-e- d- , f 0're th fxf i/r 's~ t a.m. en d's 0 d/d ly e s~i` L e/n t ly e (g/u=e's) st ate inn g 0/d b e(ll y)e~w/e b~u d/get e~a. m.e w/e d 0 pen ly e w/i th0u t~ a' w/ an (e) ye 0 p/en a(i) l/l t e y(e) a.p par e/n t ly e &~ (at no expense se-t/o- at "one" dof-t- in any re vi ewe d ew/(e) a.s/s (h) ea. r 0/n e~a. r n~e s/s (t) c0 p(i) ed ce d~e w/(h)all (t) a' re a.d. e' y e/n e w/e d 0 t/h t(h) 0/0 kn~0 w/e d 0' bu ye desire ye t h(e)r 0 a/t u t~0at 0/0


walter reed ' ye-ll-0-w/e-f-(t-)f-eve-r-(d-) t- m0'-s-qui-t-0e-s-e-am-e-d-b-ring-e-d- for -t- n0 re as/s 0/n eve r (d) t ap/p (ea.) Le /n t(h) ap/p Le ye t00 th at ten dent 's (t) at e the r ate time sup p Ly e dime right at the same time dime time dime th cone d e'ye t e'ye s


walter reed has only given me-a-d-s- inn-suranc-e-s/s- t-e-(ye-)am-e-d-


t0 me t e the rete r e a.d. e/p t w/h 0 d-be-lie-f-t-he-s-t-(p-)ee- d- ate-r-ape-r- d- he- pay-per- d- he- (e-)d- as/s-knee-d-


th fxf (L) a c(k)t (h) as/s t(y) 0 u r e b0/n d b(L)ack/t his t i'm e ye t -mac-k-t (p) as/s t e d~a rt i fact L~ass t/u d~ 's T ack T u b/i t e w/e d as/s qui~c (k/t) as/s t~ i/t 00 th b('s) e~a.m. tu b. m.0uth 0v~(i)e w/e d rea.m. e/d e(a.)m.


ha ha w/h en e'ye take a shit, 'ewe' don't have too th fact it, 'ewe' just have too th (e) fxf ace ye (s) i/t ... e ye fxf 0 r t 00 "kn-ot" re pen t (h) ing e/e sus t c~L e/a. r e L ye s (p) en t "like" man-na- "kn-0t" f-rom-t-he-ave- nd- s- t-e- (n-)t-inn-nit- i/t- e-ye- t00t- he- d- s- (t-) ake- i/t- b-u-t/t-ere- d-re-am- s- L0-t-hat- he-d- be- t/t-ere-d-(t-) 0f-f- t-m-aye- t- h-and- ma-c-k-t-h-ing-e-d- se-am- a- ll- 0t- 0-f-xf- t- ap-p- le- as/s- e- d- i- m- e/n t- 0 - w/-(h-)all- e- ye- d- t-hing-e- d- s- (w/-)inn-g- e- d- e- "we" believe in "god" as/s -knee-d- e "wee" -d- lay-b-0re-d- 0- w/ar-t- 0/n-e- d- awn- d- saying the same god damn thing ass -0- n - g- 0/d- 0/n-g- g00d- b- L-0- w/e- d- j-0-b- s- 0- (d-)b- s-


without a n 0/n a're t heir e p0 r(e)t (h)ing e t heir d


e/m and at~e g i've t hat 's~he d(t) as/s t e l/l (a'r) i've d


th an 0/n 0/b 0/d e 'ye d~ ~ ~h and s 0/m e a.d. just ewe be a.d. en ye d


e'ye a.m. t(h) par t e'ye d h and e/b t/h' d(t) i'm e v/e(i)n d en s ell e'ye p.r. i'm e / d (h') s a.m. e w/ n0 s-h- ame- d- a-b- (0-) u-t- heir d~(ea) fxf (r~)a.(i.)m.e~ d 0/n e bu ye 0/n e ven d 0/u( be) t mu t/t (0/n) e inn ~0 b~ i'll i t e'ye a. d. e'ye d. haw/ k t w/h 0/d e(n) w/e v en ly e a.m. a.d. e a.m. t00 th's t (r) e a.m. rig ht high t hing e inn g a gree d 0ff "t's" -c-r-ee--d-s- e/e- d-s- - - - shooting-b-lank-t-s- is all t- ye- nose- shooting - b-lank-t-s- is all t-ye-g-0-s-


w/h en (d) ew/e (ye) ar t c0n-e-d- f-x-f- r- 0/n-(e-)-t-d- he- d- b- 0/n-ere- du-ct-ed- without a re d a/ct i0/n e pre sent heir d~ 0/n e t(y)0ur e p0 w/(h)e're pre se(n)t~h r~0 at. d 0 w/(h)all k t~(h) a w/h e'ye d un t i'll~ e w/e d as/s inn d i'n(n)e d be a.d. min s (t) 00 t /h t~r (h) ump e t (c)~a s/s t e ye a.(t)d.


ye a. (t 0)d. aye t c0m f 0're s t ab le (ye) a.d.


may/k t d ewe t~h at a b(0)ut n0 t hing e t00 th eg ran d's (t) a' nd ing a g reed




B-L0-c-k-t- h- and- f- lock-t- r- a- f/f- i/-c- t- bu- st- (a-)nd- (e-)u/s-t- "we" -(d-)h- ave - some- where- miss represent ed -b/-t- (p-) u- be-(a-)d- 0f- (i-)t- hat- tit-e-d- c- L- ie-n- t- a- gree- d- h-and- be- ad- g- ran-d- e/b- t- he- d- s- t-a-nd-s- (h-) am- (e-)s- c-an- d-'s-


kan-ye- g- c-an- only get- r- eeL-e-d-


if i could close my ears and my eyes h~ eye would get read of his -t- ap-p-(ea-)Le- d- he-p-a'in-t- "one" 'z - e-r0- de- d- (e-) u/s- t- a -f-x-f- t- s- h0- w/e- d- e/b- t- hat- he- d- can- ab- u- s- e- inn- b-lack- t- ad- just- ass- we-ll- ass- w/-hi-t-e-ye- d- imp- le- d- ass- knee- d- get - ass- k- t-




fucking funny e re p0'se~d


t hat w/as~s t e/m e'ye s~ t (a) g~r e/e t~h em e/n d~ing


t-he- d-s- cyst-em- t-hat- al-la-we-st- a- g- e/m-s- t00-t-he- t- a- gree- (d-)s- wealth is base-d- on-e- m- s- (t-)p-e/e-d-


in theory, constant lie, in theory, on-ly-e -ll- ie- d- s- e/e- k- "t- --- 's" h- a -ll- 0- w/e- ye- d- g- round- (e-)u/s- t- inn- a-(i-)r-e- d- (h-)e-ye- d- ab-(0-)ut- it- he- d- e/b- t- a- gain-s-t- inn- t- (d-) e-ye- d- r-ive-r- an- (d-)s- t- a-nd- t00- t- he- d- en- ye- d-(h-) all- a- t-he- s- (t-) am-e- nd-s- time- d- o/u-(be-)t- a- re- round- f- L0ck-t- h- and- f- L0-w/e- re- s- m0-c-k-t- hie-ven- ly- e- vain-nit-e-ye- a- s/s- t- p.ip- h- and- g-ear- s- e- g- t-he- t- g- ra'te-s-(t-) 00- p- e-d- up-e-d-- s-t- 0- (0-) le- d- r- 0- L-(L-)e-d- e/b- t- 00- t- he- me- at- ease- d-ea-t- hand (a-) -g-ree-t00-t-he-deck- (t-)a'e-ye- d- "one" boot "one" face -d- said- ate- 2- d-(e-)u/s-t- 0f- f- t- (d-) 0- L-e-d- con-t- r0ll-e- d- 0h- t- w/-h0- d- inn-s- pi-re- g-0/d- 0- w/-ar-t- ass- ai- d-(s-) 0- L- (e-) d- e/b- t-hie-ven- t-(d-) 0- w- n- d-


speak compassion all -ewe- d- wan t. "ewe" brought no one with ewe com mer c/i all(e)ye a. t a ll~ 's t a ll~ e d 0 w/h~ a L(L) e~ d 0 w/ h~ a L(L) e d e w/e 0/n d~ c all e/d a.d. ju~st (y) 0 're m~ a (i-) ll- e- d- f-all- t- t00-t-he- d- force- s/s- (w/-)in-g- 0/n- a.d.- s- he-a-rt- s-h0-0t-in-g- 0/d - b- Lan-k-t-s- his- t- 0f- f- t- s- he- ar- t- was the same sham shame t-he-d- imp- a-rt- 00- t-he- d- (h-) 0- ver- t- (d-) a- ll- e- d- re-ad- ass- for-ce- s-/s- e- t-he-d- f-all- t- he- d- e/b- t- (s-) am- en-d's- et- a- gain-d- moneye, t-he-d- (e-)u/s- t- f0-re- war- d- 0- w/00- d- h- and- ly- e- w/00-d- force-sce/ne-i-g-h- b- 0-re- s- up- p- ly-e- ye- d-i.d.- s- k- inn- d- e/b- t- he- ad- 0- 0- re- d- be- t- (h-) ab- 0- rt- he- d- e/n- am- e- vain-d- 0f- (i-) t- he- d- b- rain-d- 0f- (i-)t- 00-t-he- d- ri've-t-he-re-st- 0-re- d- no spirit one took one too t he d ewe th 0/0 kn 0 w/e th f0rd : s~he ap~ t mu st b f0r'd inn ere t i'me fxf 0'r t~h 0/0 k inn ere t~ 00 th eg L 0'r(e) d



The mystery of the anti-Hillary Clinton, pro-Donald Trump vandals who continued to deface a beautiful children’s mural took a while to solve.

Power Stretch Studios in Montclair, New Jersey, had suffered a fire in September, and its windows and door was boarded up. Two days after the Nov. 8 presidential election, someone wrote on the boards: “Lock her up,” a popular refrain against Clinton amongst Trump supporters during his campaign. A studio employee painted over it, but the vandals returned, writing ”America Has Spoken” with Trump’s face drawn next to it.

Gina Shaw, a friend of studio owner Hakika DuBose, organized a group of children to paint over the graffiti on Nov. 13 with a brightly-colored mural that said, “Make America Love Again.” Yet by the next morning, someone had defaced the colorful mural with a message that said, “Make America Great Again,” a reference to Trump’s campaign slogan.

Residents would paint over the graffiti and the vandals would strike again, and again. The police had sent patrols but no culprits were nabbed. So DuBose and Shaw’s husband, Evan Bergstrom, staked out the location Thursday night into Friday morning in Bergstrom’s blue Honda CR-V.

At 4:07 a.m., says DuBose, two people jogging in bright yellow reflective vests stopped at the mural and pulled out markers.

“I look closer and I say, ‘That’s an old man and an old woman,’ ” says DuBose.

The couple drew a face of Trump, “Leave Alone I Was Here First” and “Get Over It.” Bergstrom took photos while DuBose called the Montclair police.

The pair, meanwhile, began jogging from the scene. DuBose and Bergstrom followed, and directed police to a building where cops found the couple.

“They kept saying, ‘She drew over our stuff first ‘ and the cops said, ‘This is not your property, she’s the owner,'” DuBose says. “The woman looked into my eyes and said, ‘We’re still going to make America great again.’ ”

DuBose declined to file charges at that time, fearing the elderly couple would be taken away in handcuffs and jailed.

“When I looked at them I thought of my 80-year-old grandmother,” she says. “And I would feel bad if they had a heart attack in jail. I wanted to show compassion not to have them locked up.”

But later Friday, DuBose went to the Montclair Police Station and filed a complaint against the couple. “I felt like it was bullying and I had to stop it,” she says, “especially for the kids.”

Montclair police charged Anthony DiNapoli, 79, of Montclair, with prohibited acts of graffiti following an investigation “into multiple reported incidents of vandalism” at the storefront, according to a statement from the Montclair Police Department.

Calls to DiNapoli for comment were not returned. It’s not known why the woman was not charged, and a call to the Montclair Police Department was not returned.

In the weeks following Trump’s election victory, dozens of reports of racially charged incidents and graffiti from alleged Trump supporters have popped up around the country. Trump himself addressed the reported rise in crimes, telling his supporters to “stop it” during a post-election interview on 60 Minutes last Sunday.

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Still, that has not stopped the rise of incidents in normally liberal places like Montclair and nearby New York City. On Friday, a memorial park set up to honor the late Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch was vandalized with “Go Trump” graffiti and swastikas.

Still, the residents of Montclair didn’t expect to have to deal with an incident like this.

“I was really shocked,” says Shaw, whose three young children helped paint the mural. “We thought it would be teenagers or young guys. You’ve lived almost 80 years and this is what you do to a mural painted by children and this is how you react? I couldn’t believe it.”

Neither could some of the kids.

“It just kind of shocked me that a person of that age did it,” says Arabella Egan, 10, who helped paint the mural. “I thought they would know from their lifetime it’s never right to do that. I am glad they are hopefully not going to do any more damage.”

Her younger sister, Angelina, 8, agrees. “We took our time making it,” she says.  “And we don’t want it to get destroyed again.”


t-he- d- i/-s-he-d- in-e- raising t-he-d-e/ad- from the habit t-he-ye- didn't actually conceive to ot he d en e ye d off (i) t e'ye d off (i) t i'm e 'ye a. s/s a'ye i/s t e fxf r0m mit t00 t(h) a g(L) 0 ve d off (i) t~ (h) a re sum mit~ t a s(d) u/b i/t~ t00 th e mit~ t~h and (h) 0 've th~ e ye d 0' ve y~e / n eve r~e t i'm e d 0 fxf (i) t~ (p ) c~ (L) 0've~r e w/e d(pr) 0 fxf (h) er (e/a.) d th (e) r~ e (a.) t~e a. rig ht 00 th (e/a.) d en e'ye d f/r0m th ~b eg inn inn g~ 0 p.r. (0) a.m. ~ e / d h~ea.ven s h0~ (w/e) d ewe d (h) 0 ' ve~r 's (L) ig~ht 00 th t~(h)ree L e(a)ve d(e)u/s~ t a ll 0/n ~ (e) d as/s (h) 0/n e~ d


i am really tired of competing with -s-nit-s-a-w/e-a-r- d-0-we- have no life to imp-a-rt- 0-re- t- be- conscious- inn- d-(t-) our- e- h-and- 0/u- be- t-ye-t-(c-) hair- e- we- war-t- st-are- ass- if- t- w/h0-e- d- s-t-a- r(e-)t- be-h0-LD-

maid-up-e-t-00-t-he- ad-s- t- ai- L- i've- d- e/b- t- h- and- t-he-ve- t-00-t-he-d- un-d-ere- st-0-0d- t00-L-e/n-t-i/t- 'd- 0f- (i-) t- he- f-r0w/-n- d- 0 -w/-n- d- h-and- re-ce-i-ve-n- d- s- c- up- t- pup- pet- 0f- f- (i-) t- w/-ill-e-d- s- hi- t- s- (h-) am-e- d- s- can-t- h- u- e-w/e- d- be- ad- ju-st- Ly- e- d- en- e-ye- d- 0- w/e-ed- force- scene- d- f-0-re- t- em- p- le- (a-)d- t-he- mu-f-f- (t-) Led- 0f- t- (s-) 0- L-e-d- 0f- s- c0p-e-d-


this isn't "just" a vain waste of time, it is vain waste of time sub-s-crib-e-d- inn- g- a- wasting time t00 th -b-e-ad- 0f- (i-) t- rite- as-s- e- d- 0 -w/-he-ye- a- t- e- force -d- 0 -war- t- inn- t- i-ce- d- s-he- d- ewe- 0/n- i- ce- d-


the only "reason" pro-(o-) found- t- heir- relation ship se am s t00 the work, is because they are competing inn -e- t- w/-h0-r- k/ t- i/t- re- ad- e- (a-) f- i/n- (e-) d-s- t- hat- e - w/e- ed- be- (a-)d- f-i/n-(e-)d- as/s- (h-)e-"ll" e- d-- s- t0- k-en-d- e/b- t00- t- he- re- side- den- t- ce- s/s- e- x- ce- s/s- ai- d- 0- be- st- l- ie- ve-r- e- e- L- aid- ewe- d- 0- (w/-)h- t-


& on-L- ie- d' - 0h-('s-) t- race- inn- g- f- (L-)ave- in- s- (h-d-) 0- w/e- ve- r- d- (h-) 0- ve -"r- (are) "t"


with n0 re all inn t ere st ( p ) en t he-ye- s-ai-d- (e-)u/s- t- up- awn- d- hu- (e-) s/s- t- le- d- 0f- (i-) t- en- d-(h-)0ve- d- (h-) 0-f-f- (i- s-) t- 0 - w/- ad-h-and- d0f--i/n- e- re- p0-se-(e-) d- i'm-e/n- t- h0se- d- c- L-ie-n- t- (-s) a- g- (r-) 0 - w/e- s- tu- b-buy-e- a- r- t- ease- d- 0f- (i-) t- s- c0p-e-d-


"ewe" bring no re all ear inn a'v~e valu~e w/e d pre t en d e/b t00 th e t r~0 p ed t0~a t.


didn't hap pen ~ d. "i/t" happene-d- force-scene-competition -eat- force- scene- no reason -d- e/b- t- = t-he-vain- d- 0f- (i-) t- hie-ven- s- e- am- s- e- am- en- (d-)s- me-t- but didn't care, didn't met too the carry eye too the re inn re side den t's a w/are th first time l/l 0 vv e d inn t(h) air e pen t (h) are d he d (h) 0 ve inn ad vance d 0 fxf (i) t~ an0/n (e/c) k~n 0 (w/e) ' s~ e/g (r ) 0 w/e ~ d off (i) t a g0 (w/e) d ew/e ye 0 hi 0 d~ ate fxf i/r 's t Ly e t00 th~ave t0 g~ (r )0 w/e d b~r an (d) s~0und inn g~ f a(i)r e ly e in(n) a.m. e /d c0up~Le t a~ g ave d e w/h~inn d since d b~r ave i'll ye~ w/i th0u t~ h ' s a.m. e~ ve (i)n~ d ew/(e) inn k~nit s (h?) a.m. e nit didn't have the re all ai rig ht t00 th e/n d en e'y e/m e t a gainn d heave n d a.m. e with no need of t nit's pea king -0- b-rave- d-, heavy- e- s- (t-) pee-ding- (-s) c-am-e- d- 0f- (i-) t- b-ra(i-)n-d- ass-knee-de-ad- t0-f-x-f- (i-) -t- 's- pea- king- a- gain- d- ate- t00-t-he- p- r- e-ye- t00 -t-he- p- rate- d- ata- b- le- ad- scene- force- scene- d- 0f- (i-) t- a-g- ree-d-


the "law" s-(t-)at-e- s- t- e-ye- can systematically re late, with no re all ove on me p (L) ate, & t ether e virtuous people to ad-af- t- s- t- aff- 0-rd- me similar grace, t-hat-e-ye- s- hat- 00- t- he- ll- p- 0- in- t-he- f-i/n-g- ere- inn-g-nat- pe(e-)st-e-p-awn-d- 0f- (i-)t- nothing circumstantial too the law of love, "ewe" didn't w/h 0 've d, to not compete u p0 n, n 0re t-up-awn-d- made to feel god ly for -t- no reason d 0ve d, didn't hap pen d~ ad just say inn : b.c. not one of "ewe" jack ass-aye-s- can e re p (L) ea. t 0ne line pre sent ly see n~ 0 w/(h)~e a. t .




your apparently my only 'h' contact on my p/h 0/n e



thing s wee d' s ea. t w/h0 d p.r.0 claim e w/e ve(i)n d ' s a.m. e / d

1 + 0 = 10 eve n 0d e d' (s) 0 L e d


10 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 …. 

= even t

even d s h0 (w/) e

ve)i)n e miss (p )en t' d ('s) 0 L e d


w/ee d~ f~ L~0 w/e re ve(i)n ~ s (t) h~ a ' re s n~ are t hat c-lie-n-0-(w/-)e-d- f/r0m t h0's e g (r) 0 w/e d(h) 0've desire (s/t) a ble w/e r e p0's e(e) d


c(h) 0/m e d c~ L ean ei g~h b~0're inn g 0~ a ll (e'ye) d


en e'ye d as/s h 0 (L) e d' s (h) 0/n e s/s t~ a~ g e/m 0' L (e) d


f un (d)g u/s t p as/s t p.r. i'm e r/r e ye 's (t) 0 ' L e~ (a.) d. (t) i'm e r~ 0 L(L) e~


d fxf i/ t's L~0ve d (h) 0fxf~ (L) ave 0're w/e d ew/e r~e/n d 0 ff / i t~ d 0(w/) e s e/e k~ t h(e) re w/are a.d. all a re a.d. y~ 0' L (0/0) k t~(c) a s/s t~ le d~h 's ane c(t) d 0h t


h~e w/e d (h) e 'ye inn s ~ c0 p(i) e'ye (d) g~0 at


h~and e/m 0 w/e d all (a) i've d's 0/a k~t


(h) inn (d) sigh t (h/r) 0 ~ at


d a.m. e w/e d 0h t a' t~r 0p e d('s) 0 L (e) d~ 0ff t~ as/s (h) 0/n e w/e~ d ass t (u) b~ buy ~ e tu b~ar e ass (a ye ?) d f~r 0/n (e) t a(i) ll~e ye re (p0) r~ t (h) ing e~ d


0 pen ly e 0/n e w/~h0 /n e d(h) 0've t(h) 0/0~ k t (c) 0/0 k~ t high t's (t) 0 Le~d as/s h inn (e)~ d 0 L e d i/t~ s 0 L e d


the world hasn't seen love make steady passes, and the-ref-ore-d- makes tits and ass aye s, up ped dup-e-d- 0f- (i-) t- up- t- 00-t-he- p-ai-d-0f- t- s- c-up- t- ass-k- nee-d- e/b- t- at- r-0-pe-d-s- t- a- ll- k- t- 0f- f- (i-) t-(h-) 00- k- n0-t-e- d- s- an-e-c-(t-)d-0h- t- a-gain-st- a -g-ed- donor -e-d- that honors no re vi s i0/n e t00 th ave been t(h) pre sent ' sense d ewe & d(h) 0ve d 0ff (i) t ~ ac c0 rd inn g lee ye w/i.d. th is/s t hat make sense d


ew/(e) inn k~ t (h) a re (a) p a (i) r~ (e) inn knit a w/are a.d. 0 w/h0 c~ a(i) r~ e s t w/h 0 d ewe t heir 0/d ewe inn a're t 00 th ' d


s mile (s)t 0/n e 's (h) 0/n e b~ e (a.m.) c(h) 0/m e d


put th-e-d-e-v-0-t-0-a-t- s- h- am- mer- s- a- w/e- d- 0- w/-he-ye- t- he- w/ar-e-d- uh-0- w/-h-at- e- vain-s- (h-) 0- w/e- vain-s- (h-) 0- L- (e-) d- s-t-e- ad- e- f-x-f- ace- d-


reducte-d- , redacte-d- kn 0 t 0/n e w/h 0/n e d ew/e t 00 t(h) p. r.00f t (d) ew/e n/ d0w/e d h inn d p(L)ace d e w/e


ve(i)n (t) d a'ye a.g ain'n d


e'ye a.m. s(p) en d i'nn (e) g a gif t00 th 0/u 's e/e k t a'ss knee d a re p a(i)r e~ d t heir d


e/b t (h?) 0 'r (e/)n ~ d ('s) un/d ere w/~(h)ea. r~ t00 th b e/e s~h0 r(e)n d a(i)r~ e /n (d) are~ a.d. c~ a(i)r~ e 'ye w/00 d en ye t (h) a(i)r ~ e d


h and b e/e t ~h ('s) un/d ere s~t 0/0 d f~a (i)r~ e a.d.


e/b t a'ss knee d p.~r.0ve ye / i s~ i0/n (d) are t00 th b~r ave ye d e/n a.m. e ve(i)n~ ave d ew/e t00 th ave d sir e a. bl e a.d. as/s k~ t (a) g~ave d 0 w/h e'ye d be ye l/l (t) a'i. d.


'ewe" are being e/n erve d t00 th e ve(n) t 00 th ave n t/ d ewe t 00 t(h) a gain d ewe d 0' b. m.aid


ewe b e/e h ave d


ass p (L) uck~ t a gain d


h ~ave t a' w/i.d. th 's hi t~ a gain d i/t ~ ta' t/t i t/t ere d qui~(L)t~ ly e/n ave d


sup p(h) er (e) d i'n(n) ere set/t e/e d a.m. e d


s ea. t~ ass knee d c~an d p.r.0 vi'. d.e a.m.


r~e a.m. c~a.m. e / d p.r.0 vi.' d.e /e d e/n d a.m. e w/e ve(i)n s~ a.m. e / d


e/b t a get a cr0ss (t) p (L) an (t) d


fact h~ ing e th em e/e t inn g fait h~ as/s t~ a'ck t inn a.d. vance s/s 0/d 0 ff (i) t~ h' d be(a.)d. bu ye t b(L)ack/ t~ i/ t 00 th ave t00 th i/t a gain eve r (t) a gain d


(e) w/e g0 (t) bu ye s~ h ea. r~ t h' d a'rt


inn a.d. vance 0 f ~t m(e) ark t 's a w/e d be(a.)d. ' s mar t


00 th em all inn g 0 c~a rt


's h0 p/p inn g 0 a.ll e'ye d en m(e)ar k~ n 0 w/ea. r t


0 fxf t 's p0'r(e)t~ i/t's t a(i)r ~ (e) t


bu ye a. r t ~hat (h) is~s heart ' as/s (h) 0/n e~a.r t ~h as/s (d) 0 L (e) d


e/b t00 th e/n eve r e/n d i'n(n) e inn e.g. 0 /n 0 d e/b t a gain (d) s


w/h0 0'Le d(s) 0 L e d ewe t ex (t) pe/ct 's (h) ave th 's a./m. en d's (p) en t


w/ (h) 0 m e/n d's (p) en t he ye w/an ' t u be (a.) d. c0m f0'r (e s) ta~b ly e, not com-for-ce-s/s-t-ab-le- ad- s- a- t- ease- d-


"inn" d-ee-p-en-d-en-t- all(e-)ye- g- iv-e/n-d-s- a -ga-in- dim witted com-man-d- 0- we- be-st- be- (a-)d- h- a-(n-)d-


& given t' silence ass if t 2 y ewe h a.d. e




cr0ss (e) t/h b~r i.'d.(e)g~ e t0ff as/s t e w/e ft (e) f~e/e L as/s i re a. ll (e) d


as/s h u(e) ss~ ewe d ewe


dew/h et 00 th ' (en) d 0 w/h et 00 th ta c(h/t) 0/m e~a gain d


(0) b~L a ck/ t (h) as/s t~e t~(h) i s/s u e w/e d(s) 0' L e d be(a.)d. as/s w/h eigh t~h e w/~h 0' (0) L e


d' s hr a p n~ai~ L t d~0/0 're (a....)d. ad t(y) 0ur ' s (h) 0/n e s/s t inn c(h) 0/m e d e/b t(y) -0ur-h-ab-0-re- t-


(y-) 0ur- e/n- t- he- d- e/b- t- a- gain- ei-b-(h-) 0-re- (e-) f- 0-re- s- p0-r-(e-) t- you never made d e/b t actually e t a' k en d 0 w/e ll 0've t he w/(h) 0'r (e) th f0r ce s/s (h) a~k e/n d


i've felt off for days. lost my voice. not sick. doesn't hurt. i just don't have a voice. stopped for (hot) apple cider, it was nice... haven't gone to the gym for about a week. and i think that is the balance that i need. get my balance on track etc, and eye will feel like myself t00 th t a gain d h0pe ye inn.


with min0 settled after frisbee comfortably to re gather his snout with a little rest for the pr 0 w/t, eye a.m. going to see if i can get these web pages organized to presentably read, ad e/p t 00 th s t (p) ee d i/t~ w/hi L(Le) d s~Lee p inn g


inn knit a gree d f0r/meal/ly e~ th er~ l/l e a.d. s p e ll e d rug bu ye l/l ea~g (u (y)) e d


b e(y)e 's p0 k en d~ as/s knee d be(a.)d. e/b t00 th t0 k en d h~a.(n)d. inn d (h) e/e d


heave n inn front of ewe ? without se a.m. e inn t00 th ewe t(h) i~s/s u e w/e d ewe . see t-he- d- 0-0-re- use- s- nit- on- t- his- t- 0/n-e- t-ea-m- e- d- (h-)ab-u-s-e- d-(s-)"i/t"- e-ye-am- a- d-0-0-re-d- b.c. eye never brought love that love d 0ve


c-L0-s-e-d- (c-as-e- very-e- t- ) face- s/s- h- am-(e-) s- h0-ve- d- e/b- t-00-t- he- d- carrye-ye- 0/n- nit- 2- at- 0/n-e- s- nit- s- 0/n-e -t00- t-he- nit-s- t-(h-)is-su-e-we- d-


(h-) 0ve- d- ass- knee- d- 0- (a-) h- "t-'s-"


t-he- (re-) public- t- n-ai-L-t- ass- knee-d- he- ll- p-t-


f-e(e) L- t- b-eg-0/t- en- d- e-a- L- t-


be- L-(L-) 0- w/e- d- s- c0p- e- d- e/ b- t- a- re- (tu-t-r-) 0- ped-


t-(y-) 0ur-e-/n t- it- is-s- u- e- we- d- e/b- t- 00- t- he-d- feel n0 t hing e d


g'sus -t- ill- e- d-


(g-) 0- a- ll- e- ye- d- as/s- (h-) e- ll- e- d- e/b- t- 00- t- he- d- carry-e-ye- d- e/n- ai- L- as/s- (h-) 0/n- e-d - h0-Ly- e- c-(h-) 0- e- d- with no h0w inn hell he got the through 0 d f a(i)r e debt t00 the s c r ewe d . ex ce pt, the nail did not sing e t(h) i s/s u e w/e d b ring~ g i've inn g 0/d 0 ff ' t~ s t (r) e a.m.~ e / d (r) e a.m.~ s me t(d) 0 (w/) e~ s


this stuff looks as vain as the n-ai-L-t- le- t- i/t- b- for-d-


r-ass-k-inn- g- f- 0-r-e- war- e- d- e/b- t- he- x- press- i-0/n-e- t-(h-) 0/0- k- t- w/-h0- d- e- w/-(e-) inn- nit- 0/0 t- e- ll- u's- t- 0-(0-)- L-e- d- 0f- (i-) t- he- n- ai- L- t- a- (i-) Le-ad- am- 0- re- d- e/b- t- 00- t- he- d- e- a- ll- t- h- and- ri've- t- he- d- li've- r- t-he- n- ai- L- e- d- e-am- 0/n-e-ye- fx-f- 0-r- t- -f- r-eeL-ye- t00 t-he- s- t- ill-


(h) i'll d ewe th a le ye l/l i t/t e l/l e d ance s/s h (e) d~ (r) e a.m. e~ r~ d ere d (s) he ap t~ L~y e fxf 0 'r ce s/s (h) 0/0 k~ t a.m. e a.d. 0 w/e s n0/0k t~ a gree d (t) i'm e/n d 's ai d ate d 0 t/h 's up p~ly e ve(i)n L ie~ d r~ ie (c~h) L ye t00 th (e) re pen t a. M.iss Ta'r/r e 'ye s (p)en t ~h and s (L) e pt~ a.d.~d ic (k) t~ he d a. m. iss t ewe d 2 purs/e w/h~e t 00 th a.d. just b.c.~ e w/h e~a. t/h (r~e / e ) fxf r a.(i.)m. e w/e d


s c e/n t 's h~a ll 0 w/e s~ h~ a.d. (h) 0 w/e d e/n t~ a ll e'ye s~(h) a.m. e ve(i)n~ t/h up t~(h) 0/0 k~ n 0 (w/e) s~e t/h a ct a cr0ss t 00 th d serve d (e) u / s t 0 fxf (i) t h~ cur(e) rent (h) i~s /s ~u e w/e d 0 w/are ~a.d.


all a~h t c~a.(i.)m~e m 0 w/e d


as/s (h) 0/n e t~em p L e(a.) d / g (e~) 0 d~ e/n 0 d(h) ed


t(h) 00 k t ('s) c~u/p t hat~(y) 0ur e p (L)a ye inn g ea.r~'s e t(h) 0 s/s e t inn t ere s/t (e) a 'r~ e a.d.


t(h) 00 k t ('s) c~u/p t hat~(y) 0ur e p (L)a ye inn g ea.r~'s e t(h) 0 s/s e t inn t ere s/t (e) a 'r~ e a.d. 0 w/(h) ea. r~ e ve(i)n k~ ni (f) t~(y) 0ur~ e d ea. f~ t(y) 0ur ya w/e ve(i)n t/d ('s) 0 L e d aw/~n de ft f ly e 0n t a'n 0/n t` (a) g` 0/d~ (e 't (c))


a re i~ch ly e d serve d0ve


t(h) 0/0 k~n 0 w/e d


's un d~r e'ye d(s) 0 L e d b rig ht~ h~ea.ven (t) a~ gain d i'm e w/e d a'ye inn re p0'se d~(e) l/l i g~h t (h) i re 0/n d cur(e) rent ~ s e/e d fxf 0 re (t)c~ a s/s t~ (r ) inn g~ ass p~ (b) e/n d~ en 0.~de


(d) a. t~ e i'm e d


0 w/h eigh t


working on the new page :


Up Se t/t(h) e/e d b e/e t~h em en d s (t) 0/0 t(h) 0/0 k~t c00~k (t) n~ 0 w/(h) inn d 's e t (h) a s/s p~ (L) an (t) d~ en m(e)a.r k~ t's~n00k t(c) 0/n ed en 0 w/(h) inn g (L) e/e ' s us t a' g~ (L) i.'d. (e) u / s t~ 0 fxf t/h ~em u s (t)~ a've ye d g 0/ d (e) u / s~ t (h) 0 v'er t's~ h0/u Ld ere ~ a.d. all a~ w/n d ate inn g(c~L) 0 ve r~t (h) a.d. e/n erve d fxf ree d(h) 0/m e d~ f/r0m th (r) 0 (w/) n e inn 0/n e d~ light h eg i've ~r t h e/n d 's a w/e d(e)u s/ t inn thinking u y 0're s ~n ake d s(h) i' v e~ r e (d) r~ i've~ r d


p.r. is m~at i/c~ s~ p L~int eR~e s c0 r~e re ct~('s) hat a. m.iss (p) en t inn t~ b ein g c~ 0m p (L) ea. t~ e th er e/n d(h) 0ve d e'ye (w/h) inn (d) 0/n (k) e ye d s'h(e) d (u) b (u) d (b) ra(i)n (d) s~ L0've t a'(u) g' (d) u s t hu(e)s/s t a~ g e/e' sus~ t~a g (e~L) 0 (pm e)ve (i)n~ k nigh t i'm e~ (t) d e w/e t(h) r u/e w/e d' s~cent ' s~ t a'g~ e d 0 w/h ewe d h~and 0 w/h eigh t 0 d ew/e ve(i)n~ kn ew/e d ewe t' h inn(e) d (h) ea.r~ 0 / d e/a. f t00 th en ea. r~ 0/d e~w/e t0 0 th~ d ew/e t~ b' f0r'd ewe


t 's~h i'v~ e 'ye s


a- c0-rd- r-ag- 0/n-e- d- "ewe" as all men serve to silent -ly- e- make-ye- t-0/d- aye- t-




the sheep, aka 'dall a l0 t' need to get b f0r'd t heir d


t hat is th' s 0/n ly e w/h e'ye t heir d 0 w/(h) i'll e g 0/ d~ h and 0/n k e'ye n 0. d~ 0ff (i) t~ a g(L) 0 've d all a in knit


it is kn 0t ex t a ct ly e w/h at e(i)ther 0(w/e) ft h inn k / t (d) e'ye d.


y ewe, get to ff hand 0ff ewe/r t00 the p ass t ass a'ye w/e d 0 be(a.)d. 's up p(h)er d i'n(n) e~r e s k~inn (d) ere t(h) 0/0 k / t c~a(i)r e a.d. e/b t00 th ere t heir d(h) 0've d's qua re a.d.


ewe get to 'speak t0 me an s e/e k t' with your desire in hand, on to plate form ass ewe doff(i) t(h) p ass t a' g~e d 0 w/are d (h) ass p (cL) as/s p~ t


0 w/(h)ea.r ~ th c = t a(i)r e a.d. = h a(i)r e a.d. = s~ea. t c~h air e a.d.


basically, sharons, w/hat eve r~ t p.r. 0 vi.'de inn g~


we are inn s is t~ inn g, ewe be spokend (h) ass t~(h) is~s u e w/e d f 0're w/are a.d. h~ea.ven d


ewe, get to salute the past, sharon, and the future at the same time to desire ab L e a.d. as/s hi t ea. t~ h ea. d i'n(n)e re ~a. l/l ea. f ea. (s/s) t~ 00 th 's t~ e. a ll cut 0 at 's w/h~ea. t a' t/t ere t~ e ll e'ye a. t


fact h t00 th e w/(h) all k t 0/n e w/h a t/t a(i)r e /n d


fait h ' d g' sus t s up p~Ly e n ewe l/l e ye


we are putting u y 0ur e (e) f0r k t`0/n(e)g (u) e d ew/e th e me r/r e ye d sup ply e d 0/u (be) t merry ~e d ha b/i t~ e w/e ve(i)n~ e cess air~e'ye (d) par t~ a ' ke t00 th and e/m em 0're ye d ewe d


sharon sunk your st-0ne-d- you became a zero to server her lead, but she couldn't lead without ewe d. however, she didn't know you were a zero to her miss-use-d- ewe- t-00-t-he-d-e-s-(s-)e-rt- d-ewe- d-. i sought your inn ere s~ c0 r(e) d. she can call the relation ship back (for which you were always separate "conditions" precipitate-d- an arrangemen-t- but what you give in desire d, you d ewe not get back. and ewe won't ever get it back, only back -t-d- = the container of fall-t-inn-g- inn- g- (l-)0ve- d- when no one ass k t claim ed em it 0ff t ? s-h-0-ve- d- yes- too -t- he- d- st-en-t- inn-t-ere-st- s- (p-)en- t-.


your h and sire able a.d. e/b t00 th (r) 0/n e t ('s) hat c 0/n t inn u e w/e s


the only way sharon can preserve the love that she would have given d ewe = tw/h0, is bu ye giving love t a w/h e'ye (t)d~g ewe d e/b t00 th a.(n)d. vance s/s hi' v~ e d high f i've~ d


you will be separate too th t~like inn the beginning 0/dance s/s (h) ed i'm e/n t/h en a.d. vance de f ea. t ~her (e) d (t) a re p(L) ea. t~ fxf a(i) r~ e Ly e'ye d('s) 0 L e~ d gi'v e/n d(t) a~d. vance d 0 fxf (i) t a g Lance ~ d / h~and fi/g (L) a.d. vance d en e'ye d g'sus up p~Ly e d




t a' ll (e) ye s~ i' r(e) vi' ve~ d


a(i)r~e s / t~ (h) a'r~ e a.d. 0fxf (i) t ' h inn (e) d~ g(L) 0 ve d em i/t ('h~) i.' d.~e s~ (h) 0/ar e a. ll i(g)n e ~ d


0 ff (i) t inn t i'm e~ all i've d


ew/(e) inn d e'ye t(h) r u/e w/e inn ven t~ i 0/n (t) a' re~ a.d. 0 w/e th em e~a.d. 0 w/e f/t 's t a' fxf t h er(e) d f a(i)r e t~h~a.(n)d.~ f~L0 w/(h)eRe s~ t a' nd~ a ct yl ly e re pre sent ' d t heir a.d. a.m. i s/s (i) re pre sent s~h i'v~ e/ d' s cent 's qua re~ a.d. e/b t (h) r~ e/e L~ e(a) ve t 00 th e~th er e (a.)t~ e t(d) 0 w/ n s~ c0 pi ed~ ewe ' s ai d' s cent as/s p~r.0 vi.' de d id. e'ye t a' t~ hr 0 at 00 th 's inn k / t~ea. t~h e(fxf ace)ther ~e a.d. ew/e ' d en e'ye d fxf e/e L~ e/a n~ s~yn/th e/th/er~ e w/e d bu ye s~ h ea. r~ t/h ' d


bu ye s(h) ave inn g's me t~ an 0/n ~ e / d h and (h) 0 've t a w/h eigh t~w/h0 at 0/n e dawn ~ d th e/m ag i~c (t) 0/n e ` d ass (h) 0/n e d


0/n e 0/n e ye 0' s 0/n ' s 0/m ag i~ c t m~(h)ea.r. 0 r~d frank inn sense t(h) ag if t('s) hat b/i g~ (0) t(d) i'm e/d (g) 0 a. ll e ye d (h) ass p~r.0ve i e'ye d


0/n e 0/n e ye 0' s 0/n ' s 0/m ag i~ c t m~(h)ea.r. 0 r~d frank inn sense t(h) ag i/0 d gif t('s) hat b/i g~ (0) t(d) i'm e/d (g) 0 a. ll e ye d (h) ass p~r.0ve i e'ye d, either not one among you s-am-en-d-s- can provide, inn time, or you are all a sham-(e)s- is-u-ewe- d-


eye can't imagine "ewe" would fair very thee well, if all the women saw you ass all men bi-g0/t- e- ll- t- really big lies to get -s- nail- t-


s (t) at ~e y' 0're a. l/l 0 ve t heir is 0/n ly e directi0/n t hat can d~le ye t00 th f(L)a.m. e~ d (h) 0 ve d


i saw tami at the gym today, the big boobed body builder, that used her boobs as a weapon, to butt me out of place frontally so her boobs could sir-e-re-v-ive-d- of- (i-)t- h-and- carre-ye-0n-t- bu- ll-s- hi-t-e-ye-inn- only c-aire-d- t00-t-he-d-0ve-d-


my notes, i roat at the gym, when i saw her : tami, asked her to not jack-t-dof-(i-)t- o/n-e- me as/s u/re -d-her-d- tomorrow-e-d- be-ad- 0f- t- g-ran-d- 0 b-serve-d- . i asked her not to talk to me, she wasted my time, using me to front an image for other to see her talking, and relating ,bu-ll-s-hi-t- 00-t-he-re- c-0-ver--t- , her image is a little more image driven than d0ff t can supply e ye t00 th t~rait b rake d 0ff t00 th d ate.


you are image driven -t- 00 -t-he- be- ad- ...

we are waiting on your miss take ... -d- e/n-erve-d-


h- (e-) a.- d- e vain -d-


i haven't gotten too these notes yet, i met a guy at whole foods, ore he met me. he said i had a nice smile, wanted to know what i did for a live inn g. .. he started telling me that i as a woman should n't be on my own, that i should be in a relationship, he wanted to exchange numbers, i told i have a lot of work to do, and sure he could call, b.c. he pestered me, down too th, do i drink tea or coffee some times ? yes, sure d, call me, i will be busy for time being her-d-. he is a manager at a restaurant. i won't be going there for this reason, "one" he p.r.-eye-s- t00 t-h(e-) uss- p-rate- on e me'ye t i'm e d0ff(i) t(h) en d(h) 0ve t i/t a gain st a'nd. he asked me if i were in a relation ship, and i exassperated said c0NStant lye inn s i'de serve d e/b t w/i.d. th0u "t's" t- en- t- c-h -ed- 0 w/h et i/t 00 th~ea.ven d s(h) 0 w/e d uni verse s/s (t) hat as/s a ye /n d 0 w/e 0/n ly e


he-d-0f-(i-)t- w/-00-d- he- g-(r-) 0- w/e- d-


to p-r-ate- eye should (t) eat a ll 0/n (e) d


t-hat- eye should just get m-ill-k-t- ass- e'ye- g-0-(w/e-)d- the repose, the jack-ass- t- didn't right x write, bu ye wit 0re w/hit eye t. the jack ass just thinks -he- is the only son net t0 give -d- (b-) ligh-t-


ass-kn-0-(we)- s- e- (e-) d-


i mean, i guess t, i think i should be t hank ful l ? fora compliment out of nowhere, however, the polite ness-t- starts to feel ingratiating on my resi dent ce s/s e x ce s/s ai d ass t a ll 0 'ver t(h) a(u) ll e d t00 th en d en e'ye w/e d b~0 r en t00 th ' s t a (i) r~ (e) t at 0/n e t (d) i'm e~ d


ar(e) t


inn t em p0 ' L e t em p Le (a.) d 0/a ~r e d act/h 's h~ea. r t~h 'd e/e par ~t


inn t em p0 ' L e t em p Le (a.) d 0/a ~r e d act/h 's h~ea. r t~h 'd e/e (d) par ~t h' sum mit t~(h) a're g~0 t's p.r.~0ut e t00 th~ and 0/u (be) t~


his- "t's" k- ill-s- d- ewe- "on"-e-me-r- i/t- "he" doesn't have re all t iss u e w/e d -0n-ly-e- mer-w/-r-i/t- 00- t- he- d-s-par-e- i/t- miss-u-s-e- d-


mike pen-ce-s/s- (p ) en- d-i.d.-eye- d- 0f- (i-) t- (h-)r-u/e-w/e-d- didn't save any 0/n e t00 th' d ate ass (e.)a'ye a. r~ t not-h-im-me-d- sir-e-me-ye-s- ai- d- ate- t-hier-e-d- e/b- t- 00- t-he- f-all-t-he-ar- d-


he-s-pea-k-t-'s- to grow a nod- e- from a tree he didn't f 0' s t a(i) r(e) t heir d 0ff (i) t~h en d(h) 0've ye i/t (p.r.) 0 fxf (h)er (e) d ('s) 0 L e d/d e'ye ve(i) n~ t 00 th be/e s p(c) un t


he -d- c- laim- mit- 0f-f- t-


per-p- le- x- i'nn-g- (c-) ad-


his- "t's" m.0.- king- (0/d-) un- e/e- d- 0ve- d- s-0w/-he-d- be- ad- le- t- l00- king- as/s- if- t- he- sire-d- a -re- v-i've- all- e-ye- d- (g-) un- e- fxf orce- d- f-(r-)ee-d- (h-) 0/m-e- d- 0- war- t- if- i- c- i- all-ye- pre-serve- d- (h-)up-(e-) t- 00-t- he- d- ea- t- pee's- c-up-t-


s- k- ill-s- up- (ai) d- 0f- (i-) t- he- 's- m0- king- (L-)0v-e-d- 0- w/- e- g/0-d-s- L0-t- h0use- s- i-re- v- i've- s- t- 0- re- ye- d- (h-) a/b- i/t- (s-)e'ye -d- serve- dup -t-ea-t- up- t- re-serve-d- up-t- h-and- up- t- 0/d-0f-(i-) t- he- s- (h-) 0 - w/e- d- 0f- (i-) t- a- g- un t0 - ad- en-e-ye- d- i'm- e/n - e/e- d- r- 0- l-(l-) e- d-- ass-k-nail- t- for-e- war- d- e/b- t- an-0/n- ever t ea.r n a r~ e r0und . for risk 'ewe' may be found inn d-0u/-(be-)t- w/-h0- d- only speak your name inn vain -d-


letting mike pence-de-fen-ce-d-s-aye-s- speak for -tu- , letting paul drinan -act- for- tu- , all t-his-t- is making "one" of "ewe" the same -d- t-hat- w/00- d- ewe- vain- d- 0f- (i-) t- , a funny (not re a.lly e) c-he-ap-t- not one of you can part time for completion , just for the saying eve(i)n~ d


"ewe" all stand the same for -a- men- d-s- not one has the right to give th and 0/u be t


heaven sum e 0/n e'ye d(h) 0'm e d th em u fxf t~ le d 0fxf i t~ 0 fxf t.


"ewe" got muff t, buy not e x (t) a ct ly e a.r n inn g th ' sum m0/n t heir d e a.m.


"ewe" d0w/, before you got conscious ly s c r ewe d e/b t00 th eave n (t) d's (P) en d~


bas sic all ye, "ewe" are stupid on the d-i'v(e-) in-e- d- 0- w/ar-t- i- fxf- i- ce- d- e/b-t-00-t- he- d- ewe- i/t- s- (h-) am- (e-) s- (t-)aye-d- (h-) 0-ver- t- (h-) all-e-d- inn- e- vain- d- 0f- (i-)t- s- p-(L-)ate- ? dof- get- s- p-ai-d- tu -be- ad- 0f- (i-) t00- L00- k- t- s- (t-) at-e- d- ate- d- desirably in place , no one, including him that can think out side of the pay-per-p- e- d- 0f- t- he- d- s- can-t- a-re-fxf- ace- d-


all-a- ll-0-ver- t-p- lace-d- en-e-ye- r- her-d-


carry-eye-0n- be-lie-f-(r-)ee-d- f-i/n- (e-)ally-e- 0/n- t- 0/n-e- cess- ay-ire- t-(h-) ire- d- sat-is-fact- i-0/n-e- w/e- d- t0-me- an- s- p.-r-aye-d- all-a-in- 0- pen- d- (c-)h-arm-a-s/s- a- g- a- w/e- d- 0f-(i-)t-hie-ven- d-s- p- ai-d- 0f- (i-) t- all-a- we- st- i- fxf- i- t- s- um- mit- t-his-t- h-arm-s- 0/d- 0f- t-


"we" w/-ill- t- a- g-0/-d-e-vain-d-s- t- ill- i-ar-e-g-u-a-rd- (h-)ea-r- t- be-ad- 0f- (i-) t- 0- k-en- d- h- arm- as/s- t- (L-) ar-g (u-)-e-d- rule- d- 0h- t-


c-h-arm-s- t00-t-he-d- carry-eye-0/n-d-serve-d-0-b-serve- d- e- vain-t0-(0)k-e-d- g- e- w/e- d- 0h-t-00-t-he- t-0-at- h-arm-e-ye-s- p- ar- king- 0/n- ad- e-ye- t-0f-f- (i-) t- 's- 0- L- e- d- inn- kn-0- w/e- d- without penalty he po in t 's his-t- f(L-)ing-ere- par- t- heir- d- ea-r-s-e-g-ear-s- at- a- t0ss-0d- art-


re pre sent(y) 0ur inn k t(c) 0/m e ve(i)n ~ d 0 w/ea. r~ t 00 th g r0und


's (h) 0/n e s/s t ly e s h~ a ll 0 w/e t a'i l/l e a.d. (h) 0've d as/s t ar~ e pen t he d 0 w/t he me an s . speak of value, be st sup p Lie d, earn es/s t bLack t 0/n e me ye w/hit e ve(i)n ~ (t) d


ver t hu(e) s/s t le d0ve


inn d e v0te i 0/n (e) d 's qua re a.d. f a(i)r ~ e/ a.d. t heir (e) a.d. all 0/n eg at~e the r 0/n e d 0 fxf t


h e m i s/s t a' k~ e /n d 0ff (i) t ~ at a g Lance de~ 0/n t~ e th er e /n d 0've L0've d 0fxf (i) t (a) g0 / d ('s) 0 L e dawn d


inn the p-ass -t- u-d-e-ye-d-0f- t- you r e g0 t a doffering for -t- no reason. going for e w/are a.d. you do not get a doffering for -t- no reason, you will fully would rather lie for -t- no reason, to score an -affair-e-d-, you can sustainably support every dof-(i-)t- are- n- are- d- off every miss (p ) en t heir d


-de-d-0f-(i-) t- a- g-(L-)0v-e-d- the "ag" of competition, didn't love t heir -d- he- d- 0f- (i-) t- 0f-f- t- hie-ven- d-(h-) 0ve- d-


t0 i Le t h~ (e) re c0 rd s (h) 0 w/e, the "law" "ag" e-d- doesn't re pre sent soul t00 th ave (n) d's (t) a t e d (s) 0 L e d e/b t00 the m(e) A k e /d h ea d's ~h a ll 0 w/e d


en mar kn 0 w/e d ewe s~ w/h0 0Le t/h em e/n d f a ll (t) 0 w/e d


0 w/h 0 w/e d


0 w/h 0 w/ e/n d 's~h ea.ven s (h) 0/n e ve(i)n~ d app(ea)le d~ 0h t a get a g r0at hick t's p en/ne ye d(t) i'm e/n d's p~ (L) en t e'ye d~ a.m. e w/e t mu~ ll t i e'ye p L e'ye d 's t e a.d. all i 've d n (e) a' r e w/e d a.m. s (p)en t 00 th ' d ewe ' s , d ew/e t e'ye tu






d-0f-i/t- he- m-(e-)ark- t-


h0nest ly e, it looks like mike pence makes money for -t- no reason, t-w/-h0-d- e/b- t-00-t-he- t00-k-eye-p- i/-t- hat- a- w/-he-ye- t- with "d-ewe" indifference s/s- hi- t-.


ass-u-c-h-t- he has no re all re p ass t 00 t(h) 0/0 k e'ye p(t) up i/t~h e w/i.d. th. he has n0 ea.r ness t pre sense t(h) 0 w/e ve(i)n ~ s (h) 0 w/e. he has n0 's (h) 0/n e s/s t e valu/e w/e t 00 L0~ w/e d/g e 0/d e/n ea.r 0~ d. e w/e 0/n t




h0-arse-p-(L-)aye- d- (p.r.-)ate- th-e-r-e- pee-ps- h0-w/e- d-0h- t- (h-) 0- w/e- p-t- 'a- p.r.-e-ye- t- he-ed- e/b-t-00-t-he- p.r.-ate- t-he-ad- s- t00-t-he- t-(d-)un-e-m(e-)a-"k"-e-t-hee- d-s- cen-t-'s - 0/n- e- (d-)g-0/d- 0-f-(i-)t- a- ll- as-s- t-(ag-) 0/n-e-d-


t-he-c-(h-)0-st- 0f-f- t- a'- lie-n- 0- we- re- L-ate- i-0/n- s-h-i-p-ped- 0f-(i-)t-0f-f-(i-)t- i'm-e-d- en- i- (e'ye-)a.- ll- b- (r-)ough-t- a- (i-) ll- s- L0- t- h- a.-(n-)d.- 0f- t- hie-ven- s- (h-) 0- w/e- t-hi'm-ag-in-ate-i-0/n-e- w/ i th0u t a re vi ewe d 0'0 re v~i/s i 0/n e t00 th (e) re st 0 'r e w/e d 0 w/h0 d ew/e = t = me'ye t ex (t) p~L a'i n knit be t/t a(i)r e ve(i)n t(h) r ew/e


a.r e w/e


the "church" didn't f(i)t 0/0 th (t) rig ht w/h0 d(0)be t/h ' s p0 k/e n/d 0 (w/h) e t 0 at~ c as/s t ~h fir's t(h) 0/n e s/s t hr 0 at h~and th r~0ne ve(i)n t(d) 0 fxf (i) t~ pre sense 's hi (f) t 0/n e (&) d0 fxf t ether e/n d en mar k (n0) t


"church" is a spectator's force-d- fas-h-i0/n-e-inn-g- c- as/s- h- inn (e- d-)g- (r-) e-a-se- d- ate- ll- e-ye- a.s/s- t- u- b-buy -e- d- all -a- we- st- u- be- ad- 0f- (i-) t- h-and- t- hat- g-rease-d- t-he- p- Lu- m/m-e- t- (h-)ing-e- d- ag- ree-d- he-s- 0/m-e- t- hing-e- d-  the shame full d-art- of t-h- ang- inn g- 0- pen- ll- ie- (n-) d-s- e/e- k- t-0-re- p -(L-)ea- t-


t-he-a-rt- 0f-f- t- (a-) g- i've-in-g- (c-) r- a- ft-


why do apple products not jive with their past products ass (aye ) d. i'm tired of paying into the way forward that does not bring a respec t able (a)ss ed a'ye for/m e'ye pre face d. i feel their products drop kick me into buying, constant ? ly more products that do not hash * t, -and- i get to pay them to help me figure their shit out they have already sold me with the vision of t "d0/u(be)t" with no reall representative inn min(e) d 0 0re t 0ut 0-re- put up t- w/-id-th- i/t- out- ass- t-he-m- 0/n-e-ye- w/-he-ye- t0-g0 -f-0re-ward- is-t-rut-h-is-t- mo-u-t-he- d-.  


i am tired of this spor(e-)t- . make your products relate t0p ass t ass b for d. stop forcing up grades, that slow down your products so the consumer, the ref ore (not one of you show your w/h0 r th) has to buy more of your products to be cur(e?)rent girth ass t first compete b-ear-t-he- d- ea-r-t-he-d- he only cares to compete on you w/0m en -d- first and force- mo-st-ly- e- a.r- 's- e- t-h- b- (L)en-d- s-hat-t-her-d- e-/b- t- e- vain-d-s- (p ) en -d'- en- e- ye- a- ll- 0/n-ai- L- s- ai- L- t- a - gain- d-


that was difficult to get that video in place. first i used movavi screen grabber to take it off of my face book video, then i went to my utube account, and the sign in took me to smcc, where i had a school email, for the day i attended, and wouldn't let me back out of signing in to utube with that connection, and going forward, wanted to create a new account, don't need, i have xubrnt, but wouldn't let me post on xubrnt. had to keep fiddling with the way to sign in, ass xubrnt, finally got it, then utube wants to send me a confirmation code to my phone, to make sure i am me, to continue. g'sus fucking c hr is t. f 0're g0/d 's (t) ake d. for all the pass word protecting you need to protect your "ass" and as-set-a-gree-d-, it is personally inflicting to e-x-press- on this b-um- mit-i-g-ate- d- pr-0-se- s-pe-ct- s-


e/e- d- ? more formeally -e- see-t-he- d-e-am- 0/n-e-ye- d-


h-and- creating- s-0/m-e-t- hing-e- d-






h0 ar ewe


i'm wor king with your over grown miss-tarry-s-him-s-e/e-d-s-


you really expect this too loo k t pre t/t e ye, with the shit you have put in front of me to step in ass/ meye ware, but not allowed to be th ere 


y-ewe-r- have given me shit-s- force-d- b-rain-s-un-bound-e/b-t-he- d- s- (h-)ave- 


n0 thing ' d n ewe (d) h ea.r lie- com-mon- era- d- , s-li-(e-)ce- s/s- ee- very-0/n-e- t-00- t- he- s- (h-) am-e -d- ewe- d- , not every 0ne, just say inn, and the common era, s ea. t inn g t w/h 0 d ewe, hasn't came. no common era, no sighting it, no making it, thuss no representing t i/t. what "we" have is people competing to be scene for -t- no reason actual ly, proclaiming they e a.r t~he from the mit of "jesus" they killed jesus, so they could speak for -t- heir- d-i/s-a -r/r-aye! -d- 


b-0/n-e-(r-e-r-)d- e/b- t-00-t-hie-ven-s- inn- g- inn- g- ran-d-


en- a(i-) L-e- d- en- e-ye- t- he-d- h- a.(n)d.- same shit different mo(u-)rning- r-and- 




all in e d a'ye s w/(h)0 r/k t at a s/s t e p/p en d (0) ne t w/h0 r t~h (e) d


d e'ye t(h) i s/s u e w/e d f/r0m th an0/n t/h inn d c(h) 0/m e. g. a've d 's h (e) d


e'ye a.m. iss u e w/e inn a. d. en (a'i ll) e' ye a. ll as/s t 0' re d e/b t(h) is ~su/e w/e d 0' b f0r 'd


h~and f 0're w/are a.d. h a're w/a~rd ewe d 0 w/c a(i)r~ e (a.)d. e/p t00 t(h) p~ as/s t ea. m ate (a.) d 0'0re d e/b t 0're ve(i)n t rig n0're t heir d


e/b t 00 th (e) re p en t ?


a.m. 0' re d a.m. e w/e b~e. a.d. ha. m.iss (p)en t 0 pen (a) ll (t) e' ye w/~he a. t~


inn t i'm e t00 t(h) as/s knee d e f(t) ly e


a. t like~ t he d f0r/m/e a.d.


0 w/h 0/n e ye (g~uess) t 00 th ea.ven ly e


'ewe' are the only progress s augh t, t hat can eventually e b/b (r) ough t. ad just a fxf 0 r t (h) as/s k inn (g') s 0/m e & s 0/m m0/n e 'ye / n augh t 0 p as/s t 0 fxf t .... if he ha. d. as/s0n net t00 th e d('s) 0/n g e~ d he d all a s/s h 0 (w/) e d/ g (L) 0've d h~(c) a s/s t 0/n e d(h) 0v(e d) 0 w/e d 0 b' 0/n e


s/s t' s 0/n 's t a' nd augh t ere s/ t f/r0m th (e) re st 0/a r~ e d


e/b t00 t(h) a.d. e ve(i)n a.m. 0 re t00 t(h) per's e w/e inn d h~ ar(e) b ' 0r(e) d f a(i)r e~ t (h) a~nd e'ye as/s t (h) 0/0 k t(c) 0'm e d


r inn k t~(c) up i/t~h e (d)a. r~n e/e d le t00 t(h) 0 w/00 d ew/e d ew/t 00 t(h) per ce(i)ve d ewe


"ewe" can't bring con see k w/(h)en t ce s/s (t) ai d 0 w/are, "ewe" didn't need i/t (h) 0/0 knit in the first place t00 th d be (a) d 0 w/are d.


"ewe" can't bring consquence "ewe" didn't need, b-ut-t-ere- d- ass-knee-d- s- nit- s- tu- b- scene-d- ewe- inn- g- talking about the love, but never bringing it or b read inn knit.


t0/0t 0 fxf (i) t~he (a.) d. (e) u/s t ag~ e t~hat can't a're d ~b(r)0ugh t f a(i)r~e inn d-e/b-t-(y-) 0ur-e- miss- t-(d-)re-ad- just - force- t- he- d- be- ad- ass-a-ye- inn- g- u-ye- d- ewe- t00-t-he-d- all a we st ? be- L- aye- inn- g- e- t- he- d- h- and- all-a- we- st- u- b-buy-e- d- be- L- aid-ding-(L-)ewe- d-


k n0 w/ (h) inn t ere s/t "he" -d- s- (h-) ake 0/n e 0/n e t 00 th be c0/n e & be c 0/m e, that isn't all -a-re- ad--e-ye- set- t00-t-he- d- (h-)ab-u-s-e-d- to force "pay" to get marrie-d-, to get L-aid- to feed of-t-s- p-ring- ave- d- e/b- t-00-t- he- ave- d- with no value, & no e valu e w/e inn p lace s/s (h-) ave -d- compete for -t- me-ye- s- tup-id- as/s- L-inn-k- t- 0f- f- a- t- b-rain- d- force-s/s- e- very-e- b-0/d-e-ye- n- 0b- 0/d-e-ye- g- ave- d-


f 0're a. ll a t/h e d aye nem in n0w/e ye t a ll e'ye d h~ aye d


t he d, d aye, has never been given too th b(L)e/n d h ave t (h) as/s k nee d the m(e) inn 0 w/e ve(i)n ly e b/b e/en e miss-(th-)read- for- t- his- t- em- per-men- t-s- (t-) u- b- buy-e- t- b-re- ad- s- t- a'b- le- ye- t- ye- for which not one of you "men" have an honest pen too the apparent ly en gage inn a.d. vance, that s(t)ayes 'ewe" have lent i/t h e/n ave d ... 0 w/ i.d. th i/t me'ye fxf r/i e/n d's (p) en d ' s a ga i'nn d e/b t (h) 0 w/h ~ ea. ven (t) d


you may state your desire, you have no follow thru bu ye a.r. desire t w/h0 d. defame your money, your virtue, your marriage, and your "d-ewe-s-" too th u(e) ss d. ewe speak on me, with desire you h(f) ave going for e ward 0 w/are a.d. as/s t a fxf a(i) re a.d. 0 pen up 0n a're s / t (h) i re a.d. a' rt. not one of you "men" have desire going foreward, ass if t (y) 0u~ r e miss (p) en t(c) a' re r~e'ye d e/b t hu(e) ss t a fxf a(i)r ~ e d. "ewe" are speaking "desire" you do not use the words you speak to forward the desire able a.d.


"ewe" speak of desire too t-he-dg-e-t- he- d- e/b- t-00-t-he-n/d- as/s- knee-d- e/b- t- a- gain- d- his-t- a- fxf- (L-) ave- 0- re- ad- a- gain- d-


we are s t a ll k inn g ab(0)ut an (h) 0/n e s/s t (c) e l/l 0 p (e) m e/n t 00 th e/n ai L/t heir d e/b t(h) a ll t a'r e d


f/r0m t heir d 0 w/(h) ave s can b re a.d. (h) as/s t a' g i'v~e/n d 0' b(L) e/n d


f/r0m ea.r t~h and e/b t00 th b(c) 0/n e d (h) 0/m e d


0 bu ye desire a.d. (e/a.) fxf r 0/n(e) t a' ll (e) ye d (h)e~a. t 0 pen l/l e (ye) a.d.


t is kn 0t me'ye fxf all t "ewe" don't think t w/h 0 "ewe's" inn re verse p. r.ate d e/b t(h) fxfir's (t) 00 t h b.m. e t (c)


u e w/e d


bar e/n t ang le d ai re t L ai r e/n d(t) 0uch e` t hing e w/e d 0 w/are d 0 w/e ve(i)n (t) d


w/ hat (h) iss (h) 0're desire b r in(n)g i' nn d


w/ hat (h) iss (h) 0/a~r desire b r in(n)g i' nn d


w/ hat (h) iss (h) 0/a~r desire b r in(n)g (r) i' nn d 0 w/h0 r/th be l/l e~a. fxf i/n ~ (e) d


cur(e)rent a cr0ss i/t e 'ye a.m. e / d~ i/t (m) inn t h~and


(t) ub as/s t a' nd ~ b a'a'a'a nd


richard mcgilvary-e-d- only has a reel check-t- mate- s-t-0-(0-)l- e-d- h-and-


he -ha- s- no beliefs in him sel l f/f t hat he can p.r. a.m.


t hat is w'hy -e-t-he- d- be- ad- 0f- (i-) t-'s- stunted on comma nd


through no f all t inn e me'ye d h and. "he" doesn't value to make t(h) 0 w/are d 0 w/are ve(i)n a.d. a.m. e d


he just "thinks" to save his "affair" fron-t-ally-e- d- s-0we- he doesn't have to re ally think t again d


pre sent ly e (gues)st ate d (h) air e (e) f(t) i re d f a(i)r e a.d.


inn knit i'm e'ye p0~c(ke)t L ai r e(a.) d.


h and h0 c~k t a w/are


t 0 w/(h) ere d


i b i.d. ewe (d/h) a.d. e w/e d f 0re th (re) b ein g (ewe 's d)


t00 th f 0 s' t a(i) r e w/e d


(a?) p Lu m/m e t a b use d


2 suc~k t 0ff (i) t~'s (h) ave d ewe 's


richard mcgilvary is force-scene- d- e/n- ass-cent- scened- or se am e d? on your through 0 / d f a(i)r e ve (i)n k t/h ea.ven ly e t/h in k … t


he d be a.m. 0're -d-b-(e-)d- me-an- d-


he has false sell lie eye d(s) 0 L e d -re- am- (e- d-)s- 0 -w/-he- d- b-scene-d- force-s/s- (t-) ake- inn- g- a- gree-d-


0- t-he- p-at- his- t- b-(L-) ac- k- t- as/s- he- d- f-r-eel- ye- re- L-at-e-ther-e- inn- g- w/i th0u t re a. ll ' d e/b t00 th f~e a. t her e inn g 0 b e/e serve d


he is just a turd, that can get no nerve or traction too t he d serve d, without hanging his turd for me to d eye "t's" erve d


t- hat- u- rd- 0- b-a-st-a-rd- i- r- ich- a- rd- s-n-ai-L-t's- 0/n- nit- h-and- e- mit- ta- t0- f-x-f- (i-) t- d- (h-) 0ve- d-


0- b-serve-d- b (r) 0ugh t(d) 0/n e (t) d 0 w/e d


he is re-d-un-(e-) dance-ye- d- e-nerve-d- e/b- t- 0-re- t- urn- e- d- e- ad- f-r0m-s- pea-k-inn-g- 0/n- nit - high- t-'s- ig-h- t- as/s - t- rait- rite- d- b- light-


all he gets is his- t-'s- h a ll 0 w/e d ce ll e d's e l~l t-he- did not b~r in(n) g the we ll


inn per's 0/n' as/s d(c)ent d we ll (e/d h) ave d : carry your own brain debt 00 th d ate, rather than force-scene- x- am-p- le- d- the blacks to carry your sugar t00 th can e, the lady e t a b-rake-d-, ass long ass p0'r(e-) t- make, some one else carry your b-a-st-a-rd- e/b- t- a-re- r-e-ye- d- he- x- p0- se- (e-) d- 0- (w/-)h- "t's" (L-) ave- dg- (r-) 0 w/e- d-('s-) 0 - L- (e-) d-g- e-(r-) 0-d- e- d-(h-) ea- d-


his- ad-e/p-t-he- d- never t(h) 00 k th en d 0 w/e d th en kn 0 w/(t) hing e 0 de g 0 inn g the re ve~r b (r) 0ugh inn g e/n 0.d e


b ran c~h t 0/n e th' s a.m. e t (h)r~ e/e ye b/b a ll a~n (d) ce s/s ai d ate d 0 w/i.d. th eg race s/s e t00 th (e) re claim mit~ t(h) a re t heir d (e) u/s t 's un/d ere t/h ere d


(e) u/s t hu(e) ss ewe ' s (t) aid -e-ad- 0-re- d-(h-)ea-d- ? inn the competitive market place force-scene- d- ass- no one necessary e g/g ave d


t-he- d- just - a- c- k- t- d- jack-d-0f- (i-) t- heir- d-


he-ha- only speak-t's- 00 -t-h-is-t- a- re- ar- s- e- g- ear- s-


b-le-ss- his- t- a- re- he -ha- g-0t- w/- (h-)at- he- (n-) d- 0 -w/an- t- he- d-


richard-m-c- as/s- t -0f- f- t- cur-(e-)rent-'s - e/e d- he- d- en-e-ye- t-'s- (h-) 0 - w/e- d- he- can pretend see such t(h) 00 k t cup t00 th ' sup p(h)er d ew(e) inn g -a-gree-d- (ea-)f- r- 0/n- (e-) t- a- ll- (e-)ye-d- he- d- be-st- a- g- e/m- s- ee- d- h-e/e- d- he cares about his image for no reason, not loving actually e


richard-m-c- t- he-d-a-ft- re- p-lu-c-k-t- h-an-t- ly-e- force- d- s-(h-) 00-k- t- hing-e- d- a- ft- 2- d- a- ft- re- p- (L-)ea- t- i/t-s- n00k-t- he- d- e/b- t-'s- n00k-ere- inn- g- a- gree- d- "he" has p0 w/e re 's , but he doesn't represent them in t(h) 0/u r~ d


richard-m-c- t- he-d-a-ft- re- p-lu-c-k-t- h-an-t- ly-e- force- d- s-(h-) 00-k- t- hing-e- d- a- ft- 2- d- a- ft- re- p- (L-)ea- t- h-and- 0- w/e- s- pea- k- t- as/s- t- he- d- ewe- t- h- i'm- e- d- p-ass-t- ewe- inn- debt- he- ad- im- m- ly- e- " back up like the "o" there -s- " h -0ve- d- 0f- (i-) t- (pr) 0- f-x-f- (h-)er- (e-)d-


i had a shoulder work out today. i use ropes for part of that, part cardio even at that. the ropes brought new ly to the gym , are heavier than the last rendition, = i don't beat ropes for 10 or 15 minutes any more to get tired 0 ff (i) t(h) p (L) an (t) d 0 ff at her d a gain d h and le x a ct ly e a. s/s c and a.m. ~e d.


i shoot for 2 to 3 minutes. my shoulders are exhausted. there was another guy in the area, and i commented, after i finished beating toff my ropes, i stopped the stop watch on my phone, and commented, you know it is a good work out when knit is too heavy to pick up the phone. he audibly agreed.


i see new people get on the new ropes. guys, they are not doing 2 & 3 minutes. i dare say 1 with deep rests inbetween lifting, and just waiting around being ? g at (r) e s/t ing ?


why beating toff ? b.c. that is what we climb as/s ai desire t00 th be ad 0ff t heir e x press i 0/n e inn s pi re a.d. fxf ree d(h) 0/m e d, ex-ce-pt- his- t- (h-) is- (t-) a- ken- d- f0r-e- g- ran- t-he- d- lead debt for -t- no reason e ve(i)n (t) d


i am getting an on-s- L-augh-t- of-f- e/e- m- ai- L's- . for-ce- s/s- e- t- ank-s- give-in- g- a- g-e/n- (e-) d-


0n-s- L- augh-t- s- L0- t- hing-e- scene- ye- can- b-(0-)u-ye- & b0-(u-)ye- re-t-ai-L-ie-n- g- 0/d- e- debt- in-(r-)e- b- ai- t- in- g- u-ye- d-


h0-p.r.ess-ed- (t-) un-e- com-for-t- didn't make t(h) i.'d.e s cent c 0/m e inn s i.'de (s) all a ready 0 pen d-b- (s-h-) utter-(e-a-)d- en-e-ye- d-he-d-('s) un- g- un- knowing ly e?


t(h) a (we) b~ i.d. e ye d


inn k~n 0 w/e t(d) i'm e d


i'm tired, and it isn't b.c. of my most recent work out. just plain tired i think of staring at the screen d-0f-(i-)t-0/d-(h-)ate-


i brought in a little bit into the thanksgiving-0-ver- t- ea- t- inn- g-. i had to search for my sweet. the stores all had long lines, or were sold out of what i wanted. i went to foleys, hard to park inn town, found a spot a few streets down d. it is the european bakery, selected an apple shutter (like pie, but shaped like a slate, and not as big as a pie, which i don't really need in my one place) and an amazing pure almond macaroon, with marzipan in the middle, half dipped in chocolate. had the cookie tonight, probably the apple shutter tomorrow. i think the cookie sent me into a sedate state. dream ly e ye can t a're d ' s can t wake t00 th s(h)ake th d re am e t like st ate


s~ea. t be l/l t 00 th 's i r e/n d i/t i 0/n e d(h) 0 ve d 0 fxf (i) t a g0/n e d~0ve inn r.~i.p. (n) 0' se (e) debt 0 gather d as/s i/t eg (r ) 0 w/e ' s


0/n ly e (d) 0/n e w/h en as/s e/n t 0/n e cess a(i)r e'ye as/s (t) aid fxf ree ly en kn 0 w/e t w/h0 d ewe


ft (d) 0 fxf t


('s) up p0/n ~(t) a're s t ag (L) a.d.~dress t 0 p en (a) l/l (t) e'ye ~ a. t~ he d~ c00 k / t 's n0/0k t~ a g (L) 0 've d(h) 0've d(t) 0 fxf (i) t~(h)en d 0 w/e d 's cent ' s (c) up ~p (h) er (e) d~ a p(L)an at~ e t w/h0 d ew/e ve(i)n d e'ye t a t00 t(h) b e/e t(h) r u/e w/e d e/n erve d ew/e inn g~(L) a.m. (e) b~i/t(h) e w/e d


my itunes has a god-force-s-(t-)ake-n-d- aire- ye can't repair, it keeps telling me, bobbing off the dock, and eliciting memo's on my? computer, that i cannot connect to the itunes store, yet i click on the link, to release the memo from being scene, on the screen, and it bobs and blinks a memo, same "one" again-00-s-eye- d-. i am not trying to connect to itunes store. haven't since, it won't recognize my business debit card in my name. which has been years. not trying to connect to the store, just trying to use the features, on itunes, i thought i b(r)ought (h) ass b for d. me the right to use out right, without repeating a b-light- debt- 2- ad- am-0re- d-


i think it is a re all problem to make this software, either "1" up grade on nits on volition. "2" ore the outside world nit gave, will make you pay with pestering that nit's software can reach inside your computer and make you d- g- ave- d-, so you can get your computer back apparent ly e a.s/s e t pay t00 the be a.d.


be(i.)a.d. gave the me 0ne ye d ew/e d b rake d 0 fxf (i) t 00 t(h) p (L) aye a.m. i/t t~(h) a ' re s(h) ave t(d) 's (t) aye th' s a.m. e d


this software, and the s-w/-aye- it is upgrade-d- is a disaster too th -b-ride- ye- d- h- ave- d- . "men" = alp-ha- d- e- vain-d- , t00-Le-ad- e-ye- t- a- w/-ai- t- he- d- b- rake- d- forge-d- g0-d- ness- t- ake- d-


be-t-a- nd- n ever e c a.m. e d 0 fxf (i) t (h) e fxf a ce d~e s a w/e d 0 fxf (i) t's p (L) at e 0/n e mer i/t(d) 0/n e m(e) A.~k (e) t c~u/e w/e g i've t a b~rake t00 th ea.ven t(d) a re L a'ye t 00 th ea. ven a~s/s c e/n t a cr0ss (t) i /t e ye inn defer rent ce s/s e x ce s/s (t) ai d be st




c-h- all- k- t- (y-)our-he- d- haw-k- t- hie-ven- (t-)d's- he-a-ven-s- pur-(e-) suit-mac-k-t- 00- t-he- d-e-a- ll- t- a- ll- as/s- t- 00- t- he- d- ew/e- tu- de- ad-


h 2 0/m e t a p~ fxf L0 w/e re a.l/l a s/s (h) 0 w/e