w- a- g/0-c-a-rt- law-st-ye-ar-t-


h/at/h a w/(e) t h0rn


s tet re p a s/s t (a) g~ a s/s (t) 00 t/h/e ~ anye w/thing e ye w/an ' t ex t p0' s e.g. the ye n/k/n 0 w/e s 0 fxf t en s e/n t (h) a w/h e ye t(u)be t/h's e X p0's e.g. 0/d e/n s e l/l e ye t~he X p0's e/e d 0 (w/)h 0 en ve(i)n s~c0 pi e/d b(L)ac~k a/nd e w/h i/t e 0/n k~n 0's e g(r)0 s~e/e d 0 (w/) e


debt all a re a.d. e'ye s up/ p~l/l e ye d & app(ea.)le. g. ~t ac c0 rd i/n g le~a.n 0/n e t 00 th e (p.)r0s e/e d ea. r~ eve in ea.r t(h)r/u e w/e t m~arr0w/e the m~e w/e


un t 0/0


R/R e ye s~c0/pe t r~0p e w/t p.r.00 f~e t e th/ere in b all c 0/n e ye & yaw/are in th e c(h)0 st (u) bu ye (t)de si~re in re (e) fxf L e X i 0/n e s qui/re t00 th a c/c 0/m p an e'ye t/h' shie(y)ld e sire d's c/c 0/p i e'ye t00 the m 0p~ pe'ye ta t up t c0 pi/n (e) t ere st ai d e w/e in e w/(h)in d e/b t ~h e l/l a s/s t i/n g 0/d e vi (at~e) w/e t00 t~h 0ve r~t in the re f~l e ct i/0n e tu t00 t/h~e 's pur(e) vi e w/e t(u)p 0/n e without a c0-Ld-'s-h0-u-LD-e-re-t-00-t-he-re-p-as-s-t-in-t-0r-e-be-h0-Ld-e-re-c-h0-ld-er-e-


i'm the machine shop too the par t's too the give ye too th i/t oo the eaven t 00, & i can't say that for patten tool, aka pte-&-ke-vi/n-e-too-t-he-h-as-s- a machine-t-h-at-s-h0-p-s- 0- w/e-0-p-en-t-0-0d-ue- without re co(u)r(s)e -x- ce -pt- w/-h0-sue-t0-you-r-en-0-se-g-r-0-w/-s-ye-h-ad-a-t-rite-tu- t00 t~h e ye cause ye re-s-p(e-)ct-ye-ma-w/e- in-e-w/e- ye-

w/'h'~e t i/t~

w/h~et (c)i/t(ye) w/(h)ave t(u)b~re a.d. i/n g~ave

w/h~et (c)i/t(ye) w/t 00 t~h e (vein) tu be a.m. a.d.~e w/th (a.)d.~e w/e

w/h~et (c)i/t(ye) w/(h)ave t(u)b~re a.d. i/n g~ave t 00 t'h (e) re~st 0/'a'r~e tu de in~s 0 le ye

w/h~e t i/t w/het (c) i/t~(e)ye t00 t/h/e ve(i)n tu be a.~me/r~ re'ye d w/e ll i/n g~t (h)r/u~e w/e d ew/e a.r~t(h) b e/e i n/n g a w/are inn re ce(i)ve i/n g th~e/n a(i)re~a.d./d~re s/s~t up f/0're all e ye 0 w/e~e k e.g. ave t00 t(h) ai l/l b~i/n e w/h~ale a.ven~(t) d' sum~mer re'ye s~u c/c e s/s ~t 0 s/s 0 ft~ ye a.r~t h ea.r~e

w/'h'~e t i/t('s) a. c. (t 00 th (e)) r~ 0 s/s 0 w/i.d.~t(h) c0 h0 st i/n~g ea.r's e.g. i'v~e t(h) a w/are t'h r~0und inn a.d. van ce 0'f/f t~h e w/K~n ea.d. 0 ve t~ 0/0 t(h)c~ai re~re'ye w/h0 ne ye b/b (e/e) 0/n knit~ 00 k air re'ye A/s~t/r/ai/t (h/c) an' ar'r0w/e d(g/e) 0/n~e c(h)0/m~bi/n~e/d p(at~h) d/g i'ven t ~

0 w/e th~(e) c(h)0/m e t00 th(e) re u/s/e t~h 0 wee k l/l e ye

t00 th e me an s w/h ea. t 0 pen l/l e ye

A s/s t ai d 0 w/are cap ab/le ye t00 th besp0K(e)i/n g(L) 0 ve t 00 th e m/erry sum/mit/t h~0 ve t


w/'h'~e t i/t~b re a.d, a s/s ay e sp0ken //t all a th//(e) time all (ag) l 0ve /// t (&)h (u) b/r i.d. e~n t00 t(h) u bri's~k inn~t/h 0 p/en d


ar t ye w/e th b e/e s p0 k e/e n a(i)re t00 t(h) a w/are in kn e w/e a.r~th p ass ay'e w/h e're & re t heir 's e/e b e/e s p0 k e/e n fxf a(i)r ~ e (a.) l/l e ye w/t~a(i)r~e h~a(i)r e ye w/h~i/n d a(i)r~e tu t(h)rue d e w/e d/0 ve t rut (h~) a ct u all e ye t00 th (e) r~e ll 'a'T e w/e re w/e d inn t i'm e t 0/0 d~e u/x i/t k(0)n e w/e d en u~d/e tu de~s 0/n g r~e w/e d aye l/l 0 w/h 0/n e ye can e c/ai/n f/r0m A~b 0 ve t/d~r ag 0/n e t00 th fxf e'ye r~e bu ye t(u)b 0/n e in n0/n e ce s/s um' s

spea-k- brief-ly-e- t-he- in-j-u/r-e-ye- i/s-in-ce-ss-i/on-e-(t-)w/ar-t-i'm-e-m-in-t-e/r-ven-t-i-0/n-e-(t-) w/-t-b-all-an-(d-)ce-s/s-w/-h-un-g- w/i th0u t c0n t en t i/0n e t a ct u all ye = t = h'0~use t(00) t'h b(L)e nd i/n g's (c) e/n t = th' a s/s p/i r/i t 0 fxf t'he sit u ate i/0n ai L/t ai ll e ye re s(c) e ll t a n(d)0/n ai l/t as/s p~ha l/l t m/ai/L~

your spirit has no heart~h in my l0 st (L) an d b 0/d e ye a.r~t 's(h)ave inn t00 t'h i/n (e) d/h~a nd e/b t00 th b 0/d e ye s~a.m. p le. g.~(g) a/i n (k) n~a.m.e n~ave t'h's aim e b/b e/e t~h's c/an d le ye inn a.d. (van ce 0) a.m. e w/an e'ye t a ll en t 'he' lends' ass a valu~e ve(i)n c0'me s f/r0m e'ye t ai L(t) en d~'s en d's e~ve(i)n t~he m/e n/d's~ f/0r ce s/s h(t)0 0k e'ye inn s(h)ave i/n g('s) 0/ d aye. g. ai n st ai n/n i/n g ran d~&~ b ran d pr0 c(L)ai/me ing f~an d's (t)~ay'e d~(0/d b~0b) ate ~'a't~b ea.r~t'h~s k~inn t'h ea.r t'h~an/d fxf i/r's t~ing t'h~e/r' s/t 0 g e/th/er e verse. g.~ea.r' syn/th ea. d~em

e w/e c/c h0 i ce ss (h)ave i 0're ve(i)n t

d(j) 0/b~ 'a' w/'a're t00 th~eave n p.r0 w/t

(u) b fxf 'a' ll e/n d e w/'h'i.d.e l/l e ye A s/s (t)~p0'r(e) t' p~ass aye d em ass k w/h y(e)m & en t~a~t h ei r~e s/s t

u~ d 0 b (e/a.) d. 0 v/e n/ ly e re (ff/r0m) ce(i)ve n tl 0 v/e n t~(hr 0 at)u~en d b(L)ac~k'~s 0'l~e d (h) 0 h t 00 the re maker e's ai l e t 0/0 w/e d e/b t'~s'h'0 (w/)e ft 00 th f~l0 w/(h)e're s e/e (d) bum bud' s~t em~p' st a ll k t 0'0 le a.v~e n's pe(n)t a ll s a w/e

d 0/n e w/i th0u t ('a') c~ai re

a.d. b re a.d. b(0)u ye 'd~e s~i` r/e 'a're~ve inn d (0 fxf t')h at w/i th0u t 'h'and h u/e w/e b/b (L)a.c. K e.g. i've n d(t)c (L) 0ver (t)ing~s h~eave's~an d m0 t/t 0 r/r ing' st e~p(h)s w/(h)ea.t e ll e ye A s/s t r~e a. t e ye 's~t a(i)r~e ring bu ye s~h ea. r /t~(h) 00


w/'h'~e t i/t~ ('a') c(h)0/m e

c 0nt f/r0m p/age 't a ll t a s/s k' i'll s e/a. t 00 th fxf la(s)t' s 0'le w/e 's an e raise r e ver b e('ye) d p0 sit pre sent ll e ye t00 th (e) re st 0/'a'~r e d

"h"er invention is worth "protecting" the same maid dupe interest stint in the lending 0 d 0 w/ ar -e- ye- too the keep -g-oin-g- in public interes-t-i/n-g-0-d-l-ye-a-st-


em-p loyin-g- "human re-source-s-" too-l- oo-k- ove-r- you-r-use-ye- t00-t-he-t-ee-th-


e vain the n-am-e-t-a-too-th-t-r-0p-e-in-eve-r-ye-s-in-k-




"special" -e-f-x-f-e-ct-(s-) a-s-s- t- a/b-u-s-e- without 0 p/en l e ye t00 th(e) d en ye -a-st- ye- d0 w/ in my sp0ken w/0 rd t0 -d-0h-t- on me fxf ace t-(h-)rue-d-e-ye-a-r-t-h-e-w/e-


ye keep from being seen am 0/n g -u- yew/-e-


"special" -e-f-x-f-e-ct-(s-) a-s-s- t- a/b-u-s-e- w/-h-a-(c-)to-ken-t-o-f-x-f-re-e-pen-t-en-ce-vain-t-00-t-he- d-c-air-e-t- f-x-f- 0-rt-you-d-


en-u-de- & te ll e ye bu (ll e) ye / 'i/t' is the tryst (h)rue d


& d0 w/are among e w/e


en-u-de- & te ll e ye bu (ll e) ye / 'i/t' is the tryst (h)ru~e w/e d


& d0 w/are among e w/e d e w/e (with no monetary means if t ye w/e = the actually e t00 the purs(u)e t(h)rue)


it is the last stint to save your nake-d- ass- t-


keep the money as both scene necessary and from you too the purs(u)e on the same vain grounds that the k nigh t g ave the nave ye the vi e w/e (but not re all y e s e/e the "proof" which is another way of saying without really saying n/it. t-h-e-ye - do not want you to have your own right on merit too the speak as si ft too the wear i/t rue or thru b.c. t-h-e-ye would have too see themselves in am-e-use-d-


& not deserving of a charitable a-c-t they imp-ass-t00-t-he- imp-ar-t- a t-w/-ill-0/n-d-vi-e-w/e- that can -con-e-ye- with a word in uni-verse-all-t-rut-h- , which is to say "h"e can h0-ld his o(w/-)n-


independently looking able too the c able t(h)rue.


"he" can only do w/-it-(h-)rue- to make him look like he is capable seen and not scene as the genera-tor- of abuse too the scene co-re-use-


inn-e-ce-ss-(t-)ate-i/n-g- ye-p-(L-)aye-too-t-he-ye-c0-h0-st-0-(p-)f-x-f- t-(h-)rue-d-e-w/e-d-ad-e/p-t-m-e-w/e-d"oo"- with n0 0/n e t00 the re c~e (i)ve t~h e w/e you give so(w/e) many words too t-he-x-p0-s-e/e-d-g-(r-)0-w/e-s-(t-)0-w/e-






sam is-s- ad- "just" setting me up too the reclaim, in her own disgrace, too the set me up too the t-rait- she is, and g-ave- and see-s as-seize the "same" t00-t-he-r-t-(h-)rue- too the imp-0-s-eg-n0-se-g-r-0-w/e-s- un-scene-s-0-w/e-A-k- b.c. e-ye-w/e- be-li/e-ve-in-charity - with no wet reason t00 th' be d~e's p ai r e -p0-rt-you-d- en-ude-f-0re-you-r-e-vi-e-w/e-too-t-he-t-0-le- & t-0-ll-


as a young person, her scope errors be-ad-l-ie-


in her lie she is setting up the me-an-s-too-the-re-p-l-e-ye- when she clearly doesn't have the me an s t00, ore to ask 0 fxf e w/e


t00 h ea. r her lame-m0-re-


s-h-e- is making the mir-r-0-r- as-t-en-t-s-h-e-g-ave- too the re claim-it-s-aim-e-! with me-one-ye- ar-n-d- with-s-cam- per-t- ill-e-ye- the s-aim-e- w/-ai-t-




in(w/-)hale-in-s-ir-e-p-rize-t-a-men-t-oo-t-he-t-la-st- when left inn d0/u(be-)t- be/e "nits" "true" t/h r/ue "re-p0-s-ai-d-ar-t-" a-ll-t-he-t-i'm-e-in-c-h-i'm-e-t-a-c-L-i'm-(b-)e- t-h-s- (h-)0 - w/e- c-l0ut-




bu-ye-(h-)ea-r-t-h-a-nd's-0-w/e-ar-t-h- alla- "round" inn d0/u(be-)t-cha chinge -i/n-g-0-t-ta-g-0- d-en-u-de-as-st-h-i/p-r-0-(-0-)f-x-foun-d- e vain too the re-s-inn-


g-le-ye-0-w/e- 0/n e maid k-n0-t-oo the "no" w/-inn- apparently e ris~e r (th) e ye ve(i)n t'h a s/s e. g. i'v e n~ t a ll t'h t i'm e a~ kn 0 w/e 0's h~0 (n) e in c0mma nd


g-raze- y-ore- s-nac-king- is -t- ab-0rt-


t00-t-he-p-lea-s/s-u-re-t-0rt-a-c- t/h 0ss0 w/e-d-0f-t-


in-b-r0-ad-s-c0p-e-i/n-g-s -cam-e-t-h-a-nd-s-ad-for-t-h-(f-ad)e-


w/i th0u t a. d. r~e ye inn s e l/l


t0-w/-it-s- t-0uch-e- t- c-hi'm-e- in-nit-s-0-(w/-)n-e-p.r.-i'm-e-"n"-


f-x-f-0-r-t-he-de-em-en-t-'d- e/b -t-a- t-o/u/r-i/s-t-all-k-t-he-t-s-h0-w/e-in-t-ere-st-en-t-&-st-in-t-f-x-f-0ra-re-spite-s-inn- g-le-ye-


Miss Re A.D.


t0-w/e-a-r- e- p.r.-0p-e-r-e- & re-p-ai-re-h-ea-d- in-re-l-ay-t-i/n-g-s- een as saying t(h-)rue-d-


im the dim-med- imp r0pe-r-e-l-e-ye- too the s-uck-s-ee-d-




"merrily" at n0 c0 h0 st "too"


= gain a pre sence min-us- the pr0 claim as s/ai/d t00 th~e w/e d e w/e


i am adept at knowing where too touch the haw with thorn with care b.c. i am the w/ea.r an d e w/are t0 me se l/l fxf a s/s t a l/l k ~ c L i'm (b) e in t00 the re p re sent i'm e. & g. a.m. e t in t(h)r e/e p0 'se. (g.)r0s e/e pt rue st a/b serve d/i re ct i/0n e all (e)ye l/l 0 b(e) serve d th' t~r/ac/k & st a c/k


sam the horsey -x-f -ace- g-i/r-L- a w/-as- born in a - s/s-t-a-ll-en-t-ai-l- too-t-h-b-all-an(d-)ce-ye-t-d-0-le-in-t-he-r0-ll-e-g-0/d-0-w/e-t-ai-l-en-t-00-k-n-0-w/e- d- & grown e weed's usually un scene ff/rom the s e/e n e/e d as/s kn e/a. d.'s~ yn/t~h an d e'ye p.r. a.m. t0 g e/th/er e (e) fxf e a.t h~er e p.r. 0/u t~e l/l e ye n a s/s c(k) e/n t~w/t a s/s t e ye A. s/s t~he fxf 0 're a.r s~e t 00 the re mem'ber e


sam the horsey -x-f -ace- g-i/r-L- a w/-as- born in a - s/s-t-a-ll-a-w/-ai-t-oo-t-h(e-)c-ai-r-r-e-ye-t-h- a- w/e-ar-t-he- w/-het-her-e-vain-se-as-s-0/n-ally-e-c-an-e- & at-t-ai-n- d0/u(be-)t-a-ll-i'v-e-


the cut-lass-sup-r-e-am-c-ar-t-h-ass-t-en-t-he-n-e-e-d's- c-ar-e-i/n-g-s- weet-ly-e-he-ha-g-(r-)aze- on - e- me/r-i/t-he-g-ave- the beau t(e)ye n k n ave ye t a.m.e bu ye de/sire he s(h-)ave-d-


i am adept at knowing where too touch the haw with thorn with care b.c. i am the w/ea.r an d e(ye) 'La' w/are t0 me se l/l fxf a s/s t a l/l k ~ c L i'm (b) e in t00 the re p re sent i'm e. & g. a.m. e t in t(h)r e/e p0 'se. (g.)r0s e/e pt rue st a/b serve d/i re ct i/0n e all (e)ye l/l 0 b(e) serve d th' t~r/ac/k & st a c/k cu(e) p 0/n e g~ran d a.m. e a.d. a.m. t00 th 's cout h~ a.m. meer, w/c at ~t(e) ll in re p0 's e g(n)00 s e/a. s e ll t0 me an s~ e/e k t' huss b/an/d e/b t00 t~h an d


the cut-lass-sup-r-e-am-c-ar-t-h-ass-t-en-t-he-n-e-e-d's- c-ar-e-i/n-g-s- weet-ly-e-he-ha-g-(r-)aze- on - e- me/r-i/t-he-g-ave- the beau t(e)ye n k n ave ye t a.m.e bu ye de/sire he s(h-)ave-d-0-w/-i/t-bu-ye-he-ha-w/ar-t-in-t-i'm-e-seize-s-he-ar-t-

he-e-h-a-w/e- b-(r-)-ough-t-w/-h0-c-k-t-he-w/(h-)0-r-(L-)d-bu-ye-"2"f-e-r-t-00-t-a-g-ai-n-e-s/t-p-a-ll-m-be-g-a/i-n--d-bar-g-ai-n-d-s-ta-ke-

he-g-0-c-a-rt- he-dg-e-w/-e-d-a-rt-0/n-e-t00-t-h-t-0(w/-)n-e-ye-s-e/e- p- f-0-r-um-re-se-ll-f-x-f- ad-e-s-h0-rt- in-c0-m-e-


"hades" got a go cart in be-li/e-ve-


& - r-ich-t00-t-he-me-at-e-ye-


r-0d-e-ye-0-(w/e-)st-y-le- in-p.r.-0-t- ie-n-s-t-0ss0- w/e-d-com-p-l-ea-t- as-s-t-he- met-p.r.-i'm-e marry-e-t00-t-he-d-ate- sup-per-fi-c-i-ally-e-0-(w/e-) n t-he-pi-ct-u-re-p-lan-e-b/i-p-L-ai-n-(t-)& -d-s- e/e -d's - aim-e- vain- t- p-r-0t- 0-s- w/(h-)arm -s- a-nd- "no w/e d" com-p-l-ai-n-t- 00 -t-he-ye-a-st- ill- e/n -d- in- g-i've-n-t-rue-st- in-t-ly-e-


a-rt-bu-ye-h-ea-r-t-(h-) t-(u-)b-e-c0/n-e-ye-p.r.-i.'d.e-b-t-h-at-oo-t-he- l/l-a-st- e-ye-/n-g-'s-eg-0-c-a-rt-w/-ar-t-


let's make a rec le s/s ta nd e/b t00 t(h) i/ssu/e a.r~e delicate too the re fine ing bed standing un supplied and e'ye i/n g the gen t le s/s i/r e prize inn e me'ye 0 w/h0 n/e t i'm e ve(i)n b r0a.d.'s i.' d.e~s c/0 p/i th e w/e an e ct d0 t ag e w/e in g-e-w/e- t-a-g-r-e-w/e-d-le-ad-ue-d-ud-e-rather-e-st-in-t-as-s-u/e-d-e-sig-n-e-re-s-h-0-(w/-)e-s-0-w/e-


= "h"e has a w/-r-i/t-e- t00-t-his-a-v-e-ye-w/e-& w/i-fe-fi-f0-w/e-ye-tu-


te ff 0/r/m/e ye'd rather t/urn nit inside d0/u(be)t ~a.d. a s/s h0(w/)e ye


the maker's cup, you can't speak t0/ne in- t0-w/e-inn-st-in-t-u-


u r i/n e*

0 re-

u r/i n-e-

figure it 0ut

bef0re ye g0 pe~eve(i)n vain-l-ye- t00 the re st 0/A. re ve n ly e


the maker's cup, you can't speak t0/ne in- t0-w/e-inn-st-in-t-u-may-k-i/t-up-in-re-lie-f-e-e-d-0-f-t-00-t-he-y-0u-r-e-s-cup-an-d-h-an-d-0-f-t-a-ll-0-t-


m-en use women's image t00 lie on t00 t-he giving beau/t (e)ye an e X a.m. p le ye 0fxf vi/rt/u~e.g. give n d (a s/s ay e sp0ken = )d-e/b-t-0-w/-h-eave-n-(t-)d's-e-am-i/n-g-s-


th/e r0s/e t/t a t 00 le th e/m ave n~kn~i~t (d) a s/s h0 (w/) e ye re pre s/en/t


c as h th e X p.r.e s/s i 0/n e w/e ta ke in d b/all an(d) ce s/s (t) 00 th' s trait an/d e m ar~r0w/ e/e pt p~ass a'g'e t(h) a w/h e ye t ar e/n t an 0/n e w/e de w/e d ay td~u/e tu gaw/~h e ye d0 w/h ea. t in t e're st' s h0 (w/)e ye w/ t'h' e w/h e ye t00 th c a/s h i/t in k~n e w/e ye t(h)ru~e ye & t(h)ru~e ye & c a/s h a/nd c ai r~r e'ye t(h) a w/h e ye t00 the me/r~r e'ye A(h)


eve r/e last i/n g i am th b e/e i n/n re p0's e/n 0's e g/g 0 e~s(t) a s/s th 0/n (e) ly e pr0/st/i/tu/t~e you ll eve r e/n e/e d e/b t00 th t 00 k~n 0 (w/e)s e/a. t y~0're t0 (w/)e s a w/a.r~e s p (e/e) d


au/Ld ang' sig/n e re s~k u ll pt' d t0 fxf i/t in t0 me'ye t(p.r.)i'm e inn th' b/all an(d)ce s/s p0 k/en t00 t(h) c L i'm(b) e/e a. s/s t 0 k e/e n d/e fxf i/n e d/d i' (m)e t a w/(h)are t(h)rue 0 fxf a(i)r e au/ld ang' sig/n e w/00 d a(i)r e s/s t c ai re


l0 s/s w/ ai t w/i th0u t en d


eve r/e last i/n g i am th b e/e i n/n re p0's e/n 0's e g/g 0 e~s(t) ea. d. a s/s ai d 0/c k n0 (w/)s e.g. w/i th0u t en d ... e fxf 0 r(e) t i'm e ye. g. is t me'ye c0n s0 rt i/n g 0/d e' s/t i/n e'ye t00 th's u/c ~h's e/e d f0r k e 'ye pal a/ce c(L)e a.n


deb t00 the. g. a.m. bi/t make inn u de


u dont seem to be in a good place with friends and family


is andy judas is c(h-)ariot


he might run out of gas p


is it more important for him to keep money for-ce-s/s-e-th-a-nd- = f-an-d-


ad (e) n ai l 0n com-man-d-0-0re- inn-relative-p0-sit-i-0/n-e- comma-nd-


t00 the re pur(e-)pose too t-he-vain -e-(t-)p.r.-am- = p.r. a.(i-)m.e 0/n -e-ye-t-a.m.-ad-e-


b/-t00-t-he-comma-nd- with n0 fxf 0 re w/a.rd g/ai/n e ve(i)n p(l)an e/d' s/ai/me ff/raime


t00 th c/ai/n e c(h)0/m e.g. a/i n st ea. d e'ye A st a nd


b(L)ac~k nigh t is t me'ye b/b 0/n e c0/n e w/h i/t~e ll e ye fxf a/ce t(h)r/u e ve(i)n kn e w/e


d a/ct yl : ly (e)a p.~r. 0ve d


e/b t00 th' s e/e k e're inn kn e w/e d a(i)re (s)t 00 t/h/e


does sharon have a fig up her but-t-


sitting on a fig as si ft 00 t h im plant up your but-t- is kn 0 t the w/h e ye g0/d en t en d ea. d.








i get the feeling i 'get' t0 date as/s a dating e w/e d e w/e


is every body 0k with their imp asses, that haven't con t r/a/ct u ally e made w/t i'm (e) p/asses e g/ave


june 2, 2016 


un t 00


k e/e n


b e/e s p~0 k en


t(h)a l/l 0 w/(e) th~y/me


'ye i/n g~s w/ e/e p~


fxf 0're t(h) c L~i'm(b)e


i/n g 0 p/en 0 w/h~i.d. e/n e' ye d


e/b t 00 t~(h) c ai r~re'ye t(p.r.) i'm e


sharon, you are "selling" the 'L' out of -line-, your sam/e w/-ea-k- character t rait i/n g -i/s-t-de-f-x-f-i/n-e-d- e/b - t-oo-t-h-(y-)h0-re-0-w/-?n-e-t-i'm-e-


you-r- frie-nd-s- h-ave long abandoned their need for assessment that they using in f-ee-l- ing -s- that don't actually carry t are weight commensurate too the apparent me 0/n e ye d e/b t a trait.


"h" ere you ab-i.d.-e- t-heir-e-c-r-i'm-e-


i don't get w/-h-y- you feel your are able to be the Miss S' Pen T, with f-ee-l-i/n-g-s- that t-a-ct- pre-sent-e-ll-e-ye- too-t-h-t-ea-t-


you re al l ye do not have the right to tack on with your f-ee-l-i/n-g-s- 0-ft-bi-g-0-t-b-lig-ht-


to pass on to my p(L)ate, "too" only merit a constant steady s-t-r-ai-t- with no merit to actually sir come fer e/n ce s/s it & city e with interest you feign, at a constant steady s-t-r-ai-t- too the g-i'v-e-t-a-miss-take- again, on my e fxf ace to w/e as if t, i had the income "you" st-0'le- and as i ft I w/(h) ere in a re all relationship t00 t(h) all' s 0 w/e


i get you re/qui/re attention, however i have to bemuse myself and as k, are you wor th e inn qui s i/t i 0/n e that you e x a.m. p le. g.~g ave


beyond that, sitting in re fxf le (ct) x i 0/n e fxf a.d. (0/u(be)t ~c)e

ye acknowledge it is cumbersome to carry on this way, with a screen and shield too the fxf 0 (re) r~a(ye) s/s a ye s e/e n e w/th fxf 0 rt m~a.(i.)d. e ye s~a.i' m.e fxf 0'r (th) r~(th) ag/e & th(r) ~a(n)g e l/l e.g.~g's(h)~ave t 00 t'h~y/m~e n a.(i)m.e t 00 t'h' c i/r c0'me fxf er e/n ce s/s t(h)r~e w/e t(h)~a/nd e/b t 00 th' tu ne~t/t u de ye i/n g~s w/ee p~ fxf 0/r/meal/l e ye t00 th's w/h ea. t sir c0'm~e fxf er e/n ce s/s (t) e th's t ea. d (e/b) t00 the me/r~r e'ye w/e(e) d' s 0 i'll c~ai r~r e'ye t00 th t ea. (c/h) t


l am b e're t issue t'h


r i/g i.d. f L0 w/e , re p (L)ace th' ab sense with a pre sense t00 th fxf ace t00 th take place ss e t'h inn di fxf er en ce.


g. (L) am b e're t issue t(h) 0'0 kn 0 t w/(h)av~e n/t~r e/e fxf r~a.(i)m.e t~a t~00 t'h's k~(e w/h e')ye t(h)rue d~0~0're l~e (ye) X p0's (ai) d~ 0 (w/)h~ 0 (Le) y~e w/e d~e w/e t 00 th' d i's~(e.g.)g r~a/ce ss (h) a ft fxf a ll e tu~

de w/(h)0ve r e~s h0/u Ld e're w/e b/b e/e s p0 k/e g.(r)0 w/ e/e ~s e/e bum mit (ex) t 0 s/s d~ p0's ai d 0 t~h an/d (&) b e ll e ye ll i'm (b) i/t 0 (w/) e/e k e/e n(d)s~ n 0/0 s~e.

g.(r) 0/0 s~e w/hi n d 0 w/e th(c) a l/l fxf~

th' fxf a(i)r e 'a.' l/l a.(i.)d. aye (t) p a.(i.)d. t0 fxf un s~p0 k/en (e) b e/e t 0 s/s 0/d tu b e're ye sir(e)me'ye~('a') s~t a(i)r~e

b/b e(t)a.~c (r~0 s/s 0) t inn~sig h/t

r e/e s 0/u n/d i/n~n g's (l) hi' m/m e r/r i n/n g ll e/e


w/ i.d. th e n e/e d's e/e k t 00 th' s(t) 0 w/e t 00 th's peaK t w/(h)in d 0 w/e pt c0/m e fxf 0 r~t ab le a.d.' s e/e k


c as h an/d c ai r~re ye the me/r~r e'ye A st b re a.d. (e/b) t0 me an s e/e k ne a.d.' s 0 w/e t00 th's peaK th e.g. ai n 0 gg i'n n ai me ve(i)n t en d's en d's a g ai n st a nd i/n g a.(i)m. e 0nt 0 p/en p~lein a're l/l e~a.n thy/m~e n a.m. e t heir e(e) fxf a(i)r e c(L) a.(i)m. e t00 th fxf r a.(i)m.e inn b/all an(d)ce s/s fxf 0're. g. g i've i/n g a've t0 0 th e me ((an s (t) 00 t/h/e)) t a.(i)m. e g/g a~i nn k ye t00 the re all b(0)u ye s/s (t/t) ai L/L e ye w/hale t00 th' s w/(h) a l/l 0 w/e ye b/but t0n s(h) a.(i)m. e


ab-st-r-a-ct-i-0/n-e-at-l-en-g-t-h- is -t- f-or-t-he-w/-ea-k-navy too the pass, without a squeak or a t e ll, with "i/t's" cur-rent-ma-st-s-ee-k-s-e-ll-e-ye- w/-0-t-00-t-he-s-ea.-s-


the "navy" can't go b(L)ack on nits working word, it 'h'asn't a/ct u ally e a.r~n ' d & never w/-ill-in-nit-s-cur-rent-0/n-erve-t0-0-t-he-w/-it-s-a-ve-r-ve-


which brings me too the h-ub-(e-) t-(u-)b- of the machine shop, patten tool, or pte , "take your -e- p-ick" as an example. i am told, if i learn this industry i can go anyw/ 'h' ere in the world. i can go anyw/'h' ere in the world as long as i speak it and do not fi/n d the me an s t00 th all a s/s 0 w/e b/b e t'h's 0 b serve d. fxf / r0m e ye n knit w/h0 rd under the disg-u-ise of the same e qua ll 0p p0 rt u ne ye t'ye s inn k's w/e ll e t00 t(h)b re a.d. aye l/l 0/n g the me a. s/s u /re t(h)r e a.d.'s en d's


the machine shop works with metal, metal is found around the world and the machine shop has big business with the navy in portsmouth new hampshire. trigger happy kid's are given guns, to-ol-e-ye-a-roun-d- e- w/-i.d.('s t r i.' d.e) th e-ye- do not c ai r~r e'ye inn s i.'d.e~s (t) e t'h rue st ab i.d. e in t-i'm-e-


"inn" essence, t-h-ey-e- give away me'ye t i'm e. and i am looked upon as a fra/ct/ion of value t-h-e-ye- t-h-ink- they give as the p.r. i'm e.


the "machine shop" on-ly-e- makes p.-r.-0d-u-ct-s- for -t-he- f-x-f-ace- it is actual lie taking without a t-r-ace-


scene as/s the necessity to-o-l-e- the me an s t00 the live in g r/ace as per ce(i)ve d. didn't hap/pen. e w/e s e/a. t


the "machine shop" on-ly-e- makes p.-r.-0d-u-ct-s- for -t-he- f-x-f-ace- it is actual lie taking without a t-r-ace- scene "as/s" the era/s(s)e a.m. the fu ll (bu ll) e ye fxf a ce. t-h-ink-ing- women can't carry the value in their o(w/)n = n 0 w/e & re n0un p(L)ate, t00 th eave n a me/r r'e ye th fxf a ce inn be d, the "navy" does not make the me nd's en d's i eve n (t) d's


guns, are a big source of de-lig-ht-f-u-ll- man-u-f-a-ct-u-r-in-g- in the area. kittery is sup-p0-rt-(e-)d- by a w/e --- fig-men-t- of the i'm-ag-i/n-nation-e-t-(u-)b-(scene- too-t-h(e-)c-as-h-an-d-c-ai-r-r-e-ye-a-st-) sus-t-ai-n-ab-le-ad- e/b -t- for -t- he-s-pea-k-ing-a-gree-d-


guns, are a big source of de-lig-ht-f-u-ll- man-u-f-a-ct-u-r-in-g- in the area. kittery is sup-p0-rt-(e-)d- by a w/e --- fig-men-t- of the i'm-ag-i/n-nation-e-t-(u-)b-(scene- too-t-h(e-)c-as-h-an-d-c-ai-r-r-e-ye-a-st-) sus-t-ai-n-ab-le-ad- e/b -t- for -t-he-t-i'm-e-s- he-s-pea-k-ing-a-gree-d-




as t-h-e-ye-"n" t-h-e-ye- "h" ave -t-"h"e-n-e-e-d-'s- e-e- k- a-g-ai-n-0-p-en-l-e-ye-t-ea-(c-h-)t- (to be responsible too the mar-r-e-ye-w/-ill-0-p-ea-k- f-x-f-r/i-e-nd-(e-)l/l(e-)ye-t-ya-w/ar-e-


"cash and carry" "h" as/s thr"0"ugh f-x-f- a(i-)r -e- t00-t-he- s-qu-"a"re- care fu ll (e-)ye-n(s-n)-are-v-ai-n-k-t00-t-he-maw/-cur-rent-c"h"arge-0-n-s-a-w/ar-e-


t00-t-he-re-"0"-w/-n- s-0 (w/-) n- ye c L ai m ye s 0 w/e but/t k n0 t in e me ye n k n ave a. ll a s/s h0 (w/) e g 0 t0 g e/th/er e s(t) 0


w/e~e k~n 0 w/e t(h) 0 w/e


& w/ t issue = is sh00 t00 th c ai r re'ye purs(u)e t~c a/s h can b/0 0/t beau/t e'ye inn suit e the r~e hir(e)suit 0 g e/th/er e h~ea.t w/het her e h ai r'e ye t00 th' in t ere s(t) 00 t/h c ai r/re ('ye) s (t)h0u Ld e're t(p.r.)i'm e tat c Li'm(b)e inn ei n~k(t) line d e w/(h)ave (ye)


t 'h' ag i/s t~h e.g. ap t00 t(h) issue th(e) re all e' ye t00 th (e) re p (L)e~a. t a s/s 0 w/e d 0(w/)h i~n/n (d) t i'm e t a/u ~gh t & d0 t(h) 00 kn 0 w/e a.r~ t/h 'd ea. r~ ai r~e 'ye w/(h) e~a. t~ing('s) ap~p(s) t(r)~ap i/th~e w/e ' d e w/e~e (k) 0'ver t l e 'ye a.n d issue di's c (L) 0ve r~d i'm e r~a p(t) in/n t 0/0 ' l(e)a. nd

c r/u st in dh and e/b t(h) 0'0 k & c ai re re'y(e)a. w/a~r(e'ye)d (c) r0ss 0d 0 fxf t 'h' inn s~a w/e

t(h) a w/e d

e n/n e ce s/s i t(e)ye & c(i)t(e)ye s0n~net at 0/n e b~re a.d. b0n~net t' a g(L)0 ve t 0/0 g e/th/er e b/b e t/t a(i)r e (e) fxf a(i)r and' sum mi t/t e ff/r0m th' circumstanc~i: e'ye a.ll b 0/d e ye t00 t(h) u b~ e/e s 0'l~e y~e re p(L)e a.t e fxf 0'r t w/h0 e w/e t00 th~(&) c~(L) 0've t' c (L) 0've n t' c (L)~as/s t e t(h) issue d 0 w/h e'ye t

w/ h0 (Le) y! ~e ('a') st e'r d~aye t

0/n ai l 0 ft g i'll e ye fxf l 0 w/(h) e're th e n/ature all e.g.~r a ft h~eave n~s (t) 0 w/e. g. 0 a ll e.g.(r) 0~'a' t 00 th' r 0 'a' t 00 th t~0 s/s 0/d 0 fxf t 'h' at in t/en t~i 0/n~s h 0 (w/) e

t 0'le r~an ce s/s (h) 0 (w/h0) n/e~

pee 0p le 0/a. n~d e'ye w/h e'ye t a w/ ai t~ing' sum~m(e)in n~e/r~v~e (n) 'a' c~ap i/t~a(i) ll e/n d's~h~0 ve ll'('s) a.m. e~ a.~t m0' s~ph ea.r~e v~'a'p (e) 0're t g~l0 be a.~r(t~)ing's hear e l e'ye s par t i/n g's ea. t's~

w/h~i/nn d f/0ra w/hi l(e'ye) d e'ye g 0/n a.d. i'm e alla s/s p.r. 0ut e in t i'm e // minerva~h w/00 d/h ave t/b e/e n a.b. r~i.'d.e~serving u ye d


a.m. e'ye T' st r.i.p~ t ea. s e/e d' sir(e) priz/e yes e/e bum b (L) e/e f/0're ye. g. 0/n e in~n s(L)i.' d.~e's


a. t r/a~ce s/s w/i.(d.) th0u t (a) c~rh y me (n) t00 th c ai r~r e'ye fxf 0/r/m/e a.d.


th rig ht hand e/b t00 th/e (p.)r.0s/e p fxf/ r0m e/n 0's e/e k th(e) re p0' s e/e k n 0 w/e inn g 0 e~s ea. t


r i/t'h mu s t~ake t'h rh u t'h m0 s~(t) 00 th' d ate in k i/n d (e) l/l e 'ye re p0' s e.g.0 & ' s e.g.~'a'te ya~w/ an 't 00 k/n 0 w/e. g. g0t 0 g~e/th/er e (inn t i/s) s(t) h 0 (u) e w/(h)e ye t0 g0(d)


s~h 00 ' s t(r)e w/en s(h) ave d a.d. 0~0're t(h)rue a.m. 0(0)r(t)~ing's ea. k 0/'a' (s/s) t (h/r) 0 at

(h) and e'ye ar t in the same p0sti0/n e wit h's hare r 0/n e. you are no -t- rite, and ye ar t rig ht a s/s mu ch a s/s a ye b/ring i/t 00 th fxf i/g ht (u) b rig ht 00 t(h)c a/s h a/nd c ai r~r e'ye t ea.(c~h) t 00 the me/r~r e'ye (a.) s/s t~e/a. d h~and e ye X t i'm e s e/e (n 0 w/e fxf 0're t' s e/e) k n 0 w/e i/n g L e/a. purs(u)e 's lee p


(h) and e'ye ar t in the same p0sti0/n e wit h's hare r 0/n e. you are no -t- rite, and ye ar t rig ht a s/s mu ch a s/s a ye b/ring i/t 00 th fxf i/g ht (u) b rig ht 00 t(h)c a/s h a/nd c ai r~r e'ye t ea.(c~h) t 00 the me/r~r e'ye (a.) s/s t~e/a. d (&) a(i)r~e s (t) m~i'(l)l e ye s(t/r) e~a.m.


s ai me t00 th's e a.m. c. a.(i)m. e & can e bu ye c/ai/n sustain ab le a.d. e ye t ea. t 0nt de L ay e fxf e/a.(s)t e ll e ye re p(L)ea. t 0/d ate


ps. it is also why r/ich needs to grow his too th in t i'm e, and why i think the "christ" scene f-o-rt-he-ta-king- is maid-up-e-on-nit's-t-in-e-&-t-i'm-e- to toss a fabric-ate-i/on-e too th c-over-t- the miss-us- an-d- sus-t-en-an(d-)ce-be-min-(e-)d-




ps. it is also why r/ich needs to grow his too th in t i'm e, and why i think the "christ" scene f-o-rt-he-ta-king- is maid-up-e-on-nit's-t-in-e-&-t-i'm-e- to toss a fabric-ate-i/on-e too th c-over-t- the miss-us- an-d- sus-t-en-an(d-)ce-ye*-be-min-(e-)d-


for-nic-ate-i/n-g- the "h0-use-" in the "p.r.-e" sent c-L-i'm-(b-)e- daff-0-r(d)-abble-g-l0ck-in-d-i'm-e-ye-h-in-d-e-ye-


m/ark hinde, my machine c L a s/s teacher -t-


can get me a "job" e-o/n-e- c- k-n-if-e-ye-n-k-n-e-e-d-0-w/-n-e-


'a' s/s i ft e'ye fxf 0r ce s/s h0 0k & w/i.d. t' h0 de me'r re ye th' de pt 00 th' c ai r r e'ye, can't make g un 0/n e me'ye 0 w/h0 ne i gh b~0 r(e) t c-lear-e-ye-


"&" le-t-he-re-c0-rd-s-(h-)0-w/e-g-(t-)0-w/-n-


&- "at" "t0ne" got the virtue "we" saw (but didn't make as/s th (r) 0/n e) t0 (w/-)e- in the h arb0r e.g.~g0 t a g0


with in f-x-f-a-ct- no re all c0 (h0) st, "too" K-continue -t-"h"ink-ing- u-ye- am-all-t-h-at-c-as-h-d-(ash-d-




"responsib-ly-e-" re-move-d- from the scene, he takes for-g-in-g-ran-t-d- 0/n e s0me 0/n e's 0ther e p(L)a~te -st-i/n-e-d-ate- to use my e fxf ace, to cash and carry w/id t/h -is- "a"-w/-h-e-ye-t-


kevin stine you do not have a re all t 0ut l0 0k, that you f-i/r-st- destroye-d- t00-t-h-e- f-x-fun-d-a-men-t-all-i-t-e-ye- person ally e w/the me an s e/e k 0 ft he, a. s/s ay e speak t0 me (an s a/ct u all e ye in the time given t00 the mean s0me t~hing e


= me-0ne-ye-f-x-f-0-rt-u- an/d ap/parent sustainability for me for speaking t00 th(r) e w/e = n0 pur(e) vi e w/e.


it is why you g-ave me the "separation letter" of "employement" b.c. the w/0 r(L)d can virtually see my t00 th in the time i lent for th e re vi e w/e in ne/t w/(h)0 rt ~h t00 th purs(u)e


you c-ave-d-e/b-t00-t-he-w/-ill- as/s your apparent value producer in me-(w/-)r-i/t-00-t-he-t-it-re-d-it- it-s-t-rite-s-w/-i-ft-


e-ye-in-purs(u-)e- t-s-0-w/-e-t-c-an-d-f-x-f-0-ll-0-w/e-t00-t-he-ye-t-oo-t-


you kevin stine lay your be-d- and make the d-am-e-ta-ke-in-t-i'm-e-


you have "money" and you have actually created no love.


to honor your name, as with any one else "above" "beyond" and be-late-d-lie d0-ve-(t-ai-l-awn-d-)


0/n-e-f-x-f-r-a-ct-u-re-d-'s-t-ate-ye-g0/n-ad-' s-0- (w/-) n-


ye claim ("can") came for your "love"


t00 th app(ea)le th0u l0-ad-0-ft-s-um-


t00 th app(ea)le ye th0u l0-ad-0-ft-s-um-


for another day too the cash and carry the w/-h-e-ye-t- mad-e- daff-0-r(d)-abble-t00-th-d-ate-re-luc-k-t-an-t-ly-e-t00-t-he-re-lay-t-


"i"/n "g" r-ea.(f-)t-


r-ad-e-m(e-)ar"k" the-me-an-s-ta-ke-


"&" me-r-/r-e-ye-t-me-ye-f-x-f-a-ce- with words without a sustainable & n0ble t-race-t00-t-he-s-ai-d-ate-


you cut my face to manage your (diss) g-r-ace-0-t00-t-he-g-re-at-e-bu-ye-miss-ta-ke-


any 0/ne l/l s e/e n, doesn't have the rig-ht-oo-t-he-tu-be-in-you-r-e-sig-h-t-




Kevin fig hts, with a fig- "light" in love too the carry b-rig-ht- e- vain- too-t-h-s-h-0ve- in pay-per-e-ad-sig-h-t-


& - d i a.m. -he-ld- responsible for the kind countenance that i do not have for him, b.c. he cannot conceive ab(e)ll e ye comma nd & honestly stand for anything but a gigabyte s-h-a.m.-


e-t00-t-he- shame me h an/d sustainable as/s the measure ye a.m., which he has for-ce-s/s-h-a-ken-b-lan-d-


be sandra bland, foot the gun too the carry p.r.-a.m.- e vain bu-ye- k-nigh-t- as-s-ay-e-t-m-ay'-e-s- f0r-ce-s-s-h- "a"k- e w/e in -t- ere -st- ("i/t" has never actually lent 0/n e c~ (t) knit pre t/t e ye w/~)


inn knit


'sum e & c ai r~r e'ye 0(w/)n e per s0/n a n0 /n e. g. r ata t~h eave n se a.m. i/n g's & see- the w/e b-ring-i/n-g-t(h-)rue-0-d-ue-inn-c0/m-e- w/-h-e-a-(l-)t-h- the persona le-ft-chara-ct-er-too-t-he-t-ste-alt-h- inn character a s/s w/e ll -t-0/n-e-met-de-a-ll-t-0/n-e-t-d-ea-f-a-st-we-ll- e'ye fxf 0're (t/h) r~0(w/)n e~me t a.m. e/e kn0t "un" pleasing t0 me se ll fxf t00 th ill-k-(w/-)ill-ay-e-p-ass-e-t-h/e-m/0-p-an-ne-d-ate-t-he- next character -d-r-0p-e that w/as-s-0ugh-t-00-t-he-p-(L-)ay-e-t00-t-he-'d-ate-ye-0/n-t-up-t-it-up-t-an-d-be-l-ay-e-f-x-f-r0m-t-he-m/u-f-x-f-t-oo-t-he-t-u-(r-)f-x-f-en-0-f-x-f-t- rue-d-ne-s/s-h-a- s/s-t-"b.c." t-00-t-city-e-ca(i-)rry-e-0n-s-0-(w/-)n-


without the charms to c-h-army-e- f-x-f-r0m-mit-t-s -p.r. -e-e-t-en-s-e-t-s-0-l-e- ye-re-l-ie-on-e-ce-ss-as-s-0-(w/-)n- e ve(i)n 0/n d0/n e ce ss ai r~r e'ye t00 L/i b/e r/ 'a' t~e th e r~a n s~0/m fxf i/t 0 me an s e/e k' s peaK a s/s ai d


(e) ye h/ave a de sire in maintaining virtue in r~elating


i'm a gi nation, that means sustainably relating among thee, in the time prefaced with the speaking to (w/) also carry with it the relating means to me an s 0/m e t'h'ing sustainable in the relating, as why were there be a conversation, except- ye- just want something for-k-no-w/-t-h-ing-


fe-(a-s-s-)t-e-t00-t-he-ye-a-st-e-ad-e-ye- a-s-s-u-re-d-l-ye-


re-p-(L-)ea.-t-00-t-h-e-ye-tu-g-a-w/-h-e-ye-f-x-f-0r-a-i-nap-an-d-ya-p.-r-0ve-t-his-me-s/s-ag-e-t-00-t-he-ha-ve-t-a/b-u-s-e- en i/nn e measure f/0're t rut h


t00 t(h)c ai r~r e'ye 0/n b rig ht w/i.(d.) t~h0/u t a p.-r.ig-ht- in-sig-h-t-00-t-h-('si) c(i)t(e)ye t00 th (be) l/l e~a. fxf 0/r/m/e a.d.'s i/n k


i n/n t 0/0 d~aye w/i th0u t issue (d)


Seen f0r/meal/ly e Miss S Taken (0) with (A.) M.iss Use t(00)h 0/0 k n0 w/e nd g~0


t 00 th eave n (t) d's en d's a g a/i n/n k en d's


your "christ" didn't come t00 & t0 w/e ye w/e, without re f le X i 0/n e in me ye t i'm e t e ye w/e. which also means, your 'christ' in the same character that he be with the means too the net too the s peaK, did not come for "you" as you t- "h" in-k- your -e- c0/n-e- ye- f-rom-e-w/-h-in-e-ye- t-0-u-t- st-out-l-ye- in "too" be-lie-f- t-(u-)be-li/e-ve- t- dire-ct- f-x-f-rom-e-0/n-e-ye-s-a-miss-pen-t- direction-ally-e-too-t-he-ass-ay-e-re-pen-t- for-ce-in-g-u/s-t- 0-p0-in-t- he-f-x-f-i/n-g-e-re-t-h-at-bu-ye- a prostitute 0/n -ai-l-e-ye-t-ea-(c-h-)t- in-re-lie-f-x-f-e-e-d-'s-e-e-k-t-(u-)b-e-am-sig-n-if-i-can-t-l-ye-t-d-is-t-in-ct-

f-x-f-r0m-e-t-ip-t00-t-he-t-ai-l-en-d-'s-en-d's-a-g-a/i-n-st-ea-d-s-ta-nd-s- for taking aka d-ate-r-ape-i/n-g- "0" he-ll-p-me-for-ce-s/s-h- "a" k/e-



t00-t-he-c-as-h-an-d-c-ai-r-r-e-ye- w/-t-"a"re- t-(u-)b-ce- s/s- ai-r-e-ye- for-ce-ss-t-re-st-all-k-in-g-as-scene- necessary-e-too-t-he-be-lie-f-x-f-i/n-g-e-re-i/n-g-0/d- ly e forsaking with gall, all a re all i t e ye inn my 0 p/en palm s, ye- com-p-ass-i/on-ate-l-ye-s-cam-

to-f-x-f-urther-e-direct-your-e-me-one-ye- t-(u-)b-scene- chari-t-ab-lye- in the giving as th e g 0 t c L ea n (l-ie-n-)

Miss S Taking me'ye n K ne a.d.'s e/e n, for your miss-take-i/n-g-a-gree-d-



p- alm s(t-)0-w/e-g0-





sam "h"ill can only carry on making money (as long as be a. = st ill)


c-as-h-an-d-c-ai-r-r-e-ye-"h"- a -s/s-t-(u-)b-(L-)en-d-at-"h"a.d.e-in-d-e-me-n/d-i/n-g-ave-n-am-e-

= a - "rue" fu-ll-(bu-ll-e-ye-)sig-h-t-00-t-h(e-)ave- n-(t-)d''s-ay-ke-g-re-at-e-


i find no assurance in this steady s-t-rait- too the imp-balance-s/s-t-all-ass-ta-ke-

with credit no one among you m-en e w/ 'h' ave actually made debt tooth your d ate

inn my inn sure ran(d)ce ll en d a s/s t a nd t00 the fxf i/g i a.m. t~a ll en t a g/ai/n d~r e'ye w/(h)in d

ate t00 the mer i/t 0 w/ an ~ne'ye w/h e ye s e/e ye s c/an d

'st a nd 0/n e c/e ss ai r e ye c0mma nd e fxf a/ce t with th a s/s ay e a.m. 0 p/en t(h) C(L)a.m.

with insurance tu be seen on deck for the necessary sur(e)viva ll i/n g~s e/en a.d. ju st fxf 0're b e/e & b(0)u ye b/b ein g's t00 t(h) c le a.~n'd 0/n e me/r~i/t d0 ve t ai l/l i/n g's w/ee p fxf 0/r/m/e a.d.'s e/e k

un e i fxf 0/r/m ly e w/(h) e/dg/e X a/ct e ll e ye A s/s t ai d aye

(& b(p)m~ake progress readically e) at last we know with which 'h' e/dg/e t 0(w/)e & t~0w(n)e all a s/s 0 w/e.g. 0 t/t a g0


basic - ally, the s-cur-rent-mark-e-t- p-l-ace- is cas(h-)ing in on the fact tha/t it can't represent in t-i'm-e-, and is producin-g- the s(l-)u-b-c-lim(b-)e- too -t-he-re-a-ct-in-t-i'm-e- p.r.-0d-uce-d-on the same m(e-)ark-e-t-e-value-c-him-e-me-in-e-ye-


as-s-i-ft- he is independent in nature c"r-hym(n-)e" n-t-im-e-n-ame-the navy with noo K in d e ye


& K e.g. g ave t 00 K n~ave in d e ye t i'm e


in K n0 w/e t i'm e


w/h ea. t~ e ll e ye c(h)0/m e c/c a/i n e'ye t00 t(h) c0m p (L)ea. t w/h 0/n e st L i/n e d e(n) ye


t/h (e) t i'm (e) t fxf l0 w/(h)e re s (t/r) e a.m. e a.d. 0 w/e in c~


0 re p 0 re a.t (e) d g 0


t 00 t(h) a l/l 0 w/e ft~h fxf a l/l 0 w/e


t 00 t(h) a l/l 0 w/e ft~h fxf a l/l 0 w/e~e k e/e n d's (t) 0 w/e. g. 0, e ven s(h) all 0 w/n (c) as/s h 0 (w/) e ye t00 th' sup/per 's e/e d

c 0nt f/r0m p/ag(e) 0 ver~t 'h' r~0 w/(e)n d en ea. r's e~a.t('s) i t/t ai l e t00 t(h) u b 0/n e ve(i)n' sum mit/t a re r 0/u n/d e w/e (st) c~(h) 0 'a' s/s t (L)0/u n g~e r a p/p t (0/0) u~re ye d e 'ye 0 ft a~'L'i(g) n~e d : c~h0's en 0/n e in (k) t i'm e ye 'a.' s/s t be t~h' f/0're & f/0r~a re r~ i'm e ye inn a.d. van ce s/s t0r/r (e) me in g 0 all (e) d~0~0're inn st ea. d 0 w/e th e me an s~ e/e k t 00 th's ea. t ~i/t~re a.d.~ em b~ar/e as/say'e d~h (a.) d.


the r i'm e-g-0t-gentrifi-e-d too the last dim-e-ta-ke-r-in-d-'s-(t-)in-e-d-

e-ye-ie- w/(h-)in- e-me-0n-e-ye-(t-)p0-c-k/e-t-00-t-h(e)-c-u/r-e/v/e-ye-nd-s-en-d-s-a-w/ar-e-ar-t-he-r-en-t-c0n-cur-(e-)r-en-t-scene-n-ee-d's- miss-pen-t- 0 pen l ye


sine d i(n) e in sit u = h0 w/h e'ye s'h'(e) d c~a.(i)m.e t00 t(h) u b e/e ve(i)n t'h ave n d's (t r)e a.m. ing 0 p.r.e~t en d~ & de fxf e/n~d

the me/r~re'ye ll 0 c/k e/t' she~at'h' b(L) e/n d well 0 w/e ll i'n g's (h) e ll t~a t e ll 0 ave s eg b re a.d. 0 w/h'a'le. g. i/nn s(i)t u~d ye w/h and ye


e w/(h)in d 0 w/e


i thought about th' ump teen things on sale, and thought of you know if i had a product too the tooths ai l and se ll ass 0 w/e, in behalf of someone too the carry my t i'm e too the mer r e'ye de fi/n e d as/say e (t) d i/n e 'ye t00 the carry e the w/ai/t as ~s the w/h eigh t all s (h) 0 e


if i were to have someone con so rt to carry my products and charge more for the, ie double is usually custom marry, i wit 'h' ave too look at it this way : can the person selling the me an s t00 the me an s ee k, w/r i/t e t 0/0 e ve(i)n a re pre sent me'ye s h ea. r t inn ste a.d.


w/h en th 'e' 'w/e' l/l oo k at this 'missing' service-me-ar(e-)k- the miss's (t-)d-re-ad- with no re pen t en ce s/s e/e n as say e c/an -e- the l-eve-r- i/n-d-s-ai-d-ue-t-(h-)rue-d-en-u-d-e-ye-in-t-w/-h-0-g-t-he-no-g-/g-inn-be-d-


me'ye w/0 r/k w/(h) a l/l a nd e w/h all 0 w/e ve/r (e)ye t a ke in st r/i.'d.e a. ll 0 w/e t 00 t ~h e/m a ll 0 w/e in g w/ith c00~k i/n g 0 p~leas u/re t00 t hue inn t i'm e t00 the se a.m.~s a.c. r um b 0/n e tu tri ang le 0/n p/ai/l 0 vi~s i 0/n e w/th' s c0 pi~t/t (e)ye inn t00 t(h) a ll 0 w/e th' s/ai/me t00 the mer~re'ye the miss take ve(i)n a(i') ll e pt 00 the me an s en t bu ye w/h e ye tu de w/e~e k/eel it wit~h ue inn (d)c0 L 0're t00 t(h) ag (r) ~ave inn t issue t00 the m/e n/d's 0/n~ne/t b 0/n~ne/t in t i'm e n eve r e l/l e/n t~i/n g~fxf r i/e nd' syn/th i/n g' s peaK fxf 0r t~h e me an s~ag a/i n~st cir-cum-s-pec-t-be-h-ea-d-e-ad-t-issue- w/i th0u (gh) t in t/en t i 0/n e


so, someone to move my fictional product, i haven't made up yet to be sold by someone in the marketplace, just a thought and an idea to ad dress with what i can see with my own eyes inn the interest i s h ea r too the r i've r t c l ea.r e me'yes t cont ai n e inn my fxf(r)ame & fxf(L)ame t00 th dk eye p f/r0m -h-arm-s- b 0 L(e)d l/l e ye a. s/s K an d/e live r 0/n e th p.r.e miss.



my thinking i put product into the market-place someone else represents it at double the price so they can make moneye "you know what i mean" as/s easy as too the speak in a num-b-ere- of-t-o(u-)ng-e-s-t-oo-t(h-)rue- as a matter-e-0-ft-he-f-a-ct- proclaiming with t-rig-ht-e-vain- d-s-l-e-ye-0-w/e-0-n-s-L-augh-t-ad-'s-0/n-e-in-ven-t-i-0/n-e-vain-s-(t-)0-w/ar-e-ye-


the person that represents my 'product' in the market-place puts me in a position to be scene for less value for asking for h-is patronage in the first place first-l-ye-scene- as-s-t- he- h-is-t-0-r-e-ye-vain-s-0-w/e-pt-c-r-i'm-e- as-s-t-c-ai-r-r-e-ye-0-w/-e-d-'s-0(w/-)n- e-co-m- p- (l-)ea.-t- it- 0ss0-d-0f-t-all-t-he-t-i'm-e-in-re-pen-t-en-ce-0-in-be-st-0-w/e-d-0-w/-e-g-0-ad-ad-e/b-too-t-he-t-0-s-s-0-d-0-ft- with-s-pee-d-0-f-x-f-t-b-ump-eeve-i-n-s-0-w/e- curious~ly e


and if i speak this too th ea.r d, i am treate-d- as-s-i-ft- 'misread' t00-t-he-sir-cum-ref-fer-en-ce-s-s-h0-u-ld-e-re-inn-d-e-vote!-i-o/n-e-s-s-0/n-net-oo-t-he-b-e-e- ye d0/n kn 0 t ~h i/n k's h 0(w/)e


b.c. e'ye a.m. not competing tu b-scene-&-l-an-d-g-ran-t-d/e-em-ed-ab-b-le-too-t-he-mark-e-t-p-l-ace-s-s-t-ass-his-t-p.r.-00-f-e-e-d-0-0-re -st- om-a-c-h- ins-i-d-e-s-(h-)ave-ns-pen-t- // i am endeavoring to be seen for e re all value at the re all time too the & for e giving, i am t-r-ad-i/t-ion-ally-e-a-st-om-a-c-h-in-nit-o-f-x-f-i/t-up-pi-t-pup-pet-r/i-f-x-f-i-c-ate-i/on-s-t-em-t-vacate-i/on-s-ough-t- 0/n e me'ye l/l augh t00 th c all in t i'm e t0 ss th 0d ff/0/r/m/e a.d. e ye a. ll 0 t


in giving t-he- market-place- as sh0(0)t in re all t i'm e t00 t(h) all 0 ft, i am deemed of lesser production(-s-eg-0-) v-alue & e-value-t-augh-t- & miscarrie-d- in the product representation in t-i'm-e- ye give more, "h"e represents the true value less-too-t-he-re-st-0-re-no-les-s-0n-nit-tooth-re-p-ass-t-value-with-id-th-i/t-in-k-nit-am-0-re- w/e pine fore entertainment's h 2 0/0 see love in our time if only on the screen reflecting the needs we wish too the restore in really re all i t e'ye a. s/s h 0're, entertainment is made in t-i'm-e- to alwasy be chasin-g-i/t-c-L-i'm(b-)e- for more "money" -&- no real love made only vain p-ass-t-prime-de-ad-as- a.d.-0- th-d0-0r-k-n0-b-in-ye-w/-e-nd-t-he-n-0-b-u-ye-w/e-d-ding-(e-)tu-b-scene-inn-ap-prove-d- actyl ly rendered from the misread-measure-


the yiel-d-too-t-he- "house" speaks dupli-city-e-z-t00-t-he-me-w/e-'s-ai-d-e-w/e-too-t-(h-)rue-you-th- ye "h" an-d- ye-re-ce-i-ve-i/n-g-0-pr-00-f-e-e-d-00-f-us-s-an-e-w/e- (that doesn't speak for himself t00 the se ll as/s he doesn't real ly know how t 00)




cash and carry too the merry is missrepresent-(d-) is/s ue tu be miss represented on deliver lie, for -tu-ne-a-t- e- s-(h-)ave-in-g- kn 0 w/ (h) 0/n e t 00 th t a ll k w/it h eave nd's


your saying your the mitt a's son, but you-r- can't cash and carry the mitt a's sum, much less stand wet h allow in d eb t eye too th 0re ye ll an d e'ye s an/d make the inn come, your sockets t-h-in-k- you de serve 0/n e me'ye di'me un besp0ke n, and -s-ta-ke-n- if i present myself as not "actually" un bespoken t in my 0wn t i'm e t00 the mer re'ye the me m.0re ye s hie ld's e/e k i/n e w/a rd (e) l/l e ye = c0 w/e versus c0-war-d-l-ye-s-e/e-k-in-d-e-ad-s-i-ft-f-x-f-e-e-(t-)d-e-ye-


your relationship therefore signify pockets of abuse too the st-(e-)ye- to -w/-al-la-w/aye-sig-n-if-e-ye- tu-b-e-in-ab-u/s-ee-(d-)k- in uni-verse-all-s-pea-k-too-th-city-e-re-ak-inn- and no one carry-s- "you" a w/h ey e t00 th s pea K 'a' s/s ay e do not deliveR e actually e in the spirit of the place ye b/be 'h' ave t oo th c/L aim. and bu ye the way, you place blame on the prostitute (t-h-at-has carried you com-f-or-t-able-ad-too-t-he-ad-is-s-miss-with-a-pre-miss-(h-)ave- = g-ave in the f-i/r-st-p-(L-)ace-0-h- a.d.-, when you have only given s - e/e- x- (a vain ex) -i/t- com-for-t-able-ad-too the carry on without a second thought or a t-0-s-s- 0d-0-ft- in the same "spirit" as you engineer-d- too-th-(0-)ug-t-h-(r-)0/n-e-d-0/n-e-d-0-ft-an-0-t-her-d-0/n-e-t-a-re-in-re-verse-g-ea-r-s-e- con-d-c-l-ea-r-ea-r-e-f-x-f-0-rt-ing-0-p.r.e-miss-t-a-ke-g-ai-n-e-w/-(h-)in-d-e-c-k- f-ore-l-an-ding-s-ai-me-


t heir isn't anybody t 'h' ere : just sayin g c L ea. r~


"you" don't know why you do what you d-0- & you ordinarily do not car(e) t 00, you just like to think you d0 & t~h at is not the sa.m.e inn actually follow thrue with responsibility on the other e nd e/b t 0/0 d e w/e (b.c. our ag ed lives actually e a.nd a/ct yl :ly matter t 0/0 : t0 me mu c ~h a nd kn 0 t a s/s a ye s(t) 0 w/e tu : you have false se ll ie, and you have no real purchasing power or p0 in t 0 fxf reference tu t me a.d. 0 w/h en you are not e X a ct ly e tm e w/the me an s e/e k w/e ll s e/e meaning fxf u ll 0 p/en ll e ye fxf ace 0/n e me'ye tme m0 re ye~s


h0 w/eave r, i am using your name to me market in my time frame, as you -d- ue-t-w/-h0-d-e-ye- with attention f a(i)r e you haven't actually earned or accrue d a(i) r e. t0 (w/) e ve(i)n t0 w/n e t00 t h in perceiving t(h)u b~eau/t


e'ye in se ll fxf re (a.) pre sent at e i/0n e me/r i/t it' s/t a ke (n)d 0/n e


"the crown of thorns" is just fi-ct-i/on-e-too-t-h(e-)be-lie-f-x-f-iction e-g-ave- too the re-c-(L-)ai-m/e- x- a-ct- l-ye-


"he" w/-ill- only let you honest person with an honest gesture as the guest you w/are , w/-ill only let you not actually re pre sent your se ll fxf as/s the n0w/are ve(i)n s(t) 0 w/e. if you are a woman "he" will take your h0, and if you are a-men- i presume, you will get along f-x-f-i/n-e-in-f-x-f-0-rt-u-ne-p.r.-i'm-e-


"b.c." his "prime" p-ump to marry e as/s t(u)b merry would be d-ump-an-d-c-ai-r-e-r-e-ye- scene for forcing-s-t-a(i-)r-e-ye- "one" "ad" ata t-i'm-e-on-are-ye-


aka "your" "time" has only made a merry de-c-line-d-ai-r-ie-s-m-ill-k-e-ye-a-ll-thy-me-lt-l-eg-s(t)00-t-h-e-c-as-h-an-d-c-ai-r-ie-s-c(r-)um-b-(l-)ed-0-ve-t-0-re-d-0-f(t)-am-0-(-0)-re-in-s-c0p-e-d-bu-ye- the means too the speaK, "h"arrasmen"t" = me 0 pen l e ye


vindicated bu ye n0/n e in the vicinity. but meant tu be a st-ab- too the-g-et-a-way-e-& w/-h-e-ye-f-x-f-lee-d-as-say-e-g-a-gree-d-e/b-t-00-t-he-el-e-ad-"the"cur-rent-c-e-ye-


aka, paul-d-rinan called the cops to give me a "harrassment" order, for asking for the money in an email that he has long since owed me. a grand, and reimbursement for the ladder stabilizer he asked me to get for his "work" on com-man-d-. kevin stine, i have the video on younow, also says he will get "a" harassment order against me if i go to the shop to pick up my belongings or call again // except to inquire about my belongings, he has never given the true rig ht, to make me depar/t h/em 0're te ll me w/ 'h' at i can d 0 w/t h em t00 th c 0ve rt his (h-)ave-vain-e-f-x-f-ace-


c-as-h-an-d-carry-e-f-x-f-0r-ce-s/s-t-he-ad-ay-e- fi-ct-i-0/n-ally-e- too-t-he marry- as/s-p-r-e-ye- & p.r-ay-e-t00-th-e-g0-d-("a")s/s ay e- mad-e- did- k-n0-t-may-ke-t00-t-he-ta-ke-in-t-(h-)ank-s-


don't sit on the fig in your but-t- w/-het-her-e- vain o-ft-in-t-ere-st-ru(s-)t-00-t-b-all-an(d-)ce-0-f-t-a-ll-s0-d-0-ft-


your "inn-sure-ran(d-)s-c(h-)e-me-me-" is land mark -e-g(-u-e)st-ate-


i don't believe in m-en- and i am not(e) affr/ai/d too as/say it n0re sh0uld e ye ve(i)n 0 re w/h eave n s~c e/n t a. m.e/r ~r'e ye n(k)n a ve 'ye the n 'a' s/s c e/n t g ave with 'h' 0/n 0 re (habili/t/ate) ab~le pt be h ave

n a.(i)m. e t 00 k(c) arry 0/n e me'ye re p (L)ate t~h 0/n e st 00 th' d ate 0(w/)n e in t ere st' s(h)ave ve(i)n ai L at e t00 th'd e'ye m~e/r ~r e'ye fxf ai t~h fxf a ct h c ai r~r e'ye inn m(e)a.t e, satisfact0rily e t00 th' d ate ve(i)n f~0r a s/s k's e/e c0/n d p(L)ate


i don't believe in -a- m-en- and i am not(e) affr/ai/d too as/say it n0re sh0uld e ye t i'l(l)e f(t-) e ll 'a' w/h e ye t


0 fxf i / e'ye r e L at e


b.c. e'ye a.m. not speaking to any one of you, i am speaking t00 th' s 0/m e (w/h) 0/n e t 00 th ap p.r0ve, however, i am speaking to some one, as s i ft i were speaking too th y e w/e, and your credit in reflection measures the whole too the re sole and resolute i/on e wit h0 ld as/s th' bestow 0 n board e we g o tt a go (&)~at rue & got a t/h~ic~k penny nascent from the hell it been "t(h)rue" t 0(&ta) g r0at in the width of th an d and w/h ing e s'pan d e vein 0 g/g ai n st a nd in st e/a d s ai me


i am not trying to "j-ew/e" you out of attention, in fact i am putting you in the direct fire i/n g lines, 'h'is ability too th stand is every much & mu-ch- e-mu-st-oo-t-he- affected bu ye a.r. t y 0re w/h i'm , or-t- w/-h-i'm-


will be the final e~f(for)t for my last stand, h0 w/eave r, the pleasure will still be in my h a/nd.


seen for the saying 0 p.r. a.m. e fxf r a/i/m e ven t d's t00 the (a) s/s ay e.g. ai n k~n ave fxf 0 r t h i'm s aime see k ing s 'a'ne w/e d (&) e w/e


i don't believe in m-en- and i am not(e) affr/ai/d too as/say it n0re sh0uld e ye t i'l(l)e f(t-) e ll 'a' w/h e ye t a nd le ft left no s-n-ai-l- in the h ea d (e/b) t00 th' s ai l an d ('s) w/e ll s e/e (ce) ll 's a.c. 0/n e c ai r r e'ye a s/s t b. e ll t00 th c. e ll d.0.b.u s e/a. th bu s e/e b e/e & cb 0/n e c(h)0/m e w/h0/n e ye a.s/s t a s/s t e a.m. e a.d. & k~ne a.d. b~re a.d. e w/in e w/h~in d 0/u(be)t~


i don't think kevin stine is a conscentious christian man any more, i think he is a d-ick-made by a st-ick- with a w/-ill-too-th-ab-o-rt- as-sh-(i-)t-ick-in-re-p0-s-e-e-d-0-w/-e-s-(t-)0-w/-e-s-eg-0-all-a-g-l0ck-th-city-ditty-titty-d0-0-re-s-t-0re-c-lock-as-s-t-(u-)b-f-x-f-0-re-t-m(e-)as-k-f-0re-am-0-re- ye only s-pay- for neutering 0/d re am s (t-)00 t-h-0re-(t-)se-am-s-n-ai-l-s-a.d.-0-0're-


richard mcgilvary e saw him today -t-, not "bad" in-di-f-x-f-er-en-t- oo-t-his-t-miss-step-ped-(awn-)p-(awn)-d-e-ye-g-0re-ye-re-(b-)r-i.-d-e- (he apparently d i.d. service in the military at some "time")f-x-f-0-rt- his-miss-deed-s-a-g-a/i-n-st- seamin/g-out-of-t-p-(l-)ace- ss- as/s i ft me'ye s (ai) despise the me an s t00 the cash and carry me'ye re spec t fu ll e ye tu b-(0b-)scene-s-p0-t- 2-@ "one" x "ni' m"acula-t-e ll e ye t00 th b(eg)i/n e


"n i'm" c.all me fxf 0'r~eve r a/n d e w/ i'll b e/e s kin d


lig ht c as h an/d c a(i)re r'eye be a.m. e'ye fxf (L)i/g ht (b) rig ht 0/n e sig ht bu ye write


t00 th (fxf) av/e n A. me. t00 th be a.m. V p.r.0/u~d ye r0ute d0b. c. l0ud e/b t00 th's ai d 0/n k e'ye n kn 0 t c ai r~r e'ye f/r-au-d- t0 m(e)A/ke the mer r e'ye t-"h"-s0/n-0-f-a-t-d/0n-k-e-ye-c-l0-d-as/s-i-ft- th c/l0ud sifted-im-s-him-s-ag- withou/t an g/ag t00 t(h) up i/t he w/e 0/n s~t (r) e w/e n d 0/0


inn/surance ca.(i)m.e f/r0m th t/ang i/n g-u-ye & d i.d. e/b t 00 kn 0 t may/ke th(r ) 0ne t0 (w/)e t0~w/n e a. (t a) ll a s/s 0 w/e d 0 w/e in t 0 m(e)a. t~e.g.~g as/s pd 0/n e t i'm e 0/n ai l/l i/n e d/d i' e'ye me ta s/s (L)u~b. (c. L i'm (b)e) d i' vi/n e ma(i)de t0 me as/s u/ re inn thy/me tr/ai/n s p0 t/t i/n g freely e re d~e fi/n e/d 0 ve in d0(h) t/t e/d ~g ('s l)~0 ve in ai ll ig ne = kn 0 t he n ai l- 0ut a -h-abi-t- can re (e) fxf i/n e mi/n(e) d & d 0 w/e.g. g i've n t i'm e


t e fxf r0m th t/ang t'h par t e'ye b.c. a.(i)m. e ve(i)n b/r'a'ke ye p.0. w/(h) ere s~t(r)e~a.m. i/n g's~ e t 00 th b e/e l/l~e a. fxf i/n g's~


my horse power nose where it's eg (r) 0 w/~ee

k t0 me an s e X a/ct e ll e ye t00 th' sup/per' s e/e d y0u th ing


get fxf/r0m (e) use i/n g's e/e ns h all 0 w/ing 's hinning s 0 ft ly e r(e) a./d. ' sir (e) c0m e fxf er en ce be a.m. a.(i.)d. e inn e me'ye b/b e d.h/ea/d's~en d's(h) (in)n 0.m fxf r/i e nd~g/ave t huss e/e d & an'ye d aye d i/g inn f 0re p(L)ay e ve(i)n t(h) a ve/nd' se a.m. singing's~


s~ai~me ra. m.aid. p(L)ay e.g.(g) r~a.(i)d.e


b/t a. d. 0 w/e th 0 (w/) e/e k t 0 w/th e w/0 r/k's


(t) a s(h)s t w/i fi e'ye t'h' a.d. (e) c(h)0 m~p~(L) ea. t i/n g ran d


e lu x e & d e l/l e x 0 at c0mma nd i/n g's me me r/r e ye


c as h t00 t'h' (un s p0 ken t) c a(i)re~r e'ye s~ t ar~ry e


t"h" a"t" is funny, sharon thinks i am developing negative relationships too the d-eal with "h"ere "reality" , as -s-i-ft- as-s-i-st- she doesn't keep you in the position you ground out your mouth rather than be found d0/u(be)t in "x" a-ct- relationship to you in marriage s/he ap/parently -approves- (your negate as your o(w/)nly virtue too the re late) b.c.- it can't be-am-mit-t-i-g-ate-d-


does she call this "love" "virtue" inn k n0 w/h0 ve


y~e w/e d~ e w/e t 00 th e ye


t 'h' in k ~c 0/n e 0/n e sur(e) prize



b.c. s-he-h-as-s-0-(w/-)n- e-re-s-hi-p-t00-t-h-0ve-r-t-


the navy woo-d- sooner-e-claim-e-ye-share-on-s-ai-d-ate-&-seg-ave-ye-w/-h-e-ye-t-0-ye-w/e-tu-


d-en-u-de- w- nothing c le ft 00 th re s h e'ye


she is for your speakin gilt, as/s he has your t0e s yn/th e mill k


i mean you n 0 w/e disrepair t h e're a.r m e'ye


i mean you n 0 w/e disrepair t h e're a.r m e('ye)a. d.


sharon is going to have to give me your nose in re p0 's e.g. a g(r) 0 w/e s


you can't d e 'ye w/ h ere unless you really mean knit with thr0ugh fxf a(i)r e, a.d. that is why we are meeting ' s qu/a re


i don't expect anything less that love too the gove too the give n d's en (d's) nare


s 0 w/e & f/0re s a w/e, i expect a current s tr/ai/t


what sharon is going to get from me, is the capacity tu b e/e s e/e n a s/s t'h e n/ecessary s(h) 0/m e in re(e) fxf l e x i 0/n s (t) 0 w/e & refle/ct/ion e mer i/t a g(r) 0 at


she gets to g0/n e 'h' er 0/n e. no less respe/ct/d 0 w/e & not a c-h-an-ce- of b-ein-g-i-s-t-em-a-miss-re-ad- inn the h0 ne st ly e re f le x i 0/n (e ye) a.d.


e w/e ll e'ye K


so let me slog thru this too the seg ate fu ll e ye w/h E YE (A) T e


systematically e t00 th' d at(e)a. c~h t00 th t e ll e ye A s/s t r~e a. t mer/rye a.m. s e/e k in (db) e l/l e a. fxf 0 re all e.g.(r) 0 s/s e a. ll


0 nd e a. ll e ye


ste all 0/n e mer i/t re a.ll's


show the hand that stalls from the 'h'an-d-ata-(ss-)t-a-ll-s-


ye -t- sets ai l too th too th be h ave -d-


d 0 0re t 00 kn 0 t actually even 0/n e 0/be t/h' serve d


w/ no re-t-urn- i couldn't re serve~


w/h 0 /ne mer i/t e'ye re serve d en s e ll e ye t 00 th 0 ve~r v~e


& vert f/0're c 0ver t(h)w/a.r~(e) ta ke th's ai me w/are t00 th's qu/'a' re


t00 th cur(e)r e/n t a(i)re (e) fxf (L) ai re a.d. e w/it 'h' e x p0' s e/e d e/n a(i)re t hanks


~s a w/are t 00 th/e m/iss s take


w/i th0u t a t~r a/ce


has there been a known re all a zer0 t00 th d ate


per h ap se g (r)ate , not w/ h0/ ne p(L)ate


n~be a.d. 0 ve t'h'/e m/iss s take


it is simply the a/ct of crossing 0 ve r/t fxf 0're all an/d e w/i.d. th (y) 0're a.d. desire t00 the te (ye) ll a s/s th t i'll eave n (t) d's ta nd i/n g's t i'll t00 th ca(i)re re'ye the me an s fxf 0're all e ft f 0'r t


* i use 'ye' = thou = i use 'ye' to represent 't hou ('s e/e)'


ye t h0 u s e/e d's e/e i/n g e tu (de~ w/inging 0 d e w/e~s~)


ye t h0 u s e/e d's e/e i/n g e tu (de~ w/inging 0 d e w/e~s~ing~i/n~g t(h)r/u~e w/e in t 0/0 d u/e t w/h 0 d e'ye t(h)rue d 0'0're y~e w/e


look, at his point, you know enough, to be z/er0s


the -m(e-)ark-e-t-p-l-ace- g-ave- and ye both learned your e po se, a cert -ai-n eigh , the hie fens, can = not knowing better, however, it still contributes the the direction-ai-lie-n-d-in-t-i'm-e-


of course the hie fens can also = k-no-w/-i/n-g-t00-th-b-scene-n0b-scene-l-ye-a-t-ea-t-


a-t-i'm-e- t-h-at- all so makes the "measures" too-t-he-k-eye-p-t-h-at- st-at-a-nd-s/t-a-g- e- le-ft-


kevin cur-rent-l-ye too th's qu/a re l ate

* we can quest i 0/n e the use the tarot too th trust me'ye re g(u)a rd, however, remember, when kevin speaks, (and -a-ct-s-ai-differ-en-t-ly-e- as scene inn a relationship for relate/d ness i even t d's e a.m. i/n g's) i am working with his facade, and his facade, carries as mu ch re g(u)a rd as/s th cur(e)r/en/t at lar ge. s 0 w/e t 'h' en, we'd need too the di's cuss, the e'ye of the be h0 ld e're. ie the 0bserve r, c'h'anges what is being 0bserve d (t00 th'd ate) even t00 th(e) r e l at e ye w/0 u ld 's ay assay e


t 'h' is not a m(e)a. t~e ye

that i can take on person 'a' ll 0/n e with the w/0 rd's he seams too the make as/s' h0 (w/) e, up too the "a" ce-rt-ai-n-p0-in-t- ye w/-k-n0-w/e- a-r-ye- 0-ft-d0-ft-e-ye-t-ee-th-e-a-t- 0- p-en- lie ye- too the cur-rent-ce-ye-a-st-ill-ass-e/e-k- t00-t-he-s-e/e-n-0b-bu-ye-i/n-g-s-heave-s-an-d-eve-r-ye-t-h-ing-

ass-the-gest-&-g(u-)est- he-h0-k-n-0-w/e-s- be-st-


t-00-t-he-miss-st-ate-h-is-bu-s-i/n-e-s/s- tu-be-t-(h-) a-x-i/n-g-


"0"/n-e-ll-e-ye-a-st- for -k-n0-t-b-ein-g-ay-e-0-p-en-n-e-ye- t-oo-t-he-h-ave- too th-e-s-(h-)ave-


lie like a


mis/s tarry


e 'ye b/be t he didn't ex pect the fxf a l/l out as/s t~re a.m. ing


a h/0 t cu p/p a i'm th p/ass eg ave 'ye w/h e ye t00 th 0 ver t fxf l0 w/ing as/s t le ye a. t~ e


w/(h)e a. t a's t e ye fxf (L)ave i 0re a. s/say'e s(h)ave i 0re 0/ft 00 the mit t~e'ye.g. ate in t p(L)a~ce


s/sum mit 00 th fxf a/ct h~ fxf a/ce


& carry mit/t it in my t ai l e g ate


i' m i'll k th e m/y e ff a/ce


f 0ra ll a.m. e'ye cur(e)rent ce t00 th d ate in f/a/ct h t00 th(e) r e L at e i/n g r/~a ce s/s t00 th take i/n g's~ l0v~e & g 0~ ve


leave the "means" to eat their own miss-ta-ke- in-g-a-gree-d-ate-too-t-h-em-ate-


-&- the-mate-nee-d-'s-t-ea-d-e-ye-a-st-rait- too the perceive "h" e is t is g-(r-)ate- too the be-s-p0-ke-n-t-make- in image of no re all r e late


o-re-un-b-spoken-a-ss-t- your cur-ren-ce-s/s-t-a-c-k's- c "h" ange-s-


the same -nothing- too the same no reason too th e late


y-0re- w/-h-eel- too the carry e w/ell has fallen off your face


ironic, as women are generally perceived of having no value after their rose has bloomed and f-ad-e-d- pre-mat-u/r-e-ly-e-


men in the cur-rent-di-s-t-in-ct-i-0/n-e-

are seen as aging with an air of interesting texture in the interstices on their face, as i ft, t hey e inherited the human race finely too the face. wrinkles, and lines, sand sagging skin and sun spots even, they earned their working righ/t u be of t contribution k/n/ 0 w/e's eg t/he r0/se


as-s-i-ft- the mer-w/-rit- e- could and w/oo-d- help his t in t e're v en t i/0n e b/b et t air in ri p(0s)e


cur-rent-l-ye-qua-ll-s- the "h" 0ve-re-se-ll-i/m-bu-(ll)e-ye-w/e-ll-


i take th em an 0/t 0/m i c/ally e as t me'ye t me(a)r~rye the me an s

with the truth t00 th(e) te ll at he ' se a.m. s w/h ea. t 0 r/r e s(t) w/ee t e ll e ye

re p ea. t ed ll e ye

the fact of the m at(t)e r is when you compete you are not competing against any one except in-st-in-k- a-war-e-ye-

pre-sume-in-g- a.m. e with -a- pre-miss-i/n-g-s-(h-)ave-t0-you-rig-ht-00-t-he-n-a.m.-e-


me-0ne-ye-as-t-ave- vain-st-ave- = see-st-up-i.d.-am-e-


0-f-x-f-t-sp-r-ing-0-d-p-ai-d-0-ft-00-t-he-c-aire-r-e-ye-t-he-miss-take-f-x-f-0-rt-his-e-x-e-f-x-f-ace- on the merit "h"e constant-ly-e-trait-s- as-t-r-a.(-i-)d.-s-


"his same face" on the f-x-f- ace - t00 the competitive lie or b-eing-ave- too -t-he- take-"2" "too" the e-f-x-f- ace for 0/ne bein g apparently 0/u ta p(L)a ce, as/s the h0 /n e st Miss S Take


wouldn't have to go , whey out of the measure, she obviously carry syn/th e w/ith pleasure to be seen as a value producer, b.c. she is her work in word and worth too the observe. it is "ju-st" u-b-by-e-, want my face for his lack of merit i/n g


he can't make me s-0-w/e- "i/t" for no reason tu be a.m.e-one-ye- to - me-an-s- i can surely see stin-k- , so he "h" ax, as "h"a-ct-scene- the city of the means.= my insurance for working for me one ye, has as "gets" to meet a cyst-em-of-t-de-em-s- with no actually t H in K too the ste a.d. -ill-lie-era-raise-i/n-g-s-


to merit "h"im as/s the clean en gin e gen e


it is "all" for for-ce-s/s-ay-king- we-"LL"

and "i/t" is "all" a bi-go-t-ai-L- too the L-an-d-s-ai-L- t-


it is "all" for for-ce-s/s-ay-king-0d- w/e-"LL" c-lea-n- (when "h"e really means -lie-n- 0/n e me, as "h"e has no "reason" too the "h"ax "one" like "h"imself e vain-t00 the-ven-d's-e-am-i/ng-s0n-s-

and "i/t" is "all" a bi-go-t-ai-L- too the L-an-d-s-ai-L- t-0-(w/-)e- d-

and "i/t" is "all" a bi-go-t-ai-L- too the L-an-d-s-ai-L- t-0-(w/-)e- d- 0-w/e-t-ai-l-in-s-(t-)ai-d- e- misread -

f-0're-r/ee/l-insuran(d-)ce -ss-too -t-he-ste-all- an-d-e-a-ll-each-a-re-el-

K nigh t f/0're l0ve

K nigh t f/0're (g)g l0ve

K nigh t f/0're g (l)0ve

amazing what i can do with the tim/e -ye-i-for-ce-ss-s(h-)ake-t(h-)a-w/-ai-t-e-th-s-tet-her-i/n-g-s-(L-)ing-face-saye-s- in n0 un sp0ken spaces seeming r/a~ce (i/o/u) ss

my e.g. g/en t le t k(nave ye)0 w/(h)ave ye ta c a.(i)m. e

off subject, my period is back, juicy, like so juicy i am not going to the gym for the time being i am leaking. anyway this is news b.c. at the time i asked for fridays off at the machine shop, and kevin said he thougth not, b.c. i would "make some one gel louse", and i was re tire ing in how off ten he used as i ft be am mused this simple convex have-n- of truth too sure/fit (assorted) hue s/s. it was also the day i ate donuts and chips, and a cookie and was really tanking, along with 10 + hour days with commutes and 4 hours of class and more commuting time to another state even rapt ure d, ass i wasn't getting much sleep, trying to (L) ea.r n my weigh around the machine shop and measuring and language and machine/s and all that. i asked for fridays of, b.c. i felt i could start getting on a realistic state of being, and it was then, my period started, on the rejection that i only asked b.c. i felt i needed the inn ward balance to reference the outward pane, my period started, for the first time, piddling, and piddled for the first time for the hole month. and it piddled whenever it seemed to with no schedule.

disconcerting, maybe, i thought it was the sign of the ending of my period, but now it is back to the juicy fact inn tact. it is interesting b.c. i am in my own time flow, and while i don't experience cramps, it is interesting i feel in my nature all' self. oddly as an athlete having my period actually made me feel stronger in the rep(L)eat, so here you have something new due ye a.t

my e peri. 0d. ha s/s t mast 00 th c as/s t (l) e per h ap se as ps

how h ab (0)ut a.m. ass ' d f0r t reel, to show what t-h-e-ye- w/-h-e-ye- didn't out rig ht ste all c/en t ere d/e a.ll f0ra. d.e's c/en/t me all


c 0nt

w/h e/n are s~pea.k 'heart' we ar. e bu t/t a 'h' hydr0gen ech0 st c0 /a' st c0 h0 st c0(h0)st 00 t(h)rue dc~0' s(t) 00 t/h' (e're) s0 rt c0n s pi r/e d '(t) h0 p(e) d 0 w/h0 n/e ye c(h)0/m e fxf 0 rt ab le a.d. b~L0 0d re ce (i)ve in~n's e/e d~h 0p e t(h)rue t 00 th's c0 pi~e d

if you can see what is reel, then the reel can steal from their own "time" for-ce-ss- fxf reel ye t00 the te ll e ye w/h e ye l/l ai d ye


s (h) 0 w/e


l0 0k, the thing is for the time being, i like the idea of you being the zer0 in c 0nt ai n/e m/en t.


when you feel the need, 0/n e in the same w/'spirit' s~t ee d as/s t e a.d. ye A.s (t) ai d


e/b t'h' s pi r i/t h' fxf r a.(i)m./e n/t u be c(h)0m e/e k n~ave t a s/s e.g. 0/d a s/s e.g. ave ye w/(h)ave n t 00 t'h' aye


the pr0 verb i all a.m. b r0 ke in t 00 t~h' se p ar ate ly e pat h' sake ye & say/ke w/'a'ke ye w/th e make ye


A. s/s t r~aw/e d0uble d/r~aw/e t00 the p.c. a.m. e


a.d. ju st e'ye actually use a mac, for the sup p0 rt of me'ye ff r a.(i)m.e in truth e mye app(ea)le d0 th pr0c(L)aim e


i'm r/ich in (de) vein


hay sharon knock that shit toff


just having so/me f un (d)


telling you about my period. should it matter? i try not to be unnecessary with b-an-t-er-e-, however perhaps it does matter if you have the time too th proof a working network with a vi e w/e t0/n un ear th


e r t, perhaps, just t0/n un ear th n a s/s c/en/t f/ree d 0/m e


a.r th


an d e mirth a w/e b ear th a nd birth 's ai decibell s t ab le w/h~ale t ai l/l e ye 0/n ai l/l 's ai l/l 's (f/(L)) ave i 0're s/e ll s he ' ll s



an d e mirth a w/e b ear th a nd birth 's ai decibell s t ab le w/h~ale t ai l/l e ye 0/n ai l/l 's ai l/l 's (f/(L)) ave i 0're s/e ll s ea. s he ' ll s in e rt hie ven t mer rye wen t (without a knowledgable 'h' too st e(n) t & with nonverbal regard that she has k-n0-t- me t w/ "het" ye t/0ur e rais/e ye c"h"arge le-ft-) sig n/i f/i c/an T 00 @ 0/ne nobody-e- t00 the con t en d e w/e ft un-h-em-me-d-e-ft-


sig n e th ('s e/e) c u/r(e) ve'ye ce de a.d. e/p t00 t(h)is~su/e w/e (a.)ve~n t h~and e/b t'h~ ea.ven~ d's en d's a cr0ss t em p le~ (d) g (e) 0 / d~ 0 (w/)h t~ a l/l 0 (w/) t w/i.d. th c u/r E'ye ve(i)n kn 0 w/(h) 0've d~0 've d/g (L) 0've d 0/n e~d en~0 a/h~ t00 th b.(e) c. 0/n ~e d 's t a(i)r ~e t 'h ea.r t~ h


w/-h-a sympatheti/c -e/m-ploye-e-

= "a standard deviation on a miscalculation" e vain -d-


w/-h-a sympatheti/c -e/m-ploye-e-

rig-ht(s-)as/s-us-e- = talking-0-pup-pet-h-(r-)ea-d-

= "a standard deviation on a miscalculation" e vain

= "a standard deviation on a miscalculation" e vain -d-g-iv'en-d-the-m-pl(-0-)ye-0ver-e-L0-ad-s-c0p-e-d- 0-0-k-n0-t-e-& put the scope pup you-r- ass too the p-ark on the g-rass ye make marrie-d-ass-t-mistake-s-w/-ai-(ye-)t-p-ass-t-a-ke-




w/-h-a sympatheti/c -e/m-ploye-e-

rig-ht(s-)as/s-us-e- = talking-0-pup-pet-h-(r-)ea-d-as-sue-t-issue-d-ad-


is-sue-"h"ar-e-rass-men-t-s(h-)ave & sa-l-ve- 0 -pen- for war-e-s-t-an-d-s-




(0/n-e-ye-)un-scene -

"h"e st ill in"h"erite-d-th-y-c-an-d-ye- scene- for-ce-ing-0/d-r-ill-t-ill-t-ff-0r-t-m-arrow-e-mig-ht-he-nee-d-e-mo-re-g-ill-t-ing-a-gree-d- "uniformly stilting" t-he- f-x-f-e-e-d- too th-deceive-d-


a -s/s -t- en-d-too-t-he-necessary-e-t-each-person-see-k-




june 3, 2016




i h/ n t~r e/a. t ea.r(n)'d t0 me'ye fxf at 'h' er e'ye t 0/d aye t make ye w/he ye t


scene-inn- = s-in-e-d-i(n-)e- = st-a-nd-a-rd-e-vi-at-e-i-0/n-e-x-p0-s-'d- 0-w/-(h-)in-cur-rent-miscalculation-kn-eel-ass-(h-)0-w/-e-g-0- ing- with no quest i 0/n e t w/h0 /n e t 0/0 du~e ye as (t) 0 w/e b/b re a.d. g 0


i get pin-e-d- and p-l-ie-d- with a "h"arrasmen"t" order b.c. my g0/d speaks inn the time ye t/h fxf e/e l/l i've's mean t (w/h) 00, and "man's" simp ly e"x"ists too t-he- re-use- "he" killed into prince-ye-pall-with "make -too-maid-up-e-"




which would be the solitary reason for the 'christ' to get mer r e'ye d inn the fxf i/r '~s t p(L)a~c/e v e(i)n ai l/l e ye t a g/ai/n st e/a.d.' s~yn/th in d~


i get pin-e-d- and p-l-ie-d- with a "h"arrasmen"t" order b.c. my g0/d speak' s yn/th t i'm e t00 th p.r.i'm e ve(i)n t00 th b(eg)i/n e, t-heir-s-pea-k-'s t00-t-he-'d- = re=dud-danc/e-ye-t00-t-he-t-make-ye-f-x-f-eel-d-b-/r-i.'d.-e-p-t-(h-)i'm-e-


s-(h-)0-w/- he- can make me-0ne-ye-s-t-a-nd-i/n-g-s-t- ill - e-a-v-en-t- i'm-e- al-l-t-h-at- is re-qui-re-d-e/b-t-00-t-he-mast- ill- b.c. women haven't done enough to compensate f-x-f-0'rt-hei/r-e-t-ai-l- i/n-g-0-d-e-ye-n-kn-0-w/-e- t-00-t-he-ye-A-s-t- ill b-re-ad-e-pt-h-ye-m-en-ad-dres-s-yn-th-e-t-i'm-e-th-c-lose-r-a-n-s- "0/m" e-0/n-e-in-re-f-le-ct-i-0/n-e- for no reason e-x-ce-pt- the t-oo-t-h-ye-c-lose-r-d-e-ye- re-p0-s-d-0-s-e-(s-)m-en-d-0h-t-car(e-)r(e-)ye-t-r-0p-e-d-0-b-0at-broke--- re-st-u-d-d-ed-in-c-h-arm-s-l0ve-t-he-gi-ft-a-re-bound-b-les-sing-s-n-(0-w/-e-)ark-alla-r/o-un-d-e-w/-c-h-army-s-0-b-scene-t00-t-he-g-0/d-0-w/-e- d-0h-t-


s-n-ark-bu-ye-s-he-a-rt-(h-) e-x-p0-s-'d- a-rt-an-g0-t00-t-he-me-an-s-lay-m.0-t- 0- w/e-g-0- d-


s-n-ark-bu-ye-s-he-a-rt-(h-) e-x-p0-s-'d- a-rt-an-g0-t00-t-he-me-an-s- "lay-m (e-)." 0- t- 0- w/e-g-0- d-e-w/e-t-he-w00-d-ouche- inn-d-ue- t-rue-d-0h-t-e-ye-w/-e-


ar-t-u-e-vain-s- 0- w/e- g-0-d-e-b-t-oo-t-he-t- love-s-t-all-ass-t00-t-he-t- is-sue-




mostly un t00-t-he-


t - "k-n-e-w/e-" some-t- h- 0w/e-


d - ea.-f-in-e-d-


'misadress' w/rong -l-e-ye- t00-t-he-percieve- (that "h"e and his yiel-d- are not l-ay-z-e-d-en-say-s-e-ll-ie-on-you-r-one-c-know-in-t-i'm-e-ye-sup-p(l-)ye-a-st-re-at-0-me-an-s- without actual ly e pre sense seen capable a.d. just for-t- the assaying "he" "could" keep up in my time ye kn0t "h" in k t/h e a/ct u all e ye w/i th0u t me an s e/e k t00 the may e b/b e/e


i'm looking at tibi brand off the shoulder tops, dresses and tunics. i like the idea of the off the shoulder clothing. however, tibi prices are dear in the sense a poplin /polyester off the shoulder smock top is about 300, and i could by the design make it own my own time. i see where the design has elastic and where it doesn't, i get the articulation seen from inside out, as with the assembly of pieces and notions too complete the job. i like looking with what i might like to wear. the other thing, unless i make it myself for myself, the idea of paying designer prices, and then wearing the item, makes me feel some how removed from an honest girthing b ea r th i/n g r e w/e. what i am trying to articulate is i like a refined sense of looking at dressing, however to take that off the page lending, and put it in the cur-rent- fr-am-e- , makes my senses feel at odd's with the pre sent m/en t h at is me, y-0-re- isn't actually e. that is why i feel if i like the polished tact too th act and presentment b ein g am e ly e x p0 s'd f0/r/m se/am/ing/s (h) 0 w/e, i feel the unison of vision and meaning and being = the same sig h t seeing, it would be best for me to make my own item of clothing. and if i am looking polished, like an 'airbrushed picture too th' d rop e t r0pe dg 0, i need to do it myself, other wise i feel "owne-d-" by the m-e-ark-e-t-b-(l-)en-d-ea-r-0/n-e-t-pre-t-/t-e-ye-a-s/s-t-in-k- in-n-s-i.'-d.e-alla-roun-d- ea-f-0-re-a-f-x-f-e-ct-i-0/n-e-at- l- a-s/s-t-in-t-oo-t-he-re-p-re-s/en/t-it- re-ad- innn-s-t-i'l-e-n-d's-ty-le-g-0-d-s-h0-e- t00-t-he- f-x-f- i/t-f-x-f-a-s/s-t- b-reak-f-x-f-a-s/s-t-e-tu-t00-t-he-ar-t-h0-u-s-e-am-as/s-me-w/e-d-u/e-t-w/-h0-


n eve r 0 at w/th p(L)un d e're at'h' d0 0're


t0 g e/th/er e a.r's eg t00 th/e m/easure th d 0 ve t ai l/l e ye 0/n e


a.r ~t fxf 0/r/m ing (th) be t/t ai re


pre /sen/t ex t 00 t~h rig ht bu ye fxf a(i)r e t00 t~h i/n k e y~e w/e tm e w/e


u t 0/0 w/h~ale 's h0 (w/)e


g. 0's 'h' u~n 0 a 'h'~ 0's 'h'a ~re t00 th re make t~h ea.r t~h (a/nd) th r0~b~ e/a.m. 0(0) r~e i/n g 0 c(u/L)'a'~r t 0/0 th' se~a.m. break in db measure ing's 0 u nd th' re s0und in th' de/p~th's yn/th' si.'d.e a.d. 0 w/(h)ea. r~in dh's~(t) an d~0ve th re serve th re s0und i/n g a.m.~c a.m. t0 g e/th/e'r e ~r an s 0/m e t/h ing~ sum~mit ting~L an d be ll e ye fxf a.m. i'll e ye t(h) i'm e thy/me b/b i.'d.e~s an d t(h) i.'d.e~s


p(L)an t in t e.g. r/i t/t e ye syn/th r~0 at e fxf r0m~mi t/t


00 th re t ea.r n knit~(h) a w/are ne s/s yn/th 0 w/i.d. th b.(e)c.(e)ye


w/ a.rn~d e w/(h)ave


inn e c(h)0/m e w/h 0/n e


s(t) 0 w/e d 0 (w/)e~a.r t/h 's h 0 (w/) e


th un t 0/0 d brea~k


e ye n kn 0 w/h~e ye in k~n0b bu y(e) a. w/ in k th re (a.)p ai re t 0/0 & t(h)rue st e w/e t00 th r~e a.t 0/n~e w/e


b~ l 0/0


d~ 0/0


un t 0/0


th b e/a. c(h) 0/m e


w/h~ale pt p/lu/m me/t 00 th in/n sir(e) prize




th gi/g ar~b e/t 0 fxf i/ t 000 th 's~t 0/m a c~h' e m/er~cur(e) ye ve(i)n k~n ave ye 0/n ~ar(e) m' s~u're f e'ye r 0/n e technique ch/arm s e/e k ai re t(h) a w/are 0/n th arm s a w/are never t00 the re c-h-arge-mistake-g-at-lar-ge-d-on-k-e-ye-get-t0-ken-pre miss of not actually wanting the pre miss in nit, tu be, apparent 00 te ll e ye 0 w/ n e w/-ar-t- not leading bu-ye- t-mar-s-ire-p-r-e-ye-s-


th b e/a. c(h) 0/m e


w/h~ale pt p/lu/m me/t 00 th in/n sir(e) prize


n~knit~h (in b r/0 a.d. aye t lig ht (h) ru~e w/e b/b e 0/n be t/h e w/e~e k t rue d 0/n e mer i/t 00 th~b(eg)i/n e c(h) 0/m p (L)ea. t~(s) a.c. ~r 0 s/s 0 w/e ' d e make t(h) a ll 0 w/e i/n thy/me a.d. s w/h~ea. t~ s an/d's w/h~e ye s 0 w/e ft 0 fxf t l/l e ye par t 00 k~w/h~is per t'b rake t'h e (t)m ay/k~e 's an/d k~eye p~s w/ee p~s (t)e t'h' re p ly e




f-x-f-0-r-t- not knowing bettair e ve n t d's (t) 00 th's up~p l/l e ye

0 p/en ll e ye A.~s t~ ai d~ 0'le alla r/0 un d~ s 0/m e t(h) 0 w/h~e ye tu~de~nu~de~d~e~w/e~e ken d's t r e w/e n(d~ 0 ve t d0 ve t bu ye a.rt ~h' destinati0n e a.t h' s e/a.m. ~s (t) a nd's~t a nd's~b(0)u ye t/d e lig ht 0/n e t00 kn 0 w/e~ b/b e/e thy/me w/h0 n/e ye tm e~a.d. 0 w/e ft h~a nd f~l0 w/(h)e're th~r 0/n e me'ye 0/n (t')s~0/n g's

did i send the zenith from m(e)ar's e too the be co/n e & come t u ne in knew/e nd's en d's~l0ve and g0ve t a g/ai/n d

e w/eave ns 0 w/e

t 00 th (e)ye in c0(u)r(s)e~nd's

kn0t'h'e a.r ~k 0/n e w/h~e ye t

00 th b~e ye serve d i/n e t/t e re all ~a s/s t ai d e w/e th cir/c/le ye uni qu~e

w/e t'h' circle d ai re s(0 u/n d) 'a' r/r 0 un d th' is L an d circumferent~i ally e t00 th b ea. r t/h ru~e w/e ll i'v e.g. i'v e 'ye w/e ll n un t 00 th re t(L) ea. r~n an/d th en 0 g/g i/n k~n 0 w/e th's (h) 0 (w/) e in min(e)d 0 b ein g' serve in ri. D. e w/(h)ave n a.m. e (w/)A.~k/e~ g re a. t 00 th t 0 s/s 0 ft serve in k~n e w/e in ri.(n)d. e t 00 t(h) a ll 0 w/e nd's hall 0 a.m. t rue

th' circumference t00 th b e/a. r is e'ye in th in n ai re p (L)e~a. t

c ai r ~r e 'ye s w/h ea. t~

e fxf e/e d the in-j-u/r-e-ye- t00 th e r/e n/d~'s 0/n' sig h/t~c a(i)n (e) pre ten d~e w/(h) a~g f/0re break fxf a s/s t~e p~h as/s t et h's~un g l~ass'~syn/th' s ai d~pre sent l/l e ye '0' /n e me'ye in/n e re p l y e

as/s k i/n ~g~i n/n k~n ave th ~c ai me ve(i)n 0 v~e m/b er e fxf all in t rue st u fxf~t d~e c/e m/b er e (e) fxf (L) a.m.~e fxf r a.(i)m.~e ta (g) c ai n~em f~0're ya'h'

an/d k~n0 a'h' pre t/t e ye~s as/sa ya'h' 0/m aye w/k

th' ca.m.e tat 0/0 d 0 ver t re all 0 a.d. e'ye a/s t a g(r) 0 w/e ya'h' a.d. 0 0r d~0ver t~h aye & h a.d.e w/e re st 0/a. rd ya'h' a s/s't (r)aw/ e d~r aw/e y'ah~ be 'h' ave in/n y aw/(h)e~a. t ea. t m e/e k nigh t b e/e c0/n e c0m p (L) ea. t~00 th's e/a. t~


th' d i/n e t/t 0 me an s~crum p

f x f r/u i/t~ app(ea)le~a/n d L un c~h un c~h in the mi.d. k nigh t' s un e m0/0n e t00 th e n0 0/n e ve(i)n~

c r 0(w/)n e t0 fxf t~h0 r(e) ns 0 w/e in n0 r/i g/i nn e fxf a ce in p(L)a~ce s/s e t/h fxf (r)a.(i)m.e ' sa.(i)m.e w/e d e w/e. g. a/i nn~

the withere-d-apple- is-0ur-t-i'm-e-pee-d-a-pawn-

the h-ag- you can't face is your s-0-n- s-0-(w/-)n- ig-g-er-a/n-d-ce- 0-n-cue-ye-k-n-0-w-e- too try to w/-a-s-h- away the st-ai-n-navy-m-ill-i-tarry-e-tu-too-t-he- t-hat-p-(L-)aye-s-t-h-r-e-w/e-n-d-ue-t-w/-h0-d-e-sue-s- f-0ra-b/b-le-d-be-d-p-ark-king- 0-d-r-un-k-e-vin-e-d-0/n-e-d-un-e-mt-a-pr-id-e-&de-p0-sit-p-r-0-0-f-e-e-d-u-f-x-f-us-st-u-p-0-re-due-d-ud-e-ye-par-t-e-ye-t-me-we-ap-p-r-0ve-t-era-n-d-s-(h-)a.m.-mer- d-e're-in-c-0-re-p-0-re-at-e-d-in-s-imp-le-in-n-are-pre-serve-d-im-p-ass-un-appologetically-e-a-st-in-t-ease-ye-g-ai-n-n-st-in-t-o-f-x-f-serve-t-w/-it-

s crum p u p/p e t in t00 la s/s t i/n g th um b pet~r/i fi c~ate i/0n s~n are s t0/n~e/t~c(h) at ch a/nd g~0/n~e st r i.'d.e w/h~e ye t 0ut~0 g e/th/ e re ve n ea. r~d e (i the're) ye m rhyme an' reas0/n e t/t 0 me an ~s wear~th b e/e s p0 ke t0 me a.d. 0wn ai lea d t00 th (t) ac k be t(h) a w/are i/n g~s w/h~ea. t~ e ll e ye~mer~r/it 0/n e m(c) e/e a s/s e/e k t00 th' 0/u serve t bu ye t/h e m/ee k i/n nerve' s pea~K f/f r0m~e an s~(t) 00 t/h b(e)ce s/s e/e n~ f/0're a.d. ju st b ein g~

a leg no "one" is playing as they are apparently honestly state ing 0 p/en l e ye ~ a. t


ea. T wit~ H and e w/i.d. t/h e y/e m/ake & with rig hts t00 th take & b/rake t i'll and t i'l(l) e ye b/b re a.d. e in th 0 p/en t~a g/ai/n ~s (t) an d's en d's~

th' d i/n e t/t 0 me an s~crum p

f x f r/u i/t~ app(ea)le~a/n d L un c~h un c~h in the mi.d. k nigh t' s un e m0/0n e t00 th e n0 0/n e ve(i)n~

c r 0(w/)n e t0 fxf t~h0 r(e) ns 0 w/e in n0 r/i g/i nn e fxf a ce in p(L)a~ce s/s e t/h fxf (r)a.(i)m.e ' sa.(i)m.e w/e d e w/e. g. a/i nn~

the withere-d-apple- is-0ur-t-i'm-e-pee-d-a-pawn-

the h-ag- you can't face is your s-0-n- s-0-(w/-)n- ig-g-er-a/n-d-ce- 0-n-cue-ye-k-n-0-w-e- too try to w/-a-s-h- away the st-ai-n-navy-m-ill-i-tarry-e-tu-too-t-he- t-hat-p-(L-)aye-s-t-h-r-e-w/e-n-d-ue-t-w/-h0-d-e-sue-s- f-0ra-b/b-le-d-be-d-p-ark-king- 0-d-r-un-k-e-vin-e-d-0/n-e-d-un-e-mt-a-pr-id-e-&de-p0-sit-p-r-0-0-f-e-e-d-u-f-x-f-us-st-u-p-0-re-due-d-ud-e-ye-par-t-e-ye-t-me-we-ap-p-r-0ve-t-era-n-d-s-(h-)a.m.-mer- d-e're-in-c-0-re-p-0-re-at-e-d-in-s-imp-le-in-n-are-pre-serve-d-im-p-ass-un-appologetically-e-a-st-in-t-ease-ye-g-ai-n-n-st-in-t-o-f-x-f-serve-t-w/-it-

s crum p u p/p e t in t00 la s/s t i/n g th um b pet~r/i fi c~ate i/0n s~n are s t0/n~e/t~c(h) at ch a/nd g~0/n~e st r i.'d.e w/h~e ye t 0ut~0 g e/th/ e re ve n ea. r~d e (i the're) ye m rhyme an' reas0/n e t/t 0 me an ~s wear~th b e/e s p0 ke t0 me a.d. 0wn ai lea d t00 th (t) ac k be t(h) a w/are i/n g~s w/h~ea. t~ e ll e ye~mer~r/it 0/n e m(c) e/e a s/s e/e k t00 th' 0/u serve t bu ye t/h e m/ee k i/n nerve' s pea~K f/f r0m~e an s~(t) 00 t/h b(e)ce s/s e/e n~ f/0're a.d. ju st b ein g~

a leg no "one" is playing as they are apparently honestly state ing 0 p/en l e ye ~ a. t


ea. T wit~ H and e w/i.d. t/h e y/e m/ake & with rig hts t00 th take & b/rake t i'll and t i'l(l) e ye b/b re a.d. e in th 0 p/en t~a g/ai/n ~s (t) an d's en d's~ trumpet a re ply "h"e can't w/-in- d- in-th(r-)-0-w/-n-e're-s-h-ip-re-nig- 0/ne misunderstanding -0- d-ea-f-prostitute-re-l-and-ing-i-ve-t-a-g-(r-)ave-too-t-he-nav/y-can-e-c-ave-in-c-ai-n-i/n-g-s-t-in-k- on mer-w/rit- with know "one" too the re -p-ai-r-t-w/-id-th-an-d-e-w/-id-get-a-p/r0-d/u-ct-cam-e-th-b-r-ave-inn-vain-t-

h-ave-n-e-m-ai-d-b-r-ai-d-com-p-ea-t-e-ll-e-ye-s-w/-h-ea-t-e-ye-t-m-ai-d- se ll fxf su s/t ai n ab/le a.d.~ c0m p (L) ea. t 0/n e me a.d.~

renege th' des(s)ert' s 0 (w/)n e

t00 th/e m/e an s~h 0 (w/) e

d e w/(h) 0/n e

ye t00 th dire/ct/i0n serve t y0u t(h) i.d. e~s (h) 0/n e

cess ai r/r e ye t00 th pur(e) vi e w/e in t ere st 0 r/r~e(ye) w/e

c~h0 i/c~e ss e t(h) a w/e b/b e c(h)0/m e an s w/h ea. t e ll e ye a/s (e) t~ a t ea.(ch)t' st a.i d.'s w/ee t ly e re c0/n e came


the me an s an(d')s e/a.m.~ e a.d.~

0 w/e b/b e/e t/h~ c~ all i/n g~

0/n any n/ai/l 'ye g0 t b e/e h in d ya'h'

t0 g i've th fxf r0/n e t00 t(h) bu/zz' s aw/e

bu ye As~s t (c e) ll e ye s~ea. t 0 R/R t w/h0~

Le~a.v~e n t~ k (n) 0 (w/e) a rt e ff/r~0m~e t (a/u)

g ht ai le pt 0/n ;) s h0/u Ld e're l/l e p(t) c~L 0ve r~

the s0/n~ne/t f/r0m th's p ark i/n g c~rhy/me a.d.'

ste t~h's c0 pi (L0 t) ca~m/e (ye) a.r~ e pre sent

may~e th d i/r t~e ye inn fxf e a.(s)t~ b e/e c~a.(i)m.e~a.d.'

sec 0/n d's c e/n t~ a g(r) 0 at~a g~a've succulent' s h~a.d.e

h~is ce s/s (t) 00 t/h~ e/a v en s~aga p~e n t00 th' th'in k t w/h~i/s~ce as/s e nd 's a me nd's~ a w/h~e ye t in (t) p~(L)a ce

s/s ta ke ye~ t00 th~e ll e(a.)v~en t a i' ll e/n~d t00 k nigh t

dehisce the "marry" -x- "merry" pup-pet- f-rom-mit-s-t-rig-ht- & mem me/r~r e'ye s~ig h/t 00 th e may~e bb e/e s 0ugh t b(r) 0ugh t


y0ur the greatest zer0 in re p ai re ye thin~k

y0ur the greatest zer0 in re (a.) p ai re ye thin~k

's~ca t/t a l/l ~ ai~ l/l ~i/n g's l~eave~s

t e/a. d.(e)ye n e.g. L~an(d)ce

s/s 0/n 'a're inn s~t an(d)t rep re'ye s ea. ll a nd ea. r~

ye t h0u se/a.m. ~


c 0nt inn u e~w/e ft 0/n e

the hie-fen-d- h-as -t-a-ke- n-0/n-e- t00-t-h-de-fen-ce-de-in-t-e're-st-as-s-ay'e-d-ate-d- "romance" for-t-he-L-ass-t-e-st-a-men-t-w/-ai-t-(e-)d-0-ve-t- absolute lye w/ "k" = n0 0/n e st~i pu ll ate d' sum met plum bum~met b~l 00 min(t) buck~e/t 00 th em e.g. 'a' te fxf 0'rt e`


de 'h is ce the be(e-)-st-ing- wit~h its war-t-

andy cru x, i'll make a woman out of you yet proper rely e.

i get to create endlessly ,as you had me first do in your regard, thinking your silent ce met a significant sum in the b/ride.

as a woman, we get to look at what you do with a second though too the de par t, on the merit of earing soul x s 0 'le ar t e ye actually e.

i am on my own time, i have you rig ht wear i want you, as long as you want to o t/he have a b i.d. e inn me'ye inn c0/m e

put on your efface tooth ave too th 0 watch and not take par t

as a woman, we get to look at what you do without a second though too the de par t, on the merit of (h) earing soul x s 0 'le ar t e ye actually e. aren't you are not a 'contraction' that has lent its re all h ~ t00 t~h ere & h ea r = h ea r t/h an d 0 w/ h ea.r t h ea. ve n d's c e/n t

know ing where it is a.c. t u ally pre s/en/t 00 th t a ll e/n t ce ss = f 0re seeing be st


the a. c.t i/0n, not just "seaming" in bou-nd-le-s-s- free-d-om-


actual ly


fit f 0re "no" "one"


= your "eyes" f 0ra "i" = be-t0-ken- as/s i ft be-s-p0-k-en-t- a - g-ai-n-st- the cur-rent-l-en-d-


my-friend-that-seeks-well-on-the-cur-rent-l-en-d- that has always been on the misspoken b-(L-)en-d-a-g-ai-n-


s 0 w/e

you can appear the knave that gave


cur-rent-l-ye and -h-istorically-e- t heir hasn't been a k n/ave in accordance with the nave per the woman g ave. just sayin g


what ever "h" as been written too t "h"e re ceiving, is r-0-t- --h-,


s0w/re'ye = the "h"ouse f(L)ave i 0re i/n g the s-0d-s- seek-we-ll-s-ai-me-vain-d-


history, ass the scene, is simply staging = scene as independent as you stand and speak, but not one has ever actually been naked in re lea f nor the frame work and fretwork complete, and since this "h" has never had true value too lend, a real talent you see, is not actually from the k n ave as/s it would seam to give as/s be friend an image of equanimity partial to an aesthetics that mean something derived from something meaning fu ll and bu (w/e) ll on the same stage for ce in/ng the same reason too the gave.


'h' one on one hasn't happen d, and as/such, what "we" think isn't interest f r0m trust


m-en are staging a scene on women to get laid for no reason.


st/ag-e- tu be scene as independent in thinking speaking and deriving their name for no reason tu be the fraime the frame and fame woman the same


m-en are not independent on -l- ie in f-x-f- ea-r-s-e-g-ea-r-s


being truly psychologically naked, with someone as the reason too literally s 0 w/ n e , hasn't made its day in the marketplace.


and - "we" give kids guns and connections to call upon "go-d-" or the po-lice, in the freedom ,"we" didn't care too the think t w/ h is ce & tu be t00 th busy t0 earn a i "living" t00 th pass the b-uck-in-g-i've-in-g-




"it" is "all" t-(u-)b-e- x- pe-ct-ed-eed- with an d-i.d.-

t00 the carry-e-0n-s- crump-t-f-x-f-0r-t-ab-le-ad-


when the nail you use, was to squash the true 'h' from being t~ h ea rd -m

h ea. r

the 'en' is the ne a.r

you can't com-mon-ly-e- mistake my girth and birthing the write 0nt ee th re sp e c/t ab/le ad th' t 0ss 0 & the l 0 ss 0 & the c ai r r e ye t00 th be l/l ea fxf r0m e a.d.


i can stay in this stasis, creating, without a me a.d. 0 w/e


which is p0 in t i/n g t00 th (y) 0're nd i/n g~ ac c0 rd i/n g lee & le ap (p le ye a. s/s t re at 0/n e m e/e k' s e/a. t 0 me an s~w/h ea. t ll e ye as e th ing's)


it is no different than what you and your house were rusing b-f-0re-


your follow thru is a b-0re- t-


& it can only be that way b.c. you have people like g-ap-paul- walking strong on your -e- legendairy-t-bu-ll- e- ye-


what he sees = sons- sowns-


if the value appeals to him, it pleases him and the shim debting himself to his shim, thinks he has ass had a part in making it even.


what doesn't appeal to him on his self maid shim, he can toss a way, thinking the value of 'i/t' has nothing do with his shim to cause him to worry ano-t-her-d-ay- that he makes too the trait and too the b-rake-



y apologies are not strong w/h ere they should be given w/h ey t in the first place, and ins stead, dont com e at all eaven. just d-en-e-ye-all-t- he- i-st- he-w-ay-t-0-d-ate-


except on something that is misplaced with its own e ff ace t deb t00 th t r/a~ce i/n g con cur(e)rent ly miss p(L)ace i/ng f/ 0re (e) f ree l ye tm ay/ke i/n g a gree d('s) i/n e w/h e ye t i/n g & w/ai/t i/n g~s


obviously it is a lot too th think about before you pu ll out your g/un, which is too the say, maybe this is w/ h ere ye should start actually too the r~e late , the pre miss you have been staking for no reason too the g0-w/-h-e-ye-t-. people that "carry" guns, don't recognize their mistake they are t-re-s-s-p-ass-i/ng- because they sur(e-)fi-t- the re all me an s, from the re all e ff a/ce,

these are just out-rig-ht- people = w/-i-thou-t- a-t-race-

thinking they have re all a rig hts a w/e t00 th t0 g i've t(h) a w/ aye & w/h e ye, when they

don't ea t w/h ea. t, and they never h a.d. e


inn reflections and re f le x i/0 n (s) ea. t g(r) ave


inn k n ~ave t 00 kn 0 w/e~e k nigh t f/r0m ~ e/e k e g(s'L) 0ve


inn k n ~ave t 00 kn 0 w/e~e k nigh t f/r0m ~ e/e k e g('s/L) 0ve


so trump is pump in arms, obama didn't come from america, when he didn't come from a kn ave


just saying, too the set the re c0 rd's trait


en i/n g's (L)ing t0 me an s


and' s tet me'ye fraime nd friend's as/s t be st et~h er'e nd's~ en d's a g a/i n ~s


insurance is always a t 0ss 0 , however it behooves me too th understand which way the w/in d is be l0w i/ng i/e ven (t) d's en d's t(r) e/am i/n g ('s) a g a/i n


eye like the sound of the tin k, from the keg lass ting


what this comes down too andy as i sense you are trying to find a way to close this 'premise' for real, is rich is going to have to honorably get me into be d' ste/a.d.'ste/all a g/ai/n


keeping in mind, i can w/ai/t as/s e ll 0/n g as/s t 'h' can e carry th fxf 0/0t k(n)0 te~a.(i)m.


e/r ~r e'ye (t/h) d


i sense you have the same t ai l en d at h0me with sharon ai l i/n g i/t~


th t a ll e/n t should make s 0/m e w/h0 /ne th r/ich fxf 0'r th 0/n e ye w/~i.d. th's~


so far it would seem the b/r ave didn't come from th dud duk e/en k nigh t s-0-w/e-b-(e-)a.d.-(s')l-ye-




de-sig-n-e-re-b-ran-d-e/b-t-a-(i-) l-i-ft-y-0re-fe-at-


i/t w/0 r/k 's b.c. th r/ich is be a.m. use d he is us e/d t0 g i've in g t 00 L~ 0're a.d. e ye t00 th t ai L i/n g's augh t (a) gave th e/e


i nn re verse /e k~n e w/e th a.d. (l) e ye


as sit is, i am my own wise dome with the makers (cup) touch e t00 th p/ass t ea. d 0 w/i.d. th (i)t


00 k nigh t as/s w/e ll ig ht


b rig ht 0nt i'm e


t00 th (t)c e ll and' s ai l/l t00 th's e ll ta c ai r/r e'ye (re) w/e ll


merry, at this po-in-t-in-t-i/n-g-t-ease-

is a ha rd ce ll


she remembers only her 0(w/)n e ce ll t00 th's e ll t00 the re c 0ver ye well ass the designer can te ll the w/an't ai l/l e d


th 0's h/un = min e f/0r a n ai L

e (d) t00 th t ai L 0ve r an s ai L


any 'rhyme' as not a crime in b/all/c/l0ck/s0ck/e/ting t00 t~ kn0ck i/t b~ring


' s e/e k e.g.~g L i/n t~ing t e/e th~in g i've (t) ing th re l/l ea. f


x f0r/meal/ly e s~peaK


t0 me an s w/h ea. t~


r/ich as/s t0 get me int0 be d, f 0re the visi0n seen as/s th eave n's le(n)d, f 0re the visi0n s e/a.m. as/s th' (fxf) e m era. d.~g ave th dr~e~a.m. in (k)t/h~a nd's tee d 0 pen t(h') c0mma nd bespoken t00 th re all tar e/ n/ e/e d's t a/nd~ing's


w/h ea. t issue ~


ta re p(L)ea. t a. m.iss y0u


th'(fxf) em era sp 0 k~(e) t 00 th c (L)e~ave s e/e k b e/e h in d as/s~h ap~s e inn t~han/d ye r/r 0 l/l e g/g b~aye b/b e/e t~h i/n e w/in e inn g('s) 0/d's


june 4, 2016




andy's house sold, and i was invited to get my plastered cubes to stage the house, and small ladder to do the staging, and andy gave me his massage table. was up late last night : did you notic e;),


tired this morning though, but in a good ho hum space. did some light shopping, organized the new items which is presaging a need to get rid of other items, the spring cleaning bit, give a way, put on ebay, get rid of what i don't truly want for what i do. stopped at the garden center on the way back for a nice stroll amongst flowering plants.


i have been wanting a rose for my apartment. however, i didn't want a small rose plant, i wanted the full blossom rose/s, however, i am not finding any that would like just morning light. i did find a fuchsia c0leus, which i know works in my apartment. i couldn't decide between that and the red (orange and pink too) cockscomb, which i was really drawn too, however i don't know how it will lend in my apartment.


i debated on a planting pot. i still would prefer to make my own, and have located a potter and location, i simply now that i have the time, don't have the income flow, and it isn't like i couldn't spend the money, it is just, i am living in the new income flow as it were : $30 last week.


curiously, i did spy a couple of planters i did like, the indoor one is more refined and $20 and the thick clay outdoor pottery looking like a roughen basket, for $10, i didn't mind. i didn't mind it was thick for outdoors even though i would be using it indoors, and not as refined neither in the clay or the exterior. my eye kept going back to it. it is also the perfect size to put in trapez0.


the only withhold is, i didn't want to pay for it. better put, i have qualms about paying for a container, when, i want to make one of my own. as luck would have it, i decided to get the planter, went to the register with the fuchsia coleus and a new batch of specified potting soil and the pot, and i wasn't charged for the pot for some reason, and i didn't say anything b.c. it actually matched me needs as me desires se/am in the desire ring.


so i have a new planter, with a new plant, and fresh splash of color.


played frisbee with min0, and some people on break from the att phone center, threw the frisbee, as min0 had them hooked by keep on bringing the frisbee to them gaim ly . on occasion i would get the frisbee from min0, and i threw towards the people on break, so min0 would play between us.


I started to get some nice frisbee wafting in the air, without bending and arcing and slicing in the ground, as can happen with the breeze. the guy on the other end of throwing min0's frisbee asked me (yelling) how i kept my frisbee in the air. i said (yelling) i sense the direction of the wind, and then change the angle upon release.


communicating in length was hard to due at that length. i would have added, i toss most articulate with my wrist. i noticed he was using his whole arm as leaver. i use the arm sure, however it is in synth and bended motion too the very articulate flick of the wrist, sensing the wind, and angle ing too the b(L)end e'ye means w/i ft.


min0 likes to parade he caught the frisbee frolicking and making any throw and to w/e be the work quite articulate ly bu ye his nose, as he uses his nose as a spade, and much like a bottle nosed dolphin, with a slice of soccer ball, he uses his nose as articulately as the feet of a pro soccer player to move the frisbee through the air, articulating a passage on his nose, and running seg into the grass and weather's.


basically, min0 is game for frisbee in any weather. he can always make d0 and whatever it is, he can add more t00 wit on his own and to share inn sum. i think he likes the vigorous flow out of ha(ve)b/it all s0 w/e


& all s0'le pt fxf 0ur e p a w/e s~h 0(w/)e


i'm pretty sure i am trending in the direction of taking a nap, however, as always, i have an accumulations of kn 0at's t00 th c ai r~r e'ye


speaking of which, briefly, i was wondering, looking at plants and names, and you know 'cock's c0/m(b)e' and i saw a yellow sign signifying "hill", and here is the thing, they are all c-a/s-h-an-d-c-ai-r-r-e-ye-t00-t-he-t-w/-ill-an-d-ai-r-ie-s-t-em-ill-k-e-ye-


even standing on "h"is speaking-ill-s-t- ill- t-mer/re'ye


i started thinking, all the names we identify people and things with, are 0rgan i c/ally e, kn 0 t e're all ye. 'hill' is quite frank lie, spo"k"en from-ill-d-e/b-t-a-w/-ill- which = "hill" constructed for by and with a "sig-n" too the st-ill-t-constant-l-e-ye-w/- the means to mar, and not merrily re p re s/en/t


fxf r0m th' fxf a(i)r~e 'h' an/d e w/e


the me an s ye actually WEAR on e me.


not you, ke-vi/n-e- p-au-l- i-ar-ich-a-rd-


speaking to me as s u/re seem to be regarding from far e & d 0'le, and ye -t- actically, misrepresent on premise, i am a miss, not a mispoken premise, simply lie 0/ne s-0-(w/-)n- = so w/e , with t-heir-e-son-d-


t-h-eye- speak a lie, soo t-he ye, can reclaim his too-t-he- ye- too the same bitter "h"ouse, h/e ra/ise-d- too t-he-ge-t-it-


i'm tired, but i have much knews too the di's cuss t 0/d ay t


it is like, climbing the mountain of work leaves with a new impression to work with in the after girth e'ye premised t00 th un ear th ing ear th in re pre sent i/n g the nerve t00 th' d' serve (t)d~


integration thru th a w/(h)ealth of application a re bounds w/(h)in d's t00 the cairre'ye and the carrot for t/h d~e live r e'ye A st ' s e/e k's, if t 0/n e ly e t00 th' b e/e presenting as/s i ft ye a.(r~)t


integration thru th a w/(h)ealth of application a re bounds w/(h)in d's t00 the cairre'ye and the carrot for t/h d~e live r e'ye A st ' s e/e k' syn/th, if t 0/n e ly e t00 th' b e/e presenting as/s i ft ye a.(r~)t h~em/m i/n g's -0-re-t-he-st-in-t-i/n-g-am-0r-e-




ce has never actually been made, particulary not in writing like a dim-e-d-e/b-t-ail-an-d-e-w/-0/n-ai-l-t-(h-)r-ea-d-as-say-e-w/e-ll-ed-


h 2 h does not historically represent any 0/n e~'s e/e kn ea. d.'s~ particularly not in the competive marketplace f-0r-rt-a-re-lay-t-in-g-e-t-g-r-ate-i/n-g-s-tu-b-f-x-f-0-rt- sustainab u-ll-e-ye- A-st- ate-i/n-g- ye live as/s eat s nob i'll e ye -t-ea-t-


m-ate-i/n-g-s-(n-)ea-k-the-write-too-th-s- di's-re-g-u-a/rd- 0 pen lye gat large- putting the burden of the gun in existence "b.c." yar-e- nar-e- is up your ass-f-x-f-ar-e-t00-t-he-mast-et-h's-a-war-e-


war is the only pitch a-men-d-'s- has to keep the cur-rent- f-x-f- aire- in -h-is-t-me-an-s- too the re-par-e- &- re-p-air-e-


relating as and with your desire in the 0 pen, didn't come f r0m this b-ligh-t- oo the cair reye t(h) 00 k nigh t


war is 0-b-scene- like you saw 'ce' = the people that carry th/e value of war, are not the people that saw ce, that 'h' came f/0re. the scene is for-ce-i/n-g- a scene of "2" x t-0-0- f-x-f-t00-t-he- war as "necessary" too the women too the be-h-a-ve-ye the vie w/e (not real ly t(h)rue ) = so war the scene and the stag ing of independently scene relating with necessity a b-ai-t-i/n-g- is simply to get women l-ai-d- satisfa-ct- 0-re-l-e-ye- too th-d-ate-


but not relate as a fa/ct i 0/n e t00 th d ate & conversate d f x f ace t00 th f x f ace, as the means to actually erase the me-ark- & me-ark-et--e-ye-g-at-g-ave- "face"


the competition for no reason t0 0L 0 ve t (a) g 0ve


competition for the war-e- scene as necessary formed the gat-t0-g-ive - t-he- lan-g-ua-g-e- "means" with "too/the" clo-t-h-ee -d- e/b-t-(h-)rue-d- saying you do what you do for womens virtue, but as you see, kevin a fine christan "face" wearing man, doesn't actually have the means to recognize virtue from a woman, and represent it, and actually feed that inherent ability in the marketplace as say his desire is always presenting "h"e "g" ave "too", he gave "tooth" to only take it -a-way-t- b.c. he is -hei-st-e-re-


in-re-p-u-t- e w/e -d-


the only way his christainity works is if he doesn't actually meet anyone with th e c(h)0/n t en t w/i.d. t'h 's mer i/t


that is why i got the "separation letter" : his ac tions say, i can not endeavor to 0l e my own reflection even on my own time on his cur-rent-re-s-ai-l-




n0 ep0nym0us name is law-st- eve-n-

he marrie-d-we-ll-

on "one" st-a/n-d-a-(r-)d-e/b-t-is-sue-

it is a f-x-f-un-n(e-)ye-w/-h-e-ye-t00-t-he-mer-w/-r-i/t- e-ye-ing-scene - net too the t-are-ye-i/t-



on or off marrie-d-0-ft-


i/n-g-scene-s-c-r.i.p-t-00-t-he-me-an-s-0n-l(e-)ye-A-s/t- e- t00-t-he-t-re-t-re-at- e-


is sharon hanging in the relative 'hear' b.c. she thinks i am going to make your marriage in eros sing a l0/ng me'ye s0/n g, without a partner, ex ce pt in her "t/he h0re t/h e ye"


i am just saying, i have real means to represent this, that this is not the actual undertaking and why it isn't.


were you hoping for this rich, that your eros could rise too the occasion of love in marriage with s e/e x in your couth carriage 0 means with sharon actually e, as i arrange this for e ye


i don't see this coming a p t00 th p ass


i still do not assuredly know where you stand, i do know there is some bravery in competition, and on one end of that is sharon liking the things i say f/ore women every where t00 th d ate, however sometimes my ability too th c/enter and carryon e t(h)rue bu ye the me an s yn/th t00 th... i sense she falls back on how her network of friends and family may see her for not giving her w"h"ole back b0ne in this ven t u/r e. i sense in par t hypocrisy. and i guess your witholding in par t, is b.c. of the learning curve she still needs to make as/say e g(u/e)st ate bu ye g.(g) race s/s e t(h) a w/ h at m aye ... ke you believe you have earned your love for each other however it is f/0re bu ye t me an s e/e k.


i am a w/are, on some level, part of your decision to let me carry on, is too the h ang me by my own provision you t"h"ink i lac-k- in your in(d-)surance s-um- with a mit, you have n't actually come w/ th up i/th e~ye mistake 0-ft-c-0(u-)r(s-)e-i/n-g-s-e-g-rate-


th- t-ai-l-0-f-x-f-s- land- (e-re-) 0/n-e-ye fxf ace t00 the m(e)A.k/e


i am my own k nigh t in s hi n/n i/n g a.(r)m. 0(0)re use i/n g l e/e


i am not f-0-x-e/d- bu ye people without desire for re all t a s/s k n e/e d's e/e k.


you haven't make 'k' nigh 't' capable a.d.

for all your miss-take-king- b-e-a.-t-

marrie-d- too the t-h-in-k- you go 2 by t00, however y-e-w/e- d0-w/-k-n0-t-w/00-d-e-make-g-re-at-e-

you haven't earned you weigh t oo the t are and n are too the c a(i)re thrue your own means, e X ce pt bu ye t me an s e/e k w/(h) in d e/b t a s/s th' desire t00 t(h) a ll 0 w/e ll a s/s 0 w/e nd


you haven't made marriage a value to d ate, only -d-ate-, and it would be a scene-inn- if you con-t-in-u-e- that way on my e fxf a/ce


with me actually having no partner too th e r~e late


bu ye h aving s e/e X 0 pen l e ye too the re lay t, and e/b t a t~ex~t a/ct ll e ye 0/n e ye fxf ace, bu ye which i merit my make with whey e and w/h eigh t even f/0rt another day even t d's e/a.m. e i/n g's t a.i.d. h an d em aid


& debt t00 the re c(L)aim mi t/t sum s aim e

w/th' s aim e r e/e fxf le x i 0/n e.g.(g) ave t w/i.d. th directi0/n s e/e kn ave d e wright ex t rig h(t) a w/he ye seen f/0re ce s/s aye i/n g's~(t/r)e a.m. e t00 th' d aye t e'ye s e/e K f0/r/m/e a.d.('s) a s/s ay e s e/e k f/r0m 0/n e 'ye (didn't knot give me an s e/e k i/n g's w/h ea. t e ll e' ye w/ the me an s


t00 th' b~r 0/0 m~0/n e'ye inn k w/ai/t i/n g's~h(e)d's (h)ave i/n g's~

e/e n (k) ne fxf 0/r/e (a.) ll ate i/n g's w/0 rt~h A nd's (h) 'a'ke vin d ate i/n g's~

e/e n (k) ne fxf 0/r/e (a.) ll ate i/n g's w/0 rt~h A nd's (h) 'a'ke vin~e ye d ate i/n g's~tine fxf/r0m e ye, at the same time "he" doesn't "h"ac-t-a-ct- o/n-e-m e ye , for-ce-s/s-he-i/s-t-ree-t-a-te/st-a-m-en-t-me-an-s- he doesn't really h/ave the right to speak of /f in her e/n t means e/e k and t/huss ly e s/p~ea. k

= "h/e" is just ilk-in-d-e-w/-ai-t-i/n-g-s-

and cut away people that may reflect that fact your parading as/s open and ag-ape- scene-inn- "sin" you po-in-t- with me-one-ye- too the k-no-t- apparently be-am-e-ad- ,

as-s- you are waiting for someone like-ye-t-(u-)b-e-

with no reason too the hactually merit the write x rig ht among the me an s e/e k i/n g's pea k i/n g's -nee-d-s-ee-d's-cape-able-ad-

f-0r-eve-r- an-d-ing-

gat-ai-l0-ss-(L-) ing-s-on-ne/t-i/ng-s-ce-ne-t-he-nee-d-s- e/e-t-he- for no reason tu be con-s-t-a/n(d-)t-ly-e- "h"e makes t-he "make" on ye, for just being -&- looking c-up on you as i ft -he maid the beau/t eye for/ce i/n g's (h-)aving for g-ran-t-d- if you do not be-lie-f-e/e-d-'s- (h-) 0/n e ye & matter of fa/ct, "one" "h" is all you have thru "h"istory relating with g-is-t-0r-e-ye-

"one" "h" is all you have thru "h"istory relating wit-he- g-is-t-0r-e-ye- a/s-t- r-e/a-t- "a" miss tarry -x- fi-ct-i-on-e-ye- t 'h' at can't p/r0pe/r e ly e w/th e me an s w/h ea. t l ye a. t 0/0 the re p (L) e/a. t

as/s aye. g. (g) 0 ve r/t l0 (A.)D. e

w/h 0 e = w/h 0'le & w/h 0'le ye. g.0 /d e w/h 0/n e & b e/e th' 0 w/h 0/n e ye inn t 0 (w/) e th i/n (e) d 0 w/(h) a ll (0 w/e) th t i'm e b/b. c. (L) i'm (b)e~

are you thinking of t-g-all- the people that speaking-0ve-t-pip-and-pr-ate-ing-s- and pip-rig-ht-w/-it- for no reason to w/e th an d act yl ly , much less h actually relate , ie b.c. their desire is ran-a-miss-0-been-d-b- misstating-t-is-sue-vain-(t-)d-ate- & can't fi/g f/rom the mer i/t in e make f-rom-mit-s-e-x-face-t-d-ate-


"A" "new"-s- e-f-x-f-ace- t00-t-he-t-"a"s-t-e-ye- in-p-(L-)a/ce-d-

0-ft-he-make-m-arrow-i/n-g-scen-(e-)d-0f-t-d-l-ye- ll-e-ad-!- too-t-he-t-ea(c-h-)-t-e- ye- s- e/e- k -th-re-"A"-k-


g 0/d k nigh t en d's lee p f/0/r/m/ i/n g's (t)e th fxf r/i~en d' syn/th in c~ap a. c.ity e t(r)en d en s e/e ll e ye as(t)e

t it is time t00 th be lay the means t00 the m e/e k inn sure an ce s/s lee p an d e/b t00 t(h) a g 0 'a' ll e ap~h at = w/h ere ye p(L)ace you r 'h' at = fxf at = re t ea. r n t00 the me ye fxf a t her e all a l0/n g~

elaine palmitessa called from goodwill, the lenders of my grant to go to school but/t not apply what i am learning or be powere s-k-ew/e-d- from the industry i am meant too the apply i/t o means as presented e w/hin d. = the grant from good will that can't merit an advance on my own good will is a misplaced deed circumferencing a missplaced deed on -k-e-ye-n-ee-d's-ee-d's-e-x-a-ct-i/n-g-le-ad-s- too the-c-k-ee-l- e-ft- f-0-rt-i/n-g-a-gree-d-


you-r- history only does a service to/u/r e-gree-d- as-say-e-steed-s/t-ud-dud-s-0-n-l-ye- "'a"-s/s-t-a-re-"a"-t- a-re-p-(L-)ea-t-c-rook-e-d-en-are-in-re-f-e-"a"t-din-n-ai-re-us-e-d-ea-t-

too the den eye , the fact you can't actually afford too the me a.t 0/n e ye as t he guest ye say e fea(s)t 0/n e p e/e c an d-s-p(L-)aye- ass-0-rt-d-e/b-too-t-he-ad-aye-g-g- con-so-rt-e-d-e-w/-h-as-t-e-ye- p-(L-)at-e- ye- t00-t-he-make-ye-w/e-ye-t-u-t-oo-dud-ue-t-w/-h0-g-scene vi-e-w/e-t00-t-he- t-a-t-is-sue-d-

there t heir is know for rest too the tell the misuse of the for-e-rest-oo-t-he-ad-w/e-ll-c-t-oo-t-ai-l-t- &- st-ill-t-o-n-e- mer-w/-it-w/-it-te-ll-it-s-nit--set-s-ai-l-an-direct-m-ai-l-

their is no forest to tell y-e-w/e- are not making friends with the nature your too th ad's too the m-ai-l- imp--age- bu-ye- "h" a.d.- e vein. nit-ai-n-t- e ve (i)n e me'ye p (L)ate, "ye" constant lie n-ta-ke- sustainabilities t(h)rue st rait - too the f-x-f-ron(e-)t-e-ye-f-x-f-ace- on "mer-w/-r/i-t-" that you are "protecting" my face "on" merit you can't e X a ct ly e ff ace . too th' d ate. n0 re 0're that you can actually c are too the relate , desire ably as ye present your perso/na ture ally e the means distinct of thinking rationally with desire as the means of your exact ration i/n g's (L)ing's~

0ne 0n 0ne k~n/i f/f e ye p(L)ease

spherical ass aye t me an s w/ear i/n g's

(t) 00 th' c0n t en (t)d's~

may th' be/st ea. d 0 w/(h)inn d c0n st an(d)t l e ye 

the 'stet' is on e mer i/t is~s u/e very e t/h ing 

0 pen le ye t0 me / an s~ w/er(e) ing 

-a-m.en- has been making "money" with know h actuall mer w/rit too the s/ta/ke -x-ce-pt- bu-ye mistake, o-re-miss-take-in-mar-r/i-ag-e- f-x-f-ace- too-the-m-e/e-k- too the speak but not actually too the mean s e/e k i/n d e/e d 's p~ea k f0r m/ate i've ll e ye 

r an s w/ere s as ans w/ere d/e serve d

r an s w/ere s as ans w/e(re) d/e serve d

b e/e s 'h' ph e r/d = place 'h' at = ph = fxf e rd = th (e) r an s w/ere s as ans w/e(re) d/e serve d b e/e s 'h' e fxf e rd 

b e/e ye s 'h' ph e r/d = place 'h' at = ph = fxf e rd = th (e) r an s w/ere s as ans w/e(re) d/e serve d b e/e s 'h' e fxf e rd 

e/b t00 th ea. r/d 's 0/u n/d 

in na(i)re t00 th (e) re fxf i/n e 'ye t

d/ark i/n s~c0pe t00 the w/h in d b e/t lig ht i/t 

capable a.d.'sig n knit

@ t0/n e ~c knit 00 t/h ' d

0/c k i/n g~

c~(L)0c k i/n g's 

s~yn/th' s p/i r/i t i/t w/(h)as m~e/a. n/t (u) b. (e/e) c. e

s/s i/n g's = ce a. s/s ing "the scene -inn-stipulating-s-w/-in-(e-)d-le-d-0-me-an-s-ai-d-0-w- in -k-n0--t-re-l-at-e-i/ng-s- forcing -a- protection i do not need and has never lent me one ye to w/e t-w/-it-s-me-an-s-

putting the ass-son- me, in lie-u- t-h-e-ye- there ref -0-re- don't have to speak to me ore means, just referencing me too see-t-he-me-an-s- con-t-ex-t-u-all-ye- from the house that doesn't actually speak re(s) p le nd en t all(e)y e t0 me ~e k 's e/e k' s 

bu ye t b ein g a w/0rd le x a/ct l ye 

t0 me me an s(p) ee k

fxf 0rm e

w/e very e th ing ing 

tm e/e k in pr 0 c(L)aim i'n g's

w/i ft reference 0 t 00 t(h) 0s/s0 ft 00 the miss take ye 0 ft ting grace

k nigh t~ s lee p tig ht 

the x cite ing thing, for all the fig-ht-in-g- nothing is coming fore ward with re all nerve, with re all verve for the too the bein g 0 b-serve-d- too th-be-he-rd-0-b-serve-d-replicating-city-too-k-ea-r-n-


t i s/s u/e th' s0/n g i s/s (t) 00 t/h/e w/h0 n/e st (d) an/ce s/s e.g.(g's~L)0~ve & L 0/0 fa la la la w/e daw/(e) n(d) 0/n e' a. ll a l0~/n g = g 0/n e c h0

the plan tday if there is one, is not to do much, it would appear. just thinking in a re ar s e g ear se

the plan tday if there is one, is not to do much, it would appear. just thinking in a re ar s e g ear s(h)e a/rt m ar~r0w/e a.r th ea. r' t/m

ea.r's (t) aye n(K)n e w/e ll e a.r t/h e're


t heir is nothing in the g-ap- t-he-ye- s e/e k's ire o/n i c/ally e t00 th(e) re(a) p/en t with p (L) en t e ye t00 th's p~ea. k t0 p/en l e ye A s/s t~m er i/t mer re'ye w/e d

i think you are going to be walking 0/n e w/(h)a t/t a(i)re ferencing a love letter too the past women, who have been mistaken in all men's r-ape-t-re-(ss-)p-ass-t- 0 g f/0 re w/'a'rd inn ai l/l a s/s t

t0 me an s inn spirite d e/b t00 t(h) a ct en d a/ct yl : ly e w/(h) e're feren/c~e (s/s) at last c 0/0 k~0 f/f t

0/0 fxf t

a. c. 0/0 k 0 f/f t

(a) g(L) 0 ve t mu f/f i/n d0 ve inn sum

june 5, 2016

(m 0/n e) ti.' d.e (ye) s~

ye have worked your ling-0- too the balance your e-g-0- = "i/t" has always b-e/e-n "0/t" in-g-'s-o-ft- ass a sup -p0-rt-ing-scene- too th- carr-e-ye- on-e- "se-am- and-o-ve-t-ai-l-ey-on-t-e-am-s-e/em-s-

w/h a t/t e 're b re at h e~ force ss s h ak/e n 's for ce ss ho ok ing's th/e m/e n~a s/s ee k' s yn/th complea t ll ey e too the content m e/e k ly and contend s wheat ly e b u ye wee k ly e

m-en "h"ave only made debt -too-t-he- a-deceive = re-ceive = see-k-(s-)we-ll-on/-e-me-r-i/t-a-s/s-e-ll-c-l-as-p-s-mall-d-ie-ye-n-ai-l-too-t-he-t-ai-l-e-d-w/e-ll-t-

i have a palm plant, it is not very tall, however it has a girth of flange, and it is getting limp, and it, i checked, needs a bigger container, as/s it is root bound e w/(i.d.)th. i put it in a container i use for the garbage, minus the garbage, a little new soil, a little bit more room too the t0 (w/h) i' ll e.g. r00m~ t' f0 i'll

c 0nt

w00d inn and 0ve t' self d0 t(h) 00 kn0t c0m press a. c.r0ss light ly e t 0s/s0 d~0 fxf i/t~ig~ht ly e w/i.(L)d. th' tit~a w/h~inn (d')s in knit 0 p/en d

's~par (e)~r 0 w/e' s~ e/a.~m. a p~ar t 00 th e n/~e/e d's e/e ' s k (e(ye) inn d~ e ye~ a.d.

0~0're n~a.m. e/n t~inn y/0ur h (an) d ea.r~t hu~e w/e d f/0/r/m/e~

Re: e x a.m. p le g i've n d's en d's (t) 00 t/h/e n/d's i eve n's 0 w/e ft e' ye. g. 0/n ' s~p/ar~k t0 me an s/miss S take n('s/n) are in sec0/nd's h 0 (w/) e ye. g.(L)in t i'm e


Hello, I am contacting you fore too reasons too the reguard bold ly e sh0(w/)e us.


First of all, do you know what the alloy for the inkless metal pin tip, is comprised ove, and can you resource the sup p~ly e? f0r/t me'ye in t e're st a ll e ye a.r t/~h i g/h t (a) gave t w/(h) a g/ate in t i'm e a. s/s u/re (e) fxf i/n d~ 0 w/(h) e inn p(L)a~ce 0 d~e ye


f/0re inn st a'n(d)ce s/s h0 w/e. g. r/a~ce s/s (t) aye a.r t(h) a w/aye 


w/e ll ~ike an e pee i/st in th 'd en u de tu de em' 0/n e ye sus st/ai/n ab/le (s/s~) a.d. 's ai d's en d's t(0/u)t u t/t e r/r ing rhy/me inn s~e/a.m. s a w/are t'heir e c(h)0m p (L)ea. t c le~(ye)a.n 0/n e m/e an s'yn/th a(i)re t a(i)re w/e ll ~ike an e pee i/st in th 'd en u de tu de em' 0/n e ye sus st/ai/n ab/le (s/s~t/ag) a.d.'s aim e tu de 's an(e w/e)s 0 ft i/nn c(h)arm~s (L)ave


L0~ve r'e

ve L0 city e tu de 's w/i ft me/t/e're p.r.ise a.ll ~


(e pt) be t/t a(i)r~e c/ap f/0r/m 0(0)re in t0(w/n)e t'h~in/k e.g. t'h 0(w/) e's h0 (w/)e in tat a t/t e're~s p0/u t a/nd' s 0'le ye 0~nt 0ut w/(h)ea~v en s/t 'a' ll a re a.d. e ye fxf a ll i'/n g' s/t e/a.d. (e) l/l e ye p.r.e t/t e ye t00 t(h) u b/e~au/t e'ye f/r0m aw/e inn th is w/his(ce)p er (e) m~ea.n t c0/m e an d/g~et it re ti~r/e s~p(L)en t d i.d. a.d./dress (t) 0 w/e t00 th's p~ea.k n/i fxf e w/e t(h) a w/an 't in t i'm e t00 th's h a.d. 0 w/e in c/t 0/0 w/n s 0ugh t b(r) 0ugh t 0n thy/me an s w/(h)ea.r~e i/n g t00 the pre miss re a.d.'s en t a t & qui lt ' ouch e' a.rt h'are a. ll i've inn c~Line~d t00 th'd a.rt c~0n s pi r/e~ i/n g's (h) ave th e re all a g/ave thy/m(e)n (i)n a.m. e t00 th' sup pl(e)ye sig~h ... t

0 fxf t en destinati0n/e s/t ag ai n 0/ft en d re'ye (t)d


the "navy" only s-in-k-s- b0-at-s-(h-)ave-vain-t-0/n-e-ye-t-ig-ht-


f-0-rt-he-in-c-(h-)0-me-ye-g-0-ld-c-0-ve-r-t-oo-t-he-l-p-t-he-nee-d-e/b-t-a-ke-ye-p-com-p-an-e-ye-a-st- r-e-a-t-


e-ye- own-l-ie-ye-0-/n-e-ye--a-s-s-tine-ye-for-k-nigh-t-d-re-am-s-t-ea-d-ill-e-ye-t-me-an-s-




0-w/-e-"g"0-d-s-h0e-y-a/g-at-in-ct-u/re-d-(b-)ly-me-ad- e w/thy"nim"


a thim-bu-ll-e-t- fum/b-le -d-s-c 0-0-p-0-w/-his-ce-de-d-um-p-cup-t00-t-he-


ll-0d-e-(a-)ll-ta-t-0-(w/-)e-g0-in-g-ag-roun-d-g-0-ad-0-th-d-0-c-k-n-0w/e-d-0-w/-e-f-x-f-ace-- syn-t-he- p-(L-)a-c-i.d.- as-s-ay-e-re-make- X p0's e g/ ge t/hy m/en 0se t 00 the


eye feel like a book "ye" have/n/t qui te t'd 0 w/the a.r e t w/(h) all a've ye t h/aven/t actually e re t(h)r e/a.d. assay e in "n0" pe "n" 0/n e me'ye with ere 0 ns p0 t -e-ye-all-a-re-ad-e-ye- po-sit-i/on-e-ye-d- i'm-e-"a"(s-s-s-s-) l0-t- (h-h-h-h-) 0-re-


b0/0k e ye t00 th en d's en d's ai m/e n/d's te(n) t en d e're t/h ea. r/t~h an/d 0 vert (st) ar/t i/n g/c i/n d e're s(L)ag( e 0/)n~ash i n/n ge's 0/n g c0m p (L)ea. t~e ye re p(L)ea. t e ye 0 w/h~0 n/e (st)ye b 0/n e ce b(u)m tp~awn dawn si/n t e're ring~s tet b~li s/s h0 (w/)e~ r a.d. i/0 s~a.c. ti've .g. as/s p/b f/0're s w/(h)ea.t e're in c~L as/s p. r.0/n~e ve(i)n (e) be t/t a(i)r~e


b0/0k e ye 0nt me'ye t d~aw/e d awn d fxf l/l e ye inn th's h i/r k~ t00 the pre ten di/ng fir's t 0/ne ye c a.m. e t c0/m e w/(h)ave th c ai re t00 th e'ye t-0-s-s-0-d-0-ft-


p-(L-)ate-vain-t-a-re-raise-s0-d-0-ft- 0/n e me'ye l/l 0 t




d0/n-k-e-ye- not one of -e-w/e- actually re pre sent (e)a r~e t/with a w/h eigh t 0/d 0wn th y/our 0'rt a c0/m p le x i/0n up t high e'ye t a/te tit up t0/n e ye


& t a t/t ai n/t he nup sustainable a.d. 0 w/h0 0 le 'ye l/l 0 t


mu c/h a(i) re le s/s l0 t~in re b/0 un d/a/g (r)0 u nd ate ll e ss l e ye


fxf 0'r t/h e c(h)0'me w/(h)in~d's t r e/e t a re sin na.m.e 0/n ai ll e ye w/h0 r(L)d~

0 vert a g/a~i/n k in c/ai/n an

cain is butt a name that didn't get proper e lye 'p/h' ase d= p*lace h*at 00 th *fxf a/c~e w/e t(h)c 0/m b i/n(e) ate i/0n s~t all an d e/b th' t ai l t00 t~h en d's e/e b e/e bum t' (b) l~en d fxf 0r/meal/ly e re all e ye w/e d 0 w/in e t00 th c 0/m p ass ay/e m/en/d's e/e k e ye inn's~en d's~


c/an a b e/e but/t a/u t/t er e c/up

t/t 00 t(h) 'a' ll 0 w/e t(h) 0 g/g 0'd i's d/ai/n t e'ye in d/ar(e)k ness t c a.(i)m.e w/e yeast ass~inging buzz b e/e s/m i lie~u & l0 cus/t 0 me/r (r e'ye)s t a ll e/n thy/me a.d. i'm e's h0 rt pen~ne'ye d


f/0re in ven t i~0/n e t p(L)a~ce fxf 0'rt a g/ai/n st 'a' ll

c hr is t c'h'~an/g e d e w/'h' a t/t ai re in t0 w/in e very e t'h' ing ... a w/are ve(i)n~ s(t) 0 w/e

c hr is t c'h'~an/g e d e w/'h' a t/t ai re in t0 w/(i)n e t i'm e t~(a) be/au/t e ye t 00 t'h aye s a w/e d a w/e d aye a.d. ju st b.c. i ty e b/b i/r d's fxf l(e)ye t h and's 0/m en


k e.g. a.m. e 'A'~k w/h~a ll e.g.~ (r)0 's/s h0(n) e. g. i've ta get ga.m. e t00 th's~ p(L)ay e.g.(g)0 / d 0 ver t(h)u~e

sea. th c0 L 0're syn/th (e) re a.r's e t~h(r)ue le pt apparent in a ve in 0 vi/rt/u~e re p (L) ea. t bu ye 'a'r/t h ea.r t/h


re p ea.t p0 st~




inn a(i)re s~ t a(i)r~e s t(e)ar e s~ag a/i n st e(n)t's~c0 p(i/n)e rt be a. t w/h0~at 0/n e tu~de~ s (e/e) hine' c0(u)r(s)e a.m. en d's~(h)ave t ai l/l e/n t (a) carry e w/ai/t 0/n e b(L)ac~k w/hi t/e th e're ve/r a.m. 0(0)r~e t a. ll e/n t 00 th's c~0're t & tet ude a.t h~a.d. 0/0 re inn p(L)a~ce s/s h0 (r) e~


g. i've m' th' s0l i.d. e'ye...


t00 th' 0/n e st L i'm(b)i/t~e e r(e) in di fxf er en ce s/s t a r/t


t00 th' 0/n e st L i'm(b)i/t~e ye 0/n th e.g. i've i'n g 0' p/age


t00 th' 0/n e st L i'm(b)i/t~e ye 0/n e m/e ye fxf a ll s't ar t


co/n-s0-rt-i/n-g e ye s e(r)a i'm e r~eve inn


the irony is jo-el, thinks ke-vin-d- is a liar -t00-t-he-t-w/-h0-e-f-x-f-a/ce- ll-a-g-race-


i'm not mad at you joel, i am ma.d.-e-, per the stinting-constant-ly-e-


t00 the seg grace "h" e didn't in fact set tooth too t/he make t00 th 0d ay e. butt presents as "my" mistake. too the not be ap/ple a.d. e/b too th' ap peal l e'ye X a/ct ly on my face with the d air e ye n/k/n 0 t e race


christia/nit/ye has become a st-(e-ye-)in-e-f-x-f-ace- f-x-f-0r-k-in-d-e/b-t-d-e-lay-e-g.-g-


kevin makes his decisions knot on love, as he professes and prefaces (L) 0 ve . he makes decisions "2" t-r-e-ye- his -e-g-0- i/n -g-race-


he doesn't no why he s-ai-l-s in a self made panty-e-w/-h-aste-


but-t- some one event u al ? l e ye "h" as t00 the p-(L-)ay-e-


so he can f-e-e-l relatively e-g0-d- ab-(0-)ut h' d-aye- he made his wag 0n fait -h-, when t heir never had another h too the re late, = kevin 's narcissism on my fait h as th fxf a/ct 'h' in k/p Lace & clean up t-hie-st-en-t-0-me-an-s- not relevant ly mean any e thing as/sa ye R~e late


but-t- some one event u al ? l e ye "h" as t00 the p-(L-)ay-e- g-g- he never e g/ave & nave r h a.d. e


0ther wise, the s-he-i-st-e-re- would have respe/ct 'd y0u th (r) 0/n e me'ye p(L)ate


inn-s/t-ea-d- he is daddy d00-h-ick-e-ye- on -t-w/-ill-t- oo shoe him how to be am th b0-ss- 0d-(g-)bu-i-lt- 00-t-a-k-ill-t-


& skirt-rig-ht-a-nil-t- aka th/e "god" in his hea-d-as-say-e-d-aye- t-


00-k-t-he-m-arrow/ e b/bu i Lt in t i'm e


t a re l/l a ye


t at/p (L)aye


g0/n e w/e st e'ye s(t)aye


kevin "h e'ye d" ass hide his a t/t em pt 00 th-imp-re-s/s-t-


he took my value and gave it too th -d-e-vi-ate-vi-e-w/e-


too stall-k-i-s-s- his-t-moneye-d-t-issue-s-h0-e- ta-re-bo/0t-


in-n-a(i-)re w/e-d-


& skirt-rig-ht-a-nil-t- aka th/e "god" in his hea-d-as-say-e-d-aye- t- ill-t-

that said, i am not made at joel with no reason in front of him too the te ll e d e w/e ll enable-d- bu-ye-a-rt- he-f-x-f-a.d.-s- an-d-'s- (h-)ave-i/n-g-scene- fora-n-a.d.- he-never- hast too the combine with f0ll0w/ t (h) rue on "one" n-ai-l- much less-t-0w/-h0-d-g0-d-bu-ye-w/-high-0/n-e-mer-w/-r/i-t-

being stoned on a lathe put others in serious cess pool too tour your -ab-id-e-ye-d- . you should go home relatively speaking as best as you can s(t)0w/e in being.

ironically, when jeff and i were working on the , not the blanchard grinder, but the really old machine that grinds the same, and has a big fencing gate. will impressed on me and jeff to not stand in front of the gate. s0w/r eye, he didn't care so mu-ch-ab(-0-)ut-you-r-t0-ken-t- oo t-his- disgrace ss ee n "h"is w/-h-e-ye-t- = he is using you to fend fence and fen his addiction for being the -r-use- to re use you -alla- long not thinking of you much. you were just a fen-ce- erecte-d- to -f-x-f-en-d- his -e-x-c-ape-t-r-ad-i/t-i/0n-e-s-0-le-d-0h-t-



d-e/b-t-00-t-he-d-ate-r-ape-d-0-ft-l-e-ye-s-c/ape-d-r-ai-n-i/n-g-s- "he has a child for g0-d-ness-A.-ke-g-t00-t-he-d-g-r0-d-e-w/-h-e-ye-t-in-t-i'm-e-


e r/a i/se c0/nd c/ai/n t/i r/e 0/n i c/all e ye t ru t/h inn (d)s~c0 pi l0t t0(w/e*) e in cur(e)r/en/t a g i've t 0 me an s e.g.('s L) 0ve


w/(h-)at-ching-t-h(e-)city-s-lee-p-f-0re-t-him-s-him-s-ale-g0-d-g0tta-g0-d-s-t-ea-ll-an-d-e-alla-t-i'm-e-g0-d-g0t-me-a-s-cup-t-mu-f-x-f-i/n-e-ally-e-n-kn-e-ad-s-e/e-k-s-(t-)0-w/-h-at-e-ye-a-"t" ease- th-e-me-an-s-tet-(u-)b-e-st-u-b/b-u-ye- a.-r-"t"


0 w/h0/n e me'ye t


answere s 0ver-t- your fruitless -tar-t-de-fe-a-t-e- in-rin-din-s-c0p-e-in-d- too the pass -a-w/-h-e-ye-t- a-g-ai-n- st-com-man-d- inn-d-im-ea-r-se-g-0-at- an-0-t- i'm -e- te-nd- e w/i th0u t a re s0und ~ s i'll e ye sc0pe t00 th e.g.~r0und a/ct yl : ly e n a(i)r~e s t mer r'eye t r~0p e t00 th pup-pet-pay-e-g-ai-n- 0/n e t w/h0 d en re serve t c/ai/n en able a.d. ea. r~


en t in a s/s c e/n t('s) cup~


i/n e re t r/i bu t~i 0/n e ce ss t/h t i'm e t/en tri b e/e s 0 ft~ is(sue th/e) r 'a' eL~0ve (i) L i/n t rue st c0mma nd e ll t a re p as/s (t) 0/m e a.d.'s e/e k inn th 's(t)a/nd's


w/(h)ea. t e're p~ l/l e ye t0 g e/th/er e t c~h st retch s tine


f/0ra. d.i's aster e p~i t/t e ye pi/th e w/e in c an d in k~ (t) 0 ff~0're all e pt p.r.e t/t e ye in e.g.(L) 0ve L/0 d/e em~ s e/a.m.~s


s e ll s (h) e ll c e ll s~e t' s ai ll ~'s~


0 ft s h0 e/n g(L)0ve t/d 0 ve t/b~u/ye s/h ea. r t h' e'ye.g. r 'a' sp e tu


ne n~a n0 g/g r~a.m.~s (t) 00 t/h/e u e ve(i)n e w/e


inn k~s te ('a') ll ye w/ th' b rig ht 's t/ea/dy e/aster e/n d's t w/i n/k l~e r0s i/0n e~c kn/i/fe


t/e m/ p~le a.t e w/e~e pi ct u/re p(L)an e


w/e d bu ye t/de si r~e c(h)0me pen se t/h' sec0/nd c0me i/n g's (t)eth ea.r n/e st c'h'/arm~syn/th an(d)y e w/het her e vane


a.rt h0/me in re w/a rd~e (L 'a') w/are


a/t e re s0und at you/r e f(L)ee t c/an~d 0/n' d(b)e lay e w/h0 r(L)d e w/(h)i.'d.e ye A/st e.(g.u/e)st ate inn d's lee p fxf(L)a.m.~e t a st e

fxf 0're all as/s t (r)i/n g~(r)e w/e un t 00

gaw'd alla l0/n g atlas~(h(((s 00 n(0)a'h' m e/e s)))h) aves (w/) 0/m a~n/d 's0/n e b/0 d e'ye s~h0 'a' ll e s/s 0n't's t 0'le ye 0 n/t i'm e/r~re'ye s~h (ye) ea.r t 00 th un'd~er e st0 0d e w/00 d~ye 0' sh 0 (n)e' be a.t u de w/e t~e 'ye


gaw'd e ye a.r t actually necessary this t i'm e t00 th (re) a.d.dress (h) 0/n e ye t~hic(k) up ~awn d 0 fxf a 't' h er~e Miss P.r.e Sent 0(w/)n e ce ss a(i)r ~r e'y e re me/r re'ye b.c.' se~a. t~h fxf 0/r/m/ (r)i/n g b e/e s e/e bum~p i/th/e w/e 'd ate fxf i/g~cup ru n(n)e th eave n~ 0m e 0/n e ye a's(t)e~a. & c(h) 0/m p an(e) ye s~i'm lar ly e re pre sent b(L)ac~k t~a t0/n e me m'b re a.d. ata t i'm e ve(i)n ll e ye di's p0's (ai) d~ ('a') g ('r') 0 w/e st du st mu st mu c~h eave n ll e ye ar t 'h' a(i)r e rib b0/n e c(ess) i t ye s~eg. re at g~r a/ce t 00 t~h au ll 0 t/t 0/0 th~e m/ai/n e t/ai/n d i/n e w/h is h fxf u ll e ye w/e~e k t a. m. e/e k~


all m-en- "h" ave ever g-ave f-rom t-heir scene (they played on women too th-ea-d-ate- off of h-is-p-(l-)ate- as h-is em-pt-e-ye- mer-w/-r/i-t-oo-t-he-make-)

the massage table andy left me, i was asked if i would like a few souvenir belongings, i scanned, he liked thinking he was a black guy, he liked mayan and inca art motifs and he liked snorkeling in the warm water reefs. i scanned and answered i had a picture, and i think i will just stay with that.

the year andy died, he had his liver removed, it was 14 lbs, the size of his head. couldn't get any bigger without bursting, and the whole time diverting th' de liver -t-in-g-scene- na- g-ai-n- his own h-d-

for-t-he documen-t- s-(w/-)allow/e-d- hi-s t- a(i-) -ll- a t-i'm-e-g0-

th' documen-t- miss -t- (h) re ad -0/n-e- me' ye 'h' ea 'd' -e/b-t-he-

w-t-his satisf-act-ion-e- me-t- wit~h a re miss re ad -0-/n-e-g-ai-st-c0m-m.0/n-e-ye-s-0/n-e-

w-t-his satisf-act-ion-e- me-t- wit~h a re miss re ad -0-/n-e-g-ai-n-(e-)st-c0m-m.0/n-e-ye-s-0/n-(e-)t-b-um-p-t-d-ea-t-


ce-ll-u-lo-i.d.- houseing pictures of women in an assume-d- po-sit-i/on-e- f-x-f- 0're-t-urn-nit-(e-)ye- n/e-(p-)ros/tit/u/ti/on-e-ye-

to get off -awn- this position c-ape-d-ate-r-ape-d-ly-e-

vain a/t he se/am s~


ass the miss sus seams k e/e -nd-




she hasn't actually live d i/n e & ea.r n'd e/b t00 th e.g. (g) i'v~ e


bu ye the means of her a-men- patrionizing her with me-one-ye-f-x-f-0r-t-e-ye-too-t-he-me-an-s-t-e- a.d.- l- (e-) ye- see-t-he- unless you are in love for no reason e t(u)b~(e a.)m. 0/n e ye t00 the me an s pea K nigh T e ll e ye s as/say e s e/e k t0 me ve(i)n l e ye


A st in e me'ye t00 the re p (L) ea. T as/s h0/u d e're b e/e inn saying a w/ord a/ct yl : ly e


A s/t in e me'ye t00 the re p (L) ea. T as/s h0/u d e're b e/e inn saying a w/ord a/ct yl : ly e fxf e a.(s) T 0/n e me t(c)e 0/n e t0 m e/e k


eg lee & k eg le ap f0/r/m/e a.d.'s e/e k


st-em- k-n0-t-f-x-f-r0m-e-t-he-ad-s-e/ek-


with a wan-ai-l- on the meek , with no gun too the carry in the re lie -f- ore war-d- s-pea-k- for no reason e t(u) b see n av/e ye value t0 bu ye w/t~h e m/ ea. ns


st-em- k-n0-t-f-x-f-r0m-e-t-he-ad-s-e/ek-


with a wan-ai-l- on the meek , with no gun too the carry in the re lie -f- ore war-d- s-pea-k- for no reason e t(u) b see n av/e (ye)* value t0 bu ye w/t~h e m/ ea. ns


*ye, t-ho-u-'s- e/e- k-s-u/e-


& -t- issue- t00-t-he-s-h0-(w/)e- inn-g-'scene- for just bein-g-0-b-scene-


bu ye thinking and feeling in re-lie-f-x-f-0-re-(e-)free-d-0-me-ad-'s-e/e-k-nigh-t- e- ll-e-ye-t0-me-an-s- paid and played too the h ave you t/h in k.


the competitive market place k-ill-e-d- the k nigh t, and th ea d p a.d. 0/c k~n0 t e a.m. 0/n g's e/e k eye p an d's pea k fxf 0/r/m at i've l e ye A s/s t (r)ea. t e ye


c(h)0 m/p (L)ea. T


(ye) c a/rt in e me'ye. g. 0 cart e'ye fxf e ye t mer re ye d


e/b t (a) carry e d


if you have the dept h t00 th carry apparently, p(L)ay e with th(e) a.d.ept h t00 the mer rye in sit u a(ll a)te t00 th d ate all re a.d. e ye A s/s t ate


without re-so-rt-i/n-g-a-f-x-f-cyst-em-qua-d-ran-t-oo-t-he-f-x-f-ace-


po lite l ye, & there f/0re ye mu st be po lite too the t a.c.( "k") t- ac co rd i/n g -e- lie- 0w/e-on- me me an s pea K t0 me an s pea K


-eg-getting thrown for a l00-p- for speaking's in k t0 me an s wear th i/n k, to further be dispensed of my own money with working ability in merit, too cover t-heir-e-st-in-t-i/n-g-a-gree-d- awn- on me, with the im-ballan-ce -ss- mispen-t- before eye ever me/t


0/n e p/t b/all an(d)ce s/s e/e (n) k n~0 w/e i/n g's


a.c. t u all(e)ye n kn 0 w/e ye A s/s t 00 th(e) re t re 'a.' T


a s/s 'a' ye fxf e/e l/l b~aye b/b e/e & be a.m. a ll a.m. e'ye T


l am e` as any fabric k nigh t ly e t00 th c 0ver t ye t~ig ht l ye n/k~n av~e ye a.r t (h) rig ht l ye A st (e) re t ea t


c0m e fxf i/g ht (e) ll e ye


'a'. r~t 'h'e me an s(t) 00 t'h's t a ll a r0und~'s0und~s 0 ft (00) k (0) g~r0un d


t~a push the kiln d~r e'ye d/0w~n

& d 0 w/k e/en d' syn/th t 0(w/)e t0(w/)n e w/(h)in d 0 w/e n(t) d's e/a.m. i/n g's~w/(h)ing e/n


kiln = in reference 0 t00 the c~ k i'll i/n(e) d r e'ye, like in/k in p(L)a~ce ye s ea. t e fxf 0 rt an 0/n e t00 th d ate & head e ye d aye


w/(h)e t00 (k) th ' s~t ar t a g/ai/n~s


syn/th e w/(h)ag 0/n e t0 me an s~i` l/en/t l e ye s~pea K


nig~h t le ye t(a)g r~0 at in kn 0 w/e in k t0 g L0 w/ing' syn/c~e


s/s m/ark t(u)b re a.d. 0/m e in k i/n g's w/ee p~ fxf 0/r/m/e ye n k~ne a.d.'s ea. t


s/s m/ark t(u)b re a.d. 0/m e in k i/n g's w/ee p~ fxf 0/r/m/e ye i/n k~ne a.d.'s ea. t 00 t'h's (t) aye th in k


t00 t'h tee th~fxf 0 re w/(h)a rd 0 w/e a.r i/n g' syn/c~e & c(i)t(e)ye fxf0r/meal/ly e A.s~t/t r ea.t


h in e ye in g


's p~ea. K


's p~ea. K


p(L)ease th' s p/h ea.r i c/all s(p) 0/d's eg (L)0/d e 0/n~s(h)e ll (0) a.m. in t's tea d ('s) h~a.d. e i/n g'~s(t) e th's t0 r/r e ye r~e l~at e i/n g's (t) 00 th (ave) fxf th (0/0) kn 0 w/e ft x f~e a.r ~in d's t~i/p~u ll ate i/n g's~yn/th's (h) ave i/n g's~e (g.u/e)st ate i/n g~s


e/e x en fxf 0're ce ye i/n g's m~ate i/n g's~ e/e d(k')s (t) as/say e ye.g. (g) a.m. e i/n g~s e.g. (g) ave in g's~

('s)p0ut~a t 0ut re fxf e ll a w/h e ye ll (0ve r) d0/u(be)t~ 


('s)p0ut~a t 0ut re fxf e ll a w/h e ye ll (0ve r) d0/u(be)t~c'h'a


('s)p0ut~a t 0ut re fxf e ll a w/h e ye ll (0ve r) d0/u(be)t~c'h'a (t) c'h'i/n g's


('s)p0ut~a t 0ut re fxf e ll a w/h e ye ll (0ve r) d0/u(be)t~c('h')a t c'h'i/n g's


('s)p0ut~a t 0ut re fxf e ll a w/h e ye ll (0ve r) d0/u(be)t~c('h')a t c'h'i/n g's (ai.)d. b/e~ta re 0ut u ('r') fxf e ye'ah as/s h0e ye'ah~ a w/are t(hr)0/ne tu be at "0" nic all ye y-aw-n-a-g-ai-n-dg-ave-t-he-miss-(t-)re-ad-alla-d-0f-t-alla-e'ye-0-w-e-n-d-0-h-t-ea-t-

me-ye-f-x-f-a-ce-t00-t-he-make-g-re-a-t-e- = 0 p/en ly t00 th e r/ea/r e late ?


w/-t-i/n-c-up-at-lat-he-make-t-c-(h-)up-t-0-ft-p-ass-0-ft-en-ai-long-i/n-g-scene in her ve(i)n t00-t-h-com-p-l-ea-t-on-t-he-as-s-t-ai-n-p.r0-c-(L-)am-e-0-w/e-d-0-w/e-e-0/n-s-0/n-s-ai-d-0/n-e-t/d-0-ve-t-ai-l-i/n-g-s-h0-ve- t-bu-ll-e-t-e-ll-0-ve-d-


"h/e" stole the pre sent (g) l0/ve t0-re-pen-t-his-(h-)e-ll-to re pair if-e-w/e-e- pay him t' a.d. 0- war-e-




t00-t-h- cap-i-t-a-ll- i(e-)nn-re-serve-


the hie-fen has th e nee-d-g('s-)a-gree-d-e/b-t00-t-h-'d-e-ye-in-k- t0-s/s-0d-0-ft-in-t-i'm-e-w/e-(e-)d-i've-ye-un-nerve-i/n-g-ly-e-


"h"e reflects on the "house" to give him matter too th -i- vi-be-. the "house" he reflects mat-e-r-s-e- re-(s-)pen-t-u-too-t-he-, as a matter of fact t00 th y/0/u th, and hasn't pur(e)chase d, me'ye p0 w/h~e're f0und 0/u(be)t all a t0/ng(u)e in re co(u)r(s)e d 0/n e standing race setooth e ra/ce ss t~0ve r e L0 AD. g 0/d e/n 0'se. g. a g(r)0 syn/th syn tax i/nn p(L)a~c/e x p0 s' ed 0~h t fxf r0/ne t all e ye w/e d e w/e


st 0'l~e n t/a/ll en t- ex-(t-) p0se-d- a(i-)re-st-a(i-)re-ye-b/b-line-d-ll-ye- & the "h"ouse ye re p.r.e sent w/i.d. th 0 ver t (a) p/ass ag e.g. (L) ass e'ye a. s/s k~ (in)n ave


w/'h' at p0 r(e)t's (e ye w/) 'h' (a.)d.' sum mer t(h) all~0 t


S-h0-a-h- t00-t-he-'s/s-a-ye-'a'-st-ea-ll-i-ar(e-)t-00-t-her-essay-e-w/-h0-0'le-ye-(t-)p.r.-i'm-e-t-i'm-e-f-x-f-0-rt-ye-b/black-an-d-b-l-e-w/e-pt-ai-l0/n-g- (kn-i-fe-ye-re-prize-d-0-h-t-h0-u-'-s-h0-(w/-)e-in-b-0/d-e-ye- t00 -t-h-be-h0-Ld-s-ai-ll-scene-f-x-f-0're-morning-s- a.m.-e-re-st-0-re-mu-st-ing- f-0're-n0-a-h/e-ar-t-(g0-)c-art-ting-f-0're-pi-e-ce-s/s-h-a-rd-a-rt-m(e-)ar(e-)k-'s-c/ar- d-ud-e-vain-t- un-d-re-s/s-e--dud-due-d-ud-un-dud-l-e-ye-t-u-t00-t-he-t-rue-d-e-w/e-d-ud-inn-e-w/e-d-ue-d-en-u-de-dud-l-e-ye-t-w/-h0-n-e-ye-t-(h-)rue-d-some-dud-l-e-ye-tu-de-dud-a-g-ai-n-st-a-ll-a-g-0/n-e-dud-aft-e-re----ar(e-)my-e-w/e-dud-aft-e-re-f-e-ll-0-w/e-d-ud-0ve-r-t-dud- from keeping his own b/all an(d)ce s/s e/e n as s0(w/)n d e/em the me an (s) ing c lea. r~ e ly e ve(i)n (t) d's en d's~e a.m. e nd's


th' inning 0 n/e~c/k's e x p0's (ai) d 0 fxf i/t w/th fxf e'ye r i/n d e'ye r app(ea)le d~e a. ll


e.g.(r) 0/d awn~e.g. ra/ce ll e s/s 0/n e x u~s/s t a ll e/n t00 th (all) t r~0/p e/d 0 t'h dr 0p i/nn k' sir(e) c0/m e r/r e'ye re fxfer en ce s/s t~ye~t' e ll e. g.~a(i)n/ce ll ass 0~h 0~d ye. g.~as/s t r~e a.t any 0'l~(e)d ate ta tint ~hye w/h e ye 0 (p)awn th' e nettle t00 th b/rake t i'l(l) e ye w/(h) e're ye s(t)and en (y~)u de


th' aggressive s un d/re s/s e're s(h)0re l ye inn t i'm e


'a' 'b/e' ta ll k in nigh t~ab's h~eave n a s/s c~e/n t fxf 0/r/t/u~b L0 w/h0 0'le ye inn st e~a. d. e w/e

c 0nt 00 th' sum~mi t/t~ in(r)e f le ct i/0n e re f le x i/0n e i/n g's~ p.r 0u t e >>>>>>>>>>>>>