r~an d 0/m e th0ugh t' se/e k~ t ' sea. t a cr0ss (t) 0/m e a.d.

item7 item7

th e.g.~ave L/L c a.m. e~ L 0've t a gain s(t) 00 t/h/e a.ven s (h) 0 w/e d/g e 0/d ' s c 0ur ag/e/d 0/n a'i ' l/l e(a.)ve ~n t(h) 0 w/e d 0 (w/) e~

t w/h0 d (h) ump f(L)a.m. ~e t a cr0ss (t~) L0 t/t 0 (w/) e


c 0nt f/r0m th' p~ag/e w/e re a.d. (0) b~ f 0're ve(i)n s h 0 (w/) e (d)g~ 0 a.l/l a~ r0und i'nn g~ i'nn t w/h0 d e'ye w/e t 00 t(h)r u/e w/e d('s) h~ ea.ven (d') s c~e/n t (e)a.r e t00 th be(a.)d.~ 0/n e~ c t(h) 0/0 k~n ewe d en mar k~n ea. d. le'ye ('s) a. g~a/i'nn


monday 7/25/16

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it only look as s~i ft you care to share if you do not share w/ i/t 'h' e me, for your n0-b-ill-i-t(e-)ye-2-u/s/e-e- (d-)

wed 7/27/16


ea.T d~r i/n k~ t' ha.(n)d. (&) b(ea.)m e r/r e 'ye a.s/s t i'll b(L) e/n d air ye c(h)0/m e ve(i)n d

(g~L) 0've d

10/30/16 up (L0 A.)d. i'nn g the w/e b/b e(a.)d. 0 0're inn re(e) fxf le (x) ct i 0/n e t ~b/ rake t 00 t~h (e/e) d e w/e

d 0 fxf (i) t w/h0 d e'ye w/e t(h)r u/e w/e ve i'nn ew/e

(10/30/16 e~d i/t 0're d e/b t~h e/n 0/t e: my you-now account is no longer operational. if you click on any of the "younow" links, recorded copies of thoughts and pee-pull- "like" off-vice-r- bliss-in my apartment, and-0- w/-hat-0/0-k-n-0t-w/-h0-d-, is not longer visable in sum. you-now changed their format where they no longer keep the video recordings, and when you click on a personal link, it takes you too their marketing page (for-t- no reason- t-he-ye- can- t/h-in-k-inn-ere-t-i'm-e-d-0f-t-en-d-ata-g-lance-d-p.-r.00f-t- a-cross-t- e-w/e- d-). so i closed the account. i now have t~a ca.m. at e ve(i)n s/h ea. r~t h e/i r~ d h(ea)d a~r (e) t inn a re l~eve r~e levant (e) a. r ~ e a.r (e) d i'n(n) e c (h) 0 L~0're (a.)d. i'm e/d en ~ t ru(e) s't (e) fxf/r0m t' L i/n k t~h at inn' s pi r/e a.d. e/p t/h e me w/e m/u st a'n d e/b t00 th t up (d) t



t-he-p-(L-)ag-e-d-(ea-)f-x-f-0-r-t- (e-) f-x-f-reel-ye-d-0f-t-0/n-e-d-0-(a-)ll-(i-)e-ye-d- e/b-t-a-cross-t- 00-t-he-vi-e-w/e- d- e-vain-d-en-ewe- d- u/e-t- w/-h0-re-t-m-arr0w-e-0-(w/-(i-))n-e-d-awn-up-awn-d-


te-st-a-men-t-b-0-re-d-e/b-t-he-re-ad-e-ye-p.r.e-sent- w/- id- t-(h-) 0/0- kn 0 w/h 0/n e inn k~n i/t~ d 0 w/e re levant ce s/s (h) e~d i'm e/n t ~

i/t~ 0 (w/) n (e) d e w/~t h (r) 0 (w/) n e re c0g ni/z an(d)ce d' s pec u L at ~e th e're b/b r~eA.t~h e X p0's e(a.)d. 0 w/ n~ d ata b~le a.d. fxf a ct 00 t'h igh t


if-x-f-ewe- can T 00 th (e) re a.s/s 0/n e d ate, p-(L-)aye-t-he-t-a-x-e-s-(t-)at-e-, but do not tax off t me'ye p(L)ate, "ewe" did not de sir/e t00 th e m(e)A. k/e t~ c~ re A.~t /e

p-id-s-p-ewe-d- ewe not get to mark of t me'ye s h~a.d. (e) 0 w/e d "ew/e" re-inn-defer-rent-ce-s/s- (h-) 0 - w/e- d- g- 0- ad-


t-he-g-ave-L-eg-i/t-a-re-st-inn-t-ere-s-t- e- t-his-t-de-v0te-i-0/n-e-d-0f-t-0-f-x-f-(i-)t-a-cr0ss-t-i'm-(e-) a-ll- co/m-e-inn-g-c-L-ea-r-e-ly-e-s-e/e-d-e"a"-r/r- ea-r- s- eg- ea-r-s- eg- f-x-f- ea- r-s- 0- pen-d- ing- c-am-e- d- 0f- t- up -t- pup-pet- 0/n-e-m-pt-e-ye- s- 0-L-(e-) d- 0f- t- 0/n-e- d-


re-war-ds-0-f-x-f-(t-)me-0/n-e-ye- ..t-make-t-h-e-m0-re-me-0/n-e-ye-a-s/s-too-t-he-t-re/a-t-




new changes, class starting for machining, not the road trip at the planned time to see dad, wondering whether to go forward, how, with banksead, and not rich and sharon, and or to make something well more communallly clear. wondering. ab(0)ut direction ea r (t/h)




8 of coins


when see people in position of power and authority in life

if those positions are genuine, if they have really earned the status 

which they have risen too, it is b.c. they have gone thru an 8 of coins 

period in their life, a time of struggle, determination, a time they put almost

every thing else aside in order to focus hard on their chosen subject or topic,

if you want to make something of your life, you have to have an 8 of coins era,

and it can take a while and it can be a demanding time and also a very satisfying 

one b.c. you know you are investing in is for the long term good, something inside

you recognizes you have found your niche, developing a niche you are eventually

going to live within and thrive within, it isn't always the case that what you study is what you

end up doing for a living, the world if full of people who are qualified in topics they never

use in a daily basis, then there are other people that have the real luxury of being able to

get their teeth right into a topic which facinates them and satisfys them, and the strong implication

here is that you have been giving your self in a very dedicated and self sacrificing way to something

that has meant the world to you, and now you are wondering if it is going to pay off, the answer is

it has already paid off, look at what you know, look at what you have discovered so far, if all you achieve

from this period is climbing the ladder, then it is worth while for the shear joy of seeing how high you can get,

but there is more going on than that, you are not struggling and striving for no purpose, what you are building 

now is the foundation of great future success, go to it, be strong, give it all you've got and more, and it will give

you back all that you've ever wanted or dreamed is possible


ten of swords


the way to look at this tarot card, cooking a meal, rice, bottom of pan has started to burn, should you rescue to it

or start again, the decision is made for you, discover rice is burnt more badly, or pot falls to floor, and decisive moment is reached. it is too late, it is not possible to rescue a certain situation, but actually that is tremendously good news, b.c. your efforts to rescue it were exhausting you and likely to only end in frustration and futility anyhow. what needs to be faced about a particular factor in your life at this moment is that there is a problem, push has gone to shove, it is the end of the road with regards to this particular scenario. not something want to here, not something you are particularly pleased about, not something we would accept if we could possibly avoid it, but it has to be accepted then there can almost be a sigh of relief, now i know which way the wind is blowing, i know where the line has been drawn, and now i know where i can pick up and move on from, and what you are going to find out, that is not such terrible news after all, it is a piece of information that you can now start moving forward again.


seven cups


this card asks you to make a wise decision, the difficulty is you are not sure how wise the decision you are contemplating at the moment actually is, you want to follow your intuition, and under normal circumstances you would be right to follow your intuition, the difficulty is intuition is rather like a radio signal, one which sometimes we only receive thru a barrage of white noise, so we are trying to tune into the station but getting other things as well, distance radio stations that are intersecting our radio stations, broadcasting at roughly the same frequency as our inner most feelings and deepest and most accurate judgements are our fears and our emotions and sometimes our desires too, they all whisper to us like little voices at the back of our minds and we can't tell which one we are actually hearing. so at the moment you are looking at a set of options and possibilities, and it seems to you they are all kind of much of the muchness, maybe one or two a bit more glamourous than the others, half suspect the glamourous ones you need to avoid, they are not actually quite as joyous and wonderful as they appear, yet everything else looks a little dull tedious like you have tried it before and it hasn't worked, know it inside and out and backwards, you want some change you want something new to happen and it seems to you your best option is to not do something new, so you feel perplexed, really the way to think about the situation is to see yourself as a person with the right answer in front of them, but it is in disguise, imagine all the answers, the good and the bad, are all cloaked, and as you look at them see simultaneously  see a bunch of images that are no more or less attractive than the others, so tempted to dismiss all as no good, but one of them is a jewell and the others aren't, until you can see where the real jewel lies, youve got to hold off making a decision until you can see something really gels. 




someone found self lost in deep dark tunnel and have been wondering around for a while looking for day light, 

and each twist and turn of path they follow takes them into maze of confusion, then noise behind them sounds like the rumbling of some great monster out to get them, coming from behind, so temptation is to keep on moving and follow any opening that presents itself has got to be better than going back, yet each step forward only seems to make matters worse too, and that feeling of desperation of impossibility presents itself now in your life, with a slight sense of 'now what do i do', and now what do you do? you start by stopping. stop running hiding feeling afraid looking at every thing so far and saying 'look you see that just proves how much i wasted my time how many bad choices i made how wrong things have gone for me how hard the world is and how much the world seems against me'   just give up on all that for a moment and consider a few possibilities, like that rumbling noise you can hear in the background, is it out to get you or is it a force / entity that can be negotiated with that can work with you that is willing to listen to you if you are willing to talk to it,  might it be that actually you should do the bravest possible thing & turn right around and face the very entity or factor you are most keen to not to have to get to grips with, or if you do not feel ready for that yet in one of your pockets all but forgotten about is a compass and that compass will tell you something about the direction you need to go in/n. one thing it is not a physical compass it is an emotional psychic mental compass. it is a compass in your heart, and if you access that it will not only tell you which direction it will tell you why that direction is right,  it will give you enough indication : that one feels best, can't consult a compass while running along and stumbling, no light to see compass with no inner light of hope to recognize what your heart might be telling you? stop long enough to remember where you put your matches too. build a backup plan, build several backup plans,  have a little more faith in the idea although you seem to be in a defensive frame of mind, you are not as weak or vulnerable as you may imagine nd even though things have not gone well the people that who are successful happy transcend the issues they face in life are the ones with enough simplicity of heart sensitivity enough inner kindness and faith to hold themselves open to bringing new hope, that is all youve got to do and as you do all that seems to be working against you will start to work for you and you will find that compass offers you not one but several possible options for moving towards happiness and safety,  we began reading saying that you are not really one in tunnel, in a way you are, in a much more real way and exciting way your way out of the tunnel is assured you've just got to calm down and trust long enough to let your self see


posted house facebook 8/28/16


0/n e L0/n g~  Fxf un e re a.l/l s 0/n g~



the solid works professor apparently tried to blow his head off with a propane? flare gun, on the bridge, this summer? on purpose. consequently someone else will be teaching his class.


i am not sure how i feel about the echelon of "solid work's" achievement, apparently, and the irony of... tr(e)ye i/n g t00 the re p(L)a~ce s/s i/t


i went an hour early to class, b.c. i was unsure of the parking situation, and i didn't want to be lacking. i didn't sleep well last night (2nd night no sleeping pills) and spent that first hour walking around campus. i walked unerringly too th' d0 c/k. i sat at the ocean, listened too th' t i'd e, closed my eyes on a rock, greeted the morning sun with a breeze. really perfect, trying to wake up and not feel dizzy.


in class, i thought i might up chuck. my inner dialogue was telling me i feel sick, and i tried to concertedly over rig ht i/t… t hat i felt fine and to give it i'm~e


i felt sick and dizzy for the first 3 hrs of class. could be nerves. i am in over my head. 2nd year students. talked with the energetic instructor and department head, and then had a candid and personable one on one with the first year student instructor, from england, and his feedback was, why was i there, not that i was a woman, but talking with me, he thinks my career aim should be something more sophisticated. i don't know where to put myself, in the mean time, the 2nd year instructor informed me all his guys were in support of me taking the class and would help me get thru it, and the first year instructor would be happy to have me. he thinks i might enjoy 'i/t' training. i left a bit early, i don't know what to do. and have several appts at the salon after lunch to break my ker f ewe : sa(w/e) ga(w/e)


belligerently, i thought it was a good idea to get an ira account started, again, and i put 100 transfer into td ameritrade, after i read a suze orman email, and instantly regretted it b.c. i got a "zillion" emails thereafter on "t-r-ad(d-)e-i/n-g-" ... it seams making me-one-ye-t-his-w/-aye- is be-league-ring- t-w/h0- say the l-east-. it is a transfer of time and me 0/ne ye. a distraction of t 0/n eve r e p(L)i c~ate i/n g. i have some work to undo to get the 100 dollars back in my b-a-nk- (t-)ac-count-, and just with future resolve, making "moneye" is not for me. it is a waste of me'ye t i'me a~ct u ally e.


so there is that, and feelings about school, while it feels nice to be ensconced in a program, the energetic w/-id-get-may-king- dialogue, is overwhelming to my sensibilities plus the signing up to learn "g-c-0d-e-s-" etc. i don't make good decisions when i am tired, so i get i am wishy washy in the very least b.c. of no sleep, however, i think no p-ills- is the way foreward. so i am invested in seeing this thru, just like th good ole days when i managed mastery with discretionary pur(e) vi ew/e ' d /d e w/h~a ct i 0/n e t 00 t/h~



i'm not exactly in a position to be my wor(L)d. although i envision (Kn) it. curiously, i am not sure wether "s-c-h0-0'le- " has anything to earnestly teach me. my compelling motivation is to provide for a backbone of security. b.c. love as you already know, and have provide-d- 0-0re- your way forwar-d-, is kn0t an 0 pt i 0/n e.


i'm not in a position at "school".


you are marrie-d- & s(h-)0-w/e- ' d- (ad-)just sayin g all "a" re-ad-e-ye- d-


going to "school" for a day, helps me see, i don't get too com mean t/h ' s a.(i)m. e w/(h)aye. curiously, senior capstone project, which would be next semester, with an accelerated start, we need to think about what we want to do, and i inquired about the inkless pen and amalgam metal and i don't know who to speak too, but can't find anyone in the field, that can tell me, not even a smelter, what the recipe is. my idea per conversation, was seque -d-over-t- . i am not miffed, i don't really care personally, expect that i notice the pat-turn-. my little pen quest holds no interest as/s t l~e g i/t i'm e(a.) t/e


me'ye l/l i t/t L' i/n~k't le s/s p~en d que st


par t 0f/f my not sleeping well last night, is b.c. i communicated with you, and sharing, and that got me thinking, in my sleep. i slept with a notepad next to me. i haven't done this for a while. it is difficult to prepare to study "g-c-0/d-e-s-" bu ye d aye this way e. i am not sure if i can do both


i notice your "likes" are increasing, without you sharing a w/0 rd. you are seen for the making k ea.r n. relatively speaking, you are also earning the value of me one ye, without providing for me too th t like wise. i am questioning your "likes" that do not substantiate as s we ll in t' me'ye t i'm e. i question why your designs provide you an in/n co me. i have yet to sell my x0 design with reuse and recycle marks, h 0/ne st L(e) ye


p er haps, you need to put your money e w/h ere ye s p~ea. k


t0 me an s~ e/e (k &) d~ e/e d~


r/ai/se th' de a.d.~


i fxf ew/e c an (d) s


you ar' knot giving l0 ve the re miss, if you don't c a(i)re t00 th fxf a ce (s/s w/i f~)t. i am reflecting on you, to prop up your love you havent inquire d e/b t00 th d u/e t 0/0. you are r-using me for a c-lean-pure-vi-ew/e- you didn't actually mak~e t 0/0 d. squandering my resources, as you s-hi-t- "eye" didn't "care" too th fxf all0w / e t(h) rue d


you get to appear sophisticated in your pur(e)vi~ew/e (for no re as/s 0/n e t/t u)


to pursue machining is not an act of love it is an act of remiss you couldn't c0/n t en d e/b t w/i.d. th


you have not love to give, nor the i'm ag~e ve(i)n d 0/m e


if you made items less glossy for no reason and ou("b)t rig ht unattractive, that would be honest given your -e- le-s/s-0/n- d-


oh, but i forge-t- you are culling the masses of artists to earn a/i living un pre occupied in g-iv'e-i/n-g-


that's f-x-f-un-n-e-ye- , in your mind, you think i am referencing s/h-are-on-




i have time before i get sucked into this vortex for lack of anything that would support my inn t ere st. do you want to meet, succinct ly.


the point is, you are getting all the rewards with no re all e fxf 0 rt. as/s is. you are a draw on my ability to live honestly e w/inn d. under standing, the reality is t me an s fxf 0/r/m/e a.d.


g i'v~e n (t) d~s en d's~


the point is, you are getting all the rewards with (0) n/0 re all e fxf 0 rt. as/s i/s t, you are a draw on my ability to live honestly e w/inn d. under standing, the reality is t me an s fxf 0/r/m/e a. l/l (e) ye ~a. s/s t


your "l-ea-r-n-ing-" -x- "things" : g-re-a-t-e-


my difficulty in accepting a career path in schooling is t me-as-s-u-re- verse sus se l/l fxf t aught, and b-line-d- acceptance of a -c-t-w/h0-k-n0-t-


'c' 'a' r~ea~r : c a r/r e/a r


kevin didn't really offer me a career, he is eclipsing 0/n e w/e-'d-ea-r-


his annoying "save-i-0-re-" couldn't possibly e X i/s t on his terms -inn-re-el-i-t-(e-)ye- t-hou-s-e/e- d- e- f-x-f- 0-r-m-e- a- n- s-

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Great! Good luck today Angela!


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: Re: today

Date: August 29, 2016 7:12:40 PM EDT

To: Amy Glass <Amy.Glass@goodwillnne.org>



I didn't buy books today, because I was uncertain if I was in over my head. I did talk with John Bolduc privately, and with Roy, which is the instructor for the first year students. I seem to be, knowledge and experience wise, somewhere in-between the 2 classes.  


Roy asked me, not to be sexist, what I am doing there, as it is greasy smelly  work, and after talking with me he thinks I should aim for something more sophisticated, like possibly IT, as a SMCC class path example. 


Candidly, the first thought that entered my mind when I entered the work area was the notice of the smell of grease / exhaust, and how it isn't my prefered work environment. I told Roy I am compelled to provide myself a secure backbone, financially. If I ask myself if I like the work, the answer is probably not, unless I can find a reason / purpose / desire in my self, & in eventually making my own projects. Then the grease is on my terms, not a never ending job of "can't do enough" for the "man."


Candid update: I don't know if I am going to be able to determine which way to go / proceed and how I feel and how that factors / weighs going forward in one day. I will ride out the week, check out the books to see if I can assess where I should be, and get off wishy washy status.


I also didn't sleep well last night, which never helps me with decision making. The campus is lovely, and really like the idea of being ensconced in a program.


Any thoughts? I am sorry for this curve, after we have been thru the government grant curve. I have looked at SMCC course / degree offerings, and Communication and New Media looks interesting to me. I have skills with Mac computers, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and have had html website programming thru continuing studies. From there I have taught myself wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) website building software. I have designed my own marketing, following from idea, design, and printing and distribution, for my business / self, & ideated, designed and manufactured first the ribbon (see pic) and then the manufacturing (done by myself, as I have industrial machines and still subcontract manufacturing work for soft structure tents, tarps and backpacks on occasion), of a product. 


Video imaging is a creative skill I would like, as it builds on what I have previously done. 


Ideas… thinking beyond the box, as it still seems relevant, with the job still in quest i on.


Appologies again, the curve. Waiting for the dust to settle off my brain, as it were.


p.s. my current concern, is the solidworks program on TH, it is 3d design, is my understanding, and I haven't had CAD / 2d design.


John and the class are very supportive of my staying and helping me, and Roy will accept me with the first year students as well, per our conversations.






i don't want to go to cnc/machining class/es. should i continue anyway?

the heirophant

represents basic human desire & need to do the right thing to understand as much as we can about what is appropriate an inappropriate in our lives, we all want to care and to share we want to be sensitive to the needs around us, and yet if too sloppy and too sensitive we end up getting walked all over, yet again if too harsh and too cold to ungiving and to unforgiving we end up horrible unkind mean and nasty. so all the time we are making these judgements what are the most meaningful thing i can do here what will help me but help other people too what is fair right reasonable morally sound, these are not easy questions to answer, look at the world we live in/n it is full of dichotomies and dilemmas every where you turn, unless you are very arogant opinonated and short sighted you realize there are more than one side to every story, and how can you possibly be sure that you are seeing the right side, so what do you do when you feel as you really need to know that you are being as true as you can to something that really matters & yet there is a risk that you could be seeing things in the wrong way or missing something crucial. you turn to what you believe in you turn to the deepest highest source of faith in yourself that you have, if you are religious you turn to someone who represents the faith that you have dedicated yourself to, and if you are not you turn to something or someone or something somebody said once, that at least can give you some kind of grounding, it that grounding that you sorely need at the moment, that feeling of being able to say i checked this by the most wise thing i know, and it seems to stand up so i am going to do this or that, maybe this is not a process you can do over night or in a hurry (knight), but you can and must go thru that process and you are going thru it and you are about to go thru it some more, and you are going to come out of it knowing as far as you can tell you made the right judgement, and no it isn't going to be 100 percent perfect b.c. no judgement ever is, but it is going to be good enough and it is going to feel right and once you have reached that point where you have done something chosen something that looks feels and seems right you discover it is right.

9of wands

weebles wobble but they don't fall down

taking some hard knocks from life, and been taking them for a while…you have much more strength than you realize, doesn't matter what world throws at you you will be self righting, ability to bring self back together again, message is clear something in you is strong

6 of wands

victory triumph success, image of a fore gone conclusion, your ability in a certain important area of life to succeed whether care or dont care whether force yourself to succeed or you give up or wallk away, somehow the implication is success is predestined, card = victory of some kind is inevitably going to make its way to you and with that sensation of triumph will come one of comfort one of reassurance as it comes clear to you sometimes at least life is kind, sometimes we do end up with what we want, or with something that we want even more than we thought we wanted, but the result is the same, we feel like we are winning, and if you do not feel like you are winning now, soon undoubtably you will feel.


cards you picked out have to do with standards, values, morality, in the nicest possible of the sense, they speak of you wanting to live up to a high ideal, fulfilling a goal or living out an aspiration which might once seemed very far fetched or very noble or unfeasible or unpractical but represents nonetheless the way you wish your life could be and that idea has been inspired by your contact with someone or possibly someones who have somehow awakened within you a respect for a very perfect way of proceeding and you want to live up to that and to live up to what that represents within yourself and thats is all fine although trying to be perfect and actually being perfect are 2 rather different things, particularly when you are under so much stress when you've got so many issues to deal with factors to weigh up troubles to resolve all of which would put the patience of a saint to the test, and all of which would be a little easier to deal with if certain standards were to be short circuited, if you were to take a short cut here if you were to break a rule there if you were to question a convention somewhere else well then somethings could be achieved more successfully. and as you draw on your own resourcefullness now in response to the pressure that you feel, then the temptation to get a success by pretty much by any means that you can is stronger than the temptation to hold fast to some theory that may not really be very practical anyhow, well that is roughly how you are seeing it but then there is one more aspect to the situation we have to take into account, and that is your own self confidence self worth your own value. there is an old saying you should 'fake it til you make it' there are times when you can pretend all your like it is not going to convince anybody least of all yourself, but you know you are feeling fed up and you try and shake yourself out of that mood and you really just give yourself to something that will cheer you up it begins to have an impact suddenly your mood lifts and your heart rises and so that is the case now with something you got doubts about and something you are unsure of, you know you have to make your own moral and ethical judgments about what is ok and what is not ok and that doesn't mean that everything you are looking at now and thinking is this ok or not, is automatically therefore not ok, some of it is perfectly ok and all you are waiting for is a chance to give yourself permission to go in that direction, someone else should give you permission? no you have to give your self that permission, and the more you give yourself permission the more you trust yourself the more you grant your self power over your own future, the more you get to choose the future that really does sit most satisfactorily with you.


From: Amy Glass <Amy.Glass@goodwillnne.org>

Subject: RE: today

Date: August 30, 2016 11:18:59 AM EDT

To: 'Angela Cook' <xubrnt@me.com>


Hi Angela,

I would definitely try and stick out the week before making any decisions. It sounds like John and Roy are supportive, and I agree that I think you could gain skills through this training that would both allow you to have a job somewhere that you’d make a wage to support yourself, and also be able do your own creative projects. There are many different types of machining shops in the area, and I don’t think you’d necessarily be limited to working somewhere greasy and stinky (I know that smell you speak of, it’s gross but it’s not everywhere, it sounds like they could use a better exhaust system).  You also have work experience in a shop, and even though there were some obvious bad things going on, from our prior conversations it didn’t sound the work itself was what you had a major problem with. I really do think that this is a great training to support your creative skills that you will use in the future, whether working for someone else or doing your own thing. I also don’t think that because you are educated and probably more sophisticated than most people coming through SMCC’s program automatically means you shouldn’t pursue trade-skills training (which to me kind of sounds like where Roy’s comment was coming from).

Regarding the communication/new media idea, I did a little research and I don’t think most of those would be able to be supported for funding in our programs, due to lack of labor market demand in Maine. IT training of some kind would probably be supportable, but usually when a training begins for someone we try to do our best to support completion of it, rather than go in a totally different direction. It would also set you up to do more IT helpdesk kind of work, rather than creative use of software.

Keep me updated and let me know what you think.



From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: the short

Date: August 31, 2016 8:36:11 AM EDT

To: Amy Glass <Amy.Glass@goodwillnne.org>



I dropped my classes. Something is missing and I can't rectify it at this time.



From: Amy Glass <Amy.Glass@goodwillnne.org>

Subject: RE: the short

Date: August 31, 2016 8:37:40 AM EDT

To: 'Angela Cook' <xubrnt@me.com>


Hi Angela,

Thanks for letting me know. I'll see what needs to be done on our end.

Thank you,



From: Amy Glass <Amy.Glass@goodwillnne.org>

Subject: RE: the short

Date: August 31, 2016 2:34:49 PM EDT

To: 'Angela Cook' <xubrnt@me.com>


Hi Angela,

Are you still available to meet tomorrow as scheduled? I'd like to talk about options going forward.

Thank you,



From: Amy Glass <Amy.Glass@goodwillnne.org>

Subject: RE: the short

Date: August 31, 2016 4:17:52 PM EDT

To: 'Angela Cook' <xubrnt@me.com>


Yes, same time, same place. If you drive by 190 Lancaster there's a big parking lot that takes up that whole section of block with a tall building in the back of the lot. There's another building at the edge of the lot that I think has a big ZUMBA sign (or other workout place). If you park in that lot (it's free) and walk over to the tall building you'll see Goodwill signage that will direct you to the second floor. Call my cell if you get lost.

Thank you!



Amy M. Glass

Employment Counselor

Goodwill Workforce Solutions


9/6/16 posted house face book

choomi: i was enjoying a 'chew me' cookie and i couldn't figure out what was wrong with the cookie, each bite i was like, did someone put a wrench on the conveyor belt into the bag. something didn't feel right, and i so wanted to chew the tasty cookie and just enjoy it. i put the cookie down, and rinsed out my mouth, and fiddled with my finger, and my back #2 tooth, part of it made this suctioning sound, that is not very comforting to hear, inside your head. it would seem i cracked the tooth under the gum line. i can't even sneak a delicate rosemary cracker on my full pallet without catching the loose inner edge. i have moved to chew on one side of my mouth, however i have found out, i don't get a full palate of flavor that way, so i do try to sneak some chewed food over to the other side of my mouth, to get the full sensation of eating. the loose bit of tooth, when i tweek it, i use my tongue to push it gently back and up into place.

it is going to cost a relative "doozy" however, I am at the point where you know, i can put my hands up and yell or not, but i am on the ride and compelled to prioritize this -fine- //

i am not concerned about the cost, i am happy about meeting with someone with a way forward. when i was working camps, i heard an ad on the radio describing the facility and all the things they do inn house // that is part of why i have been sitting on this tooth and doing nothing and riding as is, is because, the dentist i went to said he would have to send me to surgeon to drill a whole and put a post, and i had to get info from canada where i had the root canal on the tooth done... it involved a lot of running around. anyway, i called the ad # and they got me in the next day. part 1 of the proceedure will not take place for another couple of weeks, unless there is a cancelation. it involves cutting my gum line, which i gathered with the employees conversation, this will not feel good. the gum line has to be cut to get to the tooth to extend the crown. i asked about the gum growing back, b.c. what holds the tooth, you know, after it has a crown on it.

i am told the gum, as it were, does endeavor to close up and grow back. having a root canal means i don't feel pain for splitting the tooth, however, i do feel the motion of the tooth bit trying to tear away from my gum. the tooth without a nerve and blood supply becomes brittle.

apparently i get meds to deal with the pain. i am studying my poultice already : manuka honey 12 to 15 umf. ginger and acai juice icecubes (i am probably not going to feel like eating even after i get a crown on as the gum will be abused). coconut oil / olive oil, maybe mixed with some essential oil & holy basil / green tea.

the cost i don't really care to be bothered. i have saved the money, i don't want a "sale", i want someone that can do the job A to Z. i'll have the work done in Mass, with Mass prices.

since i cracked the tooth below the gum line, and it wavers in my mouth, i have this constant sort of agitation. i just can't get settled. and i am fidgety and uncomfortable.

these are the things i can talk about. what have you determined that i did or did not do with classes?

i discovered something.

i have to say, my first day of class i was diagonal, b.c. i didn't sleep, and something was surreal, like i felt like i was in a parallel world. i was dizzy in class. i thought returning to a campus would be awesome. freedom to go and grow at my own speed, like i remember... however i bring a different perspective and experience outside of the ivory towers and the optimism overflowing one expects for not knowing be-t-/t-are-

the experience and foresight by meeting one b-light-a-ft-ere-b-lig-ht- is hard to over e write.

i took 'plenty' of sleeping pills to sleep for the next day of class, and i couldn't impel myself to go. what i discovered is i had no grounding.

so this perfect rational plan of making the drop-kick-for-no-reason- from the machine shop work for me, with unemployment, by discerning the b17 status that pays me to get an education and not have to look for a job, combined with a pell grant and a dislocated workers grant: i mean, i was set for 9 months: i could go to school for 3 semesters, and have the gracious time to not only go to class, with an intense 4 hr a day 4 days a week schedule, but have time to study too (which i would, a lot, as i was in 2nd year student classes).

the grounding. i am not talking about having enough education to attend the classes. the classes would be a worthy challenge, and i understand what i need to know aka memorize and that is a firm grasp of g/codes, to program CNC machines. i had been studying a cnc book on my own, memorizing the x,y,z, depending on a vertical or lathe cnc, and to know where to find the negative and positive accordingly moving away from center / zero. it was nice, orientation was sinking in, to crack a book and study diagrams, set me up to know what i was walking into.

the problem, besides feeling like i would slightly upchuck, and contrasting feelings of not feeling well with the exuberant professor, and one part of me was appreciative of his energy, to ride the motorcycle this summer, to go fishing and see wild fish hatcheries, to have his daughter married off in mexico, the excitement of idea he wants to hatch with a display case of things to make: aluminum cribbage boards (i didn't like the idea look or feel of these / i would prefer wood). hatching the senior project which was coming up with your own design to follow thru and i asked about the inkless pen made of amalgam metal and i don't know who to talk too, i have talked to a smelter, and ... my convo in search of the inkless pen just gets overwritten. not as a mean slight, more as something that doesn't register, ever.

i liked the professors exuberant energy, he had a conversation for (us) making money, as i am sure he is well versed in influencing. part of me liked his boundless energy, part of me questioned.

there was a subtle conversation about the women before in class that did stack up or didn't pan out by the professor. it is odd, writing about this as it happened the feelings and emotions and things i am responding too are more too the f/ore, however, if i think back about actually trying to make myself go to class, i start to feel weazy and sick.

i got to explain to amy glass, at goodwill, that worked hard to get me the grants to attend class on short notice and then get that info to unemployment... i got to explain not that i had too, but i did. she is from delaware by the way. i explained to her, it is not fear that i can't rise to the challenge to learn what i need to learn and attend this class. i know what it is that will be required of me, and it is too intense and not the right time, b.c. i do not have 'grounding.' my days and nights would be taken up with CNC, g-c-0/d-e's and "so-l-i.d.-works"... and i get what this expansion of opportunity is about. there are grants right now in CNC and machining to make up for sending manufacturing across sea. however the luxury of "helping" people "help" themselves is based on the fraud-u-lent- activity of -t-a-war-e-. amy talked about creative things i could do, and i said i thought about this. the thing is, this is a lot of work to learn a theory to then apply a theory to generic creativity of 'things i could make' which would most likely, given my? "his-story", mean i'll be annexed from the marketplace on the PRE MISS i s/ave t/h fxf a ce. i couldn't get myself over the theory of learning something painstakingly and then ? i would be able to apply it creatively to my own life? i would rather have a need for cnc, then go at it passionately. what i realized is this is a parallel world to me -an-s-, i have no grounding in pursuing it at this time, although i could, in that i am not afraid i can't learn, even starting from behind. (i know i pay attention along the way and that puts me A H/ea/D as long as i wanna p(L)ay)... i discovered i lead by desire. learning things in theory for later "creative" unnamed unthought of uninspired applied theory, does not present grounding for me.

i saw in my mind' eye no where i could con spire. so while this seemed like the perfect artful setup of making lemonade out of lemons, i realized the expansion of opportunity was there, because i am running away from my real work. and that i have been doing every body elses work, and not my own. if i pursued the cnc class i wouldn't have time for my own, and the way it is set up, it could be 9 months. ironically, i moved my tooth appt, to have it checked in mass while it was broken, but not broken again below the gum line, so that i could go to class the first day, and i didn't make the road trip to see family, because class started sooner than i thought.


i have g c 0/d e's (t) 00 the w/th' rig ht, & s0/L/i.d. e w/0re~k t'de lig ht


i'm not the only one running from their real work, s0/n e'ye re c0n


making me-on/e-ye- for war-e- is not an industry to pro claim you love "jesus christ" in vein, vain, yes, pathalogical-ly-e-s- : forme g'sus stain a me


what else is new? the barnacle on my left foot, that is growing more prominent from when the dog ran between my bike tires, and i slammed it hard in my doc marten boots on asphalt, now has a matching protuberance on the outside of small toe metatarsal. it is spongey, and doesn't hurt. the left leg has been the structurally sturdy one, carrying a bigger work load than the right, that is why, i was told by the podiatrist, the left has a larger calf muscle. i find myself rolling on the side of this foot, like it is hard to keep my balance, and i think the left is having trouble, being the extra duty work horse, and i am growing bone or at least swelling as a 'retort' of so-rt-s-. these new sightings along with my tooth have not made me feel normal per care free. i am care free, i have questions that i carry along with me, trying to suss out the arrangement of what made the "unquestionable" be. i see swimming in my future, because i want to remain active, however i need to get off my feet, while i monitor the swelling of my little toe and get put on the waiting list to see the podiatrist. the tooth was really an alarming wake up call, and combined with the foot i have sus ten an(d) c/e too th' s i/n k bu/ye syn(e)c. i'm not telling you what, lets just say, i feel a litmus thrust for e ward in necessit(e)ye t make


and it has to do with my too th and f eat


in my own way i have found my direction assure ad ly


man u k/a


pi ct u/r~e

w/-het-her- th'-de-sig-n-e-re-f-as-h-ion-e-is-t-w/-h/0-re-a-w/-he-ye- T- is-t00-t-he-miss-ta-k/e-

w/-het-her- th'-de-sig-n-e-re-f-as-h-ion-e-is-t-w/-h/0-re-a-w/-he-ye- T- is-(t)00-t-h-e-miss-ta-k/e-


From: Amy Glass <Amy.Glass@goodwillnne.org>

Subject: Checking In

Date: September 9, 2016 9:01:44 AM EDT

To: 'Angela Cook' <xubrnt@me.com>


Hi Angela,

I’m just checking in to see how things are going, hope all is well!


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: Re: Checking In

Date: September 9, 2016 9:18:45 AM EDT

To: Amy Glass <Amy.Glass@goodwillnne.org>



I received the reply from PTE via Maine Human Rights. Now I get to work on that watered down and skewed reply, and shape it again to my eye. I broke my tooth, under the gum line, and I have surgury on Monday, where… part of my gum is cut away so a crown can be extended. I have been preparing my dietary future : tea, honey, acai & ginger ice cubes. I forsee a mouth full of ice cubes! and I will be fitting in my skinny jeans, alas, that I recently donated!

Treading lightly for my mirth,



From: Amy Glass <Amy.Glass@goodwillnne.org>

Subject: RE: Checking In

Date: September 9, 2016 9:44:38 AM EDT

To: 'Angela Cook' <xubrnt@me.com>

Hi Angela,

That sounds painful, best of luck with your surgery! When you are feeling better we can meet to talk again about job searching and where you may be interested in exploring. Hopefully your Maine Human Rights claim will go favorably as well.

Keep me posted,




h um b L/e a.~d.


h 0/n e'ye (t/h) b e/e i n/n st e~a. d.


s(h) ave in g 'a.' m.e 0/n e'ye


s0~L~i.'d. e w/(h)0~r(e) k's(t) 00 t/h/e & s(t) 00 t/h/(r)e a.d. & t/(h)r e a.d. e pt(h) rue d th t/u/r fxf e/e d


the plan is to put manuka honey & tumeric 0/n e right on the sight off i/n f(L)am mate i 0/n e. fr = francium chemicals, they are named after a man's country b.c. supposedly he saw it first direct ly e too th's peak t 0 f/f ten. fr also = right hand page ... tu b(e/e)' s ag/e

k(eye) f(actor)

the L~and of (t) m i'll k and h0/n e'ye

in k less p~en (d) , a.m. all g~a.m.

what "we" h-ave cur-rent-ly- is -in-k-less-p-en-(d-) , am-all-gam- , me-t-a-l/l-ea-ven-(t-)d-

it is f-x-f-un-n-eye- that no one takes my quest serious ly e radically, and i continuously have a conversation with myself just for the ideating as/s well and 0 w/(h)ea l/l th

i mean, "men" "rig-ht" with an inkless pen for no reason, -and-

cut below the g/um

cnc class wasn't leading by desire, it was getting "back", and i suppose that is the same reason "one" thinks it is rational to feel they can write for no reason on me, and find systematic all(e)ye they have no grounding. no grounding, no support system. i have no reason as desire to learn theory of skills to applied "creative" theory when i have nothing in min(e)d that can b(r)ought at the same t i'm e. the effusive energy of the professor, living like the pearl of the world was in the palm of his hand, i was not jealous or envious, i think his exuberance is very much "misplace-d-" without-ore-t-with-a-t-race-

make a product, making a cool product, making any product is tertiary, at this po in t.

tertiary too t(h) c 0' re

thats why it felt like a parallel world. it seemed like all the systems were in place. the fact the male class supported me, i have to say, didn't actually work for me. not that i am opposed to people's generosity, it is just in one day i could read the future as a repeat of my indigenous nature liking people, as i did at the machine shop, giving my be/st as i'de naturally do, and having it all fall to s-him-s-. in 3 dizzy hours, i got a read on the people around me and i would like to be engaged in this learning arrangement. the fact that i liked the read, was reason to cut ties faster. there was no reason to build up false hope or false engagement. this way i go fast, and get forgotten about as the c-lass- moves for-war-d-. and i don't have to explain myself or have another experience of all my worth falling too th-s-him-s-



all goes too th' s-him-s- : th-d-evil-e-ft-p-lent-eye-0-f-x-f-t-christian-me-n-d-

all goes too th' s-him-s- : th-d-evil-e-ft-p-lent-eye-0-f-x-f-t-christian-me-n-d-s-en-ds-

i have some notes from last night. regarding my #2 too th, i was pretty upset at you.

at first i thought it was number 0ne, however i was informed that that was my wisdom tooth, that has been removed, and left a negatives space ye t 00 th 0 st e w/e

me t/h in k's f~0/n d ly e m~e w/e

& m~u/n t 0/0 d u/e~ t (c) 0/0



s0~L~i.'d e w/0~r(e) k's

w/ as h, w/a s/s h, w/ a s/s ea. s/s 0/n e, w/h as h t(h)rue, w/h as h as/s ea. s/s 0/n e make : may k/e r~e/a. s/s 0/n e t a 'k'/e~

wisdom tooth removed, now negative space sits where it is room

t0 p(L)aye t(h)rue

w/u : w/(h)u(e) : h / it's a g i'ven t but not bu/ye t-h-em-t-(h-)rue-d-





there is no act u all love loss in this approach-d-


a total mass-que-r-ai-d- of - (in-)t-eg-r/i-t-(e-)ye-

there is no love-loss in this approach-d-

it is only getting "back" hu(e) s/s (e)ye. you st ill can't speak on integrity e fxf0r/me~al/ly e

the que/st for manuka honey, that is medical grade, or that will satisfy more than taste with anti bacterial qualities, is a long process, as umf*unique manuka factor* numbers, plenty of brands are using, the numbers, without the umf insignia, then some are coming up with their o(w/?)n/e system of measuring. & one compound of measurement, changes over time into another. so i question which one of the other systems the numbers represent. then there is the suspicious amt of "manuka honey" sold in the marketplace that far outweighs what new zealand can produce (the only place to get manuka honey).

i'm not finding it easy to make a purchase for me'ye too th

i want something that makes me happy e t 0/0

there are a lot of reviews, that this or that manuka honey tastes bad, however, it has an impressive medicinal quality without using medicine, so when i think of the me-ds- (i) will be prescribed, i would rather e im part h'one ye t00 th f~0'rt i f e'ye

i would rather e im par/t h'one ye t00 th f~0'rt i f e'ye tu b~ a w/are

t00 th' sig n/i f~e'ye s~ea. t/h ere

my appointment got moved t'up. i don't have time for the ma(i?)l e to send me some manuka honey, now/ h eye am t'looking locally e on t/u m~m e'ye in truss t

e'ye a.m. the m~is/s t~a k/e ye t/b re a/k & c as/s t we'll in t' mu st

a b(e) l/l e

ye t00 th (e) re st 0're

fxf a~s/s t a~s/s m~0(0)r~e in/n~d 0 b~u'ye serve d

0 w/i.d. th~e nerve


fxf 0'l(e)c~u/s~ t 0 mer's

h~ave t/h ab 0 rt

i have tooth surgery and a foot appointment and search for local manuka honey and preparations. i don't plan to be in touch for a while as eye give attention to me inn d well ness (i) e ven ea. r~ 0 un d


c 0 a/s t

(g) ea. r t(h) f a~L/L 0 w/e ' dg (0) e

0' s~


m/ai/L? a.d. ? there shouldn't be any "ad's" when there is no follow thru e ve/in a(n)d. particularly by "com-cast", as i get a "number" of narcissistic -t-r-as-s-h- in every f-x-f-0-r-m-e-f-rom-e-t-he-m-me-d-

"t-he-ye-" market on the presumption they -e- are the only game in t-own -e- wasting ethic all x nature all ' d re sources-in-n-t-0-(w/-)e-

i called the local heal th store and they said they had manuka honey umf* 15, and it is missing the umf. bought raw local honey for my tea and a tumeric drink, which has me thinking of going the tumeric (non inflammation route). max at planet dog talked to me about mixing tumeric with solid coconut cream and making disks to then put into tea, to help with inflammation. funny he told me about his idea he wants to market, before eye myself have the need.

i was there because min0 takes me shopping there all the time when he has the frisbee.

he told me about a solid creamed coconut at wholefoods. i found what i believe to be the package from thailand. i put what tumeric i had previously purchased from the bulk section in a bag. too stiff to mix, so i used the stick mixer, and it actually tastes really good, sweet. this ' i'll be one sa(L)ve too th ad a gain.

f o're ye tastes good h ere ye t(h) ave me a.(i)d. ea.r

tumeric really colors things, my tongue, bright yellow, especially

(you can e h/ave as much d ea.r th as you w/an't c/an d(e'ye)g ave)

com-cast- they are re-lent-less-a-ct-u-all-ye- & rent-less-0-b-serve-d-in-be-t-ween- ... e-ye-too-t-he-re-st-o-re-ad-see-d-see-k-t-

when i think of kim kardashian and how "pre-t-t-eye" she "thinks" she is, with de-sign-e-re-p.r.-0-d-u-ct-(s-)ass-w/(h-)e(a-)ll-t-h- eye think to myself that i am not putting on make-up to se/am e'ye (t/h)ave a conceive able f/r one t 0 g/ether e in be t we/en -ai-l-t-

acai, shaked with raw honey and crushed ginger, poured into an icecube container. raw honey, not cooked, keeps the nutrients for (ce) s/s (h) 0/0 k : it tastes really good. i had to tr(e)ye some b.c. i overe filled the container e

the 'gaia' golden milk is tumeric mixed with dates and herbs that r~e(e) L ate

my line up too th' st a/r(e) t plus holy basil and ice cubes : i will most certainly be fitting into my skinny jeans, that i also donated. curious ly be fitting~


my skinny jeans, the pockets are too small on my ass, and the pants won't stay up over my r/ump, and while i like the gray charcoal color a lot, it was befitting t/h~at i'm e t00 th t 0 s/s 0 w/h~eye 's i'd~e

a L/L 0 t



i m(e)aid you look did t(h) 0/0 kn~0t e'ye


Angel/a. M. C00 k


th fxf 0'l(e) i/0 re ct 0 (w/) e

r~e L~at e

see n f0're sa(ye)t~e t00 th' d ate


i couldn't sleep last night which kind of stresses me, extra sleeping pills and i am more awake it would seem for taking them. at some point past 3am, being the last time i was up and checked the clock in passing, i went to sleep and i dreamed, as i remember parts of me dream, that i was indicating to someone that something was simple, they just need to get on the computer, my computer, for reference, and i was giving them the password to the computer, which they would need as the system asks for it, and so i told them it was nothing, my password is nothing, not "nothing" it is blank, it is a zero : i didn't put a password in. just hit 'return' and zero password would let you inn.


tired, i went to an appointment at then to workout, as i am up, and met mathew after my workout and had a fine chat with him and richard (not the richard-s- that live and park to either side of me) and it was awesome and creative. mathew used to be in cirque de soleil. he helped me with exercises to rehab my shoulders as they were clicking with the weight i was lifting after taking time off, as well as the kinesiology inclined chiropractor. they are fine now. i was lifting more weight than my finer e rotators would proper e ly e shoulder d well. mathew is a beautiful person. the conversations were coming from each our o(w)n e un~i verse. he expressed a desire to create a dance, with the orchestra not in the pi/t. i expressed eye got his framework and fretwork reference. he moved too th i'll u s t r/ate, what a letter would look like and would in respond or go before or after the sound. he showed me with a fair whisk of the leg, and i thought to me sel l f, that i could never match his beauty he so articulately conveyed with a lift of the leg. that and i want to pick his brain about collaboration, per 0, not today.


inn future salutation if(t) e'ye m aye

see k

t0 me an s w/ee p~s

richard and i have spoken independently in passing. we came together with mathew, today. to gust and banter e lay. i learned that richard works in an investment firm, and he is called by co-workers as the 'socialist.' it was very fun to have a conversation with people that bring so much creative / thoughtfullness too th t able.

it was a synergistic conversation, and i thought i could hardly keep up, and i just had to keep going with it (tired or kn 0t).

anyway, my latest banter was about how i purchased something from macys.com and then they get your email and send you emails daily if not hourly announcing a "sale" (on items that are sometimes double the retail price as w/-ha/le-pt-00-th-t-ai-l-e-d-) and that i decided to day to unsubscribe and not just that but to stop looking at models for me'ye p.r. i.'d. e, and make my clothes as the nee d inn s~t/r i.'d.e. i question the compulsion to buy "clothes" in the me-ark-e-t-p-(L-)a-ce-x-p0-s-ed- . it is a matter of time, and i really need then to question, that i have the time to make what is ne cess a(i)re ye on the same t(r)in e

& n ai L i/n e



bu/ye the way? suspicious as/s it s w/aye s. proper-e-l-(e-)ye- the jack ass' of-x-f-t-h(e-) free-d-0-me- (that can't possibly replicate the s(h)ave i 0're t"h"e-ye- s-peak-s-on-to-f-x-f-t-L-at-e-) is -t-he-n-ai-L-s-0/n-e-ye-t-c-rack-t-a/s-t-e-




your -e- "positive" -&- "negative" framework and fretwork do t(h) 0/0 k~n 0/t c0 r/r e L/L at e


too th (e) fxf a ce ye t c/an -t- qui-t-e-a-make-


on the same pre miss too ke(y)ep "face"

with no reason again e"x"ce-pt to re-t-ai-l-i-ate-


"positive" -&- "negatives" ire on the same f-x-f-am-ill-e-ye-p-(L-)an- (t-) d-


"man" kin-d- is "differ-rent" "b.c." "i/t" c/an-t- c-(L-)i'm-(b-)e-


w/"h"en "man-kin-d-" checks the "framework" and "fretwork" in "h"is "h"ea"d', "he" comes up with, in reflection of -t- his "g0/d" for no re a.s/s 0/n (e) d e/b t-he-n-/d- hie-fen-d-


man kind is succinctly nothing more than "a" "Lo" "t" of hie-fen-s-, leaning in uni-s-0/n-(e-)d-


the guys in the shop that have done nothing with kevins' "lo" "t" ("h") are the "negative" to w/-his-"k"n-0we-in-g-race-d- "positive" too-t-he-re-L-at-e-


inn-fam-eye- is nothing more than a me-as-s-u/r-e-d-c-up-a-di's-g-race-too-th-st-(a-)ye-


kevin doesn't want anyone to be jealous, that t/heir really is no reason tu be gel-louse-t-(h-)rue-d-h-i'm-t0-0d-ue-w/e-




this was very funny. min0 frequently takes the frisbee too the dog store, and eye in t0(w/)e. rollo is a brown lab, that belongs to an employee that works there, and min0 is dominant for such a dainty in build dog, and we were conjecturing how min0 would mount the larger rollo, ore visa versa, and the owner said something like rollo could just stand over min0, and i added, yes, he could L00~m 0ver.


th-e-w/e- a.-r-the-n-ai-l-'s-0n i'm fxf/r aid

u-r-the-n-ai-l'-s-0n i'm fxf r/aid un n0tice d e ft


un n0 t i ce de ft c l~ea.r in d i'm e


f ea. r ?


t high 0 w/i f/e


un n0 t i ce de ft c l~ea.r in d i'm e m0 t i(eye) 0/n t(h) 00 k nigh t


s (L) 0 w/e L/L (e) ye b/b~r0/a.d. aye L/L~i g/ht


w/(h)ave t~0 f/f i/n t/en t~i(eye) 0/n e


in c/0're p 0're aT (e) i n/n t/en t/i 0/n e~g/r~a/ce tw/h0 d i/n/n t ere st 'h' e/r 0~d/e




t (0/0 t)h fxf e/a. r


con-test-ea-d-ly-e- the po-li(e-)ce-d-e- are t(h) 00 kn 0/t 00 th(e) re st 0're. so making an "x"-am-p-le-g-ove-t-pee-p-le-g-a/i-n-d-0-0-re-


basically, the post should read, all things considered, "shame on you for not keeping your lie to/g/ether/ se/am/ing 0 p r.00f fed dup e 0n e 0're-d-0-be-t-w/-h0-d-e-w/e-d-u/e-t-00-t-he-re-st-0-re-d-ea-r-use-d-

i have one word for t-his-t-in-test-i/n-ai-l- : t-ripe-


t-he-w/e-st- c/an-t-be-a-w/e-ll-f-x-f-a-(i-)r-e-st-re-at-e-

d-um-b-ere- & "h"ei-r- t00-t-he-th-in-k-n0-t-e-very-e-t-hing-e-t-law-st-

d-rug-s-w/-ill-too-t-he'-d-e-p(-)L0(-)y-e- b/b-0d-eye- // ad-mitt-ed-e/b-t-w/-h0-d-e-w/e-d-w/e-ll-t-



this woman is out of the c l0se t. and ano-t-her-e- journalist s-h0-t-a-re-s-. i appreciate very much that this person is representing their e sel/l fxf t 0/0 co/m p (L)ea t are t00 th f/f all 0 w/e f/f t/h ere


t(h) c l0 t/h e/s w/e a.r t/h' sel~l fxf tw/h0 d/e fxf i/n e w/e d


g0ing f0r e war(e/a.)d.


p.s. do not judge me n bu/ye ow/-n lack of t de sir/e inn


i don't get to "even" re/st com for t able ye in the "zero" posit ion.


"men's" entitle-men-t- for no re as/s 0/n d


a "man's" "zero" contributes none-the-less-for-war-d-




de-sir-e-- is base-d- 0/n-e-in-t-ere-st-0-0-k-eye-p-0-sit-i0n-e-d-






in-g-race-d- f-x-f-ea-r-s-eg-(r-)ave-d-






i unsubscribed from macys, and perricone, and yet, i have this juniors department by celebrity pink, overalls jumper, which i can't decide if i like or not, like b.c. i slip it on, and it reminds me of early school years, a jumper a jump suit with bib coveralls. i bought it for work in machining, as i can wear legging or pants under it, and it fits like a trapeze short A shaped dress, with ample pockets. i bought it for work b.c. it cost 20 dollars on sel to me'ye g i/r th, and i thougth i could use it well. i question whether i should keep it, as i don't need it for the intended "machine" work, however, i could use it when i am sewing or anything, slip it on like a smock to cover up. part of me thinks if i like it, make one of a better fabric. i like the sturdy canvas like stretch fabric which leggings won't stick to in disarray, however i do not like the smell, it is like the garment is giving off voc's. i can wash it. eye say in my mind sig/h t00 the re laye f as t aye. what i don't like about it' style is what i like about it, it reminds me of school. can i keep the smock tu b (e/s) c(h) 0/0 l e


i think on things for a richer dwelling


truthfully i am excited to get on with my o(w)n/e fashion'd






faithful to humans at any e-r-ate-


you are a "zero" without me in me'ye t i'm e. g. 0/ing fxf 0're w/a r(e)d


you are a "zero" too th(y) 0're "h"e/r "0" -d-e/b-t-00-t-high-0-w/-(h-)ea-l-t/h-


bottom line, i don't know if i need a smock, i may want won anyway


with a destination




th f awn d e/p t/h b~w/rist le awn d awn

eye wish it were so easy as de-sig-n-ing-a-n0-s-e-


so far so good, the tooth minus part of the gum isn't bothering me, however, i don't want to investigate it with my tongue, as it hides behind my other teeth, eye really can't see. the dentist emma w/u, worked effaciously e time(s) t00 t/h/e. my mouth was stretched so wide, i though t e'ye would have stretch marks inside. grinding noise, burnt blood and ash, a citric ac(r)id left a path down the esophageal pass ag a/nd. it was to stop the gum ore the lack there of from bleading bland. taking an impression, extracting the broken piece, after shots too the numb e a.m. e, taking another impression to see in projection how deep too c/u/t, gum and numb me an s, e'ye h ad e/b t00 t(h) 0/0 kn0w thing a way : i let the doc t~0're make the w/h e'ye t. i was done in an hour, started 15 minutes after my appointment, an hour and fifteen back on the road, the shots to numb had worn of t/h ex p0 se d. acai / honey / crushed ginger icecubes : feels good. i still won't let my tongue explore the good fortune i don't feel eye a.m. 0'r(e) t0 me an s peak. con fi den/t 00 th p. r.ea~k. 2 weeks, a tw/h0 f/f e/r : i get the permanent crown on my #2 tooth, and 2 teeth crowned. the dentist suggested, i have deep pits in my molars and have had silver fillings since i was a teenager, and one, looking at it, is pulling away, and is mostly filling without tooth actually. it would be her desire i fix this on t~00t' hi re. I sea. th~e s/sence : the tooth with the filling pulling away, could get a cavity underneath it, and while i have in the pass ridden thing out, you can see where that got me at La sssssss t. a need to fix the tooth industriously 0 urgently all s(h) 0 w/e.


so far e so g0(0)d i'm e/a knot pressing me'ye sel~l f/f t00 the miss under e st 0/0d


qua-r-r-eye- th-c0n-fuse-i-on-e-


eye only believe in you-r-e- w/-(h-)ea-l-t-h-d-


r ich r oat it


h are on, can't p(L)ay unless you can give me your e L0've


complete ly = co/m p (L) ea T e L/L e ye s e/e k/t


~t0 me an s pea~K


this morning before my dental appointment i went to get maine mercy care, bring my paperwork, and last tax filings, pay stubs and such, and i qualified unit dec 1, and it can be extended 6 months if i sign up for obama care, and i was told me not having obama care this year, will cost me 1,000. it cost me 300 last year. again, insurance doesn't cover what i need which is not meds, it is orthotics. ironically, now, i have the dr appt for me feet, and new custom cast orthotics will cost about 1000 and it will be paid by maine mercy care. mercy care doesn't pay for teeth. i paid for teeth with c as h u/e & 's h0/e. vinny thinks, at mercy care, that if i sign up for obama care in november, it probably won't cost me anything... signing up makes me think of unsigning. how is this done? i am signing up to avoid a penal-t-eye-, greater than the "one" if i didn't sign up-huss-y's-


"ph" = "f" face-too-th-face-d-e-g-race-




i ordered the manuka honey umf 15+ by comvita on amazon.com, and they offered me free shipping if i signed up for "prime" , which after the trial allows you for $99 to get free 2 day shipping all year, and other things, like downloading mo vi/e s. it was guaranteed to come on sunday, so the email stated sent to me, and i didn't know how. it wasn't delivered sunday day 2, or monday yet, as of day 3. i think the "prime" offering is just supposed to impress you with the words of "possibility" ... and then you blithely jump on the $99 a year, for the same shipping service if you didn't gall your right too t/h ea r -d-


i just canceled the "prime" serv-i've-ce-


still waiting for td ameritrade to return my 100 to me. g-ad- it is a "pro-cess-t-"


i've since un sub scribed from suzy orman emails. i get the "need" too the p-ass-on- it is not for me a.d.


c as h t00 th c L~ass make & t00 th' s~ta k/e


not "c" as "h"


ph i've


the 2nd crown is a pre ven t a t~i've me as s~u r/e


in t i'm e (d)


p.r. 0(a)t e ct i've


g i've l0've (a)g 0


g i've l0've (a)g 0/d 0've t/h all' s(h)0 w/e (d)


rich can't speak on sharon for -e- competing tu being the b-re-ad-e-w/-inn-e-re- i/n c0/m p as/s i 0/n e


g/ ave


does she think she is going too take more from my t i'll if -i- she doesn't en f0r ce


you are n't going too take from my t i'll, you simply h/ave nothing t0 r/e p0'r(e) t


nothing t00 the re all u/r e p0'r(e) t


a L/L 00 r a.d. t 0(0...


a.d. t0(0) lu ere


thanks for letting me get some notes off my chest, and getting chatty b.c. of anxiety about my tooth issue. i am at best, beyond that at this time, dicking around with you, h/edge/in/g c rhyme. i know better e bet/t a(i)r e. i need to work on my own thing for a bit. can't say how long that will be. perhaps i w/i'll check in or not. i have some work to get off. i thought i would let you know what is up.


i'll get back to ewe as sigh/i' m~aye


t' m' in t rue st




foot appt today. took x rays. i have acquired equinus deformity of left foot, acquired hallux falugus left foot, acquired pes planus left foot, foot joint hypermobility left, and tailors bunionette left. which means i have flat feet, a bunion made of bone at my big toe and a spongey knob on my little toe, and a slight turning of the foot. good news is my toe joint is super flexible which flys in the face of what usually happens, ie it becomes rigid, and my alignment from my tibia to my leg is spot on, and my heels are still planting right. took a new mold for new orthotics. got the back story on the price of foam. remember i didn't purchase new orthotics b.c. they the price went approx 50 up. i inquired and they said it was the price of foam. there really isn't that much foam to justify. anyway, their manufacturer of the middle, i believe, layer is in china and they wanted a certain durameter at a certain price point. this was achieved by initially getting the duramater to test accurate -and- by blowing more air into the product, so this has been a problem for the last 3 years they have been with the company and me buying custom orthotics that do not stand the text of time. good news, they switched to a company from germany, and they do not blow more air into their foam. and they paint the adhesive on between layers, not spray. painting with a brush pushes the glue into the foam layers. i will be among the first to try the new orthotics. me and a "navey e se all". surgery is an option, but i am not feeling pain. i did throw some shoes a way, donate. i do have a pair of robert clergerie, never worn, and they don't look cute with a little bunionette hanging out. they may make their way to ebay. trying to see if toes spacers will help and then purchase another pair of workout shoes, probably altra with the splayed platypus fore foot. i don't like the nobbyness, however, in my internet quest, i found that posh girl spice and naomi campbell both have a left foot bunion.(it seems to be the most popular side). the down side to surgery is 8 weeks off your feet in bed, then at least another 4 to train your gate. and a cute scar instead of a knob.


know one is discouraging from being active. curiously they said bunions are hereditary, and i said well my dad had bunions, and i must have half hereditary, as only one foot is affected. curiously, i had a pair of asics from about 3 years ago, and i can't wear these shoes any more. too tight on the bunionette foot. with all the prodding today, i did actually start to take notice that my bunion and bunionettes feel a little pain. i'm keeping the shoes and sandals that are not too tight and hide the bunion and bunionette.


i never noticed in pictures posh spice has a wicked bunion, however, i don't like viewing my bunions. if i can't feel them, i would kind a like to forget they are there.


certainly one can gloss them up with expensive designer shoes to cast an image, however, practical as i am, i'm not dressing up for anyone, and i am concerned with how my feet look to me.


& how do i feel eaven while looking.


september, by the way, is going to be expensive / costly : 2 crowns, orthotics ( i don't pay for the appointments), car inspection and registration, and fix tba, website and domain renewals, a birthday celebrating renewed teeth and no hard candy, saying good by to old shoes and getting a deliberate pair, per haps a swimming punch card…


i have been with the idea, there is no turning back bunions. every cute pair of shoes is not in my future. and i can totally work around that with an affection for moto boots. the idealogy then is to go forward pain free, and try to keep the knobs & knobettes from expanding. that way i buy certain shoes, and i don't have to think about problematic feet, in that they are not bothering me.


the only proactive advice i have been given is to concertedly stretch and stretch and stretch my tendons.


i'm supposed to do it 3x's a day. i probably won't unless i have some one too th s aye. if i am accountable to me, i think i stretch enough in the regular course of activity. if i tell someone i am going to do it, though, i will do it.


shoe shopping is totally off my p(L)ate. for the time being. no use stalking shoes, when my feet are changing. i'm just realizing what a passive past time that is for me.


looking. yet i can't see the purpose in looking if i can't port end 0 w/are


i'm doing the stretching, 3x's a day t00 th fxf a~ce t/h ere


so weird, so many doctor appointments and new m.o.'s, and i kind of do not like it. i don't like thinking 'self / managment by or not by bunions'


i like being insouciant, (being) utterly insouciant



spoke with ken from maine orthotics & prosthetics. asked about hallux splints, that can be worn at night and day, and what about toe spacers, and he said the splint yes at night, to pull the toe into alignment and a nylon sock with a band that pulls the toe by day and fits nicely in shoes and with orthotics. we talked a bit about, he didn't give me a direct recommendation, as the law, as he put it, doctors/ hospitals can't give crutches to their patients. he listed a number of government infarctions, that in my words, limit follow thru. bummer. the conversation revealed something the podiatrist didn't (i met with his assistant, and he didn't either) nor the outfitting for orthotics, and that is the orthotics support the maligned foot, they do not bring it into balance, into normal position, so yes, he did advocate (outside of my appointment with concerted questioning) the splints, the toe spacers i may outgrow the need, shoes that will accomodate, and the nylon toe band sock. we will review splints, bands and shoes i have bought when i get the new durameter orthotics. the ones with the foam not filled with "air" to give a false read, to inflate the cost over time for no reason to re ad, and deflate the premise of buying into actually, that fail the test of time "buy" w/-ea-r-ing-


my line of questioning is t, b.c. i am not in pain, but the protuberances have me thinking. that and reviewing my previous foot ware by trying it on, and finding it unattractive at least, and uncomfortable. if i can avoid surgery, that would be preferable. the orthotics do not turn back a bunion. neither will the splints. the bone mass has ?grown? to stabilize the ?dynamics? of with & what it has to work with. there is no turning back the boney growth. right now i have full function. with deliberate foot choices i do not have pain. i would like to advocate on the side of realignment for t(h) b/r a~i n'd, verses let maligning support reign indefinitel(ye) ?ad?


indefinite le(ye)?ad? e/b -to-me-an-s-e/e-k-a-g-a/i-nd-in-n-


f-x-f-ad-(e-) &-d-e-ye-g-ai-n-d-


i did my stretches this morning. they actually feel good, all achilles basically from different angles. i steep my tea while doing this, and that way it doesn't seem like a fluffy waste of time (ing)


the bunionette is probably not going away, if it did, i might keep some of my sandals / cute shoes. it seems to slip out at the side of the leather strap fore foot crossing, that also seems to hide the big toe bunion on some of my shoes. honestly, it makes me look stupid to wear shoes that are so visibly "misshapen" on my feet. as if i can't see & s ea. t/h e r~a.d.i c/all(e)ye t0 me'ye t'me an i/n g's w/(h) ea t 00 th t~ea t/h


it is analogous to someone with really bad teeth, twisted, crowded, and with black door / lights out vacancies. it drops the perception of i.q. even more so, as one would think i have a plethora of choice in my foot wear choice for/m/e a.d.


the bunionette, i don't think it is going away, is b.c. of reviewing the x rays. the tendons for my little toe and big toe starting at the middle of the foot are splayed. they are pulling away. splints may help, perhaps, it is worth a try, as it also stretches connective tissue into the right position, while it is not rigged, and the stretching of the achilles, keeps that tendon from tightening (stretched now over compensatory bone growth) and further misaligning the maligning 0ver time ?de?fy/i?n? ing -c-rhyme-in-g-


the t0-w/e-re- building unnecessity ontop of unnecessity, defining cur-rent-ly-a-w/ar-e-


gets "i/t's" cut, in t-ax-e-s-hu-t/t-e-re-d-up-(e-)t-c-ar-r-e-ye-on-d-up-(e-)t-






t/h is t(h) 0/0 kn~0t 0/0 t(h) pur(e) s e~w/e d e~w/e nd e/b t(h)rue d


e~ve(i)n s(h)0 w/e


it is kind of interesting, i can't look at shoes and boots the same way. there are plenty of advertisements for designer fashion on every virtual page. that simply do not apply to me ve(i)n d e/b t00 th d ate. i can't simply fornicate a way forward with no reason t 0/d ate. the shoes now have to re l~ate


eye gall my tooth inside me'ye head to (w/)hear a word "prime" x "all" before it is b' 0re n tu b re a.d.


w/(h)ere & w/(h)ea~r



the only thing i want to eat for days, is mary's gone crackers. i love the crunch and malt taste... it has taken me near 2 days to figure out how to go forward with my feet. b.c. now that i know the bunion/ettes are an issue that is not going away and could potentially lead to pain & surgery, i have tried to get as much information to make high priority decisions: i have concluded altra running shoes are making a narrower pod in the forefoot, as i have read many reviews. i have looked at toe spacers, toe splints, yoga toes, watched taping videos, read podiatrist blogs (thanks dr. blake healing soles), checked into toe socks, shoes... i thought wearing ugly foot friendly shoes would mean a narrowing of options, and that is not really the case, it is a whole other world... i spent all last night into the wee morning looking at shoes on line, today, tired, an appt for work, then i went to lamey wellenhan shoes, a curious name for a shoe store if ewe ask' t me, and i tried merrel, keen, alterx, sas ?, some really geriatric soft shoes, and vibram feet, which my feet were so delighted with, which got me thinking about the spacers i saw online, as the individual portal for each toe made my feet feel really good and delightful like a child. ultimately i bought 2 pair of keen, highly platypus shaped, presidio leather shoes, one is seasonal musty purple urban lace up, and a black pebbled mary jane. the shoes are boats, they fit my orthotics (old ones) and will fit toe spacers. toe spacers vary in price from 6 to 65. ultimately after much reviewing, i went with the 65 b.c. they were rated for wearing in your shoes (not all are) and you can be active in them (run) and they are weight bearing (gym). podiatrist 'correct toes' brand, recommended, and medical grade silicon. injinji socks, still don't know. i didn't buy another pair of cushy running shoes. i had been wearing hoka one one all summer, and they are way comfortable, except the orthotics maker thinks the cush may over ride and deform the work of the orthotic. which makes me feel i can't win with this system. for the time being, i wait for the toe spacers, break in my new shoes, do my stretches and exercises, and see if i can bring better alignment and comfort to my feet, and not be distracted now by the 'stylish, urban, boats' i am sporting s~owe unique.


this wasn't how i antici~p ated spending the last couple of days. i was shot last night. like information overload, and marveling the 'limiting of options' has just opened a world of many many many choices i have to see to/o th follow thru, what pertains to me, a viable view/e d. i am a bit skeptical, this foot problem, has no end, "b.c." of the "begining-i've-n-(t-)d-


i am skeptical to try to think around the orthotics. from what i read, and this makes sense to me, exercises are great to strengthen arches etc, however only if you have proper alignment. thus the barely there shoes / vibram and such, may not be a good choice for me, flatted footed and all and stretching the achilles is the most proactive thing i can do, and pull those toes in a fashion of alignment true. however, i consider the barely there shoes b.c. i walk around barefoot at home. why this has become a priority is b.c. of the rapid shift in my foot, this year alone. i have only been living with a bunionette since the beginning of september (i noticed it the first day after being on campus) had an x ray, and can see it is more than just the bunion swelling, it is structural, starting at the middle of the foot. and now that my concentration is on it, it doesn't feel good.


i am trying to provide the re lea f "it" oo "k"


probably 'mistook' fora -b- 0/0- k-





feet feel good today. i have shoes that put no pressure, well, shoes that put 0/0 (k)n0(w/e) pressure on my bunions t00 d ate

your e 'likes' are growing on your e p/a~g/e. it doesn't bother me. i do question, as you seem the value of zer0, and you are 'like d' that i am not liked where i am not apparently on my own face book page. kn 0/t in t i'm e/d. i've thought about running. a singular pleasure for me, that i have instilled in my memory, and running th r/un similarly. and what the means, the 'un', be it from r/un 0.re b/un i 0/n e. for me, running 'un' is b/ein/g 0/n au(g*h)t 0 p/i L0 t 00 th i/n k i/n g' similarly e're a.s/s un d e're the m.0.(0)n e'ye in/n 0(0)n e (c) kn i/t is thinking in be have & h all f/e 0 f/f t/h 0 t/h ere 0/n e c~0/m p (L) e/a. t e l/l e ye a. s/s t

n/au/t i c~a l/l e pi l0 t 0 p/en l/l e ye fxfete too th' sir(e) me'ye s me~a.r e mem/b/ere me A k


t-h- un- t- e're- can't re p (L)ea t


0 're c(h) 0/m p (L) ea t


kevin is a s-(scene-)land-e-re- t- w/-i.d.-th-is-w/-0-rd- and-e-ye-w/-ill- i/n-g-s-ea.-m.-eek------t- c-0/m-p-lac-e/n-t-l-ie-d-sin-g-


j/u-st-("a") "b.c."

s~0/n~d/e, s un d e're d aye t/h t i'm e w/(h) e/r/e (ye' t)L aye t


when we speak to someone in "law" we speak too "k"n-0-w/e-0/n-d-"


th ere & t h/ei/r is nothing to be h a.d. bu'ye competition's m(e-)a-w/-e-f-x-f-ete- d- awn- d-


i/t 's "like" ("k")n-0-(w/-e-)t-h-ing-e-, just "b.c." (the convenient contrivance of competition for no reason, is kevin the christian is entitled to speak "con"-e- me, without thinking among the me an s a ct u ally e




& d-a(i-)r-e-(e-)f-x-f-t-ar-e- b-r0-ad-e/b-too-t-he-n-are-d-


with "me-as-s-u/r-e-ab-le-t-c-ar-e-" & c-a-r/r-e-ye-t-he-m-ar-e-


(with no re as/s 0/n e t h/ei/r e)


women are simply a st-a-g-e- to put the p-light-b-light- of-x-f- men for no reason as-s-c-am-e-d-aye- t-


t heir is honestly no efface to m(e) a k, if ewe honest ly e re L ate, t w/h0 x t 0/0 th' d ate 0/n t(h)ru/e m/a(ye)ke




miss-giving-t-he-miss-a-gave-d-e/b-t-a.d.-j/u-st-he-s-a.(i-)m.e-, unquestioned-e-f-x-f-a-ce-




"b." "c." me-ye- character is (t-) w/-ea-k-


would somebody sell them another "s", "s"(h-)0-w/-e- the kardas-s-hian's' don't experience any ex/pi/re/d duress-t-








note too th' se l/l fxf: we do this deliberately in america t-00-k-eye-p-i/e-ce-s-s-as-sell- so someone's stupid redundant-ally me-as-s-u/re- can re-men-b-ere-we-ll-(t-)


w/h at is t (w/) r 0/n g with this pi ct u/re ? (you can T e L/L... e'ye w/e L/L ' D… 0 w/(i)th cust0m nail. what memory is "he" pre-serve-in-g- for/m/e/an/s e/e k th -e-'den-eye-all-t0-e-g-0/d- com-p-an(e-)ye-


note too th' se l/l fxf: we do this deliberately in america t-00-k-eye-p-i/e-ce-s-s-as-sell- so someone's stupid redundant-ally me-as-s-u/re- can re-men-b-ere-we-ll-(t-)com-p-any-e- carries a "sale" b.c.-i/t-ye-w/(h-)as k/n 0/t maid e/b too th d w/e L/L…and e/b th/e r~e well





only me-one-ye-s-h0-0d-0-h0/n-e-s/t-rite-to-ff-


tu b(e) a.d. nothing feeds on the po-lice-


just say inn


d-ate-r-ape-r-v-i-ewe- d-ewe-


the luxury too th' s a'ye c/are, & demonstrate the other w/-h-e-ye-t- with 0/u T a T are : those po-lice- are a-men-d-are-


t-he-ye- a-s-s-aye c/are, with out a re vi ewe. (and they can't pull one from their as/s (k) t w/h0 (b.c. they didn't d ewe, nor cared too)



its my b.d. tm, and i have know thing to show for it.


revs, reflexology sandals. my barefoot at home option, and perhaps back and forth to the swimming pool. i was thinking, yes, gold was the right color to hide my ugly feat best.


only if one is not pretty nude

i got my manuka honey for free. amazon prime delivered a notice for me to pick up almost 2 weeks later. thought it was the rev sandals, and it was the honey. i had previously asked to have it sent back and refunded b.c. amazon couldn't figure out how to deliver, i imagine sound familiar. i emailed, asked if the money was refunded as requested, reply said it was, and i asked about the pkg, now 2 weeks beyond, and i was told eye could keep it, rather than put me out to resend it along.



for-ce- , for-ce-s/s- , for-ce-s/s-e/e-d- is all you've go-t-(h-) 0/0 -k-

(t-/h-) cy/st-e/m-ic-a/b-u-s-e- ye-a.-m."a"-k/e-n-0-w/e-f-(t-)a-k-e/n-


(m-) i-c- a- "crumb"


"crum/b" -e- t0-f-f- 0-re- all-rig-ht-

the girl that got pep-per- (vert-) sp(r-)aye-d-, the police are just staging for help: stag, tag, ag, in-d-pen-den-t-ally-e-too-t-he-e-L-as-s-t-as/s-k-

they shoot people for not listening too-t-he-i/r-e-w/-0-r-(e-)d'-s-poke-n-o-w/e-n-d-ap/p.-r.ove-d- e/b-tu-b-serve-d-


"bespoken" becom-e-s- t-(h-)e- (w/-)rig-ht- alla-round-

"bespoken" becom-e-s- t-(h-)e- (w/-)rig-ht-oo-t-alla-round-

"bespoken" becom-e-s- t-(h-)e- (w/-)rig-ht-oo-t-(h-)'alla-round-

for (-t-) no reason e too th' sir/e me'yes (L) at L as/s t

h/all = i am referring too th y 0're t w/(h) all a round. i am speaking of you/r being you/r h0/u/s/e, with esophogeal w/all as/s h/all as/s 0 w/e inn de/st/in/nati0n e.


nati0/n e, n(0 w/e)a.t i 0/n e w/h* ea. t *be sp0ken d 0/ver t

sh0uld ere

the w/(h)ey K up

t00 the Miss Use D B e/e s P/0 k/en 0 g/g i/n/n d

g/en d

st (w/)r 0/n e g.

ate tu

per fe ct m at c~h

e/x p(L)0~d/e 's

inn t/t w/h 0/0 kn 0w/(e) t/h ing e

i comment a lot about the kardashians, b.c. their ass is every where, and for me, i simply honestly do not understand why any "one's" ass is in front of (t) me/an/s e/e k bu y(h)e a.r t~h' demonstrab(e)l/l 'ye & be t(h) a w/are i/n/n g a w/are a r/0 u/n d girth in re p a(i)r ... they have succeeded t-w/-h0-p0-in-t-out- re-sup-p-lie-d-


e'ye th~i/n k "ewe" need to stop treating this person as/s i ft th e'ye do not d serve the w/(h)ea. l/l th t0/0 L and ewe



sea t'h c~at 8/15/2016



min 0 l0ve th frisbee 8/5/16




"love" le-ad-s- t00-t-he-n-d-en-(e-)ye- t- a-gain- d-



testing live vide0 with min 0 8/6/16



Em b ark i/n g agree d 8/6/16


8/6/16 Richard mcgilvary yappy dog



-t-"h/e" wanted love without re all e fxf 0' r(e) t/h eave n(t/d') s: but -t- wanted too look as/s i ft he c~are d e/b t00 t/h(i?)e ven s qua re d : "he" wanted too look t'he~a. par t~ without any desire inn his hear t.


From: Amy Glass <Amy.Glass@goodwillnne.org>

Subject: RE: class requirement

Date: August 19, 2016 8:12:14 AM EDT

To: 'Angela Cook' <xubrnt@me.com>

Good morning Angela,

This is all great, and you should contact admissions and sign up for the class. If you have time to do that today it would be perfect. Can you see if you can get some kind of physical copy of the cost? When I asked the bursar yesterday they said they could give it to me verbally but not in writing because you hadn’t signed up yet. That would be extremely helpful. I also need to know the cost of books asap as I realized I need to include it in my budget submission. I called the bookstore yesterday and left a message but they didn’t get back to me.

As soon as I get this info I can submit my budget.

Thank you!