dear rich roat, t-anks for prompting this "man" to shit on my s~ink n0 te. g.r~0at in lesser value t-(h)r-u-e-

there was no reason for him to be snarky, i am moving my domains steadfastly, the fact is he knows he is in the w/rong in representing my move for no reason, and i suspect he covers it up as if i de-serve-t-hat-c-up- (w/-in-ner-e-provision-)(to be w/or(e)n a/s~t ye w/h~0ut/here)

nice "p-act" among you men t-hat-e.-g-.0-b-end-and-g-0-a-ll-a-on-g-

your refrain is as long as the women you post s-mut ton up-awn (just saying why would eye intend to interact without a re as on e f/0rt h at), and like "wise" why does "z-ach-t-" say these things, w/~hen t-h-ey-e- are k~n0w/(h)e ve~n se a.m.~s (it is b.c. he can't b-r0ach me w/-h-o~u/t just-h-cause-g-0-ad-0p-e-)

From: Angela Cook <>

Date: October 7, 2015 7:57:03 AM EDT

To: "" <>


note to self

spoke with rich yesterday, well what can i say, there was some energetic tussling, friendliness, he asked me as a 'friend' to not upload my website, and i said i couldn't, thinking more on that, 'friend' or no 'friend' i don't have a reason 2. he said he would 'fight' me, i asked him to me.


w/-h-0- do you think "he" leans on for sup port, even if only mythically speaking t-or/t-

imagine if "men" today were to walk on g lass and c rack i/n (g) a.d.vance

imagine if "men" today were to walk on g lass and f~all t(h)r u e 2 x t 0/p en l~ye

imagine if t-hey-e- (h)a.d. e/b t 0/m e

bob, has cancer, lives in 308, because he said he was making a shepherd's pie & may be his last, and wished he had an onion, and e'ye offered to sup ply e. says after "x" amt more radiation treatments he goes back to the hospital for 79 days after the surgery and the surgery can be fate all. i said i hope your doctor is feeling p.r.i'me ave n~d. he says he has faith, and i thought s0w/e d y~e ye f(L)ave t~h fa(i)t~h (e)in g~l0 b/a l~l e pt ma(i)n~ne're s~00t/h/e t00 the m~u~l l~ti. w/e (') l~l e~n t0 en a~c/t y(e)in a.d.vance




0 r~an~g/e st/r~an/ge~r~e~

if you host your website @ 0~r/ang/e i will receive a small kick b/ac/k~ i am no longer hosting at "mac-(pen-i/s)-high-w/-ay-e-"


i fee~l e ye (h) t~c a~rt an/d j~i'm car~rey'e 0n e w/hat i see s ea. s and' s~aye w/(hi)t a w/(ha)t at (lat)he sa.(i)m.e t i'm~e/a.n d b~r/0 a.d. c~a/s~t i/t (g)as p~ar t~e d w/e ('ye) l~l e db re a.d.e ye in c0n v/i c~t~i 0n e w/hale pt 0 pen l~y e f/0~r/m e f/r0m~e a.d. e in c0/m (V) pan~ye ve/(i)n~ 0/d~d~(e)ye (k)n~0w/k~en d's~0~p~r i'm~e0's~aw e d~aw n/u~p(h)0 2 be/e~lat~e d~en~

s~0w/(h)e~a. t~e in te.g. r/i t~y e.g.(r)0~at (e)0's~e/a.m.~e


the-m-other-s-hi-p-r-ux-e- "times" c-ru(i)se-t-h-as-s-land-er-e-d- in it's own provision k-no-t- 2 t'ea.c~h e/

a.d. ju~st (h)e s~ayin


t/h~at is (t)l~0/ve(i) l~l ye 0~r/an~g e


are we (k)no/t our e c/r~a ft 2 g0/n e in any e w/(h)et her e

ants, bye the way e, weigh as much as humans on the a~p p~lan/at e


any e w/(h)ere else~l/l e. g. a.m. e


i can't remember if this is do c/ue mean t ed it 0/m e an ye w/here :

the "supposition" sits on the "pre" supposition, that "mac highway" is in a constant state of offering terms of service as s/aid, when the f/act of the matter, i for~0ne am not allowed to dicker is t-heir-e-terms-fo-r-m-e- is based on "one" r-ich-d-ick-lie-in-g-t-hen- "rich terms of service"s-lie-s-lice-on-e-me- vain

"mac highway" x "terms of service" has no pre quell too the re seek well. t-heir-e-terms of service- is k~n0w/e t'ear'n a ll e t w/0re x w/0~r k & the "term"m-it's-e-l-l-f-f-is ug ly l-ie- = L-ov-i-e-) f/r-o-m-e-t-b-ea-r-t-h- it simply has tu` be sup p~lan te~d e/b t 00 the y0u w/(h)0 r/k i/n e mat(h)read

t-hey-e- base t-heir-e- "termination" on "terms of service" con-t-a-i/n-n-ing- t/hat is a ll-ie- from-e- the "beginning"

t/here is no room 2 re as on e t(h)r u e


i /n/n si.g.n i/f~i c~an T'~s aye t (h)r u e st/e a.ll e~a.ven (t)a~h/ rt~e w/e a.rt rue 2 inn sig.h t(h)gave t~ha.d.e in s~pa.(i)d.e a.d. j~u s/t(h)e s/s~ay/me

ScreenShot20151009at84129AM (c)up t0 me d/i 0 c~rye T a~g A i/n/n s~t/e a.d. i'll (e)ye


s~c 0p e 0/n e


t-h-is-a(i)l-l- w/-r-0/n-g-

hitler wouldn't have competed on the g-ew/e's if the jews were competing as perfect-l-ye-t-w/-h0-l-e-d-e-w/e-

hitler wanted to be an artist, ironic ally, & couldn't make it in the m-ark-e-t-p-(-l-)ace- with-inter-rest-too-th-d-ate- so he t-urn-e-d- an indiscriminate -0- in-t-0-"0"-t-(d-)re-a.d-e- ie the predictable direction of a competivive f-e-e-d-e- is-a-w/ar-e-VAIN- AG-GA-I-N-N-

ie to e X is "t" on a competitive p(-l-)ate f-0-r-m-e- introduces the "k-ne-ad-e-" to make t-r/action to/o f-ace-circumferentially e b-ea.-r-e- c/-ar-e-r-ye- t-(h)-re-ad-e/b-t-here-in-s-t-e-a.d.-e- "war" for no re as 0/n e "uni" "verse" al-ly-e-s-p-ea-k-in-g-

sir c le a.nd c i/r c~le t d w/ell 0 p~e/n l~ye c(h)0/m p(L)ea.t e t~0/m~e a.d.e

b-en-c-ar-s-on-e- is l-am-e-b(-u-)ye-re-a.d-u-c t-i-on-e- ye don't c/ar~e w/here "h"e st~an/d's it d0es k/n0~t(h) e a.m.~ay/ke. (a.) e/b t00 the d0 c/k cue mea.n t~0/d~ay t f~a(i)re a.nd'~s q/u~are


"h"i/t-l-e-(e)-r- could (h)ave be/n ' st 0p ped if t jew's ha.d. e be~en (un) h~ar/med e/b t'h' s~a.(i)m.e ve(i)n a.(i)m.e a.c. r~0ss0 p~(L)an e plain b.(h)c.`~si`g.h t i/n s~en d i/n~g's up/p~l~e nd i/n g's~en count en an(d)ce re sp(L)en d i/n g's~


f/r-e-e- fi-t-ness-con-s-u-l-e-t-at(-e-)i-0n-s-p(-r-)0-0-f/f-e-e-d-en-s-e-l-l-(i/e)-ig-ht-w/-a-s-(t)-e-d's-(t)as-h-ay-e-f/f-0r-t-m-ar-r-0-w/-e-0n-e-ven-a-(n)d-i-vi-ne-0n-e-w/-il(li)e-t-(c)-here-b-rig-ht-en-t-b(-u-)y-e-ni-g-ht-





c0/m~(e)~m0/n e~m(t)an~d's~ may/ke k~an~ye us(h)er ea.l~like a.r~ra.(y)~ke , if k/i'm (big quest-i-on-e-m-ar---k-) c/an T`ea.r~n e her ne hem i a?h-f-ace-t-w/-0--0--d-u-e-

rev.i.ew/e in~k/k 0'L~0r(d'e*)s (t/i) p~ed~u/e (`)t~'c~0nt r/a~c t~(ye'e)iei0/n e tu`


h~h i/n/n~s~s~s~s~ l0ve t~h e(s)0~L~ar e d0/0ve thye ast 0rE (a.)nd~0/0re are we c/c = c~h0 c~le ~a./r 0'A>D> at/a ~u~h/0~ut augh~t a~b/i~t (h)e~e


("@") "2"a.d.-(0d)0/0-re-(a.p.(each-)ug-nit-i-on--e--e-----e----e---

w/'s's's ? hear : ye~w/~an~t 's~h/are~0~/n~e tu`b/b ye. g.h0'st/(e/a.d.e)w/(h)~rig.h~t e're~t (h) r u e st/e~w/(h)eb r0t~h(r)u~e*

common, don't let k-an-ye-pi-e-g-u-ye-in-t-f-uck-ass-t-e-pre-p0-sit-i-on-e-tu-g-a-w/-h-ay-e- w/-ha-m-mir/r 0/r-e- scene as-s-ay-t- An0 w/hinn a p.r.e s en t(g)c~a rt/e l~le pt pf~l~ye A.s~t/e a.sp e*c:t a.c. u l~ar 0 pen *L*e a.~d. 0've a.

d. 0'v(i)e~a.c. h~ar/e hi/g*h 0/t 0w/h*0~at (a)g~r/0 at~~e a. c~up p/le X a.m.~vv~p le. g.~t'(an)d(t)r~i'ver's~e n/d e t(h)at (e)g0 t d.r.~i~ver's(h)e a.rt (d)e a.l~l (*A*)~i've~ s/ub (e) t(e/L)Le~ye A.s~t (a)r(e)t~c0 ll ar e b~0r(t~e)n (t)d's aid e/b t(h)d i'vi~n/(e)0's~0w/(h/u)e n~hew/(e)n d~0/inn (ta.)t i'm e* all t(h)e a.t i'm e a.l~l's 0e0e0e0e0's~0'le A.v~e n ~0~/n ~e~ s0w/e 0's c/an 'se.g. r0w/e t~au/g*h~t f~LL~0w/(H)er~e's~h0w/(h)ere'~s~s~s~s~t~e w/e t(h)r u (l)e pt f/ewe.


(a.)g.A i/n/n e m@t~a(i)re all b(u)ye A s/t~a~r/t e a.~ll'c~s~0w/(H)e~n

(a.)g.A i/n/n e m@t~a(i)re all b(u)ye A s/t~a~r/t e a.~ll'c~s~0w/(H)e~n d's~(0)~0w/e (w/h~ee)g0t 2 t0g 0~a. l~l e/~e. g.g le t em p(L/i)ye~/(t/ye)r a/sp b~f/0re c(h)0/n (e) c2see k ni~g*t~i 0/n e very e t0/n~e ve/n 0 w/H~en d's p~ea.c~h 2 0 (t em-v-p t)c~0/m V p(L)ea.T 2 all th~d~aye. a.v~e/n's0/n net u`b~e c(h)0n/e c~(t/hr)0ne in 0/n~e ve/r e (e)l~la.s/t(r)i/ng*g*g*i'l(l)t re all'~s0~0n/e h~um~me/r~r~ye~in's~t/e* a.~d/d/d/d/d p0 w/(h)er e (e)fxf~L/0w/er~a/s p~ea.c~h less h~awl l~a(t/a)r/0 und f/0re t~w/w/h~at eve r ail's t(h)e...e ve/(i)n~s/t~i'll e g.0 A;)D:0 e ven's ea. l~l e de a.l~l (ta/u~t/w/h(i/t)0~)e pt('s)p./r.~0/u~t e~n 0/n~e* f~un n~ye (n~0w/e~ye.g.g. w/h0~w/e b f0r/m/e t/a p h/0re f0r~um at a.d. 0(0)re X k~i/ng i'll k i'll ea.d.ea.d. ay(e.)g. A i'n/n an/n~ye t d/i r/e c~t i 0n/e de l(l) t~a w/(h)ay~e.(g:>)an 0(se)t0 me


a.(c.)d. just ~L~(y)ea.(st/u)d.e*~a.ll(e)ye (w/hee) fxf0r/m a/nd f/r0m ah a ha g0t 'h'ta g~ave in vein e w/h0ut n~ag~g/i/n/n sure rants -i-` ven-(t)d's-end's-ag-g-a-i/n-n-


don't (w/-)"hi."d.e you/r e -u-n/d-er'e-a(-p-)bu-s/-h-el-l- e-pt-bur-"r-ow/e"-g0-


s/hare 0/ne's inn if (t)ye s~he c/an (e) c(h)0/m (v) p(l)ea.t e w/e & w/e pt p0/0p~e d~0/0~ve. g.a~n t('s)c~hu(e)t/e t c~h~ew/e t (h)r u t~h 2 h0 w/hew/~e/e~c/har~a.d.e "A".gain-a/nd? ;0 f~un n~yea.m. aid e/b t'm(e)ye fxf(r)a.(i)m.e. g. A i/n/n e ve(i)n~;k~l a.(i)m.~e

...f0r~um at a.d. 0(0)re X k~i/ng i'll k i'll ea.d.ea.d. ay(e.)g. A i'n/n an/n~ye t d/i r/e c~t i 0n/e de l(l) t~a w/(h)ay~e.(g:>)an 0(se)t(h)0 me in s/i`de m~ye t(h)rea.d. i'll~y e...break e great~!~

it's apparent you have s0p~(e)d & s 0ak~ed in the written wor(L)d, the only thing (w/r) is t~(h)e w/rit~t/en w/(h)0rd (of lo-cust-0-me(a.)r's-eg-h-aven-t-w/-rit-ten-b-a/c-k- ) ha.s(d.) pre s~en t ar/e~n t u` fxf~ un/h~ye ;)~


few/e ' del(l) 0/r(e/a.)d e b/t(h)d e va(i)n e


ra's~aw/e~ra'~s (d)p (0/ur) d0~0re & er/ra'(i)s~e.g.g~em en (t) 0/i/r~e (e)fx(place high fi)re

fx(place high(0/n~e) fi)re a.d. j/u~st e n 0nt a n0~v/e m~b/(e) m/u~s/t~e a.d.(a)~u~s/t(a)l~l u~s/t in t i'm e


p/lie/r's w/hi~re t0f/f 0'le d b~en d'(s~e/e)c~(h)0/n e si~eve a.b~(l)e. g.g i/n~(n')~ke(y)ep i/n~g a.m.(b)e b/b~i (e'ye)t~e a.m. (0) c/c0~m/m.0./d~e fxf~l~us~h (0/0/w/~t)


me.g.a b/i~t/(e) b~e t0r~e 0n b/al(g)lan(d)ce

(a.~c. e 4 common (e/t)a.(i)re 'A' (h/a n/d) c~h a(i)re A. c~2's~ea.f/a(i)re A. hh (w/e*) fxf t fxf i/g ht (h/ue)r u (L*)e


t~hank h~ue (w/e) l~l~e f/r0m e f0r/m/e fxf e~l l~e pt' p~en i/s t/(y?)e ye pt m~y T high t eye t's~ e/en inn'~s/i`g*h~t's~s~

fxf i/g ht (h/ue)r u (L*)e(a.)r~e (e)fxfer e ve/r t~e t/her~e all (a) r/e (p)0's~e.(g.)n~0's~e.(g.)n d~0w/(h2tg)0~0~0~

d~ye d(i/t~c)a.d.(e)c~hub/be st u`(b/be a.)d.(el)le'ye~g./g t0 me em a(i)d~ea.t~0 pen (e/a.L) L ye t(h/r)e/a.d. g/l~an/d e(a.'s~e)e d. 0 b~re a.(d.)t~h(a~nd)ye suc(h/us~s)k's~e*e*d*~i/n*g~'s~ee k w/(h)el~l~0 t~w/h0 le*e

s~w/h0~0'le 'l'ye well~ing ap e i/n f(r)a.(i)m.e!g.A i/n/n~s0/m's~a.(i)m.~e/n d's 0? s0w/(h)0 e 0n's 0/n (e)n~e t'~s~um/e 0n/e t~um/m(e)ye s(L)um~b e're (e) f/r0m 0/n t 0/n t'~s c/up t~a t/hat pu~t up en~ep tu`ne (n~u/p~an/d)c~up runeth 0 ver t m-uck- j~u s/t b.(h)c.~L~aw/e(s~s~s~s~s~)~00~t-h~e~r~a/s per e s00t/h/e~a.v/e n (t) d's~as t e're


r/as/sas/asp/per/e c/l~aw/(h)e (h)a.w/e 's~s~ing~'s~s~

d/i(y) c/ap. r./i~0 the virgin prostitute c/an g i've a.l~l i've t/b~ea.r t'h' a.(d.e')s i`f(t)0r a/e~ye p(L) t~a/u t re~a.p 0's e/a.m.~e a.d. e(&)me a.(c.u'L'pa.w/e) d.0w/e f(t)f~l0w/(h)ere~in*g'~s c00 p 0/0~ping b/i t/e i/n/g t~c (i)t~ye i/n*g f~lying w/(h)ei~g*h~t 2 t~i 'm~e me


k i'll 0! jew/ell's w/(i ft) hus~sing t0'0le'~s h0 w//(h)0ne & w/(h)0m(b)e in/n (g0) p.~r.~0ve (t/e n)d'~s en d'~s a.(i)d.~(el)le ta(u/t)b~L0~w/e. g. A i'n'n~s t/e a.(i)m.e

(m/ark eye de's a(i)d e di/ct i'm e/d fora d ate h/0ra fig.(e) lat~e)

w/(h)0n~e ye w/hat i/s t~y 0/u/r e (e)ye w/r~0at rye b/b re a.d. fi/g*ht all a ll 0/n~e c/L~aw/(h)e n~d e f(r/i)e~n/d e/b t~h 2 t~0/0 the/n*th p0 w/(h)ere.(i)g.n~0w/e in/n eve r e vi/ne all~(e)ye sp (L)atc(h) i all (i ty e.g.a i/n/n st me a.d e b/ t hie fxf/r0m e f/0rm/e f(r)a.I'm.e. g. A LL~A. m.~e/r a's era. c. a.m. e L*0 b/r~ave in a.m. e


t/hus~s do you rely e on your fellow h-ac/tore's or on your self as a bu/st w/hen not one c/an sPeak w/hit a tru(e)st(e)

knowing full (e/d) well, "w/he-he"may/k~i/t up ~ f~un n~ye a/s(s) t/e(s) t~uck


u?c?k? e'ye th0u (g*ht a s(s)0w/(h)e m~u~c/h (d/an/d/r/u/f/f/)~t ?

gi've (n0/m) s0/m s kin le per e ve/in (k) c~an/d und/er e st a~n/d 0'c~ue mea.n T r~a.d.(e)ye c~ally e f(r)a.m.e f/r0m/e na.m.e a.d. j~u s/t(h)e. g.a.m.e

w/hi(t)ch d g a.m.e dew/e l~l* i~k/e a.p be t/t a(i)re(ef) fe a.t her e c/ap b~ed ew/(h)et/t~a(i)re

i got a correlation of -trust- just pre ten d e/b t a/u t 2 b~e/e~n0ugh ~ue can pretend c~hea.r as pf/0r~a. m. t~0uch (e) d0w/'~sing (L)0~ve ~s~s~(l)0~ve t~f/r0m a s/s(h)e l~ l0ve ve(i)n~0v/e t~f/all an/d b.(h)c.0/(i)n~e all's~(h)0w/e in d~u/s t rye.g.(L)0's~sy~s t/e~m at a.d. 0(0)r~e (ef)x fi/g*ht a.(t)m. 0(0)r~e~ i/n g (w/)'s~c0 p~i/n~g t~i'll~t lit/t~le.g.s ap/p.r.~0ve t/b~(u)ye s~ap/p.~r.00f~i/ng i'ven (t)d'~s/till an/d'~s/i` l~en t's a n(e)igh t (a) g 0/d b(0)ye t00 th'0 ye sh0w t(2)industries count en an(d)ce ra/s pb c0/m~b i/n e tu`t(h)r u e i/n/n (h)ue t'ea.c~h 0 pen ly e ;)~ a.c.~h a w/are & h/edge tk(n)0 w/(h)ing(e)s (t)ate.g.g A i/n/n eve r e ve(i)n ag-gain & see d e/b t~h0 w/h'0~le ft f/r0m e a.n~d "he" haw if t/he c/ain't see s~h0 w/(h)a w/e g.0~ing's


l0 0k i/n/n ~sea. t'h0 w/(h)a t~aw/e (g) 0/n e

just pretend i am act~'i'ng verse-s-h-uss act-"i"ng -u-s/t-(u)-b-c-law's- a-n/d-be-d-i/n-l-aw's-aw/'s-just-2-b.-c.-

she p(h)e/e rd & the m/ark w/(h)'s~0w/e. g.0~ all e/e d/en sel~l ye va(i)n /n value shoppin g am/e (llook at what i got on sale, and look how much i s/aved with w/hat i didn't (*all ready) may/ke ye pi~t~he w/ave & w/ay/ke i/n~g ave t~a b r~eek an/d b~r00k 0/n per/p/0's~eek ki.d.~ding


K~i/s sand tel~l

K~i/s sand tel~l e tailing's~sail e ft f/0re.g. g'~sus

K~i/s sand tel~l e tailing's~sail e ft f/0re.(d)g.('se)g's~us


if "h"i/s ta(i)l~ling 0/n~l ye ha.d. e/n a.m.e y~i.d. dish(e)ave n a.d.0


s-h-e- chased her own tail th-e- vi-c- t' s/h/t/ick she new/ell -an-d-0w-e-ft-f-r0m-e-in-k-am-pf-i-g-ht-0/n-k-ni(g*h)t-e-ye-t-ri-te-


se~a./m. less? e(g) fxf~0/rt~e t(h)e r/e n/d j~u/st b.(h).c.~eye c~0/n e w/hale ye (in/n~) LL~aw/e's aid ub/be l~l e. g.(t)g'~s/t~a n/d~ing ~(c~all(i) 0p~e all~e...a.ft e/r e(e)f~a l~l t'f~a(i)r~e m(e)a.l~l e.g.g0 all~e/e as e.g. e mi/n i 2 (e)ye. g.ave t(h)a/u t w/hi~t (h)au~g*h/t

t00/the m(e)ye de f/en'~s e.(g:>)u~ye c(l)an s P~ea.k m.0(0)re n0/n~(e) sense~s j.b.(h)c.~t~c 0/m e tu`(b*)de b~e* st u/d(& dud) ye

"h"e was incapable of hitting the b/all

s ? "h"e was incapable of hitting the b/all e~nd (0~e) a.l~l e.g.(h)0' s~t/e (g/0) all e 0ut~a p0 c~k/e t(h)u`e r~ue & ru(el)le pt p~lan/e f/a(i)re. g./a.m./(b)~e* t(c~)g/av(i)e w/(h)ave~ t/f~l0~0d i/n g f(L)a.m.~e


he w/as in vi te~d t0 par t~i c/i p~ate (a.)much les~(s0n)'s~ave t(h)d A~ye(a.) T~e a.t e

h0~w/ is p/(y)0ur'~s m/ug t0/d~aye w/a r~en t~e d(i/)t~he(re)a.t0r e (in na.d vance's e pt an/d le pt m(e)ye (de)a.r~e


t("h")e d-ud- w/en -t-0n-pi-l0-t-p-ill-0w/-e-0t-d-rug-al-l-c0-h0-l-e-up-ta-s-nuff-t-((d-(r-)e/ad-e/b-t-"h"e-m-aid-up-))e- 0n-e-


scene b(u)ye see~n (0w/e) in/n ('s) p(L)a.c.(e) c(h)0~rd i/n g~lee & lea.n 2 x t00 the re lay T at fXf/a.c.e~ t~c 2 se~a.m.ay/ke~g. re a.t e x t(h~ei)g*ht 0'le a.p~fe c(i)t~l ye p~L en t~ye r/r~un t0/0 b/i t(e) 2 : fxf/ace in 0/n e p(L)ac~e s(L)ep t p0/Ly mer's (t)at~e a.m. e.g.a~her t/z in fan d~el l c~li'm(b)e de vi n/e di vi /ne d'~s(t)aid~ e/b t(h)t~i'm e~r/r~ye r/i~s(e)in~g/f~a(i)r~e.(i)g.~n~0w/e in (k)tw/h0 (me) t~i'm e/in/g 0ve r t d.~r. i've~ t/c~0ve r/t p0/0p. ('s~e)l~l*(e)ye n/u fxf e(e) di's tan(d)ce si`n~g(e's) cu/p/an/d~r i/nk up... it/he (dj)un/k f/r0m e f0r/m/e (ye) e're' s/t~ar t/e~ fxf/ace t~mea.'n'/t is aw/e tw/h0 w/h~ey e A s/t (e/)r~e a.t b(u)ye fxf a(i)r~e


her megahertz a.c.hie~v/em/en/t w/(h)en t un re c0g ni~zed b(u)ye "h"i'm (-&-) c-"h"i'm-e-g."A"-"I"/n-n- 0 pen w/het her e va(i)n e t0/g ether ev(i)en b/rain e w/(h)ea.r~a.d.(i)0 w/(h)ave (n')s pa.(i)d.e~s/ h~a.d.~e as/s e g.a gain s(p)t e


0 r/ig. i/n ? La-t-in- ? e ve/(i)n~n p.r.~0/f~0 und 0l' alla' r/0 und ? ew/(h)e w/hat a w/"hay"e- t- re-all-ye- ?

rich bespoke to me, and asked me what i wanted and i had no re p ly e at the time.

v~a(g)u/e l(le) ye fxf/0ra~n(s)i`g.h~t i want (m'ye) ma(i)ne fxf(r)a.(i)m.e t(g)c~t rig ht (a.) d.el(le)a.w/ea.r~e t (u`) bu~ye

a.c. ('s)cent 0/n e c(h)0n t/r~a.~c./t d~an('d')s~e/e n f/0r~t(h)e`in k~eye~p i/n g 0/n (e)a.d. i'm~e g.r0at fi/ne untill y0u/r e w/ell'~s pen t i/n e t au(g*h) t i'm e di/n~n e're sub~l~i'm(b)e

rich bespoke to me, and asked me what i want(ed) and i had no re p ly e at the time.

rich bespoke to me, and asked me what i want(ed) e/b tu` be a.m. i/n~(e*)d'~s/i`g.n

rich bespoke to me, and asked me what i want(ed) e/b tu` be a.m. i/n~(e*b=u=ye)d'(e*)~s/i`g.n


be of good c~h/ea.r~e

w/hat is uncertain e c~h/ea.r is 0n l~ye unassertained i/n~ne(a.)r~e (e/a.)fxf a(i)r~e. g.(e)c~h0~i/c/e 0(re) j~0 i/s~t/(e) i/n g~0 b(u)ye (a.)l~l e/a.d. e pt(h)ea.r ~t(h)a(i)re in si`g.h(a.d.e)t g/r~ave tc~r/ave n~0m aid~e l(le)ta w/(h)ave~


w/hat is un/certain is neglible g-lance-s-aye-s- p/re/ad/d-an-s-aye-s-ew/e-r0-man-s-aye-s- j~u/st say in e w/h0~u/t de vi ate i/n g~i/n/n ta t i'm e~r/e v~ag~u~el/le ye fxf(r)a.(i)m.i'll(i)ar~e fxf (L)a.m. e (ta)ca p'p(L)a(I)ne b(u)ye (h)de si`re. (i)g.n e b/rain de a.d. e b/t (h)en 0/n e ye si`t ye a.s/s 0~n (& s0~n g's~up p(L)an (d)te~d e/b t~a g/ga i/n/n e m(e)ye fxf(r/i)en d's~en d's~s~s


g-lib- like lib-bi as/sa t(ra-i-der)j-0-(i)s-t-e-, aka b/i-be, aka b-u-ye-be- l/l-ie-b-e-d-ear-e-w/rit-e-by-e-me @ f/ace t ("h"e/r/e-) f/ear se.g. ('sep t) ea.r e pu~t t~able m'eye d/ea.r~se a.r~e


s~(u)p (p)l0a.d. t0/g 0/n (e)a.d. 0/n~d 0~w/n e X us e X p~an('s) d i.d. e w/(h)0/n~e w/hi'n'n'ye yeA.H ei~g/h~t

f un n ye this only works on the computer you r e all re ad dye g.h0~st/ing

f un n ye this only works on the computer you r e all re ad dye g.h0~st/ing (e)c~h0(i)st®ing 


g-lib- like lib-bi as/sa t(ra-i-der)j-0-(i)s-t-e-, aka b/i-be, aka b-u-ye-be- l/l-ie-b-e-d-ear-e-w/rit-e-by-e-me @ f/ace t ("h"e/r/e-) f/ear se.g. ('sep t) ea.r e pu~t t~able m'eye d/ea.r~se a.r~e n t'w/at ta(i)re (e)fxf a(i)r~0ne gut("h")er t(hr)0n/e


g-lib- like lib-bi as/sa t(ra-i-der)j-0-(i)s-t-e-, aka b/i-be, aka b-u-ye-be- l/l-ie-b-e-d-ear-e-w/rit-e-by-e-me @ f/ace t ("h"e/r/e-) f/ear se.g. ('sep t) ea.r e pu~t t~able m'eye d/ea.r~se a.r~e n t'w/at ta(i)re in p.r.0~c(L)a(-i)m~ing (0/n e m/e) "i" "am" "one" in-d/us-t-r-ye-t0/0-t-he-be-c0-m-e-"&"-be-calm-

g-lib- like lib-bi as/sa t(ra-i-der)j-0-(i)s-t-e-, aka b/i-be, aka b-u-ye-be- l/l-ie-b-e-d-ear-e-w/rit-e-by-e-me @ f/ace t ("h"e/r/e-) f/ear se.g. ('sep t) ea.r e pu~t t~able m'eye d/ea.r~se a.r~e n t'w/at ta(i)re (e)fxf a(i)r~0ne gut("h")er t(hr)0n/e t(h)r u e ve r~ye s~ea.m. an/d'~s e.g. t(h)r~ea.d.Aye.g.a i/n/n an/d'~s en d's~ag/ga~i' 0r/e n(t)aught a gain st (0r/e)


it ta/ke's (e) g.ut's 2 a.d.mi/t y/0ra b/0r(e)t p.r.0 n0/un 's~(p)~d'~sup(p)er e s~p0r(e)t f/0r~t/e` re p0(u)r~t/e (in)n 0/n e me a.s u/re. g. a~rd en ey(e)in~g (2) t i'me in g~i've (t/g i'v(i)e ve(i)n eye w/hi~t e 0's 0n e b/La.c./k type f/f~ace


t"h"e.g. gut/t"h"er e was a bor-t-en 0/ugh ~ta(u)~h~uff t a w/e r~un 0/n u~nd 0/ne

w/h~i'll e ft fi/x your gut/t"h"er/se w/hit m ye s~ink an/d utter udder (e X p(L)an~s i've s'h'e p~la(i)ne d/0uta s/i`g.h~t 0/ne ni.g*h~t 0 pen (t)d'~s a s~pec t/a.c. L~e pt a c/r~0ss 0 d0f fi/n 2 x t0/0 tu`(t)de


w/h~i'll e ft fi/x your gut/t"h"er/se w/hit m ye s~ink an/d utter udder s~0w/e rud daceous rudder udder udd just u'b e a.f/f a(i)r~e n0~u/g*h (ta)ill augh t c0unter s~ailing'~s(L)0ve & g.(L)0ve 0's~0/n ne tu` de b~e0n~s~


w/hat di.d. t'h'e b-ag-pi-p-(e)-utter-e- (a-h-0'le-in-0n-e-) capably e "h"is-por(-e-)t-p.r.-0-claimed-0n-t-v-a-g-a-in-n-

"like a.n "a(i)re" c-r-a-ft-2-s-hut-t/her"-e-


the rudace0/us 0 ver (t)c a/s t(e) w/(h)as a g0~0d (h~and(el)le pt) f/0re c~a/s t~e

s(h)e w/as aw/e ruddy e f/an/d f/r0m t(h)ub b~ye


e* f/r0m the g*r0w/e f(t)i~ s/sue' s~aye s~0w/e w/(h) (t)d's~0w/(h)e. (n)g.~(l)0~all~e pt 's(c)ent (a) g~r0at' hick pen~n ye w/hi~t e 0n (e) b/La.c./k fi/ne in 0/n e t~i'm~e a.d.0w/e pt b~r/av(i)e w/e in~(g)c~a.m.~e.g. a.m.~(b)e. g.i t/r~act i/0n an/n ye t a.m. e (db)rain de~a.d.e in a ve(i)n a c/ave t(h)l i've t(h)b~e a.r~t(h)c~a.(i)m.e L~L0w/(h)e a.t~d~ate fxf i/g f/r0mV p (L)at~e n 0/n e f'e~a.r n(knit)u/re t'ea.r~n e all a~g/Lan de a.d.~e pt pi/ne all ap/p f~an'd i.d.~


m(e)ye t(h)au ha~L(l)f b/0 a rd i's in/e a r0w t0 g r0 w/h~e/a. t 0/f/f~an/d f~e/e d~u~s/t~rye ye


i'm e w/c~li'm(b)e a.d. just as/k i/n g t0 pre ten den 0~ve t0 save & safe ll(e)ye re t'urn 0/re t'ea.rn all f/all 0w/e n~0ug(w/)h in (d's)l~0ve &'s~l0ve (i)n ly e n~u~fxf~ret work an/d frame work t~ha.t a.s/s e b~um t00 the.g. r~e/a.s/e t 'h' (r)~0ne 0/n e t~c leave in e cli'm(b)e t(h)re~a.d. f/r0m t re/e f i/s~h~and'~s/aid e m/aid i/n e ye r0~c k~e t0/n e 's0l ven t (h)a.m./mer t(h) rig ht ap~ha/p p/i en0ugh' slice s a.m.e sane in a b/0t~t(el)le

s~h00 t f/r0m th~i.p. m(e)ye fen & f(r/i)en d/i c~an d~ew/(h)~0ve na fxf i/n (ge're in')st~y le

a.n ye i g0t y(p)0ur e p(t)i le


the n/aff-t wasn't evolved enough (t)a be a.m.(e)ye's peak~e/r e c/ar(e)rey~e in g le(e) c/ar~e

i'm just ki.d.ding, i like jim carrey and we can like each other as long as we don't have any k(i.d.)'s t 0g ether e apparently e(i)ther e

2 b.(h)c. d~0u(-b-)t 0 pen l~ye s~p./r.~0ut e

i si'm pull eye d0nt k(n)0w/e a.r te s~t ar t/e in havit at s(e/a.)'h'e r~0/at i/n/n s~c~0/p~i


f0r w/hat its worth, i had a conversation with rich and he said t/hey/e didn't believe in tarot, and i said, it isn't my gig, repeatedly eve n. now here is the thing, i suspect, "h"e is saying-ist to c-over-the thing'~s(h)av(i)e Miss Represented w/ell and's~w/ell an/d f~a nd~i.d. ie the 'convo' was supplemented about the f-ear of his f-am-il-ly-e-t-c- based on my twittering, about how i fel-t- a bout using the "law" sup-press-ed- o/0r-e-sup-ped-0n-e- w/h~0(u/t) ll 0~vve. so he was saying that my use of tarot to outline the feelings of the people around him online with a reflection broad cast p.r.i'me t i'm e t00/th aka "neighbors" "k-id's" that he didn't "believe" i-n-i/t- vague-l-ie-

i am saying i/t b.c. the facade is all i have to work with apparently e. the website i draw the c/a~rd's f/r0m is/t e ve/n territ0re ye, while r'ich would like to say, particular-ly -h-e doesn't believe in tarot, i didn't ask him in words one hears, but thru the tarot mirror, what his favorite color is and i sea. i say e w/t & t~rig. ht i/n g, i/s~t b~lue / b~l00 (M) an/d b~l0u & b~l~ew/~e.

so if any of you actually know his favorite color, i would be curious if it is in f/act blue, or if he would c-h-ang e i(s)t 0/ne c0-L-0re in "a" v(i)e~w/e b/as/e/d 0/n e t~c (h)ar(e)ac~t/0r e tu`

i don't think he was bein g deceitful on purpose, i simply don't think he was being wholly truth ful~l e/a. t 'h'e~r e w/Hi~n d i/n vi~ew/e

like i s/aid "tarot" is not my gig, it is however, re all i/s t~i/c~k al LY e w/hat i have to work with as pur(e)vi~ew/e & i notice a pat t'ea.r~n i c/an~d'~s p(L)ay e w/hi~t 0 g~ether e. e're a.p.~a(i)re

more on my t'h'e '0'~'r'~ye // i think while all i have is a facade to work with, real value of/f un/d er~e s/t i'm(e)a.te i/0n e ye simply believe 0ne h0n0rs the value t~hey e a.r~e p.r.e s(c)ent e~d en'~s e l`l ye in/n 0/n e b~s P0 k~en t/u`t(h)r u e

facade, fa-cad-e-, face s0d-d-, face s~awe ' d "d0f", face 0/d~d~en 0 u g* h t~g(L)0ve tb~e/e's P/0 k/en'~s(L)0/ve & d~0/ve

it would seam i am getting a cross w/hat i knew would h/ave t/0 p~a n/d p~ea.ll 0/f/f~e

personally i don't c/are what he believes in or not, except that going direct is k/n0/t my e l~l 0! t at i'm e al~l0t 0/g 0~t (h*e patterns p~ea.k u/p f/0r t k(n)0~X)

the pat t'ea.r~n'~suggest a re's p0/n's~e t(h) f~a(i)r~e all 0/n~g w/hi~t b.(h)c.~i fi/g. i c~an s w/(h)ea.r t~c=h~ang e w/hat is k/n0/t e/a. c.~h an(d)te~ ll 0ve in 0/n e

t hus/s (t)00/t/h/e r/0 must e ll~0ve t'~s0/m(e)t(h)in~g/e i st/e in g'~s pi r/i t/u/a b.(h)c.~le a.r~e ll ye w/(h)el~l a w/(e) t/H f/act u all ye i/n/n re ce pt i 0/n e f Le X i/b le at b~(h)ea.r t~(h)e w/00 de l(l)awn an/d awn (u) p~awn 0/n e tertiary e c~l i'm(b)e / en e f/i t l eve l i.p. fi/r~st

the fi/r-st- convo i had with r-ich was-h-im- telling me basically to go naff my self, and i am like, with w/h~at ?

i am pleased with myself that i can tell his-h-im to go naff h-im-sel-f- without actually saying it that way, and having so much o pen ended just for f~un 0 un/d 0ne bi.g. i f~ar t ed g(r)as(s) pi re all em pt ye i.d. 0 p~en t a. c.r0ss and's en d's pur(e)vi~ew/e pt c0(h0)st and a.m.e m0/rt e ff/0rt l0 c~us/t 0 me/r~s t/e w/e b/r~ew/e b/r0t h~ue

the essence of re f le x i on e g(w/r)ist is t re f le c t i/0n e be t/t a(i)re t/hat a w/(h)av(i)e ye w/(h)0/r~t 'h'~e* ve/r ye t (h)ing e t~c/i/rcumference's e t (h)r u e & t (h)r u(l)e pt w/0re t (h)and'~s h0 w/(h)i/t 0/n LY e LL 0~v(i)e w/(h)i'll e a.s~ea.s~ave *you*r h~ea.r~e ar~if/f you w/ant i/n e h~em i a~h and fu(e)ll~ye


we as/sum e gas is a noun, yet who among you can reflect its extension e'ye a.t (h)av(i)e w/e t0 t0 tall 0ss 0 d0f/f~an/g e l at~e a.m.~at a. d.0/0re tu` shy me (i)n ~s pi r/i t as pi re all a.d. na ven a/te ll ar~ge~i~st a re~n ta spirit w/h~0/0'le d0/0re. g. 0'le gi/n~n


t(h/i)rd i/n de' st i/n n~at(e)i/0n e mat/te r(ar(e)'s~e. g.g i/n~g 0 p/en n~ye re con st it u te d a re all ye b~i.g. t/hic/k e.g.r0/at u`(t)b~i.'d.~e b/t r.i.p. t~i'd~e all a l0e & all 0/n~g'~si`c~an/d b e.g.i~n/n 2 bite t0/0 e c(h)0m~p d ew/e ll 0nt h/at with a w/are s0l i.d. (e)ye. g.g~f/r0m e f0r/(a)m e f(r)a.(i)m.e t0me t0 me 2~n~0~ a ~h~t~0/0 b.(h)c.0/m V p(L)eat an/d ew/(h)e a.t e. g.(r)ain 0~g/gi~n/n 0/n e st/r~0/n~g c(h)all ah~dancing (L)0ve r/t e s(h)ake in g's 0w/h0~ve all a r~0/und~0/n e fi/r~e put~e in hi~g*h~e/r d~aye w/hi~t an/d r~e p.r.e s(c/i)e~n t~c y/e art hasn't given t compassion 0 pen ly e t00/t(h)'s P~e/a. K~ i/n/g t(h)r u(e)/t~h 0 v~e/r t d0(0) w/hit 2

p.s. (sp) this is probably a g0/d time to say hi to w/hit h0rn and tina c/has/e* ve/r ye t hing e~m ea.n t~ailings 0/f the me ta'll ept p.r.e* t/en d~e/b t a s~en d'~s and 's l~at g.las~s k i'll in t0/d~0/ve t~e ll~an/d 0 ver t c~0/n t r/0l(l)e pt p.r.0ut e tu`de~ a.d. j~u/s t f/0r e s~e/e i/n g le~e d's w/ay~e w/e'd's~ f0r/m/e a.ll ye w/00(d 0)le 0'(s0/)n~ne t/g(r)ain e b/rain' s~ink an/d~rain'~s pan~s w/(h)ea.r~se(e.g.)a. w/hey~e g0 tg~a.m.~e 0 ver t-i'm-e-p(al-l/ace)-h-r-a(i)m-e.-g.-r-ace-"0/2"-ta-ke-ye-p-l-a/c-e-s-aye-s-all-o-ver-t-(w/-)"h"-e-a.-l-l-t-h-ye-f-al-l-0w-in-g-t-in-g-e-mall-tu`-b/e-am-aid-for(-i/n-)ce-st-all-a-w/-h-y? 0h i for get i di.d.n't all re a.d. ye. g. i'v~i/n e: f-0re-hy-men-p.r.-i'd-e- as i/f~t/a pen d na.m.e ye-i-n-n-0/n-e-d-i/r-e-recti0n-e- "2" keep the "truth" w/hit p.r.00f t/hat c~0nt sus st A i'n/n e.g. lig able a.d. e/b t (h/igh)'s k~ye i'n/n re t/0r t u/p 0/n~n ye i/n/n's~i`g.h~t rig. ht 0/n e ta/u t i'm e a.d. e lig ht/ hat('sp)~rite


t-he-m.-0/n-k-ey-e- "r" "h" and re p-l-ace-d- 'j' f0r/t e.`g.'s~us/t em ay/ke. g.'s (e/e n~0/we ' d) j~aw/e~i/n~g c0/m V p(L)e a.te n 0/n e 0's~0/m~(e)a. d.0b~serve(t)d i'n'n 0/n e t~i'll t (a.)d. in(n)er e.g.(w/r)ist is t~mi/n(e) d~u/s t ye c0 w/(h)0/n e w/hin d's e.g. rass yn/t(h)ere s un (the re sin k~n0w/(h) f/r0m t0 w/(h)00 d~ye w/e t(u`)c~(L)0ver t vi~ew/e in e w/e b~l00 (me)d~ue t`p.r.0/f 0 und 0/ne in 0/n e cast le ye's w/(h)ee pf/r0m in ten t~i 0n e seen f/0r(e) t~be le~a. f i/n g e're ring's~

k~n0w/~h0 ye a.r~t e fxf 0/rd's cup t~c(h)ue. g.0 t(h)r u e t~c~u~ll t/0/u/r~ h0/n~e st l~ye tu`b~r0t he t00 t he per si`eve s~at~e l~l i/t~e x t p0's~e(e)d~en t~all a/g~r0 @ te a.m. ea.d. e/z~in re c~0ve r~ye's P~ea.k f0r/m/e~*in st/e a.d.e

eye all sowe had a convo with r/ich, about, how, in the smithsonian article, you know, gregory "III" or another "IIII" basically wrapped all women in to "one" aka "non" and put that in too the literary can-non-

and why r/ich~is/s t(h)e me/me t0 put, as i t'0~le him as swell ta gas p~awn, that i am sim pull eye well, as all "men" to be b/ran/d~eed in one man's i` re r/ich c~ap able a.d. e b/t (h)0 me~0 p/en l~ye t00 the per si`e/ve n b(u)ye n0/n e re duct i/0n e

basically i am e w/h~0'le~i/n/g the r/ich a.c. c0unt en able a.s e r(e)a.d. t0 me in 0 pen h~and (el)le. g. t~hem as/s t~be a.m. aid 0(b)p en directi0n e a.lly e t00 the s00 t/h(e) de serve t(g)c~r/0ss 0 (d0f)f t~mu st di vi/n~e 0/b(p)serve d's~aw/(h)in~n'ye w/(h)0ves 0/n e all f/0/u/r's and r~e t'g0 h0 und i/n g~c0 a/s~t e 2 c0(h0)st~(e)a.te thr0ugh 0 ther~e's~h/0re t~a w/(h)ave n/0m aid aye c~a.m~el(le)g. 0/n g's~(h)e l~l t~e/re c0/n fi/g u/r~ate i/0n~e bu/st l~e/a.n up(c)0n~

are r/0 und i/t...rust w/hit 0/n e f~un c(i)t(ye)i/0n e c~ r 0ss0 we'd (d0f)fast as p(t)b~aye be/e 0n e b/all an(d~an)ce 0 pen le a.d.e~n*g*h*e/a.d.~g i've n'~s kin f/r0m t~le per eve n (t)a w/ag 0/n e


it is difficult as a woman to see the 'wor(L)d' and have every thing written, including the fonts given (t)d's end's never ending, as a mistake for your in/n sight hat(c)h maid apparently e in your tiny f/ore b/rain e with no claim too the pro claim on any vain a-ma(i)n-&-f-r-am-e- & no confidence given t d's f/0re your mistake (no provision was ever apparent with -e-x-cept- as/s -0- b-rake-all-0-ver-t-p-l-ace- wearing ironically form e to miss take, with l eve l eve r age t00 the m~ay/ke, t-he-t-f-ace- = awe sum/e ye break fast past e fxf ace


when r-ich b-locked-&-c-locked- i went d e/b t hrue his face book provider richard sach's and i have continued t/hat~ w/hen i want to get a mess age f/ac(e)t ;), & c~h~ang e w/t 0/n e richard g/ave t a/c~t great at last (r)ing e make r~ake pt p0~r/t able a.nd af(t)f/0~rd~able (a.d.)t~c/ar~e 0n e fxfac(e)t as pb (h) c.~l~as p be(h) in~d~u s/t~rye t00 t(h)pre serve the w/h0le. g.g. 0 all e pt b~0/d ye & s~0l~e pt p.r.0 vi. d.e're 0/n e c/all~e (p)t g0/n e a.t it all~0/ne m(e)ye tit has a w/i f/i verse-sus a w/i f/e-e-d-0le-t-im-e-in-dull-gent-s-aye-s-p./r-ee-n-ever-en-ding-


the t-(h)ing-is-t-iff your wife sees you getting p.r.e t/t ye f0r/m/e you w/(i'll;) be found doubt on her ac/count ac cording LY E

but/t you can't s~p~r~0ut~e in either direction if (t) you can't c0(u)nt 0/ne me t(h)r u e~ 0re you f~ail -0- b~0t-h-0-u- seen f0r-e-vi-vi-n-g-ver-t-u`- too the tu ne of /0re "no-b-0/d-ye" "x" sep-t-me-ad-u-e-

ps. i'm(e.g.) l~is~t en in/g w/(h)a. d.iffer ren(t)ce

my friend you are all fire and she is all water and i am t~a(i)re & a friend as a cru ?x? t0 g et/h/er e (e)fxf a(i)re

you get t0 (~h/ave fa(i)t 'h' 2 0~) w/(h)all k 0/n e w/at~ta(i)re & re lay t~0 pen s~q/u~are pr0visi0n e all e pt bey0nd e/b t re(a.) p~a(i)r~e a.d.(tc)~ Le(0) X ce pt i 0/n~are

you mu/st b~earth e mye s0/n~g if the 'mu' t~t~rust is in/n you alla (0)/n~g

... of course the account can be rearranged, and found doubt that the L/0ve hasn't been given the w/t~rig ht 2 seL~L an/d ew/e a.~r ig. ht b.(h)c. 'h' as e/n t been given a proper name to f(r)a.(i)m.e = frame fame a(i)m and raime(nt) c~haste & c~has tit ye re all st/ate s/m i'll e ye 0nt h0 p/en p~lan e

your -i/m-age-t-au-gust-as/s-u-ck-is-saw/-ar-0-b-0t-c-luck-

c-0/m-m0/n- verse sus

c0/m~m0/n e my e fi/re ye friend be t~h~first t0 p/en e t/rate m(e)ye 0 p/en e c0ntemp0rane0us t rat um : mu di vi n/e t(c)u` e & fac(e)t em


w/hit a w/hat rig ht d0 e ye h/ave t0 trust an 0ver fl0w/(t)~hin 'si`.gh~t 2 x 0 c~are~r/ye 0n t~m 0nt~c 0nt be lay e fig. ht ;) & tm~ay/k i/t up~r un e muff en/0/ugh 0 g's cup it/he s-p0re-t-hat-dr-es/s-ed-ta-k-il/l-ing-0-


w/hit a w/hat rig ht d0 e ye h/ave t0 trust an 0ver fl0w/(t)~hin 'si`.gh~t 2 x 0 c~are~r/ye 0n t~m 0nt~c 0nt be lay e fig. ht ;) & tm~ay/k i/t up~r un e muff en/0/ugh 0 g's cup it/he s-p0re-t-hat-dr-es/s-ed-ta-k-il/l-ing-0-d/(-0-)dg-e-w/-all-0w-e-g-r/ate-d-0h-c-l0'se-r-(e/)a.-nd-c0m-p-lain-"to/me"-with no actual lept b/rain to speak of t(h)e~n f(r)a.m.e w/hi~t me


more thoughts on the tarot. the literal re verse of tarot : t0rat, which makes me think t0r/at

t 0ra t & even possibly speaking t0/r/at e y0ur h/at, speaking consciously in a way that can be see/n/owe/for/t/h/e a.d. just say i/n~g/r/ace fully e

t 0ra t in t/ruth w/ no "h" -2- pur-sue & w/ no "h" in pur(e)vi~ew/e = ew/(h)e a.t b~eart~h(r) u(e)ni verse = in man-dat(a)-t0r-(e)ye app~r0ach (with no personal~l 't' too t(h)e a.t /e = app~r0a-t- g0ing al0ng b.c. t heir really is no place to j~ump 0ff and "be calm"0/n 2 g0/n~e c0m V p(L)eat i/0n e/a. d. ust sayin~g~w/(h)e're pre s(c)ent at(e) i 0/n e

the "facade" as a w/(h)in d0w t(h)r u e as/s a we'd ew/(h)e all the ye ar 0/und

interesting f/act, when i stipulated the tarot face your neighbor's surrounding your f(L)ave 0re's, when i read for the neighbor to your right, it was actually to my right looking across from your house and down with insight.

ironic enough, if you don't face your house with my right, you will be sew/n-up-t-it-eye-t- in your own f(-r-)ig-ht-


well c~h ea.r ye. g.0 /n a.d. j~u m(v)p 0 fxf 0 p/en l~ye a.r~e

if you ar(e) 0/d e w/i'll suck' s e/e d~ p(er chase) 0(r~d a(i)re) a.d.mi`r/e a.b~l (e)y e t00 th(e) d('s)well i/n/n g/g/g/g/~s e/e n~0w/e in (c)k


t~g/ave t~c le a.r~e.(i)g.n~a.(i)m.e a.d. j/u~s/t e 2 hh~av/e n (t)d's~a.(i)m.e t0/g et/h/er u e ve(i)n a/n~d ate.(a.)g. A i'n'n' sup p~ly i'n'n'n e f(r)a.m.e'~s lee p(i)ye t~a (m.e.g.a.)m.e w/here 0n ly e. g.0/d c0unt'~sel~l c/a~n dp.~r.0 c~(L)a.(i)m.e discernable in/n te/r/e(a.)st 0/ne mu/c/h 0 w/he a.t~e t 0p en l~ye re p(L)ea.t e

on another note, my plants seem a little neglected, i haven't been diligent on their watering schedule, i haven't been paying proper inn tention, i usually water 2 x's a week on the same day, now those days get a way, and i forget, did i or didn't i, and the plants usually tell me in a limp way, or i think maybe it is just the changing of the season, less light in fall, and perhaps annuall's weren't met to go thru it all seasonall and yet i have annuals that do, sow, i stare at my wall, with trapez0, i made to creche and shape and amplify each plant hosted within its frame, a little lack luster, and i watered to day, and cut off dead leaves, so many had accumulated on my prayer plant. i reflect as it is the 2nd time i have made a cut off of its prolific ness, and tried to grow roots, and i couldn't get it to take in a new pot. i don't know if i need to repot, as i really like the pot i got, and it seems big enough for any indoor plant. it vex's me a little bit that i can ask the grower how to cut and regrow this prayer plant, follow the directions (water the leaves every day as the plant doesn't have roots too the relay, and put it in a humid environment / i have a little micro atmosphere too the ad hear with little vents i can control the even flow/ (h)ere with) and i still fail to arrange a de all with a new prayer plant start to/o x 2 grow/h~in d0/0 re ste all ea. f 0re all and g0ing f0reward 0/n k~ee L

0~t her e th0ughts : i woke up this morning thinking that science actually gets in the way of t0/g et/h/er e

w/hen i think this a way and of course, "science" g iv'es me no sent i ment e'ye c/an s ee, water takes on a different value to me in pur(e)vi~ew/e and in p.r.00f i n/ee~d t0 a.d. just b~ in/e in f~r0ne T 0'me

in the convo per r?ich?, the DMCA came up, and rich tried to inform me as if by extension of himself even, that the DMCA means "digital mil" and i cut him off, and said I know what that means now, and now i think he understands what 'is' means to me in a digitall e pt u`niverse all a st ag/e~ t/hat i/s get t0 a.d. just be a.s pre s(c)ent i' me/an(d)t0 me as/u/re k/n0/t m~aid en b(u)ye t au t~m a.d. e b/t h~a.d. e /b (t) earth a ta(y)l0re f/r0m t~g/(r)ave in st/e a.(i.)d.~g/ave

my sister is deb(b ie & b 0ra h) & mother bertha (rebecca) taylor, grew up in kearns utah, while my dad lived close by in torrey e. they have a storye that would contest your "h"and-e/b-t-l-eve-r-ye-h-d-ay-e- t(h)r u e 2 me` ave/n(h)a t~c (h)am~e 2 ha.m. mer a way e ta p~lan(t)e 0/n e b(m)er t~ha w/(h)e a.t 0/m~ea.d. en ea.d.e a.d.'s~aye t & sa(y)t an s~e.g. a w/(h~ay'e) t 00/t~he a.d. ate

nebeker, btw~ is my dad's mothers name, after she remarried, it is dutch for 'baker' she married a 'cook' previous in character. my mom was a very particular seamstress, she liked her tailored clothes seem less.

mike, my brother, has still to append my birth in his written family history accounting i know i know he has a plan to see the world over and again even (t)d's, it is alittle thing, but in his accounting, he makes no mention of me apparently being birthed into being. just say~in/n~e? with ore without re lay T i/n~g? gif ? gi~f t? gi~g? g0 fi/g~0/n e c0unt i/n G i've n (t)d's~en d's~per si` ev(i)e~n t/L~en d's~t a(i)r~e ceiving c~le/a. r~e ly e/a. fx/f a(i)r~e

"mic" maybe he is just re-l-ye-in-g- on your t-re-a./p-0's-e-g- nose ? 's 0re. g-in- n-0's-e- 2- n-0's-e-

& I have a sister that goes by 'B' 'J' and she is gay in the Arizona desert w/ aye, if that ap p(L)eases your pre face

this ap-pause-tro-phy-e- by dy-lan-roof-e is as if to proclaim white man is god, and has given the black ma(-i-)n (e vain): t/huss you see the d-0m-i/n-an(d)-ce.g.-am-e-f-(r)-am-e- i/s i/r (e) o/n i c/ally e "gain" be-g/at-be-g-ave- for no reason to the tooth proclaim e w/hin ner e vision f(L)a.m.e

not really fun n'ye (s)h0w this keeps going a miss actually e w/k now sustenance to speak i/t a~n/d fi/t ~fi/g~ unless you know your prerogatives t0 t00 the b e.g. i'n/n e w/hi~t '~sup p~ly e/in knit w/(h)it e 0n tb la.c.k all a w/h rig. ht f~ast as/s e.g. as p~ 0(u)re 0ver t gr0wing a g0/d ly e per-sue-t-

was dylan roof re all ye seeking l0~ve 0/re tu` be scene from "above"

i am the as/s k~nea.d. & the directi0n 'see k a~nd the a.p/parent l ye f/0rm/e t (a)c f/r0m e ve(i)n sum/e & s0/m's 0/n's~0~w/(h)0~e 0n~e b/rig ht 0nt i'm e(ye) A st~p.r.~00f/e~e/d en sell~ye in k~nea.d.~e*b/t (h)r u e 2 0/n~e n~igh t


w/e k ne a.d. to talk about this s'more to bring your c/lay e fe at in t0 bein (g~a'ye) t


he has a fancy dance ye name with styling to frame and no substenance t00 t~he p.r.0 c~L* a.(I*)m.e in ve(i)n~(never subject to approve all if t~ye you can't f(r)a.(i)m.e~in/g' s~i`/r~e cr0ssed b(u)ye (h)d~e si`r/e~

he may have had a fancy way of becalming me too the never leave, however, it isn't truth to the per si` eve ye/t/i think a~nd e m~ay/k' st~ink : she be calm ly t'earne another e all e page t0 w/have another d/r~ink f/rom the p(L)an e t0 p~ap/p(ea.)le. g.g~f reel ye g.g.ave t0 me (t)0p en ly e t00 the re si`ev~e ye L~aid e/b t0/d~ate 0/n e inn 0 s(c)ent's inn e m(e)ye w/(h)ake & w/(h)ave t00 the Miss Ta'ke~g 0 pen l(y) ea.d. as/s knea.d.en i g/rate -2- ab-h/0r(e-)t- at-every-e-t-c/ross-in-g-at-e-ta-c-t0-me-all-s-0we-g-lute-n-f-reel-ye- on an ima~gi/nare~y k-eel-at-l-0ve-t-l-as/s-t(e)"h"-s-ail-t-d-ate-


the s-c-h0-0le / uni-verse-city- resides on a false in-c-0/m-e- just saying in my syn/the insurance sum/e ve(i)n a~n/d t00 the re t'ea.r~n 0/n e


she made the p~ap/p(ea.)l e 0n(de lay e all e d)be lay e/b b~p.r.0~w/t 0/n~e b~ed d(e)ye